Microsoft Stores and Amazon to offer trade up deal for Xbox One games

Xbox One

A few days ago, Cnet reported that Amazon.com was running a promotion for certain Xbox 360 games whereby a customer can trade up for the Xbox One version (which won’t be out until December 31st).

How does it work? Customers who purchased one of select Xbox 360 games, including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Need for Speed Rivals, Madden NFL 25, and NBA 2K14, can return the game for a $25 credit and a $25 trade in value. Since Xbox One games will cost $60, that leaves a $10 difference for the purchase. Such a system will allow you to play the game for a few months on your Xbox 360 instead of having to wait for the Xbox One version.

Windows Phone Central has now learned exclusively that Microsoft Stores (both online and brick), will be participating in the offer as well. Customers who purchase the select titles (listed above) can trade up for the Xbox One version for just $10. Presumably this will be a lot easier if you live near a physical Microsoft Store as you can just to the one for one exchange in person instead of mailing.

The offer is only good for one game per customer and expires December 31st. Since the Xbox One can’t play Xbox 360 games, this offer is critical for hardcore gamers who want to play the latest titles now instead of waiting.


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Microsoft Stores and Amazon to offer trade up deal for Xbox One games


I really don't want any disks for Xbox One, I think they bring the sharing stuff back, but only for downloaded content.

so this explains why during the MP reveal of CoD that whole transfer over was mention i wondered why i guess i have my answer.... when he said everything will transfer over without hassle from Xbox 360 to next gen Xbox One.... it all makes sense now

It'd be nice if the publishers in question clarified if game saves will also transition between the system (assuming they're cloud-based).
I don't care if I can trade up if it means losing progress ...

I know the gamerscore will be separate, so usually the game saves are too. Some games are transferring online stats though.

CoD's stats are saved online so they'll transfer to the Xbox One (confirmed). And you could upload saves to the cloud with the 360 so I don't see why they wouldn't.

So your paying $70.00.. You pay 60.00, you get back 50.00, your out 10.00, but the you pay 10.00 for the Xbox One version.. So now your paying 70.00.. Just wait for the Xbox one version and pay 60.00..

You're right. That's the patient, sensible thing to do. But if Microsoft/Amazon/GameStop want to make some extra $ off of people who aren't patient and sensible, more power to 'em!

I preordered the $100 Madden NFL25 Anniversary Edition for the NFL Sunday Ticket add ons. Presumably if I take advantage of this promotion I can keep Sunday Ticket?

This is why I pre-ordered COD ghost from gamestop. It's released on 11/5 and I was thining about trading it in for the Xbox One version around mid to right before X-MAS This would give me the 360 game for about 45 days(So I can play with people I know that wont get a X1 soon but, MUST have Ghost) then spend the $10 to upgrade (and I will do that even IF I dont have the Xbox One by that point).
The way I see it, is I am renting the 360 verison for about 45-50 days, for only $10+ tax, If you think about it that way, it's really not a bad deal. The trade in deal ends on 12/31, so as long as you get it in before the end of December, you should be fine.
I was going to hold on the signle player game till I get the X1 but, I will start ranking up Multi-player (as I live on Muti-player COD)