No, Nokia did not announce that Instagram is coming to Windows Phone

Generally speaking, if you don’t see Windows Phone Central report on some magical sounding rumor, it’s because we either know it to be false or don’t have faith in the story—not because we’re behind. And while we’re not perfect either, the recent report of Nokia Executive VP Chris Weber supposedly telling the Bangkok Post that Instagram was coming to Windows Phone, seemed highly unlikely.

There were problems with this report from the beginning. For one, Weber was never directly quoted as saying that Instagram was a done deal—which should raise flags—and two, what are the odds that an executive would just casually announce one of the most highly valued apps for Windows Phone? Especially when discussing something as benign as Nokia’s role in Thailand?

Nokia's Chris Weber from a WPCentral interview in early 2013

Of course plenty of sites ran the story anyway because it sounded good. But you shouldn’t be surprised that Weber took to his Twitter to flat out deny the report by stating:

“Seems my comments on Instagram have been misreported. We are still working hard to make it happen, but nothing new to announce. Sorry.”

Some sites even ran the story after Weber denied it. Truth be told, we weren’t even going acknowledge it because we would rather bring you app reviews, GDR2 updates and information that you can use. But sometimes our inbox gets flooded with “tips” and it is the weekend, so it seems to be a perfect time to squash this rumor dead.

Now back to our regularly scheduled news.


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No, Nokia did not announce that Instagram is coming to Windows Phone


You guys gonna see when Nokia announces my future Lumia quad-core 1080p 20+ mp baby rumors of NISTagram will come again saying that it will be available on Dec. 25...

Not always but most of the times: yes.

(an example of where they were wrong: Amber rollout in France. One guy from Nokia announced it, WPCentral got onto it and no one from France got the update, Nokia later even announced France would get it with the rest of Europe: between now and September).

Which is also why we pulled back from doing too much GDR2 rollout news...unless we can check it ourselves we explicitly say it hasn't been verified. It's difficult covering world-wide news like that.

Having said that, this was an easy story to validate i.e. just ask Weber himself, he's a friendly guy.

Why is it Weber's responsibility to get a major developer on board? Shouldn't that be tasked to someone at Microsoft?

I'd say they are overunderacting, Yeah, devs at Instagram who are selectively choose the platform as they want, not by objective.

You think some people at Instagram are getting such a kick out of being the rebel underdog snubbing big, bad Microsoft that they're motivated to deliberately not officially support Windows Phone?

Well, they may not be far off. One of their founders has been known to dislike MS. So, it wouldn't surprise me if he is being a dickhead and giggling in the corner everytime a WP article mentions, "but they don't have an official Instagram App."

I'd worry about that if it happens. But then I don't even use Instagram so no worry for me even then. LOL

Actually, when I show 6tag to my Android and iOS friends, they ALL ask if they can get it for their phones... Mainly for the clean design and the ability to save images to your device... (^_-)-☆ Windows Phone for the win!

Good to see at least somebody still does some work when pretty much every tech site ran this story. This is why I get my news here, not Verge, pocketnow or wmpoweruser.

No....CNET it's the worst....they are Samsung and Apple fanboys....they never say anything about windows phone.

Tom Warren tries too hard to be neutral - even unnecessarily criticizing WP on trivial things. The other verge staff covering android / iOS are clear fans of their respective platforms. Hate reading Warren due to this, can't stand him sometimes.

Well Verge isn't Winrumors, he's got to be more critical on MS, he's a journalist, not an executive like MG Siegler who has the luxury to act like a fanboy and get away with it. 

To an extent I agree, but calling out silly and trivial things and putting a negative spin on good news isn't being critical. I followed Tom over from winrumors, and he's a good writer and a true fan, but it always seems like his posts get edited by the verge staff to include a negative spin because its brings clicks.

All you have to see is their accompanying picture for the story they are running, or the slant of the title. Lots of photoshopped Balmer pics. Very unprofessional, and overly opinionated for a reputable tech site. You just can't get news and updates without their snarky sarcasm.

There's being balanced and then there's looking for a cloud to wrap around a silver lining. MS could find a cure for cancer and the verge's report would be something like 'Girl dies of cancer before MS is able to release cure'.

Why can any review I see not succumb to the wants of the general population. For instance, instead of saying WP really lacks the essential apps like instagram snapchat and so on..... JUST SAY that windows phone may not have the essential apps they have really beautiful third party apps that's you would enjoy just as much if not more. Y can't they do that, they know its great. They always say how fast and beautiful it is.... Even with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its camera, the have nothing negative to say. They're all sell outs and its sad.

@sunnybyday...+1. And as a result, I rarely give Tom Warren articles a 'click' especially the ones that are obvious click bait.

Wmpoweruser is terrible. Short articles, and its not even written well. All they do is post on the latest Kantar statistics. So annoying.

I'm with you on this, just a few months ago the false news that came out yesterday would have caused WP users to be ecstatic. An article like this one a few months ago would have caused frustration through the majority of users, now the response of the majority is 'so what, we are already satisfied with the 3rd party apps'.

Thanks to these misconceptions, you had to come up with an article when you'd rather be chilling on a weekend.

Shame on you, official Instagram, but now we have 6tag to back up yours!

And thanks for re-clarification, now I have no worry about that so-long-waited app to be published here. Okay guys, get back to work!

Rudolph the red nosed app devvv... Had a very shiny app.. And if u ever saw it you would even say it so

I like WPCentral because they only report stuff that is actually news and not crappy rumors with no backing.

With rumor meter included which, based on it, we should decide where the rumor itself has a potential to be true or not.

So, posting rumors is ok. Giving complete explanation of the writer's understanding is a way good plus.

well let me b reathe life back into this rumor. I have it on good authority that instagram will in fact be released for windows phone 8 between now and 2016. Yup

After WPCentral's reaction to the "Rafael" scandal and this, my trust in WPCentral's news has been reassured.

I wonder what would the title of an article be if Instagram was officially coming to WP. I can only imagine plenty of exclamation points.

Well 6tag is all about awesomeness but the fact remains..WP needs these mega official ones to attract more n more consumers who are hesitating to switch only because of this reason.

Dont need it anyway. Both Instance and 6tag are better than the official app that I use on my Android device.

The lack of Snapchat is what is keeping me from buying a WP device for my daughter. She and her friends from Perdue use snapchat daily. I either hope she grows out of it soon or that an official Snapchat app comes to WP so I can switch her iPhone before she leaves the safety of our nest next year. That is the only deal breaker for her. I have never used Snapchat but its important to some so who am I to downplay it. The more official apps, the merrier the user base.

Don't care about it for myself either, but my nephew really wants a Lumia. But there's no way without this snapthinghy...
To bad, guess he ends up with a S4... yak ;)

Nothing can beat WPCentral! I was skeptical when I read it from the other sites then I immediately ran to WPcentral to see if it's being reported but No. So yeah, this is the best site when it comes to WP.

I tend to not believe statements about an app on WP unless it's coming from the actual developers themselves.

6tag and Rudy are perfect for me and my friends actually like it better than their iPhones....just saying XD

Now this is news worth reading, there is still hope for instagram. Cause this app store is lacking Microsoft needs to really wake up and get decent apps in the store. Thank god for Nokia releasing Xbox games and some decent apps. Sometimes I think Microsoft wants windows phone to be a failure. Boggles the mind!

Microsoft needs to wake up & get decent apps? Nokia bringing Xbox games?
Please realize that any Xbox games are from Microsoft and that Microsoft is begging for apps to come to WP. Even paying for them (no one else does that) and making them themselves.
If anyone could wave a magic wand and bring apps to WP they would, but it is up to developers to bring their apps - no one can force them.

Lol, I don't even bother looking at WP news anywhere besides WPCentral. If a story has any merit, it's always here first. I gotta be honest, since switching from an iPhone back in December to a Lumia 920, I have used and always look forward to using your app everyday. Such an exciting platform to be apart of, and you guys do an outstanding job of exemplifying that. Thanks for all your hard work!

Hmm...let's see...6tag? check. (awaiting a much better version of) Instance? Check.

I'm good where Instagram is concerned. I'll go back to my week-end of being frustrated with damn Deutsche Telekom for having GDR2 "coming soon" for ages.

I still don't get all this app craziness.. all I really want is a stable platform with email, web, music and video playback.. not a fan of the whole "consumerisation of IT" trend, although gadgets are cool :)

Stop saying that we don't need official app anymore cause we got 6tag. You can still use 6tag even when official app comes. Its another matter how goog 6tag is. The platform still needs the official application. 

Look, Instagram is on Windows weather people like it or not, the official app is no way as good as Rudy's, please check for urself's, also Rudy worked with Instagram so he doesn't violate their rules, and look what the windows community got, so other developers take note, People stop bitching, ur on the best platform weather official or unofficial app, and if you still complaining, go use a web browser, SHEEEIT

New users/potential new users will search the store for official apps, not 3rd party apps that they've never heard of. Also, 3rd party apps could stop working at anytime.

Its not bitching, or just about user experience. Its publicity. Whats better to show off your new lumia on ads...an app called 6tag or official instagram? Official instagram make it easier for new people to come to WP..and more people to WP means more and better apps on long term. 

I wonder what would happen if WPCentral had a feature like "Follow the Saga" like one in Engadget. Listed under Instagram; 57473725 stories.

Guaranteed stability, name recognition and it would help eliminate the "WP is missings too many apps" talking point.

When people use that lame excuse - WP sucks due to the lack of apps. I found that asking them how many apps do they actually use on a daily basis and have installed on their phone right now. That shuts them up and makes them ponder. In the end they either agree that app count doesn't matter or start struggling for another excuse. Since apps like metro tube, mytube etc cover utube. Instance and 6tag covering instagram. Facebook covered by MS etc.

Well I didn't even know this was being reported! Because I dont go anywhere for windows phone news but wpcentral :)

Guys its great to have 6tag, but people who aren't tech heads. Wouldn't know what 6tag/instance is. They would look for a official instagram client. If they can't find it. It doesn't give them the total experience. I'm not sure about you guys but everyone I've seen use on IOS and Android use official apps. Having apps like make the transition easier. My lady she loves instagram/pinterest. She so she can get idea for our wedding. She carry's her phone everywhere cause these two apps she carrys the iPad too. Don't know about you guys but official is good to have. Yes I can show her third party apps, yes it can be better. But for the average non techy. It could rather difficult.

The opening paragraph of this story has a level of hubris that is usually reserved for when Simon Cowell refers to himself.

Weber did the right thing by going to twitter and clarifying what he said instead of letting this grow.

it was obvious that the reported strory was falsified, but this news isn't even that big (as it would have been months ago) considering 3rd party apps are providing WP users with the fix they need.

I dont know why it's so hard to create the app for WINDOWSPHONE.. Is there someone out there blocking this or what?? Don't MSFT owns 25% of Facebook?? Wtf?? And Facebook owns instacrap ryt?? So what's the hold up.??
Facebook/ instacrap have enough people to manage an app for wp!! Im sick n tired hearing all this news about instacrap.. Release the damn app with my BANDIT..

Simply put.
WP users don't have to give a crap cos 6tag is better than the original.

Big problem for people seeking to change though, they are spoiled with official brands.

Windows phone YouTube site via internet explorer 10.
error code 80072efe

Daniel Rubino and Windows Phone Central are just saints. You are the saviour saints of journalism. 

Seems a bit of a smug way to "dispose" of a rumour, but what do I know. I guess we should all be relieved that WPCentral never makes any mistakes.

Alot of people argue that no official instagram app precludes discovery, but if you search in app store and type in instagam two 5 star apps come up. Nuff said!

Oh man. I was hoping that was true, but I should've known it was fishy because WPC never reported on it. Thanks for clearing this up!

Who cares about instagram. Post pictures of yourself all day like I have nothing better to do. Don't we already have 6tag which is awesome and instance which is great.

See? Another BS again for Windows Phone. No official apps for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Dropbox, etc etc... Most of the stuffs are just hear-say and wild guesses. This is going to piss lots of Windows Phone users. With all these alternatives apps, they are nothing but at the mercy of the service providers with the APIs. For those who think 6tag is good (for now), it may not be able to work well tomorrow for all we know. Really sad for future of Windows Phone.

Facebook for Windows Phone is made by Microsoft with Facebook's help and prior approval so it's different. But the YouTube for WP8 app was made behind Google's back, so they biasedly forced Microsoft to remove it and redevelop the app in HTML5 but Microsoft didn't want to waste time on redeveloping the app that way.
Also HTML5-based apps sucks as these apps are not 'apps' in a sense but are just redirectors to the mobile site of the selected service.

I know that having an official client lends cred to the OS, but with 6tag I don't feel like I'm missing out at all.

I'm not gonna pretend i don't want Instagram on WP. i want it because one: then this whole rumor things will go away and two: because WP needs high profile apps. But then when i think of it again i say if they don't want to do it then f**k it, 6tag is there and it's the best app right now. not sure about how the official app looks on iOS but at least on android it is miles behind 6tag

I'm not gonna pretend i don't want Instagram on WP. i want it because one: then this whole rumor things will go away and two: because WP needs high profile apps. But then when i think of it again i say if they don't want to do it then f**k it, 6tag is there and it's the best app right now. not sure about how the official app looks on iOS but at least on android it is miles behind 6tag