Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale from $20

Nokia Charging Plate

The Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate is available brand new for $30 through All4Celular. If you're looking at purchasing an accessory for your Windows Phone to get some charge into the device without using wires, this is a sweet deal for you to take advantage of. The product has been on sale numerous times, but it's always grand to know that you can bag up a deal.

There's not only the option to get a brand new DT-900, however. All4Celular has the following options available:

So if you're looking at buying the wireless charger in bulk (why not?) you'll be able to take advantage of multiple purchases. It's worth noting that only black variants are available.

via: SlickDeals; thanks, Sean, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale from $20


Several people (myself included) have requested that they indicate whether or not a deal is US-only in the headlines, but nothing ever comes of it.  This implicit assumption of American readers is one of the few complaints I have about this site.

Damn, no white. I already have the cyan, but if I was going to get others, white is better because black will show every scratch and spec of dust. Just like cars.

Why so many articles on the charging plate being on sale?...most of us got it for free with our 920s... if the charging stand or car charger goes on sale now that's news!

Many of us like to have charging plates in different places (Office, bedroom, living room), so we can just set our phone down to charge. 

Why is the UK editor reporting on deals for the U.S.? Doesn't make much sense to me. Other than that it's a sweet deal and should be snapped up by anyone who hasn't gone wireless yet.

Good point. For now on, we'll only have writers write on topics that are in their own country. We'll go and hire 150 new writers to cover that new requirement.

Yup, just picked up two a couple of hours ago from one of their stores. Can't find these in Canada so worked out well while on my business trip.

No single country is the entire world. No single carrier covers the entire world. The only thing that is the entire world is the entire world.

I picked up two of these on sale from AT&T for use with the 1020.  They work great!  At one point I was wondering if Qi was on the way out, but Google just added it to their 2nd gen Nexus 7 which is only a month old at this point.  A little bit encouraging.

....or you can buy it from AT&T for $24.50 with free shipping to your address or free pickup at one of their stores in about an hour. You also do not need to be an AT&T customer to buy from their online or brick and mortar stores. Lets see, purchase from an onlne merchant with a poor BBB rating and no BBB acreditation at a higher price for the new product or from the second largest carrier in the US for less momey and better shipping and return policies. WC Fields would either be proud or disturbed to know his words are just as true today as they were a better part of a century ago.

I have a Lumia 720 including wireless charging plate and shell. Am I the only one who finds the shell rather smooth and slippery? As I almost dropped the phone a few times I have replaced the shell with a cheap Chinese rubberized case as the grip is so much better. Such a pity because the wireless charging option is great...