Time Warner Cable app releases for Xbox 360 - TV heads rejoice

­Time Warner Cable

Today, Time Warner Cable customers within the United States should be excited as the official app has landed on Xbox 360. Users who have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, will now have access to stream their favorite TV channels and on-demand videos straight to their console.

The application comes complete with integrated Kinect compatibility – users can gesture their way through their favorite channels or even use their voice to dictate what they wish to watch.

Verizon FiOS subscribers are already familiar with the ability to stream live content to their consoles when the application launched a while back.

We are excited to see the Xbox One which will allow users to forgo an app and instead use HDMI pass through to access their favorite content through their console. While an HDMI pass-through may not be useful for users who don’t have an extra cable box or wish to store their console in an area without one, it will certainly be a positive boost for those who want a more seamless experience.

Any Time Warner Cable customers who are excited for the new app?


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Time Warner Cable app releases for Xbox 360 - TV heads rejoice


Time Warner IS a US Company! Anywho, I'm excited to hear this as I'm hoping to have a Xfinity App to stream live content via XBox One at Launch this holiday.

I have asked for this on their Facebook page. I will ask again with a link to what their competition is doing. You should too

I'm hoping this means they are capable of doing one for the Win8 kernel that would have crossplatform compatibity between console/PC/mobile. In general, I'm really hoping that the Xbox One and Win8 drive development of more Win8 apps that we can benefit from on the mobile end also. Still want my hbo go... to go.

Everytime I went into an AT&T store, and saw the Xbox + U-Verse display, I was filled with envy. I had grown used to idea it was something I would never have in my quasi-rural existence, for I lived in TimeWarner country.
That Era has come to an end now, at least until the next opportunity for disappointment. An opportunity that will surely lend it's hand to TimeWarner taking much longer than everyone else. 

Hah, I cancelled TWC last week. Total ripoff. Netflix + Hulu plus + downloading anything else on itunes/xbox costs soooo much less. That and blocking Xbox apps like ESPN3. I hate TWC.

OMG, this just made my day!!!!
I have my DVR in my main living room with smaller TV. So I have my big TV and Xbox in finished basement. Works great except I can't watch any Cable content downstairs. With this app, now I can!!
The Xbox is getting closer and closer to replacing that shitty DVR box. Now if it can just record to the HD!!!

And again AT&T disappoints, first it's GDR2 update delay and now it's also not streaming it's U-Verse either..

So, I'm watching top Gear on the app, have setup some favorite channels and navigated with Kinect as well as a remote. The picture quality is very good and very stable. Navigating through the menus is bit slow at times and using the Kinect could work better but nothing horrible. I normally use Media Center via xbox for live tv and being able to check the guide while watching tv has always been really cool. Can't do that with the app. I'll play around with it a bit more and definitely love having this, look forward to an RT app and hope they improve it.

So, returning to the app does return you to a nice entry screen with recently watched to the right, an easy way to access favorites and then a genre org tab across the top. Easy to watch what you watch regularly, but again, no way to check what's on next or surf the guide while ads are playing during the show you are watching ala Media Center. Overall, not bad at all so far.

tried logging into the TWC app just now on Xbox Live, got an error saying that TWC isn't currently available after I put in my log in info...anyone else get this?

I got the same message.  i tried last night and this morning :(
I think i have all the pre-requisites they listed. I have TW interent and the level of TV service they ask for so I'm not sure what the issue is.

my only guess is that it could be not letting me in because I am not currently connected to the internet via TWC. I am at college and on WOW! Cable and trying to access my dad's TWC account