Partnering with MyAppFree, Fly Johnny Fly has you flinging a dummy around for free

Fly Johnny Fly

We've covered MyAppFree deals in the past so you already know the drill, folks. This week we're looking at Fly Johnny Fly, a humorous indie Windows Phone game that's currently available for free. You're tasked with aiding medical science development by flinging a test dummy, called Johnny, around multiple levels with interesting hardware available (dynamite, etc.) to get Johnny in between two designated flags.

Graphics are sweet, gameplay is both fun and addictive, and the game is free until the day is over. As well as having the opportunity to battle through multiple levels, Fly Johnny Fly also sports a shop where coins can be spent. These coins are earned by collecting them in each level, much like what's implemented in other indie games. Stars are used to unlock said upgrades, but you'll need the right amount of coins to purchase them.

Fly Johnny Fly

Just be careful not to rip too many limbs off or your score will suffer. More features are on the way in future updates, so this is definitely a title worth your time investment. You can download Fly Johnny Fly from the Windows Phone store for free - available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8. The deal is only covering today (August 28th) so act quickly.

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Partnering with MyAppFree, Fly Johnny Fly has you flinging a dummy around for free


Downloading :) Looks great!

Edit: This game is frigging awesome!!! Everyone - go download it! First three levels might be boring, but after them.. I love it



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Thank you,

Massimo Caroli.

Already have it, been a early adapter of your app, how do you afford to give incentives to the devs to make their apps free though ?

It 'a complicated negotiation, our staff works hard on it.
The strength of myAppFree is in its users, that are greatly growing day by day.
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