PSA: Rowi Lite Twitter client reaches token limit and is pulled from Windows Phone Store


It's a sad day, folks. Rowi has announced that their free version of their popular Twitter client for Windows Phone has reached the 100,000 user limit for tokens.  This has provided the team with no other choice but to pull the app from the store. The paid version is still available though and if you previously purchased it, you'll have no problems should up switch to a new phone. In fact, there's nothing for paid users to worry about.

So what does this mean for Windows Phone consumers who are using the free, lite version?

If you haven't paid for Rowi, aka you wanted to try Rowi [Lite], unfortunately you're not going to be able to download the app any longer. Nor will you be able to re-authenticate or reinstall it should you get a new device. But as we mentioned above, for those who have downloaded and purchased the paid version, you'll be good to go should you invest in a new Windows Phone or have to reset and download again.

Rowi Tocken Limit

The team (as shown above) has teased that more information is to be released soon on what's next for Rowi. It's sad to see yet another Twitter client be affected by tight Twitter guidelines and restrictions. If you're left wondering what else is out there, the official Twitter client for Windows Phone isn't bad at all or you can buy Rowi, which is still considered to be one of the best paid clients around.

You can pick up Rowi paid for $2.99 here in the Store. Due to the token limit, there is no free trial.

Source: Twitter (Rowi)

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PSA: Rowi Lite Twitter client reaches token limit and is pulled from Windows Phone Store


NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Like they say, you never know what you got till it's gone. On the bright side, 100k users, not bad.

TBH, I don't really understand why twitter limits third-party apps like that. a 100k limit isn't that big (relivively speaking) and it's quite easy to hit that wall.
I guess they could do what Falcon Pro on android (ie, have you make a "fake" developer account for twitter and have your own developer's token).
Though, really, this is a step that you shouldn't have to do. Twitter should just try and make a halfway decent app (on every platform!), then people wouldn't need third-party versions.

I wish the official twitter app allowed you two things, delete private messages and search your tweets. I don't understand the artificial limit either, not a fan.

Not necessarily. I'm guessing there's a 100,000 'free token' threshold, after which the dev has to pay if he wants more.
Again, just guesswork, I have no idea about Twitter's policies.

Nope. You get 100k tokens, and that's it. If you reach that limit, you have to reset everything. Everyone who uses the app has to re-login (a minor annoyance), people have to re-enable certain settings, etc. It sucks. 

Not that I know of that's why all of the windows 8 apps are paid now once u hit 100,000 it has to be paid even if u delete it and redownload

Twitter imposed a 100,000 token limit on third party clients in order to discourge development of new clients that replicate the functionality of the official apps.

Not replicate functionality, improve functionality and invalidate twitters first party apps which they don't like

Tomato / Tomato, same thing... their exact wording is "we gave developers guidance that they should not build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience"

I use MeTweets and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I don't tweeter about much though. What does Rowi do that MeTweets can't?

I love me tweets also. The only thing I hate is the touch calibration bug. It was improved in last update but still present.

It still shows up in my Store. But the official Twitter app works better and with lesser bugs in my experience.

Won't help. A developer only gets 100k tokens. Buying the app doesn't suddenly give them more. That's why Falcon Pro (Android) had to find a loop hole in the system to get people who still wanted to use the app, to let them use it.

"If you're left wondering what else is out there, the official Twitter client for Windows Phone isn't bad at all or you can buy Rowi, which is still considered to be one of the best paid clients around."
The 100k limit seems to be only affecting free/lite users...you can still buy the Rowi app. Or are you saying there is 100k free and 100k paid that hasn't been reached?

I'm saying, every app developed using the offical developer's API gives each app a 100k token limit. The Paid version will also hit this limit when it gets 100k user's (or login's).

Coming from Tweecaster on Android, I like Rowi as a substitue on Windows Phone.  I paid for it back when I had an HTC Arrive (which I quit using because the camera was just too crappy for my tastes) and now that I'm back on Windows Phone with my L920 I'm back to using Rowi.  Works well and seems feature rich enough for me.  You have to tweak it a bit to do things like start your feed from your last read tweet, but once configured it is solid.

I'm kind of surprised it took this long. It's been what, a year maybe since the other desktop client hit the same limit (can't think of which client it was now)?

I own nearly all the twitter apps copped most when on sale been around since focus day 1, currently 920 att day 1, which now sux but I usually just use the native except for upload which I knowbu official twitter, quick and simple, but each has its own benefits

They could do that, but it wouldn't get rid of the limit. Everytime they reach 100k tokens, they have to reset it. They didn't have to pull the app, though. They could have simply rulled out an update that makes people log back in to there account (every account logged in is one token used; over time, it adds up and developers have to clean the slate). It's an annoyance that people who use the third party solutions just have to deal with.

The new Twitter app is much better than Rowi overall. Rowi had this really annoying bug that would let you scroll tweets, but in the background kept their links in place, so you would tap on a tweet and open the tweet below it. It was never fixed, so I switched.

The official twitter app is missing two critical features for me that Rowi has:
1) The ability to Save to Pocket (and a number of other Read-It-Later services)
2) The ability to open links in the app, instead of having to open IE every single time
Of course, the official Twitter apps on Android and iOS have had these features (and many more) forever. The reality is that Windows Phone users will always have to settle for subpar official apps (when they exist at all) or third-party apps that run into problems like the one Rowi has encountered.

Are there any other twitter apps for WP that include the first feature you listed?  I have Rowi Lite right now but was going to do a hard reset on my phone to fix another issue but I may hold off now so I don't lose Rowi.  I use the intergration with Pocket on a daily basis and don't want to lose this functionality. 

Why can't Twitter apps limit authentication at 99,999 on their apps? Once that happens no one can authenticate and everyone of those 99k users are happy. This sucks for everyone who paid for various twitter clients as each app may reach this limit one day!

Well I have the Rowi paid version they have long stopped supporting the app you can not upload images they stopped responding to emails so I'm kinda happy to see it go 

I don't understand why they pulled it. They could have updated the description to make it clear it won't work for new users, but existing users are fine. Now, everyone who needs to reinstall either pays or switches to a new app.

Oh well, since moving to WP8, I haven't bothered with Twitter. And sadly, Rowi before that, because I grew tired of waiting for the sync between Rowi and MetroTwit (on Windows).