Developers: Work some magic with App to App and connect to Liquid Daffodil apps


Liquid Daffodil is quite the name within the Windows Phone community. We've covered the developer numerous times here with multiple apps, services and incredible deals and offers for both consumers and developers to get involved. Through receiving a number of requests from developers, today we'll be looking at App to App protocols and how simple it is to connect to Liquid Daffodil apps.

If you're wanting to connect to a Liquid Daffodil app, there's good news to be relayed back to you as Liquid Daffodil has made good use of Microsoft's App to App protocols. This enables you to essentially link to another Windows Phone app and launch it directly on the device. It's more efficient than having the consumer exit or send your app into the background to search and load another.

For a quick glance view at support with Liquid Daffodil apps, check out the following table:

Liquid Daffodil

If there are any questions burning on your mind before venturing out and integrating your own apps, the team is asking developers to get in touch for further information or to even to make requests. A solid example would be glƏƏk! on Windows Phone loading our own Windows Phone Central app directly from the timeline. It's pretty cool stuff.

This is yet another way to get involved with other developers and offer more rich experiences for your own user base.


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Developers: Work some magic with App to App and connect to Liquid Daffodil apps


2 great examples of being able to use this to add functionality are having your app call directly into one if their Twitter apps to send tweets, or send contact info directly into Add to Contacts to have all the info added automatically. Very cool!

Some people are apparently great fans of their apps... some others find them terribly annoying, overhyped, confusing and advertised so much that it's beginning to get annoying.

They are very devoted to WP. Are the apps they make for everyone. No but we need devs like them.

...yeah, yet another reader who totally misses the point of the post. Oh well, it takes all kinds, apparently. :)

And some people find their apps whimsical yet practical and are glad they bothered to develop for Windows Phone in the first place. :-)

I'm probably the only one who thinks this but I was severely disappointed by their app, Flyby!  It's probably one of the most unique WP apps but it's implementation is just awful.  Also, it would seem to make more sense to focus on one Twitter client  rather than the multitude they currently work on.  Full disclosure, I don't use Twitter so what the hell do I know. 
I applaud their devotion to WP but I can't say that I necessarily like their apps. 

I think their focusing on multiple twitter apps may have something to do with Twitter limiting third-party apps to a finite amount of user tokens for accessing their service.

I'm still waiting for developers to use app to app protocols for music production. Being able to send a recorded file from one of the many instrument apps to a 4 track recorder or sequencer app to build complex musical compositions would be a Godsend...might just uproot i-OS as the go-to.