Windows Phone Amber/GDR2 update continues to roll out in Europe, still no sighting for AT&T

Windows Phone Update

Reports of the Windows Phone Amber and GDR2 updates continue to roll in from various parts of the globe.

The latest updates are being reported for the Nokia Lumia 920 in Germany for T-Mobile, unlocked 920's in the United Kingdom, for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 in Italy, and the Lumia 920 in Belgium.

Still no sighting on AT&T's update and hopefully that will change shortly.

If you haven't seen the update notice, just hit your Windows Phone settings and click on phone update and manually check for any updates. If things are a go, just follow the on-screen directions.  If you don't see an update ready for installation, you can go to Nokia Support to check on the status of your country, phone and carrier.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Windows Phone Amber/GDR2 update continues to roll out in Europe, still no sighting for AT&T



Just got the update here in Botswana, and we do not have a Windows Phone carrier network here so I guess it should be available most people who got the Lumia 920 contract free,

They probably delaying because of the supposedly new iPhone coming out. Once again iPhone takes priority

Why does At&p get the best Nokia phones first? The company has such horrible customer service you'd think everyone would port out.

I spoke to an att rep on the phone and the reason he said it takes longer for them to release the update is due to the background tasks meaning they wants to make sure its up to their standards, pretty obvious they're behind WP if they're putting so much effort to make sure it works perfectly with their network and plans to ensure it doesn't fail as they promote it so much.

So they want to make sure GDR2 Amber works in their network.... A look at the 1020 and the 925 should do the trick... Yep, works...

I'm waiting until the end of the week, and then if I still don't have amber, I'm going to flash a Rogers rom. Screw waiting!

Might be a stupid question, but is there a way I can flash a different Software to my AT&T 920 and just break out of the carrier update gridlock?

Just happened on Twitter.
Me: When will you release #GDR2 #Amber update for Nokia Lumia 920??
ATTCustomerCare: Hi, we are still working with Nokia. Please follow @ATT for news as it is available.
Me: What do you mean by "working with Nokia"? Nokia has released the update 2 weeks ago! Just click the "approve" button!
ATTCustomerCare: Updates are tricky, and require a ton of coordination with manufacturers to make sure they work properly on our network.
Me: So, do you have a rough "estimated date of arrival" of the #GDR2 #Amber then?
We'll see what the answer is...

You are pretty much correct. Here is the "answer".
ATTCustomerCare: Wish I had more I could share. As soon as we have news, we will post it on the @ATT page.

I heard that it was going to be released around the end of next month or whenevr the 925 becomes available at AT&T

I wonder why it takes that long to roll out the update. One week for testing on the network is long enough. Luckily, in my country there's no contract phone, so i can do whatever with it.

Nokia website says that O2 for the L820 is available tried the check for updates lots no joy, on NaviFirm there is a new Rom for 820 but not for my model 059R096, I could ask the O2 support people but previous attempts have been pointless.

Got my update(s)  this morning and it's taken nearly an hour to complete the installation after it'd all downloaded. 3 MS updates and Nokia's Amber update all sandwhiched together. Unbranded stock Lumia 920. Hoorah! 

Nokia have got to stop this idiotic per-carrier customization of their phones. They must produce over 30 different variants of the 820 and 920 and variant firmware. It just creates a huge testing burden for them and allows the carriers to hold updates hostage. No more - create one worldwide version of the phone and tell the carriers to live with it. If there are any customizations required by the carriers, they need to be done through Open Mobile Alliance provisioning standards, not through custom builds of the phone.
Apple have three models of the iPhone 5 in the entire world: GSM-family, GSM- and CDMA-family, and CDMA for China. Each is available in 16, 32 and 64 GB versions. But that's the entire range. Search for 'Identifying iPhone models' (I can't post the link, the comment pane thinks it's spam)

Got it last night in Sweden, but I was to drunk to update. Gonna do it today when my head stops pounding. Nice!

How is this possible.I bought lumia 820 in Bosnia,update is out for 820 in bosnia but i cant update.Manufacturer name is bulgaria...So now i have to wait update in Bulgaria??