Grab the erasers, Xbox One will not be launching on November 8th

Xbox One

Rumour had it we'd be seeing the Xbox One launch in the US on November 8th. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Kotaku has now reported a source close to Microsoft states the console will not be released on the day, but will come at a later date. Still aiming for November, as promised by Microsoft, we can expect to see the next-gen machine hit stores sometime later in the month.

As well as the rather bad news above, we don't have any release dates in mind, but at least we can now rule out the 1st to the 8th. It's certainly plausible to imagine Microsoft planning to strike alongside Sony, who will be bringing the Playstation 4 to the table that very same month. So grab your guessing caps, folks. When do you believe Microsoft will launch the Xbox?

Source: Kotaku


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Grab the erasers, Xbox One will not be launching on November 8th


Even the one that is on Xbox.com could change (see game DRM restriction).
MSFT just needs to get their shit together. It's been a clusterfuck so far.

I do not care. I'm still sour about my Xbox One being delayed to 'early next year'. I cry when I'm lying in bed.

Currently the consoles are running $660 when you think of converting into dollars...that leaves a lot of cash for shipping!!! But customs would be a pain, wouldn't it?

Real crazy man. Customs is a biatch over here. I'll just wait I guess. Just want my Xbox One to be fantasticly complete with (Dutch) voice control and services. But yeah, still sad about the delay. Oh well...At least I'll be playing GTA V until the XB1 release, so I won't be totally bored :)

I am sad too about this, it would have been a good gift for my children. Hope it means language support for UI and speech, but I doubt it. Importing myself isn't worth the effort, it was a pain getting the Surface repaired when it was bought in the states. I'm from Norway.

I agree. I am sticking to a release on Tuesday. And ever since the PS4 was annouced on the 15th. I was thinking it would be the 12th.

This actually is a pretty good guess.  I have no insider knowledge or anything, but it would not be the first time Microsoft targeted a release date like that.  Office 2013 was 10/11/12 and I wouldn't be surprised to see something from Office on 11/12/13.  Why not release the Xbox One on a catchy date like that, too?

Oh well I hope it wont be launched at the end of November.... However on the flip side it gives me more time to save up -).

Does anyone think Microsoft blew the image of the Xbox when it first came out? Is the damage done where play station will win the battle?

To be honest, I don't think Microsoft screwing up their presentations will largely affect sales. People who won't buy it now will most certainly in a year or two.

They should try as hard as they can to aim for sooner than ps4....even days would be a difference

If I were Microsoft I would Launch the XboxOne in the US Only October 15th well ahead of Sony and the other regions November 19th or 26th
Thats what I would do.

Microsoft is really, really annoying me lately. From their complete lack of any desire to increase WP development to silence on Xbox release.

What are you talking about? They just lowered the yearly subscription cost for developers from $99 to $15. Now if you want to make a comment regarding their marketing department...

I'm talking about internal development of the OS. We are almost a year into WP8, and we still lack the very basic features that even cheap Symbian phones had for the last 3 years.

+++ We are too complacent with our platform actively overlooking the defects, especially the core fans and our dear WPCentral, which presently seems more like an extension of the MS marketing division.

I hope its tomorrow. I have Xbox Preordered fully paid off, Turtle BEach XO Seven's paid off, and some money for launch titles (Ghost, Dead Rising) and Titanfall + Minecraft eventually so im set and PREPARED! :D I WANT IT NOW!

What about NOVEMBER 27TH no one bothers about that date. Its the current date when the controller and plug and play set comes out on amazon.

It will not launch on Black Friday. Two reasons. First reason: Stores don't want to deal with a midnight release of a console on top of crazy Black Friday deals. Second reason: they would at least want a week or two for people to get the word out if the Xbox one is worth getting or not. So they would then get another shipment of them to sell like crazy on black friday.

Nov 11. Rememberance day. Veterans day. Was the date halo 4 or reach was released. I can't recall which.

at what point does MS start owning the running joke of retractions? I mean, at this point they should pull out all of the stops and have a huge announcement event for the release date, and then at the end of the event someone walks on stage and whispers in the announcer's ear and they do an immediate retraction saying that it is available the next day.

Neo is right. Paying online was confirmed during the main conference at e3. Also, Xbox comes with Kinect. Value of the two consoles are the same per unit price. (in all respects, no actual data.)

wow... you really have no idea what you talking about. I wouldnt even waste my time discussing with someone like you how Sony said playstation plus is required to play online. which in some cases is more expensive than xbox live...
please just... next time try to research and avoid more ignorance.

do you know the word "Rumor"?
well thats what happened to that small xbox.
if Microsoft isnt confirming anything, why would you expect it to be true? wait for Microsoft to reveal it officially. I dont know why some people take rumors as facts, especially from stupid sites like kotaku or the verge etc etc.

lol I love some people making drama about Kotaku sources... they wrote so many crap articles about Xbox features, DRM, and "rumors" that turned to be not true.
I wouldnt believe them.
But nothing is confirmed, so it can happen any day on november. i just want to say, I wouldnt trust kotaku. and somehow i hope its on 8th so people would stop believing at them.

Hmmm... A shame to hear it will be coming "later", because I thought for sure that one of the two would try and beat Call of Duty: Ghosts to market.

It doesn't matter. They've got my money unless if I decide to cancel. I'm in no rush. Just give me a device without the circle of death and I'm good to go.

I wish Microsoft would confirm a date ASAP so I can plan accordingly. I pre-ordered the day one package but, I need to make sure the fund are availabole in the account that I pre-ordered it on.. SO, a date would be great, right now I am planning for Nov first for the funds but, would like to be a little more accurate.