Xbox Live Marketplace rebranded to the "Xbox Games Store"

Today, the Xbox Live Marketplace is no more – at least as we have previously called it. Starting today, the marketplace has been rebranded to the "Xbox Games Store". The name change is hoped to help create a unified brand with the "Xbox Music Store" and "Xbox Video Store".

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the situation in a comment to Joystiq:

"That's right, [Xbox Live Marketplace] is now called the Xbox Games Store, and will sit alongside the Xbox Music Store and Xbox Video Store. This is to make it easier for consumers to find content both on Xbox 360 today and Xbox One when it launches in November."

We don’t think any of our readers will get lost when they open up the rebranded store, but be sure to alert your friends who might think they landed in the wrong spot. You can check out the Xbox homepage to see the rebranding for yourself.

Source: Joystiq


Reader comments

Xbox Live Marketplace rebranded to the "Xbox Games Store"


Yeah... That's the problem. With all the dumb decisions and issues they have....this is what they come up with? Whatever....

I hate these new names. Like I absolutely loved when the app store was called 'Marketplace' now its just lame Store. That's so got dang boring, its not even imaginative. Marketplace had a nice ring to it. They could have even gone with windows phone marketplace or did they think that was too longg

I partly agree with you, marketplace sounds good. But they are trying to do something good here. Xbox is now about entertainment not just gaming and that's what they are trying to show. Xbox Games, Xbox Music, Xbox Video would be easily identifiable across the web, console, PCs and windows phone. I like it.

It looks like they're working to get rid of anything with "Live" in the name. I wouldn't be surprised if Xbox Live gets renamed in the next year. 

Logical name change. More in sync with the other services MS provides. Now I'm still wonderin bout that new SkyDrive name...

I'm worried about that. SkyDrive is a good name. MS should've fought this harder. They always get hit with the most frivolous law suits.

Shouldn't it be called the Xbox Game Store?  They didn't call the video store, Xbox Videos Store.
A game store sounds like a type of store.  A games store sounds like they sell more than one game.

I'm sure this has to do with the Xbox one... Coming Soon The Xbox app store for Xbox ... Just you wait an see

Shouldn't they proably rename the windows phone marketplace as well perhaps ? To keep the naming scheme consequent.