Deal Alert: Grab a refurbished Surface RT for $199 (Back on!)

Surface RT

Update 2PM ET: Sorry, folks! With nearly 5,000 devices sold, the deal is over. Hope you grabbed one while you could.

Update 2:30PM ET: And a second listing is now up, same deal!

Update 2:45PM ET: Another offer, same seller: 64GB Surface RT, without Touch Cover for $199 (Thanks, Juan C.)

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to snag up a Microsoft Surface RT tablet, now might be your chance - the tablet is available to grab off of eBay for $199 by seller, manufacturer_certified. The units are all manufacturer refurbished and so far over twelve hundred units have been sold.

The sale includes a 32GB Microsoft Surface RT Tablet and black Touch Cover. Shipping is free to anywhere within the United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii (sorry, no international shipping). As of now, the listing states that there are “more than 10 available” – so knowing if they have another dozen units or another thousand units is unknown.

Microsoft’s Surface RT is a 10.6 inch Windows RT tablet running on NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processing chip. The unit features a 1366 x 768 resolution HD screen that has 5-point multitouch. For those not already familiar, Windows RT cannot run legacy Windows applications, but can run any app in the Windows Store.

You can check out the listing by clicking here – good luck!

Source: eBay, Thanks to Carlos and Diego for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Grab a refurbished Surface RT for $199 (Back on!)



Thanks @Daylife!  I just picked up a 64GB one for the $199 price.  Sweet.  Retiring my increasingly slow Transformer Prime now.  The Surface will partner up quite nice with my Nokia L920.  I'm fully back in to the Microsoft eco zone now!

And after using my Surface RT for a couple of weeks now, I absolutely love it.  Gave my Transformer Prime away to a friend, and quit carrying my laptop to work as I just carry the RT.  My only complaint is that I've lost some sleep playing games on the darn thing at bedtime.  :-)

Good concern mate, but doesn't always mean you're living Paycheck to Pay check like that though. Personally me and my Fiance work out finances for each paycheck and we calculate Bills first split biweekly, then savings, then whatever else is left over is play money. She saves to go out and I usually blow my $400 extra the first day (as im going to do today again lol).

Exactly. Me and my wife do the same thing. She comes home with clothes and furniture, I buy software, apps, music, haircuts and a bunch of food that only I like that she doesn't buy in the standard grocery cycles. It works out beautifully. We both take care of bills and then have play money. :)
This week was payday week for me and next week for her. Alternating pay weeks so there is money coming in (AND going out) every week.

I just buy what I want on the ol' credit card for bonus mileage, and pay it off before end of the month interest is applied. That way sales are never missed.

My comment was only meant as humor, and did not have intensions to be judgmental or offensive; forgive me buddy. 

I'm not living check to check it's just I don't want to pull out of savings for this. If the deal is still there next week I may consider it though.

Same here. I have the money but I did not anticipated to spend that money of the surface especially when I already made up my mind that in was going to buy surface 2.

Judgmental much? People do things differently. People budget and plan for expenditures. Would he/she be more impressive if they took from their savings?

Ever heard of credit cards? No reason to impose extremely strict dates on yourself. If you have the money to buy it then it shouldn't matter if you get it now or in 7 days.

If you cant understand the difference between windows 8 and windows RT, you should probably get off the internet......

And how the hell do you know that I don't know the difference between RT and W8? I bought the surface RT right after it was released and sold it last week. The people app is pathetic when it comes to performance. I tried everything to get it working properly and it just doesn't cut it. Battery life could have been better as well. I seriously think that my 1st Gen iPad that I sold when I bought the surface had better battery life. Another frustrating thing was the (user agent/string agent?) in IE. The fact that web designers only write their pages for android or safari makes a lot of drop down menus not work correctly when using touch. This isn't Surface's fault but it makes it frustrating to use it. The hardware was great but the software really did need more polishing. Tegra should have been skipped as well.

You can say the same about the Android first gen tablets and they still suck. Furthermore, the Android App store sucks to date. The only saving grace is that you use the same apps for the phone. I blame MS for the app situation because they did a horrible job in courting developers. I will wait to see how much Windows RT 8.1 improves the performance.

Terga is underpowered for RT. Mine used to choke on music library, long forums, and when the battery was less than 30%. You all know what I am talking about. My phone (8X) runs that better than surface. That tells you something.

If you're crazy enough to install the beta (I was), at least make a Wikdows 8 recovery backup so you can downgrade if you need to.

Oh yes please do this!!! You have no idea how much trouble I had to go through to get the beta 8.1 removed because I didn't create a recovery USB.

Call me a sucker, but I've paid more for a 8G iPod Touch.  I bought one, hopefully someone will buy my Dell XPS 10 off ebay now, so I can switch them out.

I definitely paid more for my Zune... in 2007.  My daughter took it off to college with her last week.  still works great.

Why? the xps 10 is just as good plus has the keyboard accessory with an extra battery which the surface rt does not have.

Still not worth it, lol!
And "legacy Windows applications"?  Come on.  Even MS has officially admitted the desktop isn't going anywhere.  What you should've said is "real Windows applications".  Photoshop or 3DSMAX as Metro .... yeah, no.

To be honest, I am not sure using desktop application on such a small screen is ideal. I mean, using metro app is much more easier and touched-friendlier.

Still not worth it? It has a touch cover and ms office. You must want it to be a pro for the price :-o

So how you like running those legacy applications on the iPad or Android tablet.... Oh wait you can't because they use a ARM CPU also. People that cry about x86 applications not running on the RT are just foolish. Noone complained about the iPad not running OSX apps but yet people cry and gnash thier teeth about the Windows ARM tab;et not running x86. Such a idiotic double standard. If you must have x86 get a Atom tablet. Let me know how well that works out for ya.
I can not wait on the next gen RT. I love my Surface RT and I paid full price for it back in January. It is by far my most used device and I have lost count of the people that have asked questions about it after seeing me using it. Almost everyone of the people I have spoke with were disappointed in the ipad or Android tablet they had been using before seeing my RT.

The difference is that OS X and iOS are completely separate operating systems.  Windows RT and Windows 8 are identical except for RT's limitations.  If it wasn't for the suckiness of Atom tablets so far, nobody would ever consider RT because on real Windows 8 you can do EVERYTHING you can do on RT, and tons more!
Well, don't count on Atom tablets sucking for much longer.  The next gen Atom has ARM beat in every way possible.  As long as it isn't artificially suppressed by Microsoft or done in by OEM ineptitude, RT will no longer have any reason to exist.  Why make major sacrifices in performance and compatibility when you get nothing in return?

iOS is using a Darwin kernal compiled for ARM just like RT has a NT Kernal comiled for ARM so it is not completly seperate like you think. I do hope the new Atoms are as good as some speculation says they are. The biggest roadblock for Atom though is the high price of them compared to ARM. Intel also has been saying the next gen Atom will be better for years and they are still garbage so far. We have 1000s of Atom powered UMPCs at work and they are by far the worst machines I have had the displeasure to work on. 20 years I have been in the corporate IT world and you could not pay me to run a Atom.
That said the biggest issue for RT was it was priced to high and it was very poorly marketed. Noone knew what it was supposed to do. Those of us that knew the limitations of the ARM arcitecture have been very happy with the RT. I take mine in place of my laptop 90% of the time as it's small, light, and has amazing battery life. I can do a site survey, do email and calender work, pop into our trouble ticket system and resolve tickets and do a device matrix spreadsheet without having to worry about finding a full PC. The RT is a great device if you know it's limitations like every other ARM based personal device.

He has a point though.  When it comes to RT tablets, everyone holds them to the standards of fully functional PC's.  Yet when it comes to iPad and Android, no one would ever compare them to full PC's.  So no one talks about how the Surface RT is more functional than an iPad by including USB, memory card, multi-tasking, etc...  Instead they are too busy explaining what Surface RT can't do that a PC can.
Note, I'm not saying I'm a fan of the RT strategy.  I'm conflicted on whether RT was a waste of MS's resources and time.  In any case, they definetely should have released Surface Pro FIRST and then maybe release an RT tablet later as a "lighter version" of Surface.  Lets hope they don't repeat the same mistake this next cycle.

x86 gives you flexibility, RT fans love to talk up the "advantages" over ios and android devices yet those same advantages are features of x86 devices. Why not just go for the real thing instead? And while current Atom devices lack performance compared to their Core brethren (but yet still outperform RT devices) next gen Atom will fix things right up. :)

And you know why no one expects ios devices to run Mac OS programs, because they look completely different and don't bear similar names. Windows RT bears the same name as full Windows and even looks the same and bearing the name "Windows" infers certain capabilities, when they are missing its obviously a negative.

I mostly agree with what you said, especially that Atom may have already made ARM pointless. But I do agree with the other guy's frustrations. Whenever an RT tablet comes up for discussion, the focus is on what it lacks compared to full PC's. That discussion never happens with iPad or Android. So somehow, Surface RT has been labeled as lacking features and functionality, even though its way more functional than an iPad. USB port to use printers/keyboards/mouse/cameras, memory card to expand storage, ability to view multiple programs at once, etc...

Coz its named Window RT. There is a mass confusion due to naming. Wtf is RT to general public? They don't know the difference. Maybe Windows Lite would have helped or something other than Windows?? Hell ignorant ppl will be ignorant and ranters will rant regardless. Its an imperfect world.

um, for this same price you can get a "toy" like a nexus 7" tablet for reading books, ooVoo, netflix, twitter, etc.  The 32 with cover were sold out but now they have the 64gb with no cover for $199 also.  still a good deal.
speaking of the nexus 7, my daughter got one last Christmas, cracked the screen in two places.  To repair the dang thing would cost $185, so I jumped all over this.  was lookikng for a reason to get her off android anyway.

Damn just bought one at Ms store a few weeks ago for 300 any got a free touch cover. Have to look at return policy.

How do we know these are actually manufacturer refurbished devices? I don't see anything that indicates it is other than the seller (who is not Microsoft) simply saying that its refurb devices. Selling on eBay too... kinda... suspicious.

I just bought one. The PayPal receipt indicated that the seller is Liquidity Services, Inc... that company is pretty big. I'd be willing to bet that they got them from a Microsoft warehouse after last month's write off.  Firesale strategy to get them in the hands of consumers rather than collecting dust.
Bash RT if you must, but it does have some good use cases. The average user with a need for email, movies, Internet, etc. will be just fine. Advanced users should stick with Pro.  RT is a really good, inexpensive device if your employer supports BYOD and has a Citrix or RDS implementation of VDI.

Love my Surface RT. At this price I almost just want to buy another one because my wife is always hogging our current one.

I bought one. 200 bucks for the device and touch cover was too good to turn down. I really need a portable office machine. My "laptop" is one of the gh73 Asus monsters. The power brick for it weighs more than the damn surface. I hope that the touch cover is comparable with future surface models if I decide to upgrade.

Really want to wait for the next generation of devices, but I don't think I can pass on this at this price. 

Just placed my order. in one hour they sold 1900+ units. 30 day return policy..what not to like? A good one to test it out before I jump on version2. My kids want one anyway. Can't lose deal.

In it's current form, probably not. But I can see even those professional apps in metro eventually. Tiu can start to see the beginnings of this in 8.1 even. For example, the fact that the mail app will launch a second pane to view an attachment. I could see a PhotoShop putting your tools in a separate pane that could even be dragged to a second monitor.

They go through all this trouble to eliminate windows from Windows and try to convince people it's the future, even though it obliterates non-touch productivity and backward compatibility, the reasons why people use Windows in the first place.  No problem, we'll add touch to everything, even desktops!  Oh wait, people aren't buying it.  Ok fine, we'll add windows to this modern environment, IF WE HAVE TO.  Sounds like a brilliant plan.  I have so much confidence in Microsoft now...

Same. I was holding out for a "Surface Mini Pro", when and if that ever comes around. But this price point was too good to pass up. 

This will be replacing my Nexus 7, guess I'm an all windows guy now - that was the last missing piece.A surface mini is an interesting idea, I do like the 7" size of the Nexus

I feel the same way. Got one which I will probably carry instead of my N7. Might keep the N7 though, as there are a few android apps/games I like. I've been holding out for a decent 7 inch windows device, but I just couldn't resist this deal!

I just noticed on on my PayPal confirmation payment to "Liquidity Services Inc" which is liquidation.com. So, are these really refurbished units or MS is trying to clear inventory by saying refurbished. These units have a full One year manufaturer warranty too. Do I care...it's a great deal anyway.
I wish they offerd the 64GB version for $250. I would have loved preferred that one. Still can is the SD slot. Can live with it.

Better deal, the 64GB one is $199 without a cover, and then you can get a cover for as cheap as $56.

Someone uses the tag manufacturer_certified and you recklessly advise people to jump on a suspiciously low price.  Clearly a sucker is born every minute and the supposed staff around here are at the top of that list.  Ever hear if something is too good to be true it probably is? Last I checked Microsoft only certifies the the refurbished products its sels in its own store.   What an embarassing joke....

I dunno, the seller has boatloads of positive feedback for a variety of Microsoft products. Maybe MSFT outsources to them to dump excess inventory.

I literally just bought one after I read the article.  For $200 its just too good an offer to pass up.  It'll be a great upcoming birthday/christmas gift for my mom who is in desperate need of a new laptop =) Since she loves her Nokia 521, I'm sure she'll feel right at home with this.

I'm sorry but I always have to correct people who think Alaska or Hawaii is not part of the US. Hawaii does not use international shipping. The USPS ships the same 1st class & priority mail to Hawaii for the exact same price anywhere else in the US. UPS & Fedex ship here using domestic rates & there ground service.....

They are actually liquidation.com and well known in the business world. The deal is part of the eBay daily deals seen on the eBay home page.

Bought One! At this price with touch Cover was just impossible to ignore. Need to buy a 64gb microsd and I will be set. 
Will be putting up my ExoPC on sale. Have had it for 2 years. Time to say goodbye!

can you guys not hog all of it?  I'm a college student who needs it more and I won't get paid till nx friday

Just missed the 32 and got the 64 instead. would rather have the 32 with touch cover though.

Where are you located?  Maybe we can switch!   Got the 32GB with Touch Cover, before I saw the 64GB without.

Dallas. But anyway I just bought the 32 when the listing went live again. I hope the seller refunds my original order (I emailed him).

I would rather have the 64GB one.  Since the Surface has a USB port, I can just plug any regular keyboard into it. Hmm... on the other hand, it also has a microSD card slot for more memory.

Just placed another one for 64GB with Touch cover as well. For $300 total...can't go wrong with 30 day return policy & one year manufacturer warranty. Maybe I'll return the 32GB once both of them arrive..sweet:-)

I bought the 64G and will use it until the 8.1 update comes out and then give it to my niece who is working on her thesis for her Masters degree.

I nabbed the 32gb with touchcover!  Does this come with that charger?  I don't see it mentioned

Yeah, it sold out again. But you can still grab the 64GB standalone. I did. At that price its hard to excuse youself for not getting one

Had a $200 AMEX giftcard laying around from work...I was going to wait on something new, but at this price, I couldn't resist. I've always liked the look of the surface...I wish/hope the Surface RT 2 had the insides of the suspected Nokia RT tab...But for now this'll do :D

Boy, as much complaining I hear about how crappy this mochine is I'm surprised how fast there selling. Someone obviously likes it
maybe it's Mikey!!!

Wish I had seen the 64gb deal before i jumped on the 32gb...just emailed the seller to see if he'll change since they're the same price

this seller only has 481 feedbacks. they just sold like 6000 items.  hope you guys that ordered them actually receive them because it seems fishy to me.

Got the 64GB and paid for the kb cover. Figure it's a useable device for kids in school. Cheaper than a full on laptop.

:( i can not buy one because i'm not from USA... So sad, it is a very good offer, in my country is like almost 800-900$...the RT...

Thank you for your purchase!

You will receive an email confirmation shortly.
Got a 64 on the way.


The 32GB with cover is still available.  I'd pay $199 to see a fat girl fart, guess I'll pick up one of these.

soooo hard not to buy one... but I have a 920, right now I think I can do more on than than I can on a tablet... Great deal but still not worth it for me.  Such a great deal though!  still fighting the urge!!!

I hope they sell like crazy, but I'll pass. Windows RT is almost dead. Those that think differently should justify the $900 million writeoff on these. 

No, you're supposed to hook it up to a bicycle and pedal kinetic energy into it......JESUS WEPT profusely!!! What kind of a question is this? How would it not come with an adapter? How are you supposed to charge/power it? It's not like it's a cell phone that could charge over USB.
Sorry to sound crass, but it's such a silly question to me.

Its not a silly question, it sounded like on here it just came with just the machine, also I didn't find on the eBay page about something about a power adapter. Is there something I missed reading?

Damn the Luck, I bought my daughter a 32 with a blue touch cover for 500 at Best Buy last month. I have to see if I can send it back!!!

Just ordered 2. I got the 32gb with touch pad and the 64gb without touchpad, both for $200 - thats a great deal!

Woaaah, guys, I just noticed something.
I just put in my order for my Surface, as it seems like a really good deal (even dubious of how much I'd use it)
When I got the Paypal confirmation E-mail, it said that the payment was going to "Liquidity Services, Inc." When I looked up that website, it seems to be just as it says; a company that helps other companies get some value out of overstock and other assets.
My theory is that Microsoft still wanted to clear stock for newer, better Surfaces (or at least make a buck on them before they're horribly outdated), but didn't want to apply a brand-iron label of "$200" to them, lest they let the entire line get de-valued for the permanent future. So, they simply gave them to another company, to sell on eBay in a much less reputable, much less official way.
Of course, this might all be obvious to others; maybe I just feel smart for doing research.

That's exactly what I've been saying to people afraid of the "refurbished" condition.  They are probably as new as they can be.

I don't need one.  I don't even want one.  I bought one.  May regret it, but that just seems like the right price to bite.

so... i looked at the sellers page and litterally EVERYTHING they are selling are the exact same things you would find in any given microsoft store...hum...

OK it's 6pm and it seems like they already raised the price to 299.. Fuck!! U guys bought them for yourselves. Fucking hypocrites!! I wanted one a long time ago but couldn't afford it. Now it's flying off shelves.

Sold out again. Even with little to no publicity support from the major tech sites like phone arena and the verge, the seller managed to move almost 6000 units in less than 24hrs - Quite impressive; It also proves that google's aggressive pricing and heavy subsidies are the sole reason that people are buying more android tablets than they are ipads.

Foiled again!!!!
Someone, for the love of GAWD email me or reply to me if its relisted again. I don't care if I'm spammed just some1 let me know if its available again.  Bye nokia, surface will be my 3rd windows tablet.  Does this thing have GPS or A-GPS?