Nokia highlights some breathtaking photos captured by Lumia Windows Phones

Lumia 1020

Nokia has kept the camera in its Windows Phone at the forefront of its marketing campaign since joining Microsoft's resolve back in 2011. The Lumia 1020 is the latest addition to the Lumia family of smartphones and sports the most advanced optics on any mobile phone available today. We've already seen sample shots from both ourselves and Nokia, but what about general consumers? Nokia has highlighted some beautiful shots on their blog.

Collage is a technique that can be used on a Nokia Windows Phone to create some interesting results. These shots were taken from the Facebook group, Nothing but a Nokia. The Nokia post and Facebook group are both well worth checking out. Some of the photos published by Lumia owners are superb.

Harish Prabu
By Harish Prabu

We've previously looked at ways to improve your game when it comes to mobile photography, with an array of apps available on the store. If you own a latest Lumia Windows Phone 8 device, you'll also be able utilise improved software working together with great optics to unlock numerous ways of snapping those special moments.

David Detko
By Dávid Detkó

What results have you managed to achieve?

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Nokia highlights some breathtaking photos captured by Lumia Windows Phones


why i can´t do half of this beauty with the same hardware? i must be a horrible photographer

Low ISO, long shutter and a very steady hand (or tripod attachement).
You need a 3rd party camera app like proshot or oneshot or Nokia Pro Cam in GDR2 so you can set the shutter speed. Low ISO results in sharper images but needs long shutter to letthe light in (in low light situations). Tip is to always use manual ISO for best sharpness.

Wow! Awesome shots. How did you get your pictures to be that sharp? Also, did you do any  post processing on any of your pics? I'm not too good at photography so I usually just go full auto on my 925. Any tips you can throw my way? I'd be very happy if I could get my pictures even just half as sharp as those. (Or is the 925 really just far outclassed by the 920?)

Back in July, I used my 521 to snap some really nice pics of fireworks. Even got some video. Works pretty well for no flash.

I've gotten complements on photos taken with my 925. Some of my best ones are accidents, taken while playing with different settings.

L920 - 3 Weeks in Scotland during the X-mas and New Year holidays. Helped me capture some great memories in an otherwise challenging photographic environment.

I make some miracles with Lumia 820
That's my Flickr gallery
I use both SophieLens PRO, ProShot for night pictures and Native Camera.
If you use ProShot, you can use Shutter Speed around 1 and ISO 400 for night shots.
In Native camera you can alternate the Exposure.

My L920 can't make nice photos. I could make better ones on my iPhone 3gs. It blures and smudges the hell out of my photos. And as noisy as hell. I know there is a topic for it here, but no solution yet :((((. But it is nice to see some beautiful pictures here :)))

Check you settings, especially your ISO. I switch between the default camera and proshot (which is worth every cent btw).

Same results for a buddy of mine. Guess what the problem was: he never took off the clear plastic strip on the camera lens when it came out of the box. The strip is so small and clear its easy to miss.

Been taking massive number of family pics with my 920. The other family members have android phone but they all admit that my phone takes the best pics and when I tell them about some of the WP exclusive photo apps they sigh because the android marketplace doesn't have the same apps. Love these phones. ^_^

Very happy with having lumia and also my friend is when he wants a picture when there's little light (and he has an iphone5!)- ALWAYS asks me to take the picture and then whatsapp it him lol

I've only had my 928 for a couple days, but I've already had a few "holy crap" moments with the camera. Wow!

My brother is jealous of my 925 camera, I've taken some amazing pics and I have no idea what im doing. Guess I should learn what all the settings do. He's an isheep BTW!

You guys and your WP 8 phones! Phe... I'm still rocking the very first Nokia Windows Phone ever and I have taken pictures that match the best of what I have seen here (ok maybe not quite) LMAO! But still, I have been impressed by my trusty old L800 and its imaging... Man I can't wait to upgrade to a Shweeet new Lumia WP8 come December!! Just can't decide which one to get!