Interval for Windows Phone 8 goes on an alarming sale


We've been made aware of a super deal currently going on with Interval for Windows Phone. The app is an alarm, stopwatch and timer all under one roof. Featuring live tile support, a clock view and a nice selection (all be it small) of alarm tones, Interval is well worth checking out should you require a way to perform all of the above tasks with minimal fuss. It has dropped its price tag and is available for free.

There's not a whole lot else you can say about an alarm clock app, but the design is both intuitive and great looking, making it easy to hop in, set everything up and get on with live. Everything a solid Windows Phone app should do. Be sure to read our previous coverage on Interval for more details. You can download Interval for free from the Windows Phone Store (previously $1.29).

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Reader comments

Interval for Windows Phone 8 goes on an alarming sale


The alarms will work if you quit the app, yes. The sound for the timer will work if you are in the app only. It is a drawback with Windows Phone.

I use an app called Stopwatch. It has a timer and it works great both in the background and when the screen is turned off.

It will schedule an alarm for when the timer is due to finish.  It will be inaccurate by up to a minute. Only way around it for the moment though.

I would prefer that kind of functionality though, even if it's inaccurate up to one minute. I mostly use a timer when cooking usually setting it somewhere between 15 min and one hour. Accuracy to the second is not so important in this case as long as you can trust that the alarm goes off even if the screen turns off or you have the app in the background while doing something else. Other than that I really do like the idea of having an alarm and a timer in the same app.

Fair points - i will look at adding this in to an update so you can choose to have this for timers.

thanks for the feedback.


Yes they still sound when the phone is on silent / vibrate. Most people find this useful i think, but i can see how it might be undesirable. It cant be changed at the moment but maybe on future versions of Windows Phone!