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'Newkia' formed to attract renegade Nokia employees, churn out Android hardware

It's been an eventful week for Windows Phone with Microsoft purchasing Nokia's hardware division. Many of us welcomed the deal that went down the other day, but some are sceptical and believe it to be a sign of how the platform is failing. This includes ex-Nokia employee Thomas Zilliacus, who's now executive chairman and founder of Mobile FutureWorks. His response to Nokia's sale? Newkia.

Zilliacus noted how Nokia enjoyed its term as the world's leader in mobile phones, to become nothing more than a small and insignificant brand today. Blaming Windows Phone, he goes into some detail about how the Lumia line of hardware have been superb and well-received, but complains about the operating system - lack of apps, no ecosystem. The usual comments. This is ignoring the fact Windows Phone has snatched 15 percent in Vietnam, as an example of growth.

"But consumers simply don't want the Windows OS because it lacks the ecosystem and there are not enough apps and services built for the platform that users find crucial today. There's also a general image problem where Microsoft isn't perceived as a sexy company. Developers think it's cooler to develop for Android and Apple iOS."

The last part is true, but Microsoft has been rebranding the entire company.

Previously spending 15 years of his life as a Nokia employee, including seven where he was Asia-Pacific CEO, Zilliacus left in 1993 but remained as a regional consultant. His current investment company, Mobile FutureWorks include former Nokia's mobile phones CEO Jorma Nieminen and Ericsson's former CEO Sven-Christer Nilsson. There are some big names involved.

A cool fact in this report over at ZDNet is Zilliacus attempted to buy out Nokia a year ago to steer the manufacturer to Android, but was unable to raise capital.


Lumia 620

Looking ahead with Newkia

With the "new Nokia" formed and ready to go, Zilliacus knows Nokia employees who are keen to develop for Android and who may wish to join the cause. It's reported he has already gathered a team of former Nokia employees and is hoping to take on more expertise across the board, from design to logistics and manufacturing.

Since Zilliacus and co. will look to secure the feel of the current Nokia, Newkia plans for its research and development (R&D) to be based out of Finland, with other divisions located in other well-known locations, including Silicon Valley. It's almost ironic in a sense for Nokia to be mocked for being the leading manufacturer for Windows Phone and dominating the market, for Zilliacus to then create a startup for Android, which is aggressively dominated by Samsung.

That said, it has been done before, noting China's Xiaomi as an example. The company released its first mobile phone a year ago and today Xiaomi outsells Apple in China. So it can be done in certain regions. Newkia will be targeting Asia, but how will the company perform in Europe or the US? That's yet to be seen. 

Nokia will continue doing what it does today with mapping and services, as well as NSN and other ventures. Microsoft will simply house the magic that has been behind the Lumia family of Windows Phones, securing the future of the product line, as well as potentially bringing better integration, support and an overall experience to consumers. Good luck, Newkia. Microsoft will keep its Nokia as is with the growth it's experiencing in multiple regions.

Source: ZDNet


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'Newkia' formed to attract renegade Nokia employees, churn out Android hardware


Good luck with your "new brand" phones, you will get as much attention as you deserve on android platform.....btw if it was really Nokia on android it would turn heads but seeing as MSFT owns them now it won't be Nokia and instead is probably just going to be a flop.


Source: ZDNet. GTFOH, everyone knows ZDNet, & CNET, are biased against anything that isn't Apple, or Android. Who cares what that Ex Nokia employee thinks.

I wonder how invested this guy is in this.  If I was going to invest any money in his company.  I would expect he has invested all his personal wealth.  Only then would I even think about investing.  I mean I can be all excited about doing something like this, expecially with other peoples money.  But if I do not really lose anything if it fails.  Well then whats the harm.

Well.. Good Luck with Newkia, I'm looking forward for this. I mean, ex-Nokia employees + some other Big names producing a Nokia-styled Android Phone, why not?

and how will they get the money to produce a phone? they dont even have patents. and google wont give money to them for making android phones.
if Nokia was failing and Microsoft had to give alot of money in partnership and still they werent doing the best economically... how these people are going to produce a phone?
please "why not?" because its stupid and they dont own patents for any design or something anymore. it will belong to Microsoft. so yeah again "why not?" because its stupid idea. and only because android its "free" the other things cost money, (of course Microsoft can make them pay for patents like other oems after a while)

Nokia was failing long before it decided to join Windows Phone. People will always look for excuses for failure. Nokia is on the right track with Windows Phone. Good things take time. Look at what Apple has done over the years.

Good luck getting Nokia's former employees to design a phone that doesn't step all over Nokia's IP that is now liscensed to MSFT. Nevermind the massive trademark suit that would come from the "Newkia" name.

Hahaha....u think this guy can just start a mobile company....does he even own any patents to trade....what does he have a few guys that can draw a phone one paper or some 3D software....get real, mobile today is huge, Microsoft owns Skype, office, Xbox, huge amounts of patents, hotmail/outlook, window 8, window phone OS, soon Nokia with 32k employees....huge cash reserves, huge campus for developments...relationships all over the world...and this guy Zman is going to pull together a company to offer something that is already out there for years android phone....this is unbelievable.....

Microsoft should hand over all Windows Phone work, everything, to the Nokia Division. Screw MS branding, screw it all -- let the Nokia Division do what the F it wants with WP. Change the name of the OS, open up the OS, bring developer tools to Mac and Linux... DO IT. If these trolls want war I swear MS should give NokDiv the God damn freedom and money to wage apocalypse over all these naysayers.

Why are u nuts they had that freedom, before windows phone and they couldn't sell phones with there system....Microsoft's OS made them and interesting phone....Microsoft should let them run with hardware only that's there strong point....Microsoft needs quality apps, marketing, and absolute integration pushing from window 8 where they have many is key, classes at stores for free...and be know for best hardware

Funny how people blame Microsoft for Nokia's downfall. Excuse my French, but I didn't give a damn about Nokia before they started making Windows Phones.

All Microsoft needs is marketing and sales that know how to sell the phones and teach new users, like apple does at there stores, they have classes....great Idea to get uses mom and her friend are all on apple because if this they are scare to switch

I wonder if they'll be able to get Marko Ahtisaari on board...
And if so, how good will their phones be quality-wise.
If they manage to keep the same quality and support that Nokia had and has (at least until MS manages to buy them), I may pick a Newkia to give it a try. And I couldn't care less for the reasons behind its creation. That's how the market works. Consumers are displeased with something, someone comes along and fulfills their needs.

How will they not step all over the patents on design and engineering, most likely they can't, which means they will be paying royalties to Nokia anyway. I refuse to go back to Android, even if Newkia built a quality product.

I'll want to see how they make anything substantially far away from a joke, considering Microsoft has all its patents and Nokia has the other lot of big ones.

I doubt this will ever happen.
I know everyone will hate me for this, but a Lumia 1020 with Android on it would be a ridiculously successful phone, imo.

Sounds like disgruntled ex-employee syndrome.  You tend to get people like this in any company who left on bad terms or got fired.  They always think they were right no matter what.

I'm so sick of the "no apps" argument. It was a valid point 2 years ago, but now it's just nitpicking. There's plenty of 3rd party apps that do everything that the 1st party apps do that they want. And even if there isn't a 1st party app, it's not Microsoft's fault. The App Devs don't want to build for our phones cause there isn't a big enough audience, but the audience isn't getting bigger(at a faster rate) cause "there are no apps."

I had this talk with my sister a few months ago, and we went through about 50 some odd apps that I she wanted and I showed them to her or a good 3rd party app. Now her next phone is gunna be WP.

It's not nitpicking, actually. I'll give you a casual scenario. My son likes playing games on both his Mom's HTC EVO 4G and my Lumia 920. But the ones the with properties he cares about (Iron Man, Avengers Initiative, Turbo [the movie snail] Racing) is the Evo/HTC One X. We just got Wreck It Ralph a day or two ago, but my son had already played through and beaten it on Android WHEN THE MOVIE ACTUALLY CAME OUT, so he didn't care. 
Are there "equivalents" for a lot of this stuff? Maybe (Actually, I haven't seen a Windows Phone game that uses the Infinity Blade engine like Avengers does yet). But it's NOT the same. Is it purely Microsoft's fault? No. But they do shoulder some of the blame for not littering the system full of great first party Xbox Live gaming titles. Also, for not having a supporting ecosystem of the content people want to purchase.

And like I said that has nothing to do with MS. The Devs don't want to make games for WP cause they don't see the need, or they take forever to do so.

Yup no instagram and YouTube,NBA,wells Fargo and a bunch of banking apps.. The apps are coming we all know that, until we have complete support this arguments will always be valid my friend..

I've been using Metrotube since the beginning and I like it more than I did the official youtube app. There's about 6 different instagram 3rd party apps. NBA(I'm assuming you mean basketball) has ESPN Hub, scoremobile, and I'm sure many others that supply you with news and scores.

So there are enough options out there to fit the need for those apps. There's way more things that WP needs than more apps. Would it help? Of course, it always will, but it's not like there aren't apps there to use. And the ones that aren't there are because the devs don't feel the need to do them.

I agree with you,there's always ways to watch YouTube,scores and all that,but until official apps shows up,haters will always find a way BASH WINDOWSPHONE..NBA app is very important to me especially the fantasy app,all my friends use this apps,I cant even talk about it cuz we don't even have it yet..

Most "big name" apps aren't an issue for me and I don't care about games. Personally, in Toronto, Canada, the more "local" apps are an issue. There are no major Canadian banking apps (as far as I know), there's no Cineplex movie app, there aren't apps for most of the major Canadian/Toronto newspapers, etc. 
Big stuff isn't a big problem, but the smaller apps are and those only come with more market share.

Exactly, and even for those more local apps there are easy work arounds like pinning the website to your start screen(which is exactly what I do for my banking.)

The local apps also aren't the reason people don't buy WP either. It's the excuse they make, but no ones gunna be looking into getting a WP and then change their mind cause their local paper doesn't have an app.

Lol today in my math class my teacher was trying to look for a high school nearby because my school is having a football game tomorrow there, and she asked siri where it was along with the whole class and they couldn't find it, and me just leaning back looking on here maps found it in 10 seconds and she was impressed haha

Nice but Nokia drive needs voice command, i must say how can u lead in maps and be missing that, i know that here maps has it and then u need to click onto Nokia drive app to start...that is dumb....u should just open drive and click to speak the address, simple

More lies about lacking apps, really! There isn't anything im waiting on and l both a Surface Pro and Windows Phone 8. When new consumers see this it only reinforces it!

This guy is funny,when he said Microsoft is not a cool company yeah right!! Does he know msft created Xbox,Kinect,office etc.....
Yeah thank you s. Elop for choosing WINDOWSPHONE solid 3rd place!!does he even realize the fact that lumias are selling all over the world?? Yeah he's hurt about msft dropping the nokia name I get that, but people know who makes LUMIAS, the fact that WINDOWSPHONE will have a solid software support from nokia engineers combine with the slow moving WINDOWSPHONE team is a lot better than what is happening right now!!!
NEWKIA is stupid branding hahahah

wonder why he failed to raise capital... surely buying out Nokia to direct it down an android path is an undeniably and would-be successful business proposition for investors -__-

I don't think the whole thing bodes well for MS.  Not being able to use the Nokia name, leaving Nokia with no smartphone devision for 10 years?  I became a Nokia fan when they decided to use WP and decided I'd support them from now on no matter where they went.  With the buyout it kind of changed things.  The Newkia thing and the comments from the ex Nokia employee looks kind of bad.

What really annoys and disappoints me is when a supposedly intelligent individual attempts to justify their position with nothing more than common everyday internet whining points. Its like listening to a creationist trying to explain science as 'gods will'. If that's all he can offer then he's got nothing and he is nothing...give up playing smart guy and get a job at a Quikimart, putz.
Obviously disgruntled, and obvious why he's not there anymore.

"Irrelevant" long before Windows Phone. Also, no way this is allowed to exist as Newkia. Lawsuit will be filed soon, I'm certain.

One of the first people here to speak the truth about Nokia's failure's. No matter how much I like Nokia, the fact remains that they failed to keep up just like BB. See my post below

I wonder if he left or was asked to leave politely. I also wonder if he was one of the brilliant developers who worked on Symbian, Meego, and Maemo? While everyone of the Nokia name loyalist want to bash Microsoft for purchasing Nokia's devices division, and not thank them for attempting to salvage what's left of it. They also won't accept the fact that the WP OS on Nokia designed phone's seem to be catching on in the same country where Symbian, Meego, Maemo didn't pan out. Quick to bash, slow to admit multiple failures' on Nokia outside of what they deem the MS deal to be.

If Newkia puts out some high-end hardware with a large screen and some attractiveness, I'll definitely be interested in one.

Lets see: 2 former CEO's who drove their companies into the ground with their lack of vision + 1 VC unable to predict his inability to raise billions to take a Company with a vision and turn it into a direct Samsung competitor = a desperate need for PR to try and raise money from fools who can't see that they are going to repeat their past 'Successes' by competing against HTC.

They just wanna say see I told you so. Even though I admit I had longed hoped Nokia had made an Android phone.

Interesting. The day I stop seeing the NOKIA logo front,left and center on a phone is the day I switch over to SONY. Its all about the name for me. I really don't care what is inside a phone as long as I. See the NOKIA logo. The names NOKIA and SONY gets me all the time.

His rationale is that its Windows Phone fault? That they had to play any sort of catch up to the big two is an indication that the sickness existed long before WP came along. I have always held high opinions of Nokia but never considered them for smart phone until WP - they just weren't a contender. Good luck in the Android space, plenty of opportunity to eek out!

Well, the guy certainly knows when to pull the trigger, with the amount of press he's gathered for a company that makes Android phones using a KIRF label.
I'll stick to my NOKLA thank you very much.

ehmm worried about WP? what that has to do with this news? did you read the article?
its ex Nokia employees the one trying to do these android phones with a company named "newkia". they never wanted Windows Phone OS, and they want to "rebel" and make a new company with new phones and android OS. it has nothing to do with WP, and since they never wanted WP so you cant obviously expect them to use it (that's why they are calling it newkia anyway and taking android)
so I don't know if you read the article, but newkia has nothing to do with Nokia or Microsoft. its just ex Nokia butthurt employees that don't know anything about business and think its easy.

Thanks for the clarification. I stand corrected. I figured Nokia was gona start business with android. I guess im thankful there not. Keep focus on WP! Thanks again.

lol no, its not nokia. its just ex employees that always wanted to go android and now they think can do it with a new company, again, like if it was an easy task and didnt cost money. since they dont own any nokia patent or something, how are they able to make phones if they dont start from zero?
one part you have to remember of the deal its:
"Upon the closing of the transaction, Nokia would be restricted from licensing the Nokia brand for use in connection with mobile device sales for 30 months and from using the Nokia brand on Nokia’s own mobile devices until December 31, 2015. -"
that means they can produce phones but why would be the point if they wont be able to use Nokia name on them? also they wouldnt own patents or even a device division anymore. so why would, if they are selling their phone division try to go and immediately try to compete in mobile space again if they were failing before and they werent doing good finacially?.
Just ignore this news and keep waiting for more Lumia phones soon! with no android ;)


i dont have the hard facts but from what i read months back or even when Nokia was considering using Windows OS wasnt Nokia already going down? if Symbian was successful then the deal wouldnt have happened, Nokia wouldnt need MS. i think the deal brought back life to Nokia, and if it wasnt for that Deal we wouldnt have Nokia Phones here in the States. didnt this deal help Nokia get into new Markets? new enterprise deals? from what i read not only did Nokia need a new OS but needed finacial backing which MS provided in both areas. granted Android is free but where was the money for the manufacturing coming from? i could be wrong in what i wrote and if so someone please correct me, myself i will always be a MS fan and will support WP wether its made by Samsung, HTC or Nokia as long as its a device i like. my first phone was a HTC trophy and the reason i no longer want HTC becaus eeverytime i needed help with my phone the only thing they will tell m is do a hard reset to fix the problem. i dont have the time to reinstall all my apps again, my contacts, the notes i put on my phone and then have to do it over and over again just for the phone to work. a Samsung phone was not and still isnt availabel on Verizon network so Nokia was the sensible choice. i used to have a Nokia phone back in the days so i know i will get quality. this guy can go to andriod but have to remember to pay MS for their choice, MS my lose some Nokia employees but will gain $$$

I think his comments are more about what's been making people in the mobile business the most money the past few years vs what's actually happening with WP right now no one over at Android or Apple wants to admit that WP is growing each day seeing the way people called the big news of Microsoft buying Nokia irrelevant is the same as all the negative comments this guy is saying so keep thinking we don't matter as we gain more users around the world each day

15% in Vietnam?? Ummm thats all just 15% in only one country out 200+ countries pls. You're most probably drunk..

Yeah. This article is shit.

Why you guys have dislike ex-nokians for trying? Scared of your dying platform?

and here comes the non intelligent person... (didnt you say you would go away and never use Windows Phone again? lol love people like you who can keep their word and then cant be smart enough when they try to troll :))
they mentioned only vietnam because its the latest country to have a report about having alot of WP marketshare (it was reported 1 day ago) ... there are OBVIOUSLY other countries, like Latin american ones... thats why it was reported Latinamerica WP marketshare is now beating iPhone. but why would they mention this if its "old news" from last week?
I dont know where you are from, but you obviously dont have a brain or something... since it seems you cant be smart enough to use your brain to think and understand why only vietnam was mentioned. hope next time you can at least try to use it, it will help you alot. if you are going to come and keep trolling do it right please.

i think Microsoft must speed up on updates on those requested features most on their uservoice, then the OS would be better, we used to enjoy a lot of features on symbian which are lacking on WP8.
Great potential is there for WP8
I bought Nokia Lumia becoz of the hardware hoping that applications would be developed, & they are still coming out.
Nokia had a help line (& email) which was very responsive &helpful (they replied within 48Hrs), i wonder if they would be closed now that its M/soft,
Just look at this uservoice, there is no clear answer to what they are going to do with what the majority request,
we want a clear answer e.g. on separate volume request,  we would expect an answer like - working on it, expect it on GDR3, not going to be implimented e.t.c

If companies like Sony and Motorola can barely make an impact on the Android market then why does this fool think he'll make a killing with his crappy clone company?
I say let this fool make his Android phone so we can watch it crash and burn.

Why does everyone blame Elop and MS? Nokia: grab a mirror and take a long look at yourself. No way was Symbian ready for primetime and MeeGo was years off from being viable. I loved Nokia - especially Maemo and MeeGo. I had tons of Nokia phones. I tried lying to myself that my N810 was better than my wife's iPod Touch - and in many ways it was - but it was always clunky. The N900 was thick as a brick and laggy. The N9 was amazing to look at -- perhaps the most beautiful mobile device ever in its form and dimensions - but the OS was not there yet. With or without Elop or MS, Nokia was finished. They waited too long. In an alternate universe, Nokia is currently being picked apart, like Blackberry will be, because their MeeGo experiment failed. Windows Phone was a hail mary pass that didn't work -- and not because of Nokia -- because as the exec points out above -- MS is perceived as uncool and people aren't willing to give it a chance. I hope MSNOKIA will create a hero device ---- one that is radically different than current smartphones -- so it stands out and makes a splash. They need to rethink the paradigm -- stop playing catchup and innovate. I think it's pretty obvious that this statement is true: NO ONE WANTS THE MICROSOFT VERSION OF A SMARTPHONE. So forget playing catchup and innovate.

Nokia lost any sense of relevancy back in the early 2000s when they started marketing their phones like they were disposable fashion accessories. That decline continued when they adopted mobile platforms, Symbian and MeeGo, which were arguably dead ends and they couldn't realistically support on their own. Of the choices they had Windows Phone made the most sense.

So here come these guys looking to form a "new" Nokia but all they're creating is an Android also-ran. How could they possibly believe there's a chance for success given how heavily saturdated the market already is. You've got Samsung at the top of the heap, dominating the market. HTC has yet to see real, consistent growth; they make one good phone and go right back to struggling. Then there's LG, Xiaomi and the million other companies jumping on the bandwagon. Android is quickly turning into a commodity market like Windows PCs. Except that it's that much harder to truly stand out.

Good luck to Newkia.

Come on, all were looking at here is another under funded Android maker that can't compete with the likes of Samsung. This is hardly news of any importance. Why would any person of importance and skill go work for them? They could never expand beyond phones for China (where cheap knockoffs are rampant) by using any of Nokia's design schemes, without getting the shit sued out of them. They would be subject to the same licensing issues, with MSFT and even more so now with the Nokia deal, that all the Android OEM's face. In short, they're irrelevant before they even get started. This venture will be about as close to being Nokia as the cheap knockoff builders currently are, but less successful than the knockoff makers have been.

And on to other news...

Well the only reason and jumped into WP was because of Nokia, because I love their desing and hardware, If Nokia were into Android I will buy Nokia too.  It the only phone available with WP was anything but a Nokia, I would never touch WP.  The guy in the article is right about one thing, most people dont like WP.  I really try hard to like WP, but I always find my self missing apps and features I only get on Android (including customization).  So I always find my self selling my Nokia and buying a new Android.

I'm glad you've decided to speak for, most people. I'm sure with the extensive polling and survey work that you've done, you have the vast knowledge to do so.

If you purchased a phone, with an OS that you don't like, simply because of a name slapped on it than I have to question your views on much of anything. Enjoy your new Samsung, iPhone or Newkia.

It's too late for another Anroid phone.  But if they can produce a dual-boot (WP/Android) phone, it will draw a lot of attention.  I was hoping that Nokia can build a dual-boot version of L1020.  The MS buyout removes that possibility.
The dual-boot L1020 will have a big draw in the Android crowd.  Basically you use Android and camera to promote WP.  The app gap problem is eliminated immediately because you can run more apps than the 'Android only' phones.  The increased sales will help both Nokia and MS.  This is the most effective marketing than any kind of ad you can come up with.  WP can grow tremendously at a result.

When Nokia Lumia 800 was launched with WP7, I loved the package, the design in terms of both hardware and software. But the OS was not up to the mark to perform all that I wanted. This stopped me from giving away my slow and crap looking Android OS phone. The day Windows Phone 8 was launched I was all in for it cause I knew the OS is going in the right direction and it could do all I wanted from my smart phone pretty neat and in style. I bought my windows phone 8 Lumia not just for the OS but also because it was a Nokia. The premium looking device which had a premium looking OS. An OS which did the modern basics very well. I bought a Nokia because among all the Galaxy's, iphone it still had a considerable amount of value and recognition among the people I socialize with. It gives out a pretty neat social status. A cellphone for me has to be the marriage of form and fuctionality because I'm gonna be spending more time with it than my spouse. So as long as microsoft maintains the same image of Nokia by their witful marketting and puts an image among the masses that what they are selling is a niche product I'm gonna be all in for it again. I'm ok considering an iPhone if MS screws up. But never a cheap looking Galaxy. 

"But consumers simply don't want the Windows OS because it lacks the ecosystem...".
A statement like this amazes me. How could someone be so... oblivious? It's concerning to hear someone have such a statement considering Microsoft has the largest ecosystem of products and services than, well, than any other company on the planet.

We were buying Lumia's not because windows phone is a great os but because it was Nokia no more Nokia no more WP..good luck wid your future Microsoft...

We? Speak for yourself. That's not why I was buying Lumia. While I've been a Nokia fan for a long time, I'd hardly buy one just because it said, Nokia on it. Obviously, this, we, that you refer to, fells the same. Hence, the reason Nokia was struggling and had lost a great deal of the market. People may have loyalty to a brand, but that loyalty hardly means they'll buy devices, no matter the experience, just because they slap their name on it. Just ask: IBM, Nokia, Motorola and many, many others. You were buying for the wrong reasons and that's pretty much what it comes down to.

I agree with mgkeath, no sane person would buy a phone just for it's hardware. People look at the OS before they buy a phone, not just the hardware.

To be honest whenever I hear Android I think Samsung, whenever I hear Windows Phone I think Nokia(sorry HTC owners and Samsung Ativ s owners). There is NO way that this "Newkia" sh*t will overtake Samsung. And btw who in the world of sane people will choose a phone called Newkia??!! If they even wanna stand a chance to overtake Nokia and Samsung they are going to have to change the name.

I'm actually interested to see how this company does. Will the cameras be as good? Probably not... but maybe the build quality will be nice, and the software will be clean and fluid.
I just don't like the name.

This guy is full of shit. The world needs another Android manufacturer like it needs another dictator. Android sucks and only has the share it does because Google gives it away.
I agree with the IDC report referred to in another story - WP will continue to take share away from the other OSes over the next 4 years, particularly in the enterprise.
This dumbass implied WP/MSFT was some how unsexy, yet WP8 is the cleanest, most attractive OS out there today. The fact that Apple felt they needed to respond by altering their design language speaks volumes in that regard.
MSFT just needs to continue the direction they've been tracking, only speed it up a little if possible, and they will accomplish great things. Elop may be just the guy to make certain that happens.

I think it's possible that NewKia can do something with Android in the future, but hijacking the news to promote the idea is kind of bad... Why can these ex-CEO and ex-VP take NOKIA from 3 years ago (before Stephen Elop come to NOKIA) to do Android (and WP and BB and what not)?
I still support WP and wish NOKIA/MS long live... At least some one is focusing on WP OS 100%.

Pretty simple why they can't, because they're not Nokia. They don't have the resources or infrastructure, the patent portfolio, the design, the history or the finances. Being an ex employee hardly makes you Nokia. Many companies have ex employees, but how many have started their own, directly competing, business afterward and turned it into a major player? Very, very few. All these guys are is a startup, in no way are they akin to anything Nokia, other than having worked there at one time in the past. They won't even make a blip on the Android front.

You can buy Nokia's hardware division and design patents, but you can't buy Nokia Designers. I think Newkia is capable of coming up with new innovative designs.