EE customers rejoice; operator plans to roll out GDR2 and Amber mid-September

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Those of you who are still eagerly awaiting the Amber / GDR2 rollout, we have some positive news for EE customers. The UK mobile operator took to Twitter today to reveal mid-September as to when Lumia Windows Phone owners can expect to see the updates shipped out on the network. Not long to go now, folks. EE is the last UK mobile operator to approve the software updates for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

EE Amber Rollout

The GDR2 update from Microsoft brings along with it FM radio support, fixes for Xbox MusicOther storage fix and other minor improvements. Amber is the name for Nokia’s accompanying firmware and it allows new camera features, Glance and flip to silence, to name a few new additions (depending on hardware).

Keep an eye on Nokia's update page for when the updates are released, as well as our feed and EE's Twitter account.

Source: EE (Twitter); thanks, Ian, for the tip!


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EE customers rejoice; operator plans to roll out GDR2 and Amber mid-September


It's unlikely to be the 10th. It hasn't even graduated to 'Coming Soon' status yet on the Nokia schedule. There's likely to be a few days to a week between approval and getting on the servers.

Just passing on what a Nokia employee has said.
Coming soon to availible doesnt have to take a few days btw.

I hope so much that you are right. I think EE have been a bit 'meh' towards Nokia right from the 920 exclusive. They bagged the 920, then put all their efforts into the latest slightly different iPhone instead. EE's exclusive on the 920 must have harmed sales pretty badly here in the UK
I think the reason why the table doesn't always show 'coming soon' before 'available' is becasue they don't update it all that often. They updated it today.

Hey EEDS, looks like your source was wrong after all. The update arrived late at night on the 19th. I think in another thread somewhere else I anticipated arrival on the 20th, based on bits of info gleaned here and there. Looks like I was right. :airpunch:

EE are tosswank. They've been responding to requests for an update on when they'll get their act together on the Amber update by telling customers to 'keep an eye on Zune'!
What a complete bunch of idiots. And now you tell us Tesco will be using them as their MVNO partner, oh lordy!

To confirm. Carrier 3UK, I'm using a Nokia 920
Update details are:
Microsoft Update:8.0.10328.78
Microsoft Update: 8.0.10322.71
NOKIA Update for Windows Phone
Microsoft Update:8.0.10327.77

Just to update. Install is OK - but Pro Cam is not available for some reason. Is it carrier restricted> ? It just says This App is Not available for your device. Might be because your phone software needs to be updated (well, I've just done that!), the app is exclusive to another mobile provider or the app is not available in your country/region"

Changing region doesn't work either. BALLS!  Anyone know why Procam app has been blocked?  Is it due to 3 UK?

Hmmm, thats quite true, I have it installed but can't find it in the store. Give it some time, if not, do the dreaded hard reset (won't advise that actually)

it's because pro cam has not been released to market place yet? it was a trial to check for bugs on the 920!

Do they tweet anything about phone updates? What Twitter handle? If we all knew, we could tweet bomb them and reference this article as an example of what we'd lime to see from them.

Saw that handle...but figured it was like calling and asking a customer service rep. They usually don't know these kinds of details. Tweeted anyway. Others should too...maybe someone will take heed.

My insider is telling me that the reason ATT is holding off, is that they are trying to figure out a way to attach friggin lasers on the top of the phone.

Yesterday I tweeted AT&T support asking for GDR release news and they said they didn't know (not surprising). Then some nutter who has been trolling AT&T accounts claim delay is because they're trying to remove data sense.

Remove data sense not surprising as the fucker wants to make money all the tym why allow customers to actually check their data usage

AT&T customers have been able to check their data usage for quite some time.
Type *3282# [send] and you'll get a text message back in mere moments with your usage.
Newsflash:  Businesses are supposed to make money.  It's how they survive.

Not sure why they would need to remove Data Sense. AT&T even has an app to let you check voice, text and data usage for all lines on your account. Check it out, its a thing.

Some nutter has told me not till after the 925 comes out... which is a little more believable.  If the 1020 didn't come with data sense, I don't think the 920s will get it with GDR2.

see i would have felt alot better if EE said this - a week ago, instead of feeling like they forgot about us, still better late than never i guess.

Does this slow rollout make anyone concerned that you won't receive GDR3 until January or February? I assume the release will be similar to GDR2, first on Nokia 1520 versions, then slowly rolled out to the rest over the next 3 months.

HTC 8X customers on EE (AKA Orange) have had it (GDR2) for two weeks!!!!! I told you at the time.
So at last there is one thing good to say about HTC 8X

I think Bin Laden is hiding there or something? This Russian guy Stalin is getting well annoyed with Bush about it. Proper maddnes yo.

Sorry but that's just not funny man, to joke about millions of people displaced.
You think Americans wont mind if someone were to say 9/11 was the best thing to happen since WW2?

I don't know what disappoints me more, the fact that my comment was perceived to sincerely bring the Syrian Crisis onto a comments board on a mobile tech site, or that there are still people on the internet in 2013 with absolutely no sense of humour at all.

Vodafone, t-mobile, o2, orange all started rolling it out already ('available' on Nokia status page). EE are still testing. First network with 4G, they're the last for Amber.
Happy its on its way though.

tmobile and orange is not listed.. it is EE anyways so it is listed under that .. and yes. they are the last to roll it out

EE are the last in UK to roll it out. But don't forget they have not done so. And they only said they were hoping to get it out mid September. EE are rubbish, i will believe it when I see it.

Correction, everyone but 920 owners on AT&T. I think every other make\model has gotten theirs (although 1020 came with it so doesn't count).

do you get 4G also on Tmobile/orange price plans? wonder if data sense is the problem for EE to get it working. hope it is included in the OTA. dont want to flash the phone and loose software 

For the UK's 'Biggest and fastest mobile network' they are sure taking the pi55 rolling out this update out and to rub it in more data sense on EE is not enabled, so what exactly is the hold up? In theory it should be quicker, less the test/configure!

WTF, no DS. You better be joking or EE will suffer a Tarantino style verbal assault because as good as the update was for myEE app, its still a steaming pile of ****

Its not gospel, but there was a debate on the forums about data sense on orange/ee. From what I read you'll still have datasense as per update but orange/ee have no immediate plans on enabling the service.

AMEN brother and personally cant wait to ditch this crappy network. First to get 920 last to update for uks largest network its laughable

A little too late! I am switching to O2 or something... EE suck and are SO SLOW! Everything Everywhere... More like Nothing Nowhere.

Went to EE because of them getting the Lumia 920 first and the 4G was a bonus but they appear to be one of the last to be getting updates. Will not be renewing my contract with them unless they sort that out.
About time basically.

Even that little village way in the corner of Ethiopia where there is only 1 phone and no phone lines or power got the update. This is just sad. At&t really dropped the ball on this one. Feel like crashing my car (not my Z) through the damn building!!

Actually it was due to customers enquiring and putting in complaints due to them being the leading competition on the market yet they behind on windows phone. Its like if you report a fault on the 4G network they act to get it fixed. Also there updated app is pretty darn good now.

Errmmmm...something strange going on here. My wife is on EE, as am I. We both have a Nokia Lumia 920. Mines black, hers yellow.

My wife had the Amber + GDR2 update about an hour ago. My phone.. Nothing, nada?

If EE are sending out the update mid Sep, how come my wife has it?

Did you get your phones direct from Orange or from say Carphone Warehouse as CW usually give out phones not locked to a specific carrier..

so the fastest network who had the 920 exclusive for 6 months is still making us wait another month!!
what a bunch of useless TOSSERS!!!!!!!!
i for one will be leaving as soon as i can get out of the contract.

I have been and remain deeply disappointed with EE's tardiness. They will be more than two weeks slower than the next slowest network Three who made the update available today. Vodaphone were first by some distance, followed by O2.
I'll be looking into moving off EE this weekend and onto Vodaphone. I am not interested in staying on a network with such inefficient processes, or such poor commitment to Windows Phone and Nokia (take your pick which is the case, but the race to release the update does give us a nice clear measurement of differences between the networks).

No, seems not..."waiting for approval" is all I get and it really winds me up when my phone says "Your phone is up to date. Last checked x minutes ago." I assume 8.1 will have been released before we get GDR3 and WP9 by the time we get 8.1...etc.

Just got the Lumia Amber Update from EE (Orange) on my Lumia 820, and it does have Data Sense, as Eurovillager already stated; just in case anyone is still concerned about that feature being omitted.

I notice the Nokia website is still showing the EE 820 update as 'Coming Soon'...but, clearly, that is out of date, now.