Lumia 1520

New photos emerge of the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia is slated to announce the Nokia Lumia 1520, a 6-inch Windows Phone with 1080P resolution later this month with an anticipated November release. More photos of the device have been revealed to the Verge by one of their readers, Kaz, who took pictures of the upcoming device next to a Sony Xperia Z.

Lumia 1520The device reportedly comes with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage with microSD expansion, Snapdragon 800 processor and of course the 1080P display. It’s also been reported that it will have a 20 MP camera on the rear with a design similar to the Lumia 925’s slight camera bump.

We have heard from our sources that a stylus won’t be included, though it may be offered later. Information in this regard is still unclear. The Lumia 1520 will feature Windows Phone 8 GDR3, which will feature new additions like Driving Mode, Glance notifications, improved Bluetooth support, orientation lock and more as has been exposed in this weekend’s detailed leaks on the update.

Head to the Verge to see more photos of the all black device.


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New photos emerge of the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520



Of course it's exclusive. Elop can't allow actually selling these phones and improving Nokia's finances until the takeover is final.

you know, (from what a verge article would have some believe), elop isnt the one who started the whole purchase thing, right?

Att has Nokia believing Verizon and Tmobile won't be able to sell their phones and only they can. Don't get your hopes up. But who knows. Maybe, like the 521, Tmobile will get a slightly improved version? (521 has an added light sensor missing from the 520; perhaps a stylus could come with a Tmobile version?)

me too, WP8 finally caught up on the specs, it will be leading in the hardware field in the future.  hope to use bay trail soon when it comes out, my wish.  now, if ms can generate enough market interest...

Yeah, that's the first thing I noticed. 32GB and MicroSD slot--it's about darn time Nokia. Hopefully they'll do that with their next flagship phone.

Yeah, that was mentioned in the article.. Cool❕ This just may be my next device.. I hope it comes in Red❕❕

Big smile on my face. This phone looks slim and thin. Finally!!!
Hope for small bezel. Might be my next phone.

Given the fact that you failed miserably on your joke attempt you will have to lower your price by 50 or 60% if you still wanna keep offering your product.

What's wrong with someone saying the phone looks nice, but they like the 1020 more? People can't have an opinion? Everyone is always on attack mode in here. Annoying!

I've gotten to the point where I rarely read comments anymore because of this. I couldn't agree with your statement more!

The speck case does a great job minimalizing the bump. While you know it is still there, it is a non issue.

Used to like Tom quite a bit. Not as much since he moved to the verge. Used to think it was AOL ruining Engadget, nope...just Josh.

GDR3 will be available on a device for purchase in November, while GDR2 has yet to trickle down to AT&T NL920's. Grrrr....

Don't worry. I've got the same issue in Australia on an unlocked, unbranded NL920. All this talk of GDR3 and new devices....killing me.

Don't believe it's going to be November. Nokia learnt that is important to release new phones not too long after their announcement. They could have announced this last week, like they did with the 920 last year, but they learnt that consumers didn't like the 2 months wait. This year they will announce it in the end of September and I believe the phone will hit the stores by the second week of October!

LOL❕ You called me a dick.. Come on now,,, be nice... LOL❕
Anyways, If NIST says he see's dust, then he see's dust❕... NIST ain't new to these parts❗

Hey, just wondering.. Do you have anything that you're holding back because your sources told you to? Just say yes or no. :)

The flash on the 1020 is amazing. I would have loved to see that cross over to this device.

Ohh, just a bunch of guys who we're cursing each other out Saturday, and now that we're cooled down... Well.............

This phone is screaming for a pen, with One Note and Evernote making huge improvements for Windows Phone, this bad boy must have a dedicated pen.

I really really really hope Microsoft will do something to make this phablet shine and rise above the competition. Imagine running two apps side by side on this beauty. Some radical update for OneNote, to enable handwriting recognition and other goodies... I'm hoping to see some of it in 8.1.

I know if I get this I'll have to give the wife my 925.  I am worried that AT&T would get an exculsive of this and us on T-Mobile will be screwed out of this.

This is gonna happen. Until WP is a bigger success, they'll be able to release in all networks at the same time. 

Yup, cause at that point it's MS negotiating, not Nokia. I'd like to see Microsoft sell phones to order, for any network. Signature series style. 

Off subject: anybody on Verizon know if you have to wait the full 2 years before an upgrade? Att let you upgrade a couple months before your 2 year end, wondering if it might be the same, new Verizon person.

Hopefully they announce gdr3 at the Nokia event thus month, and start launching gdr3 in October and release this phone in November

I wouldn't count on that, in fact id expect the opposite with phone coming out in November and GDR3 rolling out to other phones soon after that.

Then the L1020 is the option for you (I'm assuming you still have a WP7 device).

Mind you, we don't really have many infos on this L1520. It should have, reportedly, higher specs, but to what end we don't really know. OS-wise it will still be WP8 with GDR3 which all the phones will get so the OS will not actually require the new specs.
The alleged 20megapixel camera is there probably only to compete with Sony's Xperia Z1, and shouldn't influence at all the specs either since the L1020 has lower specs than this and a better camera.
I think this "phablet" (God, I hate that word) is more to please people who actually like dinner-trays as smartphones. Think Samsung-Note fans.

I hate samsung but this 1520 looks so damn slick! It is getting me super excited! But I still have more then a year to go with my 920 :(

"think this "phablet" (God, I hate that word) is more to please people who actually like dinner-trays as smartphones. Think Samsung-Note fans"

...or as a bludgeon device.

C'mon mister Harman, I think we would all want Nokia pushing the envelope in camera sensors, mapping solutions (HERE needs waaay more work), wireless charging speeds+boosts, perhaps voice assistants (MS can help, I saw amazing videos coming out of Microsoft Research, years ahead of what the competition has right now)

putting 3gigs isn't pushing any envelope just pushing a spec number.

Memory and CPU cycles don't come free. More = more battery use, as well as more physical space required which could be used better on something like a 20MP camera. Not to mention a higher price.

When the OS doesn't need it, why just throw it in so you can play in that fake area?

More RAM, faster processor would help with something like the 1020 camera which reportedly has a long process time after taking pictures.
Like I said people eat that stuff up. If you could say that you have the most RAM, fastest processor, best camera, best screen and longest lasting battery... people would love it.
Just sayin'.

What I'm saying is that the combination you're talking about couldn't exist. It would be a behemoth. To fit all that in, it would be massive and weigh too much, be way too expensive, and you wouldn't get that kind of battery life.
I know it sounds great to have an all-in-one like that, but it's really not at all feasible.

Beautiful phone. This will be my next. With this I'll be able to hold out a bit longer until a really good 8in tablet comes out.

So, the Xperia Z1 is shorter than the L1520, sports a 5inch screen with bezels because of the 20.7mp camera and all the technology behind it. No hump. Nokia has a bigger phone with, reportedly, a "inferior" camera and still has the hump. I would honestly prefer that Nokia had lost an inch in screen to lose that hump.

That's why I wrote "inferior" with quotation marks. Cause it's an affirmation based only on the numbers.

Because the 1520 will have OIS, which the Z1 doesn't.That's why the Z1 is so slim on the camera area.Make a 20mpx sensor, ad image-stablization (OIS), put all the 6 lenses, and there you go => hump

Is this to have 6 lenses?
And again...if we reduce the screen size to 5 inches, I think you could fit the camera technology on a dedicated space. The only thing that would have to change was the place of the camera, from the spot where we place our fingers to the top of the phone like in almost every other smartphone.
I'm still not convinced that the hump is really necessary. They just didn't want to explore other design alternatives I think. Which is a pitty.

There you go again being all fastidious. It stands to reason that Nokia, now having developed the 925 and 1020, will be including at least 6 lenses in the 1520. Camera technology has been the selling point for Lumia devices, so I highly doubt Nokia would be cutting corners on that feature in a flagship device. But if you have such brilliant ideas squeezing all the technology found in the 925 with more than twice the megapixels into the 1520 without the "hump," I'm sure Nokia would love to hear about it.

DJCBS, are you a mechanical engineer? I am not but I work with 'em and it's amazing to watch how they are able to pack 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag. Also, they don't get to pick the size of the enclosure. They are told what size they have to work with and they somehow make it fit. The 1020 is a real technological feat.

EXCLUSIVITY to ATT would kill this. Att is the "hero" partner for the 920 here in the U.S. yet they are last to update to Amber and gdr2. Still waiting to this day.Ridiculous. If I didn't have unlimited data grandfathered in, I'd leave. But alas...

Really? Can't believe you guys are still waiting, pretty sure the portico update was quick but this is ridiculous. AT&T was first to market and now that 920 has been replaced by 925 in their lineup does this mean no support and no updates? I would be very pissed off if i was with those at&t skunks

Avg consumer doesn't know what GDR2 is or that it's coming. Lack of updates definitely won't kill it.

Damn annoying for those of us that do know and care though.

Yup, and when I tweet @attcustomercare about the issue they just give me BS about OS updates being complex and taking time. I told them I'd vote with my dollar when my contract is up if my 920 stops getting updates.

Being a former BB customer on At&t I can attest to infuriatingly slow updates and eventually updating to a non-approved version from the myriad of BB hackers. Does At&t keep a staff of one person who is responsible for testing updates and who, coincidentally, spends most of his time wringing his hands and worrying whether or not it's "safe" to release yet? This is NOT Sparta, this IS madness.

Actually, the 920 got GDR1 first, so how are we complaining about GDR2 being late❔Whose to say that GDR3 won't come first next time around❔...... Just wait patiently.

Amazing and thin. But it lacks two major features for a phablet: stylus support and Two apps running side-by-side

It may support a stylus. The article only says in won't be included. Doesn't mean it's not supported ;D

Although what you said is correct it seems strange that they would sell a phablet, with handwriting capabilities, without a stilo. Increase the price by €15 and add it......

Yeah it's weird. But I guess not everyone wants a stylus so they probably prefer to cut the phone's price and not include it than to make those people pay more for something they don't want.

Maybe it doesn't need a stylus, it could be like the Sony Xperia Z ultra, it doesn't come with a stylus yet it recognizes Styluses, Pens & Pencils ...
I agree with you on the split screen thing though , but I won't get my hopes up , the only phone that have it is the Note 1/2/3 & its only limited to the TouchWiz & Google apps .

Yes, it is. But Microsoft should take care of that soon! We can't afford to keep missing features that competitors have! Not that you can miss just one or two... You can miss none!!! We are playing a catch-up game, don't forget about it!

With Micro SD expansion!!!!! Say what? PureView 20MP and its thin! Nokia. You make phone version of this and you have my money.

This! Right now the only thing that I doesn't like about this phablet is the screen size. If they can keep all the high specs into the size of Lumia 920 then it may be my next device.

Don't worry you are not alone, in UK, EE is also doing the same thing with us. We are still waiting for GDR2 for a phone which was exclusively released on EE. The biggest mistake of Nokia in UK market.

+1000. Fellow EE user and I couldn't agree more. Hopefully now that others have rolled out 4G, EE will never get another exclusive. Also, apparently we may not get DataSense which would really ****me off....

Same here. My mum's unlocked Lumia 620 has just received the update. I have its much bigger brother and still don't have it. I think my 920 is crying from embarrassment.
EE are shit. Won't make that mistake again.

Did anyone notice that the back, home and search keys aren't visible on the device or is it the angle of the pic? Or is this normal for a prototype...