Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 rumored to launch September 26

When the Nokia Lumia 1520 launches it will be the largest Windows Phone device ever. It will be so big that it will sit comfortable in the category of smartphones known as “phablets”. Devices that are much larger than your average smartphone, but smaller than a mini tablet. It will go head to head with the very successful Samsung Galaxy Note devices running Android. These are brave new waters for the Windows Phone platform. And it looks like you might only 15 days away from holding it in your hands.

It’s hard to challenge the accuracy of leaks from @evleaks on Twitter. So when he says the Nokia Lumia 1520 launches on the 26th of September we tend to believe him. Curiously, that’s the same day that Nokia has an event planned for New York City.

What’s the Lumia 1520 all about? The device will have a 6-inch display with a 1080p display. It will be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm. Additionally it will have 32GB of storage with an SD slot for microSD cards. Pictures will come from a 20MP sensor that captures 5MP and 16MP images simultaneously. This will all have GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer as the OS powering it. Be sure to check out some of the leaked screenshots of Bittersweet shimmer. 

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Nokia Lumia 1520 rumored to launch September 26



That is fantastic news because if the 1520 is coming out this month, it means that the GDR3 update can't be that far behind for the rest of us. And yes, I am aware that I won't be able to take advantage of the major features that the update will bring (1080p, quad-core, etc.) but I will in my next Lumia. 

If it is going to compete with the Note, then it's gonna need to have a pressure sensitive stylus.  Otherwise, wtf it'll just be a big 920 that doesn't fit in your pocket.

Same date the 1020 is released in Thailand trying to decide if i cancel my 1020 and wait a few more months for the 1520 or just get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is released around the world at the same time.

Man, sucks I have to wait another year to upgrade. Seriously love 32 GB with microSD, wish my 920 had that (and GDR2, haha). Good on them to finally give people the extra storage. The device might be bigger than I'd like (my 920 fits perfectly in the side pocket of my jeans), but the thought of adding microSD to the device is awesome.

Looking forward to the announcement! Really tempting, but I can't imagine carrying around a 6" phone on a daily basis. I think I'd rather have a 7"-8" Nokia or Surface tablet. Hopefully one is in the works. I wonder if Nokia will announce the rumored tablet on the same day. That's supposed to be a larger tablet, isn't it?

To tablet or to phablet, that is the question.
If the OS was the same in both (hint, MS, hint), then a phablet would be the long as you could Bluetooth a keyboard to it.

Now that this phone has a great specs. Im hoping that game developers will develop high intense games. Lets face it, the lumia 920 so good but when it comes in gaming its mediocre.

So... With this launching by the end of September, going by what happened with the 1020, I'm expecting GDR3 to start slowly coming out by the end of October and hopefully on my 822 by mid-November.

Mid November? Don't get your hopes up because 925 came with GDR2 in June I believe, and you got your update this month.

Yeah, exactly. I haven't got mine either. It will be weird to see some Lumia devices running GDR3 while we are still stuck on GDR1. These are minor updates, these shouldn't take 4 months to roll out.

So soon?! I think it will be announced on September 26, but launched a week or so later.
If this is the case, I really need to get a job so I can buy this lol.

My 920 is currently in for repairs. I wonder if someone can make(wishful thinking here) a glaring mistake and send me the 1520. I do love my 920 but really, I wouldn't say no to this beast. Its the first phablet I actually like.

Looks great, but would only consider buying if it's available on T-Mobile, the Spotify app on WP gets updated, and if it doesn't cost too damn much(>$650).

My thoughts are with you... hard to lose auch a great friend.... and YAY!!!! Birthday coming soon :)

I will definitely get one as soon as it hits the shelves... I am just not so confident about having it in my hands in 16 days.... the 920 launch memories are still painful....

It seems nice, but I'm very happy with my 925. I'm looking forward to seeing what gdr3 will bring me!

Needs to be made in a 4.5" screen option, 1080p, snapdragon 800, 32gb + SD, 2g ram and the 41mp camera.... Eos mk2.... Maybe full alloy body. This would be better than a huge phone

I don't think this device is for me. After seeing the Samsung Mega today 6.3 inch, the 1520 is going to be a huge phone. This is definitely not going in the pocket.

After looking at the pics it seems the 1520 has a longer screen allowing a slimmer profile. got to wait and see.

So in my Opinion there going to lunch the phone the 26th of September and announce it the same day. Because theres a difference.

"Launch" when is it going to be available...And is TMobile USA gonna get screwed like normal? I want this phone, and will probably end up switching to ATT if Tmobile isn't getting it at launch.

I dont think Nokia will release a device with a 6"screen. I bet the whole phone will be a 6" and the screen will be 5.2-5.5". Will see :)

Hope Nokia will release the 1520 asap in the Netherlands! In the mean time I will keep on rocking with my 920! :-D

It's too big for me, 4.5 is pretty big too. But looks cool for those that want an actual sized banana in their pocket. ;-)