Dell brings back the Venue, but not how you think

Dell Venue

Nearly three years ago when Windows Phone 7 launched one handset stood out amongst them all. The Dell Venue Pro was a device with a keyboard slider, but in portrait orientation. It was truly unique and one of the most interesting Windows Phone devices of all time. Unfortunately, its greatness was marred by buggy Wi-Fi and other issues. Now Dell is reviving the Venue brand, but not how you think.

Over at IDF in San Francisco, Dell took the wraps of their upcoming Windows 8.1 tablet. It also happens to be a mini tablet, measuring 8.1-inches. You’ll also find a 1080p display on the Venue, which is powered by Intel’s brand new Bay Trail processor. Which should provide a significant boost in both power and battery life. You have an HDMI out port for video, a microSD card slot to expand storage, docking port, and microUSB (to charge). Check out images at the source link below.

Dell plans to unveil more details on the tablet on October 2nd and presumably will be available a few short weeks later for the launch of Windows 8.1.

Anybody interested in an 8.1-inch tablet running Windows 8.1? Which tablets are currently in the running as your next?

Source: The Verge

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Dell brings back the Venue, but not how you think


I saw that. U can't wait till the bloggers start to compare each Windows 8.1 Tablet. I need the cheapest one that runs the best.

Size? Checked. OS? Checked. Processor? Checked. Cellular connection? Haven't done any research yet on this tablet. But hell if this one doesn't have, im going to silently cry in the darkest corner of my room. Please somebody release the 4G enabled 8 inches windows 8.1 tablet, with nice screen. (no need for full hd retina like screen) with good to awesome battery life. Why this cant happen?

Are there any Modern UI apps for torrenting yet? That's really 1 thing that's holding me back, I love Transdroid on my Nexus 7 for downloading stuff to my laptop's media server. I bought into the Luma Kickstarter and am thinking around April when it comes out it might be a good time to jump into a Windows 8 tablet since I'll have huge amounts of cloud storage for everything. I know you can still get uTorrent or something but a Modern UI app would make it better.

Btw, how did 1080p screen running the desktop? Is it full resolution or a scaled one? I have 11" netbook that utilize 768p and the text already looks small enough to force me full focused on the screen while coding using default settings. 1080p over 8" will makes me need a magnifier unless they offer scaled resolution on the desktop part.

My Surface Pro runs well. Text isn't too small because Windows has always let you select scaling. So you just select something bigger. Boom! Problem solved.

Nokia has some in the pipeline. :-) I currently have a Surface RT, but was thinking an 8" x86 tablet would be a good complement to it, actually. We'll see what the 8" RT is like, though, before I commit.

The advantage of RT over BayTrail? Well, since it basically limited in app installation, you wouldn't find any malwares that might be installed by your kids or even your other tech-illiterate family members for example. The 2nd advantage is connectivity. BayTrail needs aditional chip to provide HSPA or even LTE and this adds additional power consumption which usually bigger compared to one that already integrated on the SoC like Snapdragon 800.
So all has advantages and disadvantages on their part.

This is a nice device. Portable enough and powerful. good combo.

By the way... Change the "now" on the title to "not".

Huh? ;)

And I totally agree, on paper is seems like a nice device. Can't wait to see which one we all end up liking the most. 

Yeah. If T-Mobile doesn't get the 1520 this may very well be a good contender to complement my L925... We shall see, seems like there are many devices being announced/uncovered as of late and that just makes me happy... Now if I could just get my wife to get me all I want for Christmas... jejeje

At some point you have to wonder if you guys are putting these typos in there on purpose to mess with these cats.

Keep up the good writing, if I can understand it, im cool with it. You guys are my main source of Microsoft knowledge.

And you're the inspiration for all the writing, but not the inspiration for any errors. Just blame Paul :p

You're wrong. This is actually exactly what I thought when it said they were bringing the Venue back.

The Dell Venue Pro was a WP7 handset. I had one and loved it. The Dell Venue was an Android handset. So Dell has reappropriated an Android brand for us. I'm fine with that. :-)

The venue pro was my first choice in wp7 but it wasn't available at the local att so I got a focus instead back in 2011 and I'm still rocking it.

I wanted the DVP so bad when it came out. I would love to see what Nokia could do with a vertical slider.

It might be an easier transition for those Blackberry holdouts.

Next tablet in the running?  A Haswell powered Helix.  I can only hope.  8 inches is a bit too small for a real productivity device IMO, it turns mainly into a play toy.  My phone is my play toy, I need something to do real work on.  

Then get a surface.  My phone is a work device, my surface is a work device.  Would really like a 7 or 8 in tablet for a play toy. 

I do love the design and build quality of the surface, but the Helix design is really calling my name.  I actually spend a lot of time working with my laptop on my lap!  The surface tablets' weakness is that they don't work well on the lap with the keyboard.  For many this isn't an issue, but for me, it just doesn't work.  
While I do like the idea of an 8" windows tablet, I like the idea of a 11" tablet more because the bigger tablet can still do all the fun stuff!  Then I don't need a smaller play toy.  Less devices is better imo!  =)

8" can work for some things, such as reviewing a spreadsheet and making only minor alterations (like adding quantities to an ordering spreadsheet). Also, keep in mind that you could output this over HDMI to a TV set for portable productivity.

"Which tablets are currently in the running as your next?"
Now this (Venue) or Surface (both RT and Pro) or Sirius (what may be used as improvements to Surface RT).

Dell was smart enough to put a 1080p display in this rather than a 1280x800. Hopefully, battery life won't suffer from the screen.

Some sites report The Dell Venue Windows 8.1 to have 1280x800 screen so the 1080p in the article needs to be rechecked.

Temping ... Really Tempting!
If the price is right, adios Xoom , its been fun, I'll miss the Aluminum back .

Now, I'll just add this to my list of candidates , which includes the Surface RT (expensive here though) & Asus Vivotab .

Hmm, it doesn't look like full HD in the video. i'm not completely sure but i have the acer w3 and it looks about the same resolution in desktop. Hope l'm wrong!
Thanks for the video link!

Im still using my dvp. I really need someone to make a portrait slider. Hopefully dell will revive dvp for windows phone 8.

Well, looks like this May overtake the Nokia 1520 if they will support it and bring developers on board

After being f'ed royally with the Venue Pro, there is absolutely nothing they could do to get me to purchase it. Over a year to fix the phone from crashing 20 times a day (and that's not an exaggeration).

I agree here.  I did love my DVP and I still actually have it (Its basically my tableside alarm clock now), but I'll be damned if I ever pick up any mobile Dell device again ,and I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have any hardware issues.   
What bugs me is how soon Dell crapped out on support for the DVP.  You want an update?  Dell says ask MS.  MS says ask you carrier.  You ask you carrier, they say go ask Dell.  What a bunch of turds.  Never again will I buy a device that isn't officially supported by my carrier.
Granted... that may not apply to a Windows 8 tablet... but I'm not taking chances with Dell support.

I have to say that this is now my top contender. I want an 8 incher (giggity), and neither the W3 nor Toshiba's effort have done it for me. If Dell's unit (giggitygiggity) has good build quality plus a decent screen, I'll pull the trigger.
On paper it sounds like it has what I'm looking for, but we all know how specs that look good on paper can frequently turn out to be rubbish in reality. Fingers crossed. Kinda hoping to have a tablet before a vacation I'm taking at the end of October. Come on, Dell, you can do it!

My only concern it that since it's coming from Dell and has a 1080p screen that this one will be priced over $400.

The 10" Asus Bay Trail tablet is $350 and comes with a keyboard. I think it'll come in around $350 or $400.

"Anybody interested in an 8.1-inch tablet running Windows 8.1? Which tablets are currently in the running as your next?"

No full-sized USB port = no purchase. 
One of the greatest advantages of Windows 8, is compatibility with the full gamut of peripherals dating back to USB 1.1 in many cases.  Shame to give all that up just because the Win 8 device in question has a tablet formfactor.  Microsoft was right to include a full-sized USB port on the Surface (even Surface RT has one), as it gives the tablet a clear useability advantage over every Android tablet and iPad on the market (for anyone who actually cares to look past marketing hype, and at what their tablet is actually capable of accomplishing).  I truly think more OEMs should follow Microsoft's example - and I pray that Microsoft does not backtrack on full USB support with Surface 2.  Matter of fact, on Surface 2, I hope that Microsoft doubles down, and include a full-sized USB 3 port.  
Perhaps Dell will include a full-sized USB port on the Venue docking station, but I still would prefer to have one embedded directly into the tablet.  I (and many others) may not feel like purchase the docking station (which are usually overpriced anyway).  I can just as easily "dock" my tablet using my own keyboard, printer, mouse, and external storage.   Taking away my option to do that by not supporting a full-sized USB port, is only going to push me more toward purchasing a Surface, than purchasing a competing tablet.  Don't get me wrong, that does not mean that I think full-sized USB ports on the docking station is a bad idea - I think it is a primo idea, in fact.  Just that I like to have at least one included on the tablet itself.

I think it would be pretty cool if some of these smaller tablets had a USB port in order to use the Xbox controller.

psh! bring back the Dell Venue Pro! Give me a GDR3 WP8 sliider with that portrait keyboard! I miss that phone...
Gone, but not forgotten.

That was my first Windows Phone device. Loved everything about it, even if Wi-Fi was wonky. Sadly.. dropped it on a patch of ice while in Park City, Utah when I was about to shred the slopes! Gnarly day.

Im still rocking my dvp. Im on my 2nd device, thanks to eBay. But they're slowly disappearing on eBay.. I fucking love this baby and its portrait keyboard slider.

I am a Dell Venue Pro user. Although I am still using the phone, one advice you all: STAY AWAY FROM DELLLLLLLL!

6 times I sent back while I was using it due to slider mechanism issues... Lovely device, horrible construction. Not to mention dusts getting inside the screen.

Now that those who were fighting Michael Dell's Microsoft backed bid for Dell have given up, perhaps Dell will again be convinced to become a Windows Phone OEM?

This sound like the tablet I've been looking for. The W700 wasn't powerful enough and the surface was too big. This tablet sounds perfect.

You do understand that the Core series chip in the W700 is significantly more powerful than the Bay Trail chip this uses, right?

so far its the best 8inch windows8.1 tablet let see what microsoft and the rest of OEMs will offer 

Has Bing been going in and out lately? I hit the Search key on my WP and nothing comes up. Anyway, no I won't be getting this or any other tablet. WP + laptop is all I need.

I'm looking forward to a 6" phone, not sure I will need a tab to go with it. I may just replace my laptop with a surface pro 2 or something like it.

If only I didn't hate Dell and Microsoft hadn't just acquired Nokia devices... this would definitely be of interest. As is, my Surface RT will serve me until some sweet Nokia tablet arrives.

I don't understand the hate either. I've had several PCs from them and their support was great. At times, they follow up more than once to check my issue was closed.

lol, list problems with their last WinPhone, add the Dell quality history... Then read all the fools going on about all the " stuff " this one has. So many scrubs. There are so many other brands I would consider over Dell. Dell is trash.

Surely the only unique thing about the portrait mode sliding keyboard was that it was on a windows phone device? Seeing as plenty of other phone have them... Even some windows mobile devices, like the XDA

I've never had serious issues with Dell, either as a consumer or as an enterprise customer (in fact, their business support is second to none). I think the biggest issue with the Venue Pro is that it was about six months late, by which time everyone had run out of patience. I've only ever seen one out in the wild and it is a stunning-looking device.

Checked out the screenshots. This thing got bezel! I know you need a bezel to hold a tablet properly, but this is ridiculous. I'm not a thick-bezel-kinda-dude...

It was unique? Not really. Palm/HP had already been popular with portrait keyboard sliders before the Venue Pro launched. The Venue Pro was awesome, agreed, but not unique.

I'm on the lookout for a good but not too pricey windows 8.1 tablet (pro)... Right now the ones that are available are too high priced (in Pakistan)... Looking forward to what the newly unveiled tablets will bring to the table!

I'm done with Dell. Bad experience with their service when having problems with a laptop. They don't get that there is a lot of choice out there.

Really interested in this. Loved my Dell Venue Pro form factor - hated the bugs though. This may replace my surface pro

Based on the above comments, seems like to me I should consider selling my Dell VP on eBay now.  Before when I looked it up, no one was buying.  Hmm...