Size does matter – InFocus launches a 70 inch Windows 8 PC to prove it


How are you enjoying your adorable little 10 inch Windows 8 tablet? Or maybe you decided to pick up an even smaller 8 inch device. Well, the folks at InFocus, have their eyes on a bigger playing field with their latest 70 inch "BigTouch" touchscreen PC running Windows 8.

The company’s ginormous multi-touch PC supports up to five fingers at once and sports a resolution of 1920x1080. Powering the backend of the device is an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a 128 GB SSD. The specs do seem a bit underwhelming when looking at the massive size of the unit, but this bad boy wasn’t destined to play Crysis.

InFocus’ 70 inch tablet PC has been designed for "large scale meetings, conferences, meeting spaces and big classrooms." The large display is simply to help get those ever important PowerPoints across to your fellow co-workers, and for that, a Core i5 CPU and 4 GB RAM is plenty.

So, run out now and grab one! Did we forget to mention they cost $8,999 each – Whoops.

Source: InFocus, via: Neowin


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Size does matter – InFocus launches a 70 inch Windows 8 PC to prove it


Don't think so. There is no point in touching the tiles or anything else if it is just about PowerPoint. The screen looks bad up close, and you have to get close to use any touch features.
This is nice as something novel but that's it. It is perhaps way more expensive than a projector, and doesn't really add any real use to any experience.

Yeah the touch abilities would be awesome for teaching / presenting.
My school had a projector based touch board and your shadow covered whatever you tried to draw/touch. Was dumb. Also insanely inaccurate.

Yeah, right.  I'll take your word for it.  When I already know this would be an awesome addition to our work space. 

I think you're missing the point...
It's a huge friggin' white board... that's run by an i5. If money isn't an issue then what's not to love?

What for?? People are too obsessed with resolutions. 1080p is plenty for a device that's essentially intended as a high-tech whiteboard. No one's going to be playing Halo 9001 on it.

70 inch shouldn't be called a tablet pc, it's a TABLE pc. lol
And why 5 fingers only...10 finger touch screen would be more appropriate if it's for meetings and conferences..

I'm with you that 5 is too few. It's large enough you could easily have 3 people using one hand each or even two people using both hands at the same time. Now, if you go the table route, this is plenty large enough for probably six or more adults to be using both hands. Then we are talking about 60 fingers! I'm not quite sure what the application(s) would be, but in terms of dimensions, I am totally on board that 5 is totally depressing.

As amazing as this is, it would be a lot cheaper just to by a mini-case Pc(or build one yourself) for your current TV. Granted I'd also much rather have a coffetable touch pc than a tv :D

Do they want the entire app store loaded and displayed on the Start Screen?
But seriously, that screen will be huge, and how many of you think 1080 is gonna cut it? 4k man!

I find it interesting how on small devices (tablets, phones, etc.) people are crying for higher than 1080 resolutions, but most people are happy with 720p or 1080p on their larger devices (Television, etc.).

Only five point multi-touch? Seems like the bigger the display, the more fingers you would want to let touch it - and boy did that sound dirty.

One in each classroom please. Please provide 10 keyboard / mice so kids can go over their presentations and directions via immediate feedback from other students. Also, Let's no forget the Kinect 2 for conference calling either. I'd love to see friendly competitions between classrooms all over the world. Thanks,

Why not connect your MS Surface to a TV instead so you are not standing in front of the screen during the meeting?

I've spent many hours using the predecessor to this product, the 55" MondoPad.  The MondoPad works poorly as a touchscreen.  It uses an edge-based light detection system rather than a capacitive or resisitve touchscreen, so it tends to have a difficult time with even single point touch.  Gestures are so-so.  You have to touch the screen just right, with nothing else close to the surface (but not touching it).  It's not at all like a phone or tablet touchscreen.  The specs for this new thing say "quad camera" touchscreen - I kind of doubt it's much better, but it would be interesting to find out.

Only 1080p screen? That's fine if this were a TV, but with it being designed to be used up close and personal, won't it be a pixelated mess?
I understand this is targeting the bussines and education market, but nonethless, when they;re already asking so much for it, would it honestly be too much to just throw in a 4k screen? Sure it'd cost a few hundred buck more, but when prices get this high, a few hundred dollars is mere child's play.

You have to be able to see the text and images... That is the only problem with super high resolutions and TVs, for presentations, anyway.

True. That's the annoying thing about these new ultra high def screens, they make everything too small to see. Couldn't Microsoft bake in the same option that Mac OSX 10.x has, where you can use all of your screen's resolution (on Retina displays), yet have it display as half as big?

That way, on a device like this, you'd get the text and image clarity of 4k, yet it would still display like a 1080p device.

Great idea, pretty expensive still. I see large screen TV + PC combination in countless boardrooms and class rooms. A simple single all in one could make things a lot easier especially for the less technically inclined or understaffed.

One word.... Miracast. (in Win 8.1)
It will keep your shoulder milage down. And with one note, all could be on the "same page".. :)

This thing make very much sense to do presentation in the conference room. Think about it, a professional people do conference usually hold a long stick or a laser tracker to demonstrate. So this big screen help if u hold the touch long stick to demonstrate. Also being able to mirror with RT or PRO to present your project, etc.

Now if Microsoft did not kill off windows media center and enhanced it, this would be pretty epic....id even think about buying one, if the price was right