Nokia Lumia Windows Phones makes yet another cameo on the big screen

Nokia Lumia Grudge Match Cameo

We have seen the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone make cameo appearances in movies, television shows and music videos. The latest cameo is in the movie trailer for the upcoming Warner Brothers title Grudge Match with, what appears to be, the Lumia 920 finding it's way into the lime light.

The movies feature Robert De Niro and Sly Stallone playing retired boxing rivals who come out of retirement for... well...a grudge match.

Along the 45 second mark of the trailer you see the Lumia Windows Phone make an appearance in two scenes of the trailer. The first appearance has the Lumia shooting video of DeNiro and Stallone scrapping it up and the next has everyone checking out the video online from the Lumia.

The movie looks interesting but it's nice to see that the Lumia is still finding it's way on the big screen.

Source: YouTube, Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Nokia Lumia Windows Phones makes yet another cameo on the big screen


With every phone going multicolored, it will be hard to distinguish the beauty of the Lumia against they want to be rainbow phone Aka iPhone and Android. Regardless, a Lumia will always be a Lumia.

No it won't. The Lumias are distinctive in their shape and form.
And we are believing that phones have never been colored before. Colors and cute designs are a dime a dozen in Japan. The fact that the Toshiba 7.8 phone never made it anywhere is partly because it was w\swimming in a sea of colorful, big, gimmicky phones. Disney, 3D, ect. ect.
But the difference is they are plasctic. There is a difference bewtween the cheesy, color painted handsets and a Lumia with the color-injected, solid-feel polycarbonate.

The problem for Nokia now is that while everyone used to think "Oh, what is that colorful phone", now they'll just think "Oh,  that's the new iPhone".

The good thing with most Lumias, the 900 & 920 is that their usually photographed or seen from the back. Even though people will assume it to be a iPhone, hopefully the strip on the back will make them second guess themselves and figure out this something different no apple logo, hopefully.

Not entirely. Most iPhones are wrapped in gaudy cases. Have to be. They are zebra-striped, One Piece, bulky wonders. When I do see an unadorned iPhone, it is usually chipped, with a peeling screen protector and scratched up body. For iPhones, cover it or die. I even had a case on my 3GS.

Thin might be great, but my guess is that beside the desire to keep the unit fresh, it is getting too thin to handle comfortably.

Revenge,ncis,chennai express,superman...i have seen lumias on all these shows & movies...now i am also seeing people wid more windows phones...wow!

There is no point in watching the movie after seeing that trailer. You already know the movie from begining to end.

I'm pretty sure there's a Lumia in the new NBC show We Are Family. Not sure how long that show is sticking around after it's premiere, but it's still nice exposure. I've still only really seen one person with a Nokia in person (I live in iPhone country over here - everyone has an iPhone, iPad & MacBook or Air).

is this the iPhone 5c? trololol
Im sure thats what the people will think when they see a phone with a color on a movie or tv serie. anyway, most people wont even pay attention to the device, and the "subconscious stuff" its a made up thing. so yeah, most of the time this kind of thing will be a waste of money, but i guess people also buy the phone when they see it on tv or a movie, but since now phones are going with color here and color there, it will be hard to distinguish them

That's Han Soto holding the phone! Great guy, got to meet him a couple years ago at a conference for Vietnamese youth.

Every main soap in the uk uses them, hollyoaks, coronation street, Emmerdale, etc. Epic to see them being used so much.

A Surface RT was given out on Australia's next top model last episode. The episodes before that they showed the models to be with Lumia's receiving text messages. I'm starting to see them a bit - finally.