Taking advantage of affordable Lumia Windows Phones, Microsoft surpasses Apple in India

Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 is an extremely popular smartphone, in fact it's actually the most preferred Windows Phone around. The device has also taken over the Indian Windows Phone market, according to previous reports released by AdDuplex. Today, news has begun circling around that Windows Phone has surpassed the iPhone in India to take second position behind Android.

The most affordable Windows Phone is still cheaper than the iPhone 5C, Apple's recent attempt to boost its efforts in the competitive smartphone market with a cheaper option. The Lumia 520 goes for around Rs. 10,000 (£100 / $160) in India, taking full advantage of the strong brand recognition Nokia has in the region. The Register also notes how Nokia was named winner of India's annual Brand Trust Report in February for the third year in a row.

This brings us back to the whole Microsoft and Nokia purchase. With the deal well in the works, Microsoft will have to get branding just right, should Redmond not wish to avertedly reverse the work Nokia has achieved thus far. Many consumers follow the Nokia brand strongly and how Microsoft will be able to carry that on depends on how the company decides to approach the change.

Source: Microsoft (India); via: The Register; thanks, Laura, for the tip!


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Taking advantage of affordable Lumia Windows Phones, Microsoft surpasses Apple in India


I don't think Apple was going for a "cheap" iPhone. Every year Apple knocks a hundred bucks off of the previous year's flagship. This time they just changed from a aluminium device to a plastic device, eliminating last year's flagship.

It was touted as a "budget model", but is the same price as the 5 when it launched. The 5s adds $100-200 on top. Everyone was anticipating $400-$500. At AU$739 for the 5c it's not a budget model for anyone...

Not by Apple it wasn't, people just expected they would try to compete in that market. But being Apple they are ignoring the race to the bottom. Caused their stock to tank mind you.

Apple doesn't need the low-end market. Just take a look at their Macbook line, they have less than 5% of global markshare and yet they have over half of the total profits of the industry.

Exactly. I think what Apple have done is pretty smart. Instead of knocking the price of the iPhone 5 they released a whole 'new' phone which is basically the 5 in a plastic shell. Most consumers are probably going to think it is just a plastic version of the 5s when in actual fact it's a plastic version of the 5.

So if they weren't going for a cheaper iphone, whats the point of making a plastic iphone? Was it purely to add color? I doubt it because the ipod isn't plastict and it has colors. I don't think Apple mention that by going plastic the new 5C would be more durable that the 5S. If it wasn't saving passed along to potential customers, then it must have stickly been manufacturing cost savings for apple themselves which should let customers truly see the Apple is all about increasing their own profits while not taking their customer into consideration.

the case used on the 5 and 5s was difficult to manufacture. it required special equipment that apple partially paid for in the chinese factories. they already had supply issues. if they needed to manufacture the same case for the 5 nd 5s at the same time, they would have had supply shortages. plastic is much easier to manufacture.

iPhone 4s sells @ 24000₹ here in India. 520 costs ~8500₹. I don't understand why iPhone 4s should cost more than 15000₹!

Why iPhone 4s shouldn't cost more than ₹15000??I bet it is miles better than those Samsung droids between ₹15000 &₹20000.

The most affordable Windows Phone is Lumia 520, costs as low as Rs.10000/- while the 'affordable' iPhone 5C is expected to launch at atleast Rs.35000/- :D
The costliest Windows Phone Lumia 1020 is expected to launch at 40-42000 Rs. within a month should be available under 38000Rs. which means just a bit more than the 'cheapest' iPhone ever! =))

That comparison isn't fair.  iPhone 5C starts with 16GB while the 1020 starts at 32GB.  So if you match sizes, the most expensive Windows Phone is STILL cheaper than the most "affordable" iPhone.

Nokia branding is very important in many countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
As per the deal, Microsoft cannot use NOKIA on smartphones. So Microsoft should to some stpes as below.
1. Nokia should release the next generation of phones: 530, 630, 730, 830 and 930 before the deal close closes in Q1, 2014. Hopefully they are already working on them.
    That way Nokia branding will be on Lumia's for one more year after the deal which will help the transition much easier.
2. Microsoft should use LUMIA name in place of NOKIA on Windows phones. There is should be no Microsoft branding on them.
    It should be surface products. May be they can use small Windows logo at the back.
3. Microsoft should turn all the Nokia franchise stores into Microsoft stores.
    They should sell products like XBOX, Surface along with Nokia featurephones, ASHA's and Lumia's.
4. Microsfot should invest in retail channels more to push Lumia's. This is very very important and Samsung is very good at this.
5. Always get the launch price of phones right. They priced Lumia 520, 620 and 720 very well in India and all of them are very successful. 
    But they priced 800, 710, 610, 920, 820, 925 and 620 much higher than competition. 920 did reasonably but all others are disasters in India.

I'm pretty sure that Microsoft is allowed to brand their Phones as "NOKIA" for several years - Nokia stated this in a recent Q&A which was linked in their Twitter account.

The thing is the Lumia brand is becoming bigger than the Nokia brand. Which is a good thing because they can keep the Lumia branding but drop the Nokia if Microsoft wants.

People don't say oh you got a new Nokia, they say oh nice new Lumia now. Its like the galaxy brand getting bigger than android.

Disagree. Everyone I speak to recognises my phone as a Nokia, they've got no idea what a Lumia is

Wow did you get a time machine, go to the future and 100% confirm that no Nokia name means no phones will sell? 

Lol I have no idea where you live but you certainly don't live in this World. Are you American? Cause that's the only place on earth where I believe that scenario *may* happen. Nowhere else do people refer to the phone as"that Lumia". Everyone calls it "that Nokia". Actually in Europe it's even common to hear "the Nokia 920" and completely cut the "Lumia".

I feel negative about the branding stuff. Windows Phone is döing better outside OF U.S. and still a company like Microsoft will remove the Selling point and destroy them self's in the mobile market (Being Nokia). They will keep being the American centric company and loose the over all battle to the green robot crap. I want to trust Microsoft but they always made sure that is hard. More support for overseas market plz.

Correction: NOKIA surpasses Apple, not Microsoft. If that awful deal goes ahead and MS doesn't change their plans for elimination of the Nokia brand, they can kiss this advantage goodbye.

Oh and it's the iPhone 5C that is the "cheap" one ;P

Sorry guys I forgot to tell you that I bought a Lumia 520 in this month. Welcome microsoft.

Did anyone note future branding note from the register's article? “We will have to see how Microsoft makes the transition to just ‘Microsoft Lumia’. Brand will play a very big part,” said Kaur (IDC analyst)

People, iPhone 5C was never meant to be a cheap iPhone. It was meant to be an alternative take on iPhone, albeit with slower hardware and lower price. But not a cheap one.

Which is good because Lumia 520 can take over the world :-D

Rumors for months have said that Apple was working on a budget iPhone. Apparently it was budget compared to the 5s and not other phones.

Well rumors are rumors. Apple release information never mentions 5C as a budget alternative even to 5S. It's just the rumor hype that caused this thinking.
That sais I don't really care. 5C is a stupidly colored copy of Lumia 620 with stupidly colored OS.

Nice to see Nokia and Windows phone going strong in another country. I do hope Microsoft keep the Lumia name if they drop the Nokia name as Lumia is the know name for Windows Phones and a bigger name than Windows Phone.
For me I would like to see them keep the bright colours and design for the Lumia devices but also start making a Surface phone with a smart look like the Surface tablet and look to push Lumia in Phone and tablets for home users ect and the Surface for Business line.
Should be interesting to see what Microsoft do when the deal goes through with Nokia. Until then im a happy Lumia 925 and Surface RT user.

Imagine iPhone running on Windows OS. Would love to compare with other manufacturers since Samsung, HTC, Nokia all are running Windows. Don't you think it would work perfect with the hardware they have??

People will go for NOKIA instead of Microsoft. So be careful and get the branding right or loose the market.
Don't spoil the work done by Nokia.

Why don't we see how Microsoft goes about this before making ridiculous assumptions. Goodness you and dcjbs are in every article ranting about the same crap.. Its just an eyesore when I'm looking for peoples pros and cons and so far branding is the only possible con I've seen so far. We don't know how Microsoft is planning on handling this transition. Why don't we wait and see first.

At the end of the day, even though I own the 920, I must say, Apple has the better apps, so of course they get the advantage, especially in today's society :'(

Mircosoft should work on getting Nokia barnding for smartphones too. They just can't beat brand value of Nokia in these markets.

Microsoft is screwed,  Their brand name is generally perceived as rubbish almost everywhere I go; and definitely does not hold a candle to Nokia's brand name.  All the hard work Nokia did to get Windows Phone in a position to overtake iPhone globally, and Microsoft is about to throw it all away over a stupid name.  Well, it's been a good run, but leave it to Redmond to fuck a wet fart. 
I still don't get why Microsoft even bothered licensing the Nokia brand name for 10 years, only to never use it.  

MS is desperate to keep WP alive. But then does nothing to make a real OS out of WP... So they buy Nokia. All makes no sense at all...