Super Calendar updated. Brings Live tile customizations like no other

Super Calendar

Some of the out-of-the-box apps on Windows Phone don’t see updates too frequently. Sure, you’ve got Xbox Music picking up some improvements with GDR2. But other than that, most apps don’t see refreshes or updates until the next version of Windows Phone hits. Which is why there are popular calendar apps in the Windows Phone Store. One of our recent favorites, Super Calendar, just picked up an update. Let’s check it out.

We first took a look at Super Calendar a few weeks ago. We liked that it now was full of features and flexibility, something that can’t really be said for the default calendar app. What’s version 1.2 bring to the table? This is what:

  • New live tile styles
  • Live tile settings page
  • Choose live tile background
  • Font sizes for live tiles
  • More live tile customization options
  • Use of standard app bar
  • Bug fixes
  • So much more!

Super Calendar

The app was solid before this latest update, but all the different ways to customize the Live tiles makes it even better. Setting the background from one of your photos is just one little touch to use Super Calendar to make your Windows Phone more personal.

Interested in giving Super Calendar a go? It has a free trial, but then you’ll part with $1.99 to get it for your Windows Phone 8 device. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: Super Calendar


Reader comments

Super Calendar updated. Brings Live tile customizations like no other


I'm with you. The 24h system & use of week numbers is pretty standard across continental Europe.

I got this app about a week or so ago.  This app has REPLACED Chronos.  I didn't think any app could do that.

Wow, took a chance and now I'm impressed. I can choose a background image (Dr Who - Amy). Now my biggest gripe with Chronos was it wouldn't update, at all. Lets see where this goes.

I love this app! I will keep supporting this developer as he's given me two of the apps I use more than all others and he actually responds to questions. :-)

Until these calendar apps can support Facebook appointments as more than "private", I'll have to stick with the native calendar... which works fine for me.

Just like Simple Calendar this missed the point of 1 important thing. Week numbers. Week View 8 is king of the hill and more languages then any of its competitors.
Don't get me wrong, both this and Simple Calendar have the tile I want to actually use, but no week numbers is a no go. I need the glance and go for week numbers since I forget them all the time and use em both for work and private. Can it be so hard to beat Week View? I hope Week View get a lovely tile also. I really miss Simple calender tile. This looks so sweet also.

Unless you are talking about something different there are week numbers in the month view of the calendar. You also have the option to make sure the month view is the first page you see when you open the app and it will still allow you to see current appointments too.

Downloaded free trial a few weeks back & loved the features then decided to buy. Great to see updates coming around quick for this app. Just wish I could edit calendar events in this app. I can only do it in the native ms app.

All this live tile customizing fad is all fine and dandy if you ask me. But what would really be cool was if one of the developers found out a way to properly sync Google's calendars.

I'll check it out. Maybe my next replacement... We shall see.
My history of purchased apps: Live Calendar > Simple Calendar > AppoinTile > Chronos Calendar > Week View 8 > ???
Pending the next replacement... Maybe GDR3 or 8.1 will finally implement a good enough calendar where all these aren't *as* necessary... Wishful thinking... jejeje

Edit: just tried it. It won't let me make changes to my appointments. I know its a problem with WP but Week view 8 worked around it by having your live account log in within the app. It will update your live calendar which then syncs with your phone. I can't let that piece go. I stopped testing there.

Same here, I've tried the whole lot (except the first on your list). Most of these apps are too busy and colourful for me, it just feels like I'm using a different OS.
Whilst the jury is still out on my "final" choice, I keep going back to Iconical Plus. The tile updates properly and I just like the UI better.
Might give this one a try again

I found a way to add a google calendar without showing appointments as private. Add the google account as a Microsoft Exchange account under advanced setup.

Does it work with the Windows To-Do list? If not, I'll stick with the standard Windows calendar. I can't see having two apps doing the jobs that one app does today.

Been using this for a few weeks now. The last update added a lot of new features. Earlier today I actually removed the built in calandar from my home screen and now I only have this one. It's great.

Great looking but no matter what I have done, including the Dev's suggestions, the Tile would never update on its own. Maybe this version will work better :-)

Live tile background image is dimmed too much for my tastes - I know that it's done to increase contrast with the text, but it's killing the vibrancy of the images.

I was going to say the same, so thank you. Awesome updates to an already great app.
If you could get appointments onto the lock screen I could turn off Simple Calendar as well as Chronos.

I'm sticking  with  Chronos.  Only Chronos let's me put  all day appointments (birhdays, holidays...) on the back side of the  tile and my appointments only on the front.

it's not much but i'll stay with the WP8 calender. It does most everything i need. sets appointments, reminders works fine
it sends email notices to my business partners of meetings. it works with both android and ios. and syncs to outlook.com and outlook 2013 and the built in windows 8 calendar. 

This is becoming the Best calender app with awesome features and great support through quick updates. Its a must buy. The only thing missing here is the lockscreen integration.

Ok Ok, you win, I'm replacing the built-in calendar tile by this one. Happy? Can you stop making awesome apps now? Dammit >_<

It's very pretty. Minor complaint - I know I installed it, I don't like that it wastes live tile space telling me the name of the app. I don't want a double wide calendar tile so this made me uninstall. Picky, I know.

Cant use it because some of the fields dont reflow correctly and cut off criticl information. (I think this might possibly be because our company uses Lotus Notes for the mail system, not sure)
For example on most of my meetings (not really appointments), the Notes field cuts off most of the text after the first line. On the Location field, our company inserts physical location info for the meeting (meeting room) as well as conference dial info like participant access codes etc. I cant view these. I also dont quite get the "Image" column. Would be nice to see other attachments here like PDF, Docs, PPTs etc that are often sent out with meeting notices. Maybe it's a WP limitation.
Would be nice to see user Photos of the Attendees with possibly a link to each attendee's LinkedIn account. I think much of that is avail from the phone people hub db.
Maybe even have the app recognize dial-in conference numbers & access pin codes for a quick tap "Join the meeting" option.
 I do like it better than Chronos, but still have to use the built-in cal app for now.

At your company they insert conference-call dial-in details into the location field? I think I would want to take someone out to the car park and explain to them that this is wrong, using a baseball bat to emphasise the point if necessary.

I agree, but it is part of a automated international conference system that ties into Lotus Notes VOIP Meeting Rooms. Creates problems for lots of things.

The ver 1.3 fixed the problems. Great job & thanks for the quick update.
I have now switch from Cronos. Thanks.

The main issue for me is reading comfort. Chromos has got a white background which is easy on the eyes,the holidays and birthdays are separate on look better

If you pin from the app, then that would be a shortcut to that view or page. Pin from app list, and that should show your appointments instead of the icon. If that still show the icon, then that's a bug. Sorry for the confusion.

No good for me. I share google calendar with my love (she has iPhone, so no Outlook for us) and since our calendar is private and will remain so this calendar is of no use.

I only show the front tile, how do i get the app to show both the front and back tiles?  When I am in settings and set a background only the front tile shows the background I picked along with calender information.  The other tiles are blank.