Nokia Sirius Tablet to be called Lumia 2520?

The leaker Twitter account evleaks has posted this morning that the upcoming Sirius Tablet will be dubbed the Lumia 2520.

There has been a lot of debate about what Nokia would call their tablet line, with some thinking a new designation would be used instead of Lumia. It seems an odd choice to merge tablets and smartphones into one product line, but then again Microsoft has hinted and many analysts believe that Microsoft will combine RT and Windows Phone in the future. Perhaps this is the first shot of that planned mixing?

We should also remind everyone that Microsoft will own the Lumia brand, so perhaps this apparent last minute decision was made in conjunction with their future owners.

The numbering is also seemingly arbitrary, starting with ‘2520’ though it seems to parallel the Lumia 1520, which is due to be announced at the same time.

Image via WinSuperSite

The Lumia 2520 is expected to be announced at the October 22nd event by Nokia with a launch on AT&T in early November.

According to the Verge and WinSuperSite, the tablet will feature a 2.15 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM) processor and have a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display. It will weigh in a 1.3 pounds, have LTE and a ZEISS 6.7 MP camera. Priced at $499 the tablet will run Windows 8.1 RT.

If accurate, what do you folks think? Will it confuse or keep people focused on the Lumia brand?


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Nokia Sirius Tablet to be called Lumia 2520?


Don't think people will be confused of branding. They will be confused on why this rt tablet cost 499

MS didn't make this tablet, Nokia did and the priced it how they wanted too......facepalm commenter

Tablet/LTE costs more than the 'wifi only' tablet.  iPad/LTE costs $720 comparing to the 'wifi only' iPad ($499).  Nokia is a phone company, so I don't expect them to sell tablets wihout LTE support.  But MS may have different idea in the future once the acquisition is completed.

Apple was a phone company before they were an ipad company and they ship ipads without LTE. Same with samsung. 
Regardless, it still seems such a bad move. Why not Bay trail with an additional modem for LTE if necessary for $499, running full windowws 8?

You know Apple was a computer company before a phone manufacturer...if you want to get technical...

@Rebecca McGee1, Apple was not a game console company before they were a computer company. They started with the hand built wooden Apple computer, then their first production system was the Apple ][. There were a few other Apple computers based on the same 6502-oriented CPU (Apple ][+, ///, //e, //c, //gs in that order, all 8-bit except the 16-bit GS). The //e was the dominant personal computer in its day. During that time they also released the Mac which started on the 68000 series chips, losing backward compatibility with the Apple 2 series and one of the big opportunities for the IBM PC and MS to take over.
Apple never made a dedicated game console. Do you mean the iPod Touch, which was really just an iPhone without any phone capabilities?

If you get a BayTrail tablet with 2 GB, you may not be able to run some heavy duty CAD or database programs efficiently anyway.  So you are back to 99% as RT.  RT serves well for certain sector of users who do not need to run heavy duty legacy softwares.  It is a good tablets for college students, writers, etc.  Carrying a bright red or yellow tablet around the campus will sure draw eyes.  LTE may be required for some professionals who need to work at everywhere.  But it won't be as popular as the cheaper BayTrial tablets though.

Because despite popular convention, RT is just fine, and RT 8.1 is fucking fantastic.   Like most people, I used to believe that RT was rubbish, too.  Far too many tech blogs are quick to dismiss it.  But recently got to spend some quality time with a coworker's Surface RT, and was completely blown away by how much better it was than my Nexus.  
Fact of the matter is, RT is awesome, and the only reason I can now figure why tech bloggers hate on it so much (and thereby spread RT hate to every corner of the web to all the masses who have never used a RT device themselves) . . . is, well honestly I cannot understand why tech bloggers hate RT so much.  Maybe they feel it is a credible threat to Android, or iOS, or something along those lines is all I can come up with, and they love their own devices to risk saying promoting a truly worthy competitor.  Because having actually spent some time with Surface RT, I can tell you I WILL NOT be going back to Android a third time in a row for a tablet purchase.  
The other reason why RT instead of W8, is despite the fact that back in January, Intel promised full blown Bay Trail-powered W8 tabs for under $200 by this fall, the reality is, that simply is not shaping up to be accurate.  I have not seen Bay Trail anything south of $350, with most Bay Trail devices (with price announced) that I have seen so far, being north of $500 (without LTE).  Assuming LTE adds an additional $150 to the retail price of any device, one can assume a Nokia Lumia Bay Trail device to reasonably be in the $750 price range.
Slightly off topic
Looking at how the Windows tablet situation is panning out this fall, I get the feeling that in so many OEMs abandonning RT, and the low costs of ARM-based hardware that powers RT devices, that Microsoft is set to price itself right out of the tablet marketplace.  When people can walk into a Walmart and pick up a $70 Android tablet, selling them a $500 to $1,000 Windows 8 tablet is simply out of the question.  
RT was supposed to be Microsoft's direct answer to Android and iPad.  Sadly, fewer and fewer OEMs are backing RT.  So instead of getting lower priced Windows tablets in the marketplace to compete directly against lower price Android tablets using the same hardware, we are seeing (so far) exactly what we saw last fall - expensive Windows tablets getting their ass kicked in the market by cheap Android tabs.   Back in January, Intel promised that Bay Trail would fix that problem; or at least put full Win8 devices into an affordable price range of sub-$200.  Sadly, that is not happening.  So the only real hope to get Microsoft into this tablet fight, is Windows RT.   If Nokia could drop the LTE radio out of the Lumia 2520, thereby bringing the device down to around $350, they could undercut the most recent Nexus 10, and Galaxy Note 10.1 (neither of which offer LTE) by $150.  Then they are at least putting a Windows tablet into the mid-range.  Then release a 7" version of the same tablet for around $150, and you can finally tap into the low range.  But with too many Windows tablets hitting the market at the $500 price, or higher, expect Android to dominate tablets this fall.
Even more slightly off topic
Microsoft could really help out their own cause, by making RT license-free.  Then perhaps more OEMs would pick it up and produce low priced Windows tablets with it.  Asit stands right now, with zero low end options, Windows is going to continue getting it's ass kicked by Android - now instead of just phones, on mobile computers as well.

They're seemingly competing in different arenas. The supposed 2520 will be a portable, LTE compatible tablet. The Surface, with its keyboard cover, seems to be more targeted towards productivity.

And I see no reason why Microsoft would mind cannibalizing Surface sales. Both RT models will cost $500, and it will soon be going to Microsoft either way. And then for people who want full Windows, the Surface Pro is always an option. It gives consumers a choice, and since they're at the same price point, why not?

I definitely agree wih you. I remember before windows 8 came out I thought I was going to hate it. All the tech sites only had bad stuff to say. I reluctantly installed a preview of windows 8, and loved it. Before I tried it I believed what the tech sites were saying and almost bought a new laptop running Windows 7. I also agree that Microsoft could increase their tablet market share by lowering the cost of RT devices.

I've seen the black and white post once before. Thought it was when WPC was linked via Daf's Gleek with "Bennett" mode enabled, but I'm not certain of that either.

Include Bay Trail and people will complain about poor battery life compared to the tablet competition. Include an ARM CPU and people will ask why a Windows device can't run Windows software. Include mobile radio technology, that costs a lot to include sue to the required IP licenses, and people will still expect tablett prices regardless, despite not seeing anything wrong paying that much for a smartphone. Fact is, RT will fail as long as nobody, not even the people at WPC, can correctly categorize these devices for what they really are.

I'd take this over the Surface 2. The LTE option is good plus I prefer the snapdragon over the tegra processor.

$500 for RT tablet??? You must be joking.
RT should and MUST be no more than $300. With $500 price tag why bother at all? Waste of time and money. Another missed opportunity by MS and Nokia. Shame!!!

Dude, I use office, all of it on my Surface RT, every day. Never a crash, no lost data, no problems. It's why I bought a Surface and I've been completely happy.

I'm only commenting because I found mike rowesoft's original reply to this comment rather amusing. Now that I've said that, I must also say that I am not 100% thrilled with my surface rt. I feel like rt isn't the problem so much as the power behind it on the surface is. The limitations wouldn't be so bad if its performance were a tad snappier. All in all, I can't complain about my surface. I might have waited til the next gen though, had I known it would have been kinda sluggish.

My biggest issue with my RT is the lack of a full blown Outlook client for it; I don't like the RT email client but the rest of it, with all the 8.1 updates etc., have worked just fine. I actually prefer the email client on my WP8 to the RT mail client.

I tried.
I had a research/journalism internship in the begining of the year and I tried my best to use the RT as my computer but the thing is just too slow. Sure it could do everything I needed, it had a decent browser, has a full suite of Office, and opens PDF... thats all that I needed but here is why my experience sucked:
1. The browser is only usable if you turn off Flash, and even then its ridiculously slow. The performance is acceptable for a tablet but I had to keep at least 5 tabs open at all times (3 emails and 2 internal database), plus about 4-5 tabs of articles. There is no way of denying that the Tegra 3 just doesn't cut it.
2. No PDF support in desktop mode. Sure you could use two monitors (which further slows down the Tegra 3) and keep one of them in full screen mode. This is what I did, but performance sucked. The native PDF program is TERRIBLE and there are no viable 3rd party options in the app store. Want to open 2 PDFs at the same time? Download 2 PDF programs and keep both on full screen... yeah good luck working with that set up. If only there was an app with support for PDF tabs.
3. Storage management is atrocious. Windows RT uses external storage (like SD cards) exactly like a full blown Windows 8 machine. Which is fine for a laptop top with hundreds of GBs of storage but it sucks when you are working with less than 16GBs free on a brand new 32GB tablet. For the life of me I can't understand why Windows RT doesn't manage SD storage like a phone does (when it essentially becomes an integrated part of the system memory).

If Nokia can address two of my concerns, and provide with a better keyboard case than the Surface then I might give windows RT another try. I am very ecosystem agnostic, I use a Macbook Air as my daily driver because its the best Ultrabook out there, and Lumia 1020 because its the best phone in the market. I am seriously considering a tablet and right now its a toss up between a Nexus 7 (awesome price/value), new iPad MIni (iOS has the best tablet apps, its a non context) or a Lumia tablet (because Nokia only makes awesome shit).

I don't know what his job is, but I can do 100% of my work on and RT....I have MS remote apps installed on my RT and don't need any thing else. All you people do in this forum is cry; nothing will ever satisfy any of you. I can wait for one of you to start manufacturing a product

The only crying are those in denial. Surface RT 1 hardware sucks. Ruins the experience and slowly dies. I would buy RT again but not with anything that isn't 4 times faster than Tegra 3.

I don't believe it's hardware. Its software is at fault. And they have not improved it at all so far. It is really silly approach thinking people will happily wait one year for next OS update to fix all the issues and shortcomings. Instead, they will run away and bad image is hard to get rid off. Really silly. :-/

You sound stupid, nothing is wrong with the software. The manufacturers are the problem, want to use the cheapest parts possible, over charge customers for hardware with under powered specs to run the software, then let uninformed individuals like yourself blame Microsoft while at the same time having an Android device in the market as their fall back.

Isn't Galaxy synonymous with phones? Then why do we have a Galaxy Tab? Lumia should be synonymous with mobile, not just phones.

Agreed, should have been called something like the, "Nokia Horizon" if it contained a baytrail processor.

Tablet cameras aren't used that often. That said, the 6.7 camera on my 720 was adequate for most of my shooting needs.

I was at a school event just yesterday and felt like I was in that 1020 ad. All the parents were forced to be in the back of the room while kids were giving speeches in the front. Everyone got out their iPhones and one wanker did have a tablet of some sort. I, however, was prepared and had my Canon palm-sized HD video camera circa 2000 with "lossless zoom" and didn't miss a thing. it would have been sweet to have had the 1020, but it's video zoom sucks by comparison.

Of course, watching the game through a tiny phone screen is bad, you can't see anything. Watching it on the iPad screen is much more comfortable, everything is bigger... :D

I don't think it means that. Tablets really aren't ideal for taking pictures, and therefore it would make little sense to have a high end camera on one.

So their will be a 1120, 1220, 1320, 1420, 1620, 1720, 1820, 1920, 2020, 2120, 2220, 2320, and a 2420 series too? Dang so I guess my Lumia 925 is a low end device! :(

Not if the eventual 1120 is a successor to the L520 ;)

There's only one phone that Nokia can do that will make all others be low end devices instantly: the Nokia Lumia 3310.

But what about the Nokia Lumia 3410?? :O Heard that one will have a 20 inch screen with 8K resolution, billion core @ 585 gHz, 20000 mAh battery, 410 MP camera, and 3200 GB of storage! :D

Hope Nokia/Microsoft will make that legendary tankphone into the smartphone, and I'll surely call it smart-tankphone.

I have Lumia too, so I don't want to mock it, though. lol
But no, I haven't see Infiniti's rebranding.

I don't understand - will be happy if someone explained this to me ,
Nokia's division of cell phone was bought by Microsoft. and so did the Lumia brand name , and from what I thought , MS will stop using Lumia branding , so , how can they use this brands name if MS bought it .

I would assume that things which were in development before the purchase can still go through as planned, otherwise it would be a huge waste of resources - especially if MS can profit from it as well.
Also, I don't believe that we know whether or not MS will stop the Lumia branding. There have been mild hints that they will, but nothing, not even the purchase, is set in stone yet.

They can still use it until the deal actually goes through. Nothing is technically set in stone yet. As far as I understand.

First: Microsoft has bought NOTHING. They proposed to buy. The deal isn't done and depends on the approval of both shareholders and authorities.
Second: Only if the deal goes forward, will Microsoft acquire the "Lumia" brand. Even if everything is approved - again, not a certainty - that will only be finished by middle or late 2014. Until then, Nokia still exists, the Lumia brand is still theirs and they can produce whatever the hell they want ;)

Shareholder just want to make a profit and if they don't approve this deal, they will be like BlackBerry (posting 1b loss and laying people off) as well as the shareholders stocks will have negative value

Once the deal closes MS will own the Lumia brand, just not the Nokia brand as Nokia will still exist just without their hardware/devices branch.

The purchase isn't final. Therefore, Microsoft hasn't bought anything yet and Nokia keeps running business as usual.

Another one won't accept that Nokias cell business was dead until Microsoft put their money behind them

So far, I'm guarded about this. I do like its dimensions and weight but I have not seen 8.1 RT to get anywhere near "amped" about this. Price is good though.

Well, I'm on a mission to make sure every comment gets sub-commented, but if the tablet comes in yellow, I'm sold.

ROTFL. Lots to like though. Looks thinner than thin.
Will this get support from dev's is the question. I know Nokia will do a good job with software but Microsoft seems to hamstring development while building on some hybrid Apple business model.

It will probably confuse people.
But calling it "Lumia" does seem to fall in line with the reports that Microsoft is already - before even knowing if the deal will succeed - bullying Nokia to drop the tablets and Asha phones.
While they, at this point, couldn't drop the tablet they're already producing, this "Lumia" branding does seem to, at some point, acquiesce to Microsoft's bully demands.

Tim Cook said it best....and if Nokia think consumers gonna buy this over-priced-half-baked PC wanna-be they are now irrelevant.

I change my mind. There is no way Nokia will release a RT version of Windows at that price point. They've seen Microsoft eat $900M. I'm calling bull on the story. Nokia will release a Fully Fledged PC or Microsoft have more losses coming their way after this merger is finalized.

The difference would be that Nokia would actually try to sell the tablet. Microsoft barely made that shit available anywhere

This is using high end ARM chips. SO, it's not a pc wannabe. It's a very capable tablet. It weighs less than the ipad. Since it has LTE, it costs $200 less than LTE version of the Ipad. Plus,  Nokia's build quality easily rivals Apple's. I don't know if you tried win RT, but the touch interface works very well and it has the best touch mobile browser. The OS is more capable the than IOS.  It would seem that the only thing that is overpriced is the Ipad.

"The touch interface works very well". That's your selling point? It had better work well considering. My biggest gripe with RT is every version I've seen so far runs much slower than their PRO brethren...web page loads slower, games launch slower, productivity apps open slower....if Nokia can over come THAT then great.

This likely will. One of the biggest problems w Surface RT was that it was extremely underpowered, not necessarily just the OS. It will likely be much more fluid with the spec sheet that Nokia is throwing in.

I need a nokia tablet with full win 8 for my anatomy and physiology programs. This rt stuff is killing me.

Looks good... Agree that the camera should be a bit better and I do hope it comes in a few other colors because I'm not a fan of the red.

The real win for this tablet is the Lumia brandin and its price for a 4G tab. All 8.1 Wrt needs for most consumers just wanting a tablet is touched based Office and it will be set. Ultimately if I were ms I would have Surface products be there stock windows machines for business and power users and Lumia be their consumer line. People don't care about full windows as much as they just want it to work. This Lumia brand will also allow MS to implement OS changes that can vary from stock Windows as well. And if the merge of wp8 and rt is true and works well you get a consumer brand people like cause people actually like WP8.

Pff, I'd buy one of these for $199. Even if its RT. I don't think it will drop that much, that fast though. I assume your comment was a slight exaggeration though.

Well no it cant be called a Lumia. When people think Lumia they think mobile phone. This tablet isn't a mobile phone. Its a tablet. It should have a different name.

Well, if you look at it you will see it is a tablet and not a phone. If there was still a question as to whether you can make a phone call with it or not one could ask the sales guy or read the features list. If this is too hard and confusing for people then the human race is in serious trouble.

The human race is already in serious trouble, they aren't confused on the difference between Mac iOS and Mac OSX, but are apparently dear in headlights when it comes to Window RT and Windows Pro.

If you don't plan to use LTE, L2520 may not be the right tablet for you. BayTrail tablets work just fine. If you do plan to use LTE, $499 is a bargain comparing to iPad/LTE ($720).

Agree, if it could be purchased on its own rather than through a mobile provider I would pass up my Surface RT for one. Would match my red 920 beautifully.

Confusion or not more people will know the name Lumia and it will be easy to you are talking about a windows product. Either the Lumia phone or the Lumia tablet

I think this will be good especially if carriers are going to be selling them. People will recognize the brand and buy it! Win win

What I'm wondering is, since the OEMs that make rt tablets dont make windows phones except Samsung....when WP and rt combine I wonder if anyone will leave

Its got the Qualcomm and LTE...the reason why this would be pricey is RT don't come with LTE support, so lots of expensive work to do it. Although that is just me talking out of m- what? O_O

I would buy one if I didn't already have the Surface, which I use primarily to surf the net and a screen to display my music sheets.

No, you're right...they will have a long life. Now please, explain to me what I didn't understand in your comments...this should be good. =D

Samsung use the Galaxy name on their tabs and are doing just fine in the tablet market. Don't know why everyone is crying over the use of Lumia...

The vast majority of people, namely those who don't read tech sites, don't know the Lumia brand in any event. Thus, naming the tablet Lumia may actually have the benefit of achieving greater market penetration for the Lumia brand generally even if it is used to refer to multiple lines.

It's under the lumia brand for a very good reason. This $499 LTE tablet with keyboard is targeted for carriers and will be subsidized. It will most likely cost 349-399 with a 2 year data plan. It's subsidized competition is...
$499 Galaxy Note 10 LTE... no keyboard
$530 Ipad 4 LTE... no keyboard
Nokia's LTE tablet w/  keybaord will be the best value @ the carriers in the 10'' tablet space.
2520 also leaves room for a 2020 mini tablet between the 1520 and 2520.

Why would anyone think using the "Lumia" name is an odd choice by merging the name of the tablet line with the phone line??? Last time I checked, it was working pretty damn well for Samsung and their Galaxy line. ;)

LTE large tablets...
450 Asus TF300
500 Lumia 2520 w/ keyboard
540 Galaxy Note 10.1
720 Ipad 4
740 Galaxy tab 3 10.1

I know there's parts and labour... I do... I understand how pricing is set... I do... but I have to agree, with what RT currently is? I feel $499 isn't... crazy exactly, but it's not entirely sane. I'd go and say $349, tops. Best would be $299.
If RT's overhaul makes it more "tablet-y" or if they found a way to fully emulate x86, they need to remove the desktop completely.
Then, Smartglass needs to update to be everything a second screen for xbox AND your primary PC (or MAC), as a media dev. 
An extremely well done metro Office.
And great Pen support. 
All that and I'd say $449.
But not before.
Looks thin as heck in that picture though. Could be the angle, but it looks svelt.

Include Bay Trail and people will complain about poor battery life compared to the tablet competition. Include an ARM CPU and people will ask why a Windows device can't run Windows software. Include mobile radio technology, that costs a lot to include due to the required IP licenses, and people will still expect tablet prices, despite not seeing anything wrong paying that much for a smartphone. Fact is, RT will fail as long as nobody, not even the people at WPC, can correctly categorize these devices for what they really are. I suspect MS may have been to late. Google and Apple have already defined expectations of what a tablett is. MS' tablets aren't conforming to that definition and most consumers can't get past that conflict. This tablet is truly an oversized smartphone, including all the radio tech. It deserves to be priced at a high-end smartphone price point. If people will ever understand is a different question.

I just have to say that in todays world, we all just expect to have our cake for free...but in the end things cost money, it is the way of the world. Sometimes, we all just aren't meant to have some things but if we really want them, then its good to persevere, save and then plan to acquire. All it takes is a little patience ;)

I've been waiting for a Nokia W8 tablet forever but id like to see a pro version and a 7inch tablet just more options and hopefully more cyan

The biggest problem with Surface 2 is app support. Foxtel in Australia doesn't support it. Hopefully flash works on it. I want one, but can i watch my sports videos on liverpoolfc.com, does it support x264 and xvid and other codecs? Expensive when compared to Nexus tablets, hopefully price will be lower than last time.

Lumia Tab and Lumia Tab Pro. Problem solved. Whats wrong with these marketing departments.The name should be the easy part. Call me Microsoft, i know what I'm doing.

If Microsoft is smart, they will make the Lumia Tablets the consumer focused line with the colors, Qualcom chips, LTE modems, pureview cameras, keyboard accessories, headphones, wireless charging and whatever else the Nokia team can throw in the box. Basically let nokia team make the consumer tablets as an extenion of the phone line.
Next, focus the surface tablets at the Enterprise and education markets. I'd even add a Surface Convertible into the mix for companies that really want laptops. Of course a Dock would be the first accessory targeted at the enterprise sector.

Want. With LTE please. These renders are awesome. A little too much on the glossy side but awesome nonetheless.

Stop with the damned "Lumia XXXX" numbering scheme. I get confused on which device is which sometimes, and I actually care and pay a certain level of attention. Joe Consumer has no idea which is which.

I think it can go either way. But id say its worth a try. I would have prefered to've seen a different name, but I don't mind Lumia.

Dang!!! Time to save for this :3... Really hope it would have the key cover like surface. But well... TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Gorgeous, beautiful, sleek, sexy.... Not buying it.
Microsoft doomed RT by charging a licensing fee. They should be making the money off the cut of apps sales ala Android and offer RT to manufacturers at no cost to them. We would see alot more success from RT tablets had they all been priced around $100 to $200 cheaper.
Rumors of RT and WP8 merging, however, means things could get interesting this time next year. Asus PadPhone 8, anyone?

10 inches = 25cm = 10-inch tablet = Lumia 2520 (the 20 stands for second gen. of Lumia products, the 0 is for sub-models)
6 inches = 15cm = Lumia 1520

I really think, Nokia should only label stuff with the "Lumia" line if it's a phone. A tablet should be named something else.
With this being said, i would have to see the full featue set but, thinking a Surface Pro with the quick change keyboards are nicer (for day to day usablity)

Here's what imo will be the downfall of this round of RT and Surface devices.
1. Price in comparison to Android and IOS devices (when MS's market share cannot command such $$$).  
They already went through this with the first iteration of Surface products, why rinse/repeat and expect a different outcome when the public, in general, already has a bad taste in their mouth regarding these products.  They didn't buy then, why would they buy now when the APP situation is still the same.  I'm guessing that was one of the major reasons, alongside pricing, that kept 1st Gen Surface from being a hit.  Well that and the confusion between PRO and RT, and RT being released first and confusing people into thinking it would run x86 programs.
2. Lack of Apps (which could be remedied by merging RT and WP Apps)
3. The very negative public image that's already heaped on Win8 and Surface RT

What's in it that I have a new Nokia Lumia with Windows ( Amber ) OS, when I come back often for Nokia N900 Maemo / Linux open system. What does this indicate?

They need to make this Nokia Tablet with Windows 8.1 Pro. If I where Microsoft I would make myself stand out by having the ability over Apple to have all of there PC programs on tablets like the Lumina 2520.
This will give them a big step up in bringing in businesses!