6tag version 1.4 gets previewed with new image rotation feature


With developer Rudy Huyn now working fulltime on Windows Phone app development, we can expect more updates and more apps, right? Version 1.4 of his popular 6tag Instagram client is evidently coming along nicely.

In a video just posted (and seen below), Huyn shows off what looks like a few new features in the upcoming refresh.

Starting in version 1.4, users will be able to rotate images around to line them up perfectly, which is good for you perfectionists out there. That rotation tool is actually found in the official iOS and Android apps, so it’s good to see parity once again between 6tag and the official versions.

The other feature looks to be a dark theme for the new Modern design layout. It’s not clear if that’s an optional change that users can select or a redesign. Either way, it looks good (and yes, it looks a bit like Instance version 2 beta).

So when can you have version 1.4? This week, specifically in the next 3 to 4 days. Of course we’ll tell you when it goes live. For now, you can use version 1.3.1, which is in the Store.

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6tag version 1.4 gets previewed with new image rotation feature


Rudy is the best developer ever! I have paid for all his products to support him. (I also support many other dev's to!!) I hope the dark theme is optional....

of course it is :D
By default it's the light theme (the current one) but you can choose to use the dark theme (using the same colors than twitter app)

Apparently its possible to create a new account with the same instagram username- im still having problems with no hashtag support but want to continue to use 6tag. Can some kind guy or girl pm me with instructions as to how to do this? I don't want to set up a whole new instagram account with a new name..

? can you rename your existing account with your current username though?! I dont want to rename my account.

For me, the hash tag issue was specific to certain hash tags that may trigger spam alerts at IG. Also, it can be an issue if u exceed 30 tags.

This isn't my issue. I'm not one to tag an image with endless tags to encourage views. i simply want to get hashtag support again. how do i create a NEW account with my CURRENT username? believe it is possible i just want to know how- Rudy's answer whilst welcome, was not clear.

After the last two updates, my #hastags are no longer working after pinning to start. I pin something to start, and it just shows my regular Insta account....

On behalf of those of us that use WP7, I apologize for the collective always asking the same question over and over and over whenever your app is mentioned. I will not ask for it because it is known that you deliver, and if it takes time then its worth it since your quality has been proven and oh my god this has gone on for waaaay too long. Anyways, we'll wait.

I actually like the Polaroid layout, and dark themes. Is there a hope of getting the dark theme available on both Modern and Polaroid?

This is great and all....slowly but surely, 6tag is becoming bloatware and incredibly slow. Coupled with the bugs that each new version brings, I don't think Rudy should be focusing on more themes until these common ass bugs are still in the app. 
You can't even refresh your news feed properly after loading the app. 'Likes' caching doesn't work properly either. 6tag isn't locating all the pictures you are mentioned in either. Background agent doesn't work most of the time.
It's frustratingly slow to use as well. I have no idea what has happened since the first release but it's become garbage now. The software he uses to report Bugs/Suggestions is also really bad.

6tag is awesome.. Keep up the good work. Who needs an official app, when we have chaps like yourself working so hard for Windows Phone. MS should give you a cash boost...

Thanks Rudy, I've been waiting for a WP app which could do this for a very, very long time.

RUDY you're so rock'n cool I hope you have fulfilled your mission in making a 3rd party instagram apps which is cooler than the original!! I love you dude!! Hahaha XD