You can now watch the entirety of Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 event online

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

Earlier this morning Microsoft announced the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 at a press event in New York City. It was an invite only event with no live stream, so a lot of us lived vicariously through various live streams and press releases. Microsoft has now put the video of the event online for those not able to attend in person. Check it out below.

The video runs a little north of an hour, so make sure you’re not going anywhere if you plan on watching it. You can check out coverage of the Surface event on the site, but it’s always nice to watch these to see the products in action. Also, you won't be able to watch this on your Windows Phone device since it's streaming in a Flash player, but we'll update once a YouTube link goes live or somebody (wink, wink) rips it to YouTube.

Now the question we’re all asking: Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2

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You can now watch the entirety of Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 event online


I think I am pretty much sold on the Surface 2.  I'd like the Pro, but too much for my budget.  The Surface 2 seems like it will do what I want.

you and me think alike! lol that Music Kit, while we probably wouldnt do much with it... looks cool! I would love to try it today and do whatever with it.

I'm betting that Nokia will introduce a photo centric touch cover. One that will allow you to more easily tweak your "real" photos.

I honestly do not find him boring at all, he is to the point, witty, funny and has a very open way of speaking. He is passionate about his story and IMO it shows. There's a lot of Jobs in the way he talks and while I am no Apple fan I found Jobs to be an excellent speaker.

Display isn't ClearType. ClearType is the method built into OS to support font rendering. It works in only one orientation (depends on device) - I guess horizontal on Surface. Really bad marketing. Apple is years ahead in font rendering....

let me guess... you havent ever held a surface and you are commenting on it? oh yeah.. im sure thats what you are doing.

I held a Surface - both RT and Pro. But that doesn't matter. Go to wikipedia:
1. Read about display technology
2. Read about fonts
3. Read about smoothing methods
4. Read about ClearType
5. Say "I was wrong and thank you for educating me.".

God, I love that man. He is such an inspiration. He really loves what he does!

Congratulations to you and your team!
You have created a great device!
Keep up the good work. :)

They really made some great improvements on both the Surface and Surface Pro but what caught my ear was when he said the new backlit Surface keyboard for the Surface 2 would be backward compatible for the original Surface. That is nice. I may look into getting the new keyboard instead.

Wow, that's a lot of words with p's in them.
I convinced ever more to lean towards the surface 2 after this talk.
I would love to see a touch cover blade with some kind of nfc and wireless charging interface for syncing a lumia phone with the surface pro 2!

I honestly hope the advertising for surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 do these wonderful products some justice because they deserve it. Maybe the surface team should make the advertisements for their own creations, because the so called marketing team currently employed by Microsoft has done a sh*tty job in the past.

Haha "I dont want to trivialize colors, I do not want to put a letter behind it, I just want to show you colors".
Sweet spot!

Very nice but with this pricing the Surface 2 will struggle (again). Microsoft needs to understand that the iPad 5 will be significantlly lighter and it'll probably gain additional 2 hours of battery life (and that's the device it'll be compared too) so it would look better if there was available a 128GB model (for $649), the 128GB model would give the user around 100GB of useable/accesible storage (while the iPad would have 56GB for $699GB).
Now I don't know if the price will finally drop on storage (it should) but if that happens then we will get an iPad 32GB for $500, 64GB for $600, 128GB for $700 and then it's game over for Microsoft (even if they bundle the touch cover or price it at $50). If that flash memory price cut doesn't happen next month Microsoft doesn't have much time to make a splash, also merging the WP and RT app stores will be a boost from which both (one ?) platforms would benefit (hint: do it now, not tomorrow).

I like Panos. He's got this X Factor thing about him. Loved the bit with Mary-Jo and the 3 year roadmap for Surface haha!

Shit, it keeps buffering every couple seconds, time taking to buffer longer the playback time, WTF?!

About 18 months ago I bought an ASUS TF300T and considdered it an "experiment" for Web and Gmail: Could I live with a ten inch 1280x800 screen and rather limited applications; PROVIDED I had a phisycal keyboard? These days I use it about 60% of the time. Which I found a bit shocking. I still use a 17" laptop and 24 desktop - for "WORK" (neither run W8); but I am suprised how much work my plasic experiment now handles.
I watched the surface launch 12 months ago and liked the format. In a way I was already using it. But frankly put off by Windows 8 and considdered RT hopeless for me. Surface 2 or Pro 2 & W8.1 might be good enough for another "Experiment". The ability to use familiar tools (such as Photoshop) will be crucial; so I need to see if the stylus will work with it.
I do not expect to composite 16 layers at 6000x4000 on this, but I need to do some quite serious editing on the surface to justify that. Effective Email, Office and Web are a must - naturally. Now is that a realistic objective?