Google releases AdMob SDK beta for Windows Phone 8

Google AdMob SDK

Google has announced on its advertising developer blog that a beta version of its AdMob SDK for Windows Phone 8 is now available. This addition of AdMob to the array of services already available provides developers — building content for Microsoft's mobile platform — with more choice when it comes to looking at ways to monetise their apps.

Here are some key features of the SDK:

  • Create an AdMob banner view from code
  • Embed an AdMob banner directly in an XAML file
  • Show full-screen interstitial adverts
  • Register for ad events such as succeeding or failing to receive an ad

It's interesting to see the company release the SDK, especially with all the commotion surrounding YouTube and other services. Unfortunately, since we're looking at a beta here, the SDK does not contain some of the features that are already loaded on iOS and Android. These include the following:

  • Ad Network Mediation
  • Support for DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Search Ads for Mobile Apps support
  • MRAID support

So how do you all get involved, developers? Head on over to the download page on Google's website to grab the SDK and check out related guides. It should be noted that to register an ad unit, you'll need to have upgraded to the new AdMob. There's always the developer forum should you have any questions or issues.

Source: Google Ads Dev Blog


Reader comments

Google releases AdMob SDK beta for Windows Phone 8


Seeing that I pay Google a few thousand every month (for advertising)
I see this course of action b.s.

They are prioritizing advertising over search, and they are proving this by offering a robust "Advertising" ecosystem  for Windows Phone with a lacklustre presence with search or any of their other services (youtube, ect).

Like hell I'm going to improve their near monopoly in advertising. They can make their own apps and advertise on em themselves instead

You're kind of an ass hole. People worked really hard to get this to work because they believe in Windows Phone, and this is ultimately a good thing for WP8. If app developers can make money from WP8, then they are more likely to build apps for WP8 and that will drive adoption.

Just because Google hasn't built a YouTube app doesn't mean they are shady, it just means their priorities are aligned on other things. You should really try and read both sides of stories instead of blindly believing and following Microsoft advertising. 

If you read irs full screen advertising taking the money from windows phone and sending it to google. If they wanted this to be a push for windows phone adoption then they would have released apps implementing the API and featuring windows phone in app ads. But they don't because its not their aim to. They are shady.

Ad revenue has been an issue for WP.
With Google's AdMob available, it could very well attract more developers.
This is a good thing.

I agree 100% I have not been happy with Google, but this alone could help WP app development more than anything that's happened yet.  All the APIs in the world don't matter if the guy writing it can't make money.

As soon as I see a google ad, I'm going to buy the app... the dev gets money and google nothing. From the general hatred in the comments, a lot of user would be doing this I think. Winwin for WP.
Seriously, do the already existing ad networks lacking in a big way?


Heh - So Google will make sure their ads work on WP, but will stonewall anything else Google?!  Nice.....

Easy enough to add apps for "monopolistic" services, but if WP grows, they want to be there to keep their ad-platform relevant before MS (or someone else) can claim those users.

Complete hypocrites. WP doesn't have enough users to make their apps worthwhile.

But it seems to have enough for their ad platform.

Google strikes me as a very slimy company.

Oh...we are big enough to try to make money from us...but no to develop apps...Google GO TO F*CK OFF

wow... so why we complain about Google not supporting WP... they have a SEARCH app! wow.....
please... you can put easily google.com tile on homescreen and do the same. people talk about gmail app, and youtube app and google+ app. and crappy google services people use.

This is actually a great thing for developers when you consider Microsoft's ad network has had issues providing enough ads.

It is odd because article is not about Android. Its about Google so a range of WPs open with Youtube mobile site, GTalk logo, Google webpage and devil's face would have sufficed.

Proving once again their main business focus is advertising, tech and everything else is just a vehicle for this. Selling Domination to All...

So has WP reached "critical mass" already to warrant Google's attention? Sundar Pichai should be hiding his head in the ground.

I hope our droid friends can now realise how nothing matters to Google - ethics, privacy, goodwill = nothing for Google. All they want from ANYTHING they provide is Ads, Ads and Ads. This shows no matter how much Google tries to pretend and be intelligent, it will always be that advertising company who sucks on blood of consumers and sells their data. Wont even FU Google.

Let us see this on a positive light: maybe once they make sure their ads work well on WP and notice that they can actually make profits on WP, then they'll release their apps for WP.
Google is in this to make money, just like Microsoft. The moment they notice they can profit on WP, they'll come.

Hey WP developers please do the entire community a favor and don't support AdMob until WP8 gets proper app support.

Yeah, they show up to do their typical thing of throwing ads all over something, but no dice on doing something useful. Screw then.

So, were big enough to be served ads, but not big enough to get some f*ing apps? Dig yourself a hole and die there.

Im with all of you. Screw google. They give us no support but then wanna basically run ads here. Not even gonna bother looking

I will be very disappointed if I start seeing google ads circulate in apps I use. Developers want money though, so nothing I can do about it.

Fuck Google, these assholes can't develop apps due to low marketshare but can block working apps and ready to display their malware Ads all over the place.

So Google, the WP ecosystem isn't big enough to have access to your services but it's big enough to have your crappy ads on it. Do us all a favour Google and go die in a fire!!

I think this is fantastic news. For developers that already use google ads, it will make it easier for them to make money instead of using another company. This is of course great news. I welcome Google to make and support this platform more.

Since I never click on ads anyway, does an app having Google ads that I would still never click on make a developer any more money?

Admob and banners are one reason I dislike free ios apps. As a consumer, I HATE popups, banners, etc. That lower the app's quality, and leave a lasting impression on me. I WILL give a 5star review without ads. If the app is good.


honestly some apps on IOS are terrible because of the copious amount of ads. I'd rather pay for an app up front rather than buying "remove ads for a year" for 2.99. I.E. Angry birds:everything sucks now bec of the insane ads.

You guys must not understand this.... have you ever seen an empty ad in one of your apps? That is because Microsoft has not sold enough ads to fulfill the demand of the applications. That means developers are getting paid a fraction of what they would be making on Google's service because that is where people go to advertise.
Microsoft is making steps to improve this, but until they can keep up with the demands of wp developers then this is a great thing for developers.

+1 .. I hate advertisements just as much as everyone else but pubCenter fill rates are not that good but they ARE better than windows 8 advertisement fill rates those are a JOKE.

I guess that's what's needed in MS's YouTube app in order for google to allow it to work.

Still hugs AdDuplex. ;)
*Remembering the unfiltered ads shown in one of my friends' Android device*

NO, NO ,NO, if your writing in English it's spelt cheque disregard less of where you come from. No wonder America has no government what a joke

'disregard less'?? Don't you mean regardless? and here you are giving other people spelling advice?? :P

This could be a precursor to a new YouTube app for Windows Phone. If this is what it takes to encourage Windows Phone adoption through increased developer support, it is a good thing.

Puck google, muthapuckers don't let MS' YouTube client work but when it comes to advertising they are ahead! Bastards.

Why do people keep say saying this is Google first product for WP? They have one offical app. And this could mean the start of  more if the admob works well. Half the time Microsoft doesnt support their own products on WP (skype), so I hardly think its fair to call Google evil for it.

There is one thing people needs to understand. WP8 still is far from being a good revenue source even for google. Look at the global marketshare of wp8 vs android or ios. We are talking about 3-4% global market share tops.
There are multiple reasons why google doesn't have apps for wp8, but most important one is that it just doesn't have enough users, it's simple as that.
Google is there to benefit from any growth "any platform" might see, it just doesn't care, it supports ios, android and now wp8.
Did it ever occur to you that once an application requests a location data, MS will also use that data as well? What happened to scroogled? If you guys believe that MS is not evil but Google is, think again. Think again all the past stories of MS trying to euthanize startups before, trying to become a monopoly and so on.
How many of your non-software engineer people are using Windows Phone? Answer this and you'll see what i'm saying. 

Have to wonder if this is the first step towards them releasing other Google based apps. Given most of their revenue is advertising driven, surely the advertising SDK is required for all/most of their official apps. Not that I care, the only Google service I use is Youtube and wish there was an alternative.

While it is a ploy for Google advertising...it is nice to see Google at least conceding to developers. Now if we can get some Google services on WP8, life would be good. (G+ comes to mind.)

I am having major trouble putting admob ads into ms visual studio. My apps are made with MS app studio. Some reason errors everywhree when load source code. I will pay someone to help me. My skype is appgameplayweb


I seriousny need to get admob ads into my apps using ms visual studio asap. For some reason errors all over with windows app studio apps.  skype me