More images of the AT&T Lumia 1520 are leaked online

While we wait for the approaching Nokia world event in Abu Dhabi (which we're attending, by the way) more leaks of the Lumia 1520 are surfacing on the Internet. New images have been published on Chinese micro-blogging service, Sina Weibo showing the large Windows Phone in all its glory. We're also provided some more evidence of its size.

As noted previously, the Lumia 1520 will be running GDR3 (required for larger screen resolutions), and one of the images posted is what appears to be a screenshot of the multi-tasking feature. Notice the option to close a running app? We've seen that before. The device will also be available in red.

There's little doubt we'll be seeing the Lumia 1520, especially since the FCC passed the handset. Launching on AT&T in early November, the massive Lumia will feature a Snapdragon 800 processor, 1080P IPS display, 32GB of storage with microSD expansion. It should set the standard for so-called phablet devices, or at the very least, get the foot int the door for Windows Phone.

While you all get excited, check out two more images below:

Lumia 1520 Leak

Lumia 1520 Leak

Source: Weibo; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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More images of the AT&T Lumia 1520 are leaked online


its the huge one lol 

however with the battery issue we really wont know how it will charge and how long it will take until the nokia world premier, hopefully it comes with wireless plates as well.

sadly i wont get one its to big for my hands but its exciting to see 

The Moto Max takes a long time to charge so I would think same for the 1520. WPCentral had another post about ATT getting two one with Qi on board and one without.

That would be a bad idea, in my opinion. That would add legitimate confusion to the device(s). There's no way you're going to have two identical devices, one slightly thicker than the other, and not get confusion from most folks. Considering the talk of confusion (which is certainly ovrerblown) related to Windows 8 vs. Windows RT, it runs the risk of giving Microsoft a label that they are a confusion company that doesn't know what it's doing.

Feel the same. I would not want to carry a big 6" phone in my pocket. I would rather have a 5' instead. With 1080P, 32 GB with expansion card.

5" would've been better to go up against the Galaxy S4. On the other hand I guess 1520 is really going to compete with the Note which someone has pointed out is the same size..

Doesn't the snapdragon 800 have the quick charge chip? Supposed to charge pretty fast. Although I don't think the 920 has that, but I have a 1020 and I'm surprised at how fast that charges.

Hahaha... You can't say anything nowdays without being called racist. By the standard we have today, everyone in the world are racist except for some white people.

It really does.... the 4S beside it is 9.3mm and even with the angle of the phone (because of camera hump) the top looks lower than the 4S...

An X in that position a lot easier to use on a one-hand device... well, if you're right-handed. I think it's temporary though. They'll probably introduce more gestures in 8.1 and then the X can be optional.

Maybe they just don't wanna get into any copyright tussle with the big guns (in smartphone space); well until RT and WP gets merged. God knows what kind of thorns they have laid there for MS.

Copyright tussle? Apple took the swipe to close and card multitasking straight from WebOS, and WP got the cards from there too (I don't know if WebOS got it from anywhere). I don't see the issue here

Microsoft/Nokia don't have the vision to release something on that scale. I believe this 1520 will only have 32gb of storage. And people wonder why WP has second class status.

Errr . . . maybe not Microsoft. Nokia actually has had an FM transmitter on several models . . . and we're talking almost four years ago. The N86 I believe.

Who said anything about storage space? Most people don't use that much space anyway (though it would be nice to have 64gb). Either way, there's a microsd port.

I'm with you on that. Original Lumia 900 owner from day one here. It has been a great phone and seems nearly indesctructable, but I've started to notice some glitchy behaviour so I think it is time to upgrade. 

If only I had the money T,T My lumia 900's screen is broken and I dont even have the money to replace that. Still though, as long as it's usable, I gues I'll just keep it for now.

All of those geniuses sitting at Microsoft that's the best multitasking kill app solution you all can come up with when y'all put your heads together!?

and you think it looks good in Multitasking view? it's acceptable in IE tab because you are presented with all the tabs in one single view but this is multitasking view it looks ugly as hell to be honest.. do microsoft even read the the suggestions on windows phone uservoice??

Those ridges at the bottom appear to be the same as that leak a week ago that was supposedly a smart watch...

I believe T-Mobile uses the same lte band as att (I have lte on my unlocked att 1020, running on T-Mobile). I live in a refarmed area so I have 4g as well. If you're asking about AWS, I'm almost positive it doesn't have it.

Lol❕... You sure you want me to unleash all six inches❔.... Patients my brother, and I will gift you all soon..

Notice the round corners? The previous leaks don't had round corners ... Correct me if i'm wrong but i also think that screen size is much bigger then 6"

Can't wait to have the 1520! Just cracked the screen on my 920 over the weekend and getting a new one today. Horrible timing as the 1520 is so close to being released.

I shattered the screen on my L920 last week as well. :( I think the drop was really hard because ever since, people are having a lot of trouble hearing me while on the phone. They say I sound very muffled...I might have actually damaged the mic in it.

Still no notification center or hub.. Although the live tiles are useful, its still a game of MISSED and CATCH..until that im skipping any phone release.i was excited about this phone until I started using an ios7 the notification center is very useful. Im just saying

That's dumb to skip buying this phone,,, because we all know those features are coming in a future update..........

I can imagine having to hold the phone with one hand while the other reaches for the X to close an app, with a such a big screen that is really difficult to do one handed, they should of had slide down like in windows 8.

lol the app screen in the multitask menu is as large as the whole iphone screen in that one pic.  Amazing.  I need this phone yesterday!

Lol.. Looks like you're the new NIST❕❕... Wherever he is... I hope he's OK.. He usually taunts me on every comment.. Lol❕❕

Meh, Windows Phone 8 doesn't look as nice on such a large screen. It loses it's simplicity which seems to work against it's unique selling point. No wonder Windows 8 tweaked the tile UI to accomendate the larger screens of tablets and PCs. I hope Windows Phone 8.1 is going to improve on this. Create the sweetspot between WP8's and Windows 8's UI.

One of the features I would love to see is restoring the home screen when the phone is reset. Currently only applications are downloaded but the home screen is lost. Also another feature I would die for is ability to rearrange home screen from desktop interface and which gets streamed over when the phone is synced.

While using the glance feature from amber? It turns the screen on a lot. Amoled is nice for that feature because it doesn't have a backlight and can turn on just the few needed pixels.

Not sure if it is the angle but it appears to be thinner than the iPhone 4S (at least I assume that is the gen iPhone in the shot). Which would be awesome because Nokia phones are notoriously thick which drives me crazy.

Once my contract is up with Verizon im jumping ship to AT&T and grabbing the the model after this one. I think im done with little 7in tablets. Going to go with Surface 2/Surface Mini and Windows Phone "Phablet."

Not amoled? Serious? I envy the 820 because of its amoled screen and I was happy to get the 1520 because of it and now I see it won't have it. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh

Looks awesome!!  it makes the iphone look miniscule in comparison.  Definitely loving the size of this phone.

I REALLY hope that there is a surprise device on the 22nd. They can't really expect everyone to either go with a 6-inch device or sign a contract on a 920 or 925 that runs on hardware almost 2 years old, can they?

I hope you guts realized that this isn't the 1520, compare these photos to the ones with the black and white screen with black tiles, looks too much like the corners off my Lumia 928 and hopefully it means this is yet another Verizon phone onto of the 929

Blah, blah, boring. Cant wait to switch from windows phone to an android...so old...fallen out of love with this phone:/

Ok someone give us an article that goes over all the rumors before the big reveal on 10/22. Whowhatwhere. Which carrier is getting what device and what is that device supposed to be. I can't keep it all in my head!

Is it me or is the Back Home and Search capacitive buttons too close together in the 1520?  I thought for a while that it was because it was a prototype, but now it seems it is that way to stay.   
Look closely and they even look closer together than the 920.

OK, so when is the release date on this beautiful phone/tablet?  I love my LUMIA 920, but this one will garner alot of attention...

I still cant understand the needs of phablet or other phones larger than 4.5". Maybe its just me & my little hands.

Does anyone know if this device will come unlocked? Im currently with Tmo and I don't plan on moving over to ATT but would really love to have this phone. Thoughts?