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Microsoft updates YouTube app for Windows Phone, apparently surrenders to Google as web player returns

Windows Phone users have returned to square one with the 'updated' YouTube app today

A few months ago, Microsoft and Google had a brouhaha over YouTube and Windows Phone. Microsoft appeared to play by Google’s rules in making an app for their customers, but Google said it wasn’t good enough. Despite the differences, Microsoft famously released the app anyway to see what would happen. As it turns out, Google was none too happy and remotely killed the app through its access key.

Fast forward to today, October 7th and the app has finally been updated to version 3.2. Unfortunately, the app has reverted back to its old web-player days, meaning if you click a YouTube link in email, MMS messages, etc. it will open YouTube in the browser. In fact, tapping the installed YouTube icon on your phone will simply redirect you to for that not so premier experience.

No more downloads, no more account management (without logging in), no notifications—just the barebones experience.

Google locked out Windows Phone users

From the looks of it, any discussions between Microsoft and Google may have broken down. As a result, we’re getting the most generic YouTube experience you can imagine on a mobile platform: a web player. If Microsoft is working on an official app, it may have to be in that HTML5 form that Google so desperately wants for Windows Phone (but not for iOS or Android). If that is going to happen, it could take months before we see it land on the Store, if at all.

For now, Windows Phone users are urged to use some of the excellent third-party options like MetroTube, myTube or PrimeTube to get a premium YouTube experience.

Head here to the Windows Phone store to get YouTube version 3.2, though we honestly don’t recommend it.

Thanks, Kevin B., for the tip

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Microsoft updates YouTube app for Windows Phone, apparently surrenders to Google as web player returns



who cares. why would anyone care at this point? mytube and metrotube are better. even if a proper and official youtube app came out at this point I wouldn't use it lol.

Well, bye, YouTube, hello, Metrotube! I prefer Metrotube anyway - plus Vimeo for quality videos. And now that bing finally came out of beta in my country, I might finally be able to say goodbye to Google search. The last thing that keeps me going back to it is filtering my search results by age - is there any way of doing this on Bing somehow? Maybe with a parameter?

Again, block Google on the the entire Windows platform (for maybe just 24 hours or so) and watch them suffer :D They need us Windows people to survive. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Google...

1. The youtube app isn't Google's, it's Microsoft's. 2. Metrotube connects to the same service and will be blocked eventually!!

@neo158; Hopefully not. I really like metrotube.

I highly doubt they're going to mess with 3rd party developers, otherwise they would had done the same to them already.

I uninstalled Youtube a while ago, I always had a feeling the one update icon was not worth the wait. Using You tube HD and its great although I miss the Gallery integration that the original you tube app had.

There are hardly any apps on WP8 like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Flipboard, etc and many other games that are paid here are free on Android & iOS. A stupid OS WP8 that a giant like MICROSOFT hell bent to get attention of Instagram & YouTube and all they get is shame in return Loser giant MICROSOFT have to cry/beg for app makers to make an official app for them.. HAHAAAA

1. You're no one to tell me to leave Mr/Mrs Neo158.
2. I'm already having an Android phone Sony Xperia Z1 + Apple iPad Mini + Nokia Lumia 820. I can really see how miserable WP8's condition is as an OS & their poor users. :P

WTF I'm talking about..?? 
If you didnt understand it then you're a technically challenged person or more of a person having English as their 2nd language(If so try reading again :) )

Just all google's selfishness and scare from windows phone budding out!! To be d next future

F**k off google just f**k off!!

I've just uninstalled YT.  I won't miss it and this changes nothing since Metrotube does a great job for me.  It's one thing for Google not to want to support the platform - that's their choice but it's quite another to set such arbitrary conditions that aren't stipulated on the other platforms including their own.  I wish Microsoft hadn't created their own app in the first place, the resources need to be focused on the core OS and bridging the feature parity gap.

Someone needs to make a decent YouTube alternative and FFS Microsoft add search by date in Bing...

If Microsoft ever did something like this to Google, those little panty waists at Google would send their anti-trust lawyers running to the EU.  Google is evil, and I avoid their products like the plague.

People can't just blame Google for this. It's Microsoft's fault too. You don't see google running, "switch from windows phone" ads. Microsoft is acting like a freakin politician (attempting to smear the competition instead of talking about your product)

There's no doubt Google nailed search before Microsoft had any idea of its importance, and Bing has been too little too late ever since. But other than that, I find Google, and its founders, just too sickly to take. Google - Search = 0. On the other hand, Microsoft - Bing = Microsoft.

What a shame for Google. Cant anyone create a petition for this ?
@WPCentral / Daniel Rubino: isnt it possible for you to write (maybe together with other Windows Phone Communities) a email about this to Google ? I dont really think it will change anything, but at least its worth a try ?

I lost my respect for Google the second I switched from Android and got a good look at just how obnoxious they really are. They are competely synonymous with Big Brother at this point, their platform is bloated and buggy, and their smug attitude is enough to make me never switch back. Should I ever jump from the WP8 ship, I'll probably go iPhone at this point. Because at the end of the day, Google isn't screwing over Microsoft. They're screwing over their own users. Everybody uses YouTube. Not just Google brownnosers.

Google can go suck my boaby.
I've started using Bing on principle.  Will it make a difference? no, but its good for the soul.
Remember, everytime you use google a puppy dies!

Google at their most evil. If they weren't supposed to be evil and be open, then what is this? Didn't Google reliaze that this action can get them sued? Yeah, Google can tell the judge that Microsoft is still the most evil company in the PC industry but that was long ago and they stopped that already while Google thinks they can act like they're the king in the mobile phone industry.
Google should know that without HTC and Samsung promoting Android, Android would be dead with Motorola being the only brand using that OS instead of being known worldwide. They should also know that if Microsoft blocked the first version of Chrome on Windows instead of allowing its release, they would be bankrupt as a ad and search company instead of being one of the richest companies on the planet.
And if this turns into a court case that ends in Microsoft's favor, I better hope Larry Page gets ready to kiss Steve Ballmer's backside in front of the Windows Phone Team, apologize to Joe Belfiore for attempting to ruin his greatest creation and think of a way to revise YouTube's Terms of Service.

Honestly I guess I don't know what I'm missing. I always use the mobile site. What are you people doing in these other apps that you can't do on the mobile site?

I just ditched Chrome and GMail. This move just pushes me further away from the Android ecosystem. Now more than ever before.

This is just a disappointment from the likes of Google. It also makes me happy that I personally don't use the Microsoft-made YouTube app anymore. Then again, as someone who's used their products (YouTube, Chrome browser, Android tablet, etc) I have been constantly getting disappointed with what the company's been bringing to the table. Overall, I think after my knackered Thrive tablet is rendered inoperative (it still works, albeit with a cracked screen) I think I'm going to sell it for whatever it can fetch and ultimately replace it with a Windows tablet, among with a series of moves to further move away from them; especially YouTube for I don't really approve of how they've been working on the site (focus on big-name, but low-quality YT users; allegeations of diluting the "community" aspect; removal of video responses, etc). 

It is no point to continue to circumvent the Scroogle restriction where they can change the protocol on a whim, and bringing down other third party apps as well. Microsoft cleverly put up a good show and now the blame is on Scroogle.
We now at a point with 3rd party apps with features way pass the official one. Other platform users are drooling with 6tag and the awesome developer is not stoping!!
I would love to see how long can Scroogle hold on to their dirty tricks, cutting off a revenue streams of their Youtube content developers by pushing us into a 3rd party apps that have no ads and can download contents.

Recently Google took away youtube account access from Sony blu ray player and some samsung tv. I think Google wants people to use chromecast for Youtube. They want to grab big share of the TV advertisment money by pushing people into chromecast and a Youtube which they control completelly. Big shift from Open Internet.

How does Google allow MetroTube and other apps to work, yet the one Microsoft makes they block and make inoperable?

Simple. Google believes 3rd party YouTube mobile app developers are small-timers and in a sense not totally bound to the developer's section of YouTube's Terms of Service and they can do whatever they want so long the YouTube app they created is not indentical to the actual mobile app for Android and iOS.
But in Google's eyes Microsoft, a big corporation must make a YouTube app that does not violate YouTube's developer ToS and since Google don't support Windows Phone but only desktop Windows for YouTube so Microsoft's forced to make a HTML5-based app for the YouTube service or it'll be blocked if it's natively-coded.

I find it amusing how many people are abusing Google (and I agree completely) yet they turn around and use a third party solution. If you really want to abuse Google, stop using the third party software as well. Just don't access Youtube from anything, anywhere.

this explains two things.  First this is why the youtube app was giving me vague "something strange happened but we don't know what" error messages.  And why the youtube "update" turned a nice dedicated app into a weak hyperlink to  you tube.  This is so lame.  figure it out guys!!

Remember when google use to say "Don`t be evil"??? Those days are long gone! Nowadays google is acting like a bully, way worst than apple. I gave up gmail, currently using the new outlook and my youtube account is next. I don`t need it to watch videos anyway. SOD OFF, GOOGLE!! Also, my android/samsung is going into the trash drawer very very soon and im picking up the Lumia 925 from Vodafone in Portugal (509 euros, 32 GB, no contract), in less than a month. Suck on that google!!

Seriously, this is Google's fault for killing the fresh YouTube app that Microsoft made for Windows Phone users. Microsoft just wanted to make a fresh YouTube app for Windows Phone users to enjoy. I liked the fresh YouTube app Microsoft made, but Google had to kill it and Microsoft HAD to play ball with Google and changing it back to web form. I will not stand for this. Microsoft makes good apps. When the new YouTube app was released, it was really good. Then Google has to interfere with it and kill it altogether. Then Microsoft got hate from some people saying that its their fault. Don't blame Microsoft! Its Google that you should blame! Someday, this squabble with Google should end with Google surrendering and Microsoft keeps the fresh YouTube app.

Easy fix - release the source code... then everyone can create their own version of the youtube app. Can't really block that nor hold MS to it that way.
In the end, users get the app they want...

Easy fix - release the source code... then everyone can create their own version of the youtube app. Can't really block that nor hold MS to it.
In the end, users get the app they want...

Then. Microsoft should make it again as an app or Google should take over it and make it as their app for WP and then they should avoid to add their or other features that makes Google blocked it because of their terms and service!!!! IF THEIR IS A VIOLATION #GOOGLE, GIVE THEM A CHANCE BUT WITH YOUR CONSENT!!!!! FOR NOT DOING THAT VIOLATION AGAIN!!! IF YOUR AFRAID #GOOGLE ON LOSING YOUR MARKET SHARE, LIMITIZED MAKING AN APPS FOR WINDOWS PHONE!!!! huwag nyo na isama yung meron kaung apps na meron din sila!!!!