Report: Nokia's 'Batman' is not the Lumia 1320, but a low-end Windows Phone with a large display

Lumia Batman

The Verge reports that "Batman" is actually the internal codename for a new low-end Windows Phone from Nokia, not the Lumia 1320 / 929 as reported by @evleaks. It's believed to sport a large display, be an affordable smartphone and it may fall in the 6xx range. According to sources familiar with Nokia plans, the handset will be placed just above the Lumia 625, a low-cost Windows Phone with the largest display on any Lumia device.

What will the "Batman" Windows Phone feature in terms of specifications? It's said to be a top low-end Windows Phone, but the actual specifications will be similar to the Lumia 625. A 5MP camera will be installed, as well as a front-facing VGA shooter. While this is an affordable Windows Phone, Nokia is said to be planning to ship the device with the new Nokia Camera app, combining both Pro and Smart Cam

The "Batman" device will join the likes of the Lumia 1520 and a 5-inch Lumia 929 / 1320, which will be unveiled later this month.

So what is the codename for the Lumia 929 /1320 if not "Batman"? Tom Warren from the Verge is confident in the name "Vanquish".

Source: The Verge; Comic credit: Woodenplank Studios


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Report: Nokia's 'Batman' is not the Lumia 1320, but a low-end Windows Phone with a large display


More like...In Chris Bale Batman voice...
"WHERE IS IT??!?!?  WHERE IS IT!!?!?!"

Nokia/MS needs to have a think about the naming/numbering of its phones. There are far, far too many Lumia variants and the average Joe walking into a shop at renewal time would have no chance in differentiating between them. Lumia is a pretty awful name to start with.

I'm not aware of any carrier or shop in the world that has all the Lumias lined up. Most have two or three, so your point is invalid regarding your "average Joe". Anecdotes and hypotheticals don't equate to actual data.

Also, while you may personally dislike the name "Lumia" there is no evidence that it is hindering sales, so that point is also irrelevant. 

Here in Brazil we have Lumia 525, 620, 625, 720, 820, 920 and in the next Monday we will have the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020. All the global models...

The Lumia 525 is a huge success here! And I expect the WP to surpass iOS market share by the end of this year.
Just to record: Nokia Brasil is running a promotional price for Lumia 820 since July to "just" 999,00 Reais (~400 dollars; the original price was ~700 dollars) in all the the resellers and operators ass "the most affordable 4g phone" and is doing pretty well here. Is the most sold phone in some stores often...
I have been told that the Nokia will discontinue the 820 in here... Maybe waiting for the 825...

He has a valid counter point to your statement. Why so mad bro? I'm sure Brazil isn't the only place will a Lumia line up like that either. See....according to Credo, Belgium too.

I could be wrong, but I think the "so,...oh wait" was an indication that Daniel was slyly saying the opposite of what you read.

Same in South Africa, can get any of the global variants from any carrier. What makes it worse, some carriers try to make money off the newer low end lumia's just because they're new. On MTN the 625 is more expensive than an 820, which just seems silly. The "average Joe" might think the 625 is a better device just cause it's "new" and costs more...

Same in Latvia. The 720 just recently dropped to about the same price as 820, but the 625 is still a bit more.

Daniel, why are you so childishly rude to some people who post comments with their opinions. The poster has a point: there are a lot of Lumias at the moment. While it might be Nokia's strategy to do this, it does risk confusion among consumers. There's really no need to 'disprove' people in this manner. Believe me, it's not flattering.

So your post is largely irrelevant also, considering you start it with 'I am not aware...'
This is a comment board; People are supposed to discuss topics. If you need 'hard data' (which can be manipulated) that's your problem. Take it to your psychiatrist.

Lumia is actually a very good name. It already established itself better than a Windows Phone name.

Exactly❕ That's why the Nokia branding on the new devices should simply be replaced with Lumia.. This is the only logical move MS could possibly make,, period❗❗❗❗

Some people can't even get the name correct.  I see many people call it "Lumina", like the old Chevy model.

BITE your tongue clean off and toss it in the blender with some ice and enjoy a nice refreshing Shhhhhhmoothie! (c) TM (R) ME =P

Get out of the US carrier numbering system and line them up... they make perfect sense (well almost). And to me its far more practical than Sammy's random name (besides S and Note) or Sony's alphabets. Nokia has done this for ages and it worked pretty well for them. May be an iMind will have difficulty understanding them.
Barraging the market with models lined from the ground to tower is working damn well for Samsung... atleast here in the developing countries where individual budget varies greatly. Nokia should have a complete portfolio of devices like Samsung... this gives consumers choice and keeps in the news buzz.
And Lumia is a pretty awesome name. It's Finnish in origin (meaning snow) and goes very well with English... thats what Nokia stands for :)

Lumi=snow. I think.
Lumia beats the pants off Galaxy though. They should have named it (galaxy line) retrograde instead, lol

What would you use to play music stored locally on your phone then? Nokia Music doesn't do this...sure it is inferior to the Zune product that it replaced but I at least use it regularly to access my music.

You can actually play locally stored music using Nokia Music, just swipe right when you open the app, tap on My Music. Even the Windows 8 Nokia Music app can play your locally stored music on your tablet or PC.

I agree. I have a focus that I use as a mp3 player. I download through Zune there. On my 928 I stream only. I have no plans on leaving.

But doesn't Nokia music have a limit on how much music you can cache? I know Xbox music sure ass hell doesnt

Um no thank you, I'll keep my Xbox Music, I use the subscription across the entire Microsoft platform Nokia Music is just a Pandora clone.

Nokia Lumia 725, but with a poor camera???
So now we have Lumia 525, 625, 725, 925 but not the Lumia 825.
Come on Nokia!! The Lumia 820 is the Lumia that most request a updated version and, together with the Lumia 920, is the oldiest Lumia WP8 launched...


But I think that a Lumia 825, with HD 4.5'' display and a Pureview camera can do well...
Do you expect to Nokia drop some Lumias "numbers", like the "8xx"? I dont think so. Maybe is the refresh they need....

... and yet out fo the three people i know who have a WP8 (one is a work phone), they are ALL 820's, and I know 2 people considering an 820. Must be the exception then.

The low end is what is driving the platform at the moment. It would be unwise to not keep releasing amazing, affordable devices. What about the 1320/929, that seems like a pretty significant upgrade from the 920.

I thought due to the '1320' being above than 1020 and below 1520 would support at-least a quad-core, 8 MP camera with LED flash and a GB of RAM or 1.5 but my assumptions were wrong. Like the Samsung "S" and "N" series, there should be a Series of Nokia for both, the smatphones and Phablets class, IMO.

Well...I still rather take the word of evleaks than the speculations of Tom Warrent.

Anyway, codename it Pippi Longstocking for all I care. As long as the L1320 is the 5" device upon which the L929 is based, I'm ok with it. I want that phone with those specs, whatever the name.

One, two, we're coming for you
three, four, lock your door
five, six, get a crucifix
seven, eight, better stay up late
nine, ten..and never sleep...again...

Very appropriate Nightmare on Elm Street reference. You with Halloween right around the corner and all. Have a +1 on me.

"Pippi Långstrump" is the local Swedish variant with a special version of Cortana. ;-)
She only speaks and understands Swedish and has a monkey on her shoulder...
Instead of "Bing" you get "Pippi"
You start the system app by calling her name.
In order to avoid any mistakes the Swedish Team has desided to the full name:
Pippilotta Viktulia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efreimsdotter Långstrump

What a sad, anticlimatic turn of events. A phone called "Batman" should be the very best specs. After all, the Batmobile wasn't a Ford Pinto.

It'd be great if the new low-end Lumia would've a 5-inch 720p display, but I think that'd be too much for a low-end base price at this time haha...

If it's 5" quad core, 1080p, 2gb, 32gb+, 20+MP, and works on GSM w/ LTE(att), I'd own it unlocked.

Well ask the joker to perfom the magic trick! :P and what a trick it was lol. Had me loling for awhile the first time I saw it.

Do you realize all the hoopla is based on RUMORS. As far as official announcements go, the device doesn't even exist...

I hope Nokia/Microsoft's next flagship is no bigger than 4.3".... Enough with the enormous displays already. The only smallish phone on offer is the 620, and its specs are a little bit low for my needs...

For phones (excluding phablets, gosh I hate that word) I think a lineup like this would make sense:
Three tiers, Entry-Level, Mid range, Flagship
And TWO phones in each tier, one large screen model and one small screened model.  
It seems those are the two things that drive people's decisions the most: the feature set (i.e. tiers) and the screen size.  So I would cater to those two distinct points.  

How many Windows phones we must meet in one year and how many of the next generation? Of course this marketing must make a money. Store market looks very tight but for everything else we must pay.

Confusing. Omg....
520 620 625 720 820 920 925 1020 plus variant in Us 521 810 822 928 plus the devices which will be annouced 525 1320 929 1520 2520

Ohhh... Hate math, hate nokia's naming.

I love wp8 and my lumia, but it sucks that it's not officially supported in my country, which forces me to use a US account.

How about a 420? Imagine how cute, but crap this phone could be.....wait a second.....a Lumia 3/2/120 this is not sarcasm either

If a low end device is really code named Batman then I will be disappointed. Batman deserves better...lol

I thought there is already the Lumia 625 for the low-end strategy. Nokia is just flooding the Market with no sense devices. Wo needs this?