AT&T says GDR2 and Amber update ready, should come tomorrow for Lumia 820 and 920

File this one under hopeful, but AT&T via their support forums have confirmed that the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 OS update and accompanying Amber firmware from Nokia has been cleared for the Lumia 820 and 920.

ETA? Tomorrow, October 10th.

Now we should be clear that this isn’t an AT&T or Nokia press release and Nokia’s own webpage has not yet been updated to reflect this news (it still says ‘waiting for approval’). However, a Community Manager did post the information, and it seems too detailed and confident to just be a rumor. Indeed, the Community Manager is an employee of AT&T so it has some credibility to it.

The posting specifically states:

“AT&T has completed testing the Nokia Lumia 820/920 Windows Phone software update on our network. We expect Microsoft to make the update available beginning 10/10. When the software update is available for you to download, Windows Phone will notify you so you can download it directly over a Wi-Fi connection. We appreciate your patience.”

That sounds like a slam dunk to our ears but of course until we start to see it rollout, usually at 1PM ET, we’ll still take it with a grain of salt.

The AT&T Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are some of the last devices to get the GDR2 and Amber updates. Users have becoming increasingly strident at the delay, becoming very vocal in AT&T and Windows Phone Central communities. At least now there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

It was just nine days ago that AT&T stated the updates were coming in the “coming weeks” and that now appears to be the case.

Nokia’s Amber update will bring improved image processing, flip to silence, FM radio, call + SMS blocking, Lumia color profile and Nokia Smart camera, while Microsoft’s GDR2 will fix Other storage and improve things like Xbox Music.

Source: AT&T Forums; Thanks, Owen H., M and Caddy, for the tips


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AT&T says GDR2 and Amber update ready, should come tomorrow for Lumia 820 and 920



Hopefully they took the time to make sure the update don't brick the 820s and 920s like it did my wife's 822.Though it worked fine on my 928.

*picks herself off the floor* Whoa...ok. I wasn't ready for that.

Not raising my hopes until my 920 is updated and working.

Rolls eyes......I'll believe that when pigs err....the download and install completes on my AT&T 920!
Next up...where is the update to ProCam for my 1020!?!?!?! Tired of the yellow tint! Do I have to wait until AT&T releases GDR3 for the 1020? Why did I ever stop buying unlocked Nokia devices? What is this world coming to? Why does grandma have a beard? Are you Father Christmas? Where's Nibbles gone? What are you two doing?

I'm afraid to say it but since GDR2 the reboot issue is back again and it is getting worse and worse. Happend 3 times in the last 2 days. :(

If anyone is interested, I can confirm this is supposed to happen. The OOP literally just called me today to let me know it's supposed to drop from MS at 10 am.

This is funny considering I literally just got off the phone 30 minutes ago with their Executive Response Team regarding my better business bureau complaint and he told me they still didn't have a date. He credited me my entire bill this month so if, after all it that, I get the update tomorrow I will be very happy to have the update and no bill to pay until November.

I'll be more than happy to pay my bill if they do those updates right, but I'm not holding my breath

Sorry WPC complainers I don't see the ATT 920 users going anywhere.  We bonded over the trama of waiting so long for the premier partner to come through. 
I see the group becoming a never ending thread jacking pest.  It is much fun to stop.  With ATT there will always be something to complain about.  
Oh and if this update is bad.  Look out.  

Very pleased for US 920/820 users, better very late than never hey, hope it really does come tomorrow or this editor is going to cop some bad backlash

My 920 should arrive on the same day this drops. Hopefully it won't make me hate the 920 after installing it.

This just in AT&T Lumia 920 users will be getting the GDR3 update in October 2145. Aren't you excited? We might be the last to receive it, by a long shot; but be assured AT&T has tested it, so you know it works.

2 months I have been waiting... It was supposed to be released two months ago... I don't care that I might have it tomorrow... I am two months late from the rest of the world already having it... That may as well be a lifetime for tech.

What's the best way for me to get this update if I've moved my 920 to t-mobile?
Can I borrow's a friend's ATT SIM to put in my phone and get the update?

Oh this would be fantastic.  I have three Lumia 820's waiting for amber!!!  Happy dance!  I hope this isn't misinformation.  I just couldn't believe my 810 got the update months before the AT&T 820.  I didn't think the 810 would get ANY updates.

LOL I WISH!!  That would be awesome!  I'm just a phone whore.  My current collection is a 1020, 920, 820 x3, 810, 620, and 520 x2.  But I get them to sell them, so it's not like I just hold on to all of them.

We appreciate your patients? Really? Not, "We apologize for the wait." Which is exactly what they should be saying after being two months behind everyone else(while having a phone with the update already), and then taking longer than they said it would to finally get out.

So, to cover this whole thing:
1. Someone said customer support told him it was coming August 26th.
2. We were told all devices would have the update by the end of September.
3. This won't include DataSense, apparently.
4. It will probably brick 60% of phones trying to upgrade.
While I'm glad that this might FINALLY be over, I'll believe it when I see is. Even then, I'll wait until I see that it's not a bug-riddled mess.

It looks like I will finally be ditching my loyal Quantum for the 920, just for the extra storage and hopefully better camera. I will miss the keyboard, though. Sigh... You goddam consumers and your thin slabs...

Nah, I like penny phones, plus ATT seems to not be keen on built-in wireless charging anymore, plus I like the back button, plus the OS is finally stable, plus the firmware is finally good. The next WP OS is almost certain to have bugs and stability problems upon release based on Microsoft's recent history.

Been on GDR2 for over two months, flashed it with a France variant......It's really not that big of a deal breaker so don't be too much excitied for it.

Was this for the 820? Or 920? I tried flashing my 820 with a different product code using NCS but it didn't work. Would only accept AT&T rom. Is it possible to change the product code?

Nokia isn't always honest on that page. When the 820 here got the update ready according to their page, my mum checked every day for updates. It took her a week of checking before it finally got pushed to her phone. Same for other 820 users here.

Hopefully this is true as my warranty expires next month. If it is anything like GDR1 my phone will brick during reset and  then when I get a new one it will have scratches on the screen. This episode with Att has pushed me to IOS since they get all updates regardless of carrier. That and the horrible music / podcast apps on WP8.

I don't blame you.  It doesn't matter that everyone else pulls out good apples from a barrel... if the apple I took has a worm in it, I'd probably be grossed out by apples from that point forward.  (no 'Apple' pun intended).

I think a big congratulations is in order, all the best and many happy returns for you at&t bunch :D:D:D

This whole thing is a bit ridiculous.  One of the points that was continually pushed prior to the release of WP8 was that it would allow for MS or OEM's to push updates directly rather than having to wait for the carriers to get around to it.  Obviously, that is a farce.  

It doesn't even have to do with carriers. 920 people in Italy who have an unbranded (non-carrier) 920 are still waiting for Amber.

"Users have becoming increasingly strident at the delay, becoming very vocal in AT&T and Windows Phone Central communities. At least now there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel."

lol, that's an understatement.
- an att 920 user

OMG I knew it. Pigs do fly!  Pff. I will believe it when the updates are being installed! LOL

Great! They finally got it ready...just in time for the other new update that is preping for rollout. Great work AT&T.

SOOOOO EXCITED...just so i don't have to hear people complain about not having Amber update.   

This 3-way relationship leaves much to be desired. I flashed my phone a couple weeks ago and am plenty happy with Amber and GDR2. But much of the pain and misery could have been avoided if AT&T had simply kept people up-to-date regarding progress. It is called communication, but I guess that is not part of their business model.
Instead, I think they were hoping the blame could all be divided up as we see here. Microsoft is to blame. Nokia is to blame. Means AT&T is only at best 33% to blame for the delay.
And there would be no need for 920 owners regardless of the circumstances to stop weighing in on various things. The really unnerving thing is that iPhone and Apple have simply told carriers, "Look out below, here comes an update! Ready or not!" Of course, all I read of issues with iOS7 seem to indicate that isn't always the best way either.

So is this just,for Nokias? or are all Windows phone getting the update? i have a Samsung Focus S still running 7.5

If you have a WP 7.5 device then you won't get this update. No 7.5 device in the world will ever get 8.0 or this update.

Strange..i have both a 920 and HTC one on at@t and HTC one got its update today and my 920 getting updated tomorrow. Did at@t get a shipment of red bulls or just got tired of unhappy people emailing them.

Yes, updates are OTA. Don't forget that the update is supposed to hit at 13:00 ET so you still have a few hours wait yet

To rush and download upon availability or to wait for the fallout after it either bricks, crashes or bugifies everyone else's phone. Ah, such a quandry. 

You can't fix stupid. I mean me in this case.
In 2009 I promissed myself I will never buy a windows phone again, and I was more than happy with my blackberry until this year. I must have had a brain fart and decided to try windows phone again. Have been miserable ever since as far as phone is concerned.

That's doesn't make any sense considering windows phone didn't exist in 2009. Unless you're talking about windows mobile which was an entirely different OS...

Windows is windows.
I use windows on my PCs and I am happy with it. Windows 8 is pretty hard to navigate if you use it seriously, not just to play with tiles. For business use (I am a software developer, so i jump around windows a lot), it is not very friendly in my experience. Tiles are not sorted alphabetically, etc. But I could live with all that.
My phone is a totally different experience. Was in 2009 (not even a clipboard to copy text, and they called it windows), and is now as well (no custom sms and alert sounds, calendar is 10 generations behind Blackberry's, etc, Don't even get me started).
To say it in latin, piece of crap.
I am a Microsoft user, but they should either do it right and have at least all of the features Android and IOS offer (not apps, just features), or not make it at all. Microsoft is not some third party garage business. They shouldn't make phones people make fun of (and they do trust me).

I am not getting what DataSense is and why I would want it? Other than that...hopefully the update will change to my Outlook.com email that is merged with my old Hotmail account. My hotmail account is from years ago and I did not have the foresight to realize the integration it would have with all things MS. My Outlook email is more "professional".

This may be a dumb couple of questions, but here goes.........
When I do eventually download this update, will I have to reload the 12 or so apps I have downloaded (a game and others)?  Also, will the progress in the game I have, be saved?

No. At least you should not have to. But you only have 12. I would be afraid if I had to reinstall.  :)

I find it hard to believe the update will be out today when its not even on Nokias servers. I just checked with the care suite and its still showing the old firmware

Looks like they changed it to Available but I have a 920 and its not available yet. I'm in Nevada, not sure how they roll it out but I'm going to keep trying.

1 MINUTE TO GO!!!! lol
It would be nice to get this update, but its pretty minor to me, its a bit frustrating because I'm assuming it'll take forever to get GDR3 out and by that time its possibly that AT&T is just not going to push that update to 920s.

It says "available" on the Nokia servers, but still doesn't show up on the phone. I'll try again in a little while.

My phone has found the update and the update status now says "Downloading updates 0%" wish I had a WiFi connection right now. 
Edit: Message now says "An update is ready for download"

Nokia website has now been updated to "Available" for AT&T. Servers must be getting hammered because the check is taking forever and it has thrown one "Cannot check at this time" error.

As most of you know by now, the update was available, this morning.
I installed mine at 12:20pm, Central Time (Austin, Texas).
So far, seems to work fine.

I updated my phone around 9 pm last night and since then I have been having problems with my WiFi. The first problem I had was the WiFi would automatically turn off when using it and the second problem after restarting my phone is that WiFi would be connected but the phone would say there was no internet connection, I then have to turn WiFi off then back on again. Am I the only one with this problem?

I got stuck on cogs for almost six hours. Soft reset and more cogs, but finally after another hour it went to home screen. Made the mistake of locking my phone as usual, and when I woke the screen it was unresponsive to touch. Tried to lock and wake it again and now the screen didn't turn on, so I soft reset. Since the update, if someone calls and I answer I can't hang up and the phone will black out needing a soft reset, I can't lock the phone at all, I'm afraid I'm going to get image burn of my home screen. I wish I hadn't updated so much now, no improvements for me, just trouble. ):