Poll: What’s your favorite new feature in GDR3 for Windows Phone?

Update 3

Poll time! Earlier this morning Microsoft announced their brand new Developer Preview Program. You can think of it as the enthusiast program that was announced a few blue moons ago. Shortly after that, any registered developers could download GDR3 to their Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s been a busy day and a lot of you are now running GDR3 on your handset. What’s your favorite new feature? Take the poll below to answer. 

Don’t forget to head to the GDR3 Preview Forums to interact with fellow members running GDR3. That’s also the place to go for any questions you have or issues you encounter. Did we not list your favorite new feature? Sound off below. 

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Poll: What’s your favorite new feature in GDR3 for Windows Phone?


I don't think it does...if you use IE and go to several different sites and then try the double tap, you just go back two pages...the app doesn't exit. The X to close apps is #1.


Idk if anybody has mentioned it but the cursor also changed when you try to go in between letters! Its cool :)

My favorite part is, it seems they fixed the in-car Bluetooth Music playback problem. I've tested for about 1 hour and no track was stucked. Another thing I care about most is the over heat issue, a little bit tricky to test though since I don't know what exactly trigger it.

I liked the fact that the "Update preview concept" itself came in second place. It is what Android did not get right. You have the mods available for most popular handsets, but you risk breaking firmware features like phone, camera, wifi and all that stuff when you flash a mod, and you have the bootloader locks.
What I like here is the firmware is seperate from the OS. Is it the same with Android?

Not impressed with an update that just adds an 'X' on background apps. They literally take 2-3 years to put a function that's as common as windows 95. If the wp8.1 lumia 1520 doesn't have anything drastic, im jumping ship. Been waiting way too long while other platforms are way too far ahead for wp8 to even get close

Its funny how MS wants to combine wRT with WP yet, wRT uses swipe down to close and WP X. That's two different gestures. I don't get how the X came about. That's old PC style. Joe Bilfiori needs to pay a little bit more attention.

IDK if anyone noticed, but this update has no new texts/missed calls notifications on glance screen. Although, it was on the list with this update....

I am an indian user..here v dnt hav any mobile carrier phones..v hav unlocked phones..how does d warranty gets void on unlocked phones..??...i have a lumia 820...how does d company comes to know that i used the preview..nd so they would void my warranty..

Swipe to close is better. But nevermind, tap `X` to close is welcome.
More please. Battery meter, default app for recording, and extra information of a file (e.g. size)
And one more thing. I can find crop feature in image editing, but no resize feature? And please when I click save, make it to saved picture, not replace the original one. Or I can choose whether to replace or new file.

Hey..does it cost any battery if i dont close any app..just press start...and when im free i can X X X to close all apps later...??

I am really looking forward to the screen rotation lock, I remember back when my Nokia N8 had this feature. I used it every day! Haha, thanks MS for bringing this in. I wonder if it would be possible to only turn it off/on for certain apps on your device?

Text tones, finally one again I can rock my Power Ranger communicator text tone and the Kim Possible communicator tone for the fiance!!

Honestly, I find all the new features great. Regardless of whether people say they should have been there all along, implemented differently or are unneeded. What's unneeded by one person, is very useful to another. I'm always up for new new features, even those that don't necessarily appeal to me, because others may find them useful.

The tap x to close out apps is cool, but I got so used to the old method that I forget that it's there.
Talk about first world problems.

My favorite "feature" of the update isn't really a feature, but it is the performance boost this has given my Lumia 822. My phone was getting a little buggy, apps were not loading or taking a really long time to load or resume. So far, apps are loading or resuming fast, so I am loving the update. It is great that we can now get these updates day 1. When WP8.1 hits, the only thing that might be missing on day 1 are the carrier updates, but those hopefully will be minor. Oh yeah, having the X is cool too!

Would be custom text message sound but because we all love windows limitations like the 10 sec lenght. Why cant it be atleast 60sec. Dam i miss my old Nokia phone where message sounds where the lenght of the sound file

I know everyone is different, but I hate long email/text alerts. Some of the stock ones are too long for me even. You get 3 or 4 texts in a row plus some emails and its repetitive madness. Like water torture.

Awesome idea...  can you imagine if, when entering a new calendar item, it asked what sound you wanted to assign that specific item?  

Best feature is that the live tiles have started working again...apart from that X to close and custom ringtones although I thought we where getting battery percentage as well but that might be bss....

Not so much custom notification tones, but that I can assign specific tones to specific contacts.  I've never owned a phone that could do that.  (Last time I had an Android device, it was Cupcake/Donut, where i could have a custom notification tone, but not individual ones based on the contact).  
So.... I'm that geek that's going to rip audio from movies and TV shows and will pick and choose them based on my friends (like...that 'ch-ch-ch-chhh.. hhhaaahahhaaha' sound from Friday the 13th for every contact named 'Jason').
The closing apps is non-essential to me, but very much appreciated.  I get why others find it most important.
And a driving mode that kicks in automatically once I turn on bluetooth is totally awesome.  I tried putting an NFC sticker in my car to kick in the CarStand app I use and using NFC doesn't automate things, it only trades off a couple of steps for a different couple of steps.... and hence I never use it.
Completely off topic... but I had this idea a LONG time ago (how long? Back when I was carrying a Tmobile MDA aka HTC Wizard) about VIDEO ringtones.   Seriously... let people save short video clips to their phone and assign those to contacts so that it plays the video when they call... I thought for sure we'd see something like that by now from somebody.

Fav feature, and the most useful in both Gdr2 and Gdr3 is the one that only lasted 1day after the Gdr2 update and is no longer available: glance screen notifications. Unbelievable.

As an obsessive app-closer I an happiest that I don't have to keep backing out with the Back-button anymore. But none of these feature are huge improvements individually, taken together they are a nice upgrade though.

My favorite feature is the new glance screen because it's really helpful. I think that closing apps isn't really good if there will not be an option of limit apps, because then it will be as annoying as the multitasking on the iPhone, that you need to close tons of apps before you can just turn it off and get it out of your hand.

Can anyone confirm if these are new music+video features as part of Update 3?
- "new" page that lists newly added songs
- delete songs
- play songs by genre

Or maybe I just didn't know that these existed before? ;)

The best thing about this GDR3 update is the Developer Program Preview itself. I just wish MS uses it again for future updates.

We still aren't getting option to add documents to mail as proposed in gdr3. Y is that? And i find battery empties thrice faster

EVERYTHING!!! Like the fact you can set certain tones to texting, email, voicemail etc.... It works on the Samsung Ativ Odyssey i930!!! It is also great that you can stop the screen flipping by having the option to turn it off!!!! Great job Microsoft!! Keep it coming!

My favorite new feature fix is not listed as an option. 
"Connect in a different way to use the Speech with Bluetooth in my car"
Kind of a funky name for a new feature, but it resolves the biggest issue I have had with Windows Phone.  I can FINALLY listen to my voice messages over my car's bluetooth connection  (VW JETTA with hands free BT).    I couldn't get my voice messages without turning off bluetooth before this update.
I like all the other enhancements too, but this is BY FAR the biggest improvement for me.

I like multitasking app closing by "x" button.....
Lot's apple geek n others demanding it 2 closing by swipe ....but wp8 is different n unique they r not copying ios or android so i m happy