Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac updated but still has issues

Broken Mac Connector

It would seem there's some lag with the Apple App Store as we've only just been notified of an update to the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac this morning, even though the update dates back two days ago. 2.01 (tallied at just under 6MB) features a new "custom ringtones" category and brings the following to the table: 

  • Full sync and import support for Apple Aperture software
  • Drag and drop import of files from Browse Device
  • Ringtone transfer support (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
  • Improved video conversion process with user configuration options
  • Support for Windows Phone Marketplace (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
  • Localization support for 13 additional languages
  • Improvements to backup and restore operations
  • Improved configuration for podcast sync and photo import
  • Improved iTunes import support in certain languages
  • Improved metadata support for videos

As well as the above improvements, some fixes were also included:

  • Added additional error codes and help references for device update
  • Resolved connectivity issues with certain devices
  • Resolved album art display issues for certain devices

Resolved connectivity issues is huge for us as we've been experiencing problems with using the client to even connect to our handsets. But unfortunately, as can be seen in the above screen capture, the issue still remains to be present and the app rendered useless (we've attempted re-installations, resets, etc. but still no joy). I can't remember the last time the app actually worked. Luckily, Zune is prepped and ready on the desktop. Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac can be found in the App Store.


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Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac updated but still has issues


I have been using Windows Phone Connector on my iMac for a few months now since I bought my Trophy off eBay and haven't had any issues with it connecting or being able to sync files. People have told me that it's odd that I have a Windows Phone but own an Apple computer and an iPad. I used to be a huge windows user but when I tried the Apple computers they just worked how I wanted them to. Windows 8 though looks very impressive from what I have seen so far. Apple is definetly going to have to step up their game or else the Windows 8 tablets are going to blow the iPad away.

I've had that problem too, although I found a fix that worked for me: unistall the app but also remove the preferences files (located at /Users/<your_username>/Library/Application Support/Windows Phone 7 Connector). You can use something like CleanMyMac, AppDelete or AppCleaner (free) to locate and delete those files automatically.
P.S. - I should add that this forces you to re-sync everything.

Yeah, was advised to attempt this but still no joy. It's a real PITA. I was hoping that it was a localised issue as my MacBook is prone to issues, but I've heard others hitting the same wall.

Mac Sucks! who would want get an Mac computer? Windows 7 no problems connecting and also sold over 500 million software license world wide while Mac OS lion sold Nothing.

I'm a mac user and a windows phone user. I'm one of the odd ones. I've always been a mac user, but I believe that windows phone is the best mobile platform on the market hands down! I wish microsoft would just make the full on zune software for mac. I really think it would help turn more people onto the entire eco system. 

Jobs should fixed that issue before he left his cult. Why does Microsoft have to conform to Apple but apple will not open up to windows or Flash. Firckin Stupid. Microsoft should STOP and let them all go to the iGadget toy/phone. Microsoft should throw in More Errors and give all those Mac Fools a real Headache. LOL

@ thenet Against my better judgement I'll take the bait: Who would want a Mac? Photographers. Not only is Aperture one of the best programs out there (and not available on a PC) but the way that Macs handle files is far better than on PC's, especially when using the RAW format.
Persoanlly I am platform agnostic - I have a mac, ipod and ipad but also a WP7 phone (Focus S, purchased recently to replace an original Focus) several PC's and an Xbox. I appreciate good design and WP7 is the most innovative design out there. I am looking forward to replacing my ipad with a tablet informed by the design of WP7.
Of course being called a "fool" by the likes of sanchezursua is not going to help win over any Mac users. Let's not fall into the arrogance trap that Apple is constantly accused of, WPCentral should be a welcoming place, not one were users are attacked for their technology decisions.

Internet Rule #1: Don't feed the trolls.
If they're so angry about Macs, they can just go praise Windows somewhere else than articles that mention Macs.

OK, maybe that was a lil harsh. Ever since I loaded my first iPod and iTunes screwed up all my files, I hated Mac. After that, Mac Lovers and iPhone users are constantly telling me how I need to get an iPhone or a Mac cuz it is So Easy. They always have to tell me "no viruses". With the right software I have no problem. That's the short story. Sorry for the name calling.