Introducing Doodle Invasion, from the makers of Spider Jack

Doodle Invasion

Windows Phone gamers should already be familiar with Russian developer MaxNick’s Xbox Live title, Spider Jack. What you might not know is that MaxNick has also published several indie games for the platform, the latest of which is Doodle Invasion.

In Doodle Invasion, alien invaders are attacking one of our beaches. Players must stop each wave of invaders by firing missiles at the alien mothership. You also have to keep aliens off the beach, which involves drawing lines to bounce the aliens into your boats. As the game goes on, new types of weapons and alien threats spring up, always accompanied by a friendly tutorial message.

Doodle Invasion has quite a unique play style – juggling the need to attack the mothership, keep the aliens off the beach, and optional tasks like protecting a windsurfer will keep you on your toes. The Parachute Panic-like art style is super cute, too.

Doodle Invasion

The Windows Phone version of Doodle Invasion has all the features of its iPhone counterpart, plus some additional language translations (EFIGS, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). In the future, I’d like to see an online leaderboard and maybe a way to read over the tutorials at your leisure – I accidentally skipped them sometimes because I was already tapping the screen.

Doodle Invasion costs $1.99 and there is a free trial. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

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Introducing Doodle Invasion, from the makers of Spider Jack


While the Xbox Live moniker has the benefits of exposure and achievements, it looks like it's better for end users if they were just regular games. That way, they can keep their games as up to date as their iPhone and Android counterparts. Microsoft really needs to make some changes with the Live certification. Cost would probably be the biggest point IMO

Agreed fully on all your points, I personally have never purchased a live title but I do support indie titles for just those reasons.

can't agree with you. This way we have choice, and it's weird that the same dev is considered indie if he releases a game outside Live certification, and stops being an indie if he goes through certification process. That, and, Indie (the concept, which is debatable in itself) is overrated.

Not sure any of us consider someone not being "indie" just because they get a Live title. Amused Sloth with Chickens Can't Fly is still indie because the majority of their releases are non-Live.

In this case, Indie just means smaller development houses i.e. non-EA, Gameloft, etc.

Outside of some name recognition, the big game house Live titles are some of the worst for our platform e.g. Sims. It's the smaller guys that move faster.

And the moaning about the price is getting weird (no disrespect). Best "indie" (see what I did there?), are 1.99 or more, most Live certificated and publicized by MS (with costs for MS) cost 2.39... 40 pence is really that important?! Now..., seriously?

Seriously, why is Lima Sky not all over this for blantantly ripping off Doodle Jump. Similar name, similar art style?

Pretty sure (a) they don't have a copyright or trademark on anything "Doodle" (b) the gameplay is completely different.

There's nothing for them to go on.

Why does Spanish have to be listed last in the EFIGS sequence, should be listed by importance which is ESFIG

"Why does Spanish have to be listed last in the EFIGS sequence, should be listed by importance which is ESFIG"

Dumbest comment of the day, easily. First, who determines "importance" when it comes to language? Second, EFIGS sounds better <eefigz> than ESFIG <s-fig> because the "E" is practically silent in the latter, making it a poor acronym.