Marketplace Deals makes bargain hunting easy

Marketplace Deals

We’ve covered the WP7applist app before – it’s an excellent way to browse apps, find price drops, etc. Our friend Luigi Violin – who runs WP7applist – has another Windows Phone app that should appeal to bargain hunters out there. It’s called Marketplace Deals, and it’s free.

Marketplace Deals, as the name implies, lists games and apps that have dropped in price or gone free. Each deal category is sorted by date, so you can easily find the day’s new deals. It even labels expired deals. Categories include Popular deals, Apps Gone Free, Top Rated sale apps, Xbox Live sales, and all Deals. Tapping on an individual app or game takes you straight to its Marketplace page for download.

The Marketplace Deals app is just about everything you could want in a deal-finding app. Still, an update is just around the corner that will add the following features:

  • Live tile(s?) support
  • Option to hide expired deals from the lists
  • Share deals via social networks and/or email

Luigi loves user feedback and will be happy to include any good suggestions you send his way – just follow the app’s Contact Us link and drop him an email.

Marketplace Deals is free and supported by advertisements at the bottom of the screen. You can grab it here on the Marketplace. WP7applist is also free, and located right here.

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Marketplace Deals makes bargain hunting easy


I am glad to see that they were able to phase out the enslaved children. usually that is a big worry i have with apps. they never report how many enslaved children there are in the app even though you know that those children are there. hopefully this starts an entire wave of reduced app children slavery. every little bit counts!

Haha! That looks like WPC put that in since they had their logo in that image. I feel like someone might be losing their job...

Yes but it is the reduction. they have the least amount of child slavery. you have to start somewhere, and less is preferable to more!

Great app, stream lines reduced priced apps. Can hardly wait for the update that adds live tile functionality. Thanx