Nokia working on Windows 8 tablet says Design Chief

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According to Marko Ahtisaari, Design Chief at Nokia, the company is looking at the possibility of introducing a tablet running Windows 8. Ahtisaari has said in an interview with Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio that he spends a third of his time at the company on tablet development and that they "are working on it". Though a spokesperson is less publicly optimistic (as usual):

"We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but have made no specific announcements."

In other words: they have some ideas, but nothing to show the world just yet. For now we'll have plod along with the Lumia family of Windows Phones and keep hopes up that the Finnish manufacturer brings something to the table when Microsoft launches the next version of Windows.

What would you like to see from a Nokia Windows 8 tablet?

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Nokia working on Windows 8 tablet says Design Chief


I'd like to see both x64 and ARM versions, completely tricked out with all supported mobile hardware features sans cellular, but I expect Nokia is only considering ARM.

If Nokia wants to make a business focused tablet then they'll do x86-64 as well as an ARM version for consumers I'd say.

Thank god. They're the only ones that can compete and surpass apple in designs. Now the OS will be the most beautiful OS on the market and so will the hardware. I love you Nokia

Title: "Nokia working on Windows 8 tablet says Design Chief"
Actual quote: "We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but have made no specific announcements"
So in actual fact no-one from Nokia has said anything at all about a Windows 8 tablet which is what you claimed in the title of this blog post. Typical amateurish, lying, sham reporting just to get some click fodder.

Ahtisaari has said in an interview with Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio that he spends a third of his time at the company on tablet development and that they "are working on it". 

The quote you quoted was from a spokesperson for the company, whereas the main quote that the article was covering was by Ahtisaari. I really hope I wouldn't have to use the following image, but...


EDIT: The title (which you even wrote in your comment) even reads "SAYS DESIGN CHIEF" - not spokesperson. I have nothing left to say to you.

My point exactly. There is no quote in this article that justifies the title. Why is there no such quote? Because no such quote was ever spoken by anyone from Nokia.
"I have nothing left to say to you."
Suits me fine. Clearly the idea that blog sites should print the truth rather than just make stuff up isn't something you agree with - so you and I are not likely to agree either.

You see the title (since you keep referring to it often)? Look under it. "Rumors". Bam. Your argument is now moot. 

A Nokia employee has stated in an interview that the company is working on a tablet and if their handsets are anything to go by (especially with the partnership between themselves and Microsoft with services, etc.) it'll be Windows 8. Speculation (which many sites share) based on a quote from a Nokia employee.

Not sure how this has been "made up", you're the only person here with a problem with the article, thus I've come to the conclusion that there's a problem with your interpretation of what has been written. Rumor - Nokia is working on aWindows 8 tablet. News - Nokia is working on "a" tablet.

The design chief said he was spending time working on the tablet.... The "official" stance from the company spokesperson (different people) is they are keeping an eye on things but nothing officially announced.

<sigh> Yes, they said they're working on a tablet. Nothing about a Windows 8 tablet which is what the title says.

The quote in relation to the headline was "working on it"? Try a reread, and put those teddies back in the pram.

To me, it's a no brainer to release a windows 8 tablet especially when you're that cozy with MSFT.  My only suggest to Nokia is that they NEED to copy Apple in one respect:
Freaking deliver it within a week of your announcement.

I am waiting for the Nokia windows 8 tab so I hope they are going to produce a product worthy of comparison to the Lumia footprint.

I'm definitely interested in what they have to offer. I've had bad experiences with both Dell and HP so another player is more than welcome.

Something that is comfortable to hold, 7" sounds perfect. Top notch design that makes iPad owner green with envy and a screen to match. Gorilla glass for sure, this stuff is amazing. A keyboard dock. WiFi, NFC, a gyroscope, killer accessories and finally a sub $700 price point.

I would like to see a I series processor tablet that comes with a dock. The dock would have USB and video ports on it. So I can take my desktop and undock it to take it around.

Nokia should work on something that they are good at. 
See Black berry as a negative example. 

10", Lumia-esque design (like the "Coffee" tab concept), 1.5-2.0 Ghz, 1GB RAM, Gorilla glass, keyboard dock, 1Mp front-facing camera, and around a $700 price point works for me. :)

I have never had a tablet, but with Windows 8 I think it will finally be time.  The only thing I am disappointed about with the Nokia tablet is that it is rumored to be ARM, so that limits some functionality in the OS.  Maybe it won't matter all that much though for a tablet, will just have to wait and see.

give me intel CPU and a dock that can dual screen onto my TV (best to include DLNA as well) then I'm on board...
really need something like that so I can pimp out my KTV setup some more lol

I bet that will be a typical setup. My Fujitsu Stylistic q550 has a dock port and a HDMI port for secondary display. It is too slow and lacks some win8 drivers, but it is now a win 8 tablet.

I would buy one as well. I would like a WOA tablet for most mobile use and a Intel convertible tablet for the more traditional applications. That should allow me to have a 10+ hour tablet for media consumption and a more application focused Intel tablet.