Is this Sprint's LG Windows Phone?

Mystery LG Windows Phone at the FCC

This isn't the first time we've seen the LG Windows Phone LS831.  It's appeared on WP Bench and we first caught wind of the device being at the FCC back in October 2011 but only had the FCC ID label to show for it.  There's even some speculation this is the LG Fantasy.  Now we have pictures (doesn't look like the leaked pics of the Fantasy) and more information that could make the LS831 Sprints new Windows Phone.

FCC documentation on the LG LS831 indicates this Windows Phone support CDMA in the EMSR 800MHz band. A band used by Sprint.  The LG Windows Phone also supports the 1900MHz CDMA band.  Along with the banding, you also have a Sprint/Nextel Waiver included in the FCC Documentation that ties the mysterious device to Sprint.  

As far as device specs, beyond the 5mp camera everything else seems to be a bit of a mystery.

Could this be Sprints next Windows Phone?

The LS831 appears to have a front facing camera and the screen size could be, what?  Four inches?  There is mention of a microSD card slot in the owners manual along with instructions on how to check available storage and formatting your microSD card.  But based on the side images, I don't see a microSD card slot exposed. Maybe under the hood?

The LS831 definitely sparks interest with all the Sprint connections.  That and it's nice to see LG still working on Windows Phones. Could this be Sprints next Windows Phone?  Or could the LS831 swing in Verizon's direction?

source: FCC via: Phonescoop; thanks, mamacita42, for the tip!


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Is this Sprint's LG Windows Phone?


Haha your a fool for dumping sprint. Good luck on not having unlimited data and say hi to your costly payment you will make on your over data charges :-) I am glad I never left sprint because I just love unlimited data use

what good is unlimited data if it doesn't work?  besides, I'm on wifi most of the time, I use less than 1 mb, and I consider myself a heavy user. 

Its crazy how many people get suckered into the whole unlimited data thing. Honestly what good is unlimited data if your speeds suck. I have tmobile and have never gone over 2gb, but my speeds are exponentially faster than my friends' with sprint.

Enjoy your slower than dialup speeds on sprint. I have T-mobile and while I do get slowed down for exceeding it is still faster than sprint.

My thoughts exactly. I've been a Sprint customer for years but if they don't care for Windows Phone then they don't care about me.

Exactly the reason I left Verizon for T-Mobile in December 2010 to get a Dell Venue Pro.  Haven't had a single problem with T-Mobile's service and I got the phone I want and sitll Verizon only has one very dated Windows Phone with nothing new in sight.  I have no regrets about leaving.

att isn't that bad.. You will get used to it. Here in Dallas att loves the market. Now there prices are high, so you want to get your phone as cheep as possible.

If LG is one of the OEMs complaining about customization, this phone should be an example why Microsoft would say NO.

So true, LG-we can't sell phones, we need customization MS-you can't sell phones cause your phones are ugly, exhibit A fantasy, exhibit B quantum.

I'll just buy the stock Microsoft, I'm sure nokia will be that maker, ala galaxy, or nexus or whatever the brand is.

About microSD, you can find several description about 'Android' or 'Android Market' in the user guide PDF. It seems that LG is in process of rewriting the document for Windows Phone.

They'll have LTE mid-2012...but if you look at their WiMAX coverage, it'll take them at least 2 yrs to have any type of decent coverage.

I think it's pretty nice looking - not every phone needs curved shape. I wonder if the screen is NOVA.

My arrive is feeling a little old but I wouldn't get rid of it for one of these c'mon sprint.. We need exciting windows phone on our network!!!! Not exciting androids...... -_-

mamacita42 with the super tips! I do hope that Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mo get a nice high end Windows Phone soon... :/

It is definitely not going to Verizon with the 800 mhz EMSR band in it. Verizon isn't equipped for that. That is Sprint only service band, part of Network Vision upgrades.

Hopefully rumors are true sprint getting wp8 Nokia dual core.. Can't wait that long. Wish they had at least the titan at sprint..Need something, at least the tango update.. Can't even send mms video right now. Need those features like now. Common Sprint. This phone is ugly...No thanks.

I'm glad I just switched to AT&T. Elop needs to dust off his "burning platform" memo and hand it over to Dan Hesse. Unlimited everything looks good on paper (and the bill) but in reality it's just a gimmick used to sell sub par phones. Sprint is usually good for one hot phone per year but sadly this ain't it.

as BAD as I want another WP from Sprint but THIS!!!!! heck no I feel disrespected yuck this phone is garbage

I like the back. Even though this isn't the cat's meow, it would be good for Sprint to offer a phone that isn't a slider. A lot of you seem to prefer that.

If it's a 4 inch screen and is as thin as it looks, it doesnt look that bad and probably looks better than any of the current devices out now (besides Nokia and the Dell Venue Pro).  I have the strangest feeling this device will look much better when and if it is released.

I don't see the big deal about design, don't like how the phone looks? Well either buy a case or don't buy the phone.

Well a lot of people do theman60099
New and exciting design translates to the users opinion of the brand. Its like how you feel after a great haircut. And design is really the reason everybody is so excited about wp7 right now. Its fresh and exciting. People were sick of the same ol' windows for 20 years so those same people are disappointed when they see a manufacturer not even trying.

It would greatly depend on the specs of the new WP device.  If there's nothing special about the new device compared to a newer model Droid with similar or better specs, I'd be better off going Droid.  Not saying I will but I'm open to whaterever is the better choice at the time.  I don't hack my phones and haven't done much with them since they became so closed off and difficlt at best to open and modify.  I did it to a minor degree with my TP@ but only to get better functionality with it such as net Sharing and things like that.  I did the same with my Axims also to increas capacity/functionality in order to keep them current/ useful for many years beyond typical service life.  These newer phones have to be "jail breaked" and other stuff in order to do that.  I use my phone for work and such so need them to remain reliable and quirk free.
Just saying, when the new WP comes out, chances are pretty good, it will be a $299 or more phone from Spring on contract and if there is a comprable Droid out there for less, why should I buy it over the other.
I'll wait and see.  That's all I'm saying.  Sprint really hasn't come out very well for Windows for many years.  I'm not one to jump ship when I can get cheaper service with them over another carrier.  I just need a phone that will do what I need it to do.  For many years, Windows was the only one that offered those options for me.  I'll stay with what serves me.  I'm just an end user.

Please let this happen! If it is 800MHz, it is most certainly Sprint-bound. It's sad that I work for Sprint and the best way to find out new information is WPCentral :P
Thanks Guys!

So this is the Windows Phone they decide to bring to their network with the 800 and 900 out there?  I have been a Sprint customer for 13 yrs but just ordered the Lumia 900 last Friday.  Goodbye Sprint, your offerrings are horrible unless you are in love with Android.  Beyond too little too late with this phone.  I swear they pick the worst WP7 hardware to put on their network.  Sigh/

Regardless of how atrocious this phone looks (maybe Nokia's designs have spoiled us?) I would still jump on it if it came to Verizon. Heck, I'd take just about anything at this point.

It's nice to see a CDMA phone but, on Sprints crappy service ? (at least in my area).
I bet Verizon will see it but, who cares, We all just want the Lumina 900 right ?

Was about to say Sprint we do not want LG we want Nokia. Oh well I got a year left on my contract hopefully a better Windows Phone be out then.

All you jealous people saying ugly or hate sprint can't realize your phone service charges you over the data limit hahhaha glad I never left sprint just love the Unlimited data use and don't have to worry going overboard of data.

Also can't wait for this LG wp7.5 phone come to sprint who knows it might be called windows phone 8 hahhaha suckers keep paying your high price ATT and Verizon bills going.

actuallyi buy phones outright and keep my grandfathered data plan :p also sprint will eventually have to stop allowing unlimited data then you will be the one on a sucky network and with a sucky phone lol Sprint sucks dude im sorry to burst your bubble.

Wow. All my moaning for a new WP on sprint and this is what they go with? I'll keep my arrive until the nokias are here.

IF Sprint Releases this Pice of Crap on their netowrk I would never forgive them. that would be another slap in the face for Windows Phone and Microsoft..
this is a JOKE !!!!

Dude shut the fuck up!! How is this a joke? It doesn't work any worse than the other phones and what does this have to do with Microsoft?

I have had sprint for the last 10 years, and all the while not complaining about data speeds. As a very happy owner of an HTC Arrive I can say, it would have to take a whole lot more than a sexy Nokia device to make me turn to the Darkside!
Also, there's the monthly plan cost difference between AT&T and Sprint to take into account...

Good luck. I was with sprint for almost 10 years. Although Sprint's plans are cheaper, there are advantages with ATT's network. The ability to surf the web, use apps, send/recieve pics while on a call. Visual voicemail (so far ATT is the only one supporting this for WP), better coverage, better phones, able to swap SIM with other phones. With that being said, my loyalty is with the OS, not the carrier. Sprint obviously doesn't care about what I want. So I took my business to a company who does (at least more than sprint does)

about time Sprint. After 17 years, I've had enough of them. We'll be an AT&T family in 2 days. Lumia 900 here we come! BTW, after working the numbers I'm not going to pay much more per month but will be moving up to an LTE network with a carrier that gives a crap about Windows Phone. You get what you pay for.

This is nothing. Wait till the Samsung epic 3 comes out. 4 g quad core. 4.8 inch touch screen. This shit will kill all the competition. Windows phone needs to catch up.