Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, is picking up a Nokia Lumia 900

Steve Wozniak

Here's how you know Nokia has created a lot of buzz with their latest phone: when the co-founder of Apple and all around geeky-gadget guy Steve Wozniak is intrigued enough to get a Lumia 900.

In a simple Tweet today, 'the Woz' noted that he was wasting some time at Denny's waiting for the local AT&T store to open. Reason? He wants to see if the Nokia Lumia 900 is available for purchase. Of course whether or not he can get one is a separate issue as stores are running low on supply of the flagship Nokia phone, especially in that popular Cyan color. (An alternate reading would be he just wants to see if the Lumia 900 is selling well, but our bet is he just would have called to find that out).

Steve Wozniak Tweet

It will be very interesting to see if Steve likes the 900 enough to go through with the purchase. He's well known for enjoying his Apple products, going so far as to wait in line every year for the new iPad (a nice nod to the average folks who often have to do the same) but he's also respected for being a fair and even-handed gent.

The biggest factor in determining whether most folks like the 900 seems dependent upon if their favorite apps have a counterpart on the Windows Phone platform. For that, we'll be real curious to get his thoughts on the experience should he buy the phone.

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Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, is picking up a Nokia Lumia 900


What's even more awesome about this tweet is the foursquare check-in. Okay, so here's the back story. Have any of you ever seen the made-for-cable movie on TNT back in 1999 called Pirates of Silicon Valley? It's a theatrical history of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs through the 1970s and 80s, and their contributions to the modern computing industry. That being said, there was a scene where Apple's original employees were at a formal event for Jobs' 30th birthday. At the event, Wozniak's character sees all of the food and makes a remark something to the effect of, "I can't eat this stuff. Why can't we just go to Denny's?"
Woz is awesome, and now that he's getting a Lumia 900 I have even more respect for him.

You know, saying that movie is not history and is full of bs is about the same as believing that movie as history and complete truth.  The reality is somewhere in between.

The portrayal of Steve Jobs was pretty accurate. Some of the locations where he said / did what he did, and some of the audience was changed for the movie, but you don't really have to dramatize that man to get drama.

I dont know if he is going to buy one--he probably just wants to take a look and see what all the hype is about.
But yes, hype.  Sometimes, its hard for us fans to know whether there is real hype among the rest of the population or whether its just intrinsic because there is hype among the community.  This tweet confirms that there is real hype behind this product.
I love that I am seeing so much marketing around this product.  I dont have AT&T so cannot buy it myself but commend AT&T for being bold.  They first took the iPhone and that decision probably saved them.  Now, hopefully the same decision about Windows/Nokia will save them once again...and they do need savin'

Of the Apple Steves I always liked Woz over Jobs. After reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Jobs, that feeling was confirmed.

I've loved The Woz from my Apple ][ days, when I learned that he not only designed most of the hardware, but also hand-coded Apple DOS in 24-hours in bare-metal machine code. Reading the assembly listings of the ROMs, DOS, and Sweet-16 was truly awe-inspiring. I learned so many cool tricks and techniques from his code.

Any good competitor would pick up another device to see how it works and evaluate the pros and cons. This is kinda cool.

My dad's old medical school roomate used to live next door to Woz (before his pool slid off the side of the hill in Cupertino).  For my Dad's friend's son's bar mitzvah, Woz brought him a full set-up for an Apple IIe (I think it was the e).  Gotta love a guy who would do that for an ex-neighbor's son. 

I actually just bought a Lumia 900 after owning a Nexus S and Blackberry before that. I have to say this is the best quality, quick, and functional phone I ever have used! Super impressed.

Woz is like that uncle that is so fun to hang out with and shoot the breeze. Love the guy. Hope he likes the phone. If he does the Apple fanboys will be screaming, "I'm melting......aghhhhh!!!" and melt into a pile of sheeple goo.

How long till he returns ot due to poor camera? I don't get how your top device ends up with such a poor camera. Most people want a good camera nowadays. If Apple can do it with the Iphone while keeping prices low, why can't others?

I don't actually think the camera is that bad. Its no titan 2 camera tho but both are better than the iPhone camera.

the reviews are so false.... I have seen a REAL photo taken by a lumia 900 and it's the best pic I've ever seen taken by a phone!

Criticism is a good thing. It improves your end product. I'm sure he's used win phone 7 before so he probably must wants to see the phone itself. I don't blame home, the thing is bloody gorgeous. One thing I don't like about the 900 and titan is how the scrolling isn't as smooth. The first thing I did when I went to see it was take out my trophy and compare. My phone is noticeably quicker unless im online. I assume its because of the size of the screen but that's a bummer. Especially when you're trying to show it off to a friend or say....steve woniak!

I wouldn't be surprised if he gets one. He is a super geek and loves his gadgets. I heard an interview with him one time where he talked about carrying three different kinds of phones with him.

This is great news. And for the record, he did not actually "buy" the Galaxy Nexus; he was gifted one when he went to a Google store. That he is personally buying the Lumia is something. :)

The title says he's buying one while the article says he might buy one. Misleading.
Here at Microsoft most geeks have a bunch of phones to play with, including iPhones *GASP*, to learn what the competition is doing and for testing. Just because Woz might buy a Windows phone doesn't mean he'd choose it to be his personal phone. I'd bet his house is full of all kinds of electronics, good, bad and ugly.

meh, Woz will do/say/tweet anything that will garner him some quick buzz.  he's the Kathy Griffin of the tech world.