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This is true I just got my Lumia 1520 today from At&t and the Nokia logo is no longer on the back plate.

I can't see my comment on the app so I posted again :D I will love a small shirt over here please :3 if not the mug will be good too cause I love coffee :3 LOVE WCentral ;) C'mon make a Mexican fan happy please ^-^

A mug would be great, yeah. Especially when I have so many TPS reports to fill in... Yeah

I've been carrying an iPhone (work phone) and a Lumia for 2 years everyday. The WP Lumia is by far a much more intuitive smoother functioning phone. While you guys split hairs on petty differences. As far as everyday use, the Lumia is what I reach for without thinking as opposed to the iPhone.

Please give a small shirt!! T-T xD if not that mug will be good :3 I LOVE WCentral!! ;) C'mon make a Mexican fan really happy ^-^ jajaj

GDR3 also started rolling out for ATO devices but it never came to other countries...

Samsung Firmware has never really changed sth just bugfixes but at least all the bugs are gone

Yeah well while that's good, still turning it down for lower hardware would've been nice... AC:IV was so nicely optimized... Why couldn't they do the same for AC:V? I get it, it looks great.. But maybe make it playable on lower end hardware as well? I'm not talking Intel graphics, but atleast a 550Ti... That's a good enough card to run now isn't it?

Are you kidding me? That was the most amazing gaming expericence I had in a while... Navy battles, shark hunting, shanties, the graphics, the gameplay, everything was amazing!

A mug would be great. So it will always remind me what a great site whenever I drink from it.

I don't give a thing about the name. It is important that all Microsoft's stuff will share the same store and that all applications will work on every Windows device :)