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they finally figured out how to do all test that was unavailable for Windows Phone

quite shocked to see Lumia 950 XL > Note 5/S6 Edge and Lumia 950 > LG G4

But it doesn't support North American LTE bands. Not even Band 7 which, while not rolled out in the U.S., has been deployed in Canada and is in use on every continent on the planet except Antarctica. That makes it less exciting as an import item, sadly. I haven't looked at what HSPA bands it supports but T-Mobile has already started refarming right from 2G to LTE and not deploying HSPA. T-Mobile has done greenfield LTE-only deployments in Northern Michigan and elsewhere. Other carriers may not be far behind. Importing a handset without local LTE support is an increasingly bad idea. If it had band 7 LTE and band V HSPA, I might have considered it since I'm in Canada.

I still stucked in 10240 tried everything to update but nothing... It does .. But just regular updates..

No. It suggests that they have more than one app and they are updated. (in the context of the conversation thread). However, if memory serves, Audible has supported Win phone since way back. Even Kindle has been on board for a while.

Dam, the game looks quite promising. Come MS, you seem to be in the mood for throwing money around. Throw some to these devs eh....

Today is the first release of what they call "Current Branch for Business" It was due 4 months after the first release of 2016. Next 3 monthsy they just get security/patch updates and then on the 4th month they will get new features again. And so on. I suspect at some point it will get named like Windows 10 and just receive new builds without changing the major version number.

You're an idiot. Xcode doesn't require a dev license. It's par with VS as far as that goes. And VS itself doesn't require a fee, but submitting and hardware (non x86) testing does. Get your facts straight. I've paid for both.

Watch some of the saved clips on the Deadpool feed on the One.  If you think the sense of humor that Deadpool has is funny, it looks like it is PACKED with quotes.  No one actually posts gameplay footage though, so no idea about that, haha.

Well they say the market is saturated, so maybe to spur growth some developers might consider moving to another OS. But if it is so easy to port.  that begs to question if it is so easy to do why are the MS apps better on other platforms.

54000 with my xl and its supposed to be at 80000 somethin according to the aps own ratinglist and it tells me I have another model too. Really great app. Noooot haha

Just trying to be helpful, without speaking out of turn. No offense intended, brother!

Exactly, it is TWICE as popular... 100% greater share.  Incredible! Hooray statistical spin!

Im going to check this out right now... Updated! Just did, and I prefer the blu hd to it, but, still not changing my 640XL though.

That would still leave it in the hands of the developers and if MS forces developers to publish changelogs they might just publish generic ones.

Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your Uncle jack off a horse.

winver does show it. Look in the parenthetical following "Version 1511." If it ends in .104, you have it.

Me too, Zune was really good. Very nice interface. Still have my 120. Collecting dust. Preferred the name/logo/pc interface. Groove is good but needs a family pass. Now if they could get the old pc interface on the mobile app that would be awesome too. to dream the impossible dream

Would love to see a fix for the non-function start menu that happens after a few sleep/wake cycles.

For some reason Hearthstone crashes she. You quit to desktop. Game plays fine, haven't had any other issues. Only when trying to close the game.

True though perfect timing to track improvement universally less on the old stuff perfect timing for future proofing the future of universal platform

That was a completely unnecessarily confusing comment. It's coming to insiders only and maybe later for 950 and 550 users

Wow horrible price for the specs. Come on Microsoft get a midranger in their. This is a low end device and especially at that price point you can find phones with superior specs that rival high end devices

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It should.  I haven't upgraded yet, but my winver shows "Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.71)"

LITERALLY dropped it as my main phone OS yesterday.

They'll not be getting me back any time soon, especially when their apps work SO MUCH DAMN BETTER on non-MS platforms.

Yes. Oculus is providing a home screen + store front for the Rift called Oculus Home. (Although you can still use the Rift with games from other places if you want, such as Steam)

Not really, at least if you believe it will get developers actually using the winmo platform.

If they can so easily convert, then thats ALL they will do.

(On that note, having seen the initial feature list, you will be thrilled with Bandsider) :)

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