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The Lumia 535 will be left out of "Hey Cortana" even with Denim. Denim means different things for different devices.

There is flat out no reason Call of Duty Heroes cant be for RT. They offer it for some earlier iPhones... And if that gabage' can run it a Surface 2 definitely can.

This seems like a great phone for the price. Would be awesome for a main phone or a back up.


I'm sorry but that statement is just plain dumb. I don't pirate anything but like VLC on my desktop to stream. It's nice and lightweight (not a invasive resource hog like iTunes) and does the job with a minimum of fuss. I'll check it out on my phone when it's in general release.

The only thing I'm reading about is people not answering my specific questions but running off on a tangent.

I use the sp with a 27" screen. Tabs are fine.

As for lexis nexis you logged into the library portal and were able to see the case law and statute search area, at the top of the screen?

Your mistrust was misplaced because what you taught of them may not be what they are or used to be. Give you mind a chance.

Sources please?  HTC can implement 'Hey Cortana' should they choose to..  Its more a matter of designing the implementation, as 'Hey Cortana' will be working on the SensorCore platform

Windows 10 is also the OEMs problem too.. It is not as if Microsoft is going to be developing firmware for other OEMs to ship out

Looking pretty cool so far. Some UI elements need a lot of work (eg dropdowns and popups). And they need an English speaker to fix the language throughout the app, as it all sounds really awkward and some is just really bad ("We didn't found any items" is terrible English).

One thing I don't understand; what's taking so long for this app? In the time they have taken to do this you could finish an OS from ground up, I think!

Actually looks nice. Would love to see how it handles movies and tv shows as far as organization and aesthetics. Hope it fetches info like Movie Premier and uMedia on Windows 8.

Wow. Some people are so undeserving.

Thank you VLC team for all your efforts. It's looking really good.

Yeah, its be cool to have that, right now I just uninstalled the one I didn't want haha, but it can become troublesome. I hope Windows 10 doesn't let our collective hopes down!

I went to a shopping mall yesterday and saw the Lumia 535 dummy unit displayed in front of one of the shops and I was told stocks can be made available tomorrow or anytime during the week. They will sell it for 6,000 Philippine pesos ($139). I will try to use the demo unit before I came up with the decision of which among these to buy, they have 930, 830 and 730.

Microsoft has said only Lumia devices would get the full upgrade to Denim and Windows 10. That leaves Blu out of the "Hey Cortana" and Lumia camera upgrades unless you know something different than what Microsoft has said officially.

Not sure what you're expecting...but the UI to me looks looks really nice...tons better than the xbox apps...and its jst the first iteration of the app..

Almost hit the "Buy" button until I saw this. Ugh. Blu WIn HD looks nice but Microsoft has officially said only Lumia devices would get Denim and Windows 10. Could some of the outstanding journalist here do a story on how OEM's like Blu are going to be treated going forward now that Microsoft has explicitly said what devices are getting all the new updates? "Hey Cortana" and Lumia Camera (in particular) are two upgrades specifically said to only be coming to Lumia devices.

Well done...! The player looks better than anything I've seen on WP...! Hope its coming soon to the public...excited! :D

I'll get it when it's cheaper. Hope it works on our networks in the Eastern Caribbean.

Ah thank god I've been asking for a few days now. Considering ordering from amazon Germany. It seems cheaper.

Some of the intriguing games I like to play are SoulCraft (and its sequel), Dungeon Stalker 2, Machinarium, Tentacles, ATUM. Hope some of these recommendations help anyone looking for some fun games to play.

Because it's not and likely never will be officially launched for the US . Sometimes thinking helps... ;) :P

I hate it when people use that argument... The whole point of consumer seeking out someone to provide them with a good or service is so they don't have to do it them self.

I don't care how difficult it is, that's why I'm using someone else's product, so I don't have to go and build it.

That's why I feel free to critique companies when I feel their products and/or services aren't up too snuff. I understand this stuff is complicated and difficult that's why I want them to make it so I can buy/use it.

So no, that's a crappy argument that people need to stop making.

I love VLC on my laptop. But seriously, who the F watches a movie on their 4,5"-6" smartphone? You know you can stream the pr0n, right?

If any app tells the OS, "Hey, I can open and handle *blank* file type/link," the OS will use that app to open the app (And, this is very handy, it'll offer to search the store for an app that can open an extension if none are currently installed).

If two or more apps can open the same extension, the OS will always give users the choice to choose which program to carry out the function.

This is great and all, but can be annoying if you have a favorite app to open the link that you always use. It also doesn't offer up the ability to chose a default app for say an HTML link, it will always default to IE.

Windows (RT) 8/8.1 offers users to choice to pick a default app for almost any and every file type and extensions imaginable, including a default browser. I'd personally like to see this carry over to Windows 10 for phones, as they're supposed to converge, after all.

Gross... apps like this should be banned forever from ANY windows store. or I mean developers? whatever, both... everything from these guys should be banned.  ^_________^


Just bought the xbox one with kinect and AC Unity + Black Flag for 399€ instead of 499€ :)