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Hope this fixes my problem that my playlists won't sync to my PC and laptop but show up in the web player

At that time, we will have interactive tiles as well ;) or may be exploding tiles ..cough..McLaren ;)

For some albums ...yes... But i think you should blame the meta data.. Not the app

disclaimer: I'm the founder and lead-dev of 2Day ;-)

Because to have 100% custom live tile we must render in-memory PNGs and save them to the device. That is far from efficient and that doesn't works well with background tasks. With Windows 10 we have adaptive live tile based on XML and we must deal with that (docs here). 

You can check out what can be done using the Tile Visualizer App on the store.

The animation when we swipe and open the hamburger menu is still glitchy... Needs polish...
New features are welcome.. But it needs polish.. I need a smooth experience.. Looking forward for coming updates...

I have bneen having this discussion with someone from MS who is involved with maps on Reddit. Including having an Audiobook/Music toggle so it will fade and give directions while playing music and stop if playing an audiobook.

What the hell is wrong with MS, this update killed the volume of Groove Music, the songs play like whispers. Can someone compare the sound quality with Mix Radio please

Still stuck on 17.6525. I've never seen any updates yet for this app in the store. Hard resetting shouldn't be necessary to just get a simple app update. Would love it if the windows store app would show notifications of what was updated, or at least a download/update history.

It doesn't in my case. It could be really the Windows 10 underlying issue that cause some things to misbehave. Heck Groove Music on mine sometimes crash which is really the issue with runtime related to Universal Apps in Windows 10. Making them freeze unless I restarted the Runtime Broker, making the apps responsive again.

You ACTUALLY responded to my answering someone's question by saying no one cares? Not only do you obviously care with your vitriol and comment, but I was literally answering someone who asked me to explain myself, so he obviously cared as well.

Feel free to reassess what the meaning of your comment was, because it clearly wasn't what the words spewed indicate. It more sounds like, "I'm a very angry person,. I disagree with you, and I cannot make it throughout the day without gratuitous cursing, probably because I'm not mature enough to have a civil conversation."

I want player controls on the lockscreen! Right now the popup disappears way to fast and the buttons are to small.

Simply direct Pictures to the SD card. Whatsapp pictures are in a separate folder inside Pictures.

"This will cause a one-time rebuild of your collection when you first launch the app after this update."

Happend to me as well - just wated and it sorted it self out.

Agreed- long name rule sucks!. Not only that, but one long file name causes the whole of the One Drive syncing process to grind to a halt- at least have it ignore that file and continue with the rest in the meantime MS

Groove music is really good. I play music about 90% of the day (cos I play when I working, when I'm driving and when I'm sleeping). I have about all the reasonable music apps on windows 10, but groove has managed to beat them all. I would suggest the ability to map which folder I want the app to pick music from rather than picking anything mp3, (even those stored away in my document folder). Also, if I pick a song for a playlist multiple times, the app should recognize that I had picked that track before. One more thing... The shuffle all tracks feature seems to love some artists mores than others, eve when I activate random play, I never get to hear some artists. I have about 15000 songs.
Groove music should also suggest similar artists. Well i've given MS these feedbacks before in the forum.

It is a good looking phone, but it does look a bit too much like the iPhone imo. Microsoft needs to stay the course with the Nokia designs. My love for Nokia is what drew me to WP in the first place, and a big part of that love was their design.

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Holy crap, awesome update! Now where is that "Windows Phone is not dead" article on iVerge... Oh yeah I forgot. Over iVerge's dead body.

Alot of people already submitted this on the Feedback app, though for some reason its only been a trend lately even though the issue exist since the early days of W10M Preview.


Same with my 365 account. I was so annoyed about this I had to change it to use IMAP instead, loosing calender sync, good that I didn't use this feature.

Yeah, it is. It will be a balanced and better approach. It works well before during Zune and Xbox Music+Video days of Windows Phone. The layout was almost perfect that way, it even got next track information at the bottom, a feature that isn't even much present to any music player app I've ever encountered even when I was a primarily an Android user back in a day.

Here are some of the images from WP8 that I found, kind of rarity these days.



I wish that Groove Music will turn out closely like this soon. http://i.imgur.com/eGisw2w.jpg


all this is great, but i really want the ability to play a song/album/artist using Cortana, as was there in WP8.1.
why do they always have to scrap off good features?

Ok, why do I have a heap of 'Unknown Artists' now??? Will it sort them out via metadata? Not good if not.

Duplicate songs issue resolved.... Shuffle works better than before.... Even though it's preview OS it works almost like a final build on my Lumia 730...

Naw, check the steam forums, there are a couple areas in the game that people are having problems with, even with high end cards.