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Physical version is the same price on Amazon, digital too. Beware though, there are a LOT of complaints about comparability problems and the company seems pretty unhelpful. If it were me, I'd avoid the download version. If you downloaded and it doesn't work out, you'd be SOL.

it's still an issue, they're aware of it.


• Settings - Display & sound

The Audio output page is under construction and some of the new settings are not yet functional. New support is planned for Dolby Atmos for home theater, Dolby Atmos for headphones, and more in upcoming builds. An announcement will be made when these new features are ready to try out; enabling these settings now will have no effect.

• Wireless Display The Wireless Display app fails to launch and immediately crashes to Home.

So I tried "SchTasks.exe /change /disable /TN %systemroot%\System32\MusNotification.exe" in admin command prompt and got  "....MusNotification.exe" does not exist in the system, although it is there if I look in explorer. MusNotification.exe being the active task in Reboot under UpdateOrchestra.

Your comment is based on assumptions, not a single fact exist in it.
MS is a software company, they makes apps for all platforms. There is no untold agreement, pure and simple.

I would still use Groove, but music from my favorite artists either is only available for purchase, comes late, or doesn't come at all. I'll be sticking with Spotify even though the Windows phone app isn't great.

The only real thing I need to know is have they made the option to only play music stored on my phone/SD card clearer and more apparent.
​Really how hard is it - I have a 128GB SD card loaded with music I often listen during my commute when there is no decent internet connection so I never ever want to play music from any where other than my SD card. Please just give me a damn option like "Local Only Mode" when this is on remove all references to One Drive/Cloud etc.. I never want to see it.

​Also they should add an option to refresh the library so that when it breaks and stops indexing music you can get it going again rather than having to wait for an update to the app that seems to kick it back into gear.


That's not how it's been ever since this update (and Spotify still behaves as expected)

Mass Effect: Andromeda broke my heart... by not giving Windows Phone the Apex HQ app. I mean, c'mon, EA gave us Battlefield's companion app.

Yeah, hopefully they will continue to do so and start realizing the good UX implementations again. To make use of their UX and UI designers to have more control on the development, and stop implementing thing just because others do it or some shallow reason.

The move for all Hamburger navigation were really unfortunate. Even Google Music app have pivot navigation which is inspired from Zune, all while MS follows generic Hamburger menu blindly.

You can use apps corner, go to settings go to account. (I suggest you restart your device after use).
The keyboard on W10M in my opinion is the best in the industry, it is moveable, it can be resized for right or left hand use, it has joystick for moving cursor, it still has swipe to spell, in excel it has more function keys for the spread sheet, and plenty other stuffs.

We wanted Fable Legends, but we get this. Will look into it, maybe it's okay.

Agreed, but at least work's being done to improve the homegrown apps before being released to general public and then we complain about its bugs.

Thing is until MS can get the OS to a level that there's little to no issue/bugs with it then Developers and Institutions like Amazon can develope for it based on increasing user base. I think that's what's holding back this OS, the lack in it's functionality. Sluggish, app bugs/ parity to rivals', Battery issues, reboots, etc When MS can get the OS as functional and stable as it is on PC then we can see people actually taking proper notice.

It's not a bug, they intentionally change the behaviour of Groove to actually fully close the app, thus also stopping the audio background process.

Better suggest to have an option to allow music apps (not just Groove) to continue to run even you close the app. This way we will have happy middle-ground.

Sadly their Groove Music service rollout is really slow. This quite a problem with several MS services in general where most countries outside US tends to be poor or non-existent.

I hope they seriously accelerate the roll-out especially Cortana, since they kept dumping super useful features that other regions don't have, unless you teach the user to change the regional setting (which is more of a band-aid solution than actual official release).

I agree with your frustration about having to tap full catalog, but I don't think I've ever encountered misspelled artist names..

Yes and no, like the chicken before the egg, maybe having great hardware like this - Windows 10 mobile that folds to a Windows 10 full Windows tablet will bring more people, and I hope that would bring more developers to UWP. Right now devs make an app they have a 4 million device audience so this + the end of Windows 7 & 8 support will slowly bring more and more over to Windows 10.

To be honest if MS pushed W10M to all wp8.1 devices, when these owners wake up the next day it'll be like they bought a new phone without spending any $$. With more functionality and ability to do more from Facebook to Calender to skype to Cortana to home screen improvements. Entirely new device!!!

Well its been requested for ages since Groove Music been introduced. The lack of pivot navigation making it not as great as the UX from Xbox Music /Zune/Music + Videos hub. They should've known this for along time, even Google Music got pivot navigation, clearly see the advantages that Zune had.

For some reason that's makes me wonder why this doesn't have swipe gesture. It seems that this is not a standard pivot UI element, rather a custom one. Why MS can't even use the standard one that has been a thing since WP7? They just introduce added complexity to their own development.

What I miss is the Quiet Hours integration that Calender had on WP8.1. I loved that I could set a meeting reminder in the Calender app with time and place and when that time came around the phone automatically turned on quiet hrs for the duration of the time set in the meeting reminder. That I would love to see return.

Couple things, first, I'm guessing you never saw Windows XP tablets? (Apple wasn't first on tablets lol, it was like Sony, And a bunch of other of other companies long before Apples tablet was a thought). Second, I use my Surface Pro 4 100% of the time as a touch screen device, as you probably know its full Windows, it works great so not sure what your talking about the touch not working (well). Even my Apple loving wife likes to use my Surface so much that when the Surface Pro 5 comes out we are getting her one.

As true as that may be, for the OS and apps to be updated to the w10m architecture would be more beneficial that remaining as wp8.1.  For sure I know that whatsapp would benefit greatly from that, Tired of using whatsapp and it still feels sluggish and can't use the call feature without it messing up my screen's auto dimming. Time to upgrade, still stupid for people to continually say oh wp8.1 was/is better. Obviously it would fell that way as it didn't nowhere near the functiionality or features in it that w10m has so it would be faster for that alone. Commonsense people come on now, if you force ten people in a 5 seater car and drive it at 60mph will it get to 60 in the same amt of time as the same car with only 5 in it? W10M is getting there as many have reported that the creator's update is finally doing to w10m what should have been released since w10m came out. If that's the case what will RS3 do then later this yr? Can only imagine only more i provements and it will focus on the UI more and it if makes our w10m devices even snappier then we Windows Phone users will only benefit and as a result the platform and hence open avenues to get better devices and not fell left out whenever Apple or Google do something new. Right now our biggest gripe is App parity for apps found on all 3 Oses, when MS can get the OS to be on par functionaly as Apple or Google's then we its users are the better for it. 

At 250% it's actually smaller than the normal size. It's set at 350% to begin with. I just changed it one day to see what it was like, and then really liked it. It changes the layout of apps like massaging, Groove, and Twitter. It also just puts more on the screen.

I noticed this too lately, the Windows Store is going through the roof  - with customers and new apps (I expect apps parity with ios and android combined at the end of the year). 

Next I sell my android for that new shiny Trekstor Windows 10 mobile smartphone device. Trekstor is an underrated hardware maker in the country I live in. Yay! Zey make really high quality devices! Zey will make WindowsnPhoen great!


Amazon Music (ios) is WAY better. Dropped Groove this month and never looking back. I'm not sure how MS continues to drop the ball on these opportunities. Being a software company... makes no sense that they aren't out front. Too bad the Amazon Music app isn't available as a UWP app or you could see just how good an app could be!


OK I think I got it now. wuauserv  is for the windows update not the reboot.

What if you want to get the updates but not autoreboot? So your updates are installed on manual reboot not automatic reboot.

The biggest "upgrade" it could have is have a family plan like every other service.

They might occasionally mention to consumers they have a music service too.

"Microsoft did no advertising to inform users "

The key quote. You can stop there. That is the story of Windows 10 Mobile and Windowsphone.



I get the artist photo on my Lumia live tile. Some of the photos are terrible, especially compared to some iconic album art.

Thank you everyone for supporting and proving my point! So to the OP who I was responding to, blame your fellow "fans" who sh***ed all over W10M, because they do not understand basic human emotion. It is quite easy to tell who are mean and nasty people and do not care about others. Companies are humans (whoa!! shocker) your words do mean something. There are ways of showing what is wrong and needs to be fixed vs. outright tearing into it and ripping it apart with no cares about other people. And then to go and say "well maybe they should grow a pair" yeah... maybe those are the ones who are immature and should not be allowed into an Insider Program. 

Overall though, I think I am up to 6 or 7 people and they have shown what I am talking about quite well.

Received it 3 days ago on release preview and received it today on Mobile on fast ring. ^_^

When I get voice messages emailed to me from my home pohone proivider, they play in Groove. What woul happen if groove was not there by default.... I would need to look for a player in the store....

Is this not exactly what the person I replied to was asking? That they can revert back to 8.1? It was setup that way from the very beginning when all phones were supported.

This is great, but can someone do something with the god awful movie and TV app already? It is garbage and does bare minimum. If you didn't buy it from their store forget about orginization. Want to start your video where you left off? Nope. They need to buy Plex and transition it into their Windows 10 ecosystem (pc, phones, laptops, tablets, Xbox). 90% of the media people own isnt from one source and not from Microsoft. That being the case, the TV & Movies app is completely useless.

Me three!

My wife still uses the Zune on walks with the dog. Saves bthe battery on the phone, which can stay safe in her pocket. She tends to drop her stuff...


Great idea! However, as a test, I tried using "sc.exe config wuauserv start= disabled" in command administrator prompt ( had to get rid of the / before start as it would not run with) got the message "ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS" Ok, but when I go to task scheduler reboot is still active!
I can disable it manually from there but that defeats the point of this trick.