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Man !  Price is quite high dosen't look like mid range price is around   38346 Indian Rs = 600 $

Damn should have bough dragon age last week, I have 60$ in Xbox converted points I have to spend this week or I lose them

This is not your mom's ass to tell me to fuck off... So behave... If 512MB devices are not supported.. Then they should not release it for 512mb RAM devices... and for your kind information.. 75% of windows phone out there in the market are of 512MB RAM.. Now you fuck off and lick your bloody 1GB Ram phone and keep It inside your ass..

I just purchased 535 for one of my friends...looking at the build quality, I was seriously disapointed. Lumia 520 had such a classy feel to it...where did that design go? 

It seems way too expensive than 830... Plus I don;t think MS will try to release more than two phablets. It will be 640XL and 940XL, otherwise it will be a mess!

Yea u r right... the price tag clearly lands it in $600 plus price, which would clearly be a flagship. It is 940XL!

When on earth will we have the next 41mp phone??? Ms should have launched it with wp10 but 940 940 xl will be the first ms flagships... Later might be the 1020 successor. But seriously m done with my 1520...need a flagship asap!

I don't have much knowledge as like u ...but i know this cloud raiders is far better than that...may be I think u created clash of clans advice is better u don't play ..

Thing is, 1520 still performs really well while the 1020 is pretty much shit apart from the raw pictures :P

Huh, i guess you never used iPhone 6 and S6/One+ One.
Specs are not everything. You can say anything you want about them, it's a fact the Apple user experience destroys any Android/WP flagship user experience. Their camera is great without needing to spend time tinkering settings and blazing fast and the ecosystem is the best by far.
You're not only paying for the hardware when you buy an iPhone, you're also paying for the user experience and the marketing.
And yes, marketing is also an advantage for the consumers, it allows an OS that have a low market share to still be the platform of choice for developers.

Why would the alternative to Windows 10 be a Mac? Have you ever used one? They are terrible - unintuitive, unstable and overly complicated. It feel to me, though, like Windows is heading down the same road, when they had been on a completely different path, one that was taking us into the future. Windows 10 feels like several steps back towards the past to me, all for the sake of making people feel good, instead of trying to make them more productive. After all, nobody actually likes Windows, we just use it because it is the one OS that allows us to be productive.

I would say that do away with numbers: 7xx, 8xx, 9xx for a while, go with Icon, or just keep the names such as maclaren, or any code names.

I'm sorry but you cannot possibly back that up in any way at all. How is it "already a fluid experience" when half your settings are still in Control Panel and the other half are in the Settings app? It is exactly as good or as bad as it was in Windows 8. It has changed slightly but not improved one little bit. All they have done is rearrange the deckchairs, so to speak, changing the name of the Charms Bar to Action Centre and adding a little more functionality and a lot more ugly to it. It is sleight of hand, nothing more. The fact that it works so well on a gullible community makes it all the more infuriating.

I would much rather be able to sort them as I want, than being forced to have them alphabetized... I want the ones I use the most to be at the top... Easier to get to the ones I use the most, is good UI :)

The alphabetical grid is only good if you know the name of the thing you are looking for and how it has been arranged in the menu. e.g. If I wanted to look at the user manual for my Sony Walkman, I might be tempted to go to "S" but under Sony I only have Media Go, Sound Forge and the Sound Forge Readme file. Then I might try "N" for NWZ-ZX1 Guide, which is what the document is called, but it's not there either. No, it is filed under "W" for Walkman Guide. When I can see 90 icons at once, it is quickly obvious where it is not and that makes it easy to find where it is but when I have to keep guessng letters of the alphabet, it is much slower and far more frustrating. The grid works well in some instances - it makes getting to any album I want to listen to really quick and easy - but in this case it is really not very good at all, because you'll pin all the things you use all the time and you'll only go looking for things you hardly ever use and can't always remember the name of.

Right now, for example, I have around 250 icons in my All Apps. Autodesk alone has 25 different icons, any of which I might need at some point, and they come after the dozen or so Adobe icons I have in there as well. An alphabetical grid simply isn't going to cut it because I'll still be scrolling, scrolling, scrolling to find things.

I love the way you are happy to make assumptions about things you admit you have not experienced and dismiss the first-hand accounts of those who have used Windows 10 on a tablet. It demonstrates amply that there is absolutely no basis in fact in anything you have to say.

Per,unit price of 38K!!! It's definitely not the 4G version of 640XL but can 840XL be really so expensive???

I don't like iPhone they offer nothing no sd 720max dual core 1gb ram. The Samsung & oneplus one were example's nothing more

User: "there is no gapless playback" MSFT: "but we introduced circles... For persons, you know" User: "but where are auto-playlists based on meta-data" MSFT: "it looks like Spotify now, because of circles" User: "maybe some meta-editing?" MSFT: "you don't need said feature, indeed no user knows. WE have TELEMETRY! Telemetry says, people do not know, what people are!" In the meantime, the degree of non-advance is getting ridiculous.

I really dont get the basis of all these apps. Too many... I must say...Skype Qik, InstaNote, Oneclip...the confusion is very annoying. All these apps should be integrated into their parent apps and give them a good boost for added features and fuunctionality. The number of apps downloaded on phones is already high and having to remember each for their features and functionalities especially when they are fraction of a supposed parent app is hard.  



I never mentioned any performance issues, I was talking only about the UI. Scrolling through a single column of icons, where you can only see around 12 at a time, takes more time and effort than looking at a page containing up to 6 columns of 15 or so icons (90 icons in total, on the same full HD screen). It is 3 or 4 clicks on the scroll wheel, not 30 or 40, and the added context makes it so much faster at getting where you want to go. This is completely independent of the obvious beta issues of speed and stability.

Interestingly, the whole reason Microsoft went with the Start Screen in Windows 8 is that the billions of keystrokes they collected from users indicated that use of the Start Menu, which anyone would agree was terrible compared to XP, had dropped to as little as 18% of what it had been in XP for some tasks. They saw something that users had abandoned, correctly assumed it was broken and fixed it in the best, most comprehensive way possible. Now, with Windwos 10, they seem to be combining all the worst elements of the Vista Start Menu (carried over virtually unchanged into W7) and the Start Screen to come up with something that is worse than both.

If Microsoft are happy to make something worse to keep customers happy, then they have rocks in their head. At the end of the day, it should not be about whether or not people like it or don't like it, it should be about how much better or worse it is, and by any metric you choose, Windows 10 is worse than Windows 8.

It will be ok to leave the artist in circles but they need to leave the albums in square format.

If I pin a person to start, does it rest there as a circle? Also, not all contacts are people! If they want to "fix something for change's sake", they should work on consistency between tablet and phone, or any other point at uservoice. There is a lot to do.

6.7" with an active digitizer could be great. It would be rather niche, and not for me as I prefer one-handed use, but especially with W10 (heck, they could put an Atom in it) could attract enough people to be profitable. And it would be a marketing move as well, as a device like that from MS would surely garner attention (and ridicule for sure, but a few memes ridiculing it would still get it, and WP, more exposure).

I share your opinion.  The icons in the Settings app look at home in WIndows 10.  Flat/Single Face... WireFrame Look.... I'd like to see those find their way into the File Explorer, etc.... 


However, I am glad to see those hideous ones from earlier versions of File Explorer have been replaced.