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Yes, if you don't like it, uninstall - problem solved. Or don't use Windows 10 at all.

So, I have to click on every email to delete them all? Isn't there an option "select all" ? I have to delete over 100 mails. This can't be the solution.

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Once i installed windows 10 on my Lumia 520. It was so smooth on first start up may be few more days after that. Now i had to switch back to windows 8.1 due to the heavy lag. From my first few days experience i believe windows 10 rtm will work smoothly on my Lumia 520 once its launched. Lumia 520 now controls 34.5% of the market share for worldwide Windows Phone devices. Microsoft should add Lumia 520 to the first wave.

This is did not realize yet -- this is a definitive dealbreaker. I have 256gb on my SP2 and over 500gb on Onedrive. I rely on OneDrive 'online only files' to make sure I have access, but don't need to carry everything. This is exactly how OneDrive was pushed with the Surface, hence why they came with 200gb promo codes. There's no need for massive local storage, when it can be available online - what happened to that philosophy?

Uninstall after your subscription runs out - problem solved. Or better yet, don't use it at all and just uninstall it at the first instance..

Agree with comments though the Skype issue isn't really a Windows 10 issue, just almost coincides (badly) with timings, crazy decision but hey ho.

You can install "Skype Translator Preview" to get the Modern Skype back for now - ignore the tranlation features and it's pretty much the same with a more jazzy looking tile.

Just got to hope what's coming for Skype and Windows improves Skype and social networking over the next couple of months.

When apple change something its oh my god yeah apple. Even though osx and iphone os are way behind. And buggy as hell. Microsoft changes and they are evil!!!! Lol. Windows 10 is the best os I've ever used. Its amazing.

Being forced to use a 365 sub is a kinda a downer to me tho... Still exploring the new OS. I can see it getting better and better

Performance is much worse than windows 8 :/ Everything is much slower and the start menu search makes no sense.
It still feels like a half-cooked OS not ready for its prime. Windows 8 fared better when it was first released.

The entire thing is a resource hog. I don't think I will upgrade my Windows 8 tablets to Windows 10.

Ok... Once again. It's not free. It's just a promotion to pull you into upgrading. I already upgraded. If you don't make use of the free upgrade, you'll be buying the OS next year. Even then, you will get ads in these apps and games.

It's almost like that video is Mozilla making fun of themselves for how EASY it is to change it. People will complain about anything.

Actually, I have now been successful getting OneDrive mapped as a network drive letter on my local PC. I can now access the full of OneDrive and see all files without having to have anything stored locally.

I'll post in the forums how to do it as soon as I've had a chance to write up the tutorial. I'll need to do it again and make a few screenshots as I go. Give me some time, and I'll get it posted. It's not going to be as easy as eating ice cream, but you will only have to do it once and you'll have it from then on. I'll try to reply back here with a link to the post once I have it done.

Placeholders only eats few KB of size since its essentially an icon/thumbnail with link. If the issue is that there are too many temporary smart files that filling up the space, that they should fix it and make it smarter and bring settings on how much smart files will it store offline until its 'removed' automatically to make space.
Removing all together isn't a fix and just a lame excuse on their part unfortunately.
It's like ditching a flat tire because it only looses air pressure, not because of the damage.

Also Placeholder/Smart files are basically a same thing as the OneDrive app in phones, its just a placeholder and it still have to download when you open the file.

Hardly ruined it. i've enjoyed this version more than the previous basic version. if you still want a basic version with no ads, there are at least a dozen of them in the store.

Not at all -party and be done for it. No one should feel entitled to free anything. Pay and no ads our other bs. Then one can't complain.

He's oversimplifying the situation, though. The Start Menu in Windows 10 is quite different than the Start Menu he invented decades ago.

I'm having a big problem with VPN.

I have a WiTopia acct and con'e log in using either a dedicated client or by using windows VPN. Might have something to do with device drivers(Connection say "unavailable - device missing"), I'm still working on it.



​these are videos between games. they are hard to ignore. i don't click on them, but after watching that nissan sentra add a few dozen time, i preety much memorized it. Still don't plan on buying a sentra. however, a person in the market for it might consider buy it. It like a coke commercial. Everone knows about coke, but they keep advertising to keep brand awareness really high.

I don't care about solitaire. But I feel ya! This is some bulls.... Tryinna charge from cheap ass game y' know!?

Precisely why I pay wherever I can. I'm not getting a free update to w10, I'm getting Enterprise, going live tomorrow (though I won't be upgrading for a while yet, want to wait and see), but yes: They're should be an option to pay and so not be commoditised. But they're isn't an option.

He was disappointed because it should have been evolved to something more advance and more modern as the technology advances, but because there more poeple who can not embrace change and want to have "START" menu for the rest of their lives, Microsoft brought it back even though it was decades old. Microsoft is just giving-in to what majority wants.

I have grown out from the START menu, and I have conveniently navigated Windows 8 and 8.1 without issues. Now on Windows 10, I am more excited of the other features than the START menu.

Stop the nonsense and being a fan boy. Ads on any core application of the OS is unacceptable. There are two ways to look at it. MS is adding more and more ads and micropayments to its bundled applications, or MS pre install junkware.

I have problem with subscription. I'd rather Pay $5-10 once to get rid of ads, but imagine paying for three years And then deciding not to pay anymore and the ads return! Now you have paid more than it may be worth and still have ads.

I'd get one, but the Canadian peso is not doing so well....

I'd have to take out a mortgage...

Someone want to start a funding campaign for me?

Btw - the logo is AWESOME!!!!!

I never knew knowing Dutch was the measuring stick of greatness for virtual assitance.

So I upgraded an 8-inch tablet from Windows 8.1 with Bing to Windows 10, and it's not letting me do any edits without an Office 365 subscription.  It's treating my tablet like a 'PC', I'm assuming cuz I'm running the desktop version of Windows 10 rather than Windows 10 Mobile (which future tablets of this size will run)... which is expected as that's what the MS reps said would happen.

Still, anyone aware of a work-around for this?

you call it an ad. others might call it a notification. Apple downloads updates and notifies you that it is ready. Microsoft is asking your permission to start the download when available. it was a one time thing and just tells you a little bit about the update. it intrude at all after reserving the update. i have no problem with this.