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Nosebleeds are a sign of sexual excitement, according to Japanese Folk Belief. So this is the reason nosebleeds are common for male/female characters who are turned on by something attractive.

What ananve said is true. As the app wasn't available to me via the WC link (or other tried methods), I attempted the "WhatsApp bug" and successfully managed to download the Win10 version of ProShot, but was unable to launch it as it crashed straight away. I also tried it with Navigon which just presented me with a download error, and Minecraft PE which crashed at the Mojang splash screen (even tried restarting my phone with no luck).
So you should feel at ease knowing any "free" downloads won't work.
Once the app is available again I will be buying it as intended the first time, assuming it'll still have a sale as I already own the WP8 version.

Thank you so much for the responses everyone! :) After doing all of the things you suggested and then restarting the computer, the problem got fixed. I don't know which one did it, but the point is that it now downloads apps again without crashing. Thank you again for your help! :-)

And as for those who cadged it free with the store bug - shame on you. The dev worked a year for you, and why should he do it for free? Are you his mother? Let's be careful we don't get the Devs we deserve.

Issues like these will make developers think twice if they really want to offer their apps on windows store

No weather app is accurate for forcasting, they all vary from 2 to 1o degrees (C) out. They do get current temps right most of the time. I don't know if anyone is working on adding BOM data to their apps, though I have asked many


Managed to buy it yesterday along with the HDR option. Hoping the light trail/bracketing fixes come fast, but otherwise all well on my 950xl. Anyone know how to use burst mode?

Looks like I missed it this week, I'll hopefully be there next week. The game looks nice :)

My lumia 830's compass did not work anymore after updating to this build.

Yep! Colorblind mode marks the colored areas on the screen with icons to aid with telling them apart. :)

Yeah I was "hiding" in the U.S. where non of the stuff you mentioned is happening...and that's a fact

Just purchased and the changes are well worth it (great job Dev), tad laggy on my 830 but then most everything else is too lol.

I did not get chance to get it yet. I bought your original version. Will be buying this version too. Thanks for putting in the work on a W10 version. Looking forward to taking some amazing pictures with your app on my 950xl.

That's pretty much the idea behind it though, turning off the cursor should make the pen behave like a pen not a glorfied pointing device that acts like a mouse too that was always a awful design idea.

Likely because it isn't avaiable in your region. I get the same result if I try to sign in on the US site. If I copy the product URL to my region, it doesn't show up at all.

Same here, downloaded here in UK, payed willingly for it, why shouldn't we, these guys worked hard to get it here, I get so pissed off with this bloody platform any wonder developers are pulling out, I hope in this case it's sorted. I have focus issues that are not quite right, definitely softer than stock camera I emailed this to riseupgames though not expecting a reply until Monday at least, they've enough problems.

Wow... Good points :)
I didn't understand them all honestly, but you should take them all to the Feedback Hub, to let Microsoft know how you feel... as opposed to just telling us fans, whom have no access to the code :)

Still had lot of bugs in windows 10.... It's still abeta OS.... App crashes are most common. All ported apps take atleast 15-30 sec's to start the application. Do speed test with android devices and it's shame on MS.... Still love my Lumia730, 2200mah battery last just 6-10hrs of moderate use once it was 24-36hrs....

Swipe keyboard in win10 is not that great. Everytime need to check the words and re-edit.

XNA was a "managed runtime" for game development.  Basically a .Net for games. (Think like Java.) Why was it abandoned? Well, I'd love to see an expose sometime, but as a complete outsider who's read lots of claimed inside info, it looks like the problem was that Steven Sinofsky was literally the worst guy who could have been put in charge of Windows at the time Windows 8 was being developed. There was a war of sorts between the developer tools group, which had been working on managed code approaches like .Net and offshoots like Silverlight and XNA, and Sinofsky's windows dev group that pushed for native code. We ended up with the WinRT runtime which by all accounts is very much like the managed Silverlight API which was on WP 7.x but was directly incompatible for political reasons, and focused on native, rather than managed code. So at the time where Windows was being pushed for divergent hardware platforms (e.g. ARM for Surface RT/WP 8.0, x86 for Surface Pro and PCs), instead of having a managed code (.net, Silverlight,XNA) approach that allowed for a single app to run across platforms, we needed custom compiled apps.

Or the shorter answer is that MS threw away whatever they had to chase some ephemeral potential gain and are now trying to walk back from that decision.  So SOP.

No clue about what trick you are referencing. If the trick is opening the windows store, clicking on app, and then choosing to install, then I am the ultimate trickster. MS created a problem, MS should fix the problem. Constantly blaming others and creating excuses for their own issues they create will never stop their current problems including the AU fiasco going on.

So amped, but can't pre-order (no xbox, no xbox store in my region) as there no listing in the windows store yet. Hopefully closer to that time there will be a listing I hope, need that ultimate edition

they mentioned it because the people at Windows Central are reputable journalists that are classy enough to let you know their sources.

I used to love this game but I had to stop playing. The dark zone was just too unbalanced and almost impossible without a group.

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Wow...Dan and Tom....smh? I already summed up Tom, but way to use your platform....#truecolors

Lol you mean telling the most idiotic comments ever! Who even says that to begin with especially your last point which is ridiculous! Humanity is no where near extinction levels buddy!? That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

#TeamLumia 950 XL

The app was being offered for free from the Store irrespective of some trick.

Windows os he chutiya hai in android 100 new app comes in a week so they told the world?? No and here one app come ,u do like app come app come app come

It's all about apps, and we can see how MS makes sure their store experience is productive and profitable...