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Anyone got the preview build via Windows Update and not by Updates and Recovery? I seriously need a progress bar and size of the update

I did insert a screen shot here, I promise!  Guess it got stripped out - check my Twitter feed if you want to see it (same name as shown here)


My Lenovo X201 updated fine, but looks like the Intel Graphics driver is broken.  Impossible to use the app to leave feedback (This screen corruption shown is nothing compared to the feedback screen! :-))


Max, it looks like most of your comments are trolling. If you enjoy commenting here, you need to stop that.

Feature Request: Implement the date and clock style to the Glance Screen for the sake of consistency and customization. Kind of lame they look different. Very happy with the look of this lock screen. So much more subtle than Live Lock Sc. Yet so much more elegant and natural. And even adds features! Sheesh. LLS will fall off the map with this one. At least they released this as 1.1.01 (or similar) meaning they UPDATE IT lol...

Good point! The lack of a mouse operated Charms Bar can be (very!!) annoying, but all in all this is an EXTREMELY good OS for enterprise.

The ONLY thing that annoys me about Windows 10 is that Metro apps and desktop apps have slightly different taskbar button icons. I like the new square kind, I wish they all had them :(

Great review Daniel. It'll be a great tablet for someone who can manage the development costs for this thing.  I was struck by the speed at which the ModernUI app opened.  I expected it to be much quicker but it wasn't a lot faster than what I can get from my Surface RT. Maybe after removing McAfee I could see the performance bump I expect from a high dollar hybrid. 

Overall, I like Lenovo and I like the Yoga. For surfing and writing, this would make the grade easily.   What I could do without is the entry fee to ownership.  Maybe after they sell enough to recover that, the price will get to the 800 dollar price range I think its worth.

That's the beauty of the free market.  People will only pay what they see as a fair price.

Its been mentioned multiple times getting the media center will keep your preview from getting updates.

Agreed, because I'm heavily invested in the ecosystem and feel like it wouldn't hurt to offer incentives to other users like myself, like 25% off a music pass with a gold membership, and maybe another 50% off with an Office 365 subscription. The cost would be covered in profit margins by those software and services purchases, which I may remind everyone are cheaper due to the lack of physical product distribution overhead costs

I don't recall expressing any political views. Did I? No... No ones political view is wanted, including my own. No good can come from playing devil's advocate. People have the right to seek & find ✌. This site is about tech, specifically Windows, Windows phone, & MS. PERIOD.

Uhh guys? I went to "Add Features" on the Windows 10 Preview... Entered my Windows 8 Pro With Media Center key... And it accepted it... Now I have Widows Media Center on Windows 10... Also, in the bottom right of my desktop it instead says "Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center" but I still have things like a Start Menu and such... (In "System" it shows the same change) Odd.. I wonder if updates will be effected... Though I notice now that it instantly fails when trying to check for new preview versions...
That's it, I'm restoring back to before this lol. I wouldn't recomend doing this.

Really happy with windows 10 only wish is they get rid of the the cursed win8 theme ui and make it more flat/metro looking just like many concepts ive seen

^ this. If you look up a bit of info on the web, you would see that basically every streaming service breaks even or is losing money if they use a free ad supported model.

I'm assuming that was directed to the first replier, but I would like to reiterate that I wasn't saying that radio and XBM are the same, not that XBM should be free. You pay a premium for listening to what you want, and that's how it should be.

These should be downloadable in places other than the U.S. Considering when I looked for a video tutorial on tetra lockscreen, not a single one of them was in English.

This app is the answer to ios swipe up for the calculated and other features like the flashlight (at least from the lock screen) if you could choose to change the detailed calendar with music controls or add them that's be great too as well as other apps like flashlight.

Windows 10 won't be out until mid 2015 so how can you say the OS is a Fail? Unless you can look into future which I doubt you can....

In the Play Store the app is called Windows Central, but when you install the app, than the app is called Windows Phone Central.... (Please fix it jay)

Spotify is great, but I'm too lazy to move my music from xbox music to spotify. That, and I just don't know how to do it easily.

And to your first point, I agree. The Xbox One Always-On fiasco is another example...


Microsoft, WHY? Are you trying to make your service worse and even less able to compete with Spotify and others? Really? -_-

I'm still getting this wack "Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 805a8011" message so I can't do anything.

Me too. In fact all the new snapping functionality is gone for me, it's back to how it worked in W8 except that the Win+Arrow keys don't work. If it's not affecting everyone, maybe we're part of an A/B testing group?

Edit: In fact, after installing their latest updates it's back. Only thing is that you can no longer Windows Key + Up twice to snap to the full top half of the screen. You can only snap a full half horizontally, or a quarter in any corner.

In fact, after installing their latest updates it's back. Except only horizontal -- the vertical snapping isn't working.

EDIT: Vertical snapping is actually working, but you can no longer Windows Key + Up twice to snap to the full top half of the screen. You can only snap a full half horizontally, or a quarter in any corner.

Did anyone know that before build 9860 you could scroll through multiple windows, like for example you have google chrome open in two windows and you were browsing through the first window and if you hover your mouse over the second window and just scroll with your mouse without clicking you could scroll through the page, that seems to be gone after build 9860