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Notifications & Actions settings page bug is still there. If you have many apps that list takes so much time to open regularly. There is also a bug for Gestures Beta icon and title. It's invisible on that list.

You have a G6 too right Dan? You think the 3T is better overall? Main differences for you? Obviously they have the same SoC and RAM but the LG to me appears to have more feature wise and better cameras. There is a price difference for all this I guess.

Hello Muhammad,
I'm from India. For testing purpose I installed the CU using insider in Release Preview Ring, and I noticed that there are so many bugs in CU. Immediately I have reset my phone using recovery tool and back to production 14393.1066 now it's working fine :-)

Microsoft seem to have abandoned us, so we need a way out.

Honestly I can't suggest a windows phone anymore because they are outspected for good now and microsoft isn't giving us anything to wait for.

My god I hope they will unveil something next month I just don't want to leave my windows phone :(

For anyone curious, as it wasn't covered in this article, you can do the following with a OnePlus 3T (and most Andrpoid phones):

Use Microsoft's Arrow launcher. No, it's not live tiles, but it is arguably best or second best launcher for Android, and allows for quick access to contacts, most used apps, a swipe down for bing search, quick access to most-useful settings, etc.

Convert the home button to launch Cortana with a long press, instead of Google's assistant.

Add Outlook calendar widget to quickly view and add events.

Utilize the fantastic Outlook all in general, which is 3 apps in one: email, calendar and contacts.

Use one of two Microsoft lock screens, both with unique, useful features.

Change the google search bar to a bing bar using the Bing widget.

Many, many more things like these.

So, to summarize, you can buy a OnePlus 3t and look at a Microsoft lock screen, unlock to a Microsoft launcher, featuring a Bing-centric search feature, have Outlook front and center on it's on home screen, and utilize and pull iup Cortana with just a long-press of the home button.

You really can be Microsoft centric inside an Android device. I highly recommend it.

I walk in a Chinese restaurant and can't get cheese.

They ask me to order something else, please.

The other day i went to the store in search of an android (was thinking of a flagship) and the guy there advised me against android- "sir, even android flagship cant give the feel and fluidity of windows....stay with windows till ur phone is dead or u absolutely feel a need" - these are the exact words he said at a time when android is ruling and people are jumping ship!!!! I sometimes do think that people love windows phones specially in India....but the poor efforts of Microsoft and its ex ceo killed it.....however we are still lucky enough to get quite a number of local apps though.....

Yes I fill the missing of some dedicated applications in Windows 10 phone, such as the software to manage home heating. The solution is very simple Windows will attract developers just as CHINA has attracted investors. If Windows wants to. More than that, Windows has been wrong in the policy of building Windows 10, especially Windows phone without attracting developers in this new step with a new policy. Windows needs to think at what conceptual level claim to be, to raise Windows Phone or to give up and switch to Android because money is made easier in this way, Competition consumes resources that are not necessarily seen in profit, but raises the world conceptual level about the new application utility as the Windows95 and after windows98 did at that time. My point of view: Until Android 5 is born we did not have an Android mobile operating system. When the Android 4 version was in the phone the software version of Windows Phone was much superior in functionality, stability. Very important is the look of the phone. Customers choose colorful and shiny phones. If Windows does not make glossy phones he will not have important sales on the Android phones. My choice is an powerful hardware built and functional phone.

I ditched my 950XL 2 months ago and got Samsung 7 Edge and have no regrets.....the last straw was reboots when I needed to make an emergency phone call.....this is supposedly high end product from great company..yet its like Orphan Annie.....Microsoft has no plans to support them or keep the loyal customers updated with what they wan to do....Satya Nadell is the Donald Trump of Mobile computing....a compelete lost cause!!

Thanks for streaming this! I missed part of the stream while I was at my brother's, but I enjoy playing STO a lot!

After not liking iOS and thinking Android is just a cheap copy of the same I came back to Windows. If this platform fails I'm giving up on smartphones all together.

Witcher 3 makes just about every other RPG I can think of look worse in comparison, story wise and depth wise. All the sidequests seemed more or less well written and not just things to check off. Combat and gameplay wise there is better but the world of the Witcher 3 is incredible. That being said, not every game can be that good. I'm just starting up Andromeda and will see if it's this trash fire everyone says it is which I doubt.

Considering windows has been out for decades and android is a short term parasitic OS pulling pieces from everybody without permission and in their short life span has managed to have thousands of major security issues. Absolutely I would rather go with windows or iPhone before android.

I would not buy this argument nor would I like to switch to other phones on Android or iOS. I basically use smart phones only because of the Windows OS and there may be many like me. Or I am happy with a simple phone which has calling facility!!! I think what windows has not done is market their products correctly. When someone sees a Windows mobile there are curious minds who say : "Does Microsoft make phones??" And someone who does know there are windows phones out there have a perception that a windows phone hangs, has loads of viruses and there are no apps. When I show them my phone and ask them what app is missing - no answer. What you find on the "latest iPhones or Andriod Phones" I would say "Windows been there done that" already. Also you get the latest updates directly from Microsoft and with Windows 10 they are quickly providing updates directly rather than via operators. I think Microsoft needs to think of a good brand exercise to showcase features that are already present on Windows phones as compared to what Android or iOS offers. Phones like the 930, the 1020, 1520 and even the current range of X3 or 950 are ahead of their times in terms of the build quality and features they offer. With great desktop / phone integration already in place I feel Microsoft needs to take the next big leap in terms of branding exercise and make known to the world that Windows Phones are here to stay!

I say amen to that... Microsoft needs to bring out a working phone os, not this handicapped bullshit that cannot even get some of the most basic feature phone functionalities like changing your PIN done.

"Microsoft needs to NOT go with android of all things. Such a terrible OS for security."

LOL, right.   Because Windows has such a GREAT record of security. 


I hate android... but its the best option right know for aps. Windows is by far my favorite UI and its so smooth and fluid. Having dark mode throughout the whole device is supierior!!!! 😉

That is Soooo Cheap!!!! And pretty good AAA games, where was this at Christmas!!! Although I'm holding out for a Scorpio!!! Hopefully then bring it a 2TB version, also won't get it straight away in case there are problems!!!! But really looking forward to playing GoW4 on the Scorpio!!!!

Microsoft seems to be busy writing applications for Android phones. They have written apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook for Android. Cortana is available on Android.
Microsoft now has a Store on Android called "Microsoft Apps". This app has all of Microsoft offerings including the People app for the Android platform. Microsoft's strategy must be this, "If you can't beat them, join them." If you are feeling neglected, Microsoft will give you plenty of attention on an Android device. Microsoft, as a competitor, has always managed to get underneath a rival competitor's skin. Perhaps Microsoft is readying its fishing nets, and plans later to reel them back in to the Windows mobile platform?

The thing with me is, I would not buy another smart phone, be it an Apple IOS, Google Android, or Windows phone, unless I could replace the battery myself. My Lumia 925 I thought would last a lifetime. It lost its "oomph" within two years. I am a do-it-yourselfer kind of guy, and my Lumia 925 was literally built around the battery so that the battery resides in the middle of the device itself. There were so many pieces to uninstall to get to the battery. I backed off after training and learning what procedures would be involved. So I never started the repair. My windows phone dead. Twice I lost support for mobile banking. I even switched banks for Windows phone, once. I went from Chase to Wells Fargo.

I am much more educated now. I purchased a Samsung Android device with beautiful AMOLE display for seventy bucks at Walmart. The back plastic cover snaps off to get to the SIM card, SD card slot, and battery. I can move apps from the phone to the SD card with Marshmallow 6.0.1, (Android OS).

Why would anyone recommend any phone with a battery they cannot replace themselves? It would be awesome if an additional charger were supplied. One could keep a spare, fully-charged battery on their person, if needed.

In a nutshell: Would I recommend a Windows Phone?
No way. I love the Windows Mobile Platform too, but my Nokia 925 always wanted to hang around life support equipment. Twice abandoned by banks for mobile banking.

I am happy to be able to afford such a beautiful smart phone with a replaceable battery. I have access to banking apps galore, my OneDrive Cloud files. I can choose my own Email app, currently "BlueMail", Program launcher "ZenLauncher", beautiful stunning backgrounds some that are "live" waterfalls. I can choose a beautiful Dialer app "RocketDial", keyboard app, and messaging app. Widgets for current weather conditions live on screen, and widgets for Calendar. Now I have an 3D animated brilliant glowing butterfly as my program launcher. The environment here is so thick with developer apps. It's as if Reagan from the Exorcist is throwing up developers in here...non-stop...great distance...this place has so much to offer, you will not feel neglected here at all. Android...sorry to say leaving Microsoft...but Android is just chock full of life. It is astounding. Seventy dollars and a replaceable battery...and a Samsung phone can do everything the Google Play store can throw at it. Except for a compass. My Samsung has GPS and works well with Sheldon's Whip. Camera will take a picture of a check for you with mobile deposit. All you have to do is center it over the check. Keep your SIM card and never lose your number again. Upgrade as often as you like. Lost phone? There is a find my phone feature here too. SM-J120A. The same size as my Nokia Lumia 925. So...sad to remember where I have been, but I am so happy with where I am now. And it makes sense for a weak and meek person like myself. I don't have much money, and this phone keeps blowing my socks off. I called Windows my play dough because you could customize it and mold it like clay to suit your needs. Android Google offerings bury you in play dough. Something different and just as beautiful is always around the corner. No problems to report either.

Thanks for your time. Just torching my journey's path for you to follow...though I know you won't and/or don't want to. I apologize. I was forced to switch too. I am so sad to be here and say these things. I don't want to leave smart phone will cheer me up, so full of life it is. I fell in love with Windows Phone...what a shame to be forced to leave such a good old friend.

I, also, tried an iPhone for a short time. I am gladly back using my 950. Using the iPhone was like going back in time. Windows 10 Mobile is the best mobile platform out there....its colorful, vibrant and easy to use. The live tiles make the iPhone look boring.

I have the same problem, I have to use my Android tablet to come to the site because of this sites encoding problems.... So stupid.

Looking back on it now, they should have ditched it before w10m became a thing. w10m was a mess for the first year and a half. I stuck with it until up to the 640 XL. The 950 was, and still is, priced way too high. Android and ios just have more and better apps. I've had a G4 and now a V10.

Microsoft needs to NOT go with android of all things. Such a terrible OS for security. Unfortunately I did have to switch from windows phone recently because of some apps I used personally were not supported anymore or pulled plus my work didn't support it as well. I'm keeping my windows phone for hopes of going back but honestly I'm not sure that things will improve. But I didn't go with android as, I said before, because its just a terrible OS period. Microsoft needs to get off their butt and do something ahead of everyone else. They have done it before and now they need to do it again.

It was a nice, informative streaming session tonight. I may try out Star Trek Online as a result of tonight's stream.

I want a Windows Phone....Peroid.....not an Adroid or iOS. Not a droid with a MS overlay. I want a Microsoft branded Windows Phone, 4.5" - 5-5". If MS fails to give us any more hardware, a flip phone is looking good to me.

Why do I still use my Windows Phone (WP)?
Two words: Performance and update.

I moved to WP from Android late July 2016, and it was one of the best decision I had ever made to date.
My green Lumia 830 may only be equipped with 1GB of RAM, but I am genuinely surprised that it still performed flawlessly well despite it's age and Windows 10 Mobile update. What's more, I'm even surprised about its speed when I'm compared with my sister's Oppo Neo 5 that have the same RAM capacity.

I also love on how Microsoft keeps on committed on giving continuous updates, and that's something only be seen on high end flagship Android smartphone. My previous Android phone never, EVER see any kind of available update, so I'm rather pissed off it. And let's not forget Android's fragmentation. It feels like as if I want to experience the latest Android OS, I have to buy a brand new phone. Why would I have to do that?! -_-

Nexus user here and I think they shouldn't.
They should just focus on making "win10 + arm + sim support", make Surface Mobile a reality.
I'll get onboard if it allows me to XPA my gamers. I'm already doing it with my Alienware / Surface Pro 4 but, a 5 inch tablet to dock on my controller? Why not?