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Sweet!  Now all I need to do is go buy the Pip Boy Edition of Fallout 4.  Oh right.....

I think the reason they didn't use a fingerprint scanner is that very few on the market today are right-sized for phone use AND pass certain security certifications.

The fingerprint specification for Windows Hello is fairly detailed.

Remember we're talking about one methods of biometric authentication supported by Windows Hello subsystem.  Windows Hello supports: Fingerprint / Iris / Face.

After listening to the questions about Windows Hello at BUILD, I understand why the layperson doesn't get it, as the developers attending were confused.

The result was the engineer doing the presentation sounding like this guy:

This is a futuristic feature..i think MS is going for the long the hope that their phones will eventually get popular, the future may hold docking stations where people jst plug in their phone and do their thing...
If apple were to do this, all kinds of vendors and establishments would scramble to set up such docking stations at various locations to connect the iphones. But lumias will unfortunately take their time in catching up and so will the convenience of using continuum.

Ne'ermind, an xbone reboot fixed it.  LOL at a group of rebel scum killing Vader, then all teabagging his kneeling body... I don't recall that scene from the movies

Miracast isn't perfect.  Sometimes you get lag and latency, and, sure, sometimes you don't, but it's unpredictable.

Imagine trying to type a document, and words show up even a milisecond off;  it would drive you crazy.

It isn't lazy. It's nobody here pays $500-600-700. for something they'll only use for a year or so. THAT'S stupid. Apparently all you foreigners must be pretty well-heeled!

In Canada I wish it was that big.  I love my Nokia 920, but this sucks.  I was waiting and waiting, if no carrier picks it up, then I need to look at something else, $749.00 is a little steep.  Hopefully Microsoft will put together the same type of thing Apple is doing and maybe then I will.  I will letting Rogers know of my disappointment, that is all I can do.

I read a previous comment from another post where the person claims that Mobile Nationals lost their original developer but gave no word on the search for a replacement.

My answer to this is that this is a product announcement not a demo.  Demo's and reviews will go more in depth.

Who's going to bring a big ass monitor, keyboard and mouse to a Starbucks or a library?

At this point, why not just carry a laptop?  Wouldn't it be lighter?

I'm really considering getting a 950 XL to use basically as my computer and phone.  I don't use a computer to do much, just take notes, browse the web and the like and if the 950 XL with contiuum will meet those needs, then I might just ditch my laptop and grab one of these.  I'ove to get a surface pro 4 too, but this would be the most budget-friendly option right now.

I think I rem seeing the non universal apps disabled on the start screen during one of the demos.

I was thinking exactly the same. It's a very nice feature but the limitation of 1 app running on the big screen could be a problem. Maybe they can also add this feature when W10m will be really optimized (for sure not in November/December).
I'm thinking this just because is Continuum itself that, looking like a PC, pushes the user to do even more.

I still get DVD's by mail! Still loving it while I can. $8 a month, one movie at a time.

Snapdragon 820 doesn't need an external sensor, but wasn't ready in time for these phones.

I expect the s820 based phones to remove the iris scanner in favor of the fingerprint scanner that's embedded in the SoC.

My order of interest:

1) 950XL - I have a 920 and need a new phone, badly

2) Surface Book - finally, gaming oin a laptop, can get rid of my desktop

3) Band - getting fat and need something to get me self-motivated - maybe this is it

4) Pro 4 - just cause I love the Surface form factor and portability

Actually, it's not.

WIth Windows Passport (or Microsoft Passport as the name has been appropriated from MicrosoftAccount) is a subsystem that manages credentials.  Other developers are free to add Microsoft Passport support to their apps and services.  Each User+Device becomes a unique login.  

When Microsoft Passport is used, a certificate is generated and stored in the phone's TPM and the public key is sent to the App Dev.

Windows Hello is the local biomatric authentication platform which confirmes the identity of the user, and then the certificate information is used to validate the app/service.  We're not passing credentials here.

No amount of marketing can remedy a reputation for having bad apps or no apps at all. If MSFT manages to fix the product, which they hardware-wise just did, then they will get carrier attention.

It appears to only search for your eye when the lockscreen is active. I would think if your screen is on all of the time, that it would be a bigger battery drain than the iris scanner. I'm not sure about any health issues, but infrared light is absorbed by your eyes anytime they are open. I guess it would depend on the amount and wavelength of the Infrared light being used.

I am looking forward to the  Iris Scanner!  This will be a great way to secure my phone.

I believe after windows 10 mobile OTS is released there will be alot more popular apps coming to MS. What I realized is that MS is focused more on their core apps and getting them out to other devices like office and Cortana to build its shares.

When i look into Lumia 950 XL, I'm not looking for its specification because as everbody know this device have 2015 "high end" specification. When i look at the feature came along with this device, I'm curious with what called "continuum"?, How come a smartphone turn into PC-like ?, its must be awesome, no other device can do this even you have an Iphone 6s or Galaxy Note, only Lumia 950XL and 950 which can !.

Exactly that's way I feel 950xl packs a punch no doubt and windows phones doesn't even need the much speed to feel smooth ny 1520 running win10 mobile and it's like butter. Besides it looks better and literally every time I use it. Right now today it's still a head turner. That looks like another phone except for the camera which I like it looks more sexy then 1520. Remove the speaker away from camera keep the round corners add aluminum to the sides along with side buttons and removable plastic color option back and we have a sexy looking beast

I have the minutes on my account but when i call from a computer to a fix number i cannot be heard and i don't hear anything... just a long and annoing tipe of beep.

Believe me, tou are not like most 15 year olds.  I don't know a teenager, under 18, that paid for their phone.

He means there is supposed to be a docking station there where anyone can plug in their phones and use them full PC...

I think the situation here is a little different. The iPhone was basically the dawn of the mobile phone as we know it. It introduced apps and set the template for how phones are used these days. There was nothing like it when it was announced and the hype was immense, everyone wanted one after the announcement because it was so different to anything available at that time. 

These new phones from Microsoft are not game changers, but they are supposed to be the rebirth of the Windows Phone I guess you'd say. Although Nokia's hardware and the OS have been solid in the last few years, Microsoft do themselves no favours in concentrating on certain markets rather than others. At least with Android and iOS the key main features that make the OS what it is are available world wide, with Windows Phone that is not that case. I used to have a Lumia 820 and here in New Zealand we had none of the key features of Windows Phone available. Cortana is non existent and will most likely never be released here and even things like Mxed Radio are nowhere to be seen. There's never any marketing or advertising when a new Windows Phone is released and the ones that are available sit in the budget bin area of carrier stores because no one gives a sh*t about them and they don't sell unless they're heavily discounted. 

I truly believe that Microsoft only have themselves to blame for this situation. They could have easily been as big as Apple or Samsung if they had of given a sh*t about promoting their products and showing the world what they could do. I honestly don't think these new phones will turn that slum around. It's far too little too late and the fact that they're pretty boring looking devices will not make them stand out in the crowd of current devices that people have to choose from in stores. I wouldn't be surprised if these are the last handsets we see from Microsoft. I just hope that Nokia can somehow be reborn and start producing stellar handsets again with another OS on-board. 

Same here, due to replacing computers before we replace monitors, keyboards and mice and the new computers come with 2 out of 3 of those all of the time.

Really idk but the 950xl doesn't compare to 1520 when it comes to looks. it reminds me of the 640 family instead. The 1520 reminds me of the 925. I was hoping they would make a Lumia 1520 with round corners and aluminum sides and buttons like the 930 with a plastic back and keep the camera ring of the 950xl remove that speaker away from the camera idk that just seems odd to me I rather have it on the back at bottom or in the front, but on side of camera is weird I guess if it's loud it wouldn't matter right?

Actually, $1000 in a savings account isn't going to give you much at all in 2 years. You might get $40-$50 if you find a good savings rate. Even at %6APY, you're talking a little over $100. Now if you have no debt, and you suddenly have to pay $50 for a repair or something, it's no big deal because you don't have your loan payment to worry about. Where as if you had to take the $50 out of your savings, now you just lowered what you can gain in your interest. If you put your money in a higher interest investment, like a CD or a Bond, you're just screwed because it's locked in for a set amount of time and you don't ahve access to your $50 (or what ever amount you need) Long term debt is not something you should aspire to have. It's better to save up, purchase, and then not make monthly payments so you can save up again (hopefully before you have to purchase again). Buy a cheap phone outright, lets say a L640, put $10/month in your account. 8 months later you paid yourself back. Now either keep putting $10/month in your account till you need another phone, or sell your L640 and spend another $80 for a better phone. Ovbiously these numbers can change from person to person and item to item, but it can be applied to nearly every situation until you start reaching more than $10k. But if you start early enough, even purchases that size can be made in cash and you can pay yourself back.


EDIT: none of that even takes into account that if you fall into hard times, you can always sell what spent $1000 on. You can't ever just get rid of the loan

Come on carriers get with it !!! These are awesome phones !!!! Microsoft needs to push the Canadian carriers !!!!! I want this phone !!!

LOL they can get them. Are you north americans so unable to save some money and then buy a F*in phone? You look like children who can't keep their money so their parents have to only give 5$ to them a week. Do understand that when you pass the little initial offset of saving 600$ then you won't be spending your, I don't know 20? $ a month for 30 months and you will buy another new phone and so on and so forth without being slave to carriers. I really can't believe you cannot save a little money and need to have carriers pay for you in advance, jeez!

Snooze. Who cares. Canada isn't even as large as California. I would imagine Roger and Bell insisted on a big slice and MSFT saif forget it. This is a long game for MSFT they know they are far behind and have to build up subsidizing Canadian telecoms companies isn't part of that strategy.


This headline is really the equivalent of saying Cricket Wirless isn't going to sell the 950/950XL.. Yawn.

Doesn't work that way on the U.S. it's been said a million times already-very few people pay full price upfront for phones here.

What I could see happening for cases like this is a device similar to the notebook dock the Motorola Atrix could be used with being created. Instead of a dock, however, the phone would plug into the dock using the USB-C connector. Economically, of course, instead of massively producing them to turn into a flop like the Atrix, they could produce them in limited quantities similar to the original Band. Now that the techonology is ready for it, they could actually be successful with this.