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Microsoft's Studio all in one is A STUNNING great device for individuals and busisness who can afford to buy it to do Digtal art work, special effects editing, drafting, 3D drafting and even special table top games . Now Microsoft's OEM Partners should step up to the plate and make cheaper but simular devices. I think Microsoft will make profit off of sellimg the Studio all in one devices but they are too expensive for the General public. it's a great WOW FACTOR DEVICE. IF YOU HAVE ONE IN YOUR HOUSE YOU'ILL BE THE TALK OF THE TOWN

That's a core part of the Surface Book though. These days we spoilt with nice laptops and ultrabooks to pick from if you want a more traditional hinge?

There was post about reworked hinge, but it mentioned it as part of SB 2 redesign wish might be released next Fall.
Now they just reworked base internals for first generation.

I love the direction surface is going in , this is so much nicer than a cintiq, very elegant, gorilla glass, touch and pen? Nice!

I was hoping to see a nice big screen with the pen so this is a great starting place, the name also suits it perfectly... Studio.... The surface line is certainly creating a fully equipped environment with clean lines , I hope microsoft stays with this direction, it is a breath of fresh ( if expensive) air.

This machine shows respect for the customer, It would be nicer to have a dockable screen, sure with a bit more upgradability. I'd love to see it fold flatter and be easily transportable inside a robust case. So future iterations and some healthy competetion should help breed even better beasts.

Well done microsoft for 'not' following mac, this approach is entirely different.



I'm scared to go look at apple insider lol. Like sure, Microsoft has its fanboys too, but i've seen some really fanatical apple fans on Youtube comments before and they're totally insane sometimes. Not even Microsoft or even Google fanboys are that bad. I remember 7-8 years ago during Apple's peak, they pretty much had a huge following that was borderline a religious cult by definition. I didn't think that Apple cult was still around and that they've been humbled a bit by now.

I believe the quad-core kaby lake chips aren't out yet and if I'm not mistaken, the differences in performance and power consumption between Skylake and Kabylake is pretty marginal and not really worth the upgrade anyways. You'd be better off waiting for Cannon Lake next year.

I did the work around and the update showed up, started downloading, and got stuck at 74%. I rebooted, same thing, stuck at 74%. Reset phone, same thing. Connected it to the computer to use the recovery tool, and it didn't go through the process. First time that's happened. It just will not budge from the state it's in. This Alcatel is done lol. Glad to have a backup. 

According to MS, phones will be dealt with in 2017. You're expectations for phone announcements are year early.

Mainly a Logic user myself, but I've tried StudioOne free version on my Dell and was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity. Their sound libraries are wonderful. After Apple bought Camel and incorporated Alchemy into Logic, I never needed anything else on my Mac from DAW perspective.
If MSFT wants this to be successful they better invest in some good libraries via acquisition. If this is targeted at beginners, they will usually love lots of good quality presets before diving into the complexity of making your own sounds. That is how I learned synths, trying to understand and recreate presets.
Having a native DAW, albeit simple, on W10 is so exciting! iLife and iWork helped OSX to get on firm footing. W10 could use similar boost in the music, sound, video dept.


I just bought a Surface Book (16 GB RAM, 512 HD, i7) 2 weeks ago from Best Buy. Should I return the Surface Book (if I can), and get the new model?


Super excited! I keep an iPad 2 around just for Garage Band. That is literally all I have ever booted it up for since Surface RT launched. It would be great to get rid of that POS.

Wut. Where did you get that PCs need better graphics card to perform like a Mac?

I think you'll find that all the "traditional" VR devices are already Windows 10 based. With the exception of the pathetic "ghetto VR" that uses Samsung phones as screens.  Even these require Windows 10 for development.  In a year or two Windows VR will be the "traditional" VR system.

HoloLens (mixed reality) is targetted predominantly to professions (medical, architecture, design, education, etc) while VR is targetted mostly to gamers and entertainment.  Different markets.  Different products.  Different prices.  Over the longer term Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality will simply replace VR and a single unified platform will be created.  However, the ONE thing to note very clearly is that all the VR/AR/MR devices and software on the market are 100% Windows 10 based.  It is already too late for Apple who still haven't even reached the starting line.

I would say, that it was design and testing time vs. putting the latest and greatest specs was probably the deciding factor. Given the thought that went into this design, there had to be a cut off point that may have come before the newest chipsets/processors were finished being tested. In the end, it just has to work. In this case, it is more about what it can do vs. specs.

Are you insinuating that messenger apps like KakaoTalk are nonsense apps? Which major apps are these that are flocking to Windows Mobile? Which alternate reality are you in?

The camera was good in 2015 (its a 2015 phone after all). However with the S7, iPhone 7 and Pixel its no longer even in my top 5 phone cameras. Removable battery has fallen off to become a niche feature. No apps. I really don't see Windows Mobile making any sort of comeback. They are pushing the United Software storyline yet all I use my personal laptop for is preparing presentations. For everything else my phone with apps (Android) works just fine. Finances, photo editing, emails, travel planning, reading and other organizational activities.

The "Next Big Thing" sounds just like what it truly is - a meme to replace "Soon™".

It's Windows 10.  Almost ALL the VR being developed is for Windows 10.  So it will run almost everything and will integrate nicely with Xbox. 

It will most likely NOT run the "ghetto VR" rubbish targetted for too low-power, too low-resolution "smartphone" headsets like Samsung Galaxy Gear VR.  I don't think many people will care about that.

You can always just buy the new surface book, throw the tablet portion in the trash and use the new base with your current surface book tablet.

Anyways in all seriousness, I have a feeling Microsoft won't sell it seperately. It appears to be a package deal only. In the past, when my surface book base had an issue, I couldn't get just the base replaced, they had to replace the entire Surface Book.

I am a developer based in Beijing, China.  I have ALL my accounts set to US location and US English language.  Yet it won't let me sign in saying I need to have location set to US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.  Sounds like a software problem to me.

I've been using Cakewalk SONAR for just short of a hundred years.  Their Platinum edition is excellent - FAR better than ProTools.  I hope they do a UWP version in the future.

Hey! that 3D scanning from HP elite x3 (during presentation) was superb. Is that feature exclusive to HP elite x3 or L950, L950xl are also capable to do so.

Does anyone know who makes the display? I'd like to get a touch screen with the same specs that can be used with my own PC. The problem with all-in-one computers is the computer is obsolete years before the display is, and there is no way to upgrade them.

Can't wait to get my hand on a surface studio.

On another note, ms really made the point of women in tech. A full cast of women presenters.

And did Terry loose weight? He looks much healthier.

It is a Marvel of engineering: True. But what about the software, which will run this beautiful hardware? Is it going to perform at the same level as all Macs do? Optimization has been a big concern for Windows, that is why all Windows PCs need a bigger graphics card to perform like a Mac. If it continues, nothing going to change.

Don't forget that Apple said it would never make smartphones bigger than 3.5" and smaller Tablets!!!

It is a Marvel of engineering: True. But what about the software, which will run this beautiful hardware? Is it going to perform at the same level as all Macs do? Optimization has been a big concern for Windows, that is why all Windows PCs need a bigger graphics card to perform like a Mac. If it continues, nothing going to change.

I think most exciting thing they skipped (announcement) is surface dial. I would get one integrate it with my surface pro 4 & will get the best experience.

Microsoft should sell the "Performance Base" separately at a premium price so it can't cannibalizes the Surface Book i7. I would love to upgrade my current Surface Book base with new internals. Maybe the Surface Book can become a somewhat "modular" 2-in-1.