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Torrent is always on demand...hell, one just needs an app anymore, saw minions already... See what I mean (no pun intended)?

I don't know about all that, but Machina was definitely different and ...when the wealthy dude got was so smooth...robotics and all.

If they release a huge barrage of info all at once, then they'll have lots of dead time. If they slowly let information trickle out, they can keep the hype train going.

The 929/Icon and the 930 are the same phone they just called it the 929/Icon so Verizon can say they have an exclusisive. Cases for the 930 fit 929/Icon and vise versa. 

I listen to most of the new releases every week. But since 8.1 the New music release section has been downgraded. Imo. I don't know what 10.0 looks like, but every new iteration of Xbox music has gotten worse. Imo.

I got on line today with the Microsoft store technical support staff via an on line chat.  Andrew, the represetative I spoke with, had th same issue as I did on two separate divices.  He downloaded the app, but it was not version 1.2, it was  He said he will be escalating the problem up the line and hopfully it will be resolved soon. 

Maybe the Windows Phone port is still premature, however at the client level view it would seem that the WP version is up to par with iOS/Android.

1st of all, iSHEEP is even in Wikipedia just so you know, and used by millions of Higher IQ people around the world that see right through the EVIL CrApple, which they can't understand how some people are so easily brainwashed and fooled, and waste their money due to Fad and Hype. Good lord gave us all brain to use and not to be a sheep.

2nd, What would you call those people, that waits in-line in front of CrApple stores for Days, Weeks, Months,........sleep in Urine and feces.......pays 100x  more than the MSRP in black-market,......... just to get something that is 4 years "BEHIND" other brand's technology(like only 8 pix cam, horrible and VERY LOW mAh battery, ONLY 720 res screen, NO full NFC, NO microSD slot, NO wireless charging,.........),ridiculously overpriced just to fool people to think its so good, and most of all IT BENDS IN YOUR POCKETS(check out twitter #Bendgate and see for yourself)(like the one iJUNK 6 i have in my possession that i need to repair for someone)............. All of that just to get a device they NEVER seen or TESTED before, due to HYPE and MISLEADING, FOOLING, PRETENDING, BRAINWASHING,............and """"FAD""".  And/OR pays $800+ or so for an overrated iJUNK phone just for 1 Sanp-Chat app and NOTHING else that a smart phone offers??  Do you want us to call them iGeniuses, instead of iSHEEP? Really? 

Never heard of Xim but like you said if no one uses it then its pointless. But I agree with your OP

I gave up on HERE Maps Drive+ long time ago and now use Navigon for offline navigation or Waze.

It's an essential app for my demographic (I'm 18). We use it in lieu of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It provides a personalized experience (not as public and "high stakes" as the apps mentioned above) complimentary to text messaging. 

I'm a huge advocate for Windows Phone. I've been with WP for 5 years, and even got people to switch. However, with the removal of 6snap, everyone I know who has used WP has left to the iPhone. Even I considered switching considering how long its taking to release a high-end phone (Im still using my 920, which is slowly falling apart). 

In short: Teens & College Students are frustrated with WP's lack of snapchat, and will NOT consider switiching without it. Call us shallow, but it is an instant turnoff. If snapchat doens't relase with cityman/talkman, I will probably leave WP myself. 

I'm more of a deezer kinda guy, but I've started using the music app on WM10 and so far so good. Think i may have to do some comparisons between deezer and XBM.

That would be the first. If it would be coming to W10 Mobile they would say so.

Even worse is Xbox video won't tell you that, have to look it up when indemand starts on my cable box

It's a good film, but of course the WC write-up just goes ahead and spoils the plot.

I wish they'd make a team-based campaign mode, where you could do couch co op, online co op, or switch characters and have AI play your squad mates.

All we need now is a way to switch Secure Boot off and UEFI boot over to CSM or Legacy Boot and then you could install Ubuntu Touch, Any Linux OS or Hackintosh (Macintosh on a non-apple product) to your Nokia Lumia. *evil grin*

This is Microsoft trolling iOS and Android: Phones with Windows 10 are PCs. It will be an universal app, maybe now people start understanding what One OS means.

It's not hard to keep up with the new music or movie if your a person like myself who on the music and video app every day, I locked in my yearly Music pass it would be super cool if Xbox video was the same deal.

I'd like to see Microsoft put a little time and effort into Mouse Without Borders. Let's move this from the garage into the showroom.

Same here, I just switched back to iPhone after 4 years of WP and that was the first app i got, 23 yr old as well.

It's "their" trilogy of games, I'm referring to the way Rocksteady develop games, etc. It's a review of Rocksteady's ability to make games, using their previous games as a point of reference, etc.

Thanks for giving that rental start date, I just wondering that because I know I'll only probably watch the movie once. If I like it enough, I'll buy it but I want to rent it first.

Ex machina available to rent on 7/14....

I'll wait rather then being forced to buy, movie industry still wondering why everyone pirates????

This. No point in announcing support for an OS (Windows 10 Mobile) that hasn't been released yet.

Just got on the preview and the store looks so good, i wanted to buy a few albums on but my region is not supported... What a shame

All peer pressure aside, Minecraft truly is a fun game. No one that I know that's tried it has been disappointed.

I don't understand why Microsoft always makes announcements like this that are so vague. They should provide all the details. They did the same thing with the January 21reveal of Xbox coming to Windows 10, slowly trickling out information over the next 7 months of what they clearly knew already back then. Just announce things in detail.

Oh good lord... how can someone possibly take a story serious when it's in a blocky game? It's not like I hate blocky games (huge Trove fan), but stories? Sorry but that just makes me laugh

Take the isolation of Aliens, mix it with 12 Monkeys paranoia and direct it with a Kubrickian type class, then you pretty much have ex-machina. Love it, best film of 2015 (so far)