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Anti-trust doesn't have to be just for monopolies and Android isn't a "monopoly" in the mobile sector. They are near one in web video. 

Google didn't buy Softcard for fucks sake. And Google didn't shut Softcard down. It's amazing to see such a large group of people that has zero idea of what's going on.

Google are determined to kill Windows Phone... They will come crawling back if and it's a big if, Windows Phone wins significant market share... This won't be easy especially with the inconsistent delivery of products and services not only in the US but worldwide...

MS needs to put their money to good use and start buying some of these companies that Apple and Google are buying.
Google gets away with this crap because the government lets them do the same thing they came down on MS for.
MS has to wake up and start fighting back. It cant afford to keep playing catchup.

Article Incorrect:
EA has only shut down one branch of Maxis, not the entire division. You should correct that. :)

It doesn't mean rapes are only happened in India .... It does in other countries too ... So stop writing useless shits here dude

Well, to me Rocksmirh is pathetic. Its much easier to learn a song on an actual instrument using tablature than an overly priced game. Guitar hero and rockband are just fun games for other families and friends to join in.

"Softcard already has pretty weak support from merchants and credit card companies. "

Merchant-wise it's pretty good, but yes, credit card support is weak. However with the current AmEx Serve setup you can use any debit card for it, if you don't have a regular AmEx card.

It will get bigger, I'm sure.

Hopefully this will be better than Adobe Photoshop Express' shitty red eye removal capabilities!

Whatever Microsoft this Microsoft that... They wont do anything but look for a partner and not develop and darn thing.

In a few years, the mobile payments market will be huge. Starting to see ads on TV now for Capital One and Apple Pay, which will get lots of people used to it (especially with Apple's smooth implementation).

With Google having it as well, tons of people will get used to it on Android as well.

And Windows Phone won't have it.


I'll still want to play Rock Band 4 but not being able to use the instruments I currently own will be a big issue to overcome. The full band kits are expensive.

So we'll stop supporting then by refusing to pay for anything in the game? Sounds fair

Someone just replied to my comment, telling me Skype wasn't made by Version. I never knew that LOL

What I do ! Download it > check new thing > lag comes > stopped it > uninstall it again -_-

Why not?? Dude its amazing! Even though I play Guitar and Bass as actual instruments, this game is great for having other families and friends over. We usually spend some money on DLC songs too.

No, Google did not buy Softcard, and no, Google did not shut down the Softcard app. Softcard was dying, and they sold their technology to Google. Since they were no longer operating, Softcard shut down their app for all platforms. Google did not shut down the app, because they don't own the app...or the softcard company.

the pay feature will be the next thing for paying resturant bills, book movie tickets, resorts, taxi etc. that's the next big thing and Microsoft need to concentrate on that too with windows 10

we will update the backend service in a few hours to make all account types available for everyone. you can keep an eye on twitter @sharitofficial or our facebook page on the same name to know when it is online. to apply the update, you will only need to refresh the profile page in the app or just signout then signin again.

Talented Developers can afford anything. If he is talented he will get the gold nugget. IT is not the field of those whose born with silver spoon.

Wouldn't it be smarter to let WP help Google fight Apple Pay for now? Can always revoke Softcard app later

Good replies and I agree with you all. Softcard technology wil soon become a proprietary tech called Android Pay. Samsung with S6 taking different approach which seems more viable. This does not require vendors to install NFC and or Apple Pay devices. In a way softcard leaving WP is blessing in disguise.