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That was just the desktop version. And Sony PS4 has a timed exclusive for Spotify on consoles.

Actually, I tell a T100 was second hand, and when I got it, the volume and power button were misaligned. I didn't have the original receipt - however, Asus collected and repaired it within 72 hours using just the serial number. I got it back within the working week. I thought that was pretty impressive (only Nokia have been more impressive in my limited experience of faults with tech products)

Me too. The previous Bay Trail processors showed really good benchmark numbers. Those numbers were equivalent to Intel's 2nd Gen i3 or better. I also hope this is a fanless design (no noise).

Guys: This is a free app. You should be grateful! What would you do if you had to pay?!....

Too expensive for what? There's a lot Windows tablets available for less. Microsoft's tablet should be the benchmark tablet, therefore a premium product at a premium price. In fact it's about $100 under priced. It's direct competitor's price for similar specs is $599 without a keyboard. How is this price too expensive?

how do you differentiate between surface 3 and surface pro 3?(looks wise) really hope they make the surface series available in india.

From what I understand core CPU performance is not much, if at all improved from the previous generation of Atom CPU's. The big difference in this generation is with the integrated graphics, which should be much better than before.


Obviously the active digitizer must cost something right? I bet if the ASUS had an active digitizer it would be pricier.

I currently own an Asus T100 - outputting to a 1080P monitor and connected to a multi port USB 3 hub. I've been using it for almost a year and a half....and it has been faultless.
Coincidentally, I'm also just installing Office 365 on an i3 Vivobook for a family friend. It's the first time in 24 months that I have seen faults at all.
I speak from experience :)

want to know if cherry trail packs enough punch for an atom

and here's the 6th thing you need to know:

it has bad graphics(from intel website)- has only intel HD graphics with a base freq of 200MHz with burst speed upto 600MHz.


They had a pretty good trade-in program at Best Buy for original Surface owners to upgrade to the Surface 2. I hope to see something similar, would be even better if it was directly through the Microsoft Store.


usb type c is a joke now and a gimick that does no practical good

Apple is right about MS sometimes, need to jump ahead, where is usbC, 3.0? Three positions got stand only? Hmmmmm... I'll take a peak...

I wonder what the reason is for not using a totally adjustable kickstand like the Surface Pro 3.

The IR function better still work or I'm buying an S6... First Chase bank and now this. I am about sick of this.

Depending on your daily tasks, probably yes. It is likely capable of some professional use to, but not as your only PC

Even the Surface 2 is good enough for daily tasks. I have no doubt that will be more than adequate for web browsing, e-mail, Office, etc.


Please give specific devices, even just a brand name will do. This is research I have done for months through amazon, ebay and countless websites without any results. I'm willing to grab the first alternative device at a better price.
Again to identify the requirements: A tablet with an active digitizer, full USB, mini display port, over 10 inches, full hd resolution or better, good battery life, light weight, full windows (preferably new).
Any devices that won't break the bank??

Agreed, would be very useful information. Both CPU power and how the integrated graphics compete with Tegra 4.


They should probably allow SP2 users to "upgrade" to this by paying a discounted price. Just saying.

Have you ever owned an asus tablet/computer? They are not horrible, but not that great either with customer support and quality. I'm speaking from experience.

Don't, you have an infinitely better processor... They just need to adjust the power/heat. =[

I would LOVE ❤ a endurance test to the colored versions of type cover. Because a friend of mine who bought the cyan (was back in the Pro 1 days) type cover liked it, but was disappointed that it went dirty all the time and hard to clean. So how are type covers today? I would love a cyan or other color, but is boring black the only safe option?

Kill Joy...i had the OG Surface RT prior to upgrading to a Dell Venue 8 Pro. So this looks awesome, but i still need to check-it-out at a Best Buy first.

They also want to sell the SP3 to replace a laptop. Tell me which laptop comes without a keyboard?


This is something that started wrong from the beginning but now it's too late. They say that the colours are the reason to not bundle it as someone may want a blue cover while another may want a red one and they'd have to do a bunch of different packaging to accommodate all the possible combos of covers and tablets.

Now the pen also has colours which brings the same problem of the covers to the pen.


Should they include a voucher inside the tablet that would allow the user to pick up a free pen or keyboard? Yes. Specially on the Pro versions. But then again, why offer it to you if they can sell it?


Yes, the Surfaces are all overpriced. But Microsoft does it on purpose. They don't watch to clash with their OEM partners. As such, they set the Surface as a "reference device" which is also why they charge so much. Believe me, Microsoft would rather you buy a Toshiba or an offering from one of their OEM partners.

They are a software and services company. These hardware devices aren't their core business and they don't intend them to become their core business (a la Apple).

I would be satisfied with a comparison between the Surface 2 and 3, if this processor is really any good as they promise...I don't like Atom =/

Little question: Is that W10M on that photo? Seems like accent colors are gone...

This is a W8.1 device. I suspect Microsoft will release a surface 4 range for the W10 generation. They never advertised it to be a W10 device, so I'm not sure why you are so disappointed.

Pen input like the SP3? If it has this I'm gunna be kicking myself for buying a Pro 3 lol.

I know, i just have a mini hdmi cable for my Surface RT already, but its alright.. Its not that expensive for cables. :)

For years it was the single largest source of infection.  In fact, for a long time infections that were blamed on IE were usually via a flash exploit.  The only one that's worse is Java and equally hard to get away from for a lot of us.  Flash is much better now than it was, particularly with automatic updates (since everyone postponed them before) but it's still a bigger vulnerability than your browser.  Why would you WANT to increase your attack surface?

Saying you can replace your desktop/laptop with a Surface isn't entirely true since you have to add a keyboard for it to be the equivalent. It's kind of like buying the base model of a car and having to then buy the steering wheel to drive it like a car, versus simply roll in one direction.