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#3: No taping required. Hold, slide, release - all in one move. When you're good at it, you don't even have to wait for the animation to finish.

I like this mat, I was actually in the market for a new mouse surface so I'll definitely give this a spot on the list. I have only ever used the padded units before, so this might be an interesting change.

I'm getting annoyed when typing as I select a suggested word and it sometimes doesn't put a space afterwards so two words join together. Annoying as hell.

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Of course Microsoft would follow apple and Samsung. Both phones are overpriced. I bet that the same thing will happen in Brazil.

I'm looking to get the unlocked duel sim model for use on t-mobile. Not interested att version right now but I'm curious, is att version duel sim?

I find it funny you take the time out to reply to trolls. Not all the users on this site are well informed, mature people. Plenty of clueless kids are about too.

Yes, I want it to relace my old surface pro 3 pen. I will eventually lso get the finger print KB when they add more color options.

Number 8: If you hold space long enough to move keyboard up down - you can shift it also left or right.

Lumia 640 XL

So here my take. Found about the rates online and got to know about Amazon India pre orders from WP Central. I was planning to visit retail store anyway , but since Amazon India was already offering , i tried placing the order for 950 online. Guess what , while i was paying it went out of stock!! 

I couldnt believe such high price phone could go out of stock so soon. Hoping it would be bug. 

Impatience and curiosity got better of me and decided to visit the store. It looked like I was entering some birthday party ;) Cake , snacks , coldrinks. I checked out 950 and 950 XL. Yes , they had connected display dock too. Trust me , phone does feel premium. It very lightweight (compared to my 820).

Read about the reviews of bad headphones. So asked the sales guy to get the box for me. And headphones are good. They arent the probe ones like ones come with 920 and 820. But trust me they are really good.

Booked my 950 Black with booking amount and also enrolled for free display dock. Display dock would be delivered once I send my IMEI to MS after i get the delivery. So its long wait for phone and really long wait for the dock. 

Sometimes it feels to visit the shop rather than shopping online. :D

FB was going to remove the API (they already did it a few months ago) and they needed to update the whole OS in WP7/WP8 to adapt to the change. So, the long term solution was to make everything an app.

The demagraphics of the UK market suggest the majority of people will be getting this phone on a contract, in my case the phone was free...

Yes it is terribly tuned by Microsoft making it useless. It could be so useful though.

Being a business or not does not change a thing in my opinion, MS laid off contracted workers which is normal, when your contract is up or close to being up that's when it's time you should get ready to ship out, even people that work in hollywood movie business knows this, gaming knows this, even animators know this. Tho it seems they decided to try and keep those that were worth holding on to it still sucks because those that got laid off have to go job hunting again and may find another contracted job. People need to really stop with the "OMG cuts" as you said.

Yes. Almost nothing unless if you are one of those 60. HoloLens may go the way of the Kinect anyway. Microsoft can never really focus long enough on anything seemingly promising. :/

There are devices with large batteries, and small ones. The reasons a manufacturer/user might choose one over the other are many. The answer is not to pack bigger, heavier batteries into all devices, although of course there will be a demand for that in some devices. Software can be improved across the board to get the same amount done while using less power, that will improve life for small, thin, cheap devices as well as devices built for longer battery life.

Any time you are searching for something, I noticed that swipe does not work. I guess they figure you might be searching for something not quite in the dictionary.

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Once again excellent analytical article digging deeper than the current device centric obsession that is the current 2 seconds of trending.

#UWP has been a massive retooling, multibillion dollar, multiyear, R&D project to arrive at.  Windows Phone 7/8/8.1 and Windows 8/8.1 were early evolutionary baby steps without broad vision and lacking focus and synchronicity, but had to be done.  Without that evolution MS could have cheaply and complacently released Windows 10 stripped of Touch/Mobile/Modern/Metro/Microsoft Store/UWP as a very successful post Windows 7 desktop only OS in 2012, thus sealing their own fate to the dwindling desktop PC market.  Have they faltered and learned from mistakes along the way? Yes, it certainly seems to me that they are now envisioning many strategies and long term evolution beyond the smart phone war.  As they evolve they still need to encompass, progress, and provide the ecosystem experience on today's h/w which means phones...

The OS is one foundational component in the scope of things and very critical to future success.  Unifying and "Universalling" their foundational components and providing a footprint capable of running on current gen mass market SmartPhone Class H/W has forced them to debloat and optimize efficiency to mobilize and bring their ecosystem experience to a much broader continuum of devices.  The OS and App Core unification has happened and is probably the single most intensive project evolution in MS history. Hopefully the Phase II toolset, Broad Vision, and relentless devotion can garner the same razor sharp focus and dedication to bring the content to their mobilized Universal Windows Platform ecosystem.

Essentially the product fate for Windows RT and therefore Surface RT were sealed by having no mobile optimized ecosystem core content at launch.  Surface Pro survived and evolved because there was legacy Win32 options available to fall back on until Metro/Modern/Windows Store/UWP ecosystem content materialized.  Value in Surface Pro was derived from a broader set of sources unavailable to ARM based Surface and Surface 2.  Obviously the evolution of Intel in the power efficient mobile space has taken cosiderable time and effort to catch up and to date ARM is still a necessary architecture in a 4 to 6 inch device.  Surface 3 is a prime example of that evolution and is a wonderful device based on Ultra Low Power Intel architecture and has changed the fate of Surface.  Ultimately the competition between Intel and ARM architectures is good for the consumer and Microsoft has wisely provided solutions for both options.

The Microsoft experience will be defined from a myriad of constituent elements but UWP is the Central Depository for Content now and into the future.  It is essential, and in essence Universal for the right visionary at MS to relentlessly drive the quest to create and obtain UWP content. Content that will be delivered throughout the broader ecosystem via 4-6 inch phone devices, to Xbox Living Room Consoles, to 8-14" tablets to 96" dual display collaborative devices. Many of these devices will be transformative with Continuum and future classes of devices yet to be defined.  The cornerstones are and will be UWP and Windows.  The Universal in UWP must also evolve to mean that if an app or service exists it exists in the Microsoft ecosystem experience and is "Universally" available.

The value of a h/w device alone, much like the comparison between Surface and Surface Pro, is derived from sources other than the h/w.  The h/w certainly helps deliver a great experience but ecosystem content is what delivers a premier or premium valuation.  Currenly the gaps in the ecosystem deliver a subpremium value.  It is not about sheer numbers it is about Universal completeness.  Microsoft must fill the voids quickly and hopefully they are about to unleash an army of "bridging" engineers to roll out incentives and assistance to bring content from competetive ecosystems into the Microsoft UWP Experience. This will drive value into their ecosystem, and ecosystem connected devices.

Microsoft must also learn how "love" works in the consumer world.  They want users to love their products and services including Windows 10.  That love is a reciprocal effort.  They cannot lead enthusiasts down dead end paths time and time again.  The Nokia debacle with Windows Phone 7 and $500.00 dead end Lumia 900 phones, Surface and Surface 2, etc.  Lumia 950 series has the same potential if Intel based Surface Phone arrives in 6 - 18 months.  Give us an option to obtain 950 series for it's current value in an incomplete ecosystem with the potential for one year of relavancy. Gain marketshare, shower your loyalists with love, and offer the 950 at $250 and 950XL at $350 and get UWP bridging accomplished by the time Surface Phone arrives.  Then one year from now MS has a premium device strategy with a premium experience that can be valuable at a premium price.  Lumia should continue to push value based on pricing/performance...

Microsoft is evolving more rapid than ever before.  Hopefully their Universal Visionary has envisioned strategies to bring a Continuum of excellence and value that provides the premier productivity and enriching personal experiences that will reciprocate their ecosystem consumers love and satisfaction.

Autodesk is actually bigger than Adobe, they could buy Adobe and throw it away like they have done with many software like Softimage haha

None of the mentioned tips is new to me. I use them everyday.

And, shifting keyboard is not available for phones 5 inches in screen size. Like my 830 doesn't support it. Also, holding down the space bar to move the keyboard also doesn't work on my phone. These two tricks are for 5+ inch screen sized phones. Or maybe language is the problem.

John it's Autodesk not Adobe, you got it wrong so many times.

I was complaining about it, like how Adobe and Microsoft team up but then they use Autodesk Fusion 360 (strangely you wrote it right but you wrote everything else wrong)


but I wasn't saying any lie, at least Autodesk is usually showing Windows on stage and even if products like Flame aren't on Windows, it's not a software I care much about. you see Microsoft products on stage on Adobe events, giving SP3 to people. testing Surface Book the same day after it was announced and you still see always tutorials and videos with an apple computer.

Anyway it's not a Secret Adobe sucks at 3d, photoshop sucks and after effects doesn't have 3d like fusion or Nuke or something that is layer based like Hitfilm that would be more comparable to After effects. so it's nice they are teaming up with Autodesk for this, so their 3d software could be more integrated and better on WIndows, like they shown on Maya with continum where it would adapt the UI... hope that still happens.

Because I was remembering the video where Adobe showed amazing things with Windows and then you see one year later and there was not even Lightroom universal app anyway. not even continuum support for any of their products.

Anyway hope you fix this article!

It won't work. It doesn't work on my 830 too. Maybe language problem or simply it doesn't work for 5 inch screen size phones as mentioned in the article.

I will be voting for Mass Effect 2 & 3 along with RDR. When RDR does hit Xbox1,I'll have to get get another copy.

Windows does have poorer battery life than Macs, but for cost-conscious consumers, they can buy an $800 XPS 13 and get a more powerful OS and better battery life, versus a larger, much more expensive MacBook Air. Obviously, if battery life or trendiness are your main concerns, and you don't mind spending significantly more, Macs are the way to go for notebooks.

Personally, I appreciate the Windows ecosystem, and that I can customize it to a greater degree than a Mac. That said right now price is the only thing keeping me from getting a Mac as a secondary device, I just can't justify spending that much that could go to something I would enjoy more.

Does the Swype function work in the store and on edge for u guys ? it does work for me in other apps and messgeing except those two so I am wondering is it happening with me only

I know sometimes Windows 10 store shows odd errors like Chronology cannot be downloaded because my phone Lumia 930 doesn't support 720p or higher display????, well to cut long story short maybe the app doesn't support the OS coz even when i downloaded the game, it refuses to go beyond the mechanical spinning wheel to denote its loading.

Same here mate! Autocorrect in wp8.1 was just something else. With w10m after I send something I have to write something again to correct a mistake from the previous text. Such a pain!