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I think Windows Mobile is going to end up as a stand alone system that you load onto your phone like Microsoft Office. It will run on any phone and you will load it up like Windows on a Computer.

I'm using it on my 830 as a daily driver. Do a hard reset after the update and start from scratch. It smooths a lot of things out.

I really wish someone would tell me if Cortana is working on Windows 10 for phone like giving directions and reading text messages

Dude,, really❓ Do you think anyone is stupid enough to fall for such a pathetic counter argument❓ And, that was seriously the most hilarious attempt at stretching reality I've ever seen... It's really an insult... So, next time, instead of trying to justify peoples senseless prejudices, just admit that you agree with their ignorance, and spare us the BS....

Is Win10 preview stable enough to use on my daily driver now? I tried it when it was first released and rolled back right away. I wanna know if its stable enough to use now?

Just got it now works good but if using a pin# you must enter it for Cortana to search or find files, this maybe should be automatically done or given her permission.

My girl friend drove one of these cars when I was in India.... Some sweet memories!!!!!

I picked this phone up a week ago, and I am very happy with it. I gave my wife the Note 4 and switched numbers. She had an Iphone 4s and it was 3g only. I got this phone as a stop gap till the new flagships show up. I hated Android, because it is too "all over the place" and looks ugly. Apps would radomly pop up when I turned my phone on, and other annoyances. The camara on the LG is not great, but I mainly use my phone for Phone, Calander, Notes, Gps, Information, Music, <--- This plays better sound through headphones than my Note 4 , and of course Candy Crush. Can't wait for Win 10 but this phone is very good, getting 2 and half days of battery with light use. Can't beat the price, and didn't feel like switching carriers as Veizon has been good with me and given me various discounts for loyalty. Hope they will have a flagship, or I will switch day one.

Upvoted to counter Dumitru the Homophobe ;)

Eastern Europe as a whole does not exactly embrace homosexuality when compared to the USA.

Abhishek please add Maruti-Suzuki name to the title as many won't understand only Maruti, anyway the cars come with only Suzuki Logo and name now. 

Gawd, that UI is truly awful!!
Hopefully Microsoft will reverse the incessant march towards looking like Android!

WTF?? Maruti-Suzuki is the brand with highest marketshare in India, they sell millions of cars every year. 

It is about Maruti-Suzuki cars rodney, think about Suzuki cars division with a local partner name.

I getting the game to say I tired it. There nothing I knoe new XB1 offer. But the 360 offer I either get a 2TB laptop extrenal HDD. Or delete a bunch of games. Even thought I already owned it on the one.

It's because I'm not wrong. I've read the literature. I've contributed to the literature. Dyadic gift giving between anonymous parties is incredibly economically irrational. Decades of empirical studies undergird this claim. The very fact that your suggestion is to get a PC where I don't have to pay to play online is all the more evidence of how ludicrous it is that console gamers commenting on this thread are so blinded by false consciousness.

Let's say every app on iOS magically shows up in the WP store tomorrow, what phone do I buy if I'm on any of the 4 big carriers? Not that I'm saying aren't important. Just pointing out the lack of decent hardware that's available on every carrier. 

However, if maps are not available, like Japan, don't go there. Currently, Bing maps are available online compared to lousy Here maps offline

"XBL 12 month cards are on sale constantlly."

This is irrelevant, unless it's $0, which it's not.

"Windows 10 hasn't been officially released"
But its polices have been officially announced: they get free online play; Xbox One users do not.

"and what you're asking is totally unfair. Why charge someone who only plays mobile games the same as someone who games constantly on an Xbox One and/or 360"

I never said they should be charged the same. I said they should be charged for what they use. Just like a cellular data plan. Why should I have to pay the same amount for Gold if I only use 544MB per month as the kid who uses 32GB per month? It's ludicrous. Meter the fees or eliminate the fees. That is fair. That's what I'm asking for.

"gift cards for's really not that feasible or even FUN for the rest of us."

It's not about "fun"; it's about economic efficiency. Check out the book Scroogenomics. Collectively, we as a society waste ungodly amounds of money buying things for $X and giving them to people who only value them at a fraction of $X. It's foolish. When it's your friend or kin, there are spill-over social benefits that help mitigate that gap, but that's not the case with dyadic gifts between consumer and faceless corporations. I don't want Microsoft wasting my money and neither should you.

pls help insider preview.....crashes.....i reset my phone due to taking too much space of phone storage....after i reset....brings back to old single apps for touch,display......and the most is when connecting to WIFI it crashes........restart again.....why lumia is awful to look because i had no apps installed....plz fiX WIFI.....

Hey, it's $120 dollars. For that pirce it is fine. You can't compare it to a 400 or 600 dollar phone. Just glad to see a new Windows Phone.

I did, with the Fable Legends post. Development for the game is dual--for PCs and Xbox One. The servers are the same. It has cross-play. Only Xbox One owners have to pay to play it. Ergo, they're bearing a greater burden of the cost of the game. They are subsidizing PC players. Claim backed up.

Not at all. Routine infant circumcision is what grinds my gears and gets me riled up. The stupidity of Games with Gold is just an amusing case of naive executives making theoretically uninformed decisions.

What I'm asking corporations to do is to not foolishly waste money. Microsoft and Sony, if they had a sociologist or economist in their gaming divisions, would already be doing what I'm suggesting. That they're not is evident that they don't know what they're doing.

"until we see a real live company letting consumers CHOOSE what free content to receive, its all irrelevant"

We'll never see that until we effect change--change that will benefit both consumers and the corporations. Why people here are actually arguing against that like some odd case of Stockholm Syndrome is mind-boggling.

"These games are an added value to a service you choose to use or not use. Its nothing nefarious".

I never said it's nefarious. Tone down the hyperbole. I said it's economically irrational, which it is. Your hotel-donut example is a false analogy. To be relevant I'd have to be charged a fee for something unavoidable for most folk (like using the elevator) and then have them give me a "complimentary" breakfast as a "gift" for me paying extra to use their elevators.

The history of Xbox Live is irrelevant. That they were charging before  and not giving games and are charging now and giving games (as long as you keep paying them, that is) is nothing but evidence that you were being overcharged before (and still are, mind you, given that Xbox games on Windows 10 will not require Gold to play online).

"You can spend $40 a year (come on, no one pays 60) to play games online and get dozens of free games *included in the subscription.*"

I would never give $40-60 a year to anyone and tell them to pick out monthly gifts for me. Why would you think I'd want to do that with a corporation?

"I remember playing on the N64 when I was younger and happily paying $50 for a single game."

Yeah, and now you have to pay $60 for 'most of the game', then another $30 for the rest of the content, then $5 a month just to play it online.

"Why are we even having this discussion."
Spurring a social movement to get Microsoft to more rationally manage the money that they've admitted, via the creation of Games with Gold, is ours. There is nothing wrong with demanding companies not waste your money.

Hmmm... Greedy marketers.  The same retailer doesn't offer the 830; only the 640; so he is holding out the 640 as his midrange Windows Phone (taking the place rightfully taken by the 830) but at an 830 price and offers the 930 as his high end entry.

This way he gets an extra​ fat margin on his 640.  Rogue.