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So, if she's 18, it's okay to say anything about her??
How the duck do you think??
Excuse me but, your culture sucks

That's a good price....for those who aren't on ATT and got their wireless Qi yanked out of their phones. I really miss that on my old 920 but they stopped offering it after ATT signed a deal with PMA.

"she tweets later on..."
Um.... The linked tweet is her most recent one, and that instagram post is over a day ago. Dumbass.

How the fuck do you use your mind??
If we say it's beautiful poor pretty, that's doesn't mean*****!!

No she didn't. The linked tweet is 16 hours ago. Her last instagram post was her a day ago. Nice try.

She is a very good actress, even she's co-protagonist with Juliette Binoche in the movie "Clouds of Sils Maria".

Exactly and Microsoft wants me to paid for the shipping label to send back the Xbox controller wtf. They should give me a free label. This just makes me think how great is the Xbox. My friend got a ps4 and control dis not work and then Sony sent him a new one and keep the one that didn't work.


But I just IMDb'ed her and I saw her in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. She was so good I didn't even memorized her face or name. Meh.

Good way to promote the Lumia line. Which makes me wonder if Jessica Alba is still loyal to the platform... I remember her promoting different colored Lumia 920s a few years ago.

I'm agree with you @jbestman. I think Microsoft is as strong that doesnt need to focus in google. I think that Microsoft has to see google as a competitor. Because Google is so ambicious and wont think in Microsoft ever. As you sayied make the best mobile OS better than android would break the rules of the game. Honestly I think Microsoft needs to follow his own way as they done in the past years. This in my point of view. I really love what Microsoft is doing theese days. They just need become stronger than they alredy are.

Or they could be from countries where 17 is legal...
Or even worse, they could *gasp* be around her age!! Lol I see nothing wrong with a 16-20 year old thinking she's attractive. Like... When you turned 18, did every 17 year old look ugly to you?

I have a question as I really want to get one for my 1520. I remember in the original unveiling it was said you can customise to turn off the light notifications at night and such. In reality does that mean it emits absolutely zero light if you choose it to during quiet hours? Last qi charger I had lit up the whole damn room and i couldn't get to sleep, so emitting absolutely nothing is important for me

So why do celebs get free phones and us slumps have to sign a freck'n 2 year contract and pay full price..

I was able to roll back to win 8.1. Win 10 loaded a boot loader that had rollback as an option. I assume (but don't know) it's the same with win7. Load it in a VM. Save yourself some grief

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure she bought an iPhone 6 or 6+ the minute after she broke her old one.

Because giving celebrities free Windows Phones has worked SO well in the past.

Who cares... Where's the Denim update for the HK Lumia 1520 ? End of January is here and nothing as promised

I don't think Windows Server needs an update, obviously we still need security updates but the whole system is stable, fast and reliable. I'm happy with 2012 R2.

My current device is the Samsung Ativ S. So is this now horribly tragic enough to get a free 1520?

Why didn't they send her the smaller selfie phone? 730? 735? Whatever number they are up to now!

or uploading videos to Instagram..oh shit! she already did that probably using another phone already.

Fake by MS, she tweets later on with a link to her Instagram that has a video. Yea right MS, since when our beloved Instagram beta has video uploads? And don't tell me she bought 6tag with video feature.

Wtf Microsoft giving to rich people. Ummm lame I got a Xbox one and the control that came with the Xbox has problems. And I open a claim to sent the control for repair or replaced. And guess what I have to paid for shipping wtf. Who understand them. She probably will give the phone away when she sees ohh fuck no chase app or bank of America she probably has the money some where else but the point is they should give phones to those who need not to those who are rich.

Sad thing is that this could be good advertising or it could be really bad. Depends if she actually uses it in public or not. If she doesn't and says she doesn't like the phone then it will be pretty bad publicity. They just need to put a bunch of tv ads out. And bust some ass on getting good apps in the store. Most people don't even know what a Lumia is. All they ever see are iPhone and Samsung.

Is she 18 yet? If not. I'll keep my sexual comments to myself lol. Loved her in Kick Ass and Carrie. Pretty good actress.

This was very nice of Microsoft. Smashing a phone is a tragic thing and you will have to pay to get a new one. Fortunately for Chloë, she got a free Lumia 1520. You have just made someone's day Microsoft Lumia US!

You know what I meant, advertising this way. Last time they sent it to Katy Perry or some other singer, that ofc still uses iPhone, but they used the celebrity image for advertising.

That is exactly how I got my Agera R. I cracked my Maybach's windshield and Koenigsegg sent me a care package.