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I think W10M is previously would break out from this "dead" situation with the Continuum feature. But can't, because the highly hardware requirements, and because of this, the middle segment phones don't have this really cool thing. And the joke it is that the Continuum works smooth on my Lumia 735 (obviously with a hack) which have 1 GB RAM and Snapdragon 400, not 2 GB RAM and Snapdragon 617 (or 808 and 810). (I saw it on youtube is works on Lumia xxx with 512 MB RAM.) Yes, lot of people think 1 GB RAM is not too much, but basically fairly enough. I tested it lot of times, so in the same time the running apps max. number is 16. With Continuum I think the RAM is halved, because on Continuum the running apps max. number is 8. I don't think this numbers are few numbers, 'cause for my experience with Continuum. For the everyday use is enough. But Microsoft doesn't care about it, and that's the problem, plus the poor marketing. I watch lot of Continuum videos on the youtube: the feature it look good, but I not amazed it too much. But inside I always know that with this thing I have not a smartphone... After that I try it, I was sure of one thing: I have a hybrid device, and that's the point. But sad thing, I had to hack my phone for this amazing thing. That is the problem. I don't know is Satya Nadella or other lead member of Microsoft stupidity caused this situation, but if they don't do anything with it, W10M is not rise up like a phoenix in the coming year(s).

PS: Madoka Magica plus point, I really like this anime.

Microsoft might be onto something here. When I visit a doctor they roll in a laptop on a cart. It might be easier (easier to misplace also maybe) a pocket size device. I am always for progress though not for just the sake of progress. We are rapidly growing more mobile by the day. If I was in certain professions and I had to lug around a laptop. I would definitely go with a device that folded out to become a 7-8" tablet. More and more professions are becoming mobile. Enterprise along with consumers could really use a a small powerful device. Let the naysayers say nay! They've been talking negative since the beginning of time. If Microsoft doesn't succeed, I can about guarantee that some other company will. We really don't know what MS or for that matter any company has planned but, I will bet that be it MS, Google, Apple or some unknown company. Somebody will break through the mobile PC wall.

One more edit. As usual well thought out and written Jason Ward...

Hey guys, where to find the wallpapers from the XPS? They looks fantastic!

Without 2way syncing, ms outlook is useless. Ironically it is the only app I want to work properly.

Who in their right mind could blame developers? MS isn't even bringing their A game to the Windows Mobile platform - and this is since Day 1!

How could consumers and developers take WM seriously when MS doesn't?

Isn't that what most people do? They say the kids now have an 8 second attention span.

Excellent, this was the main issue I had with Play Anywhere; its games were restricted to the Windows Store. Now proper discounts can be had on Play Anywhere games.

1) I don't want to own a Samsung phone, ever.

2) I don't want Samsung to have anything to do with my Windows PC, much less unlock it.

3) Did they beat Microsoft at this gimmick? That's sad.

I've been using voice commands for years to read and reply to text messages on iOS.

Looks interesting, I like that you can also PVE and co-op. MOBAs are not always fun.

For me, it's because of the locked-down mentality with phones.  On my PC, I have full access to all my files. Anything an application can access, I have access to it as well.  On a phone, I have access to photos, music, and a handful of other content.  I don't have access to applications or their files, although I know they exist.

I agree, though.  Up until a few versions of Windows ago, I would regularly (6-12 months) refresh my computer and install the programs I needed.  It's amazing how much I have on my system that I never use, so it feels good to do that.  But on a phone, where I can't properly refresh an application that doesn't automatically backup its content to the cloud, it's a fresh start.  And for medical apps, that doesn't help.

Frankly although I use a Windows smart phone and like it. The device I want to buy and carry around would be an 8 inch inch tablet smart phone hybrid becuase I do not like to work with teeny weeny smart phone screens. I will be a minarity but hell people like to work with devices that give them the best experience.

I can confirm the offer still works the same way, I just bought a friend last week Minecraft PC/Java via one of the Gift Cards, and on his new account he still had the option to Redeem your free Windows 10 Beta Edition, and it worked fine.

Yes right now it's not a standard thing, but since windows hello is new-ish I think I think the idea is devices going forward will have either a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition as a standard feature

I agree; I have plenty of Windows phones but haven't been on any useful reports for months.  Unfortunately, for OEMs, the only numbers they care about is how much money they actively make on a device (sales).  Making a phone that will last for 2-3 years is actually bad for them, because it means less profits.

Win32 app



I love Windows Mobile. It has openess and configurability that iOS doesn't have, and streamlined, efficiency and security that Android doesn't have.

But, here's my marker. Until SnapChat release an app on Windows mobile, it will be a dead platform.

PS: I don't specifically mean just SnapChat, but all the other apps. eBay, varegesale, shpock, , forum apps, taxi apps, Natwest banking, lloyds bank, numerous other banks, nectar card, other loyalty cards, estate agent apps, and the hundreds of other tiny little apps that people want, beyond the major ones. I mention snapchat, because it's like a precursor.

PPS: Win32 apps mean nothing compared to these.

Hate to break it to you, but if your country isn't part of the "World Series" of baseball, it obviously doesn't exist. :P

I know the world is more than just the USA.  I don't know if the stats that get quoted for sales are US-only, or Global.

I have no qualms on saying I've used WM since 2003 with my Samsung flip phone to Motorola Q to Palm Treo 700w to now Windows Phone 7.x-WM10.

I've used all of the major platforms, but Windows by far outreaches the rest. Sure, I hope for better renditions with the "Surface Phone", but right now, I'm happily chugging along with my Lumia 950 on T-Mobile.

Can't wait for the next generation to unfold and take over the iPhone/Android domination...or not. :)

Yeah, worked just fine on both my 920 starting in 2013, then was also fine when I switched to an unlocked 950XL and an ATT sim I got for it.

So why are you here bleached? Wouldn't it be better to leave us sick and dying in peace? You will never convince me that my L650 and Windows 10 are not worthy.

Anybody have experience with Cricket?

We currently have 3 lines on AT&T with 16GB shared but about to add 2 more lines. Looking at switching to Cricket (and still use AT&T network) for 3 lines with 8GB then throttled and 2 lines with 3GB then throttled. Total bill would be $130. Hotspot would add $10 on a line if I needed it.

T-Mobile or Verizon are the best deals. Instead of $160/mo. with my Lumia 950, I ported both lines to T-Mobile, kept the phones, which costs me about $100/mo., along with $300 in switching money. AND I get tethering with that.

Seriously AT&T...misplaced price points.

People in the politics game could learn a lot from you.  How you frame the discussion at the beginning of the article was a stroke of genius, backed up by the remainder.

Great read.

The article is just a play on semantics. A blackberry user can just as easily replace windows phone with Blackberry and the proclaim, "Long live Blackberry". How much was spoken about W10M at last year's Build conference? What percentage of MS employees at Build were using Windows Phones? Which mobile platform is receiving the most app development from Microsoft? As long as Microsoft provides lip service, one can state that Windows Phone is alive, but that statement won't change the fact that the tech world has moved on from it as if it has died.

In my personal Opinion i do think that " Surface Phone " should be the Ultimate comitment & comeback to the platform and people who are not so sure about their future on this platform.

Building a Premium Surface Phone with great specs like:

4-8 GB Ram,Snapdragon 835,5.5inch Amoled Display (2k),Stereo Speakers,Great Cameras,Pen (like all the surface line-up),Bluetooth 5,IP68 water and dust resistant.

Not only will it be a great HighEnd Smartphone but will even convince everyone else that they are really going to support the platform and work even more one it since they will have their own built smartphone for their OS and keep releasing new version like surface phone 2,3,4 etc.

For me surface phone should be the killer comeback/Re-birth of Windows 10 Mobile

that would make me switch immediately (even though im already using a lumia 920 with changed device targeting info as lumia 950 XL) receiving latest insider builds like a boss but im using that as my second phone (just for trying to help with feedback and to track the progress on this platform),Nexus 6p as my main device.

If they release a surface phone i will be one of the first to buy for sure and use it as my main device.DO IT MSFT.

I have Word, Outlook, OneDrive, Cortana, Bing and Excel, I had Skype but none of my friends and family uses it, so now I'm sticking with Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook.

It also doesn't support multiple Office 365 accounts if they are in the US and the EU.

It must be only in the US because I know more than a few people using Windows Phones and still see people on the bus and metro using them. We even have bank apps that work and all carriers have apps. The US is actually a small part of this great big world.

Don't stop writing about it Jason, I enjoy your articles very much and have learned a lot. Well written and informative.

Yes very true. I'm still using a L730 with Windows 10 and it works fine since I got off the Insider program. Apps are updated and I've noticed many apps still say "Windows 8 or higher". So Windows 8 phones can still get apps. That's far from dead.

Yep! And with "my library" on the store it's easy to run through your back-catalogue of apps/games and install only those ones you want/actually use 🙂

Tried the demo on a PS4 Pro and I have to say that it's okay, but really an Indie title these days.  I have invested hundreds of hours in Oblivion, dozens into Far Cry Primal and the 1 hour or so spent on the demo was about it.  I also purchased the Last Guardian and eventhough it is an artistic achievement, it was a waste of money to purchase at full price.  So, who cares if it's not coming to Xbox, Japan has never been open towards Xbox's anyway. They hated the original xbox that was a hardware beast compared to a ps2, and even the 360s smaller form factor still sold under 1 million units.  The majority of original arcade titles were japanese in the 80s, and I love my Capcom and  Neo Geo titles of the 90s, but from 2000 and onward I find many Japanese titles such as Nier Atomata more Indie than AAA...I also dislilke the Japanese way of making people kill a boss 3 or 4 times before it actual dies- perhaps this is the way of making a 5 hour adventure into a 25 hour game? Nevertheless, Japanese titles are often visually nice and creative, but something I quickly find boring, so the PS4 can keep it...I much rather play Horde match with friends or Firefight on Halo 5.  Also, please keep in mind that this is simply my personal opinion...perhaps you love this game?



I agree that the so called death of Windows on phone is incorrect and I understand where MS are going with the ultra mobile pc. As a Windows fan it's easy to buy into the strategy and early await for the paradigm shift MS are telling us will happen. The problem I see is that right now the majority of mobile users are on Android or Apple. The same people are or have already moved to using their personal computing needs to their respective providers tablets or computer. Those same people have bought apps and music to run on their platforms, so they are heavily invested. However good MS make the ultra mobile PC I'm struggling to see how they will win over those invested in alternative platforms. It's a bit like the VHS vs Betamax situation where technically best is not necessarily the most popular option and without popular demand comes d....

Windows 10 is not dead too many people talking it down. I'm a user previously windows 8 yes I'm a sucker for the brand. The budget price tag and that it is great value for money has kept me on board.

Whenever I reset my phones, (my Lumia 640, and even my android phone which I own), I just take note of all my apps (even just take a screenshot of the apps list), make sure all apps/documents/photos etc are backed up (To save phone storage, its generally essential to auto back them up anyways), then just completely reset the phone. No OS backup required as files are backed up on the cloud, and you have a screenshot backed up of all the apps you need to install again.

Maybe I see it differently to others, but I see OS backups as cutting corners. Cut corners, and expect there to be issues down the road. Especially when its very easy to manually back up all important info, and avoid all OS issues a OS backup may save. On a laptop/desktop, if your OS was corrupt and you needed to factory reset it.. Would you create a system backup of that system's corrupt state for once you have reset it? Of course you wouldn't, it would be illogical as it would just restore all the issues you were having before. Can't see why people do it for phones. Only time I can see the phones backup being of any use, which is maybe what its original intended use was, is if you bought a new phone of the same OS, and wanted to restore your apps from your non-corrupt old phone.

I have a family of three so we would really get the shaft if we switched to AT&T.

It is all semantics. Windows 10 Mobile is certainly dead or at least dying. Microsoft hasn't put effort into it and it quite seems like it is going to be replaced by WoA. Rumor has it they will stop feature updates for W10M after RS3.

They have only mentioned 6" and greater devices though for WoA, so Windows on Phablet might be a better term.

My experience is that my 950XL is far smoother and runs much better than the LG V20 I purchased to mess around with.  So many things I can't do on android, one being glance screen, pinning things to the main screen, live tiles.  android has a bunch of apps and of ocourse all the google apps that it will not LET me remove, but the OS is not as nice as WP10 on the 950XL.