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You can't use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 key to do a clean install of Windows 10. You should lnow that this is an UPGRADE offer and not a free copy of Windows with key!

When you have done the upgrade and want to do a clean install on the same device (much better!) from the ISO provided by the Media Tool from Microsoft. You put the ISO on a USB stick (Rufus or Windows 7 DVD/USB Tool) or burn it to a DVD. Boot from USB or DVD. When  the Installer asks for the key you just hit the "Skip" button and continue. if you are connected toi the Internet, Windows 10 will be activated during install. If not, the Installer will prompt you to activate Windows in the end of Installation. Just hit " I'll do it later" and continue. When you are connected to Internet after Installation, you just Activate and you are done!

Did you do the upgrade first? If didn't follow the instructions. If you can't go back you have to blame yourself for not doing the upgrade first. You MUST have a LEGIT copy of Windows 7/8.1 before upgrading. If not, you will fail.  Accident? How can you install Windows by an accident?

Wow thanks for featuring my Share via Clipboard, I am honored :)

Also, it doesn't share just text and links, it also shares images where applicable (like tweets with images from Tweetium or screenshots taken from the share 'charm' or any desktop app/game via WIN+H)

I just did a clean install of Windows 10 after upgrading a month ago. And what a difference! Now everything works fast and I am really surprised it did that big of a difference. I know that a clean install always is better, but I thought that Microsoft would make it easier to upgrade to Windows 10 than earlier Windows editions.

But to sum it up. ALWAYS do a clean install. You will enjoy Windows 10 much more, and it's really fast! 

Now i'll wait some time and do a clean install on all 4 of my computers. I am still on Windows 8.1 and Win 7 so I will do the upgrade and then do a clean install in the near future. I have so much data and programs. It will take days, maybe a week to finish the operations. But I will!


Some people are just chronic complainers. First it was "we don't have any new flagship phones, when are they going to release a flagship phone. Now that they're releasing a couple of flagships, it's let me pick them apart and complain about what I don't like. It's a damn phone, how much different can it look than other phones. Round corners, square corners, no buttons, with buttons, bitch, bitch, bitch... and Wah, wah, wah, all the way home, crybabies!!! There's an old saying: "you can please some of the people some of the time, and you can please most of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time". MS, just hurry up and release the darn phones so I can buy one.

Since the latest rumor is that only AT&T will be offering the 950XL and I need one to work on TM, guess I'll be buying an unlocked 950XL from Expansys or Amazon or Ebay. MS isn't smart enough to sell them unlocked in their stores.  Oh, no, that would make too much sense!!!

 I downloaded this alittle just to get that achivement in japaneese. Now i will try it again. fun.

I dont understand the poll. Why to the hell 31% like the design (real or fake?). Whenn i read the commend here or in other forum, the most person 80-90% hate the design from this phones.

Did you ever consider that MS kept Nokia's top designers and moved them to Seattle? 

google will never work with MS. Remember how they removed all of their apps from windows store because windows phone done everything better than them ? Google's biggest competetor is Microsoft and they will never work together since google is a big greedy company. They ruin everything they touch. No one can deny that.

It would be cool if they name the future updates the way Apple does with Mac. Yosemite, El Capitan, Mountain Lion.. Really epic nomenclature.

Thank you guys for the stream and code. Best site ever. First thing i do in the morning log in to windows central

Your ideas seem true... Many revolutionary changes expected and told, but too little delivered by Microsoft for Windows Platform, particularly Windows 10 Mobile TP

Yea, pretending to develop it and be like ohhh nooo can't do it now sorryyyy, got to throw away all of this work we 99% completed...!

Just have tried Dungeon Hunter 5, it is a complete freemium crap. Too bad you can not get DH1 or 2, those were great games.

Tell that to Nandela. He has been flowing the white flag towards Google/Apple for a long time already

Yup, broken for me too, not going to be fixed soon either, these store issues are taking weeks to fix due to a backlog and Microsoft being a bit ignorant.

I tried it, but revertyed latee the same day.

Its garbage, that makes Win 8 look good in compparison.

Its just mopte of the ugly crippled UI that started with win8.

"Windows 10, MORE Windows 8 than Windows 8", would be a good slogan.


Windows 10 is just like thois idiotic cpommet system tha im typing tis into.

I HAVE aperfetly fine working spellcehcer in my browser, yet you fucktards juat HAD to blocok that and repl<ce it with your own useless one.

I usually jayt type quicly, tjen go back and fix all errors i get from not hitting the keys just right.

Yiu fucked thaat up, you idiots!


I second that. The universal apps just don't see to have the fluidity that the core apps had. They are way slower. And the user experience is horrific. Somehow Android manages to do a better job with decoupled core apps that can actually be updated individually

Seems really difficult to get a picture that actually posts the whole thing in portrait mode, I have to crop it to basically square anyway. Kind of annoying.

Don't expect mobile much faster, the desktop builds are coming out broken still. Hell can't even install 532 as with many others it just reverts back to 525.

Well I can't install build 532 enterprise anyway. It just keeps reverting back to build 525 at about 18% into the upgrade. I hear those who are "lucky" enough to get it yo install are having all sorts of strife. Yeehah!

The white rendered phone looks much nicer than the black version, and the silvery logo is classy

When they release that version I'll buy one 

It's poo hey, fancy not being able to empty the deleted items folder and forcing conversation view on old school nerds like me that just cant cope with email in a conversation format. Can't do SMS in that format either. It's a shame because it seems so logical and a good way to present the data but I just can't bust out of the mould it's killing me :/

Yea I wouldn't buy one that didn't have bluray. Not because I watch bluray movies, but because the game discs are like $70 AUD here on launch day in retail shops and months later they are still $100 - $120 on Microsoft online store (as well as at launch) So I will probably never buy a console that doesn't allow discs. Unless retail stores started selling codes for digital download and they were also $70....then I'd consider it but that seems unlikely as digital store == monopoly.

Yes, it is activated. And, thank you. I'll try that out. So glad I asked here before blindly clicking on the "go back to Windows 8.1" button when I was asked to by the chat support agent.

According to Microsoft -lot of things going on windows but according to people nothing is going on windows told that universal platform for apps ..where it standard built till now for mobile every build has bugs ... Transfer of apps from one windows phone to another windows phone like Android...Cortana not available other than US... update problems ..sep cm but no good quality build for w10M and telling lots of things going on windows platform

Having seen these I may just hang on to my 920 for another year. It's still in good shape with a fresh battery and intact screen.

It's almost 31% like it, versus 33.5% that don't (the rest sitting on the fence). The people have spoken and you're wrong. Now go wipe the egg off your face.