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.3 is a revions number of the 1520.  At the time I bought mine there were currently 4 different revisions of the 1520.  AT&T in the United States sold the orginial 1520 but it was scaled down and they took the wireless charging out of it.  The .3 version had more on board memory and the return of the QI wireless charging.  Also, for those of us in the US, the .3 was compatiable with T-Mobile networks.  The .3 is also known referred to RM-938 version as well.  Made for Latin America but sold anywhere.  I think it was the only one that was sold Unlocked as well.  I could be wrong.



Lets hope you are right and it also brings support for other devices *cough 1020 cough* coz im dying to test out the new office suite. That demo today was amazing. Try to find it on youtube so I can share it with others.

Mike you also must consider that those "Billions of non-Windows users who are doing fine on iOs and Android without an app on a larger screen" are representative of precisely that MOBILE space Microsoft is attempting to grab. The masses iOS users are using that MOBILE OS on iPad and iPhone. Apples Desktop OS after 30 years is still less than 10% of the Desktop space.  The masses of Android  users are using that MOBILE OS in android based smartphones and tablets. There are no real representaion of an ANDROID desktop on the market. Chrome is a slightly differen animal.

So your point of iOS and Androids success in the MOBILE space with thier MOBILE OS's serves to corrobarate Microsofts need to use significant desktop user base they have as a foundation to draw developers in to create universal apps that work in both the Desktop and the MOBILE environment to bolster their MOBILE presence.


Silly question, but I assume it is definitely the SE, and definitely on Verizon?
Perhaps it just takes a while to propagate to every phone.

Would be nice if it had a casting option like their Android app does. Even if Chromecast doesn't support WP Roku does and I would love tone able to cast to my Roku stick

Only thing they probably changed is the speed you are pointed to their own produced videos.  Which I have to say isn't half bad.  I went through the entire Bocsh series in a couple days.  Good cop flick.

And nokia began losing money before cause of apple...before Android..
At first they wanted to stick to Symbian..

STILL does not work on my 830.... I wonder if I can get an app into the app store which has 0% functionality.

It's not about being lazy. Being able to use a phone one handed is ergonomic necessity.
It is why I wouldn't by an Android phone....and why I'm disappointed with the way WP is going at the mo.

It seems like older Lumia phones like the 1320 which I own doesn't have an issue with the updated Netflix app. My friend has a L630 which after the update no longer wants to even download.

You are wrong. 

With Sprint and Verizon, you take whatever phone line up they give you. 

With T-Mobile, ANY unlocked GSM phone can be used on their network. In other words, you have access to more phones on T-Mobile than any other carrier in the USA.

In fact, there is no Windows Phone that is out there in the wild that cannot be used on T-Mobile. Your only limit the size of your wallet. T-Mobile cannot help you there. 

I think when we are actively using a phone we use it double handed..
I don't say about some lazy people like you all....

I only wish for two things:

- It's 512mb RAM supported.
- I hope it's a paid game, Gameloft is known to mess up with IAPs.

This may sound idiotic but if I don't use the software recovery tool, will I still be able to get it at some point by checking for updates via my phones settings? I'm with the HK variant as well...

I'm using TP on Lumia 730. The tiles clearly are translucent with accent colour and partly showing the background. Before getting the TP I had 8.1 and had completely transparent tiles through which I could see the background. I still don't get how am I wrong and how is Daniel right according to you.
Anyway, let's end this debate here now. Thank you for your time.

FINALLY !!! But I still need to download the ROM files and do a clean installation, and they are not available yet. Hopefully soon.

Microsoft did it cause they think it is good for reading on web pages...
And keyboard is at bottom,you just have to touch the adress bar once....don't be so lazy or don't expect happening of everything at sudden..
It would be better if they give us both options to choose from

I have married an Indian woman, she asked this without my knowledge.. Is she still mentally ill?

Waiting for next build of technical preview for phones on march 12 , as they said the updates will be published monthly

Was waiting to see if the M9 was going to come out in Windows. Like everyone says don't expect angthing till W10. I'll just cave and get the M8 windows. Currently have the M8 for Android and can imagine how amazing it will run Windows Phone.

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For someone that isn't butt hurt, it does rather sound like you have a sore butt ;).
Anyway, I'm sure you won't make the same linguistic error again.
Have a nice day.

Yup. This should put WP right back on its growth path that started with L520 but got sidetracked by Moto G a year ago.

I have not got an issue with nice 3g connection....but at slower connections....i think everyone have this problem