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My First Phone was Nokia 3315, Cant Forget that phone and how durable it is! Dropped the phone from second floor and still it worked like new phone! But what If i drop, Android, IOS or any other Smartphone now? Get your Purse filled to shop new phone! 


I have quite a bit of experience with using Symbian, Meego I know about but I doubt I've used for very long.

Again, Nokia's downfall began much after they ditched these operating systems(though they were to blame as well), so I assumed he was referring to Windows Phone.

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I think you might be right there. I also think they will get this right. They know what they need to do for us. They just need to get it done and show that it works. No camera tricks, no slight of hand, no when we get to the next version of Windows Phone stuff. Just get this one done.

Lol looks good but i don't like COD so I will get this piece of s@#€ chance. (normal people)

"Limitless iterations on the same product, different skin". You've got that right mate. But I enjoy CoD overall.

Well they are supposed to be bringing back the original team they sacked and formed respawn (titan fall) for apparently 1 last cod based on all the cods based on soap & the crew with maps like block & mw2 & 3 it's what people want.

So far every lumia device until the 640 was designed by Nokia before MS bought them. 

They are going to see how much they can kipper people up, at least they didn't associate the crap they are churning out with the 360, Activation have become a money grabbing joke they have lost touch, & honestly the pre order beta say's it all, why not free beta ??????.

Thanks for the info. Yeah, the lack of proper APIs for WinRT for WP is the main reason why we cannot have lightning fast music apps and why XBox Music is still written in SL because they don't support background audio. Hope that changes with W10 converging all APIs.

Windows Phone was dying and was only saved by Nokia. We had almost no handsets, and a rapidly dwindling marketshare. Therefore, WP only still exists thanks to Nokia.

lol, this saved my phone. when i get the crazy screen issue i just lock it and bend it a little middle if the screen out and when i unlock adterwards everythimg is just dandy.

also stopped carryimg it in my back pocket so much.

windows, make stronger phones please.

Ehhh... Am I the only one that just wants a real world experience. In Advanced Warfare you have guys flying and changing direction in mid air. Why can't we have realistic warfare instead of this crap. And get off my lawn!

I will hope for a new Nokia/MS handset, but in the mean time, I realize Nokia will probably never make another MS handset. For now, Nokia needs to face reality, make money, and follow volume...

It's not. The world is nowhere near as lugubrious as you perceive it. Maybe you should go adopt a puppy.

Meh. I got so bored with the latest CoD that I never even finished the game. Played multi a few times, but the whole thing bores me to tears now. III looks like a cross between CoD and Titanfall. So I'll skip this one until they come up with something original.

Wall running,Specters,Titans,Pilots
What else would they wanna add from titanfall?
Man,Call of Duty is a piece of S***

Phablets look comical when normal people use them, but it was extremely hilarious seeing a little asian dude in Thailand holding what looked like a comedy-sized phone up to his head.

Technically it is a Phablet... It's a phone nearing tablet sizes... That's fact....
But, who really cares what it's called.... If someone wants a 7" MOBILE DEVICE, and use it as their "smartphone", and that works for them, what do we need to justify a name for❓

Funny you left out the option, yes didn't like it.
Window's 7 has been the most successful OS Microsoft has had since Xp for a few simple reason's, Windows 7 kept the overall feel of Xp, but added enough optimisations and interface simplicity that people could embrace it. A bottom line has to be made though , if you increase the button clicks( compared to window's 7) needed to get somewhere ,then it's a step backwards. Oh and remember this simple inspiration , look at the evolution of almost anything in life, it's gradua, it takes what work's and discards what doesn't. Occasionally there is a leap, which if works, makes life easier. Window's 8 was that leap and it failed, for many reason's, but the most important one i think is that people don't want a phone OS for their Pc's. And in the last decade or more Xp and 7 have been loved, they are simple, elegant and accessible. Window's 10 is a step towards a better future for Microsoft, but it still has element's of a phone OS, And while the start menu is back it's awful, large alphabetized headings is unnecessary, unless you have thousands of program's installed, which isn't common. I found trying to get into folder option's was impossible, even stumbling around for awhile, I should have at least accidently stumbled across the solution, in Window's 7 it's intuitive. I guess that's the real word here. If it's not intuitive or its ugly or takes more time to do than Xp or 7 then it's probably not a good idea to change it. I'm using 10 as my primary OS so I can get a real feel for it, so far I'd say while it's better than Window's 8, it still has a long way to go before I'd recommend upgrading from Window's 7. If your serious about building a great OS then look to the most loved and go from there.

Didn't say I had installed.. As for clicking anything, no worse than installing win10 on a mobile. Same thing in my eyes. Pointless like MS attempt to catch up with crApple.

Nokia 6160 and 6162 were both great phones. Nokia 5160 introduced colored face plates that could easily be changed. They definitely had the best phones back then.

although it is a 7 inch. It is still delivering a 720p display just like the BLU win HD. screen size doesn't factor if they have the same resolution.

<p>I fought the problem of my Lumia 925 freeze-up, random rebooting, and unable to update phone for 2 weeks. I tried many ways without success until I connected my Lumia 925 to my PC. I then downloaded Nokia Recovery Tool and installed it to my phone. It took 3 attempts to finally completed the download and installation. The phone is now working fine.</p>

<p>I tried earlier to download and install Windows Phone Recovery Tool. It downloaded OK but was not able to install. So, I downloaded and installed Nokia phone recovery tool instead. I am so glad. I found out that after the successful installation, my Lumia 925 now has windows 8.1 instead of the earlier windows 8.0.</p>

<p>During my work, my PC sometimes did not recognize my phone. I had to do a hard reboot with my phone connected to my PC&#39;s USB port. This was done by holding the power button and volume down button at the same time for 10 seconds until the phone vibrates again.</p>


Good for older people who just want to use Facebook and browse and don't want another phone to be carried separately.

Yeah they made good cell phones back in the day but in terms of smartphones IMO Symbian/S60 wasn't great.  I remember after a devices initial release you were lucky to get maybe one bug fix update, which usually introduced new bugs that wouldn't get patched.