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Does anybody remember cheat codes ....well now the bullshit is called DLC and we have to f*ckn pay for it .

Im startn to think Microsoft is being unfair with the surface and now they have phone well they also own the most used computer software and at the same time trying to make hardware so ther trying to win both ways i like Microsoft,windows,windows phone,Nokia Lumia but this is kinda unfair but Samsung needs to pay what they owe and not try to put it against Microsoft its bad seeing the people that work together always fight cuz one now is competing with the others they supply to.

I'm no lawyer, but why would I a competing smartphone company share my sensitive information with a competitor?

As for the royalties, yeah, Samsung should pay up.

Or they could simply make a deal where they hire people like Rudy to make the app.

If they claim the deal is void, then they are using patents illegally, and could be sued as such.

Also people just so you know the more powerful processors are being CPU throttled, meaning they are throttling back their performance under heavy load by decreasing the clock speed when needed, i.e. when heat or demand increases., that with the already lower clock differences between each CPU is your technical explanation of how microsoft is able to provide the same battery life between each of these, no black magic here, sorry to burst everyone's bubble but so much misinformation spreading on here someone needs to clarify it.

That doesn't make any sense. They didn't have a problem paying Microsoft when Microsoft was competing with them in the Tablet market before the Nokia Acquisition ... Hell they even mocked the Surface in one of their commercials ... Galaxy Note 12" pro I think.
They are full of shit.

Unfortunately one cannot ignore the law simply because it is inconvenient. Rudy has to demonstrate that he is not in the wrong. And breaking the law is unethical.

that's not logic at all, in fact it's illogical. for even if that was true unless they both rest at the same power consumption, which should not be the case...anyways my point is if you re-read the article, the i7 runs at a lower clock speed than the i5 which is what is negating the battery life differences between then. Nice try trying to trick us an all though, was a good effort

Giffgaff. Hotukdeals had the Lumia 1520 for £350. If you google em a website called serversdirect also sell em cheap as chips ;)

Guys stop moaning, like if you didn't know how quickly prices of Lumia's drop, probabaly the quickiest in the whole industry!

they forged these laptops from the fires of Mordor, also the i7 runs at .2 lower clock speed than the i5, whichever explanation you like best

I'm so glad we globalized the world economy. All I have seen of it so far is North America and Europe respecting everyone else's economical rights and laws, while the rest of the world tramples all over North America's and Europe's.

It is only a missing service because you say it is. Again simply because you disagree with a business does not give you creative license with their property. There is a reason copyright laws exist and this is exactly why. So any app is fair game simply because you don't like the developers approach. That IMHO makes no sense because now you are saying that you would be ok with Rudy taking my app to put it on iPhone simply because I would rather only support Windows Phone?

Maybe because WP has such piss poor market share that Microsoft need all the OEMs they can get and yes, that includes Samsung.

actually rjmlive, it's basic electronics, YES of coarse you can add more power with a battery pack. That's like saying I wonder if I can eat one more taco, yes you can. there's 2 ways to do it. something already packaged with a barrell connector and the voltage and wattage required by the laptop or make your own. use a sealed lead acid or AGM battery, charge it with a battery tender designed for the low amp hour battery you selected or equivalent charger. next simply connect a 12 accessory / cig lighter port to it, you can buy it at walmart for $5. next buy a DC (direct current, not AC current)  powr+ charger on amazon rated at the same wattage or higher required by the laptop. to get wattage multiply amps required by the voltage. again always get a larger charger than needed example your laptop requires 15 watts, get 20 or 30 or 40 watts or more. it means the charger wont heat up as much and some chargers do not even put out what they are rated for. lastly stick the battery, charger and etc into a lunch box or whatever, voila, power pack for you. add usb and you can charge your phone. u can even add a mini amp for $25 and put speakers in the box, voila instant portable mp3 sounds.again this is basic electronics, no degree required.

Nope you do it. Finland as a whole is 5.4 mln inhabitants, Seoul only 10 mlns and south corea more then 50mln. Who cares of the extension the important is the population...and mind it, I like more Finnish people then corean. When I talk about pride and I am talking in a bad way...i have been in Finland and travelled all over Scandinavia

That update also contains Update 1 as well, source: My ATIV S. How many Microsoft Lumia devices have Update 1?

So let us get this straight, Samsung who has industries in all sectors of the mobile phone and information technology sectors producing memory, screens and a multitude of other components aren't in competition? Surely if the contract with MS invites collusion then all the other contracts that Samsung has to be the same.

To say otherwise smacks of being hypocritical to the extreme. Especially since Samsung manufactures parts for Apple a notable competitor... Essentially this is Samsung being desperate to avoid paying their dues, and if they're not careful this will likely backfire.


This is another blow to the app situation, on WP. It's all well and good saying people don't use it but millions and millions do. Daily. More than all the Lumia devices ever sold. MSFT have to step in, pay money and legitimise wp as a viable third eco system.

Exactly and I totally agree, however Samsung is right when they say that Microsoft is a direct hardware competitor.

Agree with this. Article even says this was agreed on in 2011. MS just acquired Nokia beginning of this year (right?). Pay your money, cuz we know they have it, and be done with it.