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Live tiles/ infite scroll/ ability to change size of tiles . None of these features are available on rival platforms yet they are immensely popular. I know it is too late but I wish MS would have gone the static icon route similar to the other OS and slowly implemented customizations as the OS grew. Sometimes being different doesn't lead to success.

Just curious, what makes them so sucky? They each do what the are supposed to do. What would make them less sucky? Just thought I'd ask. I always read comments from people saying that the apps suck, but few actually make any truly valid points.

I might of bought a surface but I am buying a MacBook instead.
Besides surface pro 4 probably be out in a few months

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I paid $600 for surface rt when it first came out, biggest purchase I regret.

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The laws have little, if anything to do about whether or not a person is sexually mature. The fact of the matter is these are still kids, many of which probably haven't held a job a day in their lives. Sex has consequences, and no, it's not just that momentary feeling of bliss when one climaxes. If you think it's cool that there are many single mothers, teenage mothers who may never finish their education, and people with sexually transmitted diseases, then that's on you. No one was making bigoted remarks about someone's culture but you. I was simply stating facts (at least as they pertain to the laws of the US).

Now this is the problem with Games and Apps for windows phone.  Any time something new and interesting comes up , it's never free. How do you expect to trendify something big time if users think thrice before downloading smthing cause its paid. You cant be an epic franchisee if you dont have a large initial user base..!! 

Its time Game developers think about it.

I'm sure this is the big break MS has been waiting for! Look out Apple! Steve was nothing. Chole is EVERYTHING!!!

We already do it with Rudy, and the guys from mytube, tubecast... The devs that really care about our needs, not opera that came with an alpha app that in 4 updates couldn't even open the app.

When was the last time enterprise for a free upgrade of Windows? That's not how corporate sales works.

Microsoft should set up a policy about reserving the rights to pull official apps from store once published, so that even if developers opt out of support, users still get to benefit some ways from the app. A good example would be IMDB app. Even though it was last updated in 2011, I'm still glad it is available for download and for use rather than no app at all.

At this rate Microsoft will have no use but to support Android apps at some level and mask them in the metro environment or something because this isn't working

Enterprise is another story. Microsoft have one of the best (if not the best) enterprise ecosystem out there, so what happens there is exactly the opposite: the cost of moving out of Windows is not worth for most companies.

No offical word from Teamviewer ? Maybe a big update planned or they found a major bug or security flaw ?

With BOA going and Now Teamviewer (both apps that I use ALL THE TIME), what is next ? I love Windows Phone but, this is going to become a major problem.

I hope they both wake up and start supporting Windows phone...

Once these are both gone, I might have to grab a different phone for a while and put my ICON on the shelf for a little bit....this is getting to be too much.

and I really do LOVE Widnows Phone...

It's either lets get our apps win 10 universal ready or latest ms earnings and wph market share is scaring every one

Agree. WP is excellent but the problem is that MS came way too late to the party.

If you're already coming from Windows then you have plenty of support - free development tools, no annual fees, incredible store technical support, etc. Unfortunately what consumers care about (and the press, btw) is that popular apps from other platforms are ported to WP, regardless of whether they plan to use these apps or not. However, porting apps has an entry cost that is difficult to amortize in a platform that has almost no market share as compared to the leading ones.

It IS a beta. That's the point of releasing it early to let people report bugs and make suggestions. That's the definition of beta. They didn't say when they'd fix the startup bug and i didn't say they did. All I said was I hope these two bugs aren't being treated as fixed because at least one of them appears to be treated as if it were (they're releasing updates when anyone still experiencing the update bug can't even get the update).