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Nice. I hope the standard hdd size grows to at least 2TB soon though. Doesn't make a difference to me since I already have mine but with the size of these games getting larger by the minute, new buyers are going to be annoyed when they have to buy an external drive after only a few months of gaming. 

"the comments section is strictly for people who agree with me so they can stroke my fragile ego, it is NOT meant for actual comments, individual opinions, or constructive feedback" -every wc writer

Actually, I would say its primarily a lack of Google Services and some major 3rd party apps that are the problem, not necessarily the number of apps. Many people are tied into Googles ecosystem with Gmail, Play Music, Books, Youtube, Contacts,bGoogle Now, etc.  All those systems work better together because they pull info from each other, for instance Google Now pulls info from searches, Gmail, Drive, Maps, etc to provide contextual information without the user needing to instigate a search.  Its just there waiting for the user when they most likely need it (Shipping info, flight info, Reminders, Driving Info, Maps to appointments, suggested leave times, etc, etc).

Its hard for people to completely abandon an ecosystem they are embedded & invested in, and transfer to an entirely new ecosystem where they loose all their past data points and information.

The majority of android apps are not malware.  Where the majority of android malware comes from is people changing phone settings to allow download of 3rd party apps outside of the Google Play App Store. Also, Google scans for malware and will immediately yank & unistall any apps that might have slipped through the cracks.  You need to majorily reckless (installing any app from anywhere on the internet) to actually get malware.   If your phone isn't rooted & ROMed, and you don't change default security settings, its really hard to get malware on android.

Is it me, or does anyone realize the environment cover is DAMN NEAR exactly like the original Doom cover?

Downloading 3rd party apps outside of Google Play is where a large majority of malware originates. Also, its best to avoid any shady looking apps on the Play Store and read reviews of any apps before downloading them. Though Google does scan apps for known malware, and yanks apps that get reported so the chances are low to get malware unless your really scraping the bottom of the barrel for app quality.

Its best to stick with major app developers and highly rated apps with large download numbers.  Malware is pretty rare on Android for those who stick with apps from the official Google Play app store, and the media hypes up "Malware Statistics" without mentioning that most of that malware is found by downloading unofficial apps and changing phone settings that allow unofficial apps to be installed. There are also a lot of people who install custom ROMs and use unofficial apps that face higher risks,. 

If this brings more people into the WP market, then devs are more likely to start building native windows apps if WP marketshare were to increase.  As long as its marketshare remains low, a large portion of developers will continue to ignore the platform.

While im not sure it will actually increase the WP marketshare, I don't see running android apps as a negative.  Especially if people were to start adopting Windows Phone, it would only help to drive more devs to support it natively because its user base would be much larger.


This is why nintendo is lagging this generation, because they are lacking major 3rd party support and no amount of 1st party quality of games is going to drive increasing adoption. 

Major Developers are already ignoring the platform, so this would only give WP users more options, not limit them.

It would only be good on a phone or tablet based touch. Android apps are clunky and not designed for non-touch devices, so they are not ideal for productivity on a laptop or desktop.  Desktops already have an ability to run android apps through Bluestacks and such, but its not widely adopted because it comes off clunky.

The appeal of universal apps is they adapt to the type of device your using, be it touch phone & tablet, Xbox, or keyboard based laptop, desktop, convertables.

I like the idea, but it needs to be a Lumia that works on all major carriers, not just one.

Good of you spotted it! Has the misfortune of resetting my phone because of a one drive issue and bang the ESPNF1 APP is no longer published! So it won't restore on my phone. Was a nice app and twitted to ESPN - no response yet

It would be following other companies.  Other digital assistants already do this, like Google Now. It can pull info by doing traditional searches, direct info contextual searches, web, local device, and app searches, as well as pulling info to display relevant information to the user without them needing to even perform a search.


I haven't got to use Cortana yet, but I would imagine the service already does similar things.

Since most average people live in the browser, having Bing native in Win10 search (like it is in Win8) will have a minor or minimal impact on marketshare. Most people aren't going to use the native os search function for web searches, they will use the browser omni-box or go straight to Google/Bing/Yahoo website.  Also, MS has to tread carefully about making it default in the browser because of potential monopoly charges, in fact, I believe in many countries they can't set a default search but instead have to provide a "pop up" giving a list of major search engines upon initial set-up.


And in places like the EU, Google already has like 90% marketshare and Mindshare.  Its difficult to make people change habit, and search companies are sticky in the mind because people get accustomed to the one they use.

Carbon Footprint is nonsense. One volcano eruption covers my whole life. Why is it carbon footprint criers are the same people rushing out to wait in line for the next iPhone?

Yeah phony whatever makes people feel better. Someone noted that burning one lit candle for an hour puts out more carbon then all the light bulbs in a house. Go figure.

"Why have two boxes on?"

Because it's hugely convenient and costs almost nothing.

I completely disagree. It's absolutely worth it: not just being able to say "Xbox, on" and have it IR blast on the Xbox, the TV, and the set-top box, but being able to use SmartGlass while at work to buy games and apps and then have them already downloaded by the time I get home = awesome.

While DuckDuckGo started implementing web crawling, they've primarily relied on using 3rd party search engines like Google & Bing.  It takes a lot of resources and time to build a fully fleshed search engine that works well.  So even using DuckDuck, your still getting results from the other search engines.

While I like Bing, this notion of Google selling data is incorrect and false. They do not sell your data to 3rd parties. Google retains the data within their own platform.  3rd party advertisers simply use Googles ad platform to input paramaters of the type of customer they want their ads displayed to, then Google matches the 3rd party paramaters against the user data to select a set of users.

The information is to valuable to Google for them to turn over to 3rd parties. Any 3rd parties using Googles ad platform never see's any user data, they simply tell Google what type of user they think will find their ads relevant (i.e. Gender, age, location, type of device they use to access the internet,etc)

Could be a bot. Reddit uses bots to balance scores, including upvotes and downvotes. This could be something similar.

I'm not sure about Cortana, but other digital assistants, Like Google Now already integrate search into their function. When performing a search you either get direct information based on a question (i.e. Whats the weather, convert units, etc) or you get a traditional search function & search returns for other types of searches.

Even if the search icon were to change, they would still be competing with Google in both search and competing with Google Now in the in regards to marketshare. 

You couldn't figure that out on your own? I agree, the US should adopt this date format, along with SI

I've seen this being done over here last Christmas with other bundles. It's nothing really new, actually.

Did it help numbers of WP? I doubt it. But then again, the PlayStation rules supreme over here. And when I mean "supreme" I mean no Xbox ever had any relevance at all compared with the PS counterparts.

But maybe in the US, where the gap seems to be less deep, this will help.

Paul os referring to the silly comment " I would not download it even for free". And he is right to mock it. 10 $ includes availability for WP and windows 8 and is cheaper than the same game on steam and on playstation, not to mention that it comes with a trial.

It's alwasy very good to see new games coming to Windows Phone, our favorite platform. And this one looks really cool. I'm going to give it a "Try" before paying the full version, lol. I also have been working on a game, it's free and it is available for Windows Phone since yesterday, will be coming to Windows 8 too very soon. It works on 512 ram (like lumia 520) devices. Please, share with me all your feedback. (
Here you can watch a trailer:
and donwload it from the store:


I'd say "as good as" is relative.  Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses.  If I was to consider an Xbox One, this would be a great little bonus and incentive to buy now rather than later.  

Just a quick tip, you can buy a 10% coupon from ebay for $5 and it works with this offer, I ended up paying $345 with taxes.

Am glad to be a 1520 owner as I don't need a flagship unless it has 4gb of RAM and a 2k display and 64gb onboard storage and a 5.7 to 6 inch display as my phone Games has better graphics than its android rivals and if windows 10 is an improvement then I see it heading places. Once its stable enough I ain't going back.

How much electricity would be saved if the National Resources Defense Council shut their doors?

Sorry Paul, but we have the right to comment. Doesn't have to be an insight. You may not agree, but that doesn't mean we spend $10 on this. Compare this to Halo:SA, which is a much bigger, better game for half the price.

MS should bundle the 640 with the new non pro Surface later this year. Both running Windows 10 out of the box. Holiday shopping season.

Not even online leaderboards for such an expensive game is not acceptable.
No Xbox as well, very disappointed.

The icon was basically a repackaged/resized version of a 2013 phone and available on a single carrier.  Still running the 800 snapdragon.  Was the 930 even released in the US, the largest and most profitable smartphone market? If they don't sell it here, it doesn't count.  The failure to release on an annual cycle and to forego the christmas season with anything but low end phones targetted at low income users is madness. 

I suspect that MS has something up their sleave for W10 time bundlewise. I would like to see the One slim version, and a free WP with every box. Although a slim may be son way off! They could still throw in a WP with every Xbox.