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Reading through this thread, I never realized there were so many apps that could do this. Lot a good info in this thread as it turns out.

My first console was a Sega game gear. Then ps1, then 2, then Xbox everything. Still wish Sega lived, though.

The original Xbox didn't have anything of that magnitude, but broken disc drives was kinda common. The rrod was a problem with swapping to a faulty heat sink, iirc, so tests before the new heat sink showed nothing.

Fifth Generation I used Nintendo 64
Sixth Generation I used PS2
Seventh Generation I used Xbox 360 then PS3
Eighth Generation I used PS4 (for three days) then ultimately the Xbox One
Lol sorry Nintendo and Sony.

Problem is, when i select Pin to Start in right-click on folders, etc, OR in the All-Apps menu, it never appears in the Start Screen. The only things that get pinned are by dragging something in the All-Apps menu, which doesn't include everything.

Yeah! They arrived really late, not at all, or too many times. It's too bad, too, because everything else I could've/would've lived with.

I wanted no part of CurrentC. Anything that involves carriers is bad. I don't even want carrier bloatware or crapware, much less payment methods in stores with carrier involvement. Apple and Google did the right thing by eliminating the carriers from their tap to pay solutions.

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They should arrange a cross platform online facility which would benefit both companies and their consumers (include pc gaming also) because in my current situation, if I was to choose the console which seems all round better for my needs (Xbox One) I would be alone online as my friends all own playstations, which makes the ps4 an option. If I could play Ceyhan titles with them online, I would surely stick with the Xbox one and enjoy the best of both worlds

Current mouse pointer is fine. It still fits to new UI of Windows 10.
What they should update are the shadows used on menus, mouse pointer and tool tip. It hasn't changed since Windows XP, thats how old the shadows are. Old shadows isn't consistent with the new shadows of Windows 10.

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Me too. Fun times with that game. I would consider the dlc if it went on sale July 7th

I think the current mouse pointer is fine, it still fits to new UI. What they should've update are shadows under the mouse pointer, tool tips and menus. Those shadows came from since XP, it's too old and it doesn't even match to new shadows of Windows 10.

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And now theres this Steve Jobs movie that looks to be a blockbuster. More hype for Apple coming up.


Already I downloaded and am enjoying the new update , but when the developers of WhatsApp , put conviter for group ??

The hero image isn't that ugly, but I don't find it a good match for Login screen though. They have yet to polish the Login UI also.

People app unfortunately is still alpha, no sign of any progress at all!

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The system still ugly. Compare W10 with W7: The new W10 is a very big step back design. There're two control panels, icons with the same design, even if they were created at windows XP, vista, 7 and 8, that white/gray title bar is just terrible. We have aero glass at some points and others without + icons from XP to 8 + icons from metro + a new modern control panel + the old control panel a complete white file explorer + borders with 1 pixel on the window with the color of system (why they did that? It's a bug?!). Looks like they want to create something new, but they don't know how.

10162 runs great on my laptop but horribly on my DV8P. Its got a long way to go before I can comfortably adopt it on this small tablet.

No, it's not. It's $5. For an extra $1 you could buy Minecraft instead.

Yeah, not launching in most of the world until 10 months later is a huge hurdle to overcome.

The issue there is that WC writers will get inundated with 'tips' regarding the leak and the forums will be spammed with links to other websites reporting on the leaked info. Best they report on it in an open and honest fashion after they've attempted to confirm the details.

Alot of people say to do a full wipe before installing 10, and then go get the apps. It happens with many more apps than you listed.

My 360 is the first slim model one, it never had any fault thankfully. It is 4 or 5 years old. :)

Well the this generation of consoles are just startig out and at this point it's clear to see that there will be no losers between MSFT & Sony. From here on games and the overall product/service experience will do a fine job catering to their respective crowds. E32015 was a very important one, and MSFT in my oppinion showed that they are way more ambitious in the gaming space and are delivering the goods at a faster rate w/o sacrificing quality. Team Xbox is doing a phenominal job. I havent been this happy as a gamer since the launch of the 1st Gears of War. Great time to be a gamer, no matter your choice of platform.  

I went through four 360's. Three times on one, and one time on another. And as for games: I'll be getting MGSV along with pretty much everything else because there are just so many exceptional titles coming out for Xbox this year

Yeah and theme-matching file explorer with tabs to compliment the start, taskbar, and action centre would be super awesome.

Actually it's also used in Europe. There have been Snapchat stories from all over Europe including Spain France Greece Germany, UK, etc. Just because you don't use it doesn't mean the entire continent of Europe of well over 700+ million use it. Their have also been stories from many countries including Bahrain UAE Mexico Brazil Australia Canada etc. It's not US exclusive. It's popularity is worldwide and truth be told its an easy functional application for messages and videos and pictures that self destruct. It's simple and easy where people make their own stories and depending if you love in major cities like NY Los Angeles Paris London etc worldwide. People in those cities also get their own specific all time stories. Major events like the Greek OXI BTW decision was also broadcast in Snapchat including July 4 events. Ramadan New Years Eve. Christmas and major sports events lime he SuperBowl

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it makes you a sheep if you waited in lines to get a product that's marginally better than the previous version and paid a premium to get it. Apple products are good but they tend to wait and see with their hardware and you usually get slighltly older hardware. when they started building their own SOCs, that kind of changed. They do a great job of packaging their product. It still isn't worth a premium you pay. if developers started porting truely equivelent apps to android and windows mobile, there really wouldn't be a reason to pay any premium at all. 

Voice commands only apply to Kinect buyers though. How many people actually bought that pack in recent times?

I've tried to use CyberDust and it doesn't compare to Snapchat.
To me its a clutter mess regarding the UI. At least with Snapchat you get a clean and simple interface.

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I think the lack of full regional functionality has hurt them somewhat, i.e. voice commands in various languages. I'm not sure whether Cortana is spread further or not. Hopefully though the exclusives are enough to get people trading in their PS4s for Xbox Ones. Here in the UK I've known a few people to switch over because of the lack of media support on the PS4. Also the backwards compatibility is a definite win. There also seems to be a better stock of PS4s in most of the trade-in stores I've seen.

Apple does get this one thing right - it sells its user experience really well. Take for instance the camera - for all our amazing Lumia imaging, the camera on an iPhone outdoes most Lumia hardware in speed, giving on an average very good auto-mode pictures. We Lumians can do better but at the cost of time. Similarly due to their limiting external memory expansion etc, they dictate a very strong ecosystem and performance, paired with tailor-made hardware. The result is a very standard user experience, which Windows (Phone) has not been able to achieve. That's what apple charges for, an experience no one can match. Windows is neither this nor is customizable like android. Windows needs to standardize these experiences of main OS features like camera etc, functions on any new hardware that releases. If they can do that, they'd beat both apple and android at their game and have things like continuum to become the go-to OS. I may be wrong in this analysis but I hope Windows kicks ass