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Not gud for smaller screen devices.. The medium tiles will be usable but the small tiles will be extremely small and difficult to use

I liked the reduced space between the tiles.. Bt i think 4 medium tiles in one line is not good for devices with smaller screen.. The small tiles will be very tiny..

The band picked up an update??? Which update ???
The one of the 23rd didn't materialised so far (on the 26th). No update on the health app nor on the band firmware... A news on this?

...meanwhile at Sony HQ a top secret format to compete with it is in the works. Why? Because who doesn't love format wars! Long live Betamax and Memory Stick Duo!

I guess sarcasm is lost on you...


This was just a critic to how ridiculously crammed Microsoft is making the start screen. For example, I'm still waiting for the ability of having ONLY TWO columns on the 930. I can put 3 columns on the 3.8" screen of a 620 but not 2 columns on the 5" screen of the 930? That's what's ridiculous.

And now if this one turns out to be true, it means you'll be able to jam in even more tiles there....but judging by precedent, you won't be able to remove columns (aka, having just two of them).

Yay i (Yup84) won a great game from a great stream. The combination of chat from fellow WC readers and the twitch stream make for a great time. Been watching this stream since it started and its gets better and better. Great stream great games great community lots of content.


#Stream Team FTW

Another good stream tonight. The game looked pretty good. I think I'll enjoy the coach co-op mode. There are not enough good coach co-op games on XB1.

awesome steam as always. again, thank you so much for the giveaways! just installed my game on Xbox one :)

Great stream, don't usually like the zombie games, but this is one I will be getting!

If they plan to announce a Flagship, they better not bring a butter knife to a gun fight.  Samsung will be launching the Note 5 and Sony will be launching the Z4 Ultra and both are some industry leading devices.  Of course, both Samsung and Sony are SMART ENOUGH to also launch all of their devices on all US carriers.  A Lumia Flagship isn't worth poop if it isn't available on all carriers.  And if (1) you can't get the Lumia Flagship, and (2) Microsoft is going to push Android apps on WM10 - then expect the already impatient customer base to bail out of the Windows Phone ranks.

Great stream tonight guys, I won an Xbox one copy during it and I cannot be more happy.
Big shout out to 505GAMES for the love too.

How much at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint?  Or is Microsoft going to continue with this exclusive phone BS?  Didn't Verizon make Microsoft look bad enough in 2014?  When will they learn.  SMH.

Never knew about this game. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sounds like my kind of game too.

It's unlikely that it will be locked, if it is you can ask them for the unlock code. AT&T here in the U.S. has an automated website for the process. All Verizon(U.S.) phone come unlocked.

How do you expect Microsoft to do this without a user base, if they make a flawless, functional, beautiful os the user base will come and so will the apps

Not really catching up - the inbuilt solution is way ahead.

This is just retrofitting legacy functionality to please a limited number of users.


Can you play any of these games without creating a city of habitats, training facilities, farms and other structures?

Thanks to those who pointed out there is a Windows 8 version of Kingdoms and Lords available. Completely overlooked it.

The spacing is tighter because they added another row for tiles. This shows the ability to have four medium sized tiles per row

When you do, make sure you only use beta releases of "their" operating system and come back and let us know how it worked out.

Great just what I needed , all my tiles are transparent, now I just need One note , Microsoft authentication, and Audio books to be complete.

I tried installing it about a hour ago and it would not let me install to my SD card (N1520) said it had to install on phone. What goes? Maybe many of those without SD storage ought to try again.