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What a bunch of spinreless assholes Microsoft are, pandering to the damn fucked up carriers, instead of serving consumers that buy their phonees.



I picked it up from the store for $29 and asked about the Band and guy noted they had "plenty" in stock.

I really like that Fitbit is working on Cortana integration. It may have taken them a while to get to Windows Phone, but they're impressing me by trying to take advantage of all the new features of the OS.

With Denim, MS has effectively made the 1020 a phone that no longer live up to its name of the king of smartphone cameras.

Sure, the camera specs are still mighty fine, but the yellowish tint, slow capture speed, inability to focus on close objects, lack of slow mo, and now the lack of exclusive Lumia features, surely left lots of 1020 users disappointed.

From what I can remember, the only most exciting Nokia firmware update that the 1020 got was to shoot in RAW. And that's all.

Haha.. Seriously. And that's why they use android or ios just for this shitty game leaving many awesome games.

I played this on PS4 before I changed to Xbox One, and this actually a great game. I found it hard, but it has an awesome storyline and gameplay.

Listen to all this. We were guaranteed faster updates and that have even come close to happening. And when the hell can we finally get GIF support?

If I buy 2 and add them to my account, would my subscription last 2 years?

Yippee.. Ghana... Please do I have to go deregister preview for developers to get this update?? Thanks for this

It may be the detection issue. Ugh. I spoke too soon. Says Denim, and numbers match the image above, but has the build date from July. Ugh.

Truthfully I am out of HD space. Its waiting till my expansion HD arrives. One friend purchased it said he liked it. The story line will be a nice change from the continue shoot your dead on cod for me.

I'm a 1520 owner myself, so I won't "whine" about 1520 size (I actually love it), but I think it's fair if people say 6" doesn't suit them. In comparison to One M8, I believe M8 has some edges in specs, like a bit faster processer. If you're going to compare cameras, you have to do it with speakers too. And the main reason I say it's WP flagship device for now is 1520 is getting old. One M8 surely wins the battle against 930 if you don't mind the support.

Figured it out... you have to change your THEME in the HTC Dot View settings.

IP CAM controller is an awesome app, way better than any others. Has streaming audio, no mic.

Hey Cortana works 70% of the time for me when the phone is locked. Only wish I could use it with my headphones though, since I have headphones on most of the day.