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For those of you wondering why that command supplied in the article isn't working for you, its because you don't have an OEM licenced version of windows. Retail keys/installs don't seem to work with it. I could be proven wrong but my 10 Retail installs here don't work, and my one OEM tablet does.

Surface phone will eventually Land that I know, but c'mon the OS has to be flawless first, with what we have as build its still far from finish, MS brave up let people see to make the switch

Windows 10 sounds soo good. Gotta wait until my 32gb USB comes through so I can make a recovery drive, just in case.

Whatever happened to the nice and simple repair disk?

Not sure about this but I believe it is coming along with USB Type-C on 950?

if the surface phone comes out next year, ill be a happy camper, as that is when i upgrade from my 1520 :D

I'm sure Microsoft is not stupid enough to take away the features that were already present in WP8.1. I'm hoping that this is just how the development works and that they will come back before release. If this is true and we add some of the new features, then it is true that it is significantly feature complete.
But there are still little things and some customization/UI/UX stuff that needs to be changed to appeal to the diversity of consumers and there liking. I don't know how else can they fight against android and iOS.

Yeah very quickly if I remember but can't remember what it said lol

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Lumia 950 in comparison to a phone that might never even become reality and that I know absolutely zero facts about and might not even suit my needs.........I'll go on a whim, SURFACE PHONE FTW!

Having the surface phone would be hot but honestly if the specs aren't there then don't bother

'One Microsoft device family' is the key phrase I take from that. Sounds like Surface to me.

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Is Windows 10 upgrade suppose to silently download in the background or are we suppose to see some kind of download percentage in Windows Update or some kind of notification. The only thing i see on Get WIndows 10 apps is a button "OK, notify me when ready" clicking the button does nothing just close the Get Windows 10 apps. The $WINDOWS.~BT  appeared and now its gone in file explorer. In Windows Updates all I see is you're set to automatically install updates.

Now, that W10 is "complete" we should start seeing those builds coming in much more frequently... W10M really does have a ton of features compared to any version of WP.

So is there anything particularly compelling about Win 10 on phones at the moment? From what Ive seen, if its practically feature complete it doesnt look more than a few new apps and a more conventional UI, nothing really there that grabs the attention.

Yes, The Flagship feature that is being touted in the 190 countries where Win10 is launching.. But Cortana only available in 3% of the Launched countries...

He could probably work for Remedy. I don't think those guys even know what a deadline is.

1) i bought Lenovo S405 with preinstalled Windows 8.

2) using pendrive i done backup of my os mistakenly i deleted partion(which in return stopped function of one recovery key).

3) i installed unix thinking i would learn but i didnt find time so using my pendrive got back win 8.

4) i became insider out of curiosity and installed 1st build of win 10 but it was not upto my expectation so tried using my backup pendrive which corrupted somehow.

5) with no option left downloaded win 8.1 from torrent and installed it was showing windows is activate and i used to get every update.

6) i got win 10 update using right now which also displaying windows is activate.

So,i want to know wheter iam using genuine os or not.....

Thank you.

So we've to wait for releasing City&Talk-man phones?
After this Windows 10 mobile would be releasing on other Lumias.

On my phone, I just dont want to ever see "resuming" again and ill be set.

side note- was the code on the shirt in the picture ever cracked?

There was a "hint" there but it was very vague. So I'll just keep my fingers crossed. C'mon Surface phone!

Also.. I had an amazing pe world on my phone that I lost updating it to 10 mobile :(. It's a Shame. Will take time to build it that large again.

Well, get the preview builds to consistanly update phone correctly and you'll have something. For me there has always been some weird-ness with appps that hang installation in the store or missing glance. Would love a build that didn't act like a hot mess.

I don't think these cameras can capture depth just yet. Imagine racing around in a N64 Crusin' USA world. Blehhhgg.

Yes I would like cloud sync... Xbox needs an update to get what pe has and its missing. One Minecraft to rule them all. Such a fragmented market right now....

We're unhappy around here because there's never any good news around here.
Hopefully, that will start to change with W10, but I won't be holding my breath.

Yes, every one of these recent security patches has also included undisclosed non-security bug fixes.

Oh I would say keep Cortana for sure, she very quickly becomes a useful tool. Starts of simple with instructions on what time to leave to get to your appointments, complete with routes etc (Google now does the same I know) but when she starts to bring in data from Office 365 it starts to get interesting. Suddenly she is not only showing where you meeting is and how to get there but what files are associated your conversations and schedule cross overs with the other attendees and pretty soon she will be able to query data you have stored in Azure servers too. And if you're not sure how that looks dump some data into Power BI web dashboard and start asking it questions.

I dumped 2.5m lines of transactional data into it and was able to ask: "how many <<insert thing i was talking about here>> were sold during July 2013 in Australia, organised by retailer, platform and price as a table" and that is exactly what I got.

Can we expect Phantom Pain to be the last proper Metal Gear title then? Can't see it lasting without Kojima.

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I have it as well.  I reserved my copy a while back, and I kept checking Windows Update.  I saw the message at 12:30am.  I believe Windows Central wrote an article about how you can make the update start now.

So, perfectionist artist type.

Then he really would be better in a company of his own without being responsible to anyone (even his game players). That way he can do anything by his own high standard.

I was actually kind of disappointed this morning when I found out there is nothing new for me because as an insider I already was up to date.