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Too late for me, was busy watching the what I think was the finale for Dexter. Sorry :P

I had an update today also after updating to denim with DP. The update was the latest DP OS update I already had. It just installed again. Dont know why but after update the phone still works great.

Oh we didn't call them morons then, while reporting. We posted on msdn, and on their twitter response. The twitter team first followed us took the info and later un followed us and we never heard from them again. No response on msdn either. Joe belfoire never replied to any of our tweets so we had no where to report. So we stopped

The 1520, 930, and Icon are identical. The only difference is screen size and pixel density. While the 1520 has a larger screen, the 930/Icon have a higher pixel density.

A hard reset will be necessary to at least 40% of the people infected. This app is very similar to our bug. Our big would also make the phone restart uncontrollably. In 40% of the testing cases uninstalling the app had no effect.

Yess! Drag ha. :D

On a serious note though, why do these comments come up on every app article? People don't actually get that software development is a tough job in itself?

I only caught the last bit of the stream. Everyone is friendly on the chat and watching what little of that game makes me want to get it. I'll be watching the stream again next time

"Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No!' says the man in Washington, 'It belongs to the poor.' 'No!' says the man in the Vatican, 'It belongs to God.' 'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.' 'No!' says the commenter on Windows Central, 'It should be FREE.'" - Andrew Ryan, founder of Rapture

A hard reset in 40% of the cases will be necessary. This is very similar because of the bug we found.

Change your password. You can only do it thrice though before it's permanently locked.

thank you capcom for the code... along with eastx. kal el, tyler and derek... great stream tonight... learned alot about strider and its history. i also learned to play it in easy mode unless i want to get smeared

At first my Hero 4 could connect but the preview did not work. Manually downloaded the camera update and after installing the app now seems fully functional on my 1320 with the Hero 4. Great being able to use the phone rather the the Nexus 7 tablet :)

with windows 10 Microsoft will focus more on gaming. im waiting for the event on 21st of jan. 1 month left now.

3. PC not detecting phone when connected via USB

I thought my phone was gone after sinking in water.

I spent 15 years working for Staples and I can honestly say they can't hold a candle to Microsoft. Definitely one of the best places in the world that you could possibly work at. They really take great care of us. I am not surprised because we do this kind of stuff all the time behind the scenes.

Yes I know, but hard reset was the only option I had, phone wouldn't switch on or off, brightness reduced way below normal, hard reset will remove all data the app had,, but yes there should b other options too

Can I use this app even without the Band? Like, just for counting steps, measuring distance, time, etc.

I compared the prices of the individual items of the Insteon Home Kit and the prices on Amazon and on SmartHome and this is a great deal so I bought it.

Oh, I picked up the Nokia ear buds too. $10.00.

Wow, this was a great day.

@neo158 Did the same last month..!! Only things remaining are BooTube and their DNS Server..!!

+1030 Bad Snapchat Bad Service Bad Employees--Good Rudy Good Service Good Dev..!!

So, they shouldn't charge you for their hard work? I hope your boss decides to stop paying you, telling you he thought your services should be free

If you are still using UbiShow, please install Video Memories to get updated version. VM3.0 provides you much more beautiful and smooth effects, hafl video creation time, tripple the number of photo frames.

Please do not blame the writer!

I am the developer, to make it clear: it previously could be installed on 512MB devices  but it was not officialy supported especially Lumia 530. This update supports all devices, but the most important thing is we are now utilizing GPU (not CPU) to render the effects. The technique does not only help reducing the required memory to run the app but also improving the video quality. You can compare the video created by Video Memories and the other similar apps like: Flippagram or Movie Maker 8.1. I believe you can easily see the difference in quality :)

Finally, thanks all of you for using the app!