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Some choose to feel entitled and angry. Unlike some here who seem to think MS engineers with advanced CS degrees from the best schools in the world are the stupidest people in the world, I choose to believe MS have their reasons for the change . So I adapt and move on. After all, Windows still works great for me.

A little cloud icon overlaid on the thumbnail. The filename and details greyed out slightly where not available locally. A pop up tip when the mouse hovers.
A brief dialog "retrieving from your cloud storage".
The same wizard as Win 10 which prompts users for which folders to synch.
Really, how long would it take for users to get it?
Windows was virtually built around the concept of files and folders. All existing Windows users understand this anyway.
For Microsoft, reinventing itself as a cloud services company, to have screwed up cloud file storage is inexcusable. Also, there is just not enough data centre processing resource allocated to the OneDrive services because it responds too slow compared to competing providers like Dropbox.
The other reason I understand why placeholders were removed is that they took up too much local space due to including large preview images for photos etc. Fine, remove that from the metadata altogether (or make it dependent on the local device storage).
Perhaps extend the wizard with more options and space implications. Have notifications when storage gets low and bring back the wizard for maintenance.
The placeholder issues were far from insurmountable, and there is massive scope to extend and improve the cloud storage integration into sharing, permissions etc.
Microsoft REALLY needs to focus far more on this if they want to own the next generation of productivity.
Removing placeholders was a massive setback and a bone headed and plain wrong decision.
Forward, not backward please guys.

DJCBS like most normal people if WP platform crashes and burns tomorrow I'll move on, because its only a mobile OS and MS is only another corporation.

This app now has a problem w my L830WP8.1... I can't see the users' thumbnail anymore. Already set that option to download images even while using carrier data (it's not english here, sorry), but nothing changes - also I need to set that everytime I start the app. Can I revert to previous version???

@tk2011, enough people complained about the start button missing, guess what made a comeback in windows 8.1/10......

Be careful when telling the very people who are responsible for the success of the windows platform to "get over it" because if enough people get over it they could just get over it and move on to another platform.

Appeasing Nokia fanboys is not the priority for MS. The priority is to ensure a consistent user experience across Lumias and non-Lumias, which is not there at present. WP will not crumble and die because some Nokia fanboys are cribbing about the loss of some 5-6 Lumia apps, which were never developed by MS anyway, only acquired, and whose features will be making it to the MS equivalent apps in the final release of W10M. 

WPRT makes my phone gets back to carrier version sofware (most recent version). Probably it checks the original product code and/or IMEI to update the firmware. Happens with all of you? There's an way to avoid carrier fw installation by this tool after an unbranded version fw installed?

Here's my issue with this. Sailfish: intent was advertising, not to steal your data. The issue was there was the potential for a security breach. That is a big deal. Also, Windows has tons of security issues too, which is why it is being patched. Researchers pointed it out to Lenovo and they fixed it.

Injectible BIOS. Abused? No, actually they did what was allowed by Microsoft's guidelines. Those guidelines changed and, once again, the media caught wind of this after Lenovo had already changed their practice and patched systems. So pretty much a non-story. There was no abuse, imo. Is it weird that some Lenovo computers installed some of their system software even after a clean install? I don't think so as I have a lot of non-Lenovo computers do similar stuff. Remember when computers had custom OEM Windows backups?

The issue here is intent. Were Lenovo purposefully trying to hurt customers? Steal their data? There is no evidence of that. Were they sloppy? Yup. Pushed the boundaries of what people may want? Perhaps. But I do not see them as doing anything evil. That is why I think people are over-reacting here. Each time these stories came out it was after Lenovo had already addressed it.

We covered all of those stories here too and it is up to people to decide where to put their money. But for me, intent is everything.

But look at the duplicity here: Lenovo has some security holes, odd privacy policies and the world flips out. Windows 10? Tons of people here defend Microsoft. Which is the bigger security risk? Lenovo or Windows 10?

How do u not mention 90210 when naming good tracks on rodeo?? It's by far the best track on the album! Haah

For those of you looking for a somewhat decent replacement I was introduced to an app via Twitter called ODrive.  You can login and it brings back NEARLY all of the functionality of Placeholders.  Takes a little bit of getting used to but for the general funciton of uploading and creating folders on your OneDrive, I have found it to be effective.  Take a look at it.

Can you please give me a hand to do that? I really don't know how to do it. :(

Matt, watch yourself. You're treading a very thin line here with attacking our credibility, especially since you have no proof of anything.

The fact you need to resort to such tactics as opposed to making a coherent argument speaks volumes of your integrity. I won't tolerate it. Criticize our positions, but unless you can offer any evidence your claims I won't' let you besmirch our site and our writers simply because you lack the intellectual ability to make a sound argument.

Our site makes money through two ways (1) ads on the site (which is handled by an outside company called Purch) and (2) our store and it's about a 50/50 split. We do not pocket money from companies and if we did, you would see it as "sponsored by". Stop for just a second pretending you know anything about this industry.

Grow up.

It was am endless tapping and scrolling. Everyone (phone manufacturers) nowadays has it embedded in the photo app. They are removing it because will probably consolidate the experience in one app.

And I'd have to disagree with you. I have yet to see a beautifully crafted self-built PC. Yes, they're very interesting, cool and flashy works of art, but none of them are beautiful in my eyes. A specifically crafted/CNC'd casing built around the internals can't be compared to the towers most of you buy from the likes of Corsair, Phantek, Cooler Master, etc. Those towers are also made to be bulky and airy, something most people don't want to see in their rooms.

I have a 1020 and it had a problem with the white balance when using flash it would turn the pictures yellow tint. This seems to be fixed now with this update

Why Microsoft makes us feel like, the more we trust on them for improving services, the more they are actually abandoning us?

Man do I love PCs, but even people from this PC master race are asshats sometimes. Not everybody needs to run Crysis at 4K ultra with anti-aliasing to the max. Gaming for most people doesn't require holy-sweet-mother-of-Jesus graphics to be considered gaming.

@Craig Smikle, Hi-Tek, Keith Wallace: they already started merging these app features in the new Lumia Camera Beta.


Well that's a surprise! I loved Castle Crashers and beat the game a bunch of times. Getting it free is icing on the cake!

"Most of us", like you're the majority. Take a look around outside of your tiny circle of friends, dude.

So, they're using someone who designed a tall building that doesn't have a functioning municipal waste system? Sounds fun.

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I'm an engineer, but I couldn't build a computer in 30 minutes, because, (A) I don't have the knowledge about all sorts of motherboards, casings, fans, PCUs, etc, not to mention, how to put all of them together working harmoniously; (B) I would have to spend days, maybe weeks to search internet and shops for ALL the parts I need; (C) put it together, probably being met with problems I have to fix; and (D) configuring BIOS and all the software that would be a done job on a pre-configured PC.

YOU could not do this in 30 mins, starting from scratch, even if you had all the knowledge. But me, going to my local electronic store for non-PC tinkers takes me literally 15 there and buy, 15 minutes back.

I don't like cheese much, lactose intolerant and such, makes my tummy a bit upset, not to mention flatulence big time. But i like snail soup...

Can't agree more with you :D I think they should focus more on better apps on the Windows store than releasing their apps on other platforms

Personally i don't like it when an app is released and then left behind. It's like being abandoned...

I hardly use OneDrive from my desktops since placeholders disappeared. I sorely miss that feature.
MS shouldn't have eliminated it. Make it an option that has to be enabled. Then only people who know what it is will use it.
Such a shame.

Make your i7 CPU look way cooler - right-click on the CPU graph and select "Change graph to -> Logical processors" to get a per-thread view of activity.

I've experienced working in cubicle, partially-open, and open environments. Personally, I found the open environments to be the best for productivity and creativity, as I interacted with my colleagues more frequently than when I was in a cubicle. In particular it's easy to just bounce ideas off of each other. When you're in a cubicle, it's really easy to lose track of the world around you.

That being said, I can definitely see how it would be distracting, as there's a lot of noise from conversations. Easiest way around this is to just listen to music, or use noise cancelling headphones. Yea, it may not be the most ideal, but it gets the job done. Additionally, there are people that perhaps socialize too much, and need to have a little better self control in order to ensure their work is completed in a timely fashion.