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Logitech customer service is  the best ive ever experienced.  My first control pod had the light issue, i called them up and they said they couldnt send me just the control pod and they sent me a whole brand new system!...i had to destroy the control dock and send them pics, after I jumped on Ebay and got a new pod, presto..2 for price of one and a bit.  Next step up is a HTPC setup with Denon and Klipsch 280's.  Issue all these pc specific 5.1's have is lack of midrange, 5500 have great surrounds and demonic subwoofer however I cant appreciate FLAC files on something like this.

Flipboard is one of my favorite apps on my phone. I still use 8.1 and Flipboard sure could use a decent update on 8.1. How about a cache clearing option in the settings for starters? Also, the point of Flipboard is to 'flip' the content and not to scroll. LOL. I use Flipboard on my laptop (W10) and it's awesome.

It's expensive I was in Spain and I paid for a 2G prepaid plan of data only 15 Euro which equal 16.00 dollars. That also included 100 minutes of calls as well.. The cheapest was 10 euro for one 1G and 50 minutes of calls.

How? I am not seeing the 150 discount in my cart. Did you go to a local store? Please let me know, I want to jump on this!

They did!! :) I bought my 950 today for $250 because I had this $150 off plus a $150 trade-in from my 1020.

When did you last try it? Back at launch things were a mess, but 10586.164 (in February) and the current build 10586.318 have been pretty robust. No notable issues.

I think T-Mobile should be thanked for ATT giving us more bang for our buck. It seems that right after T-Mobile comes out with a new deal ATT has to throw in a bone or two. I have a feeling ATT and Verizon despise John Legere and T-Mobile. Competition is a wonderful thing.

FWIW, the discounts didn't appear until I added it to cart and went to checkout... but yeah, sadly, I wouldn't rule out that it might be US only.

Oh nonsense. They've been doing these types of $150 discounts periodically for all device types since around the launch of the Surface Pro 3 launch. It's called a sale to boost sales figures ahead of the end of the month.

At launch in November, I opened the Offers app on my new 950XL and just redeemed it. I don't know that it did much validation at all other than validating the device type and the date of claiming the offer. I get my new 950 tomorrow, so I'll let you know if it's any different, BUT, my advice is just check the app and see first hand. My guess is that you'll get it.

I picked up a 950 Dual-SIM Unlocked today with the same $150 discount applied to it. On top of that, I applied my $150 trade-in coupon for my Lumia 1020 for a total of $300 off the phone. Plus, when I get it, I can redeem a Lumia Offer for a free Display Dock which nets me a crapload of awesome tech for $250 plus $16.83 in tax. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Yes, I switched to GoPhone from Cricket a while ago because GoPhone officially supports hot spots without any tinkering.


Also, as an added bonus you are connecting through AT&T directly instead of an mvno (Cricket) so your ping and speeds are better.

Right now I pay Cricket $55 for 5GB of data.  But I usually only use about 2-3 gigs.  If I jump over to their $45, ($40 after discount) I could save me a few bucks while also having rollover data and non-throttled LTE. 

I also hear GoPhone supports mobile hotspots.  Can anyone confirm that?


EDIT: According to the AT&T chat rep, GoPhone does support mobile hotspot.

Can everybody chill with the 'flip'..? I learned that word had some negative connotations and I'd rather not O.o

I tried this as a replacement browser to Google Chrome whilst I wait patiently (coming soon) for Redstone and I've gone back to Chrome. 

I immediately don't like the fact that on the Speed Dial page you can't change the default search engine from Google. Why?

You can remove it but that's not a fix. Secondly in setting Bing as my home page it doesn't even load the animations or anything! Anti-Bing or am I missing something here (revenue aside...).

Flash Player isn't embedded, granted you can download the optional plug-in but why? Chrome has it by default (even though it's restricted).

Plenty of good points with the browser however, and the customisation of options for privacy/security which is why I really like Opera and always have. The build in ad-blocker is good but it's just an ad-blocker at the end of the day. I can download AdBlock if I wanted and have the same effect.

And regarding the Surface Pro 4, the browser should respect and follow the native Windows Power Scheme and place it in battery saver automatically if the laptop/device is running on battery power.

Arrg, great point. maybe they'll consider BC once they feel all the Access money has been milked from them

Here's hoping they are going to unleash the good games of the back catalog esp from their in house studios and EA at E3, there is no sense now that you have multi disk support that you cant put every Xbox 360 game out

I have been using go phone for a little over 2.5yrs. I started out with the $60 plan when it was 2GB a month. I moved to the $45 plan last Nov. because I really didn't need the roaming in Canada & Mexico or the free calling to Mexico. I figure if I need these in the future it's simple enough to switch plans back and forth. The plans have had quite a few perks added since I began using the service.

Waiting for a discount. But i believe it deserves it's cost. One of the best games i have ever played.

Great deal. Don't the plans include unlimited data with the first 2 GB, 3 GB, etc. at LTE speeds and then speed is throttled down after?

Why can't at&t's $30.00 go phone plan come with at least 1GB of hi speed data that sounds fair to me, I love at&t I have the $30.00 go phone plan and I thank at least 1GB would be nice.

My advice... get rid of the Google products.  They are eating most of your bandwidth and spying on your personal secrets.

As long as the political parties can cheat, they welcome all automation of elections and election coverage.

Awesome. I love At&t and Gophone. I was kinda hopimg they would offer a large plan (10 gigs) for $70 or so but this is good too especially since it's free.

Why are you spreading lies? You are rogue immediately when you start the cutting.

16 apps??? I still have 7 apps (8 including start screen) running in background. Lumia 730 user here...