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Yeah there was all this talk in 2015 that Cortana would have natural language processing and Google beat them to it. Maybe RedStone 2 will bring that.

This new Preview build released 90 minutes ago, What about all us Lumia w
Windows Insider Users Still not even being able install Update: 10.0.14926.1000 ??? When are we gonna see a fix for this annoying Update Error ???

EA might not make plenty of games for Windows Phone anymore, but they are good at supporting their existing apps/games. The Sim Freeplay for example, a 2014 WP8 game still getting frequent updates. And they will release FIFA Mobile game for W10M too, alongside Android and iOS this fall.

I received an update for Gadgets in Fast Ring last week which repaired it. Though no messages with DT-904 atm. Guess it will come to the other rings and production soon.

Off topic sorry but anyone know how to PIN unlock a Lumia 950 with a cracked screen and display completely dark? I've tried the Project My Screen App on my PC but can't get the phone to show up!

Good question. Article doesn't make sense. No Microsoft app collects dietary data, not that I know of, certainly not HealthVault. For that matter Microsoft Health doesn't even exist since they renamed it Microsoft Band, which doesn't collect dietary data either. Microsoft Health and Fitness app was killed, maybe a year ago. This wasn't a reveal on a new Microsoft Health (version 2.0)? I doubt it. But the article isn't clear.

This isn't fast ring RS2 this Is release preview of RS1 you should not not face any major bugs in this build. Like sim card not detecting or unable to unlock the phone.

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Just noticed Polarr Editor Pro is on sale. $2.29 (CDN) ... So, such a good bargain, I bought it.
I've only had a short time to try the editor and am very impressed. Plenty of tutorials, a large number of filters and most every photo adjustment a person would ever require.
It is obvious a lot of work has gone into the App.

Please enlighten us... How can Cortana tell me about food intake when you do not have a way to record it in Health? We were able to do it in Health and Fitness but the app was retired.

I'm on the "release preview" ring (the slowest one), and I've had this feature for a while now.

I have both consoles and I must agree. If not for the support of Japanese developers, PS4 has a pretty poor showing of exclusives. I've also had a better experience with XBL vs PSN.

On Hp Elite X3 front led charging light is now working as well as double tap to wake

Yea but not worth it your wife phone, keep her happy ;) my wife only went insider fast when I believed in anniversary. Since official anniversary RS1, I put her back to production

My latest OTA update has been a disaster, never had issues previously but my 930 now freezes 2 or 3 times a day and needs rebooting every time.

Yeah, RP is just a pre-release production channel. Its not sketchy like slow and fast ring builds...

Microsoft does not care about your 1020.  Get that through your head.  Buy an iPhone 7, there's your successor.

In any case it won't be available until next season (that's what Satya said before getting Deion on stage) so it won't help you suck less for a while

I believe your dead right on the Netflix hrs vs game hrs, with 98 friends, when they weren't playing games they were streaming Netflix. And about 15% of those streaming were watching because of their wife wanting to watch her shows. Lol

Totally agreed !! To be the market leader there is no point in constraining any service to a particular platform.
I hope all those apps and services they are launching now for iOS and android will come to W10 in future with full potential. And also hope that Cortana will be very matured being available on many platform.

As long as Nadella in the house windows10 mobile won't take off high. Get rid the real cause of the problem.

The great thing about game sharing is that you can play on your xbox and as long as you make your friend/family member xbox your home xbox box then they can play too at the same time. And for icing on the cake if it's a play anywhere title then a third person can play on your home pc signed in as anyone. I know this because I've tried it and it works like a charm. With Forza Horizon 3 I can play in my living room while my son plays in his room and my wife plays on PC co op campaign. I love it. :)

Does this mean that it will download/update again on PC? As I've had an error for a week.

Hmm.. maybe that's why Windows 10 mobile releases are late... the dev team must be clocking extra hours on the XBOX during extended break :P

There's a hidden feature that allows Cortana to sing you to sleep and... Well...and another feature, if that fails. She only responds with 3gigs or more.

Waiting for the day that OneDrive replaces file explorer as the file management in Windows and allows users to sync files and the entire system over the cloud

Because I KNOW the surface phone launches soon, likely in the next month, not year, because Microsoft Australia's twitter account accidentally leaked it with the title "coming soon". And I want to wait because the Surface line has a good record of being both innovative and super high quality and I want to know what it offers over the x3. So I do not want to buy an x3 if the Surface phone is going to live up to expectations.

Edit: Here's the leak

Yes. If they do a good job others, including MS, Samsung, HTC, and possibly even Sony, might gain interest.

Me too.. I've been on test builds for two years strait.. Since 8.1 test builds. I need a break.