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I don't think that's a bug with loading the DLC in emulation.

​Forza horizon is well known for being buggy. One of the biggist issues for me, and the reason I stopped playing it was the dirty disc error... on a digital copy. It seems after you've downloaded any of the DLC, the save games become broken if you try to play it on another console - at least that thats the best way I can describe it.

@DreadVenom Did you even read the article? "Players who own Forza Horizon before that date will still be able to download and play the game and its associated content as normal. "

Nope, that might be one goal. But the direction of implementation is clear. Implement SMS into the Windows skype client (which has been available through Skype for almost as long as regular calls).

Otherwise they would have rolled it out much broader.

Velocity 2X is another overlooked gem that deserves your attention.

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Spore is $10 on GOG. NMS isn't worth 10c to be honest, at least not for what is basically a rubbish tech demo of what was originally some nice looking CGI "gameplay".

As usual, you are again wrong. It was literally to bring it to other platforms.

So I guess this means Rivals will never be re-enabled (that feature was disabled presumably to help with server connectivity issues since the GwG/BC release).

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I "purchased" it last month when it was Free with Gold, because it is BC on Xbone (I don't have a 360 anymore). The game runs okay, but there are some bugs with it emulating. Sometimes I can't purchase cars because it can't load the DLC or something or other in the store. I also can't upload ghosts or view leaderboards. Maybe they are removing it for purchase because the backwards compatibility is not good enough to be making people pay for it, and they don't want to fix the bugs or maintain leaderboards. 

It can happen with physical copies too, where companies stop producing and selling physical copies. The only difference between digital and physical I see right now is the ability to sell used games, even after they are no longer sold by the original company. This last issue could be solved if you could transfer license to friends or even random people/companies, one could wish.


I stopped wearing my Band 2 months ago. It was a nice toy for the first while, much better than the Fitbit. But it's charge life, or lack there of, made it more of a chore than a necessity in daily activities.

It's worth playing, just not at its current price point. Wait for a sale. Bought both PC & PS4 versions as pre-orders and have some buyer's remorse now.

Windows central is one of the only apps around that have already added apps for websites support and I don't know what the other thing is that you mentioned.

If you've purchased it, you can still download it, and its DLC even after the date. You just can't purchase it or its DLC after that date. This was quite clear from the post.

Yeah... It's strange how Amazon just swallowed them and removed them from the face of the earth really... Really strange. They had some powerfull IP's.

Clearly you can still download removed games if you previously purchased them.

I've never heard of this happening before. There are plenty of games even older than Forza Horizon like Halo 3 that are still listed on the store along with all its DLC's. But yeah, as DreadVenom pointed out, this is indeed a major downside to digital purchases. If there weren't disc copies anymore, then once this game is removed from the store, no one can ever buy it again and it will essentially be gone forever. Fortunately, physical media is still commonplace and I can just simply go to GameStop or Best Buy and pick up a used, perhaps even new copy whenever I want, even after the deadline.

I wish it would rain all the time in FH3, it has such great water effects on the camera & windshield. I'm interested to see what cars you'll pick! :)

The beauty of gaming... There's one for everyone. :)

My girlfriend would never play a game in her life she said... That changed after Sherlock Holmes entered her life on the XO. ;)

And this for me is the biggest issue with digital purchases. The option of the provider to simply remove it leaving no means to get it back if for some reason you lose the content.

Omg u are so ignorant. Such famboyism is unprecedented. I think u would even murder someone for telling the truth about ms fail os 10

I was about to bring in the biggest firestorm of down votes there probably ever was on this site by asking something to the effect of, "More of this crap? When in the hell will this obsession ever end? What is the point of this anyway?" Or one of the many comments I always think. Then I realized, I just spent 3 hours this morning walking in circles in Fallout 4 collecting what the game actually refers to as 'junk' for no reason and not actually progressing the game forward. So I really have no room to talk. =P

Bots,  the windows phone of the future.  BOTS are not going to replace apps.  Thats just a microsoft smoke and mirrors tactic.


Microsoft,  datamining a computer near you.

Thanks for this article Paul! I'm a big fan of under-the-radar gems in games, music, movies etc! :-)

It depends on your POV, giving birth to a new galaxy is quite an epic thing. Given the very minimalist design ethos with NMS I can understand why you might consider it awful.

You should play Ryse and judge for yourself. Be weary not something for the kids to watch as it is pretty graphicly violent lol.

I was ranked 10th globally for awhile when it first came out that's how much I Ioved playing multiplayer, my gamertag is some obscure player+random characters. I haven't changed it as all the good names have been taken lol. I got assigned that when I started up the games hub on Wp8.x the first time on my L920.

Isheep is just a term for those who enjoy stability, smooth fast running devices.  SPECS mean nothing......If it did,  the 950xl would mop up the iphone 6s +.....however,  that does not happen.....its the other way around.  The IP6S+ is almost twice as fast at tasks than the 950xl.   You should really try the apple side of life.  There is not stress because,  when you buy an apple device,  you know your getting support for many years.  Not just maybe like everyone else.  You know that when an update is released you are getting it then and there,  not SOON™,  You know that when you go hey,  I would like to try that app, wearable, accessory, device......YOU CAN!  OSX and IOS are really great.  Only fanboys of windows think otherwise.  

I used to be like that as well.  But after the shitstorm that is windows 10 totally ruining the touch experience on the surface,  and just KILLING mobile,  I said enough with microsofts LIES,  and sold every windows device off,  cancelled ALL my Microsoft services and what not.  I am 100% Microsoft free and computing is great and fresh again.  Not slow, laggy,  buggy and just plain lame.   Its fast, quick, stable,  and works as it should.  

I traded a 2010 acer timeline for a 2007 macbook 13.3" notebook,  and the macbook is faster, smoother,  and just works better than any windows device I have owned...including my surface 3s.   The 3 in 1 device is a gimmick,  full of comprimises....Its not great as a laptop,  its not great as a tablet,  and its not great as a desktop.  Hence the reason Apple has decieded to forgo making one.  They know that doing that you comprimise functionality of one or more "devices".....

I think this is one of the few series that I can say improve with each game . I enjoyed the first game, but not enough to finish it during a rental, and was surprised by how improved two and it's spinoffs were. Usually this is the other way around for me, especially if I really like a game (Mass Effect).

I want to replace my old HDD with an SSD. Is mirroring an option to make the SSD an exact copy of my old HDD so I can replace my old drive without setting up my computer from the beginning?

No it wasn't released in all Surface countries. That's what this site initially reported what would happen, but it didn't pan out that way. I suppose that was the first sign that MS was not all that confident about the Band 2 in the first place.

Especially since Google's New allo app doesn't do SMS, and Android users are pissed. Skype may hit that need

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