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I've already swift to Wells Fargo from bofa, just waiting for my employer to get direct deposit to my new account and then closing the bofa account...f*** them...

Anybody know of a good wp app that does wp game reviews without xbox reviews? I don't have an Xbox.

I love it so much and I don't know why. I have purchased the last two on steam and will definitely be buying this for my One.

True, very few people would switch banks because of an app being available or not.  TD Bank has a WP app in Canada and said they're working on one for the US.  I'll just continue to sit here and wait,  I've learned a lot of patience by waiting for the Denim/Os update for my Lumia 920.

I'm ​on t-mobile but gonna have to switch to Verizon. At&t just put a tower in where I live but I can get on a Verizon plane that's more then half the cost.

"The answer is not to throw in the towel in the US. That's be suicide"
Says every another American.

I'd say not stop, but expand for example, cortana should be available in it's full version already in the entire world. However, that's not the case and it's still very far from it.

That's exactly what he was arguing... in order to expand programs to other countries they can't be US-only

Jeg skal nok til at skifte på et tidspunkt fordi jeg har været i banken længe, men det bliver ikke pga en dårlig/manglende app. Der er også rigtig mange i UK som har WP

Well sine we are on it. My coffee is is still hot but it has just been brewed a couple of minutes ago. I also use Windows 8 while writing this text

The truth has been spoken !! Offers should be extended worldwide, rather than restricted to just the US

I loved bancolombia on android, now its on my phone! Nice, thanks for the news Windows Central, Lumia has a lot of costumers here, although many more got tired with the popular 505, I hope 535 gets more attention,I bought one and the touch has its infamous problem, I'm waiting for a replacement for my 920 :)

"Which is why MS should stop their US only deals and apps"

Wrong. You could argue they should expand programs to other countries, or tailor specific deals for certain regions.

The answer is not to throw in the towel in the US. That'd be suicide.

Microsoft is based in the US. All hardware and software development happens here and the majority of the WP/Win team is US, English speaking. It should be shocking to find a US based company initially releasing software/deals here. it is simply easier and more direct.

I wish Malaysian banks would makes apps for Windows Phone too. At the moment, only Hong Leong (the 4th biggest by market) have a decent app. Maybank (the biggest one) hasn't updated the app since 2012.

BS. WP has minute numbers in the US, not worth anyone's time to think up conspiracies to limit banking apps, android would be the logical target.

The comment as such wasn't negative towards any of the authors. If anything it was constructive feedback, albeit negative, on the site as a whole.

People enjoy different things, fair enough, but there is only a very small portion of total site visitors that watch the Twitch streams, even fewer live chat thru out.

What I brought up has been voiced by so many others in the past months and I've personally always felt like you guys do now, "no, it's fine - Xbox is an important part of Microsoft life" but I feel like they keep pushing the envelope on this (especially since they picked up one of the authors from xboxmad) and it's taking the site in a direction that will make readers go elsewhere. That might sound like a "who cares" type of thing to most people, but less readers means less revenue means less articles means even less readers etc etc.

Canada. The largest bank in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has a great Windows Phone app (I am a customer). Considering Canada has a higher concentration of BlackBerrys then most places, this is good to see. The last update for the app for Dec 23, 2014, and they have a Windows 8 app as well.

Oh wonderful. The HTC One, the closest thing they had to a flagship and undoubtedly the best looking WP device of last year, gets left off the list again.

Den er jo ikke særlig god for mig,når jeg ikke er kunde hos dem... Har lige testet Spar Nords app igen, og den virker hurtigere end tidligere. Måske den er blevet opdateret

I can say, f*ck apple and the american banks.
I got my money on Swiss banks cause I earned them from drugs and weapons.

Farming Sim 15 looks interesting honestly. Im not sure what it is about farming games that make them fun and addictive to so many people. I take care of small garden each year, and its fun as well

While my first thought was 'ha ha', I think Chase and BOA have actually created an opportunity for other banks to step in and gain business.  I'm not sure too many people really move banks because of an app being withdrawn but when people are looking to open a new account it might be something that is considered.

No not that many. Brian Jarrard was there for a time and right now Frank O'Connor is the franchise development director and was a community manager and writer when he was at Bungie. Joe Staten left Bungie after Destiny came back and is now at MS Game Studios and has a new digital novella for Halo coming out in December called Shadow of Intent, but I believe Staten is not totally a 343i employee and not sure if he has any role with Halo 5 (I hope so as he basically WROTE the Halo Bible at Bungie....Halo is really Staten's baby)

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I'm sure Apple's influence here is stronger then in the rest of the world. Just like Nike, Snapchat and others - in the banking work if you want to play with Apple Pay then you need to do what Apple says... Can you say monopoly??!?!

Comments are not sent as push notifications. And as far as I know, yes, you can filter out anything I or any other user contributes to the site...

Actually, the voice acting was good.

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And after they have finished with beta testing they will release for iOS and Android with better features and weekly updates.

but think about the customer data T-Mobile has to collect to produce it.
There is a reason T-Mobile is still installing the nefarious Carrier IQ software on all their Android handsets.

And the Danish bank Spar Nord has just made an app also. Finally! Sadly they have opted for their own solution and it sucks. Its so slow that's its barely usefull...

"customers would prefer it if we did things this way" "screw that, it's too much work, who do we look like, Apple?"

I'm gonna blow your mind then: Windows phone does better in other countries than it does in the US.

We'll see but their coverage has not improved much where I live in florida since before they were t-mobile.... course ATT does not do much where I live either... very sparatic lol....

American banks are being a$$h*le about windows phone while in other countries they supporting the new OS. I don't get it. :/

The research team has to build it into an app.

They're the team behind the tech. Not the team behind Windows Phone.