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New Microsoft Surface Pen: Everything you need to know

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long-term strategy

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This should be an interesting theme. This type of problem is somewhat true I read a report on how local law enforcement and FBI are supposed to consider these militia groups as domestic terrorists. Anyways should be good fun!

There is a 32GB version I think but there are options to have more. With 128GB I reckon this sounds like a neat little budget laptop

Thank you good sir. You just taught a bunch of us something new. I'm going to try this when I get to work.

Most importantly, the new pens are not yet available for pre-order. They have a page in Microsoft's online store, but the pre-order option is greyed out on all colors. I'm not ordering a Surface Pro and typecover until I can get a pen at the same time.

i dunno, having 4 streams from 4 different people on one video doesn't sound rudimentary. is it commonly done a such elsewhere? i really haven't seen it.

They definitely wouldn't have wanted to wait much longer.

Ideally, the rebrand would have happened a little earlier, but I think it's not *quite* too late yet.

Did you check the accuracy of the temperature readings?

I bought one of these for my dad, and he liked it, except the indoor temperature was always incorrect by more than 1C, and the outdoor unit used one set of batteries per week after the initial set had run out.  He contacted Netatmo and their support was very slow, unhelpful and either rude or gallic, depending on your point of view.  After a couple of weeks of waiting for basic responses, he was told to send it to them to be examined at his cost.  He refused to pay for the shipping to France and threw away the entire setup.




It wasn't an excuse - it was a question.

There's plenty of evidence that MS see itself as a hardware company second, and would rather produce a handful of pilot devices and let OEMs fill out the market with other Windows devices.

I wouldn't presume to know the details of their manufacturing process - I will defer to your obvious expertise on the matter.

Dude, seriously, do *any* kind of research. Beam wasn't started by Microsoft. Its *extremely* common, almost expected, that when a company is acquired, they generally get re-branded to fit into the new company's vision.

I absolutely think that is a dumb name. Oddly, I don't believe that means Microsoft's service needs an equally dumb name.

The more I think about "Mixer," the more I like it. You don't. I'm probably not going to convince you. That's fine.

Hi Chintan, I embedded five videos I in the body of the article to help readers get a visual of both design systems. They should be very helpful in helping you see the differences between the two systems. Were they not helpful?

Thanks for jumping in!😎

Great list especially if you didn't own the 360 and or gold or if you missed some GwG.... And for the new buyers it's a no brainer... Buy a Scorpio and a pass and you are all set for years

Interesting how 56% of mobile users have updates to the creators update while many phones were not compatible. I like the update especially the book section in the app store. I don't know about any other features but phone does run smooth when changing apps.

"We were told that today marks the beginning of a massive marketing push for Mixer. Microsoft is aiming to make Mixer the ultimate place to view E3 2017 coverage, with exclusive reveals and interviews, huge giveaways, and more. Mixer will also have its own booth at E3 in Los Angeles next month for the first time, introducing itself to the world as a standalone entity, rather than a simple Xbox Live feature.

Mixer is going to stream for six hours to celebrate the relaunch of the service starting at 11 am PT (2 pm EST/7 pm BST) and culminating in a special interactive firework display at around 9.30 pm PT (12.30 am EST/ 5:30 am BST)."

Can you read?

i7's are usually used for video/3d rendering. Games don't use all 8 threads (so far) so you really don't need to get i7 above i5. 

That name is weird.. But at least, the services it's still unknown for many people. So why not rebranding it? 

The M3 version was around $899,- so this new version is a lot cheaper considering what you get (imho). Not a really fair comparison.

I also don't use the pen, choice is always good. Saves up a few dollars/euro's in my case.



They are in an excellent situation. They are making tons of money off it and they have a great system for the fans and enterprises. They arent aiming for a massmarket of their own system since others can do that for them. In the mean time they are perfection their own os without burning through cash like android manufacturers have to.

And "" isn't generic how? They're both words you don't see very often. They're both simple, catchy, 1 syllable words. Mixer is just a dumb 2 syllable word which you hear far more often.

If MS thought mobile was important,,,, they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now, with mobile.... Here's where you pull out all those age old, played out, chicken/egg excuses for MS..... Let's hear it for the millionth time. Go ahead. Lol

They're perhaps considering how many people would be upgrading from a PRo 3 or 4 who will already have a pen and will resent having to buy a surface that comes with one. Perhaps there could be two SKUs, but maybe it's just easier to sell them seperately.

i just fell off my chair...Windows Central actually advocating a...*WINDOWS* system (gasp)...wonders will never cease.

Didn't Panos say somewhere that only ~30% of the people using the Surface Pro were actually using the pen at all? No use making consumers pay more for things they don't use anyway. I'd say its a good move. I don't use it either so I like the idea of a lower price and the option to buy the pen. Definitly saving up for this device.

Yes, mobile is important. But Microsoft will rather make money by being smart than spend money and fault like almost all android manufacturers. You are talking about luck, not me.

Just look at the numbers and stop with the "excuses" part. You might see things more clearly. Marketing is NOT as good as word of mouth and Microsoft is NOT interested in engaging with a race to the bottom with cheap systems like Android.

exactly...sniperboywc.  Bluestacks is pretty slick.  I use it on my dell computers for texture,  since their windows UWP app is **** and does not work.  

Yeah, but nobody is arguing with your "facts"... I'm saying that why do your facts, and excuses, always point towards MS not doing the correct thing in the first place, and more so, why do your facts, and excuses, not explain why others aren't negatively affected as much as MS is????
Come on, dude. Quit the BS. You're trying to convince the wrong dude... At some point you have to admit to yourself that MS 1. Makes some stupid decisions, and 2. Suffers from inaction on their part.. SMDH. Let's get real.

It's sometimes quite embarrassing to be a Microsoft fan. I really don't understand this very strange tendency Microsoft has to give things stupid names and then, to make it even worse, advertise it so terribly than it would only appeal to already Microsoft fans.

No, apple has word of mouth which is better and is what Microsoft smartly aims at. Samsung has the biggest marketing budget in the world and has almost no earnings compared to their expenses. Your examples actually strengthen what I'm talking about. Look at android... It has 80-90% of the market and hardly anyone makes money. Microsoft makes more than most... That is what you get with throwing money on just advertising crap.

Yeah really. The Surface brand is now just a tired knock off of stupid small changes in hardware like Apple. And it's just as overpriced. People can get a much better experience for ALOT LESS with Acer, HP, Dell or other OEM's.

Apple doesn't have this luxury that you say Google has, and neither does Samsung... They do just fine.... What's your "excuse" for MS?... I know you have one🙄