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Funny how during the 360 erase, this didn't happen as much, even without these "more stable servers". After we got these "stable servers", we have had issues more than ever!

If we do a follow-up (maybe our Windows 8 Twitch roundup), I'll try to compare with the official Android app. Good idea.

Friends have a BLU WIN JR and I probles because it is restarted 3 or 4 times a day and I have problems with the store because sometimes you do not want me any advice download apps.? Thank You.

Any word on when the Windows version is coming out? I've missed using myTube! on my Surface ever since the Windows beta expired.

Maybe because MS sells software and makes load of money selling to other OSes? MS released Excel for Macintosh in 1985 and only two years after, in 1987, Windows.

Reminds me of these comments which sound like elementary children, better yet. Children are much more well behaved then some comments and users here. blaming other smh

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I had to give my phone to the service centre for repair and when it came back , I installed a screen protector and guess what , the touch was good even before I got today's update..

But today's update brings the touch on par with the super sensitive touch of Lumia 520

I @sataaaaa truly hope this happens, i am a huge fan of the platform and as suuch went in to lpkfpurchase a 535. It is not usable almost. Im leaving the typos in this message as is to jddkrrrrr r show you the issu see (issue) that we are having. Those random letters are stuff the phone just decided to type. It hafpppencs (happens) all the time. Ive completely stopped typing on my 535 and only use voice notes on whatsapp or actually phone people as typing is just an impossible task. And dont even get me started on swype. Thats a huuuuygggecvcc (huge) mess. It would recognice your finger and then it wont and so, its a mess, take a look: The weigh in but we ugh fig jg junkie gg over they laugh dog. That was supposed to be the quick brown fox jumps over the laaasccvx (lazy) dog. MSFT should seriously fix this, and there current speed is not acceptable!! Im sorry, it just is nndkjccv (not)

Actually it is... MS could have made an offer to buy the technologies as well, why it did not?

It's gonna help a lot to people who can't buy Skype credit for getting in touch with their closed ones. I don't necessarily need em though.

Softcard is being shut down by the company owners, not Google. What Google did was to buy the technlogy in order to use it with its service. Simple as that.

That's the internet in general. Nobody is tolerable of anybodys' opinions. They either play the silent game and down vote the comment or be the loud ignorant type and call them out on it, while occasionally using personal attacks to random strangers. Its sad what the internet has become

Enjoyed the write up.  I do like the SIM building aspect of the game. But my favorite is the destruction part, your comparison to Angry Bird is accurate.  Looking forward to adding it to my game collection.

Or just have an option to where you can move it either to the top or bottom... That way, you can tailor it to work for either phones where its useful to have it on the bottom, or on the desktop where traditional users like it at the top, all while still running the same exact browser. Problem solved. I swear so many people over think dumb issues like this to the point where the OS is make or break for them :P

Alright alright give it to them I am in no need of those:-)

This is the thing you want to hear right

Mine multi touch didn't went over 2 that too at particular places.. Or else its 1 finger at a time only.

I was one who also had a problem with the update. I uninstalled the program thinking that it would solve the problem. I did a search for MyTube and found that I already owned it. When I tried to reinstall it from the Store, I got the error (80004005). But if I follow the link in the article, I get another app by the same developer with the same name but this time, I get a Free Trial and Buy options like I have never owned it before.

This would be so much more disappointing if mobile payments were actually easier to use than a physical card. :)

I used Softcard on Android for six months (as part of the "$1 back on each transaction" promo) and the experience really sucked; having to turn on and unlock the phone, run the app, unlock it, and rub the phone around the payment pad hoping to hit the sweet spot just to buy a cup of coffee was a giant hassle. God help you if you actually had to hand off the phone to a clerk to make the transaction, hoping they knew how to use it before the screen timed out or they accidentally hit the home button and backed out of the app.

Here's an easier and better working mobile wallet idea: get a $5 wallet case for your phone from eBay that has room for a credit card and ID. Put a chip-enabled tap-to-pay credit card (like a MasterCard PayPass card) in the slot closest to the front surface of the case, and when you wish to make a "mobile" tap-to-pay transaction, tap your phone/case (using the surface nearest the card) and if it makes you feel better, pretend it was your phone rather than the card that triggered the transaction. You'll be out of there much faster not using the phone!

Makes sense, Best Buy finally embracing the Surface Pro and actually stocking all of the accessories in the prime "Rear Center" of their stores with Windows decor everywhere has done really well for "Team Surface" (A.K.A. Microsoft SkunkWorks). Fitting that another amazing innovative creation from the rock stars of Microsoft will share lighted podium space with the Surface Pro 3. Bring it on. Still loving my band from Day 1 and my iPhone-carrying wife had been trying to get one for months now. Wondering where her email is as she put in her address quite a while ago.

Exactly.. Never used it since it was rebranded to Lumia Creative studio, and was rewritten for 8.1. Just have kept it updated..

Actually, scratch that. What happens is I'm signed out, and then have to tap "add account" where I'm redirected to the Google portal which shows my account to allow access. I have to repeat this every time I open the app due to the app signing me out.

There is a simple workaround for the error 80004005 which I discovered. Just follow these steps:
1) Go to the Videos section in WC and open any video.
2)WC will ask whether to open using a YouTube App or on the web browser. Tap on the YouTube App.
3) Your phone will ask if you want to search for an app on the store (only if you don't have any other YouTube App installed). Tap yes.
4) Your phone will perform a store search and list out the available apps. Choose myTube and voila! You get to install the trial without the error!

Hey guys this is not showing up in my Lumia 520, its region is set to USA