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If I wear this band while involving in sports/activities that full of actions (eg. playing football/soccer), do I need to bring along the phone paired with the band in my pocket?

I think he means the font needs to be larger. Microsoft probably did design the icon that Gameloft used in the image.

For what i know, if it's in Canada or USA, it's the carriers.

If the phone is unbranded, doesn't matter on which carrier is running, it's the OEM's.

I'm sorry. Did I offend you? I must've overreacted after being called "ignorant" by a man who has trouble telling the difference between reality and fantasy.

It do have dragon trail glass for protection...... But I saw many with Canvas Win W121 .... As many of friends loved O.S

Unfortunately my experience with the is the worst I've ever have. The signal is very weak at home dropping very often needing to use my home phone at all times. The internet is not that fast, I work in Baltimore and never see their supposed XLTE speed show. Also just 1GB for $60 saying that is an offer NOT regular price so I can't get my work discount is so disappointed.

You have a good point. I guess we shall see. It only will be a matter of time before it works. The updates I've seen on Developer for both the Icon and ATIV SE improve the phone's functionality each time. Delays suck, no doubt, but I want a stable phone that Windows "Phone" is known for. :)

Simple. I have used, and also use now, Windows Phone 8.1 on both the Icon and the ATIV SE. They run slow, it freezes the phone, and the firmware isn't customized to support the download because it constantly locks up. My touchscreen will freeze after awhile, and the Wi-fi is intermittent at best. Trust has issues ;) the phones are MUCH more responsive on 8.0. (And yes, I've master reset the phone and downgraded/upgraded once on both phones.)

Yeah I know. It is frustrating. Before finally reached out and said it is in the just isn't running on their phones the way they should. I wish my phone (ATIV SE) would push it out sooner, but I also don't want a sluggish phone either.

Verizon can charge so much because their network is generally really good compared to the competition.

:) denied. Best service I've ever had. It just depends where you live and how many people are on the network in your area. Like all carriers, they have limits. (And yes, I've used all four.)

Yup all commands work... I have a home automation app with Cortana integration that turns on lights from the band... It it's a little slower then using Cortana on the phone though

Xxcorpxx- So when you get up in the middle of the night it detects that you briefly woke up? Anyway pls lemme know thanks!

Willied- more normal than what you think! Lol

When do I charge the band if I sleep with it and wear it the whole day ?

GOING TO SANTA MONICA.  if u live near the area, lets carpool!!! im driving.

"plagued with evil and the devil"? Just because something is "scary" doesn't mean it's "evil". I don't know what the "devil" has to do with any of it as he's just a red guy with horns people made up to scare little children. Halloween is just an event for kids to dress up and eat a lot of lollies. In much the same way that Christmas is just an event to exchange presents & eat good food with your family. While Easter is an event for kids to get a lot of chocolate & adults get to eat lamb roast and hot-cross buns. They're all just a bit of fun and can be celebrated without any religious belief or meaning in them at all.

Interesting. The battery life on my Icon has been great. It easily lasts me from 4am to 9pm. This is of course with listening to podcasts for a couple of hours, reading news and checking my facebook and instagram. Glance doesn't bother me. I never used it on my 928 either. SD would be great. My biggest gripe, and this is probably a DP issue, is the power button. It works always but the delay is sometimes as long as 3sec. That is quite annoying. Also the lack of cyan since without it I can't sync my fitbit. I'll wait and see what's up but they need to get their stuff together or I'll dich them next time around.

It still downloads to your computer, it doesn't stream from OneDrive .. you can make it avaiable online only after, but when you click play it downloads to your local storage.


This would be a proper streaming service. ISPs must hate all of this streaming/cloud stuff

I actually already do this. All my owned music is in a music folder on my OneDrive and I have Xbox Music on all my Surfaces monitoring it. So any new music I add is added to all my devices. I don't do that too often because I do subscribe to the Xbox Music Pass.

Happy about this. My wife and I share the 2GB, and we always have to cut back the last few days of the month because we're running out of data, and are too stingy to pay $15 for the extra gigabyte. This will keep us going.

Wow, you're not wrong. There are bids over$500 on eBay for these things. I'm pretty keen but not $500 keen.

Did blackberry not get the memo? WhatsApp won and has been winning for a long time, no one uses BBM, I can't name a single person I know that uses it. Focus on other things Blackberry, maybe a BB WP? :P