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Samsung GS8 'Microsoft Edition' expected to be available for preorder today

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Microsoft better not market 'Surface phone' like it marketed Windows phones

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Is HP's Elite x3 tough enough to overtake the Lumia 950 XL? Not exactly ...


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Microsoft may not announce a Surface Book 2 at rumored Spring event

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10 > 8.1

Now's the time for Microsoft to push Windows 10 Mobile to eligible devices

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They tried making Windows versions of their phones. They all flopped massively. You don't remember the Ativ phones?

Hope they fix the mentioned push notifications for the mobile app. Push works for everything else but that which is most important :/

As soon as I got my XBO, I ditched cable tv and went streaming and OTA. Even after signing up for Sling, Hulu, and Netflix, I still saved $100/month over cable. I just wish they would refocus on the dvr features they promised some time ago.

For the past year, I've been installing new builds on my L650 without doing any hard resets. I guess when I'll be able to download CU on my phone using WDRT, it will be a good moment to start afresh.

Yep, I was pretty much using it to start and answer calls... and do SMS with help of Cortana.

Maybe it was basic, but at least basics were working like a charm! My previous Lumias were somehow always connecting to Jabra Tour (which can connect two phones simultaneously) before Nexus 5X... so Jabra was treating them as primary device, and when I press voice command button, Jabra would connect me to Lumia, with Cortana listening. Connection was really reliable, too.

On top of that... Nexus with stock Android does not even give me sms notification over BT. If I press voice button ant tell Nexus "read last message" (the only way to make it read message without 3rd party apps, much as I have figured out), for some reason it reads out loud 3 last messages merged into one. I have been looking into some 3rd party apps, but didn't like requirements (one basically said that it is little OS running over Android, as excuse for asking permission/access for everything)... so I didn't bother.

I don't know where is iPhone nowadays with these things... but for my humble needs, Windows Phone was beating Android flat out with its BT implementation.

Until Lumia 950 XL, that is. I think my problems must be due to this phone's firmware and drivers, because Lumia 830 works fine, also running Win 10 Mobile...?

Has anyone tried to setup Foxtel (Australia) with Xbox One? As far as I know it still doesn't work. This might be the only solution available in Australia to watch TV via OneGuide.

It does not. There was an article yesterday or the day before that there is no ETA on when that app might be available.

You've got a good point there. Maybe, and just maybe, if Microsoft and Samsung start working together and Windows 10 on ARM will be released, we might see a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Windows on it someday. I'm not saying there's will be a "Samsung Surface Phone" any time soon but there's always a chance one will appear someday. I mean, who would have thought that Samsung would ever release a Galaxy tablet running Windows?

They will be offering the Galaxy S8 in their stores. Looks like a nice phone, depending on pricing i might pick one up.

I'm sorry, but that's just flat out wrong. What the Atrix had was a Multi-boot system which ran linux. You could NOT use android apps when you were inthe linux environment.

I want to know what happens to the ancient AI. If you take it with you, it is missing in the the SAM node room after the events of landing day. It really bugs me that the disappearance isn't even a topic you can bring up with SAM.


Good article but I disagree. It's a slam dunk for all of us fans of Windows Mobile ---your core readership basically--- who were waiting for these features to be as nicely implemented. Seriously, that S8 rocks. My mom, my wife and kids may not be attracted to these DeX and Bixby things but us, hardcore Windows Phone fans... you bet!

For the first time ever I consider switching.  I'll wait a few more months bu MS have to come with something solid this time... And I know I'm not the only one on that mindset.

It sucks on mobile data, messages plus missed calls coming 15 minutes late. Like it log off receiveng end every 5 mins although network working normally.

At official release, it will be 15063.[something] indicating bug fixes since 15063 was originally built. So far it's 15063.2 but expect the official release to be somewhat higher than that.

For PC, the release will be the 15063.0 build, immediately followed by the latest cumulative update (possibly this will happen without the user seeing it).


Windows Media Center did this...and got phased out due to "lack of use". So, unless many people keep using this method, seems likely to get removed, if past actions are any indication.

I report every single problem I see in every build. The problem is that whenever they fix a bug, something else breaks. This shouldn't be happening so close to the official release, especially if this is considered to be the final build. Of course there's still some time before the 25th, so I guess I'm not allowed to complain about it until it hasn't been fixed by then.

What for? With MS its latest actions it has signed the death warrant on windows mobile. Everything they do on windows mobile from now on is futile. I have kept lots of people on windows mobile, but as of today I will advise them to go for android or iOS. My last bit of faith in windows mobile has gone with MS beginning to sell android phones. Lets give Nadella a hand putting our wonderful OS out of its misery asap. A good first step is if we encourage all around us to change platform.

Is it just me or is MS in their quest to make Windows "user friendly" hiding a lot of advanced features? Seems that this process would be better served by having in the app list a "clear cache" or "reset".

They don't. The only difference is that more of their apps are pre installed. 

Samsung does have its own theme store, and there are a few great dark themes in there. 

Yea, my Samsung does too. But there was no way I will agree to their terms of service to use any of the "smart" features.

Yet still - that is the reason for the insider builds at various levels. Testing it on various devices with various users. That's why feedback is so important. If there is a problem and it's not reported then MS can't do anything about it. Prior to an official release of a testing OS build they fix problems or install patches in some problems until the next build. I don't see the problem.

Would it really cost that much for Samsung make to a WP version? We know they'll sell a gazillion android ones. I bet they would sell a least couple million of a WP version. Unbelievable that MS would resort to this tactic instead of working with Samsung on a WP version.
Curious to see how the 6.2" version sells since a lot people complain that anything over 5.5 is too big..

I bought the Hauppauge tuner for the Xbox One after they demoed it and said it would have a DVR feature. Then later that was shelved so I put it on my PC and installed the tuner software that came with it. Turns out that the software does have DVR capabilities and now I can record shows over the air. I still wish the Xbox had the ability to save recordings of TV shows.

I have some stuttering from time to time in gaming and today while I was out I pulled my phone out and it was in the process of rebooting on its own. Other than that it's been fine.