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Uh you can get a micro USB to full size USB cable for a few dollars that lets you use a flash drive (and mouse and a keyboard if you also have a USB splitter)
with a phone

They're going to have to sell like hotcakes to not make a loss,to be honest with you, with pretty much everyone needing an upgrade (since they made us wait so long) and the good press received after the event I've got a feeling these phones will sell extremely well compared to previous lumias. The Surface Phone will finally be a phone that will make a profit though. When the real leaks start I think it will be the most anticipated phone of 2016, and hopefully Microsoft will have worked out any issues with carriers in the US by then to have much better availability.

Don't use insider app and wait for your phone to tell you when there is an update like on ios and android

I am kind of sad about it, coming from my Note. I didn't expect any fancy features. Just the ability to write in OneNote and maybe handwriting recognition for the rate times I want to use that instead of typing. I love having a pen and I may be shortsighted in saying so but I don't feel like they should obsess over fine tuning the pen experience on such a small device. Surface brand stuff, sure, but a 5.7" Lumia? 

I've been following these phones for a while and this is actually the first thing to disappoint me. The prospects of Windows 10 have pulled me back in for the first time since 2012. Hopefully it'll have basic stylus support like most phones.

After this update, I noticed that when I get a call the UI has changed to show a circle of the person I am getting a call from, that would conviently show in the open circle in the cases we have seen for the 950. Did this happen before the update and I just missed it?

The Solitaire Collection game has had an update too, with more themes now downloadable. Windows 10 is starting to feel more 'complete' with each new update

I understand that Panos would be more excited to make "his" own MS phone instead of being hyped about the 950 and 950XL but for some of us who have been holding out hope for a something evolved from the 92X heritage, they are a relief.  This is especially so since its been 3 years since my 920 and my battery lasts only at best is a 2/3 of day and I definitely now my 920 camera isn't up to par as it once was.  And year, I missed the 1520 boat; but I didn't want a limited ATT version back in the day.

I agree. Panos' presentation was way more enticing for me. The intensity with which he described the surface was awesome, and well suited for that device.

But the dock will work with any phone that supports continuum, which I take to mean as licensing deals are already in place or in the works.

It's the same discussion as type/touch covers. Yes the display dock really increases the value of the new phones, but not everyone will use it and some people might only use it once or twice, it's not worth raising the price just to include it. I do think at $99 (Which will probably end up as £99) it's a bit more expensive than necessary, I mean really it's just a couple of ports in a little box, not expensive to make.

Slots games are a cancer on the marketplace... the most bizarre thing is that they exist at all AND apparently make a fortune for the developers. At least in a real casino you have a chance to win real money... with these apps you only get the chance to spend money to play a pointless and mindless 'game' with the net result being lots of useless in-game money

if mobile has no future than MS has no future either unless Hololens takes off real quick.

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Yeah because us Windows fans deserve more for less rather than Apple's philosophy of less for more!

I think the two devices are quite different.

Screen size: 13.5" vs 15".

Surface Book with pen support and XPS without.

Surface Book keyboard is detachable while XPS does not.

They target different user groups.

Yeah I got that bundle, it came with the battery pack too which was cool. Battery pack sucked though it doesn't hold more than 20% worth of charge now and still takes like 5 hours to fill up the tank. The wireless charging pad (wired one) also never worked well in the end, after a few months it seemed to get more difficult to line it up with the phone right. But the Bluetooth speaker was and still is fantastic, really packs a punch for such a tiny thing.

When you install a new app you must do soft reset to make it appear in the app list. For this reason I rolled back to WP 8.1 (Lumia 930)

Yea. Hope they release the Windows Hello APIs for the phone. Hope it comes even for signing in to websites on Edge at least. It has a potential. Donno how far Microsoft will take it.

I refuse to answer my phone to anyone except a few people, pathological? Maybe. I hate voice mail, it's so tiring, the only improvement I've seen to it in the last years is EE will text me for each voice mail and give a special number to dial to hear that one voicemail instead of having to listen to them all before getting to the new one. Visual voice mail is just another improvement on that I think (never used it myself), but regardless I still hate voicemail. If I don't answer send me a text or email don't force me to listen to your voice over bad signal and noisy backgrounds just so you can say "hey call me back". Companies that also handle everything over the phone really annoy me, just send me an email, not call me 20 times a day without getting the hint, and don't waste paper with a letter, EMAIL me!

I still proudly push WP,and brag about it. In fact I woke up this morning thinking about it... lol I have an iPhone 6+ in addition to my Lumia 1520 (which I'm typing this on) and after using both,I still prefer WP. The only thing that IOS and Android have to me is apps. That being said,WP and the apps that are available have been enough for me to not have to jump ship. Sure there are some missing,some missing updates,some drop here and there,but I've used WP since the 920 came out leaving my Galaxy S II for it. There are many things to like and still like about WP. Live tiles,glance,Cortana,people and location based reminders,one of best (the best in my opinion) stock keyboards,a fuckin back button!!,the camera,the camera app and more. Yes all those aren't totally exclusive to WP,and some are tied to the Lumias,but the experience isn't the same elsewhere. To be fair I haven't installed the preview yet,which I may do due to the fact that I have another 1520 and 920 and HTC One that I can use as backups,but from what I've seen adnd heard of it so far,I'd probably still like it over Ios and Android. I've toyed around with the newer Android due to my ex having a Galaxy S 6,I played with all 3 side by side. I don't think I need to say which I like best,by now you should get If you really take away the apps and take just the raw OSs,you'd find that WP has a lot going for it vs. the competition. Even as old as Android and IOS is,they are still catching up to WP in a lot of ways as well. Don't believe me? IOS not too long added stuff like location based reminders,news from the side swipe search,supposedly better predictive text (which still sucks cow nuts),just to name a few things,same can be said about Android. Yes WP is ahead and behind,just as Android IOS

While he did OK, I kept expecting him to say, "And if you act now, we'll throw in a set of these kitchen knives, ab-so-lutely free."

Why would anyone want a t-shirt like this? Or the odd ninja cat, t-rex ones for that matter. If Microsoft takes a dump do we put that on a tshirt too. I fear we are becoming like the Apple community. Worshipping the company.

What the actual fuck?! They'd better be cheaper from retailers, as I'm only looking to pay $700-800 tops for these. Although looking at JB it looks like the top-end iPhones and Galaxy S6 are around that price... I guess it's due to the weakness of the AUD these days :(

I have the most recent update (OS and Firmware). Anyone else continuing to face this issue with the updates? Any suggestions?


The thing that annoyed me about that is was that only dedicated followers (like us) would've seen the leaks - I'm sure that a huge proportion out there had no idea about the phones, so he should've proceeded to 'wow' us even if he thinks we already know everything. I didn't like him skipping over things as it implies they're not important... he could've said more about the devices, as they are the single best devices we've had so far - bar none! He should be singing that shit from the rooftops. Even saying "hey, I know you know this - but holy shit this is amazing!!". Or perhaps there was too much unfounded negative press (i.e. from the whiners complaining about how 'ugly' they are without seeing high quality images) and he felt there was no point telling us how good it was when we 'all hate it' - except most of us will be lining up to buy them as soon as we can

Same here. It was the same with the Messaging Skype Preview app as well, I had to use the direct link from W Central's article. No idea why.

Previews and builds.. Previews and builds. I'm tired of that!! Listen guys, I'll NEVER go to Android or iPhone. But damn they don't seem to have these types of delays with their OS updates. Am I wrong?

AT&T will only be carrying the 950. If you want the 950XL then your going to have to pay full price from the Microsoft store.

Intel phones on Android can run ARM binaries (through hw interpretor IIRC), and would likely do the same here. There's a performance penalty for that though.