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Insider is EXTREMELY experimental and is specifically for win 10, I'd keep both if you want all possible updates

Don't update, you'll regret it. It will show EVERYTHING that your friends liked or commented on, but from random past dates that make no sense. I really regret updating mines'.

I'm confused. What happens to "Preview for Developers" app that we've been using? Do we need this additional app to try out Windows 10 in Feburary?

I would like to see Sony make to make a device. I would also like to see Samsung make a Note type device. Would love to see how they implement the s pen into Windows

Seriously where are these updates we were promised? Country variant for 1520 not out yet... Come on Microsoft.

I just use Windows Defender in conjunction with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. No system hogging, work great together as a backup security; my main security is to think b4 I click.

What is it with Microsoft and personal identifiable information? Like i wouldnt mind so much if it werent directly connected to me. Troll someone, watch porn, anything and its directly tied to not ok with doing this program atm

Not here in USA...L1520.2 w/Preview Build on AT&T. I even downloaded the app onto my PC, tranferred it to the SD card on my phone and when I try to install it I get error code 805a0194. The original Tetra Lockscreen app in still installed but when I go into my app list in the Store it's not even listed anymore. Some people seen to have luck if their phone is unlocked.

Yup, a preowned 920/925 would be my choice as well even though it costs a bit more than 52x/53x. I've owned it for over 2 years and it still feels and runs like new.

It's way past the ridiculous stage, I cringe everytime the word "Denim" pops up in WC.

For example, HTC M8 has that weird double camera that gives you good photos and my experience it would meet my needs (most of the time), It does have the IR transmitter, the Stereo speakers, that good looking design, the dot-view case and for the time being the status of the only flagship in WP.

I would like to have a waterproof phone and temperature sensor too. I'm sure you can differentiate with software more easily but as when you buy a laptop, most of the applications are not really a factor and basically each OEM has a version that you mostly ignore to buy other applications or use the ones included in Windows. Samsung has many apps in Android that as far as I can tell are not well liked by Galaxy users.

I use Windows Phone because I like the OS as it is and I’m not sure that a version of WP customized by Sony would really be of my taste. I remember that when I used WM6.5 I was always looking for new and awesome roms now I don’t have the same amount of disposable time but still I wasn’t satisfied by OEM differentiators like HTC sense.

Customer service is a differentiator for which I'm willing to pay. Stuff like funding an expedition to Victoria Falls to film it with a Lumia 930 are a differentiator to me. You know the kind of cool stuff you used to see in Nokia Conversations or the actual commercial ads/videos "it's not technology but what you do with it". I enjoy those stuff and I’m willing to pay for them.

I'm not sure just what OEMs can do with WP firmware, or what features they can add in, but they can (likely) differieniate just as much on WP as they can with Android. Your average consumer (at least here in the US) doesn't pick their phone based on if it's running TouchWiz, Sense, or the LG UI. The majority don't even know the names of these, and they don't care. You can argue that some are flat while others are not, some use bold colors while others don't, etc but in all honestly, icons are icons. They look the same to most people. They don't make any meaningly difference to consumers. No matter the device, no matter the UI, Android looks the same to people just as WP does. 

Again, I don't know just how much liberty OEMs have with their firmware on WP, but I'd argue they have just as much at their disposal to differieniate their devices running WP as they do with Android. Of course, there are certain things I'm sure OEMs can't do through firmware like Multi-window support. IR blasters work on WP, as does integration with Cortana, and I'm more than sure that some of the software features OEMs do on Android can be replicated on WP. So, this excuse that OEMs can't differieniate themselves with WP is bullsh*t. Also, design does play a role in that. How do you tell devices apart? They all have a signature look to them.



You can buy the Moto G for $65 off contract? Your dreaming. I only paid $40 for my 635 new, with no contract.

I'm not dreaming, you're just not very aware of what's going on:

I don't skype. Don't do selfies, because I'm not into narcissm. 

You haven't mentioned a single app that a lumia can't run that I'm remotely interested in

So basically, you don't use a smartphone like a mainstream user.  If you were representative of the mainstream user-base, that would be good news for Microsoft.  But you're an outlier.


You have no idea what actually will end the viability of a phone ecosystem.

Sure I do.  The primary uses of the major smartphone ecosystems are well-known and well-documented.

Windows Phone has NEVER delivered on several of those.  On others, they started to but then lost core functionality like banking apps from key major banks.

Saying "I don't use social media, don't bank online, don't use video chat, don't play mobile games, don't use dating apps, don't share documents on Google Docs and don't really use anything other than a browser" isn't some repudiation of this -- rather, it simply indicates that you're more a featurephone user (and those are disappearing fast).

Works on my 1520. Had it downloaded before but didn't use cuz of no weather. Im wondering if I delete it if ill be able to download again but dont want to try just in case I can't

Very. They were always so quick. I'm I'm Jamaica and I've always seen how quick att pushes their updates, and now I have one its taking forever

About the only OEM that will tear me away from Nokia/MS is Sony. Their hardware design is brilliant and really compatible with WindowsPhone.

Sign in with Microsoft account option most welcome as I don't have a domain account. System requirements sure to worry a few. Onya Microsoft for bringing this quite unique preview/beta to the masses. Crapple and Lougle take note

SONY!!!!!!!! dying for an amazing waterproof xperia to hook up to my PS4. Audio quality, screen quality... It's the only one that'll make me leave Lumia.

Sony and excellent hardware is a myth. Their support is still poor with their Android's Xperia. My X1 was completely forgotten by them. So, no to Sony.

100% agree, even this app in the store has a 2.6 rating, BC ppl don't think or read before reacting.

Sorry DJCBS... Now I have to be super professional... No more joking around, dude... Only straight, mechanical, comments from me now.

Yeah. Like the TON of support that Lumia Cyan and Lumia Denim brought to basically any Lumia in the x20 line (1520 excluded), right?

Other OEMs simply don't bother with fake updates like Microsoft. But if that's what you like, sure, why not. To each its own.

Since streamlining is MSFT's motto on these past few years, I would suspect it to happen...

MS run their business like a bloody soap opera. More changes each and every day lol

That's NEVER gonna happen. Specially since Sony already sold the VAIO division a while ago.