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A very good review.640,is a very capable hardware.
And Cyan=beauty calmness,my favourite too.

I only think that their first ban was justified "enough" (emphasis on the word enough)
But what they're trying to do with 6 discover clearly shows their hate for WP.

For a user base that is too small to be noticed, Snapchat really makes a big stink if it's possible for them to lose out on advertising dollars from a third party app. I thought it wouldn't be enough to notice.

    I use Bing all the time and it has definitely improved. I’m glad to see that it’s getting more of the Search pie.

    The only phone I want from LG is a WP version of the Flex and I do not want it to be exclusive to any one carrier.

In short.... These cheap ass low end phones we are pumping out can't handle the overwhelming speed of a USB connection.

Wait for the actual AT&T version to arrive, this imported international unlocked version is going to be priced higher.

@Jez Corden, Also don't forget the certification process is just.... "unbearable" to put it politely lol.

The iwatch is gorgeous & it hurts to say it but its very costly typical apple pricing

I'm wondering how Dan is able to confirm the changes or just by reading the change log?

Well given 6snap still works, and I know people who just keep creating burner accounts until snapchat catch up and ban them, they sure as shit didn't ban us for any security reason as they haven't fixed anything. It was definitely a convenient excuse, and they just wanted to be seen to be doing "something" while in actual fact, they didn't do anything about the issue.

Why not add/use. the new Qualcomm high end power & power saver chips & the super lithium battery. And to top it off a 250GB+ micro SD card

Well I also faced this problem during recovery but somehow I have recovered my phone I thought its was my Pc ports problem but not I get it... Anyway win 10 is not complete yet but the preview wasn't working so well on 520 crashes many times in many places... But I hope in next preview everything or many things will solved!! :) keep it up MS!!!

Thumbs up for responding and I think you and any other developers making these apps tells the companies that we want the apps.

I have to use an android phone just so I can snap. Thankfully I have 2 lines but it is really getting ridiculous because his core age group uses budget minded windows phones or the iPhone yet he refuses to make an app.

There are so many questions I'd love to grill Phil Spencer on. Patata Johnson above touched on some of them, like why they only half-assed their efforts with GFWL and Xbox on WP, and why he has pushed Kinect to the curb instead of promoting it, etc. I hope they've learned their lessons and will go all out on Xbox on Windows 10--make it so that all (or as many as possible) games from Xbox One come to Xbox on Windows 10, with cross-play and cross-buy. Fully unite the platforms and therefore have an edge over Steam and PS4 and iOS and Android. And, for the love of gaming, start promoting Kinect again, Phil!

Anyway, ranting aside. Great interview. You asked many of the questions I'd have asked. Thanks for asking about Kinect and about Xbox on WP (also, great news on the 1000GS for Xbox mobile games!). I really like what Chris Charla has done with ID@Xbox so far. He's easily my favorite Xbox executive.

Just wait untill your carrier has it or at least untill it's available from microsoft store so it will have the proper compatibility for USA.

Well on my 625 I put Windows 10 tech preview on, my phone started running hot & battery100% was 3hrs &15 mins & not 1day 5hrs so I rolled back to denim in total it took a while with all the updates & setting up it did but phone runs better than it ever has plus, gained 10GB storage on phone & SD card