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Unless you're Apple, the Japanese are in love with the iPhone. It outsells the Sony Xperia line like 14-1 in Japan.

Bah. Sold out at my local big Sainsbury's by the time I finished work. Shame. They still had their display model up and running, though, and I have to say it was far better than I thought it would be.

Windows Central
WhatsApp (hate it or love it, its damn useful.)
Rap Dialler.

Most used by me. So thanks to the developers of these apps.

Generally, the consoles sales are declining in Japan... and that includes even the PS4, that doesn't mean the people in Japan just stop playing games, the dominating console there is the 3DS... the sales of the new Pokemon game are very high in Japan just check VGChartz and there are no games in the X1 that can appeal the japanese public. With this no wonder the X1 is selling poorly in Japan.

Speaking of ports, they should definitely release a Shenmue port for the x1. It is THE most underrated games of all time.

Well isn't Japan in a depression right now? That and with it being home to its two competitors would make it extremely challenging. Imo.

It would have been wonderful if they have given an option as a free trial for Three days at least.

What part of "second largest"didn't you understand? Also it's not any American company. It's Apple. Japanese customers are prone to fads. And the iPhone is a fad.

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well, not even PS4 is selling like $1 lemonade. But it was expected to sell more than Xbox, since it's Japan.

but I honestly have seen more Asians playing PC games anyway. looking at ustream or twitch, you can see that, when popular games like starcraft or league of legueds or Aion (japanese server was popular when I used to play it), WoW, blade and soul... etc, and those are games not available on consoles.

so anyway! it's not like this affects me much. it's just stupid sells that don't affect how xbox or Windows runs on my side, and I don't care how many or who have xbox around the world. if there is a problem, it would be only for Mirosoft and their money, but even then I am sure Microsoft will be fine, and won't go bankrupt. and honeslty I still play PC more than any console ever ^____^ so I am fine.

Except they do sell a lot in Japan. It's their second largest mobile market after Europe.

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IRL, MSFT could rebrand their console for Japan. The Dreamcast essentially was a Windows CE machine and most of the Dreamcast games were either ported or got sequels on the original Xbox. Microsoft should approach SEGA to brand their consoles so SEGA doesn't have to worry about hardware. They both could profit from it. SEGA gets to relive the glory days and Microsoft gets to sell their consoles and services there while the US gets more JRPGs.
Chances are slim to none though...

Distance seller regulations. You can return your phone within 7 days.
I think the 1020 is still in just return your pay and go phone, and replace it with O2 Refresh

Now its too late I already ordered it for 169, but I didn't get that thing with tariff and sim. :/

Got my mother her first Lumia phone, actually her first smartphone from Carphone today for £14.99! Though its a Vodafone upgrade, am tempted to move her over to GiffGaff.

As a side note, the staff instore didn't know about the Black Friday deals and only when they processed it did their systems show the £14.99 price. Just a warning for customers to store; just harass the store to check the computer!

Their systems link into all the networks they sell for, the network notifies whether a customer can have an upgrade or not.

All Lumia phones sold from Carphone Warehouse are unlocked and are Carrier Variants, so you pick and choose which network to go to

I have been using the GOQii band since the beta launch of the band. That was in March 2014. Modi came into power in May. So, Pelase stop this Modi's Made in India slogan..  Btw, GOQii is not just a desi brand but an amazing International Brand with launch in UAE and soon in US.

All phones are unlocked except iPhones where they'll lock to the first network. So I'm told (about the iPhone thing).

Incredible deal. Plus it is going to bring in a wave of new players to destroy!! Woo!!

I've got a Surface Pro 3 i5 4GB and I have plenty of tabs open. Circa 20. At 56 tabs even on my external screen the tabs would barely be useable as they would be wafer thin then scrolling.

I just went to Lexis Nexis and it appeared to work fine with IE 11 on Win 8.1

I've also had lots of tablets, and several Bay Trail devices as well as both ARM Surface tabs.

My experience differs from yours in that RAM has never been a problem for the types of usage these devices are intended for. I have even run DOTA 2 on my i5 Pro 3 with 4GB

And the limitations are GPU anyway.  Not sure what you are raging about, but RAM usage on these things is fine.


I'm not even sure what a Homepage is. I have a lock screen, a start screen and a desktop. I have a tile for Bing search. I usually start my day at work by going to Huffington post for news. I've tried MSN for that but I like the easy front page links on Hffpo. I like the MSN page - nice presentation, and I like the MS service links at the top. I probably could modify it to work like Huffpo. I think I'll try. I read sites like this in part to learn about tech stuff, and I'm still confused as to the difference between IE and Bing. C\Google is now doing the same thing by offering Google and Chrome.

Whatever our major problems, the great masses in the U.S. are closer to overwashed than unwashed these days. Mental illness and healthcare, are of course, weak areas for we great masses, so I suppose I can't fault you there.

Although I have to say: BI spent a lot of time speculating over the p​possible shutdown of MSN in the near future. This redesign, along with the branding of the apps over to MSN instead of Bing, certainly seems to signal otherwise. Microsoft is in an odd position having to juggle a portal brand and a search brand separately. (Of course, this is Microsoft, the famous disorganized hoarder of brands, so.)

its ok to lose the battle at your enemy's headquarters but while the xbox fails at japan(sony's hq) the ps4 is beating the xbox one in its own hq(EEUU) that's kind of sad for Microsoft, the xbox can do more than gaming unlike the ps4, but there is also the threat of sony pictures stepping up the game, something that Microsoft cant outdo, it makes more sense for a gaming console being the ultimate entertainment hub, rather than have windows 10 on it(even if some users like myself would rather have the latter)

Lol stupid. The company was formed much before Modi came into picture, I have been using their band and beta app on my phone for couple of months now

Buy one, try it. I have a DV8P and a Stream 7. I like them, they won't play halo, they ate media ingestion devices not workstations. What would you think.

I guess u commented after reading mine... Lolz..
As I clearly mention that I do care.
As its not updated since time.

LOL at people who think everything great happening in India is just because of modi, this band was launched well before modi even became PM.