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how much you want to bet that almost all of those VMs are desktop units as well.  That is what I am using, and it works pretty great.  I would like to install bare-metal... but doing so in the midst of classes could prove disasterous.  Something to look forward to during winter break.

I just rewatched the video. Someone seriously needs to fire whoever made this marketing ad. The very first thing that explains what the ad is about is "now there is a new app." And when they say that, an iPhone is shown. This makes it seem as it is an apple iPhone app advertisement. As a matter of fact, there is no indication anywhere until the last 20 seconds of the ad that It can be used on any other device besides Apple. The only mention of Microsoft anywhere in the ad is in the last few seconds! Seriously! This does Apple more good than MS. What a crappy advertisement! If MS is going to do an ad, MS products and devices needs to be front and center all the time EVERY time. It cN then half a ticker at the end of the ad "available on" and then list all the platforms it can be used on.

Medium medium!! Medium!!!! Pick me! And if i won, I'll take a picture of myself wearing this shirt!

I am shocked to read all the bad press about the Lenovo. I bought the Yoga Pro 2 about a week ago after returning the SP3. I thought the SP3 was a GREAT tablet but was lacking as a Laptop. I thought the Yoga was the best of the both worlds. One week into the trial..I love the Yoga...Battery life may be the only downside so far... I look forward to reading everyones opinions..

I could still return this and Re-Buy the SP3.... I am so confused

Medium medium! Medium!!!! Please pick me and if i won, first thing i will do is to take a picture of myself with this shirt on!!!!

So I tried playback of some of my MKVs in WMP, and even though it brings up a warning saying that MKV is not supported, it plays back just fine.

... On the other hand, chapters, alternate audio and subtitle support, and HVEC are missing, making this mostly useless.  But it is an improvement so I won't bash them too hard.

I would love a mug please. It would be a memorial and would remind me that name actually existed. Thanks for having this contest! Love you all!

I love change. But, it is kind of hard to get past when it is a name. So, I would like to preserve some of it with a medium sized t-shirt to flaunt

I'm using it as my main OS on my PC and have zero issues so far. I use PhotoShop and play games on a regular basis. It didn't make sense to install it on my surface pro, so ill keep windows 8 there.

Big fan of WPCentral and upcoming Windows Central (WCentral?). May I have a....

Item: Old school WPCentral t-shirt
Size: Small


Mug, 2xL shirt, all is good. Visit every day, heck almost every hour some days :-)

I would love the mug! It would be a memorial for WP Central so that I will remember that something like that actually existed! Thanks for having this contest! Love you all.

My Xbox came without a desperately have to get myself one. Heard it's a great experience.

I'll take a mug please. I'll take a selfie with it using my Icon's 20MP camera and send it to you if I win.