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Can I use this app even without the Band? Like, just for counting steps, measuring distance, time, etc.

I compared the prices of the individual items of the Insteon Home Kit and the prices on Amazon and on SmartHome and this is a great deal so I bought it.

Oh, I picked up the Nokia ear buds too. $10.00.

Wow, this was a great day.

@neo158 Did the same last month..!! Only things remaining are BooTube and their DNS Server..!!

+1030 Bad Snapchat Bad Service Bad Employees--Good Rudy Good Service Good Dev..!!

So, they shouldn't charge you for their hard work? I hope your boss decides to stop paying you, telling you he thought your services should be free

If you are still using UbiShow, please install Video Memories to get updated version. VM3.0 provides you much more beautiful and smooth effects, hafl video creation time, tripple the number of photo frames.

Please do not blame the writer!

I am the developer, to make it clear: it previously could be installed on 512MB devices  but it was not officialy supported especially Lumia 530. This update supports all devices, but the most important thing is we are now utilizing GPU (not CPU) to render the effects. The technique does not only help reducing the required memory to run the app but also improving the video quality. You can compare the video created by Video Memories and the other similar apps like: Flippagram or Movie Maker 8.1. I believe you can easily see the difference in quality :)

Finally, thanks all of you for using the app!

730, had a phone freeze hours ago, removed battery, restarted the phone, no problem since then and I still have chive installed. (I've had these freezes before but usually my phone wakes up with a power button hold)

For my current usage, Pro > SP3 > Air > iPad. My 2014 rMBP is currently my only Apple device, and it complements my 1520 and DV8P.

What the hell? I slipped my phone in the water but fortunately it was not dead. After drying it for few hours and putting battery I am experiencinng similar things like unresponsive lock button, auto power off and says charging even if not plugged in. I dont know if its because of theChive app or water damage coz just few minutes before dropping the phone i had installed theChive app.

My guess is the OS version that Verizon is pushing is slightly older than the DP one. When you received the update from Verizon, it's possible it downgraded the OS slightly and the DP update brought you back up to date. That's only guess though.

Anyone else jump on the Beats Studio deal? I was about to buy the Bose QC25 till MSFT offered this. While the Beats don't compare to the Bose, they certainly became much more attractive with a $70 reduction!

I agree with you, I cannot replace my full 15.6 inch laptop with a Surface Pro. Smaller laptops, yes.

I prefer Windows over Mac OS though, and use an Acer Aspire V5.

I have installed the chive app few days back... But Thank god i have not yet opened the chive app..

Nice I picked up the coloud pop and boom headphones in yellow for my 1020 and saved $30.

Some things I like in copilot more than here are: A lot more customization of UI, routes and driving; 3 route choices and even dragging to make custom routes; better routing and even re routing if traffic is bad.

A lot of people incorrectly use M$ when talking about Microsoft instead they should realize the human side of the company. Every company wants to make money. Apple makes its billions of the sweat of Chinese labour and high (very high) (astronomically high) margins from thier followers and give much less percentage wise back... But regardless hats off to all who give regardless of the motive or the amount. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever will not offend.

Everybody certain it cant be the owa update to Glance that came in around the same time as the Chive released?

I love Microsoft n xbox one have faith in them all we want it to do shit has to do never stop adding new thing to windows phone and cortana love it make her most real as they can like communication personality being smart funny n cool interesting things n just smart real n very exciting

The correct way is maths as it is usually multiple operations... More then one math item... 2+2 is two maths... However, Americanization of which Canada has adopted is math. But Canada is still using words spelt correctly such as colour and not color... Friggin autocorrect miss corrected that three times....

So, thettk, you're saying that Microsoft should develop alternatives to every social media website?

As for 3rd party devs, they step in when the site/service devs don't bother to offer a WP app. Sadly, for iOS and Android users, they end up with sole source apps that aren't always as good as they could be. 3rd party devs don't bother to compete with official apps. Sometimes, the competition produces incentive to offer something better.

Rudy dev'd a WP app for Wikipedia that is so good, it has become the "official" WP app and there's a link to it on the Wikipedia website.

The only thing that Snapchat offers that is unique is the self-deleting pic. WTF? Unless you're sending X-rated selfies, you can use the default message service, Facebook Messaging, Twitter DM, and on and on it goes.

A whole lot more then two have switched from apple. Especially given all the problems with updates, hacked icloud, slave labor, broken promises and the i-idiots who call themselves geniuses at the bar in the store. I know several folks who apple screwed over when trying to fix there Macs and ipads in the last three months. All have told apple to pound sand. And one of the nine guys with bent phones (lol more then nine) got a replacement with faulty ram... Then he bent it again.... Then they would not replace it.... Apple are not the gods you believe them to be.

These two apps serve two different, although not entirely different, but still different purposes, Movie Creator Beta isn't a lite app, it is a large app, and is much slower on low ram, whereas this one is for quick editing and is also low app size.

I was psyched to try out Cortana, but upon opening her app, I get this disconcerting EULA,"To help Cortana work best, Microsoft collects and uses your location, contacts, voice input, info from email and text messages, browser history, search history, calendar details, and other info [what more is there though?]."

Is anyone else creeped out by that overly broad collection of data? And people are upset that the NSA collects simple call metadata. Meanwhile Microsoft very well could have every bit of info you have ever seen or sent from your phone. And we are ok with this, and click "allow." why exactly? I'll live without this "feature", thank you very much.

Yep, there was not single instance where this app crashed, but others did repeatedly, so earlier I used to think that it has something to do with my low RAM. Nevertheless, now I have got at least one stable app.

My wife recently did the switch... Instead of carrying her MB and an Ipad and an iPhone and all the charging cables and everything... She has an iPhone 5 but an older iPad so incomparable cables.... Now she has a SP3 and the iphone. Less cables and less to worry about. and yes you can use it on your lap just fine. Would like her to dump the iPhone next but we have a limited selection of good WP here in Canada on contract and she does not want to buy on eBay....

Bunch of people overly concerned about health and fitness sensors when a vast majority of those same people dont workout regularly and will quit working out within 2 months. Not to mention most of these sensors arent needed if you know how to workout. Unless you are 50+ year old you dont need to your heart rate or UV strength or sleep patterns. 

Just so everyone knows, "early 2015" to Verizon will be any time between January 1st to December 31st 2015!

I just want to show my location on train track, if u use here drive, it will show my location on near road route which make no sense...

The only thing I use from Google is YouTube. Have absolutely no use for the rest and other than a select few (Windows Central being one), I have Google AdWord blocking set on IE. If a website requires I allow Adwords to view their site, I pass. Most often, there are other sources for the same information.

Am still waiting for Lumia 1520 to get the update. This should have been one of the first phone to get the update world wide. This is not fair at all. Microsoft saying one thing but meaning the other...