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Mine took around 10 hours to install completely and it is a horrible experience. Sometimes it start sometimes not hell of a experience

Xiaomi is pretty open when it comes to hacking and tinkering. They actively encourage it in their forums.

LG however, is not.

I hope I can buy it outright otherwise. I'd happily pay for the content but I don't want to get a Prime subscription. Their Movies/TV selection isn't that good. Netflix was the better option, anyway they're back.

Wow. So so impressed with windows 10. Its amazing. And the edge browser blows the chrome and Firefox into the abyss. I did not expect windows 10 to blow away other os quite like this. Cortana is simply brilliant.

Well don't expect it from Acer.

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#twitterforwindows yes pull down to refresh is definitely good. But I like the Windows Central app refresh style(I mean refresh icon) is way better. They can chose this style.

ITV is just shit, Amazon is expensive and shit. Netflix was the best choice; cheap, massive user base, already proven to release amazing TV shows.... Such a shame


True, although several of those will probably coming in the next few months with or shortly after the launch of Windows 10 Mobile. But those are a few very specific functions. There are a lot more things that Windows does that Mac OS X does not. Granted, you can get a lot of them via Parallels or dual boot, but that's really just because then you are running Windows on your Mac.

To parallel your specific hardware comparison, Windows works better with Android and Windows phones. Windows now has streaming XBox play, and has announced plans to also work in the other direction (run the game on your PC, which is probably way more powerful than your XBox One, and play it on the couch in your living room on the big screen TV). Also, when it comes to hardware compatability, there is no contest -- everything works with Windows, only some things work with Mac.

I like and respect the Mac and it has a few unique strengths, and because Apple controls the hardware, sometimes it's a bit cleaner and simpler than Windows, but in terms of capabilities and value for the money, Windows wins hands down. They're not even in the same league.

Such a let down.... Netflix was the way to go.... Looks like a lot of people will be torrenting this eh?


They made a good laptop at affrodable prices. Got great experiences in their aftersales care.

I am currently stuck at 43% too. Did your download ever finish? I checked taskmanager and nothing is using up bandwidth at the moment (I made sure no programs were running on that computer to be absolutely certain that the Windows 10 downloader could have all resources available)

You can't use iso file for upgrading Your previus system. ISO file are used for a clean install. You must upgrade through Your Windows Update, or from Windows Store.


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Better than ITV but would still have preferred Netflix for some reason. Still not a fan of Prime streaming

Like Nekroido said, it's the integration of push notifications that can make a lot of apps desirable over using a browser. A banking app that can alert you when your balance drops too low is nice. 

With the new W10 Universal app capabiilites of being able to scale to the screen size, it can do much like the touch Office apps and give a desktop style experience when on a desktop. Running it in a window will make you wonder if you're running an app or a desktop program.


I keep going to the top right to hit Search. That could just be me being used to the old version of the App, or maybe that's just where it's expected in the majority of apps.

The good news is though that Amazon will probably have less to say over what they do in the show than the BBC or ITV would have.

At least I think that's a good thing. With these three that could also mean unhindered chaos.

It would be cool if as a developer we could let users submit feedback via the Windows Feedback app, and have the feedback sent directly to the developer(s) if the user is submitting specifically about their app - It would provide an in-place platform to allow upvotes etc directly from within Windows as an alternative to UserVoice or similar.

Cortana saved me yesterday. I often buy some groceries on my lunch break at work and put them in our cafeteria refrigerator to stay cool until the end of the day. I then usually forget about them and don't realize I left the stuff there until I'm home.

Yesterday, I bought some milk. I figured I'd try Cortana and talked to her: "Remind me to get milk when I leave work." I figured this would just be a test, because now that I'd done it, there was no way I would forget. But then, sure enough several hours later when I left, I completely forget, got in my car, and started driving. Ding. Ding. Looked at my phone -- Get milk. With almost no time lost, I swung back into the parking lot, ran in and grabbed the milk.

Awesome. By the way, that was with no setup or anything. Cortana figured out my work address simply based on my going there for several hours every day.

Because one of the supported platforms is available now. Why would or should they not release a completed app because they can't release it on all supported platforms? Once its released on mobile they will be updated and upgraded together. At least now the app is in the wild ready for user feedback. When its released on W10M it will be more feature rich then the desktop version is now.

Open the Hulu page:

It says: "To use this app, upgrade to Windows 10."

Also Microsoft posts yesterday: "the Windows Store provides a constant stream of new and updated Universal Windows Apps and games, including Twitter, “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta”, Hulu, iHeartRadio, USA Today, Candy Crush Saga, and others including WeChat and QQ, which will launch soon. Check out our new Windows Store today."

Xiaomi is a very good brand. All their products are good. It's the first time I saw a chinese brand making "non-chinese" (if know what I mean) stuff :P

There are very good Twitter clients out there, pick all the best things in those and jam into one and, wallah you have the best possible app. Simple.

I have a Lumia 640 running 8.1 but when I try to download this game I am told this app has features that my phone does not support. I cannot download it.