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You must love your in laws. 

and reading texts and not responding is kind of rude.

Pretty sure that option is there for Google Play -apps as well, unless they have changed their policy at some point.

Yes, so many Samcrap users. I see Samcrap phones everywhere I go, seriously ._.

Well, I'm from Bangladesh and I'm not that much brown. I'm white and at the same time a little brown.

Yup, everywhere I go, I always see a Samcrap mobile with someone [I'm from Bangladesh] ._.

Yes, women are allowed on the streets of Bangladesh. What a weird question ._.

It's from my country!

Seriously, Bangladesh creates the most lame and stupid records. First, the largest human flag, now this -_-

But what I'm proud is the Lumia 730 did something great! And btw, I'm anti-selfie.

Yes, but those strangers are at least backed by a company which at least makes it a little safer. Would you just trust some guy with an app to deliver your pizza? Really?

Strangers service me everyday. Pilots, bus drivers, taxi drivers, chefs, pizza delivery people. Gotta have a little trust in people or you'll be doing a lot for yourself.

Hello, Bangladesh is an independent country for the record, it's not related to india in any way (Like UK etc.).

You can now add payment methods from the windows phone app. Previously you had to go to the website

I bought my console in March and didn't get the message.  It was only sent to select early adopters, not all.

Actually, no. It's 5-inch display, two 5MP cameras and 5 integrated Microsoft services 

I would guess that there's not enough HTC owners out there to make a dent in the poll.

I really don't understand how people trust these apps where strangers show up and drive them around. I hope it all works for you, but beware of drivers bearing axes.

Ok so now we have Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Ouya, and Alfa. And with MSFT unifying Windows platform for Xbox and PC Alfa and Xbox will be moving in identical directions. Hmmm.... interesting I can sense 'North American video game crash of 1983'. Look at the over hyped Watchdogs, and Destiny and AC:Unity They got decent scores, and are absolute marvels of the gaming industry. But did they live up to the hype. The last AC game I enjoyed was AC2 the last GTA I enjoyed was 4 the last racing game I enjoyed was Burnout Paradise. I own almost all recent titles. But end up playing Batman Arkham Asylum more than any of the sequels of it that followed.

Cant trasnfer via USB I get unspecified error. I can access it in camera roll on the phone but not visible in Laptop.

L1020 with Cyan DP update1. I have to transfer via Bluetooth it a pain in the @$$.


Wait man!! That's the trademark for the developers around windows never on time and in few of the cases they never come

fuck u google we don't need your app. fuck totally off with your apps we dont want any if your apps.

Sorry for not being there,Paul.I have exams in one week,so couldn't spare the time. :( Will be there after 25th December though(once the exams end) :)

The moral point: Don't follow homosexualism; live healthy instead of burning with stones or fire balls.

Day one purchaser here, and I'd do it again. I was a well informed buyer, and I'm even more happy at all the improvements.

Those girls are cute.. 

Btw, what are you saying about Lumia 730? lol...

Lol, I know how you meant it, the point was still you shouldn't wish ill upon those who have done bad because then you're stooping to their level. You're better than that! The transgressions you're talking about are more the fault of the higher ups who would probably lose next to nothing during a fire at the physical headquarters.

I like the animations and fluidity of mytube, but like the simple to use ui of metro tube, but metro tube has some bugs that prevent me from preloading hd videos and playing them.

Wow, twitch is the most horrible interface on Xbox 360. I'm new to being a spectator of video game play. The UI reminds me of the 1990s interfaces found on the dial up internet. I didn't have the patience to try ALL the spelling possibilities I could think of, in the search, and those I did try, didn't foretell any results. I couldn't find any Windows Central games to connect to and watch. User Unfriendly. The only thing worse would be if it copied the illogic of aple or googel.
Lucky for me HULU and Windows Media Center work great.

That's really awesome...I have an extra Fable III preorder code for "The Channeler" and "Crystal Tattoo Set" if you want them...Never got around to using them...LOL.

Its not there in the list...but my favourite camera apps are Lumia selfie and photosynth