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seriously...jst shut it...youve been hating "Nandela" for the dumbest of reasons on this post...

Yes, you're right. As long as apps and games keep flowing into our platform we shouldn't worry about them being a port or not. I was just trying to get a bit of clarity on Project Islandwood. I'm honestly excited about the prospects of Islandwood and wanted to know how the devs (who've worked with it) feel about it, which prompted me to ask that question.

That's okay, there's no need to apologize. I should have made my point clear. All is well! :) Hope you have a nice weekend!

I guess so... Didnt know apple had already done that feature with the iPhone 6. And if u could even adjust it for left or right handed use it would be even better

An almost-50 year old with a 15 year old is bloody sick, no matter what the age of consent is. Although in this case it seems he was joking

If you were in a certain group chat, you will still be I'm it, your contacts will remain intact but private chats will be erased. You'll have to sign in again. This is what happened on my 930.

Again, why should it worry us if the game is a port or not. We should be happy that games and apps are coming our way.
@gautam26- Sorry. Yes, I had a bad day but questions like this make me sad. It's like the new "seems faster" and "wen in India". :(

Hi!!! I just tried to preview the windows 10 on my phone Lumia 535. but when i tried to rolling back to windows 8.1 it is hard for me to get back, the process or steps everything i followed but after downloading it comes to verifying the process. It comes and well says ERROR might to check my internet connection,check proxy setting,firewall and anti-virus settings. does anyone may help me I need your opinion how to roll back my lumia 535 to previous windows 8.1..

I highly appreciate for anyone help me...

Thank you,



Yes. Or an option in settings to move hamburger menus to bottom left or Right.

They never really had support in the first place. When it came out it was already the obsolete non-whispersync version. Since it wouldn't sync with the phone it was pretty useless. We don't need that app; we need the Windows version of the new phone app which seems to be a complete rewrite (so they probably made it with a universal app in mind).

It works fine on windows 10 preview. Let's hope the universal version will be based on this.

Yeah, if you have enough money and it not affect your life after buying it then nothing wrong with buying expensive things like that.

Just investing your money carefuly then everything will be fine, especialy don't buy any thing overpriced like this one!

In what universe is Windows 10 "impressive"?  It's STILL a piece of garbage, and their lame attempts to trick us into thinking they give a flip about those who loved Windows 8 aren't working.  The laughable Tablet Mode for the Start Screen gives us NOTHING like the Windows 8.1 Start Screen.  Anyone who believes it does is clueless.  And who is the idiot who came up with "quests"?  What the heck it that?  Do they think everyone is an Xbox gamer?  I'm so sick of how Microsoft is ruining what was a great direction for the operating system with Windows 8.  With each build I get more disgusted, and I expend whatever energy I can to warn people AWAY from Windows 10.

300$ less than a day and you call that isn't rich? 200$ is a month salary here!
How stupid are you when you don't even know you are rich? f*cking first world people!

So what?  Who actually CARES about this?  I don't know a single person, power user or not, who is chasing benchmarks for their BROWSER.  What do they care about?  "Can I get to the websites I use every day?"  That's all they care about.

There is nothing on iOS or Android that I care to have dirtying up my Windows Phone, thanks.

Exaclty - $300 is less than a days pay for a lot of people here... easily less than 2 days pay for most.

I don't use one at work, but I have one in my home office just to protect the desk surface as I noticed I was getting a few scratches from the metal base on my mouse (Cyborg RAT 9). Also, mouse pads are essential on glass or very shiny surfaces - unless you stick with a ball mouse haha

Salesforce is cheap compared to Siebel, and Siebel still has half the market share of Salesforce. That's a lot of customers on a formerly dominant platform that haven't moved someplace else. Why? Because they like paying through the nose for old tech? No, the reason is they can't face the cost and disruption of redoing all their customisations, integration, data warehouse feeds etc.

In future something cheaper and better could come along in this space. But it won't change the friction inherent in the position of existing CRM customers - unless you can tell us all how to do a bespoke migration overnight.

Thanks!!! This one fixes mine. The only thing remains is the filename is still isn't "Project Spartan" but at least it works now! :D

I'm not on Windows 10 I'm trying app on Windows 8.1 and I though that it is crashing because it's designed to work only on Windows 10 but it seems there is some bug elsewhere... :-/

^This. I dunno about something big but I agree cuz there hasn't even been a message from Instagram that says they are stopping support for the platform. I also believe its more than just insta, i think when they finally pull the curtains and entirely unveil Windows 10 for phones, they will be surprising us with several big app announcements

Yup, Fixed it. Thanks man for sharing. Looks like microsoft didn't have any Idea themselves.

On the sidenote, seems like it is faster to find solution in comment section rather than forums.

To add to Rudy's list of changes, the top bar/nav is also thinner making it more subtle.

It's funny how many people get that wrong! The Alanis Morissette famously made her song "Ironic" giving various situations that were either coincidence or just bad luck, and none of them were ironic... although some have suggested that's the irony, a song about irony containing no irony at all. I just think she didn't understand irony at all haha :P

@ZackTheNever, well I wouldn't be surprised if Google wants to buy it, too. As ResearchLaw said it would be the buck of unique patent for the company managed to acquire it. I heard BB CEO believe they are still making money, tough. So it might be unlikely for anyone to snap the whole thing.

Is it LAN only or will it work across WAN? If it'll thow all my phone pictures back to my computer at home as I take them while out and about. That's some very useful shit.