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Seriously thought that was a new phone with a integrated stand like the surface in the thumbnail.


I actually like the branding of "IDOL" from Alcatel. Similar to the "Elite" branding from HP. Windows Mobile needs strong and punchy hardware branding from other OEMs after effectively euthanizing the "Lumia" brand though they do have "Surface". "Cerulean" sounds too science fiction in my opinion.

And whatever the brands are going to be called, they need to be advertised all over the place.

My Elite X3 arrived earlier today and so far, I am loving it. It's everything you guys described and more. ;) Thanks for amazing reviews of this device, I am going to love it ;) Updating my X3 firmware and other software as I type, and I'll be putting it on Fast Ring later, too.

Yeah, it's a Lumia 925.

That's too bad, I wanted W10 back... I'll try on Windows Recovery Tool like someone suggested above, but if it doesn't work I'll have to live with 8.1, won't buy a new WP untill MSFT figures out what is going to do about phones and support.

I'll try that tomorrow. Let you guys know if it worked or not. Thanks anyway.

Well it's showed up on WDRT, but I keep getting stuck on the flash screen, and could use a refresher as to how to moved passed it.  

Hello. My phone was saying it was up to date even though it didn't download and install this build so I didn't get an error message, yet doing this trick enabled my phone to download the update.

Did you have the previous insider installed? If you signed out or HR you were stuffed. WDRT called for.

A lot won't though. They just HAVE to use the latest shiny release, like magpies. I also wonder exactly how many actually report issues. MS show all types of warning BEFORE you sign up to insider. They have no reason to complain about bugs etc, although I do concur that the D/L one is a bugger, but easy workaround

I don't understand the echo clone thing. It feels like a product they thought up like 2 years ago, now ready for release, but doesn't make sense with the abandonment/cancellation of consumer mobile and Band wearables...

all I want is

E Q A U LI Z E R but yet, still waiting and waiting.... and switching platform

Looks like this time Microsoft threw Windows Mobile itself onto the wall and it didn't stick... With the way MS has been working since last so many years, especially Win10, I have no faith in them... No matter what they say/do, I will not believe them on any Consumer play... They have to show me that they are serious for atleast 3-5 years before I buy into any Consimer Device/servce from them

They could put most if not all of these pro specs in the smaller 14in one as well. Then they would have even more people interested. Unless its strictly just to keep prices down.

What is about that? Last time I was so excited that now I am stock with 4 phones which I can not update to Win 10!



I agree! I don't think it will "kill" it off, but in terms of the current surface pro it will probably be superior in specs for the price.

Considering my app sales have halved in the last year and are almost non existant in the last two months it's really not viable for any small-medium dev to develop for this platform anymore.

It's the me too product that we were screaming that Microsoft should make and now that it's here we're all confused. WTF must be coming from the peeps in Redmond.

Paolo Ferrazza: I already spoke about the Band. Your apps will work again - with some slight mods.

The funniest thing is that MS employes (I know some of them) are not forced to windows phones anymore like they were in the 8.1 days.

I want 10,8" new Surface 4 :'( (succesor to Surface 3).   Pro 4 is too big and too heavy. 

What are you talking about?  I'm a HUGE titanfall1 fan.  I play almost every day.  How has Respawn pissed on me?

At an engineering firm i worked Yammer was clearly a social network but for work related topics. I really thinks it brings people together across borders.

Does your calendar live tile correctly show the current date after you followed this process?

Yup the enterpise I work for has 600 people just in my building, all of them will do all they can to avoid a windows phone as a business phone just because they are cosnumers first.

And developers like myself that investend time in UWP and/or Band API (I have three Band apps and one non-band app in the store) have been thrown down that cliff too.

Dan and Zac,

I believe I can speak for most people here... Please don't limit what you are talking about to limit the cast to only an hour. We actually want to hear what you have to say (most of the time) and that's the reason why we listen!

I know personally I have to listen to the cast in 2-3 sessions anyway, so time means nothing to me . The longer the better! Am I wrong here? I'm sure I will be let known.

Could really comment as I never like games with timers so never really touched the others, however I did really enjoy DR3 and the DLC was fun too.

It is not to early to state that soonly we will be able to download cumulative updates for Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One in the near future on your PC and distribute to your devices over your Wifi Network. That's something what you call Fog Computing. I would really want to see that and bullish for it.

I don't use Groove because I need a player that completely exits out and Groove doesn't. I have tried tons of 3rd party apps and every time I use data the music breaks up or when I try to play music in bad areas without connection, I can't. Maybe Groove does, but it is not an option for me.

Huh? Groove doesn't require an internet connection...? It plays my sd card stored music just fine in the subway or on a plane.

When the last update had the 0% stuck issue, I did a reset. The phone updated straight from 1511 to 14951. And now to 14955 without an issue. I guess when it's fixed through reset once, it doesn't happen again. But if you used work-around once, you may be doing it this time around as well.