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What if the app will be a paid one and someone had already paid previously on 8.1, is it required to purchase again...

See I am not very concerned about how much longer it takes for the app to be published but when you do take care of one thing tho. Do not try to rush things up. We want feature packed, smooth and fast app........not a slow beta app with a promise of future updates..HATE THAT!

Funny how you keep calling it lagdroid. I switched from a (very!) buggy 950 to a Samsung Galaxy S6 last week and I have yet to see the lag. I can't believe how much I've been missing on. I do hope W10 gets back on track though.

So much this. Dark theme is a quintessential Windows Phone feature.

Good to know its on the way but I would have thought it would have been pretty standard.

Excited about having a windows 10 app that I actually might want to use. The app sounds great. Actionable notifications...wow. Didn't expect that.

Have you ever used Amazon?

They have a complete history of everything you've purchased with them. They know what sites you visit, what you want to buy (your wishlist), they even know where you live. This is a lot more intimate than a historical blacksmith.

I don't think you've thought through your point well at all so I'll stop wasting my time.

Why won't there be ads? You guys deserve the revenue. I don't mind ads as long as they don't get in my way or force me to press an 'x' to get rid of it.

Eh,I just bought an Inspiron 7000 series for less cash yo. It even comes with a touch screen and pen. Comparable to the XPS 13 2015 as a daily driver on the Full HD end. little more heavy but GTHO. I know, I got two XPS 13 2015 for my daughters graduation. Both models even come with the same crap charging port/charger with the tiny wire that breaks off inside the port rendering the computer worthless, oh and the crap Dell support where everything is a user misuse and not covered. That's OK tho, these laptops are both serviceable and the dell published repair manual saved me hundreds. In summation, both a good laptops, if I had to so it again tho, I'd go all in on the inspirion 7000, unless you needed.the QHD displays for some reason, like ******* cash away.

I already bought the app since WP7 but would gladly donate. You guys should add a link in some kind of "about" tab...

Kinda on the fence given their design change on the site was the lowest quality compared to any of the mobile nations sites

None of the android versions have ads. I don't think that it is a major problem otherwise they would have added them into all the mobile nations apps by now.

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Sales who said I was talking about sales do you know McDonalds massively outsells the Ritz **** sells

First, "really ugly" and "polish design a bit" are completely opposite.
Second, probably you are almost the only one to think that, Here. But more, you didn't give not even a direction to say what's ugly and what needs polish.
Just words put on the air.
It remembers me the way many customers do in my job of graphic artist "I'd like it bright, but keep it dark, and also add a crowd of people but be sure that we see only one person".

Bought one today. Going to get it setup shortly. I think this device will sell well at this price point.

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I'd like to make some suggestions on how to improve the aesthetics of the app: ditch the black header and the optional accent colors. Instead, keep the accent color one color: pink.

Pink has always been Windows Central's signature color (the color of warriors. Ha!). It's the color of the site's logo for crying out loud and I think we've all seen it enough and searched for it enough that it's been indelibly associated in our subconscious to signify Windows Central.

As for the header, black doesn't complement pink so I would suggest replacing it with a neutral color such as very deep midnight blue or a very dark grey while keeping the white type. It would let the pink shine and create a sense of visual hierarchy in the colors.

Another american centric view. 640 is more expensive than this in other countries and they still sold well. Suck it up 'murican. You got the cash. You'll appreciate the extra ram.


I have no ads. I actually didn't mind pay for the app and support its development when I was using WP as a daily driver. And so I got no ads. That's the difference between me, a non-WP fan and many so-called "WP fans" that want everything for free and ad-free...

And yes, I rather have a slower app with black backgrounds that don't hurt my eyes than a faster one that does.