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If you want to learn another thing, GMT was actually originally 12pm rather than 12am (the time the noon sun passed the Greenwich Meridian Line) but that was deemed too confusing for people and was layer changed to mean midnight at the Greenwich Meridian. ;-)

Lol!!! Exactly! The FB apps sucks duck balls, and this article is exactly about that... Preach on, brother❕❕❕❕❕

In the systray, right click on OneDrive icon, go to manage settings, and disconnect OneDrive. Delete files from your hard drive, then restart OneDrive syncing. This will allow you to choose which files to sync. Any files you don't sync will not be visible.

Most people outside the US actually don't know any of the US time zones, and if they do they know them compared to GMT which means they have to make two conversions. Then there's also DST to factor for; do you think everyone knows when that starts and ends in EST/PST/CEST? Whereas they could have just listed GMT/UTC and everyone can very easily figure it out for themselves.

This is really great. I'm gonna try this as soon as I can. Placeholders were definitely an important feature for me.

Since OneDrive no longer allows for placeholders and requires that each device carries a copy of the file/folder I have switched my focus from OneDrive to BitTorrent Sync 2.x  -- It uses place holders -- JUST LIKE ONEDRIVE (or nearly the same) and now I can sync all of my files -- not just the ones which will fit on OneDrive to ALL my devices from my phone, tablet, pc etc -- just not directly to the Xbox, but that has network access to all the files anyway.

In all, I have 9 folder branches totaling over 13 TB (terabytes) all syced from my home pc to my other devices and can share them across the country/world to my family and friends who I can give read-only, read-write or even ownship over any folder-branch.

If BitTorrent can make a multiplatform sync tool just as good as Microsoft's, then how difficult can it be if you make the actual operating system! :)

Do you work for MS? Otherwise let people vent out their concerns.
Microsoft is going ti water down those apps to create new opportunities for developers. I'm afraid that no one really is going to step up to the lumia's app level.

Your solution won't work for me, TK. I have several clients and keep their files separate. On any given project, I need to access templates and images, large spreadsheets, a couple of local databases and slide decks containing pro forma slides (especially since the deprecation of a true SharePoint slide library). I have about 8 GB of storage available on the C drive, and since that's the only drive available for syncing... Yeah, NO.

I'm sure that's a viable solution for some, but workarounds are a poor alternative to the functionality we had with 8.1.

I never saw this and think it's helpful. I don't read other blogs regularly. Plus this site is for regular folks too.

Just put your frequently accessed files into a folder(s) and sync that to your portable device. Problem solved.

I do expect they will bring back the OneDrive app so you don't have to use the web browser every time you want to browse your OneDrive folders (that aren't sync'ed).

This drive mapping was actually the method for connecting SharePoint libraries back when it was the BPOS days prior to Groove being renamed to birth SkyDrive. And drive mappings over a wan connection have always been horrible because it's legacy OS functionality engineered before the internet even existed.

Agreed. I've noticed on iOS (or was it Android...?) you can write your own keyboards and put those in the store. We should be able to write Edge extensions, camera lenses, and even Minecraft mods and put them on the Store in new sections specifically for these types of apps/features.

Yes absolutely. I think lenses should also be much more accessible than they are now. Like maybe something similar to changing the time in the old(8.1) alarm clock. Touch and then scroll through the different lenses in alphabetical order with a live preview through the viewfinder. That'd be impressive.

It's a pity Lumia Storyteller has to go. I really liked it a lot with functions like showing living ones and simply creating story videos.

For billions of dollars, couldn't we just build a new campus on the moon?  Apple is building a spaceship, so let's go one further.

Sadly, the removal of the placeholders presents a challenge to the mobility of device such as the SP3. IMO, MSFT had it right with OneDrive in W8.1,where I had the ability to view a file without having it use up space on my hard drive. And now that I have gotten accustomed to using the placeholders, it seems odd going back to using a USB memory drive.

Hopefully it will support wireless and supports all types of monitors and tvs that way it would be more manageable.

I could live with an online only limitation if I could see OneDrive in my folder options when I go to open or save a file. But noooooo. The only way to see OneDrive anywhere other than a browser window is to sync the whol freakin thing (selective sync is a joke). Oh wait. One of my computers has a meager 20 GB C: drive and syncing to the SD card IS NO LONGER AN OPTION (it worked with 8.1).

GET OVER IT? Microsoft's solution has relegated my ultra portable to a browser box. It was wonderful being able to take it with me and get stuff done away from home. So much for making us more productive... Believe me, I'd roll back to 8.1 if I could, but that's not an option because I can't even buy a street copy of 8.1 anymore.

BTW, not an armchair quarterback. I'm a user who makes a living working on the computer. Pretty sure I'm not the only one.

It has been looked into on numerous occasions. Microsoft has NO plans to bring back placeholders no matter how many complaints. No use in waiting for a brown horse to turn green. 

Yes, Placeholders should have just gone to being turned OFF by default, so that it wouldn't confuse the masses. Then, allow power users that know what to do with them enable them. I think that would have been ideal, but according to some I have spoken with (nothing confirmed yet), Microsoft had done away with placeholders now due to future incompatibilities with the way they will be implementing OneDrive for Business. Can't say for sure, but supposedly the new way they plan on handling it would not allow placeholders. Can't say how reliable the info was.

I have one of these.  It is not the greatest soundbar out there, but it is a steal at $100.  I have it mounted under a 42" LCD in my bedroom, and it works great, sounds pretty good, despite no subwoofer.  I use it primarily for gaming and late night movie streaming.  I've had it for a few years and have not had any problems with it.

I defend them to much, I swear if I wasn't a true fan boy this company would have given me so many reasons to leave. But I hate Crapple and Fuckdroid even more. Ugh just integrate the apps into photos and camera before removing them.smh

You are right, integrating it is much better, but they should leave lenses for some other apps and third party apps.

Forget the promotion videos, they needed a auto pop up tutorial at first use and easily launchable from the start menu. Not burying it under some KB article or help page that 0.5% of the worlds population will ever venture into lol. When was the last time you read "I read the help page in the o/s" anywhere on the web?

If anything, this shows that Microsoft is run engineers, talented but lacking in the marketing dept. Apple, run by Marketers, who happen to be talented engineers. Yes, I'm not going into the whole political thing of who copied who...

Ok I naively checked all the boxes to synch my folders to OneDrive. Now I want to delete the files from my laptop. If I delete the local files, will the files in the cloud in OneDrive also be deleted? I want to keep the files in the cloud, and delete them locally.

Because for some of us the update does not work at all , and seeing that freaking "Upgrade to windows 10" icon gets on our nerves -_-

LOL. Maybe Paul Kinslow is right - a variation on the icons... perhaps a semi-transparent cloud covering the thumbnail. And if people can't understand that concept, then cloud storage and syncing are too complicated.

You'd think this was Briefcase all over again.

Therein lies the rub. Most of MS's failures haven't been technical, but failures to properly communicate and educate it's user base when it has made changes.

"Worked with some devs to tune sound". What does that mean? Every loudspeaker manufacturer "Tunes" their products to a target freq response curve to either match the timbre of their other products or to compensate for common room anomalies in the typical living room. Unless Polk gets specific, it's 100% marketing lingo. ie. Gimmick.

True, but trying telling that to someone who thinks the mouse cursor is called the "white hovering shape that points at things"...

"If approved, the cost of the revamp could run into the billions of dollars." Why not put it into Windows? Get some decent designers and developers. Microsoft own apps lack a lot.

We knew we were on a sinking ship, having gone through massive layoffs and restructuring including LEAN and Kaizen training. Then management decided to arbitrarily make the decsion to place teams into bullpens - it sure didn't help morale at all.

For some reason it wont let me update it on my phone (Lumia 720). I have the paid version. I uninstalled it and now cant even re-install it! o.O wtf! error: 800004005 which doesnt help me at all... I'll have to email Webrox I guess...

If they went with the cats option, taped their paws together, and then captured and sold the kinetic energy, they'd bank TRILLIONS!

Maybe but that purchase hasn't any thing got to do with this article.

Moving into the drive will put a copy online only. And then it will be slow to use. But it is equivalent of the end result of your two steps.