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Nobody wants to use it on PC, that's why they created Whatsapp web, because nobody will use it
Srsly, *** off

"But how often do you use it as a phone?"

I'm sorry. I'm not even sure if this is a real question. But I use my phone every day!!! Mornings, afternoons, and evenings. So do all my colleagues. Some of us are professionals and not game seeking children. The ability to be on the go and do business is a must. There's more than texting and seeing scores of favorite teams. But those are some features a smartphone brings to the table. This notion that the phone is not used is simply a fairytale.

Not to mention Atom isn't a good experience for running professional software. Laptops are so good these days there isn't much of a reason to use your phone to power your experience.

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I'm saying building a UWP app to reach desktops is a waste compared to simply wrapping their web app in an installer. UWP is a good long term goal across the Windows ecosystem, but wrapped web apps is a quick solution that reaches 99.9% of desktops including Macs and legacy PCs.

I REALLY wish I could have a definite date (assuming there will be one) for the Surface Phone. I am delaying upgrading my Lumia 920 to Lumia 950 (since the 920 is not getting Windows 10 Mobile) so that I can get the Surface Phone. But after what happened with Windows 10 Mobile (first it was delayed, and then they decide to not give it to everyone), I often debate whether I am waiting for nothing. All these rumors, yet no definite information. So frustrating…

Uh, XPS 13, that's really a no brainer IMO. I thought about replacing my 2013 MBA with a newer version, but coudln't justify shelling out $800+ for that crappy TN screen and an outdated CPU. After much thinking I picked up a MS Signature XPS 13 FHD non-touch for $730 shipped and could not be happier.

In my opinion, it's the same thing as "Internet Radio". Originally that term aptly described to the layperson what it was, that is, a replacement for radio receivers that instead streamed music digitally. However, "streaming music" would perhaps be a much more fitting term, since no radio waves are actually used. That was my point regarding "smartphone", originally the term helped people to understand what it did, but now, it doesn't accurately describe what these devices really are.

I already own one 640XL, best value for money phone. I would love to get another one to give it to my wife so that she dumps android and join WP wagon :)

During the Windows Mobile 5 days it made sense. If you wanted all your data to follow you then having a single mobile device was the obvious answer. Now the cloud has made it so you don't need a singular device. It doesn't matter what device you pick up, all your data is easily accessible through the cloud. This idea of Continuum just shows that Microsoft is still stuck in 2005.

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what is the code...that COD Bot asking for?? is an 11 Latter Word and word start with latter "G".

COD: Infinite warfare is Made to Promote $FB Messenger Bots. why they dont have an Bot Website (We want your Data)....totally Worst idea for Promoting Game.

oh ! they Even Remember their Windows Phone App or Windows Phone. and Hopping for Universal app not any Mac Port.

Just because people find new uses for a product, it doesn't mean the previous product is dead or that the name for that product is dead.  Unlike Windows Phone.  ;) 

There aren't transitional or revolutionary devices to take the place of the smartphone yet.  So of course he got it wrong.


But you can see where he is coming from.  The title "Smartphones are dead, part IV: The numbers speak for themselves" is more jazzy than "Smartphone Use Has Evolved, Last in a Four Part Series."

No, you said "Well, soon MS will notice that Cortana integration is their biggest mistake"

Based on everyone elses responses I think we can all universally agree that you are a moron.

I now understand where you're coming from and would agree in some ways. Personal portable devices are becoming more and more powerful. More or less a name transition from smartphone to something else. This translates to a future of a compact work device on the go that consumers can easily fit in their pockets. Laptops, tablets, or even towers may become obsolete. The only thing that exist would be just monitors that anyone could hook their "portable computing device" too and do work. And with the cloud on the rise, no need for bulky pcs! Good analysis mr. Ward.

But how often do you use it as a phone? I think the premise is that we use it more as a companion device to our PC's than as an actual phone. And that line is growing thinner. I can count the amount of phone calls I've made in a week, but I cant begin to count the hours I've used it for consumption of media and shopping and email I use it in a week... I really only use my PC to stream TV and play games some times... I think that's what this series is all about. These devices we hold in our hands and call smartphones wont go away any time soon, rather the purpose in which we use them will increasingly divide us from what they were originally intended for... Making phone calls...

I purchased Galaga Legions on the 360 but shows I need to buy it again for the XBOX One. Any clue? 

Wow, I'm a big WP fan, but this aricle is hilarious. Apparently, just like PCs, smart phones are dead, and MS who realistically isnt even a player in this space and doesn't have a seroius product in the market palce until next year, somehow have shaped and are dominating the future.

Personally, I would be very happy if this were true, but the dillusion and disdain for the opposition being shown here is nothing short of ludicrous. Best we could hope for is dominace of the corporate environment which would be an amazing result, 10%??

This is not an overdose of cool aid, more like, whatever it is your smoking in huuuuuuuuge quantites, I want some !

You are assuming they will have a good product next year. As long as it has the UI and app store from Windows Phone it will never be popular. People don't like the UX, Microsoft needs a new UI if they want to have any success.

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This super duper top secret inside information brought to you by some completely random Twitter account that literally says not affiliated with WhatsApp.

Your opinion says waste of resources, but your logic makes a crystal clear case for absolutely needing desktop right now. Why the disconnect?

Yeah but its just a name Dan..... Like  the mythical surface phone and suppose'ed specs. I think we all need to forget the monikers and say new phones.


My 1520 was getting long in the tooth and needed a time out. Plus I've always been waiting for a device like this since the winmo 5 days when they were talking about it. Also its one less device to manage. I'm looking into a stick pc for future

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for UWP and the future of Windows 10! You're talking to a diehard fan (not a fan boy, mind you). But it just doesn't make sense to develop a full new UWP to target

Apart from the click and bait title, article was good, but I was hoping that you cover the decision of Intel to withdraw from Mobile + Tablet space.

M sure it has severe impact on surface phone

You sound like someone who follows the market so you know that there are leading factors before trends start manifesting. And if you look at the last two reports from the information corps you can see a trend starting...with the biggest deciding factor in this case being a higher than normal buyer fatigue.

Might, but won't. As long as the platform has no market share, it will never happen.

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