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Always good to see this. Steam games are much cheaper because of how many sites sell codes at discounted prices. Hope to see this kind of thing spread. Cdkeys also sell some of these

Always good to see this. Steam games are much cheaper because of how many sites sell codes at discounted prices. Hope to see this kind of thing spread. Cdkeys also sell some of these

I can imagine this gadget really usefull if connected to a pair of external speakers.

So...I get the part where you have to take stance as a PR agency.also,there is that relentless market share saying that a platform will live,after they failed to fix some comon issues,like for example calendar live tile goinh blank,after 7 official releases I think is well,you fill the blank.i had xperia x1,520 920 930 950.minus the win 6.5 which was pain to work with,best experience i had with lumia 920 on win 8.0.the platform is not dead,it is just getting worse.they need some big change og user experience if they plan to live on....

Always good to see this. Steam games are much cheaper because of how many sites sell codes at discounted prices. Hope to see this kind of thing spread. Cdkeys also sell some of these

Agree it isn't ideal, but if you're experiencing issues it's worth the effort. TBH the only real difference is installing apps and start screen layout - anything else should be in your one drive anyway, so less painful than you might be worried about.

Oh, so I suppose that if you say that "they haven't", this Gmail app, for instance, just doesn't exist, right?

Or maybe it's just scaling? Now I'm not sure, cause in that case we could probably call MS UWP also just "scaling". Not sure how deep is your knowledge of Android, but mr. bleached is right on this one, and even I, who is exclusivelly on MS "ecosystem", know, that scaling apps and adaptive UI is supported on Adroid since Honeycomb. Hell, even iOS has adaptive UI nowadays.

Really? As the os matures I would argue the reasons grow personally. Apps keep improving, the os is more stable, is this still about Snapchat lol?

Updates continue, thankfully my phone is a Lumia 650 so have not spent too much. Key concern is what happens to mobile when full 10 runs on arm. That may leave a bad taste in mouth as mobile may get abandoned. But, that's a bit away.

I don't know if I agree with Outlook being part of the "best". It's decent though.

I cam imagine this gadget realy usefull if you connect them to a pair of external speakers...

I admit some of those questions are valid, but the idea that the only way to get the phone to work is by removing months or years of work on it, by ignoring the backup, is poor technology.

Personally, I've always restored my phones from backup on the rare occasions when I had to reset them.  And things worked fine afterwards.

And here's the guy that has not read the article. Jason you are right! Sticks out like a sore thumb.

Awesome!! Hopefully the heavy discounts' we see from them will also carry over 😀. And if they do then maybe MS will start marking their store offerings as well to compete.

One more clear HP fanboy review! Are you paid by HP to do this? More noise, more heat, lower quality screen, lower class inner materials, heavier, larger, bigger battery that lasts shorter time...but somehow you conclude it's a "better laptop"?!?

Your reply to Pappale, was excellent, leaping lumps of coal while giving no offense in anything. 😉

Glad to hear that you guys still use Windows 10 devices for your smartphones.

I sent my 950XL back for repairs (it was freezing occasionally so I figured, while in warranty, why not see if they can fix it). It's been over a month since I've had my 950XL and I miss it dearly. The mid-high level android device I'm using is awful. The specs should be fine but Android is the most frustrating experience on the planet. You need an app for EVERYTHING, Everything stays open in the background, the menus are cumbersome and nothing comes close to the camera on my 950XL....

If Windows 10 Mobile ever dies out I'll have to go iPhone, while I still don't like it I really cannot stand android. 

So, MS wanted me to share my "Microsoft Story" with them for 500 rewards points.  So I did.  And now I share it with you.
“I bought my first smartphone when WM7 was first released.  I suffered through the transition to WM8.  And I welcomed WM10 with open arms--finally, this was everything I wanted.  MS was doing great work making development for the platform easy for those who already managed projects on iOS and Android.  Things were great.
But then, MS bought Nokia's phone division.  Wait, what?  I was a bit concerned, but then I thought, well MS can drop the feature phone stuff and concentrate on delivering market-leading hardware. 
But then, one night, I awoke from a dream... Who was this in my bedroom?  Why, it was Microsoft!  Microsoft, I said, what are you doing here?
And then Microsoft pulled back the sheets, stepped up on the mattress, dropped its pants and squatted.  Grunting ensued.  And I laid there, frozen.  I knew in my mind what was happening, but I could not accept the reality.  I heard myself saying, no, Microsoft, stop it.  No.  But Microsoft didn't stop.  Microsoft didn't stop until it filled my entire bed with s*t.  It s*t the bed so hard the wooden slats holding the mattress bowed and cracked. Jagged splinters stabbed the floor under the bed with such force they threw up glowing embers. 
Having epically s*t the bed, Microsoft pulled up its pants and climbed down.  I started to cry.  Why, Microsoft?  I loved you.  I endured the ridicule of the iPhone and Android fanbois.  I would point out how WP was better in this respect or that respect when my friends complained about their smartphones.  I stuck by you in the worst of times... why would you do this to me.
And Microsoft turned around and faced me.  Raising a single middle finger, MS said I'd get my surface phone in 2018 and I'd take it.  I'd take it like the b*tch I was.
And MS was right.  MS had turned me out as its b*tch. 
I still love MS.  I guess I always will.  But I will never forgive MS for what it did to me.  I will never forgive. 
Now give me my f*king 500 bonus points, you a*holes. “

Not going to take the time to go down every manufacturer mentioned (onus isn't on me), but just to pick one from your list: HP. Ahem

Not to mention our review of the x360 15 runs counter to the insinuation here: HP Spectre x360 15 review: The best gets bigger

You want a mature discussion and then proceed to talk about aliens in movies. Sorry, ya lost me.

My mine phone is 950.
It is so much better than iPhone 7 (my work phone provided company).
1. Better/bigger screen
2. bigger/replacable battery
3. SD card slot
4. much better camera
5. faster charging time
6. wireless charging support
7. dedicated camera button
8. continuum support
9. Replacable cover (Mozo are great)

The list can go on and on.
The bottom line is 950 is just a better phone run

Perhaps app store can improve, but in my case I have all apps I need and use: banking, FB, Train/Tube, office, Viber, WhatsApp.
No intention to change my Windows phone any time soon.

for something thats not dead it sure does not move too much ... and whats that strangely sweet smell? lets just hold our collective breaths for another few years and pretend there is actually any strategy in microsofts "mobile strategy" ...

Any web browser on Android can pin any website to the home screen. Same with Safari on iPhone; that's literally how the pre-App Store iPhone worked. 

Just checked CDkeys in the UK who are also discounting Halo Wars 2 as a Play Anywhere title

please let us know what you developing so if by chance i can use your app I will. and please make it so i can pay to remove adds. Theres alot of dead apps id love to pay to remove the adds but developers just abandon them to adds.

I get lost by all these articles. What was it about again. Is it dead or not, will we get a surface "phone" or not. Just tell us.

Yeah, we are not supposed to use cell phones at work, but everyone has their phones for breaks. I travel and use mine for work email though.

Daniel your reply is sorta why Microsoft has no mobile share... no ability to see thru the eyes of others. What PCs have fingerprint readers? None of my XP8900 or 8700s do. Surface 3 keybard nope, Surface pro3 keyboard nope, etc. Oh i forgot my Thinkpad T460 has fingerprint!  Does surface book have fingerprint for those that don't want the camera enabled? Nope.

Apple have been lagging in invasion ever since the passing of Steve Jobs. They'll just make a me too product with some bubbles and slap the apple logo on it

It seems extreme to say something is dead until it has 0% of the market or has been End Of Lifed by the manufacturer. While it may be considered the least popular mobile platform (Million + users is small in the world view but i don't think completely dead). The awesome thing here is we are all entitled to our opinion (this is simply my opinion)



I didn't say is easy, they could try and see most people complain about app gape, they those app could at least be in beta, from there would know if it is platform or just developers' are just don't care.. Mind you windows phone apps most started in beta now there are cool apps might be few but at least are good enough

I think I'd rather buy a fingerprint scanner. They are very cheap, and it will always be there. I don't always have my phone with me, or nearby.