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While I agree with that, funny thing is I can just pin whatever website I want.

There's some apps that I think WP users are enormously missing out on... but there's a large number that are simply links to an HTML5 mobile website. You find the website, you pin it, you're done. There's even an app that finds them for you so that you have the appropriate icons rather than having to look at a link. Everything from Starbucks to my bank is a non-issue.

That said, the "anti-microsoft" crowd in the app world bugs the hell outta me. I can live without snapchat, but I'd really like to have an official Pebble app, ya know? (That said, I think the indie devs tackling that latter problem will eventually bring us something very nice. Not to mention that "Pebble Core" modem thingie has it's own solution baked in.) Snapchat? My only experience with it is teenagers blowing up their data plans in 2 hours without the use of Youtube or Netflix. With other chat options available to the folks I talk to, I think I can live without it.

I think it's also worth saying that I'm surprised what I *do* find that works with Windows Phone. Like a bunch of the IoT things you see at Best Buy these days. Not everything is supported by official apps, but I find a good deal of webapp and 3rd party support, sometimes in interesting ways. (Like controlling a Nest with a Band 2 or stuff like that.)


One of the top two app is FB messenger but it doesn't have voice call option while other platforms have. That said enough about quality of apps.

I'm so excited for this year's E3. I really can't wait to find out what Microsoft has planned. I'd also really love to win a copy of Overwatch. I think it's a great game after playing the beta. Lots of fun.

im excited about a streaming device. if it has access to apps. that means the next tv i buy may not be smart and i could use this device vrs running my xbox. better power usage and sounds better. aka fanless


How do Apple iPhones cost almost the same in US n India then??? I think all that import taxes is bullshit now.. We import almost every phone from China..

I think Microsoft might be wasting time with the slim. When we have the more powerful console coming next year. Most ppl will hold off to buy that one. But can't wait to see if Xbox is going to be the cream of the crop once again in power.

Hey guys, 

I am a long time windows phone user; I use a Lumia 820 since 2013. I do consider myself a windows fan too. Now I am considering moving to Android soon. Maybe a Nexus 6p. However, I may still buy a Lumia 950xl if Microsoft’s situation changes.

For the sake of this article, let me tell one thing clear on what app gap is. For years, I have been telling people that the general apps you need are already on WP and they are of better quality. No issues with that. However, an app gap doesn’t mean having FB or FB messenger, which is being developed like an IOS and not like a WP one. Instagram is also IOS port, not something that came out from scratch, although the app was in BETA for like 3 years I suppose. App gap means general apps, like a banking app, maybe a university app, let's suppose I work for a company they have an app. Many companies, businesses, banks, institutions do not invest in WP platform because Microsoft itself never takes it seriously.

Like Google, they would have asked Nokia to design a Nexus for WP, LG, JTC, HP, Samsung, or Sony. Everyone would have. In addition, the rest the OEMs themselves can do the trick. Microsoft has control over software; Google doesn't apart from Nexus, but did Microsoft capitalized on it? NO. Did Microsoft work on developers interest, like investing in having quarterly events, give them free kits and phones, pay them, let them have their revenues for the whole year? Just look at our updates, W10M is still in development phase, like Google has something stable in marshmallow right, N may not be stable I get it, but then at least they come up with something good and usable, OEM destroys it, that’s a different story, but they do. People wait for the next Nexus, who waited for the next Lumia apart from we fanboys. Microsoft invests more in Android and IOS apps than in Microsoft. How is our Bing experience? How is Androids Bing experience?

I hope I make a point on what an app gap is. Not having Youtube on WP is not an app gap, not having Apple Music or some other app like official Gmaps either. App gap means my institution, my organization is not supporting it. Did Microsoft invested in making Lumia a status symbol? Is there aluminum designs? Is a Lumia a jewelry? Can someone please ask Microsoft to just invest in a Mobile strategy and stop fooling us on UWP? For me, if things don’t improve, I might be happy buying a Nexus, and install an arrow launcher or Next lock screen with Outlook and Office apps on an Android. May be that’s what Microsoft wants us to do too.

And you point is flawed as well .. banking apps in the "US" is poor yet I have 4 out of 5 major banks with apps. The problem is people make local observations and present them as global facts.



I'll buy a WP again when they finally get Kindle fixed.  Until then, no.  Hell, it even works on BB10 better than WP.  That's pathetic.

Sadly I have to agree.
I'm an avid WP fan and will remain so, but it's just so much more simple than this novel tried to portray.
U might only use snapchat once per month but it's there if u need it, but not on WP just like many bank apps etc.
Gross mismanagement from MS for many years and an obvious IDGAF from Nadella means WP is haemorrhaging.
Don't need these overly complicated articles, we just need the platform fixed, once and for all. No more excuses, no more fking around, just fix the fkn thing, no matter the cost, once and for all!

Good article for the average joe.... But the comments are full of the fans/enthusiast views, Not that they dont matter but really not on topic. ( I know there a multi-verse of millenials out there)


The OneDrive placeholders were literally my favourite new integration feature to come with Windows in a long time. I was terribly said when that went away.

What's the point of having everything if you can already store it locally. It would make more sense to just have a redundant external hard drive. It's more reliable than cloud storage I think.

Damn, I literally just got Xbox one last month, after years of procrastinating, along with trying to get the most out of my old 360. Typical eh? Lol.

@Ndevs X,

I've had the issue many times without involving PDF's being opened, but I'm glad you can at least trigger it now.

Does that trick only work with pictures. Or can you have other files show up without syncing them?

Except if full backwards compatibility is supported on all newer consoles - then upgrading won't be such a pain. You might not be able to play the very latest and hottest 4K games, but getting a new console means you can safely let go of your older one and would not be such a major decision. That to me is a very big deal. I still have my 360 hooked up simply because of the sheer number of games I have on it compared to my XB1. Would have packed up or sold the 360 if all my 360 titles were backwards compatible.

Yes, may be ordinary smart phone users' point of view. I am compelled to say, Windows 10 as a whole is a beginning of great success story. Believe it or not without a strong base there was no such a great building ever existed.

God not ANOTHER one of these over-analytical articles scrounging up excuses post-"grain of sand dissection". Is this going to be an 8-part essay of garbage too? For every one of these desperate attention-seeking articles, it only makes the reality of the situation THAT much more glaringly obvious.

You have an app gap. It's APPALLING. Not bad, APPALLING. Absolutely abysmal. A smartphone with NO ECOSYSTEM that is the laughing stock of users on Android and iOS. That's as complex that you need to be about the situation after you brush aside all the fanboy excuses and stop trying to polish a you-know-what.

I to have switched after using windows phone from the very beginning. The article is great and touches on the fact it is not just a gap, but also parity of the apps... Honestly, even the Microsoft apps perform better.

Unfortunately the older folks who might not use snapchat probably doesn't spend nearly as much on smartphones. By that I mean, eve. if they buy a flagship they probably use it for a longer period of time before trading it in. Some even use consumer cellular or even jitterbug, negating any advantage MS might have.

90% are illegitimate and don't want to become legal ever.  10% are semi valid complaints from people who need to get with the times.  Even people from China will tell you that theft of ideas is a rampant cultural norm.  And I don't mean stealing ideas from the west, but from anyone.  Their own brands can barely be defended in their own legal system.



And if you could upgrade the graphics every couple of years it would STAY a powerful machine as well

Perhaps, but it's inconvenient to go to the web when you're on the fly. The app is like a shortcut to the web.

I hope they start encouraging all their developers to switch to making games as UWAs and start pushing cross-buy and cross-play. It'd certainly add to their Windows 10 line-up while future proofing the games for any future consoles running Windows 10.

But Continuum is its own gap. It doesn't have the function that was promised, Android phones are already being prepared that will do the phone-as-computer thing, and it won't be long until Apple unifies Macs and iPhones in the same way. You know it's coming, and by the time they launch MS will still be fumbling around trying to make Continuum fulfil its promise.

Windows apps aren't taking off the way MS imagined they would, and the userbase is openly hostile to them. Look at the angry reaction from PC gamers for Quantum Break, or even the suggestion of future games being Windows apps. If Continuum is going to work, it needs to have software like Photoshop, Cubase, Ableton Live. It can't run those because it can't handle simultaneous app usage at the moment, let alone host environments containing sub-apps within them. Right now, it's a parlour trick and a laggy one at that.

At last year's E3 when they annound VR partnerships with Oculus Rift and Vive there was nothing but crickets in response.

Couldn't you get the prizes and ship it via USPS to any global location? The winner wouldn't mind paying the small price USPS charges. Plus they probably wouldn't be getting import charges when you ship via USPS (government-owned shipping company). At least that's how it has been for me for years when an eBay seller ships stuff to Canada via USPS, and same thing applies vice cersa when I ship from Canada via Canada Post (governemnt-owned shipping company) to the US.

I still don't know that I am sold on vr. I feel bad enough playing games in front if the wife when she can see me and have a modicum if conversation. I don't know that I want to be completely sheltered off with a helmet on my head. I may just stick with Reality™ instead.

Is it possible to do this redirection with an iSCSI drive? Some unified storage appliances may have their own implementations of OneDrive syncing but this option seems a bit more flexible.

What app gap?
My daughter is so impressed with the camera on my 930 she was close to coming over from the dark side, snapchat for her tho is an absolute deal breaker so that plan now is dead in the water :-/

Agreed. They truly need to bring AN OPTION for Placeholders back for those that want it. It makes upgrading my existing Surface Pro, buying a new Surface Pro, or keeping a OneDrive subscription much less attractive.

Yes. Windows Phone was a great phone OS, and it's a pity that so many innovations that people think were invented on Android/iOS actually originated with WP. I wish Microsoft hadn't mismanaged the brand. I wish they hadn't failed to deliver on their promises about cross-platform compilers and Android app compatibility.

But switching to Android opened up an entire world of options that had been closed to me: art apps, music sequencers, etc. I was aware that every month brought news of new apps that I would not be able to try on WP, but I hadn't realised just how liberating it would be to hear of an app and be using it one minute later. All this talk of percentages of time, the "average user", and so on... a clever obfuscation, but a smokescreen nonetheless.

It's true that I've had to do a lot of customisation with Nova Launcher to get a look that I think is nice, since almost every manufacturer's Android flavour looks awful to me out of the box. That aside, it's much better. This article bravely makes the case for lookalike apps created on WP, but I remember how frustrating it was to be at the mercy of random developers (for everything from updates to the continuing existence of the app). As a regular user of Gmail Chat, I watched my options dwindle to zero on WP. This was the case with so many alleged gap-fillers. I do not miss that.

WP is irrelevant, it's DEAD, put a fork in it, the rest of the world has.

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6 years, and in that time, we have come from Windows Phone 7 to a soft reboot named Windows Phone 8 (with a lot of diferences in the main code, core and things like that, also, apps that where Windows Phone 8 specific developed wouldn't work in Windows Phone 7), to another reboot named Windows 10 Mobile (with the same app problem), with only half of the devices (and probably less) with WP8 updatable to W10M.

It's hard, but if they don't reboot it again (let be honest, they can't afford do that again), and if the OS is showing some adoption, the OEMs starts to win some revenue in the low end market, the whole Windows 10 "One Windows" thing keeps it's momentum and Microsoft keeps pushing the development of Windows 10 Mobile as they are actually doing this time, things can come around finally.