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Ryse and The Last of Us are of the same ilk, they are both cinematic experiences, the gameplay side of it takes second fiddle.

I, personally, really enjoyed both but TLoU is a lot better than Ryse at telling its story.

Folks you can bet that Microsoft is watching the sales of the HP Elite X3 real close and is going to help HP as much as they can. Microsoft must now step up it's software to match the power of the HP Elites hardware.. folks Microsoft Windows 10 mobile smart phones have 4 things great about them 1=MS Universal Apps which make them use the same Apps that a Full Windows 10 PC/Laptop/Tablet Computer can use.. 2= The Windows 10 mobile Continuum mode which converts a Windows 10 mobile smart phone into a Pocket PC like device. 3= Windows modern UI tiles which updates the data that's inside them. The tiles may look ughly to some people but they are unique to Windows smart phones. 4=They will be the BEST type of smart phone to integrate and use with Windows 10 Computers of variuos kinds which will be the dominate computers in use in the world. 

Your last sentence is really the important one, and also why review scores suck; they just simplify things too much and don't account for individual preferences (at the very least each reviewer should have a log of the scores they've given to different games so readers can compare how their preferences align).

There are objectively good things, and objectively bad things that can be said about games too.

Tbh this game has had lots of issues since appearing on XO backcompat, the DLC didn't seamlessly transfer to the XO marketplace and even now its very confusing with lots of duplicate items.

The Season Pass and VIP also wasn't always working properly for new buyers and with some features being disabled since hitting XO, I think they just felt it safest to just not sell it anymore.

Hey, everybody has different opinions and experiences games and other media differently. Although I think some of these games like Ryse maybe should've reviewed higher, I can't begrudge someone for liking them less than me. Some of the games I say are fantastic in my reviews, you or others would play and end up disliking. The important thing is people make a good case for their evaluation, which is true of most reviews I read.

Oh I'm well versed in gaming my friend. I have played a ton of hack n slash games. From God Of War to Dantes Inferno. Ninja Blade to Bayonetta. Ninja Gaiden to Onimusha. Ryse is a fantastic cinematic game. Problem is there are to many agendas in reviews. Games like The Last Of Us get rediculously high scores. When they don't deserve it. Sure it has pretty good graphics. But the hand holding, broken stealth and repetitve gameplay just get overlooked because it's Naughty Dog. Sorry the game isn't even in the top 20 games of last gen let alone all time. The review media is embarrassing the last 10 years.

I'm working on a new kind of operating system. It will resemble Linux in a sense that it has a much better way of delegating permissions. However, it's based on machine learning principles. It will re-harden itself everytime it detects a way of exploiting itself. Not AI yet, but my team and I hope it will become one. Passwords will be handled by an encrypted sub-container that is hidden within a maze of fake and real containers. All the passwords will be created automatically by an algorithm and matched with user's voice, photo, and fingerprints.

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THIS! Some much this :)

I compare photos of the same object as part of my work, and in this test, the objects I compared with was not even in all the pictures. The best case of how this could tip the scale was with the water shots. I ended up choosing the one with the water "ball" flowing mid-air simply because it's an interesting picture - not because it was the ultimate best when it comes to quality

- But maybe that in itself is also part of the test - who knows what the Mobile Nation was thinking up of devious distractions while composing this survey ;)

Another thing is: Microsoft is not a fitness tracker company, they are a platforms and productivity company. In that context, continuing with the Band in its current form and given how little market share it has gained, makes little sense, even if it is partly because they never expanded its market. So now that they have apparently given up on bringing UWP apps to it, it fits poorly into their overall strategy, would be my guess.

Frankly, I think a Surface branded watch makes more sense at this point. And what is a smartwatch really these days, other than a fitness tracker with a larger screen, more powerful processor and more capable software platform? Such a device would have a better chance of being able to run UWP apps and would be better suited for productivity oriented use.

So again, I get that you guys don't need more than what the Band is already capable of, I just don't think that Microsoft wants to be in such a market, at least not on the consumer side. They could have kept it around for hospitals aso. but the most interesting part of that was always the cloud platform behind it.

You can thank the mess that is "licensing", you think Microsoft is no longer going to sell it just for fun?

Just swapped my 5th band for a Garmin Forerunner, band build quality rubbish, device itself was great to use but kept breaking. Garmin does everything as good except notifications, drops Bluetooth connection all the time.

I was really looking forward to buying the game. So much promise, so much bullwhip.

And this for me is the biggest issue with digital purchases. The option of the provider to simply remove it leaving no means to get it back if for some reason you lose the content.

Update.... I clearly missed a line in the article. Apologies for the rushed and inaccurate post.

This is clearly stated in the article, however, APPS that I've owned have been delisted and upon getting a new device I couldn't get the app back.

I used all caps because I realize this is an app and not an XB360/one game so perhaps the rules are different. I also upvoted JieXY and Steven Curl

Didn't play Minecraft FOR YEARS. I bought it when it was still on Alpha phase, and it's pretty interesting to see where I left the game (stopped playing) and where it got to now...

Ms as well should try and integrate skype more with contact list so that you have the option to call a non skype user, like mobile phone, and user to have the options of setting one country as default rather than have to select country each time and lastly, I am unable to see my phones contact even when I select to show all contacts including my phone

Considered Kalimba, but there are so many puzzle platformers and the character switching gets pretty arduous at times. Still a fine game though. Lovers was in my Best of 2015 roundup, so I didn't use it again for this one. D4 I considered but considering that it's unlikely to be finished (and the Kinect stuff, which is poorly implemented IMO), I decided against it.

Might be because reviewers play a lot of games, so if they see a game that has the same mechanics than 200 other games they've played in the last few years, and it's not the best iteration of those mechanics, then it lowers their opinion of the whole experience. On the other hand, your average player might not be that familiar with the mechanics (so can't tell good from bad, at least on the short term), and in the case of Ryse is impressed by the visuals, then they might enjoy the experience a whole lot more.

I'm surprised how little apparent difference there was from premium to the budget choice.

I suppose the ultimate camera would be one that supported Windows Hello facial recognition (there's also iris and fingerprint), as well as run 1080p @ 60 fps, offer sublime voice recording and also including the background removal feature - and finally it should work for any Windows 10 device (PC, Xbox makes most sense though) ;3

Hi John,

Do you know who is responsible for the app's development? I think I need to follow that guy's twitter or something.


I'm in the same boat unfortunately, which is a shame because I really wish i could chill in my room with my tablet playing One games.

A real world example of how useful it will be. My wife is part of a medical team that fly's in to very remote places where cell or even telephone service will never become a reality but do have in most cases, access to internet access even if it's intermittent. This will bring friends and family much closer together and they won't be relying on sharing sat phones.

That seller is importing it from US. Also, there's no msft health/band app available in India. I was almost about to get the band 2 but seeing the recent news I might as well get a Fitbit charge 2

The controls leave a bit to be desired during some of the puzzles.

However, the story is fun, as is the humour.

Sorry, TRON0314. I've very familiar with Halo lore. Read most of the books, comics, and the DVD videos. The story of Halo 5 was poorly written and constructed. For a more in depth criticism written better than I would, read's review of Halo 5. Spartan Locke was a bland character with no depth or charm.

As an owner of Band 1, I like the external aesthetics of the Band 2. The firmware is no different in most areas, not in all from what I gather. Still not enough to give up the money for an updated outer shell. What I would like to see is more development into apps that run independently on the Band. Sure, the fitness pieces are genius. That's beyond doubt. I would like to see more apps, less notification sources. Widen the availability and function. Still a Band fan.

Bought Dead rising during launch but didn't had the time to start it, only manage to had some fun after the last dlc came out. (SF)