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You don't consider the 930 or 1520 decent flagships? I may not like the 1520's size, but the 930/Icon is fantastic.

Something is wrong. After the update, I can't watch replays from the Defence Log. Is it part of the update? Please enable the feature back!!! I need it!

I'm not really interested in buying an Alcatel phone myself, but what I take from here is the statement that carriers say that entry-level WPs do work. I think carriers and store sellers are one of the biggest obstacles to overcome, this is a very good sign I think :)

What do you mean fragile and filmsy? the Nokia 1020 is a very solid phone, i have had both and have no problems with my 1020 solid as a rock.

High End Windows Phones work. Problem is the Carriers, they get "exclusive" Phones and dont do any advertising on them. Their sales staff try as hard as possible to convice you not to buy a WP. Later on they complain about low sales and lack of customer interest. Apple had the same problems with its Mac PCs, guess what they did to prevent this from further happening -> the Apple Store.

The market is in phone entry or high end that are not dependent on a carrier. This enables both consumer and business customers' and supports the vision with the least amount of complexity. Unlocked GSM and LTE is the way. At this point heck with VERIZON and SPRINT they don't fit in the immediate future until after 2017.

Did the same as you. Hoping for a similar/better camera and a bigger screen. Fingers crossed...

I have Astro a50s so I just plug my 925 into the aux on the transmitter. Play to is the only other option. What would really be nice is if 1) the media player could be snapped or even better 2) music played worked similarly to the 360. Snap app to start music, then unsnap and it continues. AND SUPPORT FOR ZUNE PLAYER THROUGH USB. Shame they can't support their own device on their own device.

I am fine with the majority of Windows "phones" being toward entry level of the market, as long as they keep making flagships for those that want them.  The hope is that those entry level phone users will upgrade to a higher end phone eventually.

A Release Candidate is basically done. Unless there is a show stopping bug, that's what you're going to see as the final product. This isn't anywhere near done. The technical preview is there to show off what they've done so far. The actual RC, which I'm sure they'll have, will likely be at least six to eight months from now.

Consider this to be the alpha, not even beta, level software.

Yeah there hasn't been a decent flagship since 920, I bought a 1020 not long ago for the camera, but the phone feels so fragile and flimsy compared to my thick 920 that I can't bring myself to using it on daily basis.

Well whatever helps WP is always a good thing. Personally,ill never buy another phone with less than high end specs again. I'm too much of a power user to be handcuffed by low end specs.

dont know how to define entry-level, something like 730 or 630 ??, yes may be there is where WP can steal market share from Android SS, HTC or Sony, a little difficult for the 930 or 1520, and extremely difficult for 830 to go again the competitors

Hi, i'm from Portugal and in my phone (Lumia 625) the tile count and toast notifications are not working since the last update. Can you fix it? Thank you!

I agree with you comments can be more constructive but I think we're all loyal Microsoft fans that come to this site so I think its just tuff love. I Know we're not Bill Gates but I'm sure at some point he probably got mad at some feature that wasn't fully developed ... Or trailing the competition and had a few tuff words for who ever developed it... If I was an MS employees that's how I would interpret tuff comments from loyal MS fan...yeah it tuff but these are the only people who want to see us succeed and pay for our products and services.

I have Lumia 1520 with latest software . The app doesn't open. Anyone experiencing similar issue.

Or maybe because the high end market is already swallowed by Apple, and to some extent, Google. That, and maybe because the people who are going to spend on a high-end phone are more likely to get one that is more established, existing OS reputation, and mature apps market. It doesn't take a VP to see the obvious.

I hate those tacky bloated "customizations". In a nutshell, I have a completely opposite opinion from yours.

TellMe did half of those things anyways.

Open up the "interests" menu and you get two choices.  In the US region you get like 10.

You are joking right? the calendar integration alone is worth the price of an 830. Then there is the remind me, when I speak to ..... Or, how about ask it to give you directions to... The here maps integration works so well, and while you are driving you can get cortana to initiate a call, play music, or tell you a joke to lift your weary spirits. It us pleasantly surprising what cortana can do if you choose to use it.

The customization should not be done by the manufacturer though, but by the user. Every phone should be similar at startup, and if the user wants something else, it's up to the user to change that.

The heck??! I've just uninstall this full of crap game and then the update came in??I hate it when constantly being raided by higher level opp when I'm at lvl 6 and the fact that my revenge fails miserably, really!! Y,,,Y

I'm not sure why there's two either, but that doesn't change that this is still geared towards enterprises, but if you wanna believe this to be the consumer version, then go ahead and feel let down.

Yes, totally agree.  Microsoft needs to focus on the entry-level, budget, prepaid markets to create brand awareness for Windows phone.  Yes its great the Lumia 830 is all over Canadian carriers, but its also bad that there's no support from: staff at carriers, marketing from microsoft or customer awareness.

After all the apps that came out yesterday from the garage project, I wonder if someone is working on a better music/video player. The lock screen is really nice as is the sound stack app.

I want a high end "Microsoft Lumia" Phone... but.... I'll wait for Windows 10. 

Hope it wont fail on microsofts side and we will get a locker and useless to developers Windows Phone Version. Right now just Microsoft can develop, upgrade and change The whole os ..and that's bullshit :(
That variety of looks of android based on androids open source is so much cooler :(

Most people find USB much easier. Which is understandable. Why sign up for a new service just to upload backgrounds?

Wuhuw ! First they copied ios with Android and now The will bring us a new winphone !! I like The win10-Phone vision :3