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At least L900 with WP7.8 is still faster than a L920 with W10M RS2. Heh. IE9 is mostly unsupported in everything nowadays though.

To be fair, the L925 did get W10M TH2.

And you can still hack W10M RS2 on it.

This might sound dumb but I thought it was an iris scanner on my sp4 and I always tried improving the recognition with my eyes until I realised it is facial recognition, not iris. It works better now that I scanned my face instead of my eyes.

No, I signed up when they were first handing out memberships when the program for started. I did just finally get my update tho on Friday.

My belated condolences for your temporary loss. I'm glad you managed to survive. I doubt I would be able to under similar circumstances.

Lyrics would be cool. Also ability to play music videos like on Xbox version of Groove would be cool.

I think 300% is the sweet spot. You get the text icons on the left on the messaging app and groove looks good.

BS!  It just means Microsoft would have to work harder and faster to release a product.  They are going to have bugs anyway.  And they'll fix it one way or the other.

Yes, it does support dual shot, this was not removed. However, on my 950XL it is now Full + 8MP, which I actually prefer because 5MP is just a little too grainy usually.

For a simple tablet media device, it is great. And integrates all services well. After boot, need to run updates a few times, which takes a while, but then it goes smoothly afterward. VERY pleased - runs better than my Shield tablet at this point.

Used win 10 lumia 930 for a year. Most anoying is edge, wikipedia and a lot of other sites completely suck with win10. Even MS sites show with to big or to small characters. Conclusion… win 10 is not ready for older devices and it probebly never will be.

With no new hardware in sight I suspect that many who owned Windows Phone 8 devices already have gone to android or iOS at this point. So I see no point to push a forced upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. In mobile in general Microsoft have lost the war. I think they had a chance for some years ago when the marketshare in Europe was high in some countries. Then Nadella shut down that was left of the old Nokia. I think it was a huge mistake, they could atleast release a few Microsoft smartphones now and then to keep up the interest for the platform.

Can't believe the apps from Luno Software never get mentioned. If you're into the 4 major sports in the US these apps have excellent live tiles that update almost instantaneously (along with notifications) when there is a score change. The MLB and NFL ones have lots of detail on the tiles.
Just did a search and the MLB one isn't there wth. Still working on my W10M 1520 though..

I hope they sort the playback issue related to signal, if I'm listening whilst driving and I have no signal the music stops (obviously) but then when I get signal it normally doesn't start playing again I have to change from media device to radio on my car then back again then slip a few songs then it starts playing 😐, Spotify never has this issue

Good changes! Hopefully they add in the ability to rearrange the Now Playing list songs by dragging them up or down and the ability of removing songs from now playing and I will be much happier! 

I would like to know why one wouldn't buy a 4K TV and use it as a monitor? We just bought a Hitachi 55" 4K TV for less than $500. It picks up the 4K HDMI signal from my laptop. It's only at 29Hz but I think that is a limitation of my laptop, not the monitor.

Yeah, for about a quarter of the price and you get a myriad of special features with it, sometimes even a digital copy to use too.

The Windows Phone 8.1 fans who most likely would know about the availability of the Windows 10 Mobile update would be the ones who own either Nokia Lumia 1020 or Nokia Lumia 930 or Nokia Lumia 1520. Of the three Nokia Lumia smartphones mentioned above, a fan who was really paying attention on both the smartphone and the mobile OS market, most likely would have chosen the Nokia Lumia 1020, which due to its outdated chipset was the only one of the three Lumia devices mentioned above which didn't support the Windows 10 Mobile update. Well done Microsoft.

Despite the unselfish assistance of Russian hackers in the elections Russian Cortana did not appear so 8.1 has no any voice dial and all that staff 🙂

Any good 4K Touch monitors?  I just can't use non-touch monitor anymore after living with Dell 24" Touch monitors for 3-4 years.  It is so much smoother and easier to navigate.  Hopefully, MS will release a standalone Surface Studio monitor.  That would be perfect.

I have this game on my lumia 950xl ,and i know my ID (i see it in settings) but on my desktop w10 game ask for User ID and pasword for cloud acc.

Any tips how to login?