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I think the branding will be the least of their worries. People from India said the same thing and the Lumia 535 has exploded in popularity, so "despite the branding" is arguing nothing. We can throw personal anecdotes all we want, and nothing will come of it.


That is a good point about Wiko and Alcatel, but I don't know how well their sales do in those countries. One would assume a country would gravitate toward it's own companies, but Blackberry's dismal Canadian market share proves that that's not always the case.

The uservoice petition to leave Cortana as the name for the voice assistant did work. They may also listen to people with Spartan.

Lol... Spartan should have been the name for windows... Windows spartan... Meet cortana in the all new windows spartan for pc, phones and anything and everything... Never mind me just getting a bit hyped... ;)

There is no phone closer to nokia in terms of build quality smooth screen functioning just amazing. Second must be Motorola in terms of durability but windows phone suites the color theme with nokia only. Sorry Sony cant beat nokia

AT&T and Verizon offer femtocells to use your broadband service in areas in which they have weak coverage. Big difference is with them you have to buy that device or try to coerce them into giving you one. You also would have to take it with you or get a second one if you have more than one place where you need coverage. The TMobile option actually allows you to jump on any WiFi anywhere in the world and make calls as if you were using regular US based cell towers.

I like these lower cost phones as long as they ar fairly snappy performers. Slap a cheap case on and no worries. Love my 635. I like getting 3 or 4 new phones every year. And at these prices why not.

Substance? Stating that a company failed to mention even a single product in a multi-million dollar ad is without substance? Perhaps all companies should just put out random ads about nothing. And again, which race did I mention? Or are you projecting your own stereotypes on my comment?

So companies actually mentioning their products in a multi-million dollar ad is dumb? And which race did I mention?

Yep. And they know there may be some console owners from the holidays that may have been holding out on Gold because of the cost. This is their last attempt at catching those potential subscribers.

If you have any issues, I'm sure Amazon will fix it. Their customer service is usually pretty smooth sailing.

i don't care too........ i like real football

give me windows 10 for my 930.....i can't wait

Could be a corrupted sd card. That can happen if u use one in several different consecutive phones. Pull it and try a soft reset.

Waste of material & time..every phone being now is either short of flash,front cam,memory,average battery etc...stop cutting corners & do better

US Football == Rugby/Eggball
Baseball == Rounders
Basketball == Netball
Chips == Crisps
Fries == Chips
Cookie == Biscuit
Candy == Sweets
Jelly == Jam
Jello == Jelly
Sneakers == Trainers
Fanny == Bottom
Todays episode was brought to you by the letter Zee == Zed

Come on Richie !!! it will be AUS or IND  or ummmm and yet i am condused with ENG and NZ :'( :'(

Amen! Preach it! I was a bit ticked that t-mo finally had a successor to my 810 and that it didn't have wifi calling. Love this phone, but, the lack of wifi calling really gets me.

Never said I couldn't afford it. I said it's expensive for a few megabytes of cloud storage, which is the only part of it that I use. If you'd care to disagree with that point that's fine... but I'd prefer you leave the thinly veiled insinuations out of the conversation, m'kay? Good grief.

There are boatloads of scientific studies that have determined what types of advertisements are effective and almost all of them came to the same basic conclusion: ads that don't physically show the product or service are not as effective: an effective TV advertisement "provide[s] physical representation of the service and an illustration of the service encounter".

Mortimer, Kathleen. 2008. "Identifying the Components of Effective Service Advertisements", Journal of Services Marketing 22(2):104-113.

No products or services were presented in either of those commercials. Very few people will see those ads and 1. know what to buy, 2. know where to buy them. Ergo, they're not as effective as they could've been.


Blocking Key feature doesn't work after update for movies ! Seek-ing, Play-Pause and next/previous video still on after presing the left key !

What's the point in releasing both of these phones at once, price gap is so small ($11US) is it really going to make a difference in affordability, especially in a developed country like France? Just further fragmenting the line up, creating more work for Microsoft and carriers, and competing against themselves.

"[You] missed the image and message Microsoft meant to get across."

No, I didn't miss that at all. I said the commercials were not an effective use of advertising dollars. Advertisements that show the service or product have been empirically shown to be more effective:

No product or service was shown in the ads. No one seeing them will know what to buy.

Them hawks baby... Don't care too much about Brady and his team. Liquor bought, food cooking. Gonna be a hell of a night...

As long as they make the phone and load Windows Phone OS on it there wouldn't be a problem. We can get the updates straight from Microsoft. This is one of the great features of the OS, the companies don't get to reskin the UI.

MS research and technologies are more than the $1000 PC on your desk or the friends you have on Xbox. We're amazed when something like the Hololense hits our radar, but imagine the research behind the scene that went into that, from previous work on Kinect, to the eye recognition shown in last year's ad. There are so many things in R&D that will never show up on your desk, but may be in your operating room or automobile. And items like the blades you mention don't come our of thin air. And if we are willing to simply rest on one technology such as that and never push the envelope for more, then hang on to your 2015 model PC as there will be nothing else coming soon.

Sony, decent enough cameras, water proof, and good build quality. They also have their smart watches so an app wouldn't have been out of the question. 

I wish everyone could qualify for USAA. They really are a top notch company and I appreciate the app because I use it for mobile depositing. I give a Twitter shout out every now and then...and they usually even respond to that! :) ha ha. 

LOL, you help hiring those 65 people whose decision process are based on the hatred of a corporation instead of using common business sense. I was an executive responsibly for hiring IT personnel as well. I stay far far away from job applicants who have this warped view of the world no matter how talented they are. You never know what harm they'll do to your company down the road.

Yes, it is. These are almost prices of high end dumbphones.

However...well...there's the Microsoft branding problem. It remains to be seen if the price is low enough to entice people to buy them despite the branding.

It's worth remembering, these will be going against phones by French makers like "Wiko" and "Alcatel".

"Tell the world that Microsoft is CHANGING from a hated, monopolistic corporation..."

I just stop reading there because 1999 is a few years back  (<--) that way.

Other than people on tech blogs, that preception is so absurd and wholly out of date, to even acknowledge it in a SB ad WOULD be a waste of time.

MS doesnt need to play by techblog rules by doing that. That's what gets them into trouble. Go over their heads and go right to the people.

Unlimited txt/calls is fine as long as you have good cell service. But in areas that you have poor cell reception and good wifi , then being able to make txt /calls would be the better choice through wifi.

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