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In your phone settings, what do you have set for "language", "region" and "speech"? Cortana speech to text is only supported for certain combinations.

Yep, very important feature since 2010 when I started to need "navigator" and decided to use phones own mapping feature. HERE maps and its offline navigation has helped me in many places/countries with out worrying roaming costs.

you cannot seriously compare china contractors with china companies. lumia phones are made in china, as well as iphones, and plenty of android phones, but they are still different with chinese phone companies. The status of chinese factory in making lumia is just being a contractor. they are just providing factories and workers and they still have to play by microsoft (previously nokia) rules. a project owner can dictate what the contractor needs to do, what materials the contractor needs to use, and all that, it's different with chinese companies making phones. chinese companies can put any spyware/adware anytime they want. chinese factories cannot put adware in lumia/iphone because microsoft/apple would find out when they QC-ing the manufacturing process.


and btw, Lenovo has been degrading the quality of thinkpads the past few years. their durability is no longer top notch, read this page if you dont believe me:

what make it worse, they make it harder for users to replace parts in their laptops. it used to be easy to replace hdd in thinkpad x version few years ago, not anymore. I was a big fan of thinkpad but i know my next laptop wont be a thinkpad anymore. Lenovo has sacrificed thinkpads biggest features for no obvious reason.

Good thing they will have 2 billion windows 10 users and a no brainer development platform that lets you code for multiple device types with one piece of code.

Acer used to be known for being pretty bad quality overall. I haven't tried their new stuff, but it feels like they've been getting better in the last couple of years. These seem decent, but I have to wonder, will Continuum soon(ish) destroy the market for AIOs.

it's not about superfish anymore. thinkpads build quality have gone down the toilet in the past few years. i love my thinkpad but i know the newest thinkpads are not that appealing anymore. i dont understand why lenovo try to change something that has worked for many years. they sacrificed durability for mobility. this one for example:

another reason why we shouldnt trust lenovo, if you try to replace hdd with ssd in thinkpad x version 3 years ago it was easy. now they make it harder for no reason. I dont understand why lenovo sacrifice durability and simplicity just to make themselves more appealing to regular consumers. what make it worse, they still put pricey tags on thinkpads.

I have a sandisk class 10 microSD but I've never experienced a crash in my 1520. Maybe its the card's fault or the card slot?

Learn how to read. I never said Games with Gold is "so terrible"; I said it's economically irrational, which it is. I pay for Gold because I have to pay for Gold if I want to play online. I never said it wasn't "worth the cost"; I said it was overpriced, which it is, as is evident by the very fact that Games with Gold exists at all.

No, I'm determining waste based on the perceived value of the gift. That's what matters. The rest of your post was unsubstantiated, hypothetical nonsense that has nothing to do with the argument at hand. You can try to digress all you want, but I'll call you out on it every time.

But names are more memorable in speech*, which is why I have suggested nick names for flagships for some time.

*I have no actual data to back this claim though

Nope. That's a fallacy, for even Xbox One console gamers with Gold subscriptions who don't play Fable Legends are still subsidizing the costs for PC gamers.

"they can decide to go the PC route for much cheaper". First tof all, PC gaming is not cheaper. Second of all, even if a gamer does go to PC instead, that does not change the fact that console gamers are subsidizing their PC gaming.

I think if you're not going to use a tempered glass protector, curved screens are definitely better as long as they don't add too much weight (which a deep curve will). They feel nicer as you move your fingers near the edge of the screen. But I feel the benefit of the tempered glass protectors it's well worth the sacrifice of the curve.

That's basic economic theory: if you can afford something and choose not to buy it, then it's not worth the MSRP to you. If you buy other games instead, then you value those games more than the ones you don't buy. You can try to convince yourself that that's not true, but rational choice theory says otherwise. If you cannot afford it and want it, then that's irrelevant to this discussion (and it also means you really shouldn't be paying monthly subscription fees for entertainment services, if money is that tight, especially since the odds of getting one of those hypothetical games you wanted to buy but couldn't through the spin-a-wheel selection process that is Games with Gold is minute).

not even functional. tried to install on a venue 8 pro. you can't even get past the first screen because there is no touch functionality

I still find alpha to be worthless. First thing comes to mind when I seen alpha was thought of that ai from rvb

This puts to shame a lot of companies... Specially Nissan with their lack of app for WP.

No way, it would never work, can you imagine if AAA titles start hitting the store? Would you wanna pay 30-60 dollars for a phone game? its an option that developers can choose to use.

If windows 10 was to fail, it's because of people like @Vile Pamban.

So many idiots have installed it, and offer no feedback or don't even understand that this "free version of windows 10" is in testing.

Natural Selection would have removed such weak people out of humanity. damn it!

There is also one other major absurdity. If games with gold is so terrible, and live is such a rip off and waste of everyone's money, why do you continue to subscribe to it? If you don't feel its worth the cost, why would you continue to spend that money?

I asked to shows me pictures of houses and it shows me pdf documents which have nothing to do with houses - fail

Oh look! Another person found the internet where he can spout off opinions over topics he knows nothing about!

God bless the internet for killing natural selection.

Fastest is correct, he meant to say the model not only has been sold in large quantity but in smallest of time span. So don't act like a grammar nazi, when you are "john snow" in reality.

The curve could be good-great if the OS and apps were designed with that in mind (ie. most of the content in the middle, with only content animations and special features showing in the sides / edges), but that is not really realistic at this point.

The capacitive start button looks ill placed.  That tends to be frustrating to anyone using a pen input. Unless it can be rotated to the top?

If they don't need Office then they can just buy OneDrive storage. It's cheaper than any other decent cloud storage system.