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Wow. A business thread in the comment section here. I just wanna see a simple review on games, browsing and youtube.

I think the price is good,it has great build quality. The problem is that the pen and the keyboard pushes the price pretty high but for me the tablet alone is well worth 499.00.
This will be my next tablet.

I know that it is required, but I'm not a Windows developer (neither mobile of any platform)
Still I think that Hyper-V is great, just personally I prefer VMware

its too expensive cause I cant just go to the store and buy one whenever I want lol, but yea the price is just right considering the competition and what it offers, and if the battery lasts just as long as the surface 2 then I'm sold, I wish it was 12" too or at least the same res as pro 3 but whatever, it fits my needs just fine, only disappointment is not having a new fancy front facing camera for Microsoft hello

Well, the term "expensive" is such a subjective thing anyhow. People claiming that this is "expensive" are likely doing so from their "overpriced" iPad/iPhone with one hand and their Starbucks gourmet coffee in another. I hate the term "expensive" because it is used so callously without any that's for value. There is really only one judgement on this: Do a lot of people buy it at the suggested price? Then it's not expensive OR overpriced.

I don't use Hyper-V personally I like more VMWare, anyway I was unable to use it with Windows 10 as Host, but with 10041 I stop having problems with it and neither I have with the 10049
Still hope to have a Hyper-V fix soon for the folks who use it, that I know there are many

I'd like to see something like:

$479 - bare

$529 - w/keyboard (special bundle price)

$29 - pen

$69 - keyboard

In my cynical mind, I see Microsoft trying to find a way to make the kickstand detachable - so they can charge an extra $75 for it!


European prices are beyond ridiculous. 610eur for the non-LTE tablet alone, 155eur for the keyboard and 55eur for the pen. 820eur is an obscene amount of money, and an LTE version would probably total an incredible 950eur.

Really, there'so no arguing. The pro3 was expensive but worth the money, you didn't feel insulted by its price. This new surface is a whole different story for us, whether our American friends get it or not.



Ditto. Worked until I updated the app. Workaround: the rss feed, in either IE or Nextgen.

I think its because the iPad offers an optimal experience without the accessories, the same can't be said with desktop mode on Windows. And with the Windows app store lacking the apps compared to the competition there's not enough value compared to the cost (even if the hardware super cool). I feel it's how one uses the hardware which really matters.
I have a Surface Pro 1 and mostly use desktop programs. This means that cost wise a laptop would make more sense me, but was interested in the optimal Windows 8 hardware at the time and it was super useful for Onenote (the pen) as a student.

This article was written very defensively. The fact is that iPad is the top dog in the tablet world. Speaking of market share not specs or usefulness. The top dog gets to set the price point. The problem is Microsoft is selling a tablet at a laptop price. As a tablet, the Surface falls behind the iPad in the all important "app ecosystem" category. The fact that a Surface can potentially replace your main computer makes it intriguing, at the iPads price. The problem is that the Surface isnt laptop or PC replacement without a keyboard.

it wouldn't be as big of a deal if the keyboard from my previous Surface would fit on the new one. ​

Lol..... And, lets not mention legacy apps!!
But, yes, you get o choose your own hardware... You can even build it yourself.... Suprised MS didn't come up with the modular phone idea...
Things like modular phones are what I always hoped for WP... Some more PC like things for high-end smartphones.

Personally I'm excited about the $499 starting price. Granted the pen and keyboard, both of which I would want, would bolster the price a bit. But the device itself would certainly serve my needs primarily as a tool for writing and leisure. It shaves off a few hundred dollars from the Pro which I of course want but is a bit beyond reach right now. I think this is very competitive pricing for what one gets. Would I like 20 dollars off of both the pen and keyboard. Sure! Who wouldn't. But my initial reaction when I saw the price was genuine excitement. I think Microsoft will do well with this device. And as Rich shared, Office is bundled free for a year. That is of course additional value to be considered.

That's what we all like... Hopefully MS can leverage that same idea with WP.... At some point.

OOPS!  I accidentally reported this comment when I really wanted to vote it 'up' multiple times!

Good point, but as far as tablets go I can't agree that MS isn't competing with Apple...

Bought the pen for my DV8P too and its a bucket of junk. Basically threw out $40.

Unless you are using only touch and the touch keyboard with the limited applications from the Windows store, then you would likely use a normal keyboard and mouse for legacy applications which technically add to the cost. You could also opt to use the pen, which costs $50 for Surface 3, or have a horrible time navigating legacy programs. If you mainly use touch apps then an iPad could seem like a better choice. Also the Surface is heavier than an ipad which makes it less comfortable to type on the touch screen.

After typing with the Type2 Cover, the experience doesn't justify the price. The only positive is the integration with the Surface in form factor and keys. By comparison, I am happy with the old HP TouchPad BT keyboard.

*for that price, I'd take a desktop OS device over a mobile OS any day that won't get outdated by updates

A displayport MST hub is also an option, but since it's a fairly new technology you have to do your research and get a model without compatibility issues.

guys, lets be honest... this device is not expensive at all... Not bundling it with the pen was a good option to reduce the price, at least we, customers will only have to buy what we need... in other words keyboard and the tablet are enough... i'd have find it very expensive if office was not pre-loaded on it.... and remember that for most users, having a surface 3 is enough, no need to have another computer on top of it... comparing it to spending at least $500 on an ipad, and at least $600 for another pc on top of the iPad, i think this device's price is reasonable

I cannot believe you charge money for a portal to your website. Why would I pay you guys when Neowin and Engadget apps are free?

The argument that ipads have "more apps" doesn't hold water if comparing to an x86 machine, now does it?

You could always get a generic USB3 docking station.  I have a Toshiba Dynadock dual monitor one and it works great for anything other than 3D gaming. 

It is basically the same as my $500 Dell Venue pro 11, but with a faster processor, a screen with 3:4 ratio and more pixels, and a better build quality. Price sounds about right. The accessories on the other hand...

I need more than one USB port and a hub or dock is no solution because I need the lowest possible latency for realtime audio. How hard would it be to include a second USB port?

Totally fair price. What about the inferior iPads and their pricing? Not a fair argument.

Seemed interesting until the price. At that kind of money I would just continue to use Sibelius

I'm actually interested in the LTE version, I think the price is comparable, I work with people that have the pro and they're happy with it, can't wait to see a fully stable W10 on these things

This doesn't look any better to me. You cannot "manage" your collection if you cannot edit metadata. The curren tapp is also lucky to find artwork for more than abou thalf my collection, which is pathetic given how much time and effort I expended in Zune getting it all 100% right. Even Windows Media Player does a better job. I actually hate the Music App, it is dreary and awful.

It pretty much is, if you go through all of there blogs, there is an incredible amount of information. Im excited to learn more about developing... Straight from my TV

"keep" giving Verizon "top-choice" ? How? The MS/AT&T partnership is deeper and has been the top-choice for years..

The iPad has actual worthwhile apps.  Enough said.  Windows has GREAT 1st party apps but using a surface as a tablet is a lousy experience because 3rd party apps either completely blow or don't exist.  

Heh, I would normally agree with you on the dollar to euro thing (with the caveats that lots of companies do it and I think it might be partly to do with VAT). But right now $130 is something like €120, so that's not too far off from the American price.

I don't know but right now im having problem installing the 10049 build. Downloading doesn't work, I heard that others tried to have a clean 10041 so they could get through 10049?!

I have to jump in and say that a bamboo stylus isn't even remotely as good as the surfaces pen. It's fine if you want to do light writing but, for artists like me, a capacitive pen without pressure sensitivity is a bad joke. Also, the iPad has more touch- centric apps but nowhere near the number of programs and games on Windows and it has no ports which is a lifesaver on Windows tablets. To put it another way, I don't find the Surface line a ripoff. As always, we have options.

You can also purchase adapters for the DisplayPort to send it to multiple displays. Just Bing "DisplayPort Splitter" and you'll find it.

Great for monitors that don't support the daisy chain.

Most ppl probably buy ipads for mostly web surfing and games. The Surface is trying to be both for work and play, but I think the Surface 3 offers less value because it probably doesn't do either very good for it's price value. Apple's ecosystem its much better than the Windows store which makes gives the impression more value after your purchase. Yes, Surface 3 could run tons of older x86 games and programs but most ppl won't hunt for them like ppl using the app store. Also, those legacy programs probably need pretty decent hardware to run smoothly for a good experience.
I love my first generation Surface, but the Windows store selection is horrible and it does run a bit hot when using the pen.

After some jumping through some hoops, I'm finally sitting back and relaxing to the Spurs game.

When I first installed Win10TP, I partitioned 30-40GB for the OS and down the road had to add more space to account for the updates. And with the latest update, I didn't have enough space again to complete the install, so I had to run disk cleanup and set the paging file to the absolute minimum. We'll see how it pans out.