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If only Bluetooth on my 950 didn't stutter and skip all the time I'd consider getting this

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I think it depends on what you plan to use your computer for and whether someone wants to shell out cash for both a phone and a laptop. You already have a phone that you don't plan to upgrade and this laptop is cheaper than a 950 so maybe it's not for you but not everyone has the same circumstance.

I can't find them. I am looking everywhere but I don't see them on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Yup i was referring to continuun in my last comment friends i already own a lumia 640 xl lte dual sim and its better for me Because basically use my phone to surf internet,watch videos and movie and use whatsapp and very often use powerpoint,word,excel i only use laptops mainly for playing heavy games and do coding regarding c++ continuum on lumia 950 and 950 xl is not capable of running these kind of desktop apps

Wasn't aware of the Argos 2-hour delivery. Will bear that in mind but I tend to order stuff intricate things that you can't get at Argos etc. For example USB C cables/adapters for using stuff with my Lumia 950. Good to see a fellow dev on board. Do you use Xamarin?

I get that a lot LOL. It's nothing new to me. But seems my name will never stop confusing people. I guess when I get married I'm taking on the surname of whoever I marry. Haha. Sounds like I'm gonna have to. Else people will keep getting confused!

When someone picks it up in the shop the interface screams Windows 8 and is no different than Windows Phone 7. Historically, they are not going to get much past that point. The interface is a turn off. Why Microsoft continues with it when it has failed every time they have used it. It single handedly sunk Windows 8. Microsoft needs to abandon it.

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This might sound kind of stupid, but would someone be willing to explain to me the difference between this and Overwatch? I keep seeing ads for both and confusing the two ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dont forget even rim(at the time) has tried to comply only for those markets that brought up the need for access only for the carriers in those markets to cancel their contracts due to low sales caused by this

That was not a good thing for indie games because it have people an idea that the game is inferior and were less likely to buy it unless they knew what it was. Now they are the same as a AAA game like they should be

For a second there I thought you were actually Daniel Radcliffe...

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Omg! That phone is kept on the corner of the table it will fall and break!

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Yeah I thought it was strange that it was a compaq as the last one had heard of was from my dad a few years back when it caught on fire by itself and burned to death :D Anyway thanks!

not everyone prefers to go for full retail price

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d4 gameplay doesn't looks good to me. I am going for state of decay!

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I'm currently running 2 Office 365 Personal subscriptions (one for my pc + tablet, another one for my dad's pc + tablet). They will expire both around next December. I wonder what would happen if I buy a single Home license. Can I add up to my and my dad's yearly Personal subscription already? I mean, Personal is different from Home. Is it allowed to tranform one into another? A question like this on the Office 365 MS forums had no reply (but that the forums are for business only..:\)

I think you misinterpreted my comment. I'm only referring to hardware.
At this point in the product life, I don't think Microsoft actually makes any decent profit on each sale.

Most apps are overrated and unnecessary. Websites are still the better way to go: less intrusive (no separate downloads and installs), lighter, and more universal across platforms. The iPhone did a lot of cool things to make smartphones interesting and exciting: the App Store was not one of them. That set us on a course of "there's an app for that", which is the worst thing to happen to computing in a decade. There are plenty of good examples of wonderfully designed and optimized mobile websites. The problem is that companies invest their resources in creating a series of disparate apps instead.

On a slightly related note I love the fact that the 360 games with gold are visible on the one, now I don't even need to turn on my 360.

I got mine 2 weeks ago for $76.85, so waiting until now would have only saved me $.76.


I think he might refers to continuum..

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Also worth noting: Microsoft announced last week at Hannover Messe in Germany that the current delivery time for the developer edition of HoloLens is 18 months.

Heh, I assume/hope you mean only in terms of where people are buying software. The web is not dying - don't give Jason any ideas. :P