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I dunno. Most of these developers will be dealing with vr tech and holograms for the first time; work may take a long time

Flagship is a phone that inovates in something. Xperia z was flaghip cause water resistance, Lumia 1020 cause of the camera, LG cause of 4k display of the bending. The rest are just phones with latest hardware in them (sorry if I forgot some names )

Sweet review. I like it. Might end up picking this up sooner than later. Sandbox sounds a lot of fun

@Spectral Entity:
Don't worry. Since this is all talk and no action (on Telekom's side), nothing will change in their other markets.
Telekom is all hot about the Fire Phone right now [pun intended]. I think this should tell everyone how serious they are about their marketing partnerships.
In all fairness: They were the first local carrier selling the iPhone (when Apple played the carrier-exclusive game) and back then nobody would have known HOW huge this was to become.
But come on: Fire phone, really? Everybody knew this would blow, still they made a deal with Amazon to carry it.

And I was right! Universal Store, cross-platform play, Xbox is coming to Windows 10!

Just as important, this is huge news that the ID@Xbox program is coming to Windows 10--PCs, tablets, and phones! This was one of the major goals of the #SaveXboxWP movement (details here) and it will mean a lot more mobile Xbox games. We've been pinging Microsoft about it since 13 November 2013, but we haven't heard anything since 7 July 2014 when Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox favorited one of my #SaveXboxWP tweets calling for the program to be extended to WP/W8, and now that is coming true. Boom.

World Clock must have been updated!!!
As currently the tile doesnt support transparentcy or tile colour :D

Any news on the updated World Clock WPC?

I noticed the 640XL has a big space below the capacitive buttons than the 1520 and my 930. Whats that empty space for?

So will there be preview for developers for it as well?? Lumia denim still not in my lumia 720 india! Pls help

I have had the pro 1 since it came out and picked up the pro 3 a few weeks ago.  As a professional techie I have been prone to switch things like laptops and phones every 6mo just because.  I have had the Pro 1 4 times longer than any laptop in the last 10 years.  That is how much I loved it.


I love the Pro 3 3 times more than I love the 1.

I hope the Xbox One Controller adapter for PC is nano-sized and "unifying" - one adapter, multiple controllers.

Oh, poor Microsoft. You will be betrayed by Telekom (again; like they did with Nokia before). They will just grab all the money you throw at them for coordinated marketing campaigns and use it to subsidize iPhone and Android customers.
I remember how they promised to push Windows Phone when Nokia brought the Lumia 800 to market, but ditched Windows Phone right after it, citing the usual low consumer interest, instead of actively trying to increase consumer demand.
Although a subsidized Surface along a nice data plan would be tempting...

I live in Australia and see people using WP devices everyday, I was only sitting on a train yesterday on the way to work and there were 4 of us, all randoms sitting next to each other and we were all using WP. Its quite obvious now that WP has a much bigger user base. All the 3 major carriers, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra carry the 930, 830 and 635 and Virgin Mobile with the 635 only.

I don't see a brighter future for MS in US any time soon. But other parts of the world? They can catch up with Apple fast. Android is the king there. Second place can be taken up quick and make Android's dominance a little less. Again it depends on Windows 10(as a whole) success.

It is because other browsers are using IE11's Trident Engine for rendering.  Opera Mini is a much better browser compared to IE Mobile on other platforms :)

EDIT:  Opera Mini on Nokia 808 does a better job at rendering pages :OOO

Popular OEMs and popular service providers(app developers) ignoring windows phone is the biggest hindrance for windows phone. But with the deeply integrated OS and seem less sync with windows PCs, if developers and OEMs won't support Windows, then it will be end users and customers who will have lost a chance to have something great. Microsoft on the other hand has already made its services available cross platform and Windows for PCs isn't going anywhere by virtue of legacy software and decades of investment. It's up to developers and OEMs to decide if they want to see a next few decades of Google's monopoly reminiscent to that of Microsoft's in 90s and early 2000s or if they feel that a duopoly might be good idea for both giants may it be innovation or progress. The ball is in developers and OEMs court now and consumers are having fingers crossed.

There is no comparison of Windows Phone and iPhone in US. I am just talking about these Big 5 European countries. If we take out US and China from Apple's market, I am sure Windows Phone can catch up to iOS quick. But those two markets are completely another story. I don't see a near future of Microsoft reaching second place in the smartphone market.

Are the 640/XL really part of the middle-class-smartphone-market? I actually would consider them upper-tier entry-level.
7xx is where the mid-level category would start in my accounting, at least as long as your not assuming Microsoft wipes out the four-digit device-range (13xx, 15xx) completely, that is.

That's the author's typographical error, not mine. I copied the title verbatim into my post. I only focused on the (still) missing hyphens because I've seen Windows Central writers mistakenly omit them hundreds of times before.

I like these changes.  But MS, you can be a little less "industrial" with the icons on the desktop if you are going to allow those things to be pinned to the desktop.  A gear for Phone Update?  You can do better than that.

Lol, actually that will probably account for most clerks working phone stores. The only varying factor is that some really push Android.

I really hope this just works with all versions of Windows 10. Please, no more 'pro' requirement.

Yeah, would love to be able to 'snap' my phone to my desktop, or have it as one of multiple desktops in W10.