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It's darn cheap with fully fledged cpu and 1tb ssd for under 1500$, I only miss the sony logo

Also on sale in Microsoftstore.com in Canada for $250 CAD, which after exchange is actually cheaper than $200 USD.

It needs less diamonds. If one of those comes loose and roams around your pocket with your phone, say goodbye to your screen.

I guess there was hype to use the app in early days during uts launch !! Currently I haven't seen any of my circle and family member even discuss about app regardless platform.!! A not so effecting situation.! :)

This site has really picked up some usage since I read this article and went there. It is fun watching the vote tally for each app going up...in some cases they are increasing every second. Every time I refresh the page they are that much higher!

Everybody here knows that. The article however states that the device is W10M powered, which is not true. Out of the box this device comes with Windows Phone 8.1.

Sorry I know im off topic but I need a new surface pro 2 charger and cant find a decent priced one anywhere. Any help please?

Nope its still there type on u tube u would get there by any random person. Current new shows aren't available but Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is 9-10 years old show. U will get that. Try searching on u tube if u just use hotstar only for Sarabhai.

Sorry I know im off topic but I need a new surface pro 2 charger and cant find a decent priced one anywhere. Any help please

Nope, not an editorial nor a non-story. And could you provide examples of these 'advertorials' you claim to find on WC?

Sweet. The more UWP Apps the better. :)
Though I am not a user of these Fitness tracker Apps. It is just good to see devs jumping on the UWP train.

More people use Windows phones than iPhones in India. Almost everyone now has a Windows phone in my locality.

Just sign up for Insider and install Win10Mobile. Easy. I did it. Win 10 on 640 works well. Every new Fast Ring build gets better. I'm using daily. I love the 4 tile wide screen.

I never chatted via rooms. We used it to tell when something updated. It sounds like there were quite a few that did the same.

1) https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/windows.system.launcher.aspx

2) Funny, when Microsoft did allow this you had people screaming that it was a security vulnerability, that it allowed one app to take over other . Now you have people (actually one - you) screaming that it is an API vulnerability. Why would I want one app to take over my system? You simply go into settings and let me choose, not the app. I want to use a different mail or web browser, then I unpin Edge and Mail from my home screen, and pin the new apps. And are you saying that on iOS I can install Outlook and now it is the default mail app (hint, it doesn't work that way in iOS).

Name real-world APIs that devs need. Your examples are not APIs that keep developers from porting to Win10. How does setting the default mail app keep people from using Clash Of Clans? How does launching another app (even though you can, you not knowing the API doesn't mean it can't be done) keep devs from an official SnapChat app on Win10?

Btw what about uc browser it haven't got any update since months, m using win 8.1 is there any updates on win 10?

Wow - that is a serious discount and will be an absolute bargain for those who want/need this level of tech.

It's actually desigend for artists and has some crazy tech for pressure points and other things.  So not for the typical user no doubt.  Read up on it, it has some pretty sweet tech.

You are grasping at straws. Mobile OSes don't allow those things by design for security reasons. Android is the exception, but Android also suffers from a lot of security issues as a result of those kind of decisions. Very few users or developers have any real need for either of those things anyway.

You really think any country is jealous of the United States? The country where the police officers shoot minority people and then sues the victims family for emotional trauma? And let's not forget US is the country that made up a story about weapons of mass destruction to steal a country's resources.

Yeah, the entire world is jealous of the United States. We also wish we could get away with the stupid things Americans do.

I don't understand how this is a "non story". Based on the number of comments so far, there are people who are affected by this so it is worth reporting.

metadata is broekn, I have 2 artists that actually show up and none of my streaming music is showing. rebuilt the whole phone (again) to try and fix it still broken, this is an absolute mess.  waiting for a call from ms this is just stupid.

Ok. So go and have your partnership with snapchat. MS will keep delivering great apps for andriod and iOS. Of course windows phone users will get them soon!

Bingo, but I'm still not buying anything with less than 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Snapdragon 615, 1080p and metal body for less than $250

If Microsoft doesn't bring something, I'll get something with Android and start to disable Google services since I'm a Microsoft guy. 

I like Microsoft, but I just don't like what they're doing with Mobile.

Hey now Double, I posted after the influx of traffic bugged up their registration process up. The article then was updated.

This phone's sucessor the 650 is a great dissapointment

I was hoping to see Microsoft finally making decent middle range phones like Huawei, ZTE or ASUS are doing for less than $200 where you can get a midrange CPU, 2GB of RAM, 13 Megapixel dual led flash, 16GB of storage, 1080p and premium metal build. 

These phones of Microsoft made of plastic are not attractive anymore in 2016 where you can get much more for less.

Surprised no one yet has claimed they dont use it or never heard of it so it doesnt matter.....

Cocky idiot. No one's expecting you to care about those countries. You are just one butthole.

I can just about cope with the supposed editorials that are in fact paid for advertisements, but editorials that are in effect NON stories is just going too far. Maybe they should run one like MS aren't building a spaceship to go to Jupiter, or my left leg isn't hurting. Come on WC you can do better than "Someone isn't making an app".