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i tot im the one who know how to download, bro u also know the trick, haha, enjoy the app

But Light Painting cant use, urs also same ?

let's see. how was it fixed? by changing the website, or by changing something about the browser? there.

The note 7 has a rather inefficient implementation of the Iris scanner. You have an extra step involved in activating the iris scanner. With the Lumia and the Elite, you just turn the phone on, or double tap the screen, and the iris scanner activates, ready to scan your iris

You are being downvoted because you are here for the sole purpose of trolling.  You know this is a Microsoft fan site yet all you post is anti-Microsoft garbage.  Why exactly are you surprised?

This suggestion didn't fix it for me. It still looks like a redirect loop on "" is the problem. It updates a "ct" variable in the query string a number of times before showing a screen that reads "Something went wrong and we can't sign you in right now. Please try again later."

Let's see. What was the fix? changing the website, or something in the browser? there's your answer.

Cool, and yay for the Mozo partnership! Hopefully we'll have some backs and such in our future!

Is there any word yet on the cost of HP Workspace? I've been trying to find any information on that since like forever. Without that (if it is priced out of range), I don't see a big draw over the 950/XL.

I'm surprised people would be snapping this thing up without knowing that. I mean, I realize it has other advantages, but (without HP Workspace), are they enough to justify the cost over the 950/XL? HPW has been probably the single biggest selling point of this phone from its inception. What if someone buys this phone based on HPW, then later finds out it costs too much?

Could we PLEASE leave politics out of this?  We get enough of that crap every where else. 

When not stealing from your customers is deemed "classy" by those same customers, it's no wonder these anti-consumeristic corporations think they can get away with their crap. Oh vey.

offtopic or intopic this OS need a HUGE design upgrade as soon as possible.

Why do you care?, you have moved to a different OS. Just enjoy yours and we shall enjoy ours. I think the W10M design is head an shoulders over its rivals

I think I might have to do that too, but I don't like it. I live in a remote area with limited broadband access. That's why I pay for satellite TV. If the new Star Trek isn't great, I'd have to drop the channel.

But can't miss a chance at another great Star Trek (or Stargate for that matter)!

you're being downvoted because you're being blind. there are MILLIONS of people using WM, whether you like it or not. People USE alternative apps for google services, even if you refuse to see it.

Here's another downvote for thinking we don't exist.

Those are silver "plastic" molded teeth (elements) in those zippers, not metal.

I wouldn't really call a move obviously geared at staving off a class-action lawsuit a "top move", especially since it's not actually a refund but, instead, are pigeonholed credits you can only spend in the Store (i.e. they get the money back anyway), with a deadline (which is absurd), on something that must be a digital purchase (i.e. on something else that will also be shut down by them in the future).

When those people paid for W7 and 8, new versions weren't free upgrades. WX was given away while every version before it costed hundreds of dollars. That's free, no matter how you want to play around it.

When Redstone 2 is deemed ready, it will go out to other users (first with you in Fast, then to Slow, and, as Daniel said, just before release to Release Preview). Because that's not for many months, users on Redstone 1 also need updates in the meantime (bug fixes, security updates, etc.). Those updates fall on the Redstone 1 branch. Redstone 2 had a big version number bump, leaving room for updates to Redstone 1 versions that are still all below Restone 2. Redstone 1 updates are still at a higher version number than prior Redstone 1 releases, but below Redstone 2.

If it helps, think of RedStone 1 as Windows 11 and Redstone 2 as Windows 12. Fast ring people are currently testing Windows 12. You will get 12.0.1, 12.0.2, etc. Meanwhile, other users with Windows 11, are getting 11.0.1., then 11.0.2, and so on. Eventually, when 12 is ready, Windows 11 updates will stop and users will move over to Windows 12.x (whatever that final version is at release). Except that there is no Windows 11 or 12, instead it's 10.0.14393 and 10.0.14905. Does that help clarify?

The additional covers for the desk dock are to accomodate the phone when using the cases (rigged case, folio case) HP will bring.

This should have been tested after the Anniversary update, as my 950xl is faster after the update, for windows hello.

Then your comment is off topic, and also make absolutely no sense whatsoever

Microsoft made it, microsoft would maintain it, just like they did with the facebook app for years until facebook recently decided to make an app themselves. Goog was simply being evil in that instance.. there's no going around it.

No this conclusion is a result of upgrading from WP8.1 to M10W and ending up seling my phone and jumping to a  different OS

If you are reaching that conclusion from the homescreen used in the video, Zac clearly states that he has not setup his homescreen yet. The video he posted is about the iris scanner vs the fingerprint scanner

Could you be a little more vague please..
Q: "Which cars have the issue?"
A: "The ones people drive..."