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A separate apparently for Bing video sounds great actually. Only problem with is that YouTube is the world's biggest video source so big would heavily rely on it. A partnership to advertise Bing and or Windows Phone through YouTubes services would work considering how much Traffic YouTube gets.


how come i havent seen update for 920 att.... do i need to get windows 10 preview so i can get updated 2?

Microsoft isn't helping deadbeats. Microsoft needs Yahoo badly, because they are generating around half of the Bing searches currently. 

Without Yahoo, Bing's market share would be cut in half. 

This preview is fixed or not ? data on very L520....what about this..issues..??

Flagship store in Australia but our Cortana is still in alpha, what a joke!

Dang title.... I went get a part time job at McDonalds so I could buy it. And I sold my kid...

Looks like this change is going to kill the YouTube app on alot of Smart TVs and Blue Ray Players and older phones and Tablets.Google fucked up on this one.

Hmmm. That's in central CBD. Hope they open in North Sydney, Chatswood and Horrnsby as well.

Last time when I installed the wp10 tp on my 520, I faced a strange issue. My settings menu was completely missing... From action center toggle the all settings button was also dead... Other than these unusual issue wp10 was clean and smooth. It did take 1-2secs to response on opening and closing of apps but overall it was quite nice ...

That's weird. For me metrotube shows my subscription feed normal but mytube has videos from 5 days ago, and tubecast sometimes it does not show anything at all.

In certain countries, Bing is not that useful. *cough* *Malaysia* *cough*. Seriously, I can't even use Bing reward. A lot of features is disabled

@S Vaibhav

I would actually take accurate results and better responses over the few things I could do without an internet connection anyday. Maybe you like the offline voice commands better, but if you were to think about it objectively Google Now still edges out Cortana. Plus even if Cortana is better, it's coming to Android anyways.

But for now:

In addition to this the "Ok Google" command to activate voice search and other functions through the homescreen and through an app works on many more Android devices than "Hey Cortana"(which is basically only available for 3 phones). 

OHHH and Google also recently added a feature that allows you to unlock your phone by saying "Ok Google"(if it recognizes your voice):

Lastly I am on Windows Central because I like reading news about rival platforms, and I personally don't have much against Windows Phone, but I won't kid myself into thinking that it's better than Android or mindlessly praise it just because I'm on a "Windows" website.

They will implement in-app purchases in the games, and then I see complaints concerning the fact that those games are too hard to play without spending real money. This Halo game does not force you to pay for items, so they make money by asking you to purchase once. Fair enough.

Can't seem to edit my last comment, so I'll post what I meant to say underneath. 

By commands I meant system commands, not commands that would launch you into third party applications. I know you could use apps on Windows Phone to turn on flashlight and stuff. 

By "adding commands" I meant commands, that don't take you to the app, but rather add to the system. A while back Android didn't have a voice command to turn on flashlight, but that was added through an app called Commandr. 

In addition to this if you install Commandr and Tasker you can even issue commands like "pull down notification centre". 

Those are the advanced types of commands I was talking about, apps on Android can act as an addition(or plug-in) for Google Now, whereas apps on Cortana can add commands but only to take you to the respective app(for the action). 

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I use yahoo mail for my facebook but nothing else yahoo only my mom does but she switched to Bing now haha

I love mine! I only have 520 as backup phone to play around with windows.

Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One

I know they have spent huge money on them,making it. But same developer making free some apps on android and on windows phone their r having price.

You said, it's cheap. Doesn't affect you, if you pay... You have lot off, I don't have

This is great new I will be driving up for the grand opening for sure! Hopefully after Sydney they will open one in the Capital City of Australia

Blackberry, webOS, Tizen, ... Invent something new?

Wow, Windows Phone being # 3 isn't sounding so bad. (Assuming MS doesn't ruin it.)

Hot damn. This just makes my 640 decision that much easier...when it is released in the US. If only Microsoft had 'Modern'-ized Windows Media Center for 8.1/10 and included native MKV & FLAC support I'd probably go full Microsoft diehard and get a Surface and XB1.