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I am glad new phones will have Microsoft branding on the handsets. That is cool! iPhones have Apple logos. You don't hear of Nokia iPhones, so Microsoft phones for Windows OS makes sense. I just hope their first handset has micro SD, removable battery, 1080p screen and between 5" and 6". Am so close to buying the Lumia 1520 but am patiently waiting for Christmas new handsets.

I reckon a 1530 and a 1030 are what's needed. On 1530 id like to see 64gb storage, snapdragon 801, that ludicrously good 41mp camera, maybe slightly longer battery.. Although my 1520 battery is good. Last I'd like a slight improvement on the screen... That's the only criticism I have of 1520.. It's great pic quality but touch can be a tad sensitive sometimes.

1030 should be same but maybe 5" screen, maybe 32gb if 64gb not possible and of course smaller battery, both should support MicroSDXC and Qi. MS if you are reading... Just email me the URL where I can preorder both :-)

As for the branding, I don't mind it being MS and its not as though they could continue to use Nokia. I've purchased 2 Surface tabs for me and another 2 for family, they have been excellent and rock solid hardware. Is sad to see Nokia name disappearing, but putting the Nokia Lumia team with the Surface team can only result in amazing things imho

Apples iPhone 6 is on par with Lumia 920 that came out last year... some even say it's comparable to the 820. 930 & 1520 smash it completely.

Well giving it away for free should be part of the strategy. Saving in licenses should shift the revenue from the OEM to the customer by selling more phones and making more money out of the store etc. I am not entirely sure if the windows phone store would play into this numbers.. if it does.. well.. than the decreases is not good

Microsoft Give me Lumia 1030! Or my upgrade probably goes elsewhere! I really don't have the patience to wait on ms development anymore!!

Does "Verizon support" even exist? I thought about switching from at&t for the Icon, but they certainly made damn sure I will never consider that again! What a cluster they have made of it!

1520 fails hard IMO because it's a phablet. I'm still waiting for a 920 or 1020 successor, with microSD. 830 is interesting, but being dubbed "mid-range" just makes me want to wait for a top-end (non-phablet) model

Actually this is not bad news yes revenue is down but only because their giving the license fee away which is a good and necessary strategic move. So more devices will equal more future revenue. Despite the write off of the license they are still profitable as I've said before apple in 2000 would have been more than pleased with these figures.

No... From morning after update Lumia 1520 hang 3 times (unable to unlock the phone). :( 

@samsabri I'm off topic here but on the critical update have noticed the store now the featured app has a huge tile.

Exclusive carrier agreements aren't the main problem. The iPhone started out with exclusive carrier agreements. No, the problem is a combination of things. Microsoft's brand is a key weakness. It lacks the allure that Apple has. It built it's reputation on producing cheap and functional software on equally cheap and functional hardware. That's what their customers have grown to love. Aesthetics and beauty are not perceived as being part of its DNA. I'm sure that you can think of exceptions but perceptions are reality. I think the Metro design language was the most aesthetically exciting thing to come from Microsoft in a long time and look what their customers thought of that!

my camera lumia 830 can not run anymore after this critical update. Anyone else?

@Zybch - 1520 is a flag-ship phablet. But, like a lot of people here, I'm still waiting for a top-end model to come out. The 930 is missing microSD and only a niche amount of people want the ridiculously sized 1320 / 1520 mobiles. I want a flagship top-end model 4.3"-5", possibly 5.5" but no bigger WITH microSD which seems impossible, for some bizarre reason, in the 9XX and 10XX series so far.

Would like to think I was lumia 1030 because I'm due my upgrade on Nov 7, but it looks like a rebranded 830 to me.

He means the name holds more prestige and he is right. Nokia has been known as one of the best phone manufacturer for a long time, whereas when you say Microsoft, must recognize it for Windows/viruses. Nokia was always the trendy and cool device, like the iPhone is today, Microsoft only just started gaining that "cool" trendy perception by its hardcore users such as myself and you but to the public, it's not there yet. Even though I love MS and Surface 3 is a great example of what MS is changing into, for the time being Nokia still holds more prestige in the device market.

1 - If you're a Nokia fan you WILL jump to Android. Because, in case you haven't notices, that's where Nokia now is (Nokia Z Launcher, HERE for Android currently) and will stay;


2 - Microsoft Mobile is NOT Nokia. And their phones will not be Nokia under a different name. Only Nokia can make Nokia phones. MM is as much Nokia as Jolla.


3 - You won't get a "Nokia experience" from Microsoft Mobile because, guess what? Exactly. They're NOT Nokia. Also, no, the WP and the Nokia smartphones aren't at all tied together as the iPhone and iOS are. That was actually one of the excuses Ballmer's Microsoft gave for the acquisition of the D&S division.

But Bing translator is not good as Google translator in India.... In india Microsoft is providing zero.ii don't know when all futures will be available in India.

Think we may be jumping the gun here....reads to me like it may just be the 830. Could be wrong but that's how it looks to me.

Im fussed with those bottom buttons, too. Its really distracting while watching movie or whatever, especially in dark 

Although I'd like very much a flagship or a 1030, for MS to start BIG, I guess we'll have a 720p low-mid range phone...

I did they just sent me instructions on how to, I still use tubecast everyday just haven't paid for it for that reason only.

What ektosknot said, it's exactly how I feel.

I had bought my first wp (lumia 800), because it was produced by Nokia. The OS had a great influence, but the fact that is was produced by Nokia was the main reason. And at this moment, I am not sure that after my 930 I will buy a ms wp, as I am quite sure it would not be the same thing as a Nokia.

Hope, I will be wrong though, because given the fact that the alternatives out the are Android and iOS, I don't see myself buying something else.

I found that after the update, in Extras + Info it is stated: Lumia Cyan. Before that it was Lumia Black.

I'm probably the only one here glad the Nokia name is gone, not for anything but I believe the name is a sunset name and that the best is already behind it. I also hope the Lumia brand is dropped for a better one. The reason being that for a lot of first timers (that included me during the WP7 days), Lumia is hard to remember and people tend to say Lumina instead - that is NOT the hallmark of a good brand name. Outside of the small market share of WP, people actually still continue to make the same mistake and say Lumina instead of Lumia.

I like the Microsoft name on the face of the phone but at the back, use only the Microsoft logo as it's already recognizable enough to use by itself.

For what it's worth since yesterday's 'critical' update my Nokia Lumia 620 decided to crash overnight. Left it as usual with WiFi on, Quiet Hours on and Alarm on. 7am alarm goes off but I cannot dismiss it and phone stops responding - freezes. Have to remove battery to kill Alarm and reset phone. Now phone is almost completely discharged.

 Prior to this latest 'update' the phone was fairly stable with average battery life and only the usual reported bugs like backup failing etc.

 Over on the MSFT Community site I see dozens of pages of similar reports.

 This phone is on the Preview for Developers program and has the latest updates and Cyan firmware. It is also a CV UK model on the 3 network.

 I don't really expect any assistance from this site anymore but feel it is worth letting MSFT know that the Windows Phone OS may have great potential but is doomed to fail if it cannot be relied on to work properly.  Returning the phone to Nokia/MSFT is not an option for me and I don't have access to Windows 7+ PC to use the NSRT tool so unless MSFT or Nokia fix this major crashing bug then it will have to be i-phone or android for me.

Yes please! Microsoft Branding on front and Lumia branding on back plus bold looking windows logo either in black or white depending on contrast.

I also own a 1520 and it burns battery when playing HD videos, this is a fact, independently from the app.

I think the SP3 is big enough, What i need is an All in One and a 10.5" tablet with 16:10 screen 4GB of RAM And Intel Cherry Trail.