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Vine is an autistic thing, at least this is primarily for productivity reasons.

Children ruin things though. This is nothing new.

Zune is dead, get over it. It's never coming back. The time of Zune has passed, you can't really revive a brand that never caught on. Whatever stigma that was attached to Zune will carry over to the present. It's similar to trying to revamp IE. Sure, IE 11 was great but most people thought that IE sucked because a lot of people said it sucked and told them to get Chrome or Firefox. I think the G is recognizable, it's not a generic pair of headphones nor is it a record with a wedge on it. It is it's on play on a record. ITunes has a music note and google play has something that I don't remember.

You cannot make clean install prior upgrade to windows 10 first. Only success upgrade to windows 10 will upgrade your previous version of product key into w10 version.

After upgrade, find your new product key, write it down, then only you can clean install windows 10.

However Microsoft claim that after upgraded and login to your Microsoft ID, you can reinstall windows 10 without the product key as Microsoft ID already have your windows version record. Anyone can verify that?

Like it used to be (Zune). Should have spent resources in making better starting with win8 compatibility - if that was the real problem at all to begin with.

I like the previous tilted G logo compared to this new one. But then, after a time when the logo becomes automatically identified in my subconscious as Groove, it wouldn't matter at all to me one way or the other.

OK, so there's a different icon for the trash software and service Microsoft shoves out the door. Call me when they're capable of offering something half as good as Zune again, especially from the desktop software perspective.

Even the Zune HD was a better unit than the iPod at the time. Zune was good, shame it failed to catch on with Consumers.

I prefer the old one, but I mean why have a logo using an obsolete form of music playback that no-one uses anymore? Seems counter intuitive.....

Streamlining phone market to entry, enterprise, and flagship? .... that's the entire market!

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The Groove Music App is still branded Xbox Music on iTunes App Store... only for iPhone.

I just did a factory reset and windows 10 upgrade was automatic. Works perfectly... just worried whether or not the battery life has reduced on SP3

Still can't play songs based on its genre. Media Player is still the best. Zune desktop second. These new apps are craps.

Exactly! Really amateurish stuff. I also think it is *terrible* to have released and then backtracked on the branding already. You can't design by committee, you can't great a great logo or branding by a Insider Feedback app upvotes. Just effing COMMIT to your marketing. Jesus.

Changing the logo doesn't improve the app.  Once again, Microsoft is ruining their ecosystem because they focus on the wrong things and listen to the wrong people.

What? What other "Microtransactions" or even services besides Solitaire are there for things that havem't always been that way?

Looks more like they just made a web app. A 60+ MB web app. The interface in the screenshots is identical tothe web version.

What I was thinking too. They risk missing their window of relevance. I guess that's better than shipping (yet another!!) half-finished product though. Maybe this really is a new and improved Microsoft. ;)

I already did an upgrade of my Windows 8.1 desktop to Windows 10.

So if I do a fresh install of Windows 10 in this machine, I need to use my key for Windows 8.1... now here's the thing, I used the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder on my Windows 10 and it gave me a cd key and product ID different from the original cd key I used to install my Windows 8.1. Can I also use this new cd key to make a fresh installation of Windows 10?

As mentioned by several users above, you don't need to enter the product key during the clean install after you have performed the upgrade first. Microsoft may have associated you're hardware information as licensed.

My test procedure:
1. Clean install a Windows 7 with OEM product key on my machine label
2. Upgrade activated Win7 to Win10 using the Windows update method
3. Format already installed Win10
4. Perform a clean install of Windows 10 with USB
5. Do not enter (skip) any product key during the installation process
6. After the installation is completed, Windows 10 is already activated

Yep, the old one was way more creative, and more stylized. I don't get all the people who are like, "it's way better now that it looks like a record." WTH else did the old one like like??

This is the original logo they had. Not sure if the article implies that or not, not clear to me. But I like the G one more, it just needs to be as big as the other one.

II liked the older G logo better. I don't understand what the wedge thing is supposed to be. However, instead of Microsoft pouring resources into a new logo, they might want to add features like ratings and play lists.

Edit, I meant to say auto playlists.

"Plenty"? Such as?

Both Samsung's Note 5 and Edge+ will bring Samsung's own Exynos processors.

Motorola and LG already ditched the SD810.

The only OEM that's still expected to present a phone and is likely to present it with it is Sony. Because apparently they're enjoying the massive problems they're already facing with the Z3+ that has the SD810 and want to continue losing money.

"most personal phone" is bullshit propaganda. Android is the most personal phone because you CAN make it look the way you want, even make it look like a WP.

WP forces you into a tiled interface with little more to it.

Live Tiles < Widgets

"Enterprise features"...such as...?

Microsoft Edge < Chrome


Face the facts, mate. Windows Phone will have absolutely nothing to show except, as Daniel himself said, a different interface. And guess what? The market has already clearly said that the WP UI isn't to the taste of users.

Tentacles is the bets... for somehow quizup give me error to update... erase it and know I can't install it again... icon picture is missiing >_<

The Nokia 930 overheats like hell with a snapdragon 801...the Microsoft 950 WILL overheat even more with the SD810.

This has to do with engineering yes...but it has also to do with the quality of the chip. And the SD810 is nothing but a fiasco to Qualcomm. A fiasco that has proved to have massive repercursions on sales with Samsung dropping the chip alongside LG and now Motorola.