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Everyone who sells worldwide does... I would be more worried about Oracle gutting Google for stealing java. You think the Samsung $ amount was bad in apple ongoing case. They stole it and gave it away so there no way for google to recoup from oems. makes you wonder about the recent google breakup. 



Doesn't help.  She still barely ever responds.  I turned her off when I realized how buggy she was, plus I don't need, basically, Google 2.0 level Data Mining built into an offline desktop OS that can be used completely independently of Microsoft's services.

you should have added the "it's ok" choice for folks like me who do not think something looks bad but is good enough to get by which  to me is how both these smart phones look. microsoft needs a jhony ives designer for their equipment. for instants the black one needs a sliver or gor gold metel trim going arond the screen of this smart phone to make it.s design look less Industriial. 

1.  Getting the Settings and Charms of Windows 8.1 Apps is horrible - in plainly obvious ways.

2.  Taskbar has no business in a Tablet UI.  If you start Asphalt 8, for example, the Task Bar obscures the bottom of the game and you have to go to DESKTOP MODE to set the task bar to auto hide before the game can be displayed in full screen mode.  Windows' Tablet mode should work similarly to Full Screen Mode on a Mac.  When an App or Game displays itself in full screen, the Task Bar should be hidden by default and only bought back up with a Gesture or if the App or Game is exited.

3.  The vertical navigation is problematic to a lot of people.

4.  Gestures are horrible.  Swiping from the right should bring out the start menu.  Swiping down but not all the way across the screen should bring up task view.  Swiping an app all the way down should close it.  Swiping from the right can bring up the action center like now.  Task view should allow you to swipe apps down to close them. The little boxes are hard to hit on Windows Tablets with less accurate digitizers (sometimes I just go to the app and close it by swiping instead... which should not be necessary at all).

Missing forward-back gestures in Edge. 

5.  UI Inconsistencies.  Not only are things inconsistent between Modern apps, but you're literally forced into desktop apps to do way too much on a Tablet and it's just a horrile user experience.  Also, the propensity of running Desktop Apps maximized when you're in tablet mode is horrible, since those apps are almost assuredly not designed to be used full screen in 10:16 aspect ratio (i.e. Portrait Mode on a 16:10 tablet).

6.  Bugs:  Sometimes Screen Rotation control becomes greyed out until you reboot your tablet.  Lots of tablets have issues with Power Management (as a result, fast battery drainage - but intermittently so you never know when your tablet will last 3 or 10 hours off the charger sitting on a desk in standby).  Security is broken on the tablet build.  The option to lock the screen immediately when it's off is literally inoperably and often after hte tablet has been sitting unused one can just swipe the lock screen up and it will log the tablet in automatically without challenging with a PIN or Password Prompt at all.  Basically, 90% of the time it's like using a Personal iPad or Android Tablet with virtually no password set on it, but your personal PIM Accounts and other things synching to it (if you have Office Installed on it).

7.  As bad as the switch from OneDrive Smart Files is, it hurt tablets more than anything else.  I just signed out of OneDrive and set it to not start up on Boot instead because it's that useless without the Smart Files.  I can install Google Drive and have it save directly to the SD Card.  OneDrive requires too much work to get that to work well.  Google Drive just does it flawlessly as a part of the setup experience.  Win for Google.

8.  I still think Google Play Music in any browser is better than Groove Music Player.  I can set one song to repeat without adding it to its own Playlist by itself.  It's as if the people who designed the Universal Apps for Windows have never used similar types of apps on any other Desktop OS, or even comparable Web Apps.

FYI if it's crashing, uninstall and reinstall. Rudy's updates are always like this.

The Start Screen was horrible for Desktop/Notebook machines in Windows 8.x.  That's a valid complaint.

Issue is that Microsoft went a bit too far in what it "gave back."

The Windows 10 Start Menu is horrible compared to Vista/7.

The ripped the PIM apps going from Vista to 7 and made them into Winodws Live Essentials, and then dropped development on those for the crippled ones in Windows 8/10.

Windows is too damn old for it to be missing something like Built-In DVD Playback (which OS X has), a mature Preview App (similar to OS X Preview), and proper desktop apps/clients like basically every other mainstream operating system/desktop environment on the market.

I'd love to see the data Microsoft used to roll back the OneDrive enhancements it enacted in Windows 8.x to - basically - the Windows 7 Sync Client.  The only selling point of OneDrive is that it had Smart Files.  Google Drive and DropBox are better than it in virtually every other way, while being integrated directly into about 5,000% more 3rd party applications... 

Nor they they provide a switch to put the OneDrive library on SD Card - which these days can be larger than the internal storage of the device for $20 or less (price of a 64GB UHS [m]SDHC card at Wal-Mart - as of last night, when I was in there and see them).

I'd love to see the data from getting rid of WMC as well.  Not just "how many people used the WMC app," but how many people played DVDs in Windows Media Player using the CODEC supplied by Windows Media Center.

The Windows 7/10 OneDrive Sync would not be that bad if the Media Sync was segregated out similar to how Google does with Play Music, Google Play Books, and Photos; or Apple does with iTunes Match, iBooks, and iCloud Photos.  Microsoft had it set up that way, but saw fit to throw everything into a OneDrive Directory likely because it was easier for them - but we see how this becomes problematic as the industry moves more from Platter Drives to Solid State, since that almost always comes with a large drop in capacity unless you want to pay extreme premiums for very large (512GB-1TB) solid state drives.

just came across nfs undercover on wm10 only wished I bought it on my dvp as the price in my currency is ridiculous for a wp7 title now.

And tune in and Spotify. While current Spotify app is really solid having a universal Windows 10 version would be great too.

Built In Apps can be uninstalled on Windows 8 by simply right clicking and Uninstalling them.



In Windows 10 they aren't uninstallable at all.  You can uninstall them with PowerShell but they randomly get reinstalled by the Windows Store, and functionality in other areas of the OS can break due to how Microosft embedded them into the OS like mobile phone bloatware.

If those apps were decent, it probably wouldn't be an issue.  If Microsoft was anything but sluggish in getting these apps up to snuff (they were pretty bad in Windows 8 as well, so I have no faith in them - NONE), then I'd probably be less inclined to want to remove them.

But the apps are broken or buggy in several areas.  Some apps like People mind as well not even exist.  The Mail app constantly stops synching due to your account "settings being out-of-date" and OneNote Universal App had no business being pre-loaded in the OS this way considering OneNote 2013 is a free download nad people on desktop/laptop machines are apt to use that one without having a compeltely redundant Universal App taking up 2-300MB Space on their small SSD drive.

That's not discounting the extra background services that are running for those apps (i.e. EAS Connection for, which is also redundant if you have Outlook 2013 and does nothing but decrease battery life further.

Power Management in Windows 10 is buggy, especially for Tablets.  The Tablet UI is filled with retardation.  Like when I tried out Asphalt 8 and had to go to Desktop Mode to set the Taskbar to Auto-Hide, becuase the full screen game had the bottom of the UI blocked off by the Taskbar.  Screen Rotation control in Action Center randomly becomes greyed out and you have to reboot to get it back.  Tablets randomly lose all their battery life while sleeping overnight because the CPU gets ramped up while it's idle (this also happens on my laptop, the fan will start running continuously, or I'll wakt it from sleep and the entire thing is hot - other days it's not, it's completely random when you'll get 3 hours of battery life out of your laptop, or 7 hours out of it.

It's also that it takes time to optimise for smaller screens. It's fairly common to build for desktop and tablet sizes and then spend more time optimising the UI for mobile. Considering W10 is not out on mobile yet they may as well not hold up the launch for something most people can't use.

2% of the customer base used WMC.  A lot more than that played DVDs in WMP using the DVD CODEC that WMC installs on the PC.

A CODEC that isn't supplied with their "last afternoon in my mother's basement" "cooked up in an hour" Universal DVD Player (which is horrible, sluggish, and a usability anamoly wiht the way it functions in some areas).  I got it for free, so it's not like I am complaining about the ridiculous price they're selling it for (when you can Get CODECs that work in any Win32 Media Player for half the price).  It's just a bad replacement for what was lost with Windows Media Center.

Microsoft should have just deleted the Media Center application, but left the DVD CODEC on our machines.  We literally paid for that CODEC, and then they just deleted it off of our machines?  It was a shady thing to do, especially since you're f*ckd if you have to reinstall your OS.  You could have just reactivated Media Center, but you cannot do that with the "free" DVD Player they give you.  It's purely a money grab to make up for the lost revenue from [not] selling Windows 10 Licenses.

I rather like how it looks. Good write up. I wouldn't mind this in my backyard shop I never seen this product before so I'm going to

I just hope no one is angry with their purchase of this speaker that they would take it out to a field to take their frustrations out on it....

   They look okay and the specs are great but I was really hoping for an updated, all-new design. Don't get me wrong, I'll still get one but I was just hoping for something a little more exciting.

I'd like to see a review of current Bluetooth speakers that have/don't have stereo (two speakers) capabilities.

I think build materials are usually negated by the fact that many users I deal with immediately put cases on their devices. So right away you lose that svelte, slim design. I'd take functionality any day over looks. As far as apps, yes I was one of those who installed android apps on the latest preview build, but I have to tell you, I sat there for about 10 minutes trying to think of a must have android app on my windows phone. I finally ended installing a phone app my company uses. That's it.

My 1520 has been running strong for nearly two years now. And even still, it is as productive a device for me in my line of work than any of my co workers. The big screen, solid battery, great camera, and a handful of well delivered apps trumps thin bezels, glass framed body, etc, all day for me.

The universal app for W10 is the Xbox One app. But since it's already on Xbox One, shouldn't have any changes once updated. But definitely background playback support is a must, not just snapping it.

Releasing an Xbox One Mini would defeat the purpose of having backwards compatibility for all those people with disc-based games. It just didn't make sense.

Pretty sure they'll do that, considering they already have an Xbox one app. It'll definitely be good to have a consistent experience across desktop, tablet, phone, TV (through Xbox), and eventually hololens.

  I have not had any issues on my computer that I upgraded from Windows 8.1 but others I know haven't been so lucky. I upgraded a family member's laptop from 8.1 and everything works except for the touchpad. Hopefully, an update will be released soon but I did advise them that they have thirty days to revert back. I also have a co-worker who upgraded their computer (not sure if they were using 7 or 8.1 previously) and all they get is a black screen. So far, I do like it better than 8.1 but I'm holding out before I upgrade any other computers.

I find that pretty subjecive. I have a 6+ and I don't think it looks all that great. It's a metal slab with rounded corners, bezels too big (though there is a reason, and I like the touch ID) and odd plastic bands across the back (again, for a reason). Kinda plain in my view actually. Great screen, good camera, wonderful ecosystem, and tough to admit, but outstanding customer service. The looks of the device though are just OK IMHO. Not saying these look especially better, but I don't see them as substantially worse looking than the iPhone. To each his own, or what marketing tells him to like, I guess.

At 6.8-7.0 mm thickness, the iphone 6 and galaxy s6 are 2mm thinner, not 3 as the article says

Disappointing, but understandable. The platforms are old, and it would have been a bad move to release a terribly ported game.

Because in the US, it is hard not to. There aren't many options if you want an unbranded/unlocked phone, outside of mail order. Then you have to be very careful to get a device that works on the carrier network you intend to use it on. Remember 'compatible with' AT&T or T-Mobile doesn't guarantee LTE speeds. The upcoming Mototola X Pure is advertised to support all the US networks, and it seems to have all the bands. Hopefully these devices will be so equipped. The carriers have mostly gone to a pay over time plan, so it isn't much different than putting it on a credit card, except for the zero percent interest. If you could buy it outright, the carrier will be happy to do that as well, and it will be guaranteed to work on their network.

Which brings up the point that it seems that most Android and Apple users are adamant about the status of owning the latest flagship device. Personally I enjoy paying $100 or less for a phone that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with the majority of work environments while being enjoyable to use without having to be tied to any single provider. It pays for itself over the first month of ownership.

This. I believe they can be released already but Win10 mobile has not been officially released.

I have the game on my tablet, but I'm interested to see how it transitions to console. I'll be there!