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In the Play Store the app is called Windows Central, but when you install the app, than the app is called Windows Phone Central.... (Please fix it jay)

Spotify is great, but I'm too lazy to move my music from xbox music to spotify. That, and I just don't know how to do it easily.

And to your first point, I agree. The Xbox One Always-On fiasco is another example...


Microsoft, WHY? Are you trying to make your service worse and even less able to compete with Spotify and others? Really? -_-

I'm still getting this wack "Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 805a8011" message so I can't do anything.

Me too. In fact all the new snapping functionality is gone for me, it's back to how it worked in W8 except that the Win+Arrow keys don't work. If it's not affecting everyone, maybe we're part of an A/B testing group?

Edit: In fact, after installing their latest updates it's back. Only thing is that you can no longer Windows Key + Up twice to snap to the full top half of the screen. You can only snap a full half horizontally, or a quarter in any corner.

In fact, after installing their latest updates it's back. Except only horizontal -- the vertical snapping isn't working.

EDIT: Vertical snapping is actually working, but you can no longer Windows Key + Up twice to snap to the full top half of the screen. You can only snap a full half horizontally, or a quarter in any corner.

Did anyone know that before build 9860 you could scroll through multiple windows, like for example you have google chrome open in two windows and you were browsing through the first window and if you hover your mouse over the second window and just scroll with your mouse without clicking you could scroll through the page, that seems to be gone after build 9860

Considering that it seems that you are living in the future and using the RTM release of W10 would you mind send me the lottery numbers for next week?


I don't want that border itself, something like office which is borderless and looks really cool when in windowed mode :)

The Android app doesn't allow me to comment on the news section or open up the forums section. The app version is 1.0.020, running on my BlackBerry 10.3.1.

Archers converted also attacks castle. I've seen it. Its very cheap of a move.

They also got rid of viewing other peoples battles. This was sort of a loophole to view where hidden defenses are. So glad.

But if you do have Verizon or T-Mobile, I highly recommend gretting the developers preview and update. It may be all we get. (Icon Usres) DP 8.1.1 is SO much better than WP8.

My phone battery died in the morning and I lost it in the afternoon. Not sure if someone took it from my open garage or I mindlessly misplaced it afterwards. Does that mean none of this will work? It shows my last location from 4 days ago which doesn't help at all and it won't lock or any other options. Can I stil find it !?

The few that say 8.1 was better. You do realize the majority of people highly abhorred it, especially businesses. The desktop/start button is a way of getting those haters to update while also keeping continuum mode etc for the few that were win 8.1 fans. Nobody else cares if you don't like 10. Its a win-win for Microsoft.

I waited to update to build 9860. Then did this update. I gave feedback on two bugs and earlier driver support since main companies took forever during 8 testing.

Personally, I'm a subscriber to Xbox Music. Previously, I was a Spotify subscriber, but switched to Xbox Music for a few reasons. I wanted better offline support, complete album downloads the day of release, use of my catalog on multiple devices, cloud syncing from my desktop or SP3 to my Lumia phones.

Now of course, being head first into Microsoft land I saw the benefits of using their service. Others may not feel that way. However, this move from Microsoft I don't feel it bad. Could I change my mind in the future? Yes. Right now, if this means more focus on the paid subscribers than I am all game.

Free streaming is awesome, but as everyone is pointing out, by saying... "Well, Spotify it is then..." or ..."...Other streaming services will flourish now!" Then maybe, just maybe Microsoft saw this exact behavior and has decided to offer their paying consumers an even more premium service. What would that entail, if anything? Only time will tell.

Also, having Nokia MixRadio on all their phones and a Windows App, I feel its high time they push that as the "Microsoft" free music streaming platform.

One thing I agree with is bundling their music subscription into Xbox Live. Now, I'm not a person who screams for everything to be free or dirt cheap. I definitely am willing to pay for quality and think more should, so we can have quality services. If it was to be bundled, then and increase with that service from say, $59.99 (for just Xbox Live) to $79.99 or even $89.99, is more than acceptable and would be a screaming deal. Even if they said $99.99 total, then I'm still good.

Either way, lets hope Microsoft further pushes Xbox Music to be an exceptional service.

No matter what, there's always gonna be somebody who doesn't like something no matter what it is. So your didn't surprise anyone my friend.

i secretly believe that theres someone in higher management at microsoft who is trying to ruin the company. you see spotify is well known to consumers outside of Itunes. not many people know that xbox music even exist. i feel like there are only like 5 engineers that works on xbox music team. i have an iphone with the xbox music app and that app DOESN'T EVEN WORK unless wifi is on. Xbox music isn't anything special to me anymore. i've an subscriber for xbox music since it came out and my yearly pass ends in feburary. i think this is the last straw for me. 

i think i will try beats music or Spotify.

Halo got good again? Lost interest during 2 because I felt an EA route was coming up!!

Does anyone have the issue where the keyboard shortcuts (win + arrow keys) to snap, min/max windows will suddenly not work?

Those were way out of balance, I still say they need to do more to strengthen fortifications at higher levels.

Yeah. Microsoft always prefers preview users do a complete reinstall to RTM to prevent any chance of bugs. But recently cyan was released for WP preview users, so we never know..

Been a silent reader for a while. This is my first comment, and i just wanna say i already miss WPC .