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Liquid cooling system, Iris scanner, continuum... Not just this. I love everything about Lumia.

That camera button, the small things.... How I miss that on a phone.  And of course surface grade liquid cooling is awesome!

Heyyy, actionable notifications for Windows 10! You can reply straight from a pop up notification, this is great!


Or fromthe notification widget thing, of course

And it might help to hit up Legere's Twitter page. I might just sign up for Twitter to make my voice known.

I think the renewed confidence of microsoft was due to the fact that all other competitors are copying them and they know they have a winner on their hands. What's more confidence pumping than that?!!

It may be then delayed till January next year *smh*
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Got it, I was checking from my Surface 2. The new UI changes are pretty smooth though I feel it could use space better in relation to tweet textand white space around each tweet's box. In any case, it's a good upgrade especially if this is working towards versatility and the universal app's UI.

Liquid cooling looks cool, I would like to see if it is really able to cool down that processor that hit by rumor about overheating.... and Iris scanner will be awesome....

The feature I like the most was windows 10 in all the all devices.
Either is surface, or Lumia or band all will be going to have a true windows experience. And its the windows 10 in Lumia 950xl which is going to make all difference and not it's hardwares ......

And I'm curious if/how T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling will work if they don't offer this phone. I'll gladly pay the unlocked price but missing out on the Wi-Fi Calling feature would be a huge turnoff. Maybe we need to start hitting up Legere's Twitter page...

1. I enjoyed the presentation in my recently bought NL1520 (although a used one to replace my broken NL1020), it was awesome.

2. That surface book even though costly, was the steal and thunder of the show. That hinge it is sexy. 

3. Although as expected Lumia 950,950XL, spec wise they challenged everyother smarphone in the market given that price. Camera housing in 950 XL looks cool. I am looking for comparisons which highlight how good these phones are with the unique features and update to tech inside them with still same market compelling price, an drop of %50 or %100 which definitely reduce the sales of iphone and galaxy in the upcoming holiday season. I am yet to decided on which one 950/950XL.

4. Dont settle for less: Iris scanner for Fingerprint readers, Wirless charing and Quick charge vs nothing in iphones (another jealous feature). Memory expansion vs Nexus phones, Camera as always the best in class in OIS updated.Wow. Finally a top end dual sim smarphone which is also unlocked. Come on what else you could do to bring more you woo the consumers. 

5. This is the presentation I love just for the sake paney talked about the Glance screen.Love it and my ios and android users still jealous about it. Where is the patten unlock or picture unlock we had in windows 10 mobile (I need it as we have in Windows 10) before they release it.

6. Atlast good to see those Windows 10 numbers going millions after millions marching for that Billion landmark. Developers beware and dont miss the opportunity of getting your free/paid apps for the first time and windows 10 users in the coming days.

7. More news on Windows 10 Mobile, Project Astoria and Surface 4 would have made the day fully satisfied. 

8. I am angry that another famous s'net* site tries to mislead the people by saying it is available only in AT&T. come on wake up it is unlocked now.

9. And finally a wonderful coverage from my favorite website(I am becoming an addict thesedays to this).Windows Central.


Let the WINdows begin ....


I have been waiting all summer for this.  My Lumia 925 broke when I dropped it.  I have been on a back up phone ever since.  Really looking forward to using a windows phone again. 

Just realized that...exclusive to AT&T?!! Is that really the best way to get these awesome phones out to the most people? Glad I jumped ship then since I'm on Verizon and wouldn't have been able to get these...

After hearing about the replacement backs with a metal band, I'm even more excited to get this

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Yes, but after carrier discounts these phones will likely be within $50 of each other and cost about the same as the iPhone. The average consumer wouldn't be buying unlocked phones.

The phone looks pretty awesome.  Looking forward to see the improvements in the camera and how windows 10 will end up feeling


The face scan is pretty awesome to login and continuum, while seems like a cool feature doesnt seem like something i would use often.


I hope microsoft releases quality and unique cases (similar to samsungs view case)

I'm aware that Elop ≠ fabula design, I'm talking about two separate things here - on stage presentation, and phone design.  @DJCBS - Did Marko Ahtisaari rejoin Nokia after his resignation?  That's a facinating example of true national patriotism and company loyalty.  Not to get off topic, but in my opinion, the n9's design was best combined with windows phone metro design.  The n9 is a fantastic design, but the unsightly, round cornered, old fashioned icons of meego were nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the hardware.  Fabula + metro design = perfection.

Upgrade from L1520 to L950 XL. the cooling system, removable battery, hello and better camera specs are what I'm looking forward to.


we love you, and we tank you very much for bringing us the latest Info about King MS. However, PLEASE stop comparing MS's REAL prods with CrApple Overrated toys. This Surface Book is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x more superior than MacCrap book wannabe PC. its not even close. The hardware on MacCrap Book is the same as a cheap 8 inch tablet WITHOUT a touchscreen, inside a laptop. with no other ports than 1. I mean really. Dell Venue 8 is 10000x better than MacCrap Book. Need i say more???????? 

Is like having a Ferrari right infornt of you, and while you are touching it, keep saying, """well Geo Metro is like that, and Geo Metro has similar ........."""". This thing is in its own class with NOTHING like it. That special hinge, makes it easier to Carry in your hand, think about it. your hand curves when you bend it, right???????? Ok then. There is your answer. 

Thank you sir. 

That liquid cool

Had a 920 for broke 3!months ago using a cheap android phone....need lumia back in my life(university student ,broke as hell)

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So, with T-Mo, if I actually get the update at all, it will be in December 2016. Got it.

Somebody needs to find out what a Surface Connect port is exactly.  Is it USB Type C?  Thunderbolt?  What??

And what is the exact model of CPU's that are available?  Just telling us "6th Gen Core I5/I7" is not enough.


I'm an Android guy and I was impressed with the presentation. Good days ahead for Microsoft.

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Yeah that's what just got me. Wanted in blue :(

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It has a charging port as per the SP3. USB-C only on Surface 3 for now.

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No wonder we got the "November" date for the 950 and XL. Like I said it ain't ready. Apple releases in a week or two, Microsoft waits a month or two. Still haven't learned

Do you people realize that if you wrote all the code for an operating system on paper you'd have an encyclopedia set? Keep your shirts on.