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They should open the feedback in the Xbox app (or the feedback app). I am guessing they are getting less feedback is because it is hard to write stuff on Xbox.

Bryan? This man was doing a great job. He just faded off the stage slowly. How hard does one need to work again?

Precisely.  What a scam.  Does Microsoft pay any one who participates?  They should be doing their own research.  But no, why do it when we can get gullible guinea pigs to do the job for us for FREE.  I can see them laughing at their meetings saying "what a bunch of easy fooled people out there.".  And they still take away more features than they provide. 

This is likely the reason for cutting those projects yet at the same time bought that AI company. I am wondering if those projects that were cut is going to the new company that was just bought? Microsoft seems to be doing a replace worker with small specialize company sought of deal going on.

Actually, It's Windows 10 hub sdk. You can use tablet mode to mimic that though.

This is gonna happen when you are dependent on others to make devices.
People wont wait. App dev and vendors wont wait.
If at all MS decides to launch surface phone line or any phone for say, how will it manage to win them back (oems, app makers, vendors n buyers) and build an ecosystem ?

I get to be on the early release of this.

But of cours.. Being Microsoft. I'll only get SOME of it.. With Cortana not on Xbox in Australia (although everywhere else)

I do not agree about the keyboard. I use Autocad and would use the pen and a detached keyboard. When nusing the pen, teh keyboard is in the way. I would luke to see the surface keyboard include BT. 

There are many reasons:
1. Are you sure want to update Snapdragon S4-powered Windows Phones to Windows 10, which is more power-hungry than 8.1? There are a lot of considerations why MS didn't update them.
2. Are you sure want to update devices with just 512MB of RAM? That should make more complaints rather than impressions.
3. You should know how iPhone updates work (let alone Android, which is up to OEMs to deliver OS update or not). And they're implemented in Windows, too.

And, one more thing, Windows 10 Creators Update is intended for desktop (features) and mobile (core integration), and it's going to be in just one shell, named CShell.

I am afraid you will not see great ink support in Office apps until Nadella sends extermintors into the office developers offices and removes all the mice. (Keyboards too, because coders use skortcut when the rest of us would use a mouse.) Untill developers are actual ink users, they will not develope good uses for it.

We can't just wait, right? We actually *need* newer phones, rather than OS on the older phones. I'm getting bored with Android UI as time goes. Now I missed Windows phone UI since then...

Agree, but also with CShell, x86 apps on phones with external monitor connected to it can run smoothly (albeit slower since it uses emulated x86 kernel compared to the native one).

But yeah, x86 is rather useless when in Phone Shell (because of UI and UX concerns).

No, I'm saying that W10M has run in eternal beta, launching far from finished. The Elite x3 only added to that, as it couldn't even get its camera working when it released, and didn't have its hardware accessories ready, either.

Nothing is mentioned, but I hope this helps address slow download speed issues.  It hasn't been as bad for me as some, but improvements would be appreciated by all I'm sure.

An insider build killed my 920 and my first 950. Both were screen related but the 920 lost all input through the charging port as well. Yes I understand the consequences that may arise but I will keep my Xbox and main pc rig clear of insider builds. But in this articles regard I see why MS is making this move. Yet I do see some drawbacks to it as well.

The research even shows that most *NIX-based OS are more vulnerable to hacks and security flaws. Windows is (unfortunately) the second best after iOS.
I grabbed this source from one of my Indonesian news sites (sorry that I don't know if Bing supports translating using links or not):

It showed that Android is the most vulnerable OS with over 500 flaws, compared to Windows and iOS (which is 172 and 161, respectively).

EDIT: if you want to search who made this research, just search for "cve details".

Not really. If you know Stagefright (Android Froyo and newer), you would know how vulnerable Android is.

Also, on sometime before, iOS got a serious flaw (it's even videoed on YouTube!) that renders iPhone unusable just by sending white flag, 0, and rainbow in a message. Not a security flaw, though, but it's rather an annoying bug that makes phone useless.

Windows? It's still vulnerable to viruses, rather than security holes ;)

I don't think this is anything new, they've been cutting effective public faces of things for a long time unfortunately.  

I'm amazed Major Nelson has been around as long as he has.  I'm not saying that because I don't like Larry, but just based on their past history.  I'm hoping they keep him around a long time, he's been great for building community and good will!


But combined with all other Windows 10 devices (PCs, Xboxes, IoTs, and more), it surely convinces hackers -- meaning a lot more devices available using Windows, as if it can say something, it'd say: "C'mon, hack me please" :D

Guys, don't worry, one of the areas that Microsoft IS focusing on for mobile is Enterprise, so that company and their 3000 employees will be fine. /s

I still don't get how Microsoft can focus on Enterprise while completely giving up on the consumer Market. In today's BYOD environment, the consumer and enterprise market for mobile has a TON of overlap. Heck, I hope they can pull it off. I hope they reveal some new Enterprise thing that makes it all possible, but at the moment, I don't see how it is possible.

Bill Gates ~ A computer on every desk and in every home running Microsoft Software

Satya Nadella ~  A computer in every pocket and in every hand running Microsoft Software

Will be purchasing this game for sure.  Excited to hear about a Resident Evil 2 remake.  This is a remake that is actually warranted and desired.  I'd be perfectly fine with an RE2 remake playing like Resident Evil 4.

It used to be via an invite from anyone else already in it. I think you you just download an insider app

Nice, someone that is looking beyond the traditional features folks need on phones like battery life. 

I was just writing a post about what I'd like to have on Android in AndroidCentral and what I wish to come is the termux app as a native feature, so that users can become productive on Android, something which has been promised by Win32 on ARM but with so many low marketshare of Windows Phone I'd supose the Surface phone will be too expensive for me, so I'd probably won't upgrade to a Surface Phone in Autumn. I'm wishing to get a phone that costs about $300 not more than that.

In short,they screwed up.maybe we all dont understand the vision of ms,maybe they dont have it.thing is,users are leaving.i mean,in future they might hold 80% of market,but phoenix style strategy? Once risen will never fall...they forces themselves in ashes for no apparent reason 😐

Windows Ink supports tilt and rotation since its introduction in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, it is part of optional data a digitizer can provide and apps using Ink can decide to receive these extras in the ink packets.
​The debug app is probably just a standard digitizer test app they use for every OEM and therefore has to be able to test these extra packet data in case the digitizer is capable of providing them.

Like I noted in the review, the full game is nothing like the demo. It's far less obscure with its puzzles. I'm not sure why they went down that route for the demo...

I'm not sure why they don't allow us to simply opt in to whatever tier we want, like on the Windows Insider program. Is it fair that you will lose access to the alpha tier for taking a break? It seems a little too intensive considering we're volunteering our own time to help test stuff out, especially as someone with limited free time.

Different strokes for different folks. Balmer was a walking advert for a well fed fat cat, but man when I see him dart across that stage, I knew he had some passion. There has been a glut of eye candy, but I cannot remember the name of a single person that I found attractive. I can remember the ones that blew me away through, like Panos and Brian and Joe. Spencer is pretty good, because you get the feeling he is a gamer, albeit in a suit. Hell, Steve Jobs looked poorly long before he was poorly, but people listened. If you only want messages delivered by eye candy, then Youtube fitness channels may be useful. David Attenborough is simply the greatest wildlife presenter, but his appearance will cater to only the tiniest niche of a minority fetish. There is a reason the Victoria's Secret girls wear wings and not opinions. Play to your strengths.

Well said! I think the complainers want all the new features and it to work perfectly. I think they understand how the mechanics work but dont understand the idea behind it. But its plain you understand both :). Keep forging on! 

Maybe he could be hired for google, for their version of the continuum in Android that is going to be used by more than 1%. And he can be showing us how productive it will be in other platforms.

Alright, maybe it was thousands. Stil not relevant. The total numbers speak for themselves. At its peak, Windows phones sold 10.5 million devices in a quarter. That was good enough for 2.76% of the 380 million smartphones sold that quarter. The vast majority of those phones were the Lumia 520 and similar low end, dirt cheap devices. They are not profitable on the front end and definetly do not drive apps sales on the backend. Those sales are useless, hence Nokia abandoning WP for Android.