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I still don't understand why they needed so much time to get it (Xbox One) released here in Norway???!!! Almost a year later (5th sept. 2014)! And still no voice commands in Norwegian... What did they use their time to?

It does but the two latest builds bring a definite parity to the OSs and that sense of unification. A jump list on the desktop apps list has been long overdue and suddenly it's there and the same as mobile now, as with iconography and now Edge. It's certainly almost there.

That isn't a Greek flag. That's the European Union flag representing the part of this post that's talking about Europe

I had 2 they both had RROD. 1st one was repaired and still works till this day. The other was repaired twice and and failed till this day.

My XBOX ONE is superior to any other console. Just like apple and android I can't stand playstation, and hope we win at Christmas time sales , looking forward to 70% of games on July 7 , definitely picking up Mortal Kombat & Sniper Elite 3. When Windows 10 hits the XBOX ONE " Flawless Victory"

But if you opt put will you have a full license for windows 10? and will you end up with the home or pro version?


Such a shame they didn't release sooner across Europe. Kudos to Balmer for saving the brand!

No by the time of lunch Microsoft will have 90% of the bugs worked out. Bet you the bank the rest will follow

With all good reason... lets face it its going to be pretty big with all the new features and one os for pc,tablet,laptop,phone and even xbox.

He's got a point apple charges way to much for tech that's years behind and some how everyone thinks there revolutionary in everything they done Microsoft should have let apple die when they had the chance. That's one of Microsoft's biggest mistakes

That's a false analogy. I'm not talking about Survivalcraft being in the same genre as Minecraft. There is a huge difference between FPS games like Halo, Titanfall, and Wolfenstein. In contrast, Survivalcraft is a blatant ripoff of Minecraft, even down to the name itself. After that, the core gameplay, the graphics and aestheics are nearly identical with Minecraft.  Stealing the Mona Lisa and then drawing a fake mustache on it doesn't mean it's an original work. I'm surprised that Mojang didn't sue them. They'd easily win that court case.

Tyga dropped his album it was trash. Meek Mill dropped his too and his was ok. Not really a fan of Miguel so I haven't checked his out.

10162 runs like a dream on my devices, but aside from adding Cortana and a UI/UX it's not a huge step from 7 for me. Am I alone here? I was expecting.... Well, more? Certainly from the Apps which again have made very small strides.

So, what's different at this point ? Are they really chaning anything ?  Or just bug fixes as expected, still have a few apps that ran on 7 and 8.1 that dont run under Windows 10 (tested in 10162), so still buggy as I see it...

Why aren't people using the Windows store to see the convergence of apps you use on your phone now showing on the Windows 10 desktop? This made my year knowing I can switch many of my apps from my phone to my PC and vice versa! Minecraft should be universal...I just don't see how that wouldn't be common sense.

I hope Windows 10 gets good press everywhere, as I mostly see Apple announcements everywhere

It's amazing that all these new leaks are looking more legit than past OS releases. Possibly MS involved? Who knows, but we seem to know what to expect by now as far as the build goes.

looks great to me. Just because /you/ dont like a deisgn, doesnt make it bad. learn what opinions are and what a fact is.

apple overprices everytihng, look at the new iphone 6 plus for instance, comapre it to the lumia 1520, look at the specs, and size, then compare launch day prices. You'll see that for $200 more than the 1520 you'll buy the iphone 6 plus that is 3" smaller, and runs on 3 year old specs. Apple doesnt make "crap" products, they make premium products and massively overprice them. Also they released a slightly new version every year and people act like its amazing, thats where the iSheep phrase comes from.

my guess, that can be changed that in the setting. Also, don't forget to go in the ""feedback"" section, and post whatever you like or don't like about win10. MS is listening and monitoring all those feedbacks. So do your part and let them know. 

Go ask BlackBerry how many phones they're selling. You think it's bad for Windows Phone try talking to those guys.

They're making an Android phone apparently. Sounds like they gave up.

that hero windows 10 default background theme is ugly... i installed win10 into my old computer and the fog on the picture made my screen looked like its dirty

i love my windows phone i hapen to feel its the best os on the planet for a phone but i also liked my 6 years of iphone, It wasnt till cortana came out that i could switch, does that make me a sheep.  Choice is everything it doesnt mater if its apple android or windows the more the merrior, but im guessing you dont understand that concept :)

apple dont suck

android doesnt suck

windows doesnt suck.

Guess who does suck.

I don't mind 8.1 and it served its purpose, which was getting the Modern UI into Windows. It certainly was never perfect but just like Vista laying the groundwork for 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 have laid the groundwork for Windows 10.

I usually use the two fingers scroll functionality on touch pad, I think this feature comes with windows 10 and its supported will all compatible touchpads

Really? what about CrApple anything??????? Are you not from this planet? CrApple is the MASTER of hype. So much, that makes iSHEEP wait in-line in front of their stores, for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS.........sleep in urine and feces, pay 100x MORE than its MSRP price in the black market,............make EVERY news station to talk about its pieces of crap prods,..............all just for these iSHEEP to get something they NEVER seen or TESTED before, and pay $800+ to $1200+ for their crap that is 4 YEARS BEHIND other brand's technology. Yeah, I say CrApple is the KING of HYPE, and BS marketing, just to rip people off. and keeps its $160,000,000,000 CASH they ripped people with, overseas. 

So if you want HYPE, MISLEADING, LYING, PRETENDING,..........look no further than the EVIL CrApple. 

That's true, but the regular Joe won't have many other options either. XP is no longer supported, Vista sucks, 7 is old and hasn't any app support, 8 is terrible with mouse/keyboard, 8.1 is great but won't have DX12, multi desktops, new WinRT apps, windowed WinRT apps and a lot of great stuff.
So even if the official W10 launch will have some problems, everyone will be forced to get it at some point

Also, if you move the task bar to the top of the screen, the search area disappears.