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Interesting. I guess you'll have a LOOOOOOOONG wait. I used to think this way too, coming from an N97 mini. But I think once you get used to touch, there's no point in going back. And with the 8.1 swipe thingy(most used feature for me) it's hard to even think about going back to that. Buttons fade and break, don't really see the benefit of it anymore.

I have photoshop express, 6tag, onenote, one drive from this list! Hoping to get tubecast after this comment!!! Thanks Sam for the list!

Lol agreed. I love how they boast their LTE. /rant No, they have a solid 2G network (branched off of highways), and HSPA+ scattered randomly and ungodly high frequencies that can't make it through a second paper wall. I finally shook Verizon and the whole CDMA side of the industry being I was tired of my two choices being VZW; a greedy company with blind, loyal, followers like T-Mobile's city users, barely any more coverage than AT&T in almost all areas, with terrible, inconsitant service where I live, and garbage CDMA phone quality, and Sprint; a network that finally has a good leader, plan, and money, but needs at least 2-3 years to build a useable network and an almost completley useless network in the meantime that has yet to make use of their low frequenices from Nextel, which will finally make them a third competior in a few years and a year or two for most. 


I went to T-Mo and luckily I did have 4G (HSPA+). My problem is although there were some areas I was getting good H+ speeds (10 down / 3-5up), I was otherwise getting typical Sprint 3G or "Verizon on a bad day" speeds of give or take 1 megabit down/up or simply nothing, then they light up LTE in two random portions of two random towns I, of course, don't live in or frequent too much, and that's it. Even Sprint did better still have many upgrade plans for my area. I'm north of NYC, not give or take Wyoming ffs. 


I then quickly realized they don't care about people outside of cities, they want to cater to not just any city-folk, but preppy, yuppie, hippie, and college towns and barely even surbanites (more my type). Then their CEO trash-talks AT&T constantly for no valid reason, makes stupid jokes about Sprint, and almost sucks up to Verizon claiming the only thing wrong with them is just being greedy duopolists.  


Then they try to draw attention away from their complete lack of low frequencies and horribly high ones by exaggerating the fact that carriers technically can't cover every area or has dead spots by over-promoting WiFi calling. I haven't needed it once on AT&T, and despite my terrible experience with VZW's data network, I didn't need it with them either. I think it's great it will eventually be available, but there's no reason it should be necessary. AT&T and VZW can wait 3 years to launch it and almost no one will notice they have it because they'll virtually never use it. 




I got this phone too from T-Mo (kinda wish I got the unlocked version, but was too worried about fleeing from Verizon I didn't care) and use it on AT&T. Good to see an update, but they better get me get the 8.1 update 1 soon; so worried about their own nonsense. I hate the fact I am reliant on T-Mobile updates just because T-Mo sold me the phone. I hope Microsoft scraps that nonsense in WP 10. 

Here Maps/Drive
PC Remote Pro
Windows Central
Package Tracker
Nokia Camera
Xbox 360 SmartGlass

Because it's a new store opened by microsoft. After Nokia, Microsoft is starting to put up stores around the metro. BTW 535 is already seen in SM North Edsa.

This plan just might work. Acquire any app maker that does not make a WP app. :p

Seriously though, email app needs an 'pro' version. The one we have is simple and good enough.

You do realize this is probably because of laws more than anything, right? MS probably doesn't have the lisences to do this sort of thing outside the US.

1. Tweetium
2. ProShot
3. NextGen Reader
And of course the Windows Central App

So my phone experience should continue to worsen as not only am I not getting the Windows Phone 8.1 update anytime soon, but now my apps will continue to be outdated too.

It's not a wonder why WP8 hasn't significantly picked up market share with practices like that and users who insult other users.

Maybe some people who are just fine and content with their phones? Not everyone has a throwaway lifestyle when new stuff comes out.

Windows Central                                                                                                                                              

NBC News


The camera grip is especially nice. I use this as my carry around camera on family outings now. Yeah I wish it was a little faster, but you can adjust your shooting style, especially with the grip, to compensate. With unlimited OneDrive and autosync storage isn't a big deal.

You work for O2, but don't know the products you sell...
O2 online have been sold out of 64GB variants for months (they were cleared out via a HUKD website deal where we could get a 64GB 1020 & camera grip & a £20 store voucher for £80 after £157 Quidco cash back. Suffice to say, it was a VERY popular deal!)

O2 is the easiest network to get an unlock code. You just fill in an online form using an O2 pay monthly telephone number, & the code is delivered within 24 hours (for free).
You don't have to jump through hoops for the pay as you go price of £169. You do have to jump through a couple for the £144 price....but then again, you also get the possibility of Quidco cash back (which tracked for me today at £55!).
Potentially £89 for a brand new unlocked 1020, with a free camera grip and headphones...sounds like a fine deal to me!!

I have an older HTC 8s with 8.1 Preview and it runs so much better than it ever did with Win 8. I love that apps can be installed on an SD card. I still have a decent amount of free space left over now where I was always running out of space before the update.

It doesn't matter from where you send mails. You might have not synced it. Try sending a mail from anywhere else and sync your account again. It will definitely show up.

for people like me, that prefer the hardware keyboard, zune music,

and not having issues with all the newer versions. thats who.

I love Windows Phone and here is my list:.

  1. Podcast Lounge
  2. Nexgen Reader
  3. HERE Maps
  4. Office Lens
  5. Halo: Spartan Assault

I've got it working fine with the Smartglass Beta and using the tv tuner. Oneguide works and everything. No other streaming to phone will work except tv tuner only.

Help been trying website for nearly an hour need Xbox one bundle 299 for my sons Christmas has anyone managed to find it if so can you thread it to me plz xxx


Just wish they made it more customizable and clicking articles counted as bing searches for rewards.

As much as I hate that game, for a lot of people it would be good to have it, sadly people at king are a bunch of d@#%#heads