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*poof* gone as i heard.

I downloaded Nokia HERE maps on Android , which is very good. Don't know maybe you can grap HERE drive there, too if you want it.

But you have to carry two devices then

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Microsoft is just the equipment and OS maker. The OS and phone are capable of the features. AT&T are the ones blocking the phone from the features on their network. Let's blame the correct parties here.

Any of you guys know what the deal is with Here drive in windows 10. Is it gone for good or will it come back? On the Here website they have removed the download for Windows mobile. Lets hope MS did not chase this app away as well. Fortunately Here drive was made available for android and IOS recently, so we know where to go to keep it. Sigh..........

My 950 works great, and battery life is greatly improved from my 925. Windows 10 mobile will get an update in December anyway....

I asked Microsoft Lumia Gulf's official page and they still don't know what the dates or prices are. And it's getting ridiculous because both me and my friend (who have been using Lumia 920 and 925 for the past 2 years) are in a dire situation of having to replace our phones. My lumia 925 died and her lumia 920 is barely functioning with a shattered front screen. 

She is considering to go for android now because she just cant wait any longer without any official word. 

Well, here's hoping they work quickly when adding it back as a photos plugin. Hopefully it will also come to Movies and TV.

I bought the 1TB Xbone from Amazon for $389 today.   It came with an extra controller and the Rare Replay bundle.  It was a good deal but I think the Tomb Raider bundle at Target was better.  I had to go with Amazon because I had a credit which paid for most of the Xbone.

I wouldn't wait two years to save 200$, I wouldn't even get in a line to save 50$. Even using Games with gold in that timeframe gets you to save 200$ and you can keep the games. Maybe if at first you were skeptical about it you could have waited some reviews but neither makes you smarter.

Why is nobody bothered about text wrapping. Is it there in Edge, I use Opera on android and am so frustrated with browsing on my 830 I always browse on android devises. I am not a power user but camera and browsing are things that are my priorities. 

It's not necessary to give AT&T an IMEI from a branded phone. They have dummy IMEIs they can plug in to provision you for the correct data plan. They can then walk you through manually entering the apn. I used to work advanced tech support for AT&T and helped customers on a daily basis with adding unlocked phones and getting them working on LTE. I'm not sure if regular customer service can do it but tech support can. If they give you the run around and tell you they can't do it then you have either a lazy rep or one who doesn't know what the hell they are doing.

I took my 1520 in to my local AT&T store this afternoon to be re-activated, then swapped the SIM with my 950XL, and now my LTE works again.

WMC was not supporting most common digital tv standards. Typical MS effort.

I don't understand "Microsoft promised". Promise what? To remove good application? Why? What's the point? They hate name Lumia? Send them to the doctor. All of them! They remove Lumia camera that works great and gave us Microsoft camera, text book of bugs. They have serious problem with app gape, they solving it by removing legendary apps and replacing it with bad ones... Bravo! Promised? Really? Let's all cheers!

I know I am not the her, but c'mon men, it hurts every time I have to remind you we are buddies and tight like that.

Just got mine, Daniel, and I completely disagree with your assessment of the materials quality. It's solid, comfortable, and very nice weight. Fully appropriate for this device.

I just tried to setup ISeeVM to try it on the 950XL and the verification failed on 4 attempts.  Not sure if it's me or if it won't work on the 950XL.  I do miss VVM and may go to the 950.  I have another few days to see if there is a solution for VVM on the 950XL.

Funny, there was an article today where Target said the Wii U was heavily driving its sales for Black Friday, which isn't too surprising when they dropped the console $50 and threw in two of its biggest games (Smash and Splatoon).

Yeah, both of these phones have QHD AMOLED displays, best cameras, liquid cooling. NOT. Its not just the processor and RAM that takes money. So, stop comparing them

As for #5, when you click on the location for address bar, the search box will go back up into the address bar automatically, so it's not really a problem. Maybe just a toggle to show the address bar by default should be fine.

My contribution was watching people fighting for the cheap products!

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@Devilreaper, don't feel left out, many more models are going to come out, there may be the less expensive 850/750 releasing soon, that i am sure will perform better than or on par with the MI 5 or the MI6. You can also get the 730 now which is priced lesser than the MI 4 and one plus 2, without any invite, at the same performance and better battery life.


Got mine and my parent's 950XsL finally running LTE but everytime the support rep I called said they were going to try something else to get LTE working she added "You know, to get the full AT&T experience you should buy an AT&T branded phone."

I kept saying, "Yes ma'am, but my elderly parents wanted the phone with the larger screen and AT&T declined to offer it."  To which she said, "We have a very large selection of phones."  To which I replied, "Yes ma'am/"



Well, it's not really Microsoft removing it. What happens is that the manufacturer does not preinstall it.

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Dude, it's $549 like everywhere else. That's not expensive, that's the price.

I wonder how many people just bought Xbox Ones (amongst other heavily discounted stuff) just to sell them at a profit?