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Pitbull? They should have paid for Taylor Swift. They need someone that will dare attention from the kids that can make stuff cool with their me me me I wanna be like Taylor oh look at her phone mentality. She isn't controversial as Bieber and more well known and probably liked than Pitbull. Ok,maybe controversial. She called out apple on not paying artists during users trial periods for Apple Music. Meh, what do I know! Just an odd event. Either way, free is free, and people will enjoy it.

I like it and is accurate for US. But absolute fail that it doesn't reroute for traffic!!! Still use my 5 year old Garmin to make sure I'm going the optimal route.

I prefer google maps personally, but I hear you. This app has not improved at all that I can recall in the past almost 3 yrs I've had my 920. I recently bought a neutab 7" tablet to drive for uber, and found the here maps app to still suck. Google maps has been much better, despite not having offline maps as good as the drive+ app.

I would have done the same, who would like to waste time and Money on almost a dead platform.

I was really looking forward to come back to "Windows Phone". I think Windows 10 Mobile (and even Windows Phone 8.1) is a great OS. I started my venture buying a Lumia 920 back in the days where there were not many applications. Now we have a little more but many that I use on Android are missing on windows mobile. That may change but the reality right now is what it is. I then bought a 1520 which I kept for another year and decide to bite the bullet and go back to android... Android 5.x is really not an optimized OS. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and yes I may be affected by my model, and I have used other android phones in the past.. The performance on Android is bad, certain actions can take a few seconds to execute, problems after some updates. The OS feels slugish and bloated. With Windows Phone 8.1, everything was smooth, fast, even resetting my phone and getting my backed up software back was a breeze.

I left the windows mobile world before of the lack of software. Software like linkedin, even BBM (yes it is available but the version on windows  mobile is crap). Will the situation become better with the Windows Universal Apps, I sure hope so. I am convinced that the Windows Mobile platform is much more efficient, I prefer the experience, and the GPS + Navigation software on it rocks! However!!! How do they expect people to put 549 or 649$ when they are still struggling with application availability?  I really do not understand. The quality is there yes,  but in order to get  people to buy, you would need to lower the prices yes and then developers probably would be motivated to develop more apps. Sure I understand the idea of the Universal Apps stuff, you can develop 1 software for all your devices.. But still, I think the prices were set way too high, at the same price range than most good quality android phones which already have the apps.

Am I happy with android? Not with version 5, perhaps with version 6 depending on how better performance becomes. I would like to go back and buy a 950 XL, but with the price, I am not sure.

Well, it's only logical that the latest builds of an unfinished OS are better than previous ones.

Better than this was Dec'14-Jan'15 deal by Adobe where they discounted the same model as bundle for $450 which I doubt they will do that again this year. 

It worked correctly for me on 8.1 L930. Crashes or freezes constantly on W10M.

As you may noticed I started to believe in surface line since the beginning. I had all the versions so far and I believe first time I will not upgrade is from sp3 to sp4. I don't find the reason. Sp3 is a hell of a machine. Works perfect. Why upgrade? So I would definitely jump on this offer if I was in need of a new state of the art laptop. Surface book for the moment is not even in my desires...i gave up with big laptop. Now my setup is: Dekstop powerful pc for gaming. Sp3 for office and travel. S3 home tablet. Lumia 1520 telephone. Thank you MSFT I have all I need (forgot to mention my band...very useful). In the future? Hololens and surface hub...

That's the main reason why i hate  Many of Pit  concerts, but the truth is Mr.WW contorlling the World with his Spanish - Latino Lyrics :)  

I found this app about a week or two ago. Been using it almost daily. Glad to have it.

Sad to see there isn't an official but it's great to see there are some talented people filling the gaps.

And it seems my whole Start Menu is going bonkers. It looks like I have the same issues again with non-responsive stuff, slow app starts and more. Luckily I can still restart the pc by right-clicking the Start button.

Also, the CPU goes up to 100% when the Start Menu is non-responsive like this :-\

This might be because it's only launched in April in the UK so it's not been out as longas the US

as a former non-sworn police IT support employee.... DD was almost a daily thing...... to relieve pre work stress and plan out the day... to bad i moved, the closest DD is 57 miles away :(

Its nice, but you really shouldn't expect it or say you're guinea pigs.
First of all, you purchased it... nobody forced you.
Second, you have benefited from it for the whole time you've had it.

Everyone expects something for nothing. You're lucky they do anything for you... they didn't have to.

Lumia 1520, italy. Here drive works perfectly in Italy and around Europe. Only problem I found traffic info are not as accurate, but this depends i believe because of not as many WP phone as lagdroid so being based in crowd data they are not as updated. Just a matter of time.

It's already there... I see my Linkedin and Facebook contacts in my People app (both on Mobile and PC).  You need the Facebook app installed for facebook contacts, and for Linkedin it needs to be added to your 'connected accounts' on (It's like this because LInkedin ddidn't update their app in ages).

It really only speaks to two things: availability and tolerance. Go grab a bunch of random Pitbull fans, and you probably mostly pull out folks who just take what the radio gives them. If you ask those people to name ten of his songs, they probably can't, and few (if any) would peg him as their favorite artist. He's kind of like Android--it's everywhere, so people just like of accept it and learn to tolerate its problems (in his case, a total lack of intelligent lyrics or variety in content).

Another analogy: Look at CoD's sales, then ask its players who considers CoD their favorite game series ever. On the flip side, Halo and Fallout sell less, but their fans have much more of an attachment to those series.

I tried it once, the desktop version. it was crap and never used it again, because Skype was and is million times better. sometimes I wonder why people would want to use these services when they aren't that great and there are other apps that do a better job like Skype.
so not a big loss here.

I believe he part wrote the "cosmos" show, the one he presented. Rather lyrical and actually, in some places, beautiful and meditative. If that was him, well he could wrote fiction. But then one needs to have something to write, a narrative. I don't know...
Also; where's Peter F Hamilton? His stuff is about as whizz bang halo like as it gets! High tech fiction without being too hard, string narratives, suspense, intrigue and ai's that would quell Cortana, no rampant tendencies, just boss. The man is an underrated genius.

It works in every app now, but the Developer has to enable it (just like with regular desktop apps).

I´ve been using Here Drive+ on L930 lately and freezes all the time!!! The other day, I was on the highway, the app froze and I diddnt turn where I was supposed to make a turn and I had to drive more 20kms till the next exit to go back to the turn which I was suppose to turn. Drives me CRAZY!!! 

The live transit is not accurate AT ALL where I live. I live in Porto, Portugal. Google Maps transit notfication is 100% accurate.

Another thing that happened: I was driving and suddenly was a street with no end cause a train pass in the middle of the street so the street is blocked by a wall. I took pics of the place, printscreen of the map and sent to Nokia.

By the way, the Here Drive+ update doesnt complete the download bar. Gives an error message. I have to go back to Apple Maps, which I like actually, has a clean design and is smooth. 



Because they are making updates to the languauge packs.  Gabe tweeted it's coming today.

Another major update - Drag and drop has FINALLY been activated for universal apps (including Edge and Outlook Mail)

I wanted a surface pro 3 for so long, and was waiting for the 4 to come out so I could take advantage of a deal like this...then they announce Surface Book and wrecked that plan.


Sad part is people will point ot things like lack of dunkin donuts app or any useless social media app as the reason they won't give the platform a choice. Remember when smartphones were for people who needed them for productivity and not to let all their friends know they just ate a slice of pizza and are in dunkin donuts?

IPhone is lame compared to WP.. But better than crappy android. Wish they would offer great deals in USA too :-\