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That was my situation and I ended up thinking that were the builds.. But no...
​I solved my problem realizing that the power point wasn't bringing my Xbox the amount of power needed to function propertly. I moved it. And voila! Problem solved... My Kinect never turns off itself again..

Sorry for my english!!



Nice deal, come black Friday I hope Microsoft teams up with all major retailers to sell 4K Hdr TVs' by having the Xbox one S bundled with them like the deal they had with best buy not to long ago.

I have quite a few >20 GB hard drives in my obsolete parts collection. The bigger question would be, what users IDE anymore? =P

I had fun with both coop and online. Sorry to those I rammed, wasn't intentional. On the stream we discussed those being new to racing, that the Horizon series is a good segway to racing games. Horizon 2 got me hooked. Horizon 3 is outstanding, although minor complaints about how online works. Oh, and buying or downloading cars is still a pain. Wish there was a shopping cart feature. Overall x awesome time again!

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Meanwhile, 4J Studios is falling further and further behind in updating the console editions for feature parity.

I have had issues with my Kinect turning off for a few builds now. I can unplug/plug it and it will work for a little bit, but eventually turn off again. I was blaming it on the preview builds, but cannot find any documentation or confirmation of such. The only info I have found is people having the issue and replacing the unit. :(

I don't usually see a lot of these competitions anywhere else but in the Windows Central website and i think it is a very good idea. Good luck every one. 

Great selection this week! I've been looking for a good 9gag client for a while and have tried several but somehow I never stumbled upon Perfect Thumb's app. Also, I didn't know Windows Store apps could control system settings the way EarTrumpet does. Wonder if it's a Project Centennial app?

If you bothered to read the article, EarTrumpet allows the changing of volume in Windows Store Apps and desktop apps. Windows built-in volume control only allows changing desktop apps' volume.

Will this update add back video calling from the phone app? I can't switch to Skype video call during a phone call any longer.

May be have a chat with xbox support, they can still get you an additional one!!

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For me personally it's Planescape: Torment, but that's a while different conversation. Although if we are taking recent Uncharted 4.

My only qualm with QB is that there was a bit too much of the lore told through emails and notes. I would really like Remedy to continue the Quantum Break series of games to help flesh out the characters.

It's like seeing characters in season 1 of a show compared to say season 3, they're motivations develop and enhance over the course of each season. It's why I peg UC4 above QB, it's had so much background to it's characters already yet still manages to build them further with new characters coming into the mix and old relationships hitting new bumps.

Ryse's shorter length really helped it in that regard, but like you said reviews are stupid and crucified it for that. Had it been longer I think the gameplay mechanics would have worn very thin.

The reason I prefer the style of the likes of TLoU (Naughty Dog in general actually) and, for that matter, Quantum Break is because they are very character driven games. Yeah there are cutscenes to actually progress the story but during gameplay you have these fantastic dialog exchanges that open up the personalities of the characters and help to develop meaningful and real relationships.

And yet,no Mario game gas sole nearly as many copies as Minecraft. Looks are bot only subjective, they are not the most important part of a game. You may have known that if you took a little time to think sometime instead of being a **** on the internet.

The last update screwed up so many things (the Now TV app doesn't work at all now) that I decided to leave the preview program, something I haven't done for either Windows 10 or the Mobile version which is an indictment as to how shoddy the XBox releases have become of late.

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Enough Minecraft posts! It's like Pokémon go over on android central! The game makes my eyes bleed anyway. Mario nes looks better.

Has anyone had any issues with their kinects with the latest preview builds e.g. Randomly disconnecting etc. Or is mine on its way out :(

Considering the W10M version STILL lacks Realms and Xbox Achievements then I seriously doubt that we will get addons support at all!!!!

If you bought it from somewhere with a generous return policy (Amazon) you can buy this deal and return the unopened Xbox for your previous order.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll most likely be waiting on the indie titles with all of the big games coming in the next two months

I was looking at the store reviews and Virginia is getting killed. I know this doesn't always mean anything, but makes me kind of weary now to rush on it

I just bought a 2TB Friday... I got ESO for free included, but if I waited would I have been given another?

This model actually hit the sweet spot! I've had mine for a while now, and not only do I still have half the memory available, my 128gb micro SD has half its memory available! By the way, all i7 models of the Surface Pro 3 are identical in specs, except for the SSD size. So of course this model has 8gb RAM! I think they stopped to keep from tapping into the Surface Pro 4 profits.

What's the point of releasing stupid apps and they can't even fix bugs on Windows Phone that have been there for about 8 months.

Sad that a lot of the NEW features on the iPhone 7 existed on Windows Phone the past few years. Of course consumers won't know and they'll think Apple is so innovative.