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Clearly you've never used Chrome. It is 1000x more stable than Edge. Every time I use edge I worry if it is going to crash anytime soon. I have even experienced a crash on Edge since launch but never on Chrome.
I don't know about battery draining, but for me it does not hog any more RAM than IE or Edge

Installed it right away and absolutely LOVE it!!! What a beautiful OS! Now all that remains for me to buy is the Surface Pro 4 and a high end Lumia phone!

Guys the solution is simpler than you think,when you do the upgrade and if you want to clean install,just download the Magical Jellybean Keyfinder,write down the CD key,and when you reinstall clean,enter the key you wrote down,it works like a charm,the windows 8.1 key is useless after the upgrade........

My 1520 also has that annoying sensitivity issue, if you read forums many people experience the same issues. Luckily I am due for an upgrade this year. I will be checking out the Android phones the Moto X looks nice.

Hi! I believe u must be correct. I have a 535 and a 1520 and none of them received this update so far. The article mentions that the update is related to developers, so, the update must be dropping only on phones with the developer tools enabled, which both my phones haven't...

please help me how i can upgrade 8.1 to 10. im trying wuauclt.exe/updatenow but its not i stalled. if i download iso how can i get licence.

Not at all really. I need Chrome for my Nexus 5. I am typing this on Edge however and while I must say it's nice, it's not Chrome. I've never used anything other than Chrome since the first stable release. Maybe when plugins come, but for now, Chrome is just more mature.

When upgrading Windows, there is a window dedicated to this subject, with pictures and a link right under them to change which apps you'd like to set defaults for .  You can click that and uncheck Edge.  It's not hard, and it takes less than the 34 seconds it [supposedly] takes to change it back.  It also completely avoids the situation completely.

The choice is clearly given to the user.  It's as if they chose to completely ignore what happens during the Upgrade experience.

So you want to have the option right at your doorstep, yes? That's just plain lazy.

Why MSFT has to be the company that comply with all the shit while google and apple openly refuse to change anything to please anyone other than their own interests.

They probably used Edge and realized just how much of a bad place they'll be in once it's gotten things like... Add-Ins (which I don't use, but some cling to Firefox or Chrome specifically for those).

In the closing credits, it states that Apple provides the furnishings (ie the MacBook)... so Apple DOES pay... even if its just the cost of the MacBook that Jimmy uses, they are still paying something. You would see this occur on a vast amount of TV shows, product placement is always paid for. I believe it is why I believe the perception of Apple's marketshare being much higher that in reality it is, is because of this placement that they do so well. Perception IS reality. I just wish Microsoft learnt this, as their partners are all to familar with this ethos.

I like the new start menus, but it would be nice if I could replicate it with my Windows 8.1 Phone.

What great information, as I have a built PC.

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Start menu on Windows 10 is a bad cmobination. With a mouse, Start menu on Windows 7 is easier. With a touch panel, Start screen on Windows 8 is easier. And the live tiles are same as Windows 8. No progress.

I can't argue with that.  Well, I can since I'm not yet an advocate for Edge but you make a good point just the same.  What I truly hope for is that Windows 10 makes it tougher for google chrome services to work. That is my prayer

Upgraded to Win 10 on July 29 from Win 8.1. Currently my biggest problem is that the Edge browser does not work, Cannot go to any site that I enter. Chrome and Firefox work fine. Internet Explorer is still on the computer and it works. Cortana works when I change browsers - does not work with Edge, I am using a HP laptop with a AMD A8 type processor.

It may be download and installed at 3am , that's why we can't noticed , is anyone reset and install insider configured to fast will get update ,i don't mine i believe it already installed

Whomever walks away with a Surface 3 will be a very happy camper indeed.  But the other prizes seems sweet as well. 


As for Opera, it's another opportunity to check out another app that supports Windows Phone!

Yeah that's why I see it too. This implementation might the result of some rougue apps try to confuse users to make those things as default. So this necessary evil (but bit tedious to casual users) can be good to save themselves. This affects on all types of apps anyways, not just browsers.

really ? youre gonna talk about microsoft making online experience easier ? for gods sake, they gave all their native apps to android and iOS and got nothing back (talking about YouTube) . so Microsoft isnt selfish, excuse you


I could agree more. Microsoft hit I put out the park with this ad. IMO all of the W10 ad's are cleaver and on point. They give a good insight into the product and very modern with a good flare.