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How many times a week do you insert your pen in another person's pc? Why do you do it? Is that a niche too?

Not really. But what I see is what they're really doing for. If they keep developing this far, it means that they will keep supporting the mobile platform, regardless of their mobile sales. We won't see the growth in the near future, but let's see.

The Lumia 435 could be had for as low as as £4.95 last year (sub-$10), the Lumia 535 could be had for as low as £9.95 in the UK, unlocked.
The Lumia 635 could also be had for as low as £9.95, and the 640 for as low as £19.95 at one point.

Are you delusional? Or can't you read numbers? Nokia WAS responsible for WP's market share increase. Next thing and you'll deny tge earth revolves around the sun...

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I went for XPS 13 and do not have any of these issues. Stuff happens.

Someone else might have a HP Spectre that caught fire. It's how things go in mass manufacture.

It is not, you're correct. But if you're a gamer then Windows Hello probably isn't high on the priority list. The 4GB 960M is better to have ;-)

All manufacturers experience problems. My Surface Pro 3 is the worst thing I've ever owned, I'm already on a replacement from Microsoft and that's gone wrong too. Meanwhile my three Dell PCs haven't missed a beat. Stuff happens.

There are no hardware issues with this laptop. I just bought one and for the price it's absurd value. 'Hearing' about issues isn't the same as owning products and experiencing them.

Exactly, I have everything I need in this 950, and most of the things I want. No one had it all and it's just business. I hate when ppl come here to complain about something they no longer use. Also more than a million sales, awesome

Good Journalism,  they want everyone to speculate what is going on instead of giving the full story....or their buddies in MS told them not to say where it was!

Is there any way to make Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar stop tweeting and start working? W10 is just getting worst and worst.

Snapchat cost me £700 2 days ago because the 950XL I bought my wife in December has no support for it. I got sick of the moaning and gave in and bought her an iPhone 6S Plus. She said she still preferred the 950XL as it was more user friendly but ultimately less fun, and fun is what she wants from a phone. We are all on the cusp of being forced to switch to WhyPhone or Blandroid. If things don't improve SOON then Windows Phone will be gone forever and we will have no other option. ChackraCore running on OSX and having UWP apps becoming cross platform makes it look very much like the future of "Made for Windows" apps is not just on windows devices. I have been with the platform since my HTC HD7 and I am loving my 950XL but I have to confess to losing faith that things will change. Would be nice to hear some news about growth.


OK you've said this several times, could you verify that it is a scam or do you just like saying it because it sounds impressive?

Thats a hell of alot of empolyees to fire from a so called "growing company" don't cha think?  3% of its entire workforce laid off?  WOW.  Nutella is doing a great job!  

If this is true then MS should have fired everyone including their CEO and lemmings years ago!  stagnate company number 1.

Maybe it was just you feeling "ignored"  you still had a job there,  you DID NOT get fired,  you DID NOT get asked to could have stayed there and worked and earned a living for you and your family if you have one.  These people are being told to pack your **** and go home you no longer have a paycheck...TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS my friend.  

NUTELLA...thats whats wrong.  His lemmings are stripping microsoft of everything that is innovative.

Upvote for you A5cent!  someone like myself who understands business.  The stock price is short term generated inflation....soon to be followed by a steep decline.  

My 950xl is frozen on "nearly ready, it's worth if" "bijna klaar en het is de moeite waard" for an hour now adn is not responding to restarting. I can take an call, thats it. Recovery is not an option at this moment.

Not happy!!

that happend to blackberry right before they fell to their death as well!  I was a blackberry user when num nuts went hockey team hunting.  I called that failure too.....but again was called everything under the sun on the bb websites as well.  I was called a troll, hater etc when I saw what Jim was doing instead of pushing his company forward.  The exact same thing Nutella is doing now....Using apple products,  "focusing" on enterprise by buying ***** websites,  etc.  Downward spiral expected soon!

Not negative nannies....negative NELLIES.   Plus...Us negative Nellies are RIGHT.  Take your head out of MS's ass and realised they have no direction, not drive,  no future now.  Their latest project.  w 10 is failing.....I am not Negative,  I am a realist.  Glad I jumped ship.

No,  the correct headline is Microsoft is laying off these people to free up funds to buy MySpace for 30 billion dollars!


This comment is really stupid and let me say why. It assumes a static market in which Android will always win, iPhone will always be second, and Windows on mobile will always continue to shrink and become non-existent. That assumption is easy to dismiss and is based on ignorance, hence, why your comment is stupid. A few years ago, Windows on tablets was a non-starter. Every one stated that MS should give up trying. Then Surface came along. Sure, it took a while, but now Windows tablets and 2-in-1's (tablets with attachable keyboards) are the only ones growing, keeping the tablet market from free falling. Surface is now a multi-billion dollar brand. If it's properly leveraged for mobile, which I think it will, then we may well see a renaisance there as well. What will be the key for MS is how many UWP apps they manage to get in the store. Everytime I turn around more and more show up there, including some long time classics from iOS.

So do yourself and us a favor and take your attitdude and keep it to yourself. Those of us who hope MS will turn things around next year, would like the opportunity to wait and see how things go before the Nostradomuses of the world declare its total failure.

Indeed! Like they already featuring Cortana to be the most personalized digital assistants out there, but same as all other popular assistants, Cortana doesn't have nice greetings when activating her through voice command.

There is actually still shortcomings about Cortana, like most of the time I ask for my calendar agendas. Cortana just simply tell me "Here is your calendar..." but she doesn't tell me what it is, I have to actually pull-up my device and read those information. Cortana has to speak complete every detail (also in more humane way) when I ask something through voice command.

That's a perfectly valid question to ask. But did MS have their W10M polished enough and ready for heavy marketing until now? I would say no. It's gotten much better in recent months but even now some would argue it still has some important bugs (wifi, BT, etc.) to work out before RTM. I think they just had to wait for W10, UWP and W10M to get into shape before pushing it again. But yeah it sucks WP/WM lost so much momentum in the process.

Truer words never spoken.  Nutella has artifical intelligence...or fabricated intelligence.........and he's taking all of their jobs.  wow!  nice play on words!

By contrast, FB apps _aren't_ UWP. ;)

Scaling doesn't always have to do only with text size. There's one Text Size setting under Accessibility, which wouldn't help much (if at all), and the other is the one in Display. That scales _all_ UI items, not just text, so all buttons, text, controls, etc. appear larger or smaller accordingly. Getting the right scaling under Display may help your issue.

This is why need need a way to customize the "Hey Cortana" commands for each device with Cortana on it. Basically giving a unique device name we like. Its better also for detection of activation command, and less prone for other people activating Hey Cortana (though this rather rare next to none, depends on situation but there is a tiny possibility).

Hope not, we'll see. Like my 950XL and 1520 a lot but its kind of too much we'll see, coming soons, app lack, no push in phone business that people jump ship and they dont coming back. And I'm in line for testing the new Nokia. If I hadnt had insider preview install on both I would have left half a year ago.

We seriously need to make similar feedback about Hey Cortana activation phrase to be customizable for RS2. Since Cortana isn't confined to single device anymore, we must have a way to have them have unique identifier to activate Hey Cortana, no less.

There can be also another more subtle and nicer implementation like Cortana intelligently knows which device are on active session and you "intent" using, but this is rather more advance stuff. We need to 'perfect' basics first (especially that customizable activation phrase for voice assistants isn't even new, Moto X phones for example).

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Looky Here.   I guess I am not a troll,  or hater etc.   How about a realist!  I saw this coming a mile away.  I called it in the linked in article,  I called it again in the server divison move article,  I called it in other places too.   Funny thing,  No employees called me for the 1/2 price cubical cleaning system.   Oh well,  their loss.   

I Love Nutella and Microsoft.  Axe everything in MS until there are 10 employees,  making one thing for enterprise.