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Absolutely buzzing about the possibility of Red Dead 2. Would love a copy of Star Wars as not been able to afford it this close to Christmas

This one's true, i feel quantum break will be a hit and it'll surprise a lot of people. Especially PS4 fans lol.

Samsung have "re-invented" by excluding the SD Card and installing a smaller battery on a super power hungry OS and screen.

Walking the streets in Cuba with my Lumia 1520 in my hand shooting photos this year, I have frequently heard with admiration "hey, is that a Nokia!, Lumia!, Windows Phone!".

A musician / sound technician judged that it is worth its $600 to him, after seeing and hearing my Lumia 1520 recording of his bands performance.

I think it's short-sighted of Sony to ignore the potential sales from a WP model. They do need the sales.

Yes! RDR had the most amazing landscapes. Superb game, I want to play it again.

In what way do Microsoft's offerings not measure up? The camera? No. The processor? No. The RAM? No. The screen? No. The iris scanner? Not available on any other platform. Continuum?  Also not available.  The 950 and 950XL are the most advanced phones on the market.  They didn't leave out anything I can think of that is currently available, with the exception of pen input, which I had on my Note and never used.

Daniel criticized the look of the 950, among other things. I have the XL and assume, other than the camera ring, that the 950 looks about the same.  I love the look.  It comes across to me as simple and elegant at the same time.  Classy is the word. And I feel the build quality is excellent.  I honestly don't understand why all the hate.

I agree the OS needs work. I've had a couple of little issues, but overall I've been very happy with WM10.  And I'm optimistic it will improve.  It's in its infancy.

Like Apple sell a tiny amount of Mac's but it would be silly to just stop selling them as they don't sell as many as Dell.

I'm sure they know that too. If they make some mythical Surface phone, Microsoft knows it will be their hail mary and do everything they can to make it successful.

When people say what phone do you have I say Windows Phone!

Wish they would just stick with this name too :)

So I have been trying to figure out how Microsoft could have worded their change of focus better:
1.) We are taking a break from Windows Phone. Bad for all kinds current WP users.
2.)We will no longer compete with iPhone and Android. That sounds like giving up.
3.) We are refocusing on three target groups. Equally confusing, because as a fan I wish everyone had a WP, not just enterprise and ascending countries.
4.) We are toning everything down. Bad because it sounds like there will be less investment.

I think I would have said,
"Due to Microsoft's emphasis on delivering the best productivity tools to everyone, we will be renewing our development efforts, redirecting our marketing budget and partnering with hardware providers to release the best smartphone ever. This intensely focused effort will require us to have a delayed 2-3 year release cycle. Between Flagship Phone releases you will be kept up to date with new apps and frequent feature updates."

Just saying it would be less confusing.

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Translation: "Everyone, please drink the Kool-Aid"
WinMo has four problems:
1) Microsoft's well earned reputation for not making things people love, but rather things they have to use.
2) Microsoft's well earned reputation for treating consumers with casual disregard (ahem - WinMe, Vista, and the ever-shrinking OneDrive)
3) Their absolute, resolute, total inability to market to Consumers. (has can they not have broomed their Marketing Dept and poached Apple's to try and fix this?)
4) Sub-par App ecosystem.

There is no reason evidence that MS is serious about doing anything about the first three. So far we have seen little improvement in #4, as Universal Apps haven't had a target market in terms of handsets, and as for the ' bridges', well over of then had already fallen down.

Keys stop stroking Microsoft and listed start clamoring for them to get serious about solving all four of these critical issues, because unless they do, imprints in one or two of them will be just wasted effort. Like WinPhone has, sadly, proven to be.

There is always a silver lining somewhere - like putting Office on the iPhone to make it look pro and put Windows 10 on the Mac, as most do.

Let's see what will happens
That's interesting, but without strong presence in the marketing, tv, radio online etc.. I doubt they can succeed

Is it like Samsung Kies or whatever they called it - the worst piece of junk software I ever used, well tried to use!

Agree with you about the frame rate issue, Jez, that's ridiculous. I couldn't care less about resolution difference (especially 900p vs. 1080p) like some of the complainers, but I will definitely confess that there is a huge difference in smoothness and playability between 30 and 60 frames per second. I'm surprised there's a developer willing to mess up the parity to that extent.

With that said, I'm REALLY looking towards Quantum Break. Loved Alan Wake, this game looks fantastic! Excited for a chance to win battlefront as well, played in the open beta and enjoyed it but don't have the funds to buy it right now.

In a few days I will turn 56 and I am with you ;-)
​Somewhere in the 90's I used a Philips Niño, a Windows CE handpalm device with Outlook.
In 2004 I bought a T-Mobile MDA. A phone made by HTC with Windows Phone and a pen. I have used it for 6 years.
So, in 2010 I bought an HTC Windows Phone 7.
I have owned and used a Lumia 710 for while.
In November 2013 I bought a Lumia 920.
I am a happy owner of a Lumia 1520 since June 2014 and am getting rid of my traditional  cameras.
I am likely to skip the 950XL as I have already spent my money on a camera to capture spherical images in one shot.
But, I am looking forward very much to what is beyond the Lumia 950XL. I fancy a near 6" phone that I can slot into a 15" display unit to have a large tablet. Add a good kickstand, a keyboard and a mouse and I will have a small desktop. For some work I fance an even larger display.

Moving forward is for all ages :-))


I remember at the launch of the 920 that AT&T had multiple units on display front and centre in their Michigan Avenue store in Chicago. That thanksgiving it was literally the first thing you saw when you walked into the store. When the original Windows Phone 7 launched every single carrier had a phone available for purchase. Sure some stores showed less than stellar treatment of Windows Phone, but rep after rep has said that they have the highest return rates for phones sold by carriers. Why would a carrier waste shelf space on phones like that? Why would Microsoft spend money buying shelf space when those that do buy their phones return them overwhelmingly? 

Regardless of what you may think Microsoft advertised their phones early on. And they courted devs. And they built apps for those services that allowed them to. None of that worked. You don't keep throwing away money on a losing strategy. It's bad business. 

Yea, the Surface range was seen as a failure (because it was for the first couple gens), but persistence paid off. However, they were competing with no one else given the new market segment they were creating. Phones are well established - will Continuum and Hello draw the crowd they are looking for, especially if they do nothing else for the next year, giving everyone else the opportunity to add these features in?

Reason why i changed to Android was the lack of good apps and that is the only reason why you should move out from Windows phone

I have W10 on my phone, build 10586, and the search bar is at the bottom using Edge.

My thoughts exactly. Even if Microsoft thinks that the metrics Jason laid out are fair and accurate, it's not like Microsoft has had much lobbying power in the past, nor will they be able to influence reviewers to change their style in the future. For the better part of a decade, phone reviews had the looming "iPhone killer?" question. We are just now starting to see phones from manufacturers other than Apple not held to that metric, but the comparison is still there in nearly every review. So how would anyone convince reviewers (especially of brand "agnostic" sites like the Verge or Engadget) to play along, especially when they know full well that the comparison will get them clicks? A noble effort, for sure, but I'm afraid no one will play along.
Also, unfortunate that the same metrics applied to other phones might put those scores higher than Microsoft's, anyway. We all know that Apple's fans are quite satisfied, and BYOD has been going strong in the enterprise for a couple years now. With Android having made a significant splash in the low end realm after the Moto E launch to take on the 520, Microsoft is still likely to face challenges of moving product just to be reviewed. It seems that the "fan" class of consumer will have to be included in the other classes - business AND fan, budget AND fan - when there are other options that seem to offer more than what Microsoft can.

I agree with the context of your argument, however I do no believe that MSFT gave up on its vision. IMO, they acknowledge that they were not winning over the consumers from Apple and Android, and to make matters worst, the faithful (based on numerous commnts here on WC) were demanding features and likeness to the competition. Therefore, MSFT relaxed on their own vision in a desperate attempt to hold on to their "fans" and to gain market share. Hence the W-Insiders, which was great way to get feedback  and give the "fans" some of what they want. Moving forward, I am pleased that MSFT is back to building on a "unique experience", after-all most of us purchased WPs because they were not cookie cutters. A final note, I enjoy reading Jason's articles, it's another reasonfor me to keep in tune with WC. 

Received my 950XL on friday in the Netherlands, entered my code on saturday and today received the shipping info!

Ehh...there's nothing, absolutely nothing, in those studios that appears on camera that the league hasn't approved.

Just an idea - I have previously "bought out" my contract to get a new phone - say you have 6 months left, you can offer to pay off the 6 months but ask them for 33% discount, which they do accept - it's an option to get out at a lower price.

Who remembers the KI trailer? ONLY ON XBOX OOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!! They should end every Xbox One exlusive game trailer with that voice.

Good to see more titles coming for the Xbox One. I usually don't like FPS games, but I'm looking forward to Quantum Break gameplay reviews and how they handle the time aspect.

Really?  I upgraded from a 1520 to the 950XL, which I think is a better comparison to the 1520.  While I loved my 1520 and owned it for 2 years (over twice as long an any phone I've ever had), the 950XL is a worthy upgrade and worth the money invested.  Microsoft crammed everything into this phone.  I can't think of any technology any other phone has that the XL doesn't have--plus Continuum, plus liquid cooling, plus an iris scanner.  Plus while every other manufacturer moves away from removable batteries and memory card slots, the 950/XL thankfully bucks that trend.

The 1520 was a beast and is still a great phone.  But the 950XL is an improvement--faster processor, better camera, more RAM.  And I like the design. When I opened the box and looked at the phone, I couldn't believe people were complaining about how it looks.  I guess it's a matter of preference, but I think the 950 and the 950XL look great. Yes, it's plastic.  I prefer it over metal or glass.  And it's the reason I was able to keep my 1520 in great shape for 2 years without a case.  I dropped it a number of times, but the plastic absorbed the shock and still looked good.  Try that with aluminum or glass.  The fit of the back cover is excellent and I like that rounded corners over the 1520's sqare ones.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to design, and if you like your 1520 then keep using and enjoying it.  But it would be a stretch to say the 950 doesn't hold a candle to the 1520 in the area of performance.