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In order to get the prompt for 10, you need to fully update your OS. If you run Windows updates, do a couple reboots, and check for new updates, and still don't get the prompt, you can just download the installer and run it manually. Works fine, I did this on my wife's PC.

Why did the design team used the same round corners than the Lumia 640/640XL ? I'm really starting to wonder if these are the flagships that 1020 customers were expecting. 

IMO the squared and rectangle shape of the 1020 is much more better in design. 

Also, those bezels, they look thick for a flagship in 2015.

Yea, it was "water-proof", but if the back cover was cracked open just a hair, the device would short out.

Hopefully, MS won't make they carrier exclusive. They need to release their phones on all carriers. 

Technically "market share" would be the number of people using a product, versus the entire number of people in the market. If based on sales, people who bought a cheap device 3 times a year would have more "market share" than people who bought an expensive device 1 time a year, even if more people use the expensive device. That's just sales. What this is using is usage data, which is not always a good way to measure market share. Because a small number of people may visit more websites, boosting the perceived "market share" of those devices. However, if the firm did a good job of differentiating each user, then usage data could be a decent indicator of market share. Although users who don't use their device on sites from which data is collected within the time period measured would not be collected, we could assume that that would equally affect all OSes.

I hope it's not toooo grindy and the future Windows 10 version needs to have cloud save / cross unlocking cheevos when released.

I find it interesting that surface phone is supposed to be announced around when non pro surface usually is. My hunch is surface mini turned into surface phone, sorta. Phablet, stylus, etc.

iPhone 6s will not have expandable storage. It will sell 10x these plastics. Expandle storage is only a small player in today's cloud game. So try again.

that's usually coming from iJUNK users, since the ""ONLY""thing iJUNK phn has and going for them. An aluminum foil that bends in iSHEEP pockets when they sit down(#bendgate). If you notice, iSHEEP will NOT  EVER brag about iJUNK's garbage Camera, Screen, Battery, Limited NFC, after all the years finally copied big screen phns, NO MicroSD slot, NO 5 pix front camera,............................and so many features that iJUNK is lacking. oh no you will NEVER hear them bragging about those 4 years old technology iJUNK6/6+ has. Just garbage aluminum body that bends, its all they have.  What a joke. 

There are TV ads here in the US, but they're absolutely horrible. No branding or product recognition, just commercials about how cute babies are.

Awesome game. Bought it on a discounted price on iOS a few weeks backs

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Wait, one more! If my battery is low and I need to charge and use the phone at the same time, I just plug the micro-USB cable directly into the phone. Can't do that with the Nokia charger cable.

If you forget to buy it later when it becomes cheaper, you probably weren't that interested in it then. The people who want it now will pay, the people who don't care or don't have enough money will have to wait. It's like saying a Bugatti Veyron should only be $350,000. Bugatti loses, I think, ~4 million bucks on each veyron that leaves the factory and VW surprisingly allows that. I think it's the same thing with game devs, they spend tons and tons of money on the game and in the end pray that it sells successfully. That 60 buck price tag is necessary to help create an actual profit.

MS Edge for me always has issues with Youtube... sometimes it plays the stream, sometimes not. Most times the video is all glitched / black screen / a mix of previous two. And even with Tubecast you have the same problems =/

So far the best browser for Youtube is Firefox.

Third party apps are great to fill the gaps, but they also discourage companies from producing an official app. Low audience relative to iOS and Android means they're reluctant to spend on WP development as it is, and if they see some enthusiasts have done it anyway then they think that they don't need to bother and confirms to them that WP is a minority platform run by enthusiasts so even less likely to bother in the future.

So in many ways I'd prefer to support official apps where possible.

Probably pirated OS in the 3rd world? And many of these get viruses which use them as netbots. That activity might be seen as a higher userbase? I'm just speculating.

That's the uglier WP ever made.... Still 925 and My 1520 are number 1!!! And that stupid "flagship" cant be much more better than my 1520 LOL

I didn't know that it's possible to have access to the computer's files from OneDrive website. Thanks for this tip! I have a question: can I have access also from OneDrive app on my phone?



Google it but Google is despised around here by some extremists so Bing it

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What's so special about those phones?

The main thing the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge+ has going for it is its admittedly impressive display. Otherwise it's got the same hardware as the regular Edge. In benchmarks, even if it has an advantage, it doesn't outperform the Snapdragon 810 consistently. And you're still faced with the burden of supporting Android and TouchWiz on top of that.

The Note 5 is the same exact deal minus the curved display. Samsung's aesthetics have improved a bit but they're definitely not my first choice and TouchWiz ruins everything.

The OnePlus Two features the same exact hardware as the Lumia 950 XL. So if it's good enough for OnePlus then it has to be good enough for Microsoft. And if you think the 950 is ugly then the OnePlus is a nightmare.

The iPhone 6S is the same thing it's always been. The hardware is good and generally always leads the pack in terms of performance. Of course, two updates in your iPhone will struggle to keep up. You have to buy in to the ecosystem, which at this point has gotten quite stale. Aesthetically, I'm not a huge fan of the design but it is one of the better looking metal phones out there.

I do wish there was more creativity in phone design. Unfortunately, Apple has trained consumers to believe that metal is the ideal material.

Quit complaining. How crap everyone! lol. these phones wether you like them or not will be GREAT phones for a great price not matter what! I'm happy for Microsoft headed in the right direction :). And I'm personally going to get the new one that is rumored to come out 2nd quarter 2016.

Thanks for the mention. It's a very nice update. Love the new interface when scrolling through episodes in a season of a series. :)

"They're working on their own schedule"

When you want to survive in a market, you need to be working on the rivals' schedule.

Windows 8/10 is a huge step back when backing up user profiles. I miss Windows Easy Transfer.

If you want to access files from other account, it looks more elegant to simply share them...

I just think it's funny when people bash renders. I guarantee the actual phones look different and better. And they'll be great phones.

Knowing that it's in the works doesn't do is any good. IOS users have Android Wear, Apple Watch, Pebble and more. Android users have Android Wear, Pebble and more. Windows Phone users have NOTHING :(

I am not expecting IRIS scanner become mainstream on mobile platform in near future but fingerprint scanners due to the way android OEMs and apple so how these 950's going to handle fingerprint auth apps is another big Question.

I know it really sux bc I have a Verizon acct and it is the best in coverage, but they've boycotted the Windows Phones =(....i'm stuck and it sux

No it doesn't. Apparently that feature has been in work for some time. Who knows when we'll get that feature

According to whom? This site's only mention of it that I've seen stated no U.S. carrier was to get the XL, while the CDMA guys (Verizon, Sprint) might get no phones at all.