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Nah, I live in the UK. My old man lives in California so I asked him to grab me one and ship it over. It's great, I love it. Just a couple of things that bug me. 1: Very scratchable glass and 2: Cant wear it with cuffed shirts. Other than that, its great :-)

I think scrolling is far convenient than flipping .. But i want flipboard 3.0 that's present in android. Its more beautiful.. Todays update made flipboard little more feature full

It was a layer over the top of the lock screen, so it did add some lag and unresponsiveness sometimes. Very cool concept, but still limited for what many were looking for. Not nearly as worthless as the animated screens. Talk about a let down from the presentation to the actual release.

MS got their fingers (and wallets) burned for producing the original Surface RT in high numbers and failing to sell anywhere near how many they anticipated, so I can understand why they're being cautious (however frustrating it may be).

Not sure about reason but this app is totally unstable on my L930. Unable to unlock the phone when registered. Therefore not able to gain access to the phone. Even a power off/on doesn't fix this. So I wonder.

Yes I'm trying to put a windows rt on my Sony tablet s and without the right flashing tools and other things its not working very well.i need some drivers.the windows starts but crashes after a second or too.

You are completely correct Daniel.  This reason allow is why I sold my Pebble watch and got a Microsoft Band instead.

are you sure about wiping because i have installed 3 big games and lots of other apps. In my 830 battery life is reduced after updating. Even in standby mode phone consuming 7% of battery per hour.

Never worked well for me on 1020. I couldn't unlock the phone half the time and just got a black screen. Shame really

Ha ha after few days Microsoft Lumia 001,002,003,004,005,006,007,008,009,010............. Blah blah blah is going to launch in market.........

I know right, it's hard for multi billion dollar corporations to manufacture products at a reasonable rate. They just don't have the money.

Get a life, Rodney. I'm also glad MS products are on Android, because I use Android as well as WP.

I am not looking forward to operamini, I have Internet let them put the bar wherever they wish