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If true, Xbox One S is doing well thanks to it being the cheapest UHD BD player but this is still bad news for MS. They're losing in every territory, even the US where Xbox receives the most promotion and deepest price cuts. Europe and Japan isn't even in contention, MS are getting destroyed in those territories, by as much as 100k a week in Japan.

Not saying your wrong, but do you have a link for that?
Is it overall software sales or attach rate?

I'm looking forward to the day i can carry my phone into work, dock it and run Visual Studio on it :)

This review is for the HD not QHD model at $1999. I think a better comparison would be the Alienware 15 HD model which is $2149 down from $2569 (probably cause they were not selling as well Razer). I agree the specs are better but it fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down. Its over 40% thicker to boot. The Razer Blade is being labelled as the MacBook Pro replacement and we all know Apple is known for being sexy.

To be fair, there is no way for an OS which is running inside a VM to know that it is running inside a VM.
But yes, from the user's point of view it is illogical. They could have let the insider builds free so anyone could test them, but then people would install them and use them as their everyday OS. So they let them run but they disabled personalisation features.

I will agree that working with a 1440p and two 1080p monitors can be really annoying. Issues with scaling and accuracy are something I'm constantly dealing with nowadays :/

I have made several attempts to get OneDrive to sync with my PC, without success. The instructions posted by M'soft state that certain arrows can be clicked on to make something happen, but on my PC, bought new with Win 10 installed, these arrows are not visible. I can sync if I log in to OneDrive through my browser and then drag and drop the items I want to back up, a long and time consuming work-around to achieve what OneDrive ought to do automatically. In short, OneDrive is useless and I suggest that others do as I am now doing, looking elsewhere to cloud-store my files. Microsoft ought to be ashamed of the rubbish they now issue, in particular, forcing users to "upgrade" which really means paying for something you don't want or need. It appears that the real brains behind M'soft have retired, moved on to other fields or made so much money that they no longer need to work, leaving inexperienced third-rate people in charge. Whatever the reason, M'soft is producing rubbish with iterations of its systems bringing scant or no improvements and intended only to create profits for themselves.

Well the main reason I went for the GTX 1080 was due to a few factors. I was in a hotel room bored when the cards were about to go on sale, I needed a high end GPU for VR and I still want to play the odd games from time to time. In the end I pre-ordered the 1080 as it was a modern, high-end, future-proof option :P

What graphics card are you using? My GTX 1080 has a surplus of DisplayPort connectors, but you might have to jump through hoops on older or lower-end cards.

I kinda built up the desk myself based on the size of my work space. It's made up of two desks from IKEA, where I purchased the table top and legs separately. Made it a pretty good fit for the room I had (:

Thanks for the input! I actually used to use three of those Acer monitors, but upgraded to a 1440p monitor at the center. Looking to phase out the others in the future, but the U2515H isn't a cheap option to begin with :P

I am sorry Daniel, but I just don't get why anyone would waste money on this Razer laptop, especially if you are after gaming on the go, especially priced at $2400 when you can get the Alienware 17 R4 with the same cpu, geforce 1080, QHD 120hz screen with g-sync, with faster RAM, and more storage, both ssd (boot) and hdd, windows hello camera plus eye tracking for only $2450 right now on

So you will get insanely better GPU and screen, plus everything else, with the only downside being a slightly bigger size, as its 17" screen, and more weight. It's a no brainer if you ask me.


Emulated app will run slower if they are CPU bound. If they are GPU bound they run faster than on Atom.

Emulation is just a bridge solution, while the ARM Win32 ecosystem is still in its infancy. But it is a necessary step, as the latest ARM cores have surpassed the Atom in both CPU and GPU performance by far.

It technically IS Windows RT + x86 emulation. The x86 emualtion layer is a tiny part of the whole OS.

Too bad we don't even have the old Sky Force in the Windows store, nor Sky Force Reloaded. Not even this new one XD

For Horizon ALONE go with xbox. I am a car NUT. Between what I own and have owned...there are lots of them in horizon.

I went with PS4 for the exclusives as well. XBox exclusives tend to be shooters and racing games, neither of which appeals to me. Although PSVR did influence my decision too. Other than that, there is little difference between the machines for me.

I'm thinking £400 for Scorpio. Be nice if they had a usb c port and quick charge for the batteries in the controller. MS can't go much higher in price due to Sony likely offering a Pro price cut next Autumn., or even late summer. Be aware too that there will be several SKUs, based around hard drive size. Base will probably be 1TB. Might also offer one with a hybrid drive. May possibly see our first 3TB console.

Yes, it is better for photographers. In fact, this tool is better stacked against Lightroom, than Photoshop.

I wouldn't recommend it for drawing concept art. If you just do sketches for fun, go with the new Paint 3D it is wonderful and super simple.

Perhaps all of you not having the skills to use it should not offer your oppinion, but listen to what those who do have the skills, and it is their line of work, have to say about it. Just a suggestion. Feel free to do whatever feels right to you.

I have to say I was delighted to see a serious contender for Photoshop and llustrator. Adobe has monopolized the market for a long time. On the other hand, rightfully so. ;)  And while Designer is comparable to Illustrator, and in many ways an improvement, Photo, while fully capable, falls short in a couple of important things.  A. Workflow.  B. Performance.  While overall workflow is modern and interesting, it often leads the user to make extra work to reach the results they need. (Compared to Photoshop, if you use GIMP, by all means do not hold back, grab this wonderful tool. You will be most probably doing yourself a favour.)  It performed slower than Photoshop on the same machine performing the same tasks. ( a machine that does all sorts of 3D animation, rendering, post production, high end music editing, game development, a professional workstation)  So while I do welcome Photo in every way, great price, perpetual license, compact, and fresh, I am not confident enough to switch my pipeline, and I do not see many others doing it. It will be hugely popular with students, and other people who may be cost conscious, but otherwise can't see it seriously threatening Photoshop any time soon.

You forgot Windows 8 RT. It has all the necessary Win32 libs onboard. With a little hack on the compiler side (because it was never officially supported by MS) you could compile Win32 Apps for ARM with a simple button press.

And of course .Net app with "CPU any" directly run under Windows 8 RT (provided they do not use WPF). 

Some time ago I've grabbed Dell Precision M4600 for $138 on eBay. It configured with top of the line 2nd gen Core i7-2860qm CPU, 8Gb RAM, Quadro 1000m and 320Gb storage. Right after getting this machine, I've upgraded the storage to RAID0 2x1Tb for $70, GPU to Maxwell based Quadro m1000m (similar to 950m) for $90, wireless card to 3x3 MIMO AC for $30. Then, I removed things I don't need, such as display module and palmrest with keyboard. Now, it's thin enough to be placed right between slim VESA wall mount and TV. For just $338 total I have a really decent machine, that can handle any video and any game and is absolutely invisible. Apart from using it as Home Media Center, it functions as my 24/7/365 Server. So here is my advice: if you want to build a decent, powerful and lowcost HTPC - just buy an upgradable laptop with 2nd gen CPU at least (preferably some mobile workstation with lots of ports and slots).

When running native code (e.g. ARM code) these devices should perform somwhere between the fastest Atoms and Core M3...most likely very close to M3. In emualtion mode they should be quite a bit slower than Atom of course.

Thing is of course, that emulation is just an enabler. More and more programs will be available as native ARM apps over time.

Sony is dropping quickly. No way in the world should Xbox One have been that close considering all the preorders for Ps4 pro. Next month Ps4 Pro is gonna drop massively. This is huge.

A 1080 doesn't really have the feature set to really affect video editing, it can certainly do it but it's not the purpose of the card. But hey, maybe he just wants the option, or maybe for revising or something.

I have a 360, PS3 and I am soon getting the xbox one back when my son gets back from University. The XB1 is the best system I have played to date. Plus Forza Horizon NAILS it!

Yeah, models in this article are just consumer grade laptops. As for me, the best real Pro ultraportable is the HP Zbook Studio with Dreamcolor - certainly it'll fit any prosumer user.

I have a vive and its surprising light and easy to slip on and off, it looks bulky in pictures but it's actually pretty small. Also I've spent £850 on a PC, I'm fine spending £650 on one black Friday deal, but I'll be honest I think a £500 price tag would get them more sales. Also If you can't risk the money wait for a year when Microsoft's oem cheap headsets come out. May be worth the wait considering the minimum specs are pretty low but the minimum resolution is greater than the vive and rift.

1:39 am pacific time, I was still able to claim them for free. I wonder if this is so people in Hawaii can get it before midnight.

Yesterday I decided to uninstall Skype Preview from my 950Xl altogether. SMS relay got worse and worse. Duplicate contacts were created (which I guess explains the inconsistent convo syncing?). Super...*super* slow app experience. Lacking features (sending location, easier photo attachment, GIF support). Switched back to the Messaging app. OMG. Now that is a solid app. I go in and out in less than a few seconds with messages sent without a problem.

Really nice promo video. As an adobe CC subscriber. It's hard to consider using anything new. But if I wasn't, this looks pretty capable and for a really low price.

Crazy but happens to me too. I think it's something about server(s) side update. I can totally tell they're doing something backend because skype becomes unreliable for a few days.

Then you name the folders differently.
Its not that hard.
OneDrive folder will download all folders from both

I'm a Microsoft die hard fan, but I own PS4 simply because of the powerful exclusives that they have, Naughty Dog games alone is an overkill, and now with Kojima's Death Stranding, I don't see a chance for Xbox outdoing these games.