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Dear All, it's just that Lumia 930 is so sophisticated that they don't want to risk on it, other ordinaries are being played with

Dont get why most devs on Windows phone expect to get income from the app if all they give us is a half assed piss poor version of the competitions' apps that are only updated once a year whereas the competitions' are like every other week or so. But yet people will find some pathetic way to blame Microsoft for the app's failure, even though Microsoft is giving the dev more or less every tool at their disposal to make the app creation process a little simpler. Hopefully devs are pulling all of these apps to start fresh with Windows 10, though some clarification for their reasoning behind pulling the apps would be nice. Its pretty ignorant for some of these devs to just pull the app without any reasoning behind it or whether or not it will return in the future.

I honestly don't. Can you explain it carefully, please?

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All Lumia have to be attended to first buddy, sorry just be patient until the official release

Waiting a flagship windows 10 smartphone to upgrade my 2 years old Lumia 820. Really love my windows phone but now have small flaw only waiting for windows 10 eagerly

This is good news, personally I don't think it will take up to one week bfor the release. Am eagerly waiting especially the voice to tap and ability to reply from the notification

No, that was the Verizon Lumia 928, which was the precursor to the LED flash carrying Lumia Icon. 2 steps forward 1 step back.

Microsoft is half-hearted about flagships because people don't buy them. I mean, they can do a flagship once in a while,, but they have realised their strength is midrange and lower range

I don't care about a dang code just put the game out there and I will buy it right now... Not in the store... Is it me, or was tho game already supposed to be launched?

Finally I can put my feedback about missing swipe functions like in Phone app,easily swipe from Speed Dial and history instead of manually touching it from top in new design

"HTC is irrelevant according to 1.3% percentage of phones being sold :P"

You're irrelevant. Please go away now.

The huge list likely means it's getting close to final. Get ready for hamburgers, other UI elements out of reach at the top of the screen, the butt ugly oval toggles, horrible looking calendar, too many "borders" to make sure even low IQ people see where an element or a section starts etc.... I am just full of sun shine, aren't I? :P ;) :D

On a (equally) serious note, can't wait!

I accidentally touched the start button but went back in anyway and suddenly the game environment changed entirely...anybody got a clue what happened?

Why are so many people dying for flagships? Don't get me wrong. I also like powerful phones but why jumping ships just because there is not a phone that could rival the opponent's 4GB RAM or an octa-core processor? It does not make sense to me. I am just curious.

PS: I have a Lumia 920 that I bought a few years ago but I don't find myself buying such an expensive device (₹43,000 = US $717) again given that the screen had yellow patches with just over a year of use. Technology is heavily flawed and I do not want to bet on it again.

it is always good to have something extra.if you don't want android apps onyour wp then dont install them.and it will be a delight for those who want best of both worlds.

What s are you referring to? I have the original appx file with a nokia 1520 dev unlock and trying to side load through sdk, microsoft visual studio express 2013 but keep getting an unable to install error. help please?

My 1020 is waiting! Hope this will make me stick on this device for some more time! If not for cam, I would have jumped to One Plus One..