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Yeah big one on start screen. Small tiles, only showing half of it. Caused by putting start screen in full screen, then changing back.

Really? Just guessing... the service will be exactly the same, just a name change.

Do you think the service will get worse just because the name is changed?

Was really hoping Destiny DLC was part of this. I refuse to pay full price for it. It's overpriced. But I'd get it for 50% off.

Why is the name considered bad? Microsoft is supposed to call it Microsoft Music just so they can be like Apple? Apple music isn't a great name either. Beats music would have been much preferred. I'm wondering if all of the people claiming how bad the name is and that it's bad marketing actually have a music pass. The name of the service gonna stop you from signing up or continuing your service? Why the hate on the word groove? At least the word is in the dictionary. Spotify isn't. Not hating on Spotify just saying.

This Dowloaded perfectly on my Android Samsung S4.  I used it the same day and it was decently accurate,  I could not find how to go back to a previous hole to make corrections.  If I got to the tee on the next hole, the band automatically noticed and moved on.  I agree with the person about social sharing.  I would love an easy button press to show some of my other buddies final score ( with or without handicap) and on what course for competition purpouses and fun.  I was a little suprised it does not have a sharing feature.  Also I was able to sign up on the Taylor Made site, but they are not ready for login's yet.  It is still down.

Brand failure?? Haha there's so many brand design experts in these comments section "sigh"

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End of Microsoft Windows is near !! Nothing new... Just changing names from better to worse !! In name of features they don't have equalizer settings even !! From Microsoft lover !!

So other than changing the name in the Title Bar, it doesn't appear there will be any new/different functionality when the update comes through.  I'd be much more excited if the other article that was cited pulls in some of the functionality from that service.

Who's that young man featuring sonprominently in the article and why should we know who he is???

I guess I'm alone, but I don't have a problem with the Groove name.  Given Microsoft's desire to make Groove cross platform having something a little more catchy than Microsoft Music makes sense.  Causal users might be more willing to give it a chance with the Groove name on an iOS or Android device.

@Jas00555 You are the leader of "Groove" haters.. Temme.. What's your suggestion? Bing Music? Skype Music? Microsoft Music? Zune Music? Office Music? Outlook Music? Windows Music ? ... :D come on man.. It's better than Microsoft Music , Zune, and Xbox Music ... What's your point bro ?

Bullshit. If they wanted to, they would do it.

But let's say that's true, how does it explain the lack of Xbox Live in so many countries? No licences needed there.


This is terrible, terrible news. I'm not going to say only that, without any backing or any constructive arguments and critiques.

First of all, the name Groove, sounds so... confusing? Imagine someone just saying 'Hey, are you using Groove Music?' The brand has NO recognition whatsoever, and even if it does, most people will either associate it with:

1)The now defunct Grooveshark.

2)An annoying '90s commercial.

3)An Austin Powers phrase-line.

Second of all, I really feel there was no need for a name change. In my opinion, in the last years, we all may have notice that Xbox was slowly but surely becoming Microsoft's entertainment outlet, therefore, we have Music, TV and Videos, and there was no problem with that. Groove music sounds dull to me, mostly it appears as a product willing to appeal to kids. "Groove" repeat that a few times. It means nothing serious on one hand, and on the other, does anyone still use this word?

Finally, what I would like to see is some understanding coming from Microsoft on this particular subject. Yes, they are listening to customer feedback, they should listen on this one as well and also, maybe they should hire some people who can really appeal to the public (thankfully we didn't end up with "DirectX Box"), with good, beautiful and meaningful words. Lumia is a perfect example, it's subtle, elegant, and for me honestly, got me into Windows Phones (had one since 710 rolled out). Groove represents nothing, it doesn't capture your interest, and frankly, it doesn't make any sense.

I am not bitching, I am not complaining. I am just showing why the name Groove, has nothing appealing to it. I am though, trying to understand, why they felt the need for the name change.

I don't know if Groove Music is the perfect name or not but I did like Xbox Music (How about creating a poll?). People over here have a good acknowledgement of the brand 'Xbox' due to Xbox 360/One. But seriously, I'm done with Microsoft's rebranding of stuffs. Man it's crazy how they rebrand things every now and then, before half of the world even starts to recognize it... No hard feelings x_x

Rebranding not only confuses people but I believe it also comes at a price to Microsoft. What happens to the millions of $ and time they spend on promoting the names every damn time?

I honestly don't know what would be a good name for a music service from Microsoft. Unfortunately, Groove Music isn't it. Groove already implies music, so adding "music" to the name adds an edge of dorkiness. It feels like Microsoft is trying too hard to sound cool but is a bit too out of touch, a lot like a public service announcement as hip hop.

I don't care that much what it's called. I just hope it will be able to stream to SONOS, and even be added as a content provider directly in SONOS.

They aren't proving their love to Microsoft tbh.

Microsoft music would be very... Reductive.

I hope this is the last time they change name. Can't wait to use the groove apps.

Groove is a word associated with music across many generations. They didn't just make it up.

I dislike the new name immensely. First connotation that the name carries for me is that this is an R&B/Jazz/Groove specific music service, instead of the all-genre offering it is. I can see other people getting confused as well.

I'll stick with my subscription as long as it functions the same and we'll see how the new brand resonates. Still gonna be an uphill battle for them, especially as Apple Music is now in the mix.

Do you all think MS just randomly comes up with a name without testing? It seems to me that Xbox is their game platform, Surface is their tablet platform, OneDrive is their Cloud platform, Lumia is their phone platform, and now Groove is their music service / platform.

Get into the groove lala lalala

Tonight I wanna dance with someone else :3

I wouldn't call the players better, but the rebranding is definitely all kinds of bullshit. Microsoft has their head so far up their ass they don't know which way to turn these days, and the current "Design by public consensus" software development philosophy has turned Windows 10 into mediocrity and Windows Phone 10 into a complete disaster.

Nothing happens when I enter an address.
I tried IE11 and Firefox.

Hopefully, it uses higher quality aerial imagery.
Bing maps has always produced a lower quality picture, of my house, than google.

You don't, but you can't deny that many consumers won't be willing to give it a try with a silly name. Zune had the same problem.

Love the name! I realize some people don't have any groove, but some of us have plenty! :)

Wow, the new Business Skype update is impressive, load app time is down to just 5 seconds (versus 30+ seconds before), and conversation links have been 100% reliable so far. Very good update.


Tell your record labels and publishers in India to step into the 21st Century and allow the digital streaming services to access their content in your country. If they won't play along with the services, then you can't blame the service provider.

Yes, Zune. Even though I didn't start using the service until Xbox Music, Zune could return. If people are looking for options, Groove would seem like a dated choice.

"Groove"?'s a stupid name for a media app. Specially coming from a big player on the industry.