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Because the YouTube app works very well and plays well with Chromecast. That's why. 

What's interesting is that some of these apps were highly touted by Elop at Nokia World and other developer events. The question needs to go directly to the developers themselves: are you committed to the WP platform - or not?

I am a producer and use use both a mac and Surface Pro 3 with Pro Tools, works a treat when I need to be more mobile.

Thats putting a lot of trust in a stranger, who often makes these types of apps available for free. Any third-party app could be harvesting your credentials or storing them insecurely on any generic hosting provider. At least first-party app makers have an incentive to protect their own users' credentials.

I'm an Architect, and there couldn't be a more perfect device for me. I use my SP3 as a digital notebook/sketchbook. I also run Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, and Sketchbook Pro. 3D modeling software like Sketchup, or Rhino also work flawlessly. Don't forget Adobe Creative Suite..... The versatility of the SP3 is unmatched. If you want to run Revit on a Macbook, you need to run in parallels, and have to sacrifice half the RAM...... Deal breaker. I have even done some light rendering in the SP3.... The beauty of the tablet is that everything runs natively. I couldn't recommend it enough! Little off the music topic, but professional software nonetheless

You guys should do a review or something on twitch apps for WP or W8... There are a few out there. It would be great to get an app that has notifications of live streams starting.

Even Instagram doesn't show the WP app on their webpage.They even took down the WP help page for the app.Nothing to do with the OS.They simply refuse to work on apps for WP.All this about WP8 will get Devs on board didn't happen.

Windows lags behind the phone on some apps (e.g., Angry Birds). But that will change as people flock to Windows 10 like they did to 7. Watch; once 8.1 gets a UI tweak it will suddenly stop being an abomination and turn into the best thing since sliced bread, just like the what the tech press said about Vista and 7.

It's been four painful years for me.Started out with a Kin Two on Verizon.Love WP,but it's getting to point that Devs have pretty much given up on Microsoft's OS.It's career suicide if you're not developing for IOS or Android.

I actually need a new coffee mug as I just dropped my manic miner one the other week. Gutted about that, it was a colour change mug and everything. A WPCentral mug would nicely fill the gap....

Still trying to hook up my Xbox one. Damn HDMI pass thru. Got no audio. Do you guys suggest optical audio cables?

On Australia we have Australia Post and Qantas official apps that I don't think have been updated since WP7. They are so outdated its embarrassing.

its time for mocrowoft to start their own smash bros.

Dom, Master Chief, Conker, Banjoe And Kazoie, .... cant think of anymore.

Developer here!!! Just as i state in my comment is not a problem keeping up with you are just a lazy ass or have no pride in your work!!! PERIOD!!!

I don't want ad and I don't go for freebies if there a paid version. That way I guess is the way to draw more dev to Windows Phone.

Most of the time you don't even see the Windows Phone version of an app in companies advertisements. This needs to be remedied like right now. Smh...

Cause developers are a lazy lot, and take the easy way out when it comes to the windows platform!!! It's not hard to take pride in your product if you have a sense of craftsmanship and work ethic. I am a developer and it is either they have something against the platform or they are just lazy asses!!! Take your pick!

Amazon lacks Android features. KIK needs to be updated too.
Plus we need:
Sams Club
All the Comcast Xfinity apps

How about DirecTV's pitiful app? How about Verizon's flat out refusal to make a Fios app?

Just beat this game. Worth the sale price of $7.50, but not worth the regular $15 price tag.

Hello, do you have anyone the bug like me? I have issue with hardware buttons light, because this is very bad behavior in windows phone 8.1 developer preview what i have installed (latest version of wp8.1 and fully updated). I have HTC X8 and in my region it's still unsuported format of the OS therefore i have the developers version...

Please tell me someone who has the same model like me, do you have this behavior too?
This look like the buttons react to the lights, in system setting i try to working out but without final set up... I try to turn off the battery saver etc.

Please help me

I don't use those apps at all. No biggie for me. The core apps are whatsapp, line and Facebook. Thank god these receive updates from time to time.

I'm not using Surface but FL Studio is as good as other popular DAW's. Can't wait for FLS12 with it's gorgeous vectorial design

Yahoo! apps too need to be updated. Tumblr. An app for Flickr. Viber takes ages to load, can do with an update. Wallbase app just died.