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Why an IAP... Money stealing app.. once you buy it.. You are welcomed by IAPs, just like wmw..

I bought a different charger, 2amp or something or other. It just about keeps up now. Doesn't make Here any more reliable though!

As someone who uses Here maps, I don't mind that their biz focus is on other platforms as well, just add rerouting options please!

Android may be laggy in cheaper devices but it is faster than wp in mine. However, I prefer the WP OS implementation and it is also more secure than Android. My problem with WP is MS and OEMs do not prioritise development for WP. If MS cannot believe in its own product, why should I?

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microsoft show'd do a full redesign of windows!

we have metro ui and the other ions like the calculator and control panel are old icons.

doenst make sense !!!

they show do a full redesign and make windows the same graphical language like apple do do !!!

So this is a bit weird. I have a Swedish Lumia 625, with OS version 14219.341 and firmware version 3058.50000.1424.0005. According to the Microsoft support page this is supposed to be Denim, but my phone still says Cyan.

I wonder if it's PfD-related...

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Yep, I'm working up to paying for Co-pilot, it's good. Here used to be fab on Symbian, but now it takes me on constant detours and loops. It's best moment was telling me I'd reached my destination, in the middle of the M6, nearly an hour from the next junction.

Yeah, agree with you. WIsh your boss says that to you as well, 'Do your job for free or GTFO!' But considering your attitude ragarding money and payment, I don't think you even have/deserve a job.

Same problem here:

1. My 635 PFD: If I uncheck the Dev Program, extras+info shows me Lumia Denim (without update) If I check again extras+info shows me Lumia Cyan.

2. My 930 without PFD: Can't even open extras+info anymore.

What is happening exactly?

This game has written "Sandbox" all over it. There are no real goals (they added two big "boss-type" enemies), but other than that it is fully open world. It's basically like playing legos, building structures, creating machines and contraptions.


That's it really. The fact that it doesn not have any story or goal makes this game easy to pick up every once in a while, even after weeks of not playing.


The only thing that bothers me is the tiny map size of the 360 version compared to the PC version, even the Xbox One/PS4 versions are very limited compared to the PC

Looking at this list 2 things jump out to me.  T-Mobile carries the 830 in Germany, and the 1320 in multiple countries.  WTF T-Mo  we want those here in the US.

Great idea because 1 billion x $0 will definitely keep the lights on for the developers. Why don't you go to work for free?

I much prefer the Bing maps UI. Hope whatever meld they come up with uses that, not here. I do really like here drive though.

I don't see Nokia making too much progress in terms of penetration as there are excellent paid and free alternatives available on iOS and Android. This is going to be a tough nut for Nokia to crack. Anyway here's hoping they get some traction considering that they are an excellent company.

Does anyone know if you have to start a new world after you update on xbo to be able to see the new stuff or will it populate in the world I've been playing in? I've put so much work into my world, I dont want to have to start over but I do want horses for sure