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It maybe announced in April, but I wouldn't count on that or even count on it being a traditional "phone". It sounds like it might be a small tablet with phone capabilities if Thurrot is right. I don't see Microsoft bothering to make a standard phone, they can't compete in that market and they know it. There is also a chance they kill the whole mobile program at that time. What is the point if they are only able to sell a million phones a quarter.

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I think the rest of the trolls should take lessons as well. They also need classes in attention span, rather than attention seeking. Most of the articles on here appear to be clickbait, to lure the trolls in first. Maybe, just maybe, if people actually READ what is written, and comprehend it, a greater understanding would abound. This article is just one of hundreds the same.

As for the Windows phone support ending in 2017 comment,, I say GOOD!! That is one millstone that no company wants around its neck. What a farce. More devices than users, the Nokia farce, trying to compete with the big two OS's was an epic fail. W10M will survive a while longer. They way it works in an enterprise environment is pretty good. I use 14 phones, a surface book, Surface 3 and a couple of desktops. Everything connects and just works! On top of that, even my orangutan drivers find it easy to use!!

It had similar specs as a Surface 3, yet it includes the accessories you'd want in the box (at least according to this post), and it's only $50 more. That seems EXTREMELY reasonably priced for a new and interesting idea being implemented into a new convertible. It's not overpriced at all.

Or maybe detachable but attaches with those Pogo pins, and includes a little triangular kickstand like thing, like the Matebook but mini.

Exquisitely designed, Acer has a device that should rank amongst the best in its category. I can't wait for a WC review.

Why does no one call me to do this type of thing ? Would be something I would never forget

>No tax either.

You did know there is a little spot on your TAX forms at the end of the year that you should be paying taxes on things you buy on line... It's documented.

No one does it but, it is on your tax forms...

Yeah, the Start button works again. I know, it's the little things at this point. 

With how Microsoft is supporting Windows Phone....$800 ? Nah, not worth it...

I'll wait till I find the used corporate ones that no one wants any more for $150 on ebay... I give it 6-12 months...

Still no Verizon support so even if I was crazy enough to spend $800 on a Windows Phone I could not use it anyway...

There are some things I just cant do any more... I've made some major changes in my life and on that list was waiting for Windows Phone to take off, After sitting here from the Windows Phone 7 days, excited to see what Microsoft was doing on my old HTC Trophy... I found after 6 Windows Phone models, $100's of dollars spent that, it's just not going to change and it will not get any better (apps, Hardware support, smartwatches, etc) and I cant see if it ever getting any better with what Microsoft is doing...No promotion, No push for new hardware, apps are dropping off like crazy, where is Microsoft ?? Fixing the MEGA list of bugs in WIndows 10 Mobile  but, where can it go with no promtion ?

Battery Life complaints are my button. I'm not only amazed every morning when I find out what they invented last night, But I'm blown away this stuff works without being tethered to anything. I7 processing power, 16 GIGS of nanosecond memory, Terabytes of storage, gorgeous high resolution displays, and you can WALK AROUND with it? Ok, so you gotta plug it in every few hours to charge It's onboard power plant. But you can still use it while your doing that too.

WiFi, 2.4 or 5ghz wouldn't work if in airplane mode. I have had no cell signal and still had WiFi. Strange.

band 700A ?  Yes.  it does include band 12, 4G band 12 and LTE band 12.  

Nice one @shadowwolf. Someone who understands the insider deal. Do we 'have to' go through this every damned release

The give away there is "at the moment". How would they know until we get our grubby little mitts on them? We always find something, that's why we do the insider thing.

My xl battery does a whole day now, and sometimes a day and a half at a push! As for kicking off about the 1520, maybe its knocking on now. Batteries have a finite life you know, just like iPhones. You gonna diss your nice 7 in 18 months when it happens again?? I had a 930 from new and the battery was shocking!! I didn't run off to the latest 'fashion' icon just because everyone else has one. And yes, I do use iOS an iPads.

Anyone know about T-Mobile Extended Range LTE (Band 12) support. That makes a HUUUGE difference if you are trying to use TMobile service

I have standards. They are probably the same as yours. That being lower than a rattlesnakes' arse. ;-)

At this point they should just make it a AIO pc and be done... You can't possibly game on that with ease, gamers move their keyboard when playing with this one you can't..

Great article Jason. Not surprised though. I've come to expect it. (even if it takes a while between pieces. :)

That would be sweet, but it would need to be a lot bigger/thicker to deal with the CPU heat/cooling system

the world moaned at ME, yet all these moaners said win98se was the best - and they ALL had iso's to re-install win98 whenever anything went wrong.. yes, I.T. people, experienced techs etc etc,

yet a simple exe in ME's cache fixed everything and returned you to desktop after a reboot with everything intact ready to go, losing nothing.

i had to inform people of this and they were all surprised about how well it worked.

they were too busy whining of course to discover this and implement it :)

I remeber my first REAL graphics accelerator, the Legendary ATI Mach64 Pro Turbo! 

I still recall being amazed by 56K modems and optical drives too!

Back before 3D graphics and Gigabit internet.

105 seems fine on my Surface 3. Now W10M in a few weeks (or less?) for us non-insider folks. Interested in the band battery life improvements.

for the time i had my 950 it was a good phone but frankly ... my 1020 was a much better phone... more stable and lasted longer.. i had to use my ATT insurance to replace a faulty 950 and i got another faulty device... after i finally got my working device .. it fell down (my fault) and it broke (screen and touchscreen display) even with my shock absobtion cover (no otterbox since apparently it wasn't made).  I decided to buy myself another phone probably an android phone (sadly) and forget about paying the insurance deductible for the 950... but hey don't get me wrong.. i'm a windows phone lover and it sure looks / feels like a great phone.. maybe i just had bad luck with the devices i got.. still .. i don't see the same quality of product that i saw when it was Nokia.

Im looking forward to playing these Titans. Looks like a great mix of abilities and playing styles.

I'm with you.

I still get giddy about new tech toys.

As I type this on my Toshiba Portege Z20t, I think back to my very first laptop, A DEC HiNote (the original), with it's 486 CPU and up to 4 hour battery life!

My current machine probably runs more CPU instructions in sleep mode than my DEC did running flat out. I have FIFTY TIMES as much RAM as the HiNote had HDD and I have 3 times the battery life!

Plus my Toshiba is half as thick and, oh yeah, seperates in to a crazy-awesome pen-enabled tablet.

I HATE when people whine "that new phone ONLY has full HD" or "That laptop only runs Overwatch at 30 FPS in high-quality".

WTF, people! Your PHONE has more pixels than most TVs a decade ago! That laptop runs a game that looks better than most animated MOVIES at the same frame rate as TV!

Be happy for what we have an excited for whats's new!