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Actually, sling has a second tier without screen limits now. It removed ESPN, Disney, and some others. Then it replaced them with 30 channel lineup instead of 26.

I wish MS would make there own video editing program to compete with FCP on Apple. Paint is nice but bring something new to your table and ours.

Google just patented an idea to install computerized lenses into an eyeball. Mechanized eyes. Interesting eh. The device is said to be powered by the eyeball movement.

That wasn't bad for families, especially if you were able to dictate that your kids / spouse would use Windows Phone too, but it's biggest flaw was not having feature parity on iOS and Android - These days the whole family aren't like to be using Windows on their phones unless mandated by an existing fan who is the "tech head" of the family.

Maybe they could come up with something, but it might be tough to get people using it outside of Windows 10 Mobile like how it is with GroupMe. I wish it wasn't so but it is

The W10M Skype app they showed at build had some nice Cortana integration alongside the Skype Bots. Excited to see how that turns out and good to seem them integrating and putting cortana in more places, I think it's essential.

It needs to feel like Cortana really follows you around rather than being an app that launches. Adding Cortana to lock screen for PC/Tablet was a good shout too.

They definitely need to choose something and stick to it, they have introduced various "Group" mechanisms in Office 365 over time and most of them don't link to each other.

If they did come up with a slack alternative I'd be interested in trying it, but I feel they need to pare down their offerings a little. It feels like they keep starting with new services before deciding what to do with existing ones.

I'd love GroupMe to become more popular, and if I could convince people away from other group communication apps then they might enjoy using it in it's current lightweight and fun state.

I identified an issue with some gamertags containing spaces. I'll post on twitter @msbandgenerator when I have a fix out for it. Sorry about the issues. Thanks for providing more information!

What's with the downvotes? It's true Lastpass was least twice in recent years.

I use a "vault" as well, mSecure, but at least I don't have to keep it on someone's online server.

Skype is just too bloated these days, it wasn't really meant to play in a mobile world, and it feels really shoe-horned in.

GroupMe has honestly been really pleasant to use, though. I would not mind them nuking Skype on Mobile and restore it to its old peer-to-peer days, and make GroupMe their primary mobile messaging platform.

I also think GroupMe has managed to stay distant enough from the Microsoft branding and it's only been to their benefit thus far. When the news caught word of those department stores were using it to target shoppers who looked suspicious, Microsoft didn't get mentioned in the press and didn't have to atone or answer for it. Keeping their distance from Microsoft might help prevent the casual users and people who eye-roll at anything Microsoft from staying away (namely iOS and Android fans).

Why not, can't get anybody else to use it. Everybody is on either Facebook Messenger and/or What'sApp. I use Skype a LOT but only with a select group of personal contacts and for business sometimes.

Yeah, I've got to agree, I think Skype is at a standstill, even with their group phone call, group video chat, and recent boot additions or improvements. I don't think any new users are coming to Skype because it doesn't really have many standout features that have much adaptation (it does have unique features but they are a bit hidden) and the brand just doesn't seem to resonant outside of the video conferencing that they did the earliest and best. The competition's caught up with them and they don't seem to have a next move.

GroupMe does look good and I was interested after seeing how good the W10M app is, but I just found that nobody I know uses it, and they weren't interested in trying it...Which is a shame

The best one of such tracking apps I have used is FollowMee. It is free to use though you can pay for various upgrades.

I was tempted to get them on the Steam sale (for 60FPS), but went for the Xbox versions in the end. Got a good collection of Digital Xbox 360 games going on there

True for Europe... It's practicly useless here :/ Also no bing rewards...I still use it as a primary search engine nevertheless :)


This all reminds me of Rockstar's Table Tennis game. Amazing graphics/physics engine to more or less showcase what's to come. :)

It does screams mismanagement as Skype is actually the one doesn't much clear direction when it comes to consumers. It's still stuck being a video calling tool rather than an actual complete messaging platform.

Yes they integrate it on Windows 10 to be sort of like that, but what about on other platforms that majority of peoples use? Its just good old Skype that's installed to use for video call while people busy using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or iMessage or Hangout, all while slowly Skype became less useful for them.

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Borderlands is my favorite game franchise of all time. Have spent 1000+ hours on BL1&2 (Pre-Sequel by 2K Australia is meh) and I'm super pumped for Battleborn! Love Gearbox!

Small user base? I think GroupMe *and* Cortana have small user bases, so what's the problem leveraging them together to create something with unique features? I'm sure you wouldn't HAVE to use Cortana, but I think they need to push there newer tech to make larger user bases.

I even wish that GroupMe would be integrated on Skype as a main feature, but yeah when it comes to faith to execute it well is something always a big question.

Skype on the other hand is actually also the one needs direction and redefine what it is. The mentality of Skype being use on Video calls is getting old and that just make Skype an app only used mostly on that purpose.

Skype has to transform into a complete messaging service and compete like the likes of Facebook Messenger, iMessage + FaceTime, and Google Hangouts. Microsoft needs to redefine Skype so that they use it for every messaging needs, not just open it once to make video call.

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I have my systems on display, I have a small 1tb drive connected but, it's CLEARLY viewable in my room. I hate having extra boxes around. Swapping out the drive is not that hard, look over youtube, if your fairly computer techy, it's not hard...

I'd have to disagree. Rooms was WAY better than that. OneNote doesn't make a gallery of photos, for instance. You can put a bunch of photos onto a "note", but that's not the same as having a gallery.  I also liked the Calendar and shared lists that were much faster than waiting for OneNote to synch.  My OneNote is rather large.  Rooms was more focused.

I could see integration with a shared photo album and document space with OneDrive.  I think you could get much closer to Rooms functionality that way.  I haven't used the shared calendar that exists in GroupMe, so I can't comment on that. 


What if they make GroupMe a reincarnated Rooms from Windows Phones. Basically getting those features and approach of Groups but with more extended functionality and its even now cross platform already.

GroupMe is now integrated on People app, sort of. It just needs seamless integration into it and also to Skype.

So when you make Microsoft Account nor Skype, GroupMe is included on that account that people can use outright.

In the end, it will benefit Windows 10 because its rather "baked"-in experience rather than just another app to install.

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On another story, Skype also needs vetter direction and they have to redefine its perception to be a complete messaging too that can compete Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage+FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

The problem was Microsoft seems never bother making Skype to be like that and contented just to be a video calling tool when you need it, but not for everything. Other messaging solutions are getting voice and video calling capabilitie, and eating Skype's marketshare.

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Some site I can't enter when using adblocker.

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So outside of a shared OneNote, you pretty much have groupme already.  It does photos, calendar, and chat. Simply add in a good onenote integration, and there are rooms all over again.

I'm disappointed that the update still hasn't hit. Not sure why there's such a big delay here.

It will be interesting to see how they can overcome channel bundling by Viacom and other content holder. tried it and ended up with a few unexciting channels, too many limits and quality issues. Still can’t watch Sling on more than one device at once which makes it more expensive when you need an account for every family member in your household. tried it and ended up with a few unexiding channels.