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Windows Spatial Sound support is good but I find Dolby Atmos more better but their app demo mode is cringe. No support for headphones. 

It shows three options in the listbox, but you have the Stop Insider Preview builds button about which too should hit.

I don't know where you got some of this information, but Steam most certainly has Regional Pricing.

"The ideal laptop for ...anyone else who spends a lot of time writing."... on a clear (silver) keyboard, with a silver palmrest and silver screen frame? Really? Is it a joke?

The new dark mode on Windows 10, the "new" dark mode on Adobe reader, even the new, not yet official, dark mode in YouTube, doesn't tell anything to Samsung and HP?

Soldered Wi-Fi card? Really?

I know that. What I'm not sure anymore is what his point was. :P still, I rather Ubisoft remains as is than stay with Blizzard and EA playing the same crap for years to come :P

It all sounds like they wake up in the morning, drank their coffee and someone started to think: what was that thing we needed to do today? hmmm... There are bunch of folks on twitter saying that we should have released Mobile creators update today. Ah yes we should release. How was that done? etc.

would really like to see the surface dial onscreen support finally added to the surface book.

Because lumia 1520 is toooo old ,now it's die ,and no company gives support for lifetime,lumia 1520 was released with (windows 8) so it's enough now!

Spotlight on the Acer Primo on the picture, that didn't even receive the Anniversary update :P

It's weird isn't it. The message from MS was that unsupported handsets already on CU will need to switch to the RP ring in order to get the update.

For some reason unsupported phones on AU are able to get the update when switching to the RP ring, but not users who are already on CU.

There appears to be no upgrade path for 'unsupported' handsets on 15063.138.

Settings » Update & security » Windows Insider Program » Stop Insider Preview builds.

Settings » Update & security » Windows Insider Program » Stop Insider Preview builds.

I think after hitting this option your phone will need to restart, and you'll be done!😉

Seriously Microsoft? The Lumia's with lower specs are getting the update, but not my high end Lumia 1520?! :(

What the hell ☹ ,pls anybody tell me how to stop insider program now m on lumia 640 ,with this build

Hey, I was with AU 1066 on Lumia 735 release preview and nothing received for CU, then switched to slow ring checked update got received CU 15063.2, then after update received another immediately 15063.138, then no 251, but switched again to release preview as advised. Works fine for now on 735 this .138 CU, expecting .251 ;)

Also it is unclear why those that are on .138 are not getting .251. Do you have any information on that? Can somebody ask Microsoft officially on this?

Ya installed it ,now want to stop insider program on my lumia 640 pls help

If you add an emoticon in front of the title of a list it will appear instead of the generic list icon. I guess that looks great! ;)

Any body help ,i installed this build on my Lumia 640 ,i m on release preview ring ,so now i want to leave the insider program,pls help how to do

How ? Pls help? There are 3 options ,so i choose keep giving me builds until next release??

Lost volume slider, when i clic on the tray icon it does not appear. meanwhile, keyboard dedicated keys will do

Creators update is just awesome,thank dona Sarkar,Microsoft! Windows 10 mobile rocks!

Yes, If you want you can leave insider program. Will get regular production updates means "Public Release".  without insider program.

"Lying" because they delay something for a bug they do want to fix / the release preview with more supported devices in there than they promised before? That is not lying but being nice and professional behaviour. You just dont get that a release is often a few days late on any software out there. Or they just say internally something like "we will bring it out 4 weeks after we could and communicate the update to be planned for that 4 week later day" because u are wining about a few days. They have set a time when it will come and if everything is going fine it will. If not it will be delayed a little. That is a little annoying but just normal... What is your job that you can provide everything exactly at the time you promise it without adding a little bit of additional time before?

If you cant handle that, never drive by train in any country because the train will "lie" to you ALL the time...

What has this got to do with Microsoft? RealSense is Intel technology and this is an Intel product. Moreover, it's a development kit. Why would they go to all the effort and expense of miniaturising this for that purpose?

This is a development kit and developers are generally not going to be working on an Atom-based system. There's nothing to stop RealSense cameras working with Atom processors but Intel have not taken the time to create drivers for this particular device when it's not intended as a consumer webcam.

I think this is the 10th time I have come across such a post on windows central. The number really does insinuate that the subject has turned from an expectation based on logic to a desperation with its roots in sentimental attachment to a non living digital device.
PS: I just watched Sherlock.