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i am very much found of msft and their products simply awesome!!!! pls make windows 10 smartphone available as soon as.... i have technical preview of desktop of windows 10 magnificient changes.. and belive its a lighter OS..


Ok. So there's a cricket post and on the comments section, everyone's indian again.(almost everywhere else too).

I signed in my whole family Lumia phones to insider, but they only want the official version soon, perhaps they already experienced the bugs on WP 8.1 PD.

Awesome, I'll try that. Fixing IE will be handy (websites with autoplay HTML5 video are a pain). But the drivers sound like a good idea as I use Plex a lot. I can always roll it back once it's fixed.

Thanks again!

What a bad app! A video and music player which doesn't play video and music!!! Genius!!! There are better players on the market, even if they have a lower budget. What a shame...

Pls keep looking into what Lumia users ask for new UI improvements, I believe there are tons of request.

Really? Never had an issue. Two computers, three Windows phones, one tablet... Zero issues with Wi-Fi.

Hey guys whenever i tried to watch video from WindowsCentral link using YouTube app with My 3G cellular quality is always worst but no problem of quality when i tried using my wifi..! Does anyone knows how to change video quality on Cellular data?

The title should have been "How do I move Cortana to the Start menu and/or Notification Center".  Personally, the notification center is where she belongs.  She'd be a quick right-swipe away, with real-estate to show additional info, once engaged.

Can you receive MMS? Including group messages while using AT&T? Able to send as well?

I tried, but tablet froze . Fortunately, on power up, there's an option to revert back. I think I'll wait till the next one...

Pac-Man CE DX+ is the best Windows RT game. Skulls of the Shogun is the runner up. (Rocket Riot 3D used to be the best, but it got delisted because Microsoft is dumb).

It actually is affecting any language. You can disable GPU rendering in IE advanced settings and Video will play in IE.

If you install the latest intel driver from Intel's website it also solves the problem.

The same way you enable Hey Cortana. The option directly above it allows you to enable flight and package tracking. 

Yeah, that's fine, you can love the gray,but as with Windows 7 and 8, there are no options to the blue theme Windows foisted on its customers.... give us back a choice,please !!  You did with XP with which I personally loved and used the avocado color/theme, and then you took our choices away with the intro of Windows 7.  

What's the point of that!

What is absolutely hated by all your customers, Microsoft,...and listen up, Apple and Google: when you take away one's options, and this repeatedly happens it seems, you kill the spirit of all your enveavours, and leave a very bad taste in everyone's mouth. When first you offer options to your customers,you're making them happy because you've given them choices, but when you subsequently, take them away away, you destroy the goodwill you created.

Is this rocket science?  Methinks it's a case of common's also known as good customer service.

Sorry MSZika,I know I'm ranting, but your small comment above triggered a response, and so now I'll shut up.

Purchased on 1/20/15. Has not even arrived yet. When I asked for price protection as now is $75 off. They kept me on the phone for an hour. They did really try to help. Got bounced from dept to dept on hold but nobody ditched me. They said the only way was to reject the order when it arrived, get a refund and order again. That’s just crazy. The expense to them to ship back and do over when all they would have to do was credit my card. I have got price protection from vendors before and just think it is good business. I am just a little disappointed. They should have Amazon sell them.  Not the end of the world but think they miss opportunity to make their customers happy.


Sorry, meant to type "us Indians". But of course the comment isn't limited to just one country; it's a general statement.

HERE Maps data is essentially non-existent in Japan. Bing Maps on the other hand is quite good. The only thing keeping me from using Windows Phone here is lack of a good maps app.

Just logged in to Chase and saw a message of it going away on January 26 ---- damn you Chase!!! Seriously considering taking my money somewhere else now...

i have install yesterday the new Version Windows 10 (Surface Pro 3).

BUT for me touch interface is awful guys (small icons and nothing good UI).

The registry change at the end of this thread fixed this error for me:

Copy and Paste the following in to Notepad and save as wu.reg and then double click on it and reboot:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




I know this better than Daniel, if you replace 1520 with 930 it is not a step backwards BUT a thousand steps backwards