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Congratulations on the new direction! I really hope the app gets a redesign to match the mobile site's current look

I miss the music/video hub! I used it more then. I often forget to use the podcast app now that its detached from the hub.

Good one... But pls make the phones section news separate from other I don't want to see x box surface news all the time..

I got onto Lovin it. This app is incredible. It's my new fave. But I notice all the female gamers get the spotlight. Oh well. Serves me right for watching them. Lol

3 cheers for Windows Central!!!!! hip hip huraaa hip hip huraaaaaaaaa hip hip hureeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Congratulations you all run a great site! Glad to see you expanding, growing and keeping pace with the modern new vison of Microsoft and Windows

Fantastic! Glad you were able to get this domain name. Thank you for listening to your loyal fans and putting the effort into this, and thank you to whomever agreed to sell you their domain name. Yeah!!

I mean surely the Xbox Team deserve cookies lol seriously great job month in and month out man :)

Take notes Windows phone team, this is how you progressively move forward and build good rep :)

Lol I still remembered the memory puzzle on Level 7 I believe it was. Exact copy of Doors.

I think he was just talking it down a little bit... because at that time we didn't yet have ownership of the domain (and we weren't sure we would be able to get it). ;)

Thank goodness! That's been my main complaint. I really don't care about all the other Windows crap, just want to read about the phones. Can't wait to get this filter added into the app since I don't visit the site.

How much did the domain cost? The previous owner had it for QUITE some time, but clearly wasn't using it, and as a purveyor of domains, I'm curious what was settled on...

Congratulations on the new name. Glad to see that you guys picked the name based on user feedback. :)

Can we expect soon an app update rebranding it to windows central ? Maybe a slight change in the logo aswell ?

Sweet, but what happened to the Mobile Nations app (all sites, etc) that was supposed to come out the "end of this year"? :(

Congratulations for this wonderful new name WINDOWS CENTRAL.Unified naming for an unified platform...GOOD LUCK! :)

Ahh ok cool! Sorry, I've inky been here about a year and im really glad I can see Windows Central evolve like this. Watching history is amazing

I think most people, the ones who are complaining about not finding a particular podcast in the database, are forgetting a very important detail.  The Windows Phone podcast directory is its own directory, such as iTunes.  Most of the 3rd party apps/directories pulls their database from the iTunes store.  A podcaster has to submit his/her podcast to the Windows Phone podcast directory, as well as to iTunes store directory.  If the podcaster does not submit to Windows Phone directory, it will not show up in there.  With the slow adoption of Windows Phone, the podcast directory is significantly much smaller versus the iTunes directory.  There is where the angst of lack of podcasts in directory is coming from. 

With that being said, the built-in podcast app works great for me.  If the podcast I want is not in directory, I plug in the RSS feed into the app and it finds it.  That is the need to know RSS feed address.  I have not come across a podcast I can't subscribe to, if I know the RSS feed.