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Well,  apple released their 1/4 earnings and beat MS,  by a few billion.  So,  does this mean MS underperformed with Nadella in charge?  is he FINALLY getting fired?

"We'll be posting photos and live commentary from Daniel Rubino (in NYC at the event)"

Who's Daniel Rubino?

Yep,  Can't wait to see my new notebook tomorrow.   Apple will drown out the white noise of this lackluster microsoft event in short order.

2PM UK time. It'll be interesting to see what they have to say - and what they don't.

I wonder whether we'll see Mr Belfiore, I like him.

OMG is the new phone.    Exactly what I predicted it would be,   the new microsoft phone with a rotary dial.   AWESOME!

You can't trust ANYONE at until they can the works of the leadership team there....When they say somehting....there is a .000000000001 % that it's true and I am being generous there..

Many many IOS and Android users use this app.   Just NOT windows mobile.   Considering there are probably less than 100 windows mobile users left...I understand not keeping the app up.



Could'a, would'a,  should'a.   UWP SUCKs.   AWESOME idea......PISS POOR execution.   Once again,  Microsoft overpromises,  and underperforms.

Unfortunately Windows Phone is dead. w10m was garbage for most of the year (it still doesn't completely work). It makes me sad.

As I said before, EVEN ON FAST RING.....there should be NO problems loading builds......that should be one thing that is not happening.  Those two poor people that microsoft has developing their mobile OS,  working 24/7,  in sweatshop conditions.....

Nasellok: I bought a 925 and it is not a 49$ phone, still got screwed. This is the second time, first was WP7. I cannot say that this platform is so promising this way.

Well, windows doesn't have just one feature and doesn't have just one new feature planned either, so...

It's not like a Google event where you go "Wait... Where have I seen this before? Oh, right. Every other product."

Well, windows doesn't have just one feature and doesn't have just one new feature planned either, so...

It's not like a Google event where you go "Wait... Where have I seen this before? Oh, right. Every other product."

Nelton. That is the Microsoft way.  Announce AWESOME things.....and then just fade off into obscurity!

I heard about ReFS. before Windows 8 came out and that it would be the system it would use  and then as the launch of windows 8 got closer it became aapprent that it was not going to happen. 

I use Windows 8.1, if it is in there now, I wonder if it would be worthwhile chaging my drive that stores video clips for editing to it. I may try it. make sure everything is backed up first, it should bne as the computer should have done it last night.


Still can't install on my PC - Crashes at Working on updates (Every update since 14393)

My SP3's Mail app has been unable to update through Store since last build. It just shows error and seems like there's no way to bypass it even after the newest build.

Sadly it's very much evident that mobile is definitely not on high priority of their agenda, as sadly it is to admit, Lumia was sentenced to a slow death by MS, as much as I still love my Lumia 950XL, I do miss the Nokia days.

I too am shocked at how they still couldn't take care of the app gap after so many years, and the fact that some core apps like Facebook, Messenger, Spotify finally are on-board but usability of them are pitiful. The only acceptable one is Instagram (thank goodness) and the always pretty-good Twitter.

Anyways I think I will 100% give Surface Phone a shot if it comes out eventually, but if nothing much changes in the next year or two, I think I will have to jump the ship (never in million years did I think I would say that)

To say that Windows comes with adequate AV is a total joke and a bit dangerous if you value your bank balance.

"Not enough people wanted to pay a premium price for budget specs."

Thats bullshit. Surface 3 sales have 21% of all surface devices, little less than Surface Pro 4. It's very high share

I love how even neutral comments with a mere mention of Steam gets a downvote over here. Awesome community!

If there is no Surface phone or Windows phone, starting USD 150 to whatever, it seems to be end of Microsoft as we know it. I am a Win10 mobile user & I love the platform but angry at lack of so many apps, getting depleted by the day. Windows phone is central to Microsoft's survival & if they still don't get it, God knows what will.