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I've installed it on a Lumia 535 and the experience is smooth. It freed up some space following the upgrade and works well with an external microSD. It asks what you want your default save location to be when it detects a new microSD. The built in file manager is much better than what was available on 8.1. Not ideal for gaming on a low spec phone. My 950 is more suitable for those scenarios.

I was realy mad when they killed WM6 and it took me years to get over that (stupid I know), but now in retrospective I see that Windows 10 and UWP is really the next generation of OS and Microsoft has a huge jump on everyone else which is going to pay off in buckets as they will be able to move forward with the new generation of devices like the HoloLens.  Anyone that says Ballmer lacked vision, is pretty dam short sighted as Ballmer set Microsoft up for the future.

That PCMag link shows that mobile use surpassed desktop last fall. Android and iOS outsell Windows 4:1 so Windows stats can only drop more. As mobile devices get more powerful and the software on them gets better, it is only a matter of time before Windows is relegated to only professionals who need powerful systems for work.

If the Galaxy S8 is a hit, it might make a big dent in Windows.

After a bit of googling, and trying a few (eg taking ownership of Reboot in UpdateOrchestrator), the best solution I could find was RebootBlocker which installs a service to update the active hours every hour on the hour. It seems to work OK giving a rolling twelve hours. I could see all the other methods being possibly affected by some windows update in the future.

My reason to go back to Andriod is because of that very reason, no new devices. My 950xl was feeling slightly dated.

Whether the technology can make it work or not is their problem.  The question is, if they do make it work, will people want it?

Read it well , not long . Cuz they r 3 sections . U probably just scroll up and down fast , that's why ya felt that Long 😉

Name one project that Satya kicked off that has been released?  The Microsoft you see today is still Ballmer's Microsoft as he left it in very good shape with lots of great stuff in the pipeline like the Surface and Azure.  Windows Phone is really the only piece that didn't work and really 1 fail out of X products is pretty dam good and with UWP, mobile is just a component that they will continue to work on, so its not going away and will keep on improving as Windows 10 does.  I love my 950XL and every release it gets better and more capable.

It takes years for a new CEO to put his signature on a tech company.  For example the HoloLens project was signed off by both Gates and Ballmer so don't be thinking that Satya is the man yet, he only apeased the shareholders desire to get rid of Ballmer which might be a mistake they will regret someday.  If nothing else Ballmer was never afraid to try something, which is what you want from a CEO of a progressive tech company, just ask Apple.

Valid point about the programmers site but even non programming sites confirm that Windows is still the most widely used operating system.  More widely used than Android or iOS or anything else.  So if Windows is "irrelevant" then what does that make the others?

You can download offline maps for Microsoft maps now too and the maps are still licensed here maps under the hood

After my recent move back to Android, I can say that the Android groove app pales in comparison to the windows 10 mobile version.

I upgraded my sisters Lumia 635 1GB to W10m and she called it a new phone because of the UI changes and Edge improvements

Wouldn't recommend sitting on the roof testing, the pigeons would be the least of your worries lol. Thanks for the awesome info, helps alot :) 👍👍.

Please please update Uber or send Uber dev to update asap, so much tweaking is required...

Reading all of your comments I had to go through the drawer to find my Lumia 620. It's working great on 8.1. Love it! Very compact. Since the live tiles can be resized the small screen is not an problem.

I guess it comes down to this.  If you can get a fold out phone with Android, iOS or Windows.  Why would people choose Windows?  I know Windows fans would use it obviously and there would be some good work cases but I mean the general public.  Those who don't need it for work and are currently using Android or iOS.  Would those people switch?

Agree, Jason, that it's definitely a chicken-and-egg thing.  As I've said in other posts though, it seems to me that the easiest way to entice developers to the platform is to go all in on Islandwood and make it simple for iOS developers to bring their existing and future apps to Windows 10.  I think that's more realistic than trying to have iOS and even Android developers learn C# and duplicate their development efforts no matter how good the new hardware may be.  These apps plus this great new hardware like the "cellular PC" may be just the ticket to building the necessary critical mass for the platform. 

I have the same issue with mine... and that is something that never happened to my old USB Arc Touch Mouse... it seems that these newer version has lower quality, in fact, the feeling of this newer bluetooth version is much cheaper and toy-like

You really think ios has a beautiful UI?    It hasn't changed in ten years.  It's time for something new, dontcha think?

How would they "update the current phones"?  It's pretty clear that the Lumia line is dead.  If you're speaking instead of the OS, they'll continue on improving it I'm sure. 

They would need to sell so many for that scenario. Windows is nearing irrelevance for consumers. It will be a tough sell.

You definitely missed the very recent Qualcomm cameo meme, and the I LOVE THIS COMPANY YEAAAAHHHHAHHH

Any know if they brought back the ability to auto download albums' added from other devices? I liked having all my music off line

No but legacy windows apps don't need to be on mobile so that's irrelevant.  What a foldable screen could do is allow people to bring their Windows 10 PC with them in their pocket, and then suddenly developers have a reason to develop mobile apps for it.

You shall not, but in the end we are all people... Some do forget about that. I know that u are not supposed to let it get you, but the truth is: If you read hate speeches, hate comments and feedback it will affect you. Same with happy, positive feedback, especially for people who like their work and do it for the benefit of the thing they like (additional to the money... And those are often the most important developers... People who love what they do). As i said: I am a developer and i know about that. It really helps motivating you if you get good feedback, suggesting how you could do it even better (it feels like working with friends then) and after a while bad feedback will get to you one way or the other too. If people would have said something like: "It really is getting there... There is a bug here (step 1: ... Step 2:...) but i already see how nice that is going to be :). Keep up the good work." Instead of "damn you stupid a****** what are you doing there all day? Now the button is green not blue like my favourite color..." It would be much better. It benefits the customer, it benefits the programmers and everybody is much happier. People think that it will benefit them to sound angry and upset ("they will not hear me or willl not be as fast if i am not doing it that way"), but while that may be true the first time a developer is reading stuff like that, keep in mind that they read tons of feedback and after the 10th time of such a thing it is just getting on their nerves and mood and they will first get angry and be aggressive too and if it holds on they will loose Interest... It does not cost anything to be constructive for both sides, but it is much more pleasant. Keep in mind that nobody was trying to hurt you with a bug even so you had a bad day before that and now the best song ever does not play on your headphones. They are responsible for the bug, but not for the unfriendly boss of yours who was unfair to you a hour before that. That needs to be discussed between your boss and you or if you cant, go and run it away (meaning: Do sports) or play a video game to get rid of those Aggressions. The feedback channel of ms is not the right place for that anyway.

Not only eligible phones should get it, they should push it to all Windows 8/8.1 phones(HTC 8X,8XT, and Samsung Ativ s neo) so all remaining windows fans can experience the Windows 10 mobile.