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Yeah but the TP is a joke, its not ready for your daily driver at all yet. Why would you ruin your 930 with this?

Really? I completely ignore the new start page in Win8.1... I only use it to go to the desktop. I seldomly use it to load Hulu, but only when I know I won't be multitasking at all for that time. If I even think I might multitask, then forget about it.

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A gamestudio which develops something out of the ordinary. Can only applaud that. Fun games.

So did I. Both builds run like shit and are barely useable. Not looking good for WP so far.

I put my 1520 back on 8.1. I'll try the preview again on my 1020 after seeing what the next build brings. Minimal space between the tiles looks so much better IMO and the look of it just makes sense. Even going to my start screen now after seeing that looks kind of awkward, lol. Whoever is using the preview still, please give feedback suggesting that!!

Btw u claim your in tech support? Then claim W10 will be available on the Lumia 800! Damn I better bust out my pos 800 so you can put w10 on it for me..... Nobody else in the world can do that... Not even w8.... You sir are full of it. Will disregard you from now on. Elitelier

You say you would not touch an android phone then in the very next sentence you state you have 3? Yeah cool 'story' bro.... Just like your 10wp. Gimme a break. At least I'm honest and I respect everyone's choices. Good luck with Microsoft....

No thanks. I only use my phone with one hand and that upper left hamburger on everything would be a constant irritation and annoyance.

Busy at new job. And tonight I am going out with my wife. But I am probably going to sneak into the stream every now and then XD.

After cod4 mw, since no servers it has been going down hill, the last cod was imo a good story much better with spacey, but the mods you get between 1-4 cods was what made the game! Hopefully with bo3 it follows the bo range as they were ok! But I fear alot of cod players are just follow suit and not the gameplay!

yep ssecond build feels far more stable then the first build, and the third even more stable than the 2nd! :P

Severance: Blade of Darkness was developed by a spanish studio called Rebel Act Studios wich is no more. But! That studio or well, most of them became MercurySteam wich developed Clive Barker's Jericho (boo!) and the awesome Castlevania Lords of Shadow series (yay!).

I'm really hoping it's just that the 635 I have the TP installed in really can't handle it, because based on what on seeing that I'd gonna be an enormous flop. Not Brandt off hamburger menus or round control sliders but because it is PAINFULLY SLOW. Every time I go to do any thing I is takes any where from 30 seconds to a minute or more to complete the action. I have moved all the apps I can to the SD card. I have ever recovered to WP 8.1 twice Yes, I knows its a preview and no where near close to the final build. But with new phones rumored to be coming out in just a few months, it's certainly not far enough along. But then again, maybe its just to much for a 635 to handle. That kind of makes you question their insisting that all existing windows 8 and higher phones will be able to run WP10P.

it's more sleake and modern than it's rivals... lollipop and ios8. To be honest it's the best ever lokking design i've ever saw. i wish that Microsoft will see that and make it happen without any problems.

We'll let you off this time ;) I like the idea of things being an option though. Customizing things is great.

I've installed this app by mistake in my Lumia 930 wich has no SD Card.
How can I uninstall it?
I've tried almost everything.

Companies such as snapchat whose bread and butter is user driven content, you would think that having a growing a userbase and being available almost every platform would be appealing in terms of monetary gain.

These aren't CEO's but children with more money than sense.

Since the last update, my 630 runs it fine though. Is solid enough now for me to consider putting it on my 735.

Time traveler here, no new flagships for this century.

PS. In my time the Earth is controlled by autonomous robots we call them "Android", My mission is to find the "chosen one", Daniel Rubino. I think the one I was searching for is you.
You have to come with me and help us destroy an out of control AI called, Google-Net.

For freedom, for humanity.

You are our only hope. *tears*

Anyway to get text messages off lumia 900 and to android phone or text file?

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i think the "look" is the last thing to worry about. The frist thing is to do something with the app gap. I know there are more than 500K apps, but apps like snpachat, youtube, instagram and other officials apps should be on windows phone ( i dont use any of them  except youtube), msft has to do something with this.

Also add support for EAP-TTLS for eduroam!!!, its a must have feature for a student. I bought a 640 LTE DS and I spent hours trying to figure out how to access to eduroam but its seems impossible (fails in step 2 of verification)

Looks good. Now all we need is a decent flagship or two at launch. I wish my 820 wasn't my only phone. Then I could use it for the preview.