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It allows OEMs a final driver/compatibility check. We will probably see fins in August.

$549?  I wonder if people will voice the same arguments about it being overpriced as they did with the Surface 3.

Why are the Z41 and Z51 lower priced if they have better components than the ThinkPad 10?

Given the current state of Windows 10, I don't see how it's possible.
Hopefully, the rtm release will be stable.

It's not too bad but I prefer 3:2 as that seems like the perfect balance between getting work done in portrait orientation and watching widescreen videos.

Wow. No.  Having a U.S. company working with anything is a terrible idea.  Until the U.S. government can back away from its capitalist, spying, and warmongering it'd be a terrible mistake to collaborate anything with a U.S. based company.


Yeah, we all know the Chinese government isn't perfect but, really, what country's government is?  The U.S. can be just as bad and has done worse in the past.  Our politicians are clouded by greed and our government is no longer "for the people, by the people."  Sure, I have the freedom to type this out without repercussions but having free speech and actually having freedom are two separate things.  Right now the U.S. is run by a government that is more focused feeding profits than it is about taking care of its citizens.  So why should any other business/country work with the U.S. when they can be just as bad, if not worse, in some areas?

This. The only registry cleaner I will use. Been a user for years... Maybe I will buy the paid version just to support them more.

Product assembly to the U.S., most of the pieces of hardware in Apple systems (like the iMac they are making here) are still manufactured in China.

Why doesn't Microsoft give its features all in once to everyone on earth? Why do they only have, for example, Bing Points in less than 20 countries? Ridiculous!

Do you realize that many companies outsource the programming of software to Chinese companies?  Chances are high that a name brand Blu-ray player is going to be made in China with firmware programmed by Chinese employees.  Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Sony, etc. could very well rely on Chinese programmers when compiling their codes, finding bugs, testing, etc.

Your paranoia is truly astounding, I think your meds are wearing off and you need to get rid of your tinfoil hat becasue it's obviously messing with your mind.

Now, you go on to say "You can't trust China or people there."  What about Chinese people who come to the U.S. for higher education (graduate school, I know that might be hard for you to fathom) or for careers?  Can they not be trusted either?  I (don't) hate to tell you but there are many Chinese people currently working in the U.S. who are conducting research, with the U.S. government no less, helping to make your drinking water cleaner.  They are conducting research so that you won't get cancer from long-term consumption of disinfection byproducts in your tap water, they are conducting research so that we can better recycle our products and rely less on oil companies when manufacturing plastic goods, they are conducting all sorts of research.  Some of those Chinese people have plans to go back to their home country, others don't.

You might as well stay locked in your basement with newspapers covering the windows, your tinfoild hat, and your mason jars filled with urine.

The term "release to manufacturing", also known as "going gold", is a term used when a software product is ready to be delivered or provided to the customer. 

A corporate Microsoft guy told me November on the street.  So expect October RTM.

They need phones on the street for Black Friday.  If they want to hit this years sales season, that always is the goal.

I had my turtle beach Xbox 360 Bluetooth dongle combined with the xbox one headset controls. Now I have full Bluetooth support on my Xbox, with any Bluetooth headset :) pm me for details.

The builds they release to people are not the same builds they are working on.  They choose to release different builds to test features that could easily be changed and get feedback.  It's really the kernel/shell that's the brunt of the work.  

Given Lenovos annoucement of Windows 10 tablets hitting the street in August yesterday, this is not really a hard expectation for anyone to have.


Most excited about?  True Universal apps and ability to get iPhone and Android apps.

Finally, an actually useful Cortana integration /feature addition!

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My suspicion is they've pretty much given up on phones.  They'll still make them, just to "see" if there's renewed interest.  But plan A is getting Android and iOS users to use their stuff.

I see no reason to think that Windows 10 on Phones will do any better than Windows Phone did, and Windows Phone is essentially dead.

Windows is now a service. Which means it won't be perfect at launch, but will receive frequent updates that add features and smooth things out over time. If you think something needs fixed, put in feedback about it. If people agree, they'll up-vote it. Saying "All Apps is pitiful" doesn't really help MS improve the feature.

We already knew edge wasn't going to be a perfect competitor to Chrome and FF at launch. First priority is replacing IE.

Just because a bug occurs for you, does not mean it's a major bug for everyone. I have never had any issues with the Start menu opening.

Remember, what we are seeing in the Insider Preview isn't everything. There are apps, features and updates to apps that we may not see until launch.

Pretty weird at this stage it's not being tested by Insiders. Where are the others native apps for 10 (podcasts, Skype, etc)??

School starts in August-September, but its pretty logical that they would want a month to do a marketing campaign.

You mean the Chinese government can Leer at nudies of my devine body and man parts in full GO! state? Well you are welcome China!

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Well have you seen edge? Not even close too rtm. Explorer hasn't changed at all... And I think some parts just don't look finished e.g. The desktop bottom an the left of the taskbar. Annnd loooots of bug fixing. And on tablet it's not better than win8.1

That makes no sense. There's nothing different between the OEM version and retail except for the way its licensed. It doesn't matter which version it is, it'll be launched at the same time.

Have you used a Surface 3? The Atom x7 is no slouch. It won't win any benchmark contests in gaming or video editing, but for 80% of users out there, it is plenty fast.