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This is my source of windows information for both my laptop and my phone.I have been and ardent fan of Microsoft after the Nokia merger in 2012 and my first love was with my Nokia Lumia 920 till to this date.

I had this game for Xbox 360.So if I buy XBOX one I will be able to put the game to Xbox one,I have to download it for free or I have to buy it again???

I don't think it matters, for me using Windows 10 Mobile makes me happy, I have everything I want and couldn't care less about apps on other platforms. As long as Microsoft keeps their promise of having phones for the fans then it doesn't make any difference to my life if Windows Mobile drops to 0.1% worldwide market share. I'll grow old and die happy knowing I never had to use a ****** iPhone. That being said, I am pissed off that my carrier here in the UK doesn't stock the XL, I'm not interested in the 950 at all so will wait for my contract to expire then go get an XL at Carphone Warehouse.

How can you chart a direction in mobile devices when there will be no separate device as a mobile phone in times to come? Satya is a visionary and knowingly or unknowingly, he has set Microsoft on the right track!

So,  for a true ipood pro and surface comparison please post north american sales head to head.  or,  sales numbers for the 24 countries the surface is sold it.  that would be an "apples to apples" comparison.

PC sticks and a easy, quick data input method should be a focus. Huge AppleTV rival right there.

Hi Guys,

We have upgradted the Windows7 and Windows 8.1 machine nearly 50 machnines. but after few days of upgrade now the systems are runing dead slwo, even after proper patching.

I am doing the clean installation systems are working perfectly, what could be the bug? anyone of you having this kind of issues?





I would love to win this device. It would be used for web browsing as well as social networks.

Works with Groove - a little symbol to show streaming (online) only and does not disrupt the the artwork or usage.

Thanks for your response Rudy, i unpinned and repinned from the app menu and still nothing. What is the live tile meant to show? Im using latest Win10m Build on a 930 and 950.

Just look at their mismanagement of Windows Phone, and idiocy with Windows 8/Xbox One release to see why people are happy to give Microsoft a wide berth.
The SP4 and Surface Book also had a whole heap of problems on launch. They can't keep releasing beta products.

I entered with like 23 entries!! What was that huh?? Anyways, I want that beast! ;)

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