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This build is like the worst build I have ever had on my 640 XL and I believe its as a result os MS laying off the people that know how to make W10M work fine.... I've never had issues with any build on my 640XL except this build. My Phone Dialer wont open, phone reboots almost 5 times in an hour, app unexpectedly crash, notification center does not display notifications, every charger is charging my device slow and so on.
Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.

Hi Rodney I hear you! I haven't written a piece on that yet though my wife and I have talked about it quite a bit.
We do know at this point they won't market anything until all thier ducks are in a row.
In the past there was some marketing like the ATT 920, ATT 1020, and Verizon 928 Ads, but nothing on the caliber of what we see from Apple and Samsung who are on every major carrier.

One if the things Chris Capossela, MS Chief Marketing Officer pointed out is the marketing built into the products, which is very important. Check out(which I'm sure you have) part 3 of my "Highs and Lows Microsoft's Smartphone Strategy: Rules of Engagement; Business Unusual":

Apple and Google(Samsung) are great at that AS WELL the in the "consumers face, touch our emotions and senses" ads.

MS can't really do that with phone right now. I think they could have done better in the past.

Maybe I'll do a lil' something. :-)

Jason L Ward @JLTechWord

@Paolo and Sumair thanks for the support guys!

Jason L Ward @JLTechWord

Imagine a forza style racing line too with red/amber arrows saying to slow down etc !

Thanks for the input and the support. I'm just a contributer by the way not one of the editors. :-)

Glad you enjoyed this piece. Hope you do try do try WP, and when you do please share your experience!

Jason L Ward @JLTechWord

Please upvote the feedback item that informs the developers that this new feature is actually not a compass at all, but rather a protractor. It's awesome. Just not a compass.

Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10

Depends on what they use for two-factor. A lot of accounts verify by phone number. an encryption key, or other things that aren't bound by device.

Personally, I like the phone number, because you aren't likely to change it very often.


Rdp seems to be a little faster. It is not yet that fast to play games on it, but the fps is around double the value for rdp against teamviewer for me. On the other hand teamviewer is easier to setup.

I have a pretty nice solution with a microsoft wireless connector, a foldable keyboard and an arc mouse. It is smaller than any laptop, it even fits into a jacket (with large pockets) and for me i am using it with a small bag which i carry around all the time anyway since my wallet, keys, pocket knive, chewing gum, tissues and all the other small things i need do not fit into my normal pockets without making me uneven marshmallow looking anyway. And it is much lighter and smaller then carrying around a laptop and a phone while being more modula so whatever you do not need at the moment: Just keep it in the bag or pocket.


Why the mark down above?  WTF? I have a genuine problem.

Welcome to WP10....shick shick boom

I agree. Missing Snapchat does not bother me as I do not use it. It would be a issue to my daughter's though who use it daily.
However my Epson printer has an iOS app and an android app, but no Windows app. This does bother me. I can print office docs by sending to my printers email, but cannot print a web page or a photo, and cannot scan to my phone. It is the same for many other devices, they support iOS and android but not Windows. This is where Microsoft to step up their game, getting hardware manufacturers on-board.

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And guess who owns the biggest BYOD managment system... bingo it's microsoft. So unlike IBM (which is far from irrelevant in businesses) and unlike Blackberry, MS has cash to burn if/when they want to come back to the consumer market. Because they own and control the largest managent system they are also guaranteeing that it will be compatible with w10 making the switch easy for IT departments.

I wasn't affected either but my problem is with the cellular and sim,when I restart my phone,i can't access the cellular and sim ,it keeps freezing when I try to access it. This happens on my Lumia 730 . Please work on that asap

Want not need.

On a trip to USA earlier this month I installed around 8 apps for parks,  transportation, stores, attractions. Every single one of them was a waste of time. They didn't give me useful information or presented it in a way that made no sense, with illogical menus  such that I couldn't access that information on demand.

I seriously regretted spending time trying to get useful information out of them.

Mostly their Web sites were better,  but some of those were not mobile friendly.

Yes there are some apps missing which is why I'm on Android. Could I use a windows phone and do without them? Yes,  they aren't needs. I tried it for a fortnight and didn't die. But I liked reading my RSS feeds on newsblur, having access to my bank,  setting programmes to record on my PVR, submitting my utilities readings. All but the PVR I could have done equally as well on a well designed Web page.

Better = subjective. Of the for you listed, only YouTube is better in the browser, from my perspective.

75% of app usage on 1% of the market....
Shows what an absolute irrelevance apps are on desktop computers

I have an MS Surface 3. The things that are worse on W10;
-Battery life
-random disconnects on the keyboard cover (requiring restarts)
-Intel display driver keeps restarting (with the notification saying graphics driver for Windows 8 failed).
-Edge is crap compared to Metro IE.
If MS can't even get it right with their own products, why would people trust them to get it right with third party computers? Most people don't even need or use UWP' there really isn't much benefit to upgrading.

Stop trying to justify what Microsoft have done. Clearly by changing the role of the 'X' button, Microsoft are trying to get people to upgrade when they don't want to.
I can understand why; Windows 10 updates have happened at a pretty glacial pace. But just because the market doesn't care for Windows 10, it doesn't give Microsoft the right to force it down our throats.
(I own an MS Surface 3. I still have reconnect issues with my type cover - necessitating a restart. Battery life isn't nearly as good as W8.1. Edge is crap compared to Metro IE and the display driver keeps restarting. If MS can't even get it right with their own tablet, then what hope do others have!)

nope they won't, at least not in terms of raw performance (unless every single rumor out there is wrong).

every leak right now suggests that polaris 11 (the smaller version) will be somewhere below 1070 on next gen mobile & entry level performance. it still will be way faster than what currently is available there, but it will not match a 1070.

similarly polaris 10 in its biggest version will - according to the most optimistic rumors - be roughly around 6GFlops and so quite a bit behind the 1080s actual 7.2.

amd is approaching the game from the other end. they start low/midrange and go up, nvidia started highend and will go down.

that is what amd was saying from the beginning. they stated at every conference and talk i came across that they would focus on very low power consumption at a competitive price point with "vr-capable" performance. 6GFlops are faster than a current titan so it is by no means shabby. all we have to see now is what that competitive price point will be. only very few people will buy a card for 600$ or more like the 1080. if polaris 10 sells around the 1070 it will be an excellent contender as it should be faster.

even polaris 11 has been demoed to play hitman at 4k with settings to max. everything about the way amd showed off their new chip suggests they will focus on next gen entry/midrange with very good efficiency and that the new entry level will effectively be the hither midrange of last year.


if you are looking for a 1080 killer you will likely have to wait until late fall and vega. that thing should be a real beast designed to sweep the floor with the 1080 and likely even the upcoming 1080TI. it also - again according to rumors, nothing of this has been officially confirmed of course - will be the only consumer card this year (amd and nvidia combined) that will be coming with hbm2. nvidia seems to stick to DDR5x for now, likely due to yield issues. If that is true Vega will be the shiniest tool in the shed by the end of this year ... but it will cost accordingly so that again will be more of an enthusiast thing (with deep deep pockets), less the average gamers card.


anyway, we will see if all the rumors are true in a few days and i can hardly wait for the official release. it will be a very interesting month and if we are lucky it will finally kick off competition again in the segment that most gamers are looking for when they upgrade: the sub $ 600,- cards.

Brilliant article on Windows mobile finally! Unlike what is coming from Paul Thurrott lately. Thanks Daniel!

I had 1 question,who want to download such big game from ap store ?? Instead I would like to buy it from Amazon etc. Dude Data plans are so costly. How store will become popular in PC,with this restriction?. On the other hand phone app Are a lot small in size.. so definitely windows store in phone will succeed...

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Iain, Microsoft broke convention by changing the functionality of the 'X' button on that popup. It's an underhand and devious way to try and force people to upgrade.

Yes because you're supposed to get them from the store now.

Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830

Nope anything running Windows 10 has access. It's just hidden by default if your device isn't touch-enabled. Like Tablet Mode. Any Windows 10 computer can use Tablet Mode...but you have to enable it manually.

Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830

Not at all..650is beautiful.. but not at all good phone.. it is a business phone.. and not able to play games it is a garbage for me.. lumia 650 should have 2gb ram and greater battery life at same price.. lumia 640is lot more better phone than lumia 650..

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Dang... That's why I like the 950's which can go from completely empty to fully charged in 30mins

Microsoft took there sweet time to get on the ball. I remember buying my wife the G 1 and later the iphone. I wanted something comparable to that in windows there was none for a long time. There phone resembled a blackberry. They just took too long to get on the bandwagon. Abandoning the low end market will turn out to be another mistake while they had momentum. They should of had these companies producing the hardware and selling them now as we speak in mass. I think they had a Chinese company ZTE or Huawei and one of them even said they would not have windows on there phone. The transition is all screwed up. The pause in strategy isn't warranted. T mobile only offers one windows phone and it's from Alcatel-Lucent where are the others. Me having to wait and use a Galaxy 4 note when I have a surface 3 and an xbox one upsets me. I have to continually figure out where everything is in settings etc sometimes can't find or hook up the wireless hp printer because I became more proficient in one operating system and I'm having all sort of compatibility issues with the other. Don't really want to know 2 operating systems and figure out where's what etc don't have the time. I've always had a Hotmail account had to open a Gmail account I rarely look at to have my Hotmail account. This whole thing is ridiculous that's just the begining. I have to have my pic on my phone and two clouds microsoft and and google. Because it's a Google samsung phone there dormant apps keep popping up to say I'm here install me. Don't want to be all over the place. Have pictures in Picasa that I can't delete for some strange reason. The list goes on I could keep writing about all the flaws but what's the point.

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I'm seeing a very different split for my app - Freda epub ebook reader. Latest stats, out of a total 49,892:

PC: 40,042

Phone: 7,135

Tablet: 2,697

Everything Else: 18

So for this app (it's currently the top-ranked epub ebook reader in most markets) Phone downloads are about 14% of the total. I guess that means that the story is really very dependent on which app you're talking about.

By the way, I looked again at the Phone number - there are still a significant number of Windows Phone 8.1 users downloading the app (about a third of the total). And, remarkably enough, there were a couple of hundred who are still using Windows Phone 7.5!

Sorry but in my opinion people need to be forced to the most up2date version of software anyway. If you still use tech with the thought of "never change a running system" - then you are going steps back day by day. We are living in a world where tech and it is getting faster and faster in their development. I understand that people who don't understand how computers and OSes work and what drivers are etc. are affraid to change stuff on their computers. But tech is not like riding a bike ... you can't learn the necessary steps once and than you can do it just like the you whole life. You need up with the progress and learn new things every day. Also the change from win7/8 to 10 isn't a big deal and those who complain should either keep away from computers with windows or roll back and turn auto updates off

EDIT: the achievements indeed ARE THERE and unlock in the XBOX app, but you cannot view them anywhere within the game itself and neither do they pop up as notifications when you unlock them. A bit weird :)

Hey Rodney. I've been sitting on the slow ring (14295) for about a month now. I've been afraid to go to fast cuz of the battery issues. Minor stability bugs are not of concern, but how is battery life. Is it similar to what you'd usually expect?

Except Apple does this, and noone complains about it. Same for Google on the chromebooks. There's no request asking to upgrade, it just goes and does it in the background. And now Android has the same system in place so that an upgrade is installed in place and just a restart without any additional time is needed for the upgrade. 


But of course, you don't know this because everyone is harping on MS for doing the same thing, for the same reasons; except for MS it's a change from the status quo (which was bad, because you have people still running windows XP with security issues galore)