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I think the update should be like a normal windows update, not in the store like 8.1

"Free, but purchase is needed" Thoroughly terrible title for this article. 1 min limit on media, watermark on photos, means this is just a trial version of the app, not a free app.

That's true, they are a lot cheaper. My point was how everyone, when the Surface first came out, said no one wanted a keyboard, when clearly a lot of people do.

It shows Windows (all versions) at 93.51%, MacOS (all versions) at 5.37%, with all flavors/versions of Linux combined at 1.11%. FreeBSD at 0.01%, SunOS 0.01%, and all others combined at 0%, which includes ChromeOS of course. Nice to see Google in last place somewhere. :)

Microsoft thinks the xbox / halo names are the biggest things differentiating them from Apple & google. They use it as an excuse to not develop or support better products. It's just going to get worse.

The trash talk in the RPS game is really really funny. I kept playing just to read it. "I assembled you into my female dog" and "Your mother is disappointed in your performance and you must do her washing" are a few of the better examples.

Perhaps Lumia should recommend using Lynx for accessing the URL in the readme file...


This gives me a chance to try it as I don't really understand the benefits. I can stream every file from my server just using the network in file explorer. Unless someone would like to enlighten me...

I still can't stream my music from my Plex Server over LTE. I'm a lifetime member, I can sucessfully stream over LTE from my Surface, HTC One M7 (Android) and the browser URL, but my Lumia 1020 running 8.1.1 DP only works over WIFI --- over LTE it says I have no media. Even the Plex support forums haven't been able to help after sending in logs.

When I started playing with computers in the very early 90's, aged 13 or so, for the life of me I thought floppy disks were the 5.25" disks and hard disks were the 3.5" disks. I was embarrassed when I found out the truth -- until I realized that everyone I knew thought the same thing (including the sales guy working at Future Shop...and he should know, right? right?). Of course I then tended to expound quite vigorously about how anyone could ever get the terms wrong and lorded it over the ignorant... (I was an asshole as a teenager, is what I'm saying).

Similar devices are sold for 200€. But if we consider the 64GB, the pen support, and the production quality, i could (generously) add another 150€ up to 350€ as a base price. Still I got 149.99 missing. What is this extra 150 for? (mind you in EU the entry level device is @599€ which makes it even more absurd.)  Yes, it is overall better than the iPad for the same price, but it's not cheap compared to similar Windows Tablet PC offers.

Universal Apps for the win!  I bought it about a month ago.  Already got my $5 worth!  Nice having the free app with limits though to allow users to see the way the app is setup.  It works really well.  Here's hoping that the Windows 10 on Xbox will also allow that 'version' to be 'free'.  Right now, I can't stream from my Xbox app without having the Pass.  If it was still ~$75, I'd think about it.  Can't quite go for it at $150.

I paid for it on WP about a year ago but when i try to download on my PC and tablet I have to pay $4.99.

Just re-read your comment. If by Windows 7 being "better" you were just reiterating the sales numbers, you are of course absolutely correct and I misunderstood! :)

I actually do have some disks laing around at home. I even have a drive left from those old days, just had to connect it to my PC. I wonder if it still works.

Considering how big market share is using 7, 10 would greatly benefit from this.

MS Marketing, please get some serious work done. Please.


Runs a WIndows 3.1 syled app launcher... I just installed it before watching any videos or anything on it.. Neat, I started using Windows back in the Dos 5.0 and Windows 3.0 (not 3.1)

Could not do a IPCONFIG, this would of been usefull when troubleshooting wireless networks, etc..

What big boost?...Windows 7 increased by about 2% and XP decreased by about 2%.

We do PC repair where I work, and this report looks about right to me based on our customers' machines.

Exactly... sad to see (yes I know it's a preview, try to get over that excuse for a minute) that they're this close to the launch and they still don't have a working product. Will undoubtedly be released just as broken as xbox music for wp8.1. Also sad to see WC writers and users keep telling Microsoft it's okay to make bad products as long as you have good excuses.

And here I thought that "George Ponder" was the name of a news-article-generating robot. The typos either prove that George is human or a very crafty AI!

Always?  I drop the keyboard all the time around the house when just browsing or controlling the SONOS or whatever.  Thinner, lighter, usually all weekend.  

You forgot "In my humble opinion" at the beginning of your statement. Look at the security numbers of Windows 7 vs. Windows 8.1. Windows 8 is: MUCH more secure, even without a 3rd-Party antivirus, runs measurably faster than Windows 7 in almost every way-- even and especially on older equipment, and had many more native advantages under the hood as well. Was not explaining the interface to the end user and taking away the Start Menu at the same time a typical Microsoft documentation failure? Absolutely. We have been deploying Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 to EVERY piece of hardware across all of our clients, with the promise that (after 10 minutes of training) we will happily pay to take them back to Windows 7 if they wish. NONE have taken us up on it and its been years now. Windows 8.1 is great, it's mythical reputation and the announcement of Windows 10 is what is holding up sales. I have no dog in this hunt to claim that, indeed, Windows 8.1 is better... Other than running our systems and those of our clients on the most and secure systems possible as we charge a flat monthly fee per device and per user. The ticket load from Windows 7 machines dwarfs those of the Windows 8 machines. Same with Server 2012 vs. Server 2008 and Server 2003.

Back in my day, MS-DOS (vs. 2.0) was just one 5.25" floppy (read 365k).  Even that floppy had about 50k free.  The phone version on the other hand is 8MB.  Huge!

My wife has been using the hand me down Surface 2 without a cover for a year. Has she been using it wrong all this time?