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Very awesome indeed!!!! I'm starting to feel like Microsoft is getting back on the saddle of being a leader and creator of REALLY COOL things!

About time we (WP people) start getting the right to brag about our awesome platform!

I am perplexed as to what you do here, you have nothing to contribute to intellectual discussion nor have you ever understood what someone else is trying to say regarding competing platforms.

You've also not been able to process the fact that you too are banned from the forums.

I'd request you to post something meaningful for once but I imagine I'd have more luck in trying to teach apes the art of aviation.

Downloaded. Played through two levels. Absolutely beautiful and smooth. The gameplay is surprisingly good for a touch interface platformer. Only complaint is that the resolution isn't quite as high as the L1520, so you see a bit of pixilation if you get close.

Saw this game at the EMP in Seattle. Looks really rad; I'll definitely be getting it when it comes out. It's also literally the second video game my wife has ever expressed an interest in, so it'll be great to have something to play co-op together.

But MS has been catching criticism in recent months for releasing apps on all platforms but Windows Phone (i.e. new version of Office, Sway, etc). That's what he's getting at.

This is actually one of the most useful things I can imagine. Right up there with the one note pen on SP3. Pretty amazing.

What are you talking about..? jjust by using Ctrl+C i can share what im looking at with friends/family/coworker... Its amazing and brilient. I can imagine 100 stuff i could do with this app. 

I hope this will automatically add items in Windows 10 Mobile. It will be much less useful otherwise.

That's actually true, but more so for Google services. I mean most the time Google's apps and services work best on Android. However until recently most of Microsoft's services had more polished or functional versions available on iOS, and sometimes Android.

Disagree with a lot of what you say. People are blaming the 8.1 design for low WP sales and believe that adding a hamburger menu will result in a massive increase in sales. This is absolute nonsense, to believe that millions of Android and iPhones users will suddenly move to WP because hamburger menus have been added is pure fantasy.

What really makes a difference is the apps. Had WP come with the same apps as Android and iPhone, then the story would be different and 8.1 would have remained.

However, the current introduction of W10 across all devices necessitates HBM's, this allows universal apps to exist as well as a universal OS. The universal OS will be accessed by over a billion potential customers, this will attract the app revs.

But, to blame 8.1/Metro as the reason for low WP sales is totally incorrect.

Because developers know the difference. Your everyday person doesn't typically know the word edge already exists.

I found those to break a lot of websites, where site elements would simply not be there or the website would get junked up.  I had to remove them.

That's a different thing.
You can use OneNote for that.
In fact, many moons ago, somewhere around the launch of Windows Phone 7, there was an ad for it that showed exactly that.

I use IE11 out of convenience.  I don't like loading up redundant applications on my PC.  However, IE11 is just not robust.  It has page reloads all the time, crashes sporatically.  My Notebook is fairly clean.  I did a full reboot from scratch a couple of months ago when I switch from Platter to SSD and the only apps I have loaded other than mostly default Microsoft Metro Apps is Office 365, Kinovea, Coach's Eye, and Sound Forge.  It's a Quad Core machine with 8GB RAM, so I know it's not an issue of it being underpowered.

It does load fast, and it runs decently well.  But the Rendering and JavaScript performance are not on par with Chrome or Firefox - both of which I've tried, and they do not give me the same Page Reload and Tab Crashing issues IE does.  Still, I use IE because I like to keep my machines clean, and that means not installing applications that are purely duplicative.  It's not like I have a Google Account or want a Mozilla Account for FF Sync, anyways.

On my Mac and iPhone I use Safari for everything.  Never an issue with them.

It's funny, gamers complain about IAP and freemium, then they complain about $5 games. Lesson learned: gamers are a finicky bunch.

Microsoft always fails on naming their products.  Why reuse Edge for a new browser when it clearly can cause confusion due to a feature in the current browser?

Can you use this app across users❓ That would be cool... For example,, Like a share grocery list.
They should add this feature in the future if it's not already there...

No references to whether or not it uses AptX for bluetooth streaming music. Which usually means that it doesn't.

Pretty worthless at $300 to be wireless and without AptX. What exactly are you paying for? The magnetic charging base? Please.

I thought you were banned? Besides, iPhone still doesn't have Bluetooth share, file manager and fm, so no, ios is NOT better than Windows.

That's nice for you people who barely used those accounts, anyways, or used them only for ignorable personal matters.

It's near impossible to do for someone who's been using a Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, or whatever account for years and has everything going there.

A friend of mine is a contractor and uses Gmail for work as well.  There's no way he'd want to deal with switching off of it given the volume of emails he gets, how many people have that email address, and it's on all of his business cards that he's handed out, etc.  Way too much trouble.

Man, there's been so many times I wanted to copy&paste text from my PC to my Phone...
Of course, you can also use OneNote for this, but maybe this app will simplify the process... Also, might be more transparent for the average consumer...

ugh, arent we done with java?  and all its vulnerabilites. I'm no programmer, so please corect me if I am wrong.   I run an office with 300 PC's and Surface tablets, and we have oracle java blocked from installation on all but one PC, that has an old web app on it.


Can Edge run javascript without Oracle Java installed?



Available for Windows at the same time.... Simply amazing.... Times just might be changing.