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I can't move the keypad to left right or top, using L830. Am i doing anything wrong. I have not that setting either. Please suggest

Same thing here  on my 640. They say it works with all 5'+ displays, but yet, i can't get it done, neither do i can resize the keyboard by holding it.

Probably black friday/cyber monday pricing.  I went ahead and grabbed it because I enjoy Hitman but wish this had achievements too.

I want the option to move the mic icon to the right side. I hold the phone in my right hand and my thumb can't reach across my 1520 screen to use it one handed.

Well, depending on what you mean by that, you may be disappointed. It's somewhat like 8.1, but they removed most of the touch-friendliness.

Could have made a Video as well to demonstrate the tips. That would be really helpful.

Portuguese BR doesn't have the microphone... When I switch to US-ENG and it's on Bluetooth of my car and try the microphone it says: "Calling Cortana". Someone without Cortana can confirm that you need her to have this feature?

Oh, it's just software that Microsoft doesn't own and needs to have an agreement with the music labels, movie studios, and app developers for every country to distribute that content. And if a developer of one of those apps didn't sell in a specific country, or didn't localize into every language in the EU then people would be screaming that Microsoft doesn't cater to you. And of course it is perfectly fine if you get a deal, even if it is hardware, that other countries don't get because you are special, you live in the EU. You must be able to get everything that the entire world gets, but when it goes the other way then other countries don't deserve your deals.

And yes, you are whining.


I'm guessing it depends on screen size, my 640 doesn't have those features either.

Changing the size of the UI might make them show up as well.

And as sad as it is for those that got fired, lets be honest: In a company with 125,000 employees and almost 100,000 contracted workers, 60 is almost nothing.

These dont work on my 640:

8. Shift the keyboard to the left or right
9. Move the keyboard up or down the screen

Are they regular features for all phones?

Don't forget to mention the fact that, now in Windows 10 Mobile, you can tap and hold the top row of letters (QWERTY-UIOP) then you can type numbers without going to the full number keyboard. And as always, you can tap and hold most letters to type special charters.

I just wish autocorrect worked as well in 10 as it did in 8.1.  It's been absolute trash in 10.

All the stories last week kept saying "sorry Windows users, you won't be getting this"

Glad we did!

I haven't been able to get #2 to work since I got my 950 XL.  It always brings up the keyboard selection menu (tip #10).

Using the prices given the Note 5 and 950XL are at the same price point. No way Note 5 and iPhone 6+ users find the XL to be comparable and worthy of switching to. Hence my comment.

Posted from my Note 5

While most of these are great I still find the delay on tapping and holding anything just slows me down I wish it was configurable

It's pretty impressive that you already know that a game that doesn't exist is already better than a game you have never played.

Hello I would like the free Xbox one console system do you have any damaged ones you don't want because I saw the video saying I could get one for free thank you 

For those of us that are less politically correct I highly recommend the swype to swear app to add a whole list of "words" to the keyboard suggestions in one shot.

The first one is actually one I didn't know about :D. But it works really good. A. A. Just testing it lol