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"Xbox On!" Works everytime. I have raved about the voice controls. I use them everyday! With such a great selection of content why wouldn't you buy one? I love my XboxOne!

Gta5 is overpriced for a game I purchased last year. I'll wait until its its on sale.. I'll try to watch.

I will say it again. Games that are not presented on PS4 have effectively 0 fps and 0x0 pixels resolution, pretty low.

XBOX is more powerfull overall if you count correctly.

I dont comment much but Mytube is the best youtube app in every platform! Many thanks to the developer!

like when you bought a game on nes and switched to snes, like on master system and mega drive, like snes to n64, like n64 to gamecube, like mist of xbox games to 360, like ps2 to ps3 slim, and so on. only ps1 to ps2 to ps3 fat and gamecube to wii/wii to wiiU worked. They want to sell the games and especially for one and ps4 the hardware is entirely different, so they cant just "port" it.

At below 10k its provides awesome specs. Or would a great but for ones wanting to try out WP..... It would most certainly do better Dan da 520

What's a "flagship" in Microsoft land right now? Sadly every phone carrying the Lumia name is crippled/compromised in one way or another.

1520 - too big and/or absence of QI wireless charging
1020 - Slow/Sluggish and crippled by insufficient horsepower for the modern OS improvements
930/Icon - No "glance" and no expandable storage
830 - "flagship"? Uh, no, irrespective of how MS wants to market the phone, flagship it most certainly is not.

Talk about missing opportunity going into the holiday season. #smh

I know this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but, Nokia Camera shouldn't be on this list unless we include the other manufacturer camera apps as well. Even if it is downloadable from the store it's not available for everyone. That being said, I found Nokia Camera amazingly customizable, however, I am really loving the HTC camera app on the 1M84W (off topic...I hate the name of this device).

I have the 730 and it's incredible with selfies. Not very impressed with the rear camera though, it could've been far better.

Although it's a 6.7MP Carl Zeiss lens, it should've been given some extra juice.

He's talking anout Bing Rewards Points. If you accumulate 679 points, you get XBL "free" for one month. I think you're better off getting enough points for 5 dollar Amazon gift cards and buying a year sub, but that's just me.


But I don't think they'll have to recode the entire application. Just replace the parts which still have 6.X in it with 10.0

"In comparison some Xbox exclusives need to be delayed because there are too many coming out. " 

Interesting, with all the games coming out like you say, you'd think Gold Members would get more games. But it's always only one and usually bound to be difficult and 8-bit looking.

"So in general, saying PS4 is better for gaming for everyone is incorrect, because you missed the most important part of the sentence: 'for me'."

Paying less for the same game is always better "for me." I guess I'm alone in this aspect. I actually don't know how often PS4 has sales, but when they do, the prices are usually impulse buy pricing. Contrast was 5 dollars during a sale on PS4, while it was 15 dollars on XBone during their sale.



Yes, because reporting and being critaical of a companies practices should never be allowed.

Ok at first glance this type of thing looks foolish to me. Why would Verizon want to mistreat its windows customers. I went through the same things mentioned when I went in the store to purchase a windows phone. I knew what the flagship ship was, but some how the salesman didn't. I want the icon I said. He says I don't think we carry that phone. Then he finds it and tells me it is outdated when it was released this year. Then he asks me why I am set on getting a windows phone. After 15 minutes of nonsense and the guy playing stupid, I got the guy to start processing the phone I had carefully researched. Then I find out the big windows 8.1 release isn't going to reach me because Verizon is delaying the process. See the air of preferential treatment is palpable around the Verizon organization, and most windows users have a bad taste in their mouths but can't fully articulate why. I wanted to tell that sales guy, "why the hell would I want an iPhone when ican get a better phone for less." yes it is a better phone, even though it doesn't have as many apps. The fact is that it should have more apps, because the OS is light years ahead of apple and android, and they are all going to start copying it soon. Any way, the reason I think Verizon purposefully mistreats windows users is not because they are stupid. It is because windows phones mess up their profits because they offer superb quality for less! They don't want to sell windows phones. They want the image of being inclusive, bit they don't want the phone to sell, and would rather that windows was out of the phone business. I think that ultimately this is a stupid approach, even though they don't. Because if they have anything to do with making me lose my favorite phones I will never forgive them, no matter how many damn bars they get me. I'll switch to att just out of spite. They must not know how deep this stuff runs for windows followers....

No, in-fact those journalist idiots have successfully pushed me in installing UBER on my phone, i will cheer for any company that has the balls to give it back to pathetic, rude, corrupt creatures known as journalists!!

UK based MCC player here. Matchmaking FINALLY kicked in for me tonight, totally out of the blue. Never received any update (or rather, not prompted or notified I was receiving anything). Played 4-5 back to back games of Big Team. OH... MY... LIFE! Halo is BACK! Sloppy launch, but seriously, WOW.

Started with metro tube great app then moved to mytube again a brilliant app.... Now using tubecast and it's better mainly because it does what metrotube/mytube does but it also projects to chromecast. I use chromecast mite than I watch tv these days