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This may be useful one day if I ever come back to owning a surface, but my MacBook pro is legitimately good! Plus I like the extra 2 inches of screen real estate. If you have an air though, trade that in for a Surface all day! Pro > Air.

UPDATE: Problem not 100% resolved.  Still issues with power button though not nearly as frequent.  This is really bad.  I'm now hard resetting which is pretty lame as only remediation for a problem app removal.  As a .NET developer, I am surprised any one app could cause such problems to the operation of the phone itself, especially after uninstalling.  How the hell did this app pass the review process for the MS Store.

The most hilarious comment on this thread. +1 for you, good sir

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Not sure what's causing the problem but one of the triggers is definitely the chive app. Installed the app yesterday and ran it for a few minutes and then started having the usual problems, did a soft reset and everything worked fine again, still had the app installed. Ran the chive app again today and the problems returned immediately, did a soft reset again and things are back to normal. Don't have 5 minute workout but do have gestures beta installed. Waiting for a fix but have uninstalled the chive for the moment.

Its about freaking time!!!!!!! Oh thank goodness they were quick on this update. I just got a GoPro Hero4 at the beginning of November and this was pissing me off to no end that I couldn't use my phone to connect.

my powerbutton only works for shutdown (long press), or in combination with the volume button for forced reboot. after a reboot i get a black screen after unlock, and the statusbar doesn't work. sometimes i get my tiles (and no quick toggles), sometimes the black screen.

also, when i turn my phone off, it reboots just like its charging, eventhough it's not.

all the above problems began right after trying the chive app,  so from my experience i can confirm that it's actually the chive app causing all this trouble. the problem is, i don't want to hard reset so i hope there is a solution to fix this.

i have a lumia 635 with latest developer preview installed.

I have none of the apps mentioned in the article OTHER than TheChive...which was installed yesterday.
Power button stopped working and I had to do a hard reset.
Stay away from this app.

Snapchat is cack anyway. The self destruct element is anulled by screenshotting, after which it might as well be WhatsApp or any other messaging service.

Interesting that this comes just after Pinterest pulled their Beta?

What a busy week for Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox and Microsoft!

On the Windows Phone front, I'm especially happy about new app/game releases and big updates for popular apps. Good way to end 2014!

I downloaded theChive app and this happened to me. I tried multiple soft resets, I also tried turning on airplane mode and it wouldn't allow. I went to cellular data to turn off the and it wouldn't allow. I ultimately had to hard reset and lost my sons last Christmas program video. Pretty bummed.

Its not just the power button,my sensors are not working... Chive was da last app I downloaded yday but it didn't do this till I opened and viewed some pics. The whole thing started when I closed the app. My screen won't even come on when I Av a call or receive notifications. WTF.... Apps I updated before this was VLC and extras+info... Got so many apps can't hard reset . Wish I could backup apps like Android so I wont Av to download em again

me too guess they are bribing specially google to coz they earn less then Microsoft in android and now windows 10 stratergy can kill them.

LOL! Thanks mate! There are really few reviews on the 930's page (all thanks to Flipkart for keeping the 930 page..... like a secret! and also to Microsoft for their typical non-advertising habit and out-of-stock problems). I only tried to boost the sales a bit more higher by elaborating my own positive experience. Many consumers actually take reviews seriously, I believe. And this was to help 'em folks!
Glad you found it! :D
(Sorry everyone for going off-topic!) ;)

I just updated my phone!  I have Lumia 928 on Verizon.  So here is what i see that are new/different.

When i restarted my phone instead of seeing the blue bg image with the red square and the verizon and windows logos on it i now see the Verizon logo on a red bg that covers the whole screen.  That's new.

Also, above the Wi-Fi icon, i now see a little arrow that blinks.


Seems there is a second update now, I'm installing that now...


FYI, I checked the version numbers of Lumia Denim/Black to make sure i was on the right version and i was not, so that's good because i hadnt noticed any difference and i am hoping that the camera is faster with this update.

Yeah, I bought a green 1520 yesterday. Installed a ton of stuff, The Chive was the last one. Phone blew up, stopped working. I nearly blasted the seller for this. Hard reset, lost everything, then all was good. Terrible appl

100,000 user created levels is nothing. People I know who played made 5-10 each. What's that 20,000 people played the game? Sounds like this game is a failure.

I've been using theChive app for months now without issue... Developed by Full Revolution, Inc. Could this article be referring to the one developed by Resignation Media?

Side note: There are a LOT of people mentioning the 5-minute workout app. Has anyone looked into that as the possible cause to the problem?

Just after installing theChive on my Icon with DP8.1... My phone crashed and during reset, it looped a few times then began to auto restore my whole phone... Thank goodness for cloud and backup assistant...
Unrelated note, after everything restarted and reinstalled, the "extras/info" app says I have Denim?! I know it must be a glitch, because Verizon isn't supposed to release that until 2025 ;-)

Both are poorly coded and to blame. I never installed the 5 minute workout, but did install The Chive. Had to run Lumia reformatter program. Lost everything. Nice work guys!

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Bingo! I used to be a PCM student (from CBSE) as well! Except the fact that I was having C++ in optional. Python hadn't made its way to the schools by the time I studied.
Currently doing B.Tech(CS) from UPTU.

How come third party apps are causing issues in the OS like this! The developers are trying to implement viruses in wp through their apps or sth?

Yesterday my lumia 630 froze when i was using thechive app, screen turned Black and nothing happened when pressing the unlock button. Had to press and hold for several seconds to reset.

I think it was like $24.99 around black Friday, wasn't it? What I really want is the bioshock infinite season pass

hey guys, its definitely that 5 minute workout app bcoz i didnt install the chive app. A few hours later after installing workout app, my 1520 lock/power button stopped working, i tried everything from rebooting to soft resetting but it didnt work, wondered what was wrong!!. Ultimately hard reset was only choice. All my data was lost, but im glad that phone's completely fine now.

Bug hit my phone yesterday, hours after using the app with no issues. Had to hard reset to the previous day