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When you get the chance I think you guys should consider making it a swipe gesture to bring it out, unless that screws up the pivot design for between articles ( I guess it would)

AWESOME!! I asked for this last week (but got no reply whatsoever). Good to see it's almost ready for prime time!

That is looking GREAT !!! - Looking forward to installing the app on PC, Phone and Surface :bananadance:

Looking very much like the official msn apps, to create the ultimate uwp app. No hate just an observation.

Didn't know Daniel Gary was the guy making Apps for so long. I will be supporting Gateway Apps where ever I will see it. Thank you for not quitting on Windows like the few of us left. I hope to see great improvements -though I've also been fine the way its been- I'd like to see performance improvements; like my 920 couldn't play the embedded videos straight from the app (I had to open the browser). It hanged when I wanted to share in article to whatsapp or facebook and the like. So I hope it improves in due time.

Believe it or not, I read this app before Bing News as my morning news paper. lol. Whatever interests someone you know.

Good Luck, I'll be testing it as well!! :D

Wow. I'm impressed there was development work actually going on.  Good job guys. Can't wait to see it.  The Forum part looks especially nice or did the forum get a refresh too?

A) I think it looks great! Excellent job, everybody!!!

B) I have no direct knowledge on the matter, but I seriously doubt that MS's store policies are NEARLY as draconian and locked down as Apple's, which apparently are what is preventing the launch of a Windows Central or an Android Central app on that platform.

So, now that Win10 WC is poised to drop, most of the hard work would be done I'd imagine, and Windows 10 UWP apps for Android Central and iMore seem like they'd be something of a shoo-in.

....so.....any news on when/if we'll be seeing them? Would be nice!!!


What if we wanted to donate to help with the costs? It's only fair to have that option to repay the excellent hard work the team does for the community. 950xl, UK

But the British law doesn't refer to the exact European Law (neither does the Google email). Which is what I was looking for (well, not really looking). If this is indeed on an European level, there must be a law. Otherwise it's the 14 days and then some countries decided to extend the number of days.

Man what happened with the guy that was dev on the current app. I hope Daniel Gary didn't make any of those Buggy official apps that never get updated akin to Groupon....

It's good this way, dark theme can wait. Also it looks like you could fit a small ads bar above the navigation bar in the All News menu when you do the first update

I don't usually download apps for tech blogs but I might have to make an exception for Windows Central ;)

Ah, interesting. I always wondered what happened to Jay. Nice to know he's still making Windows apps.

Facebook Beta is up to version and has been for months. Am I in a time warp or something??



Man, I need that feature. I rarely reply now as I can't take the time to find my post. Would be massively appreciated.

Well Daniel, from today's news I should be able to try out the Beta Windows Central app on my new Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL (Windows). Good news all around.

Daniel...Do you think the challenges your team experienced to make this universal app are indicative of making one in general? Is it harder to do the same thing here than say iOS or Android? Is this another hurdle for the app gap? Thank you. I'm really looking forward to your app.

Got the 800x and hated them bought the 500x and loved it. There was always a loud static noise with the 800x I couldn't stand it.

Daniel Gary? He the guy that had a working Instagram app on Windows Phone 8 before Rudy brought 6tag along to the party?

App is looking great btw. Can't wait to start using it.

Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

What apps have Daniel Gary developed? I know I've seen his name under at least one of my apps.

Landscape typing back please, and the ability to open the app from notification emails etc. Improved search would be nice, the current one is dire. And, I'd actually pay the £0.69 again, it has been worth it.