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They already did this. I used to point it out, like you, until about two weeks ago when I realized I could activate Cortana with English (my region is Swedish).

And Somehow AT&T and Verizon data plans and Netflix Capping The streaming are considered windows related.

You'd have to upgrade to a Windows Pro license to support RDP or go with another solution like Teamviewer (which I highly recommend).

I got to say this, there's no place like home. Microsoft, i believe, hold the majority of pc's os platform. Then bringing the experience of pc to phone or tablet as soon as possible will be dramatically change the situation. How many apps or programs or softwares that says "for windows"?.
Nail them right in the heart.
Ps: You are working with pc, make a call with phone and have a social life with anything fancy you.

Clearly, you claim to be knowledgeable in many areas. Too bad no one else sees any truth in that claim. Not even over at AndroidCentral.

Condolences to you and your family. God bless.

Welcome back, I love reading your articles.

Keep it up 

Rolling with Android, Nokia will not have the cash injection from Microsoft to push out more phones like they did with WP. Not only that, instead of a free Windows OS, they will have to pay Microsoft the royalty fees for using the Android OS.

Unless you are running a forked Android, using the Google services also mendates Nokia to package in all the Google service, where some of the is the direct competition to Nokia own services, like Map etc.

MS have lost the younger generation, this is their biggest problem now, the mind set of the current youth.
My kids love apple and android, nothing I can say will change their minds, I'm an old fart apparently and MS is for old farts.
They need to reinvent cool, and fast. Surface is a major step in the right direction, they need more of that style product, yesterday....... Not that my daughter would touch it any way, peer pressure to be cool is paramount

No. Unlike you, I have enough knowledge to know corrupt politicians are the basis for my country's problem and no one else. Who corrupts the politicians...that's another story.

Been getting a lot of hangs in in the previous version. Hope this new version fixes it

Your right there is a huge number that have the old view that whatever the last thing was was better.... where MS is concerned. Look at thurr... hes almost a mental case these days. He has more 2in1s and PCs than most stores yet continues to use a NUC he has problems with for podcasts  so he can bag stuff. Surface is doing good and is the only thing propping up the tablet market today. It would be an interesting article to see the real figures for tablets without 2in1s,



I've never been an app fan, don't use Facebook, so for me it's nothing I have missed.
That was until I download the Windows Central app, I'm seriously impressed with it, I now wonder what else I'm missing out on.
For me now, quality far outweighs quantity, that maybe is a WP fans biggest issue, lots of apps I'm now looking at are rubbish.

My level of insider turned disabled after getting this update. Anyone too!?

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I used to get Slow Charging warning. Now on 8.1 the same original Nokia Charger working as it should.

So now as I've enlightened you about how I do know that it's charging slowly... Do you have answer whether slow charging issue has been fixed or not?

Not available in Oz yet, probably be a day or two. I'm glad I grabbed it when it was a GwG freebie.

Nokia ds was losing money, but less and less each year, while increasing WP market share each year despite th multitude of mistakes made by MS.

This build stil battery drainer......what is wrong with MS.....each build that takes alot of data of our internet plan was supposed to be an improvement.......

The Nokia D&S sale was approved because of promises made, MS failed those promises. That said, I feel like this is pointless whining from the government.

I honestly believe they should build 'Continuum' up into a fully fledged brand in it's own right. Continuum mobile, Continuum TV, Continuum Auto, Continuum Tablets etc etc, with Windows / Xbox becoming secondary add-on features e.g. "New Continuum TV hub - streams Xbox games and runs universal Windows apps". To the educated it's essentially just another Windows 10 PC, but 'Continuum' is the package that sells the experience.

PC, yes. Xbox, I dunno. It doesn't seem all that different other than a few missing features and UWP being completely underwhelming.

The new oneplus 3 is very impressive 32gb storage 4gb ram SD820, 5.5"Screen 4k plus micro SD. OR 64gb storage 6gb ram 6" screen £259.00 & £320.00.

Except Nokia actually had greater market share in many European countries than Apple did. And they were nowhere near bankruptcy as mobile isn't their only business. Microsoft mobile is bleeding money also, does that mean they are nearly bankrupt?

Maybe you should take some of your own advice, you really think android would have saved a company in the amount of mess they were in? Seriously?
Only one making money from android is Samsung, you really think they could have done better continuing to sell phones for northing instead of taking $7 BILLION !
Take a 100 years to make that much coin selling android phones!!
Whatever it is your smoking, I want some!!

Can this (or something else) allow me to use my phone to wirelessly control my surface 3 (like as a TV remote) which is connected to my TV via HDMI cable at the other side of the room?

WP is irrelevant, it's DEAD, put a fork in it.

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WP is irrelevant, it's DEAD, put a fork in it.

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To be honest the camera is good but, depends on where you are & condition of lightning but that could be my fault.

Where is Canadaaaaaaaaaaaa
We're literally right beside the US...why are we always omitted?

Even though I seldom used Paypal on my phone, it is sad to see apps leaving us one by one. I'm tired of saying "Go I'll take my business someplace else" we have limited bank support, limited video players, audiobooks player,newsreaders, podcast and on and on.

I really want to keep using my 950 but as many of us here am pondering switching to most likely Android. It's a nuissance not to have a gmail or BoA app. I'M PISSED!!!

Gotta admit, that did make me laugh! But alone or otherwise, I will be here until the bitter, twisted end. They can prise a barren, app-less Windows phone from my cold, lifeless hands before I'll sell my soul to Apple or gift a byte of my data to google.

I'm fully aware that to the general populous, that probably seems like a bizarre opinion to have; but it's mine, and I'll exercise it as much as I like! ;)

No one cares about WP, WP is irrelevant, it's DEAD, put a fork in it.

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