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I have done this before during Windows 7 era. Indeed the big problem of this is its too slow to use. I don't remember why I had it, maybe for fun.

This is just a workaround but hardly a solution to the missing feature. They really have to bring back this feature in TH2 up to Redstone.

There is a reason indeed but the reasoning seems lame and cannot outweigh the benefits. No to mention, you can turn off placeholders. Now with huge OneDrive storage, its a bit useless.

Or it will be the greatest comeback in mobile history....8-11% market share.ftw

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What "desktop app" are you referring to? There is NO app, exe, etc for OneDrive on Windows 10.

Curious if anyone else got a refund for it, but then didn't see it removed from their Steam library. Which makes sense as I bought it from Green Man Gaming, but it's put me in this odd spot where I have the game, but shouldn't, but can't buy it again because its not for sale, so do I download it and try?

Eh. Not the best solution (just because it's a hack and has the same issue as before, though both issues aren't issues for the power user). If file explorer got an overhaul it would be easier to discern local vs online, and this will be more important as cheaper machines and more widespread internet proliferate the world.
I dunno the answer but maybe tabs of the same folder. Different sections would get cluttered fast... Hmmmm

it is slow and I have to log in (in to this folder) after every restart.... Far worse experience..

The usual one step forward two steps back stuff from Redmond.

Likely we'll never see the best features of those Apps again, despite what they say. 

Whats the point with Windows Camera (desktop) really? Taking pics with the (often) blurry webcam?

I could only hope you can turn off the lights completely. I bought an after 360 glow controller because it was discounted for PC use and as a secondary controller, and specially when playing at night the glow got kind of unconfortable. 

I have no problems whatsoever with this build except for Edge. It's the single thorn in my side atm

I think it's the Win 7/8.1 only thing others have mentioned here, so changing the MSA probably won't help. Sorry.

How about the light combination of OFF? Does this controller allow me to turn the lights off all together? I would like that the most. It already bugs me, the light coming from the Xbox button on the current version of official controller, when playing at night.

Me too. The only reason I'm getting a Lumia 950/950XL this year. Otherwise I'd much rather get the Xperia Z5.

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Daniel the video footage was shaky! Daniel the commentator kept stuttering! Daniel you didn't do things in the right order! Daniel you didn't give us any free stuff! Right, sarcastic comment out of the way, thank you for a well-written article and including the hands-on video for us to watch. I'm actually quite interested in this device, and I'll be keeping an out for it.


Or they should overhaul the mobile Facebook app because it's a complete joke, then sync it with Facebook Messenger and the best part of this ordeal is that it shouldn't cost them billions of dollars.

/just my 2c

That's what they did at a corporation I formerly worked for, shortly before they shut down. Open workspaces are distracting and stressful.

Actually seems much faster shooting on 930. Might be possible to replace Lumia camera.

If only more people would/could learn to differentiate between the two sigh.

They're really making it easy to hate them, don't they? First make an insider program and don't listen to any of the top demands, take away all unique selling points, all unique apps and port those on high priority to other platforms, that you intend to keep... Well done! Sometime during 8.1 I really thought they had got their act together but now I think they're more clueless than ever... Sad, really

Basically this right here. I wouldnt want to continuously change/recharge batteries during a session because of the lights draining them.

I don't have any issues with the bezels or size. but the colors are just bland. It throws me off just all that grey.

Not to mention they had to build the receiver from scratch as their wasn't anything like it yet since its based closely to white-fi

Very nice, competitive also since Apple is currently building a new HQ and Google has plans to completely redesign there's. Sounds fantastic!

Well the Surface really can't be considered a 2-in-1 as it's a tablet above anything else and is never truly a laptop. That being said, the line between hybrid and 2-in-1 are shaky.

You said it, if you are aiming your controller at gamers, they want wired connections for response times, same reason why you never see a PC gamer use a wireless mouse or keyboard. Plus you don't have to worry about batteries which is always an advantage imo.

Somewhere, someone was reading this post, and became so enthralled with bloodlust towards Windows Central for mentioning no changelog that they suffered an aneurysm.
So yes, Dan, it really did hurt someone.
Have a heart will ya?