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I think you'll see Windows apps explode in popularity when Win 10 rolls out.  Then you'll see Chase and BofA breaking legs jumping back on the bandwagon.

Honestly I think it really depends on the branch and who works there. Some people say WF is great, some say its utter shit. That's because they live in different areas, with different branches of the same company. That's like me going to the Burger King where I live. Its full of stoners, it takes them 20 minutes to prepare a simple one meal order, and its still cold and stale when I get it. Other BKs I go to get the food cooked in less than 5 minutes, is nice and fresh (well, fresher than the other BK at least), and the service is always friendly. Why? Its because of the people that work there. The same thing applies to banks, and even credit unions. The credit Union I currently use used to have great customer service, and kinda still do since some of the old employees still work there. But now they're doing some remodeling in their building, redid their website and online banking (which screwed me because they reset everybody's passwords and user names, and they're getting new employees that do jack shit, and are never there to be friendly, they just do their job and could care less about having small friendly conversations at the same time. Its amazing how a branch of a bank, credit union, fast food joint, etc. you use can go from great to shit just based on a couple changes and new employees.

At least AT&T users got Win 8.1 and Cyan.  Icon users are still stuck with 8.0 and Black.


OMG, I'm guessing you're new around here. Is was stated that Vzw kicked the updates back to MS because of three stock Vzw apps that would not work with the update. Vzw was expecting MS to change the updates so it would work with their apps.

Don't be surprised if 1520 is better than Microsoft's next flagship, for me I will stick to 1520 till they end it's support hehe

I dont think a simple web wrapper would have access to the camera for mobile deposits, but I could be wrong.
Either way, the app is full featured and works great - it is even updated somewhat regularly.

Cyan/Denim is important to those of us who purchased the Icon for the camera.  As good as the camera is, the Lumia Camera update will reduce shutter lag significantly.

You still think 1520 is too big? you make me wonder, I now use it single handedly like 99% of the time.. It is not that big

You are mixing apples and oranges.  Denim is a firmware update for the hardware, not the operating system.  Windows 10 will be the new operating system that will replace Windows (Phone) 8.0 and the 8.1 that was released along with Cyan and Denim (depending on the cellular provider); it does not operate the phone's firmware as Cyan and Denim do.


companies don't write because they think its not worth investing money to keep just 3% users happy. out of 3% probably 1% are usa users ... so why bother? 

Wells Fargo app is excellent, especially the check photo deposit.
Extremely easy to manage business and personal accounts.
The bank branch service is excellent as well.

This shouldn't be called a "dock" at all... it's a 4 port USB hub and that's it. It passes the display-port through, without converting it to anything nice like HDMI or DVI (or even VGA), and exchanges the amazing SP3 power adapter with a crappy brick adapter. A true dock would provide far more options such as ethernet, multiple-monitors, audio connectors etc as well as USB.

Count yourselves fortunate, AT&T users.  At least you received the Lumia Cyan update for your Lumia phones.  Icon users on Verizon are still stuck with Lumia Black.  Now I hope  you realize why Icon users are antsy to get Denim and 8.1.


Can you guys ask AT&T about Lumia Denim? I don't mean to be impatient, but they said that we'd get it back in December...

So you're assuming that the people who are commenting on her attractiveness are all 20+? That's odd.

"because every male"

You mean like the 6 that have even commented on her being attractive? Yes, I find it very plausible that 6 out of 220 comments is a 16-20 male.

Not quite.  Verizon has NEVER pushed out 8.1 to "average Joe" users.  The only Icon users with Win 8.1 are those who downloaded the Developer edition.  But, the operating system is all they get; the Lumia Cyan and/or Denim firmware updates do NOT come with the Developer edition.  Everyone with an Icon is running with the Lumia Black firmware, whether they have 8.0 or 8.1 Developer edition.


I don't have overdraft fees because I have a very good credit union.. Lol..
And, if I did the OD fee would be half.. Think again, dude.

I like that they dont' charge you fees if you don't direct deposit...I would like to keep some extra money in another account.

I have no reason to join a credit union, since I am in ohio, thats fine, but if I go to florida, I can't go to a fifth third (bank I have) unions around here don't have any better auto rates -- checked and 5th 3rd had better rates, and they don't give any better rewards than a 5th 3rd had charged me a fee once, went into a branch and fee was removed. Never had any issues with my bank....good if you like credit union, but not all banks/credit unions are the same.

I've been saying it for days now, but i need to start utilizing my surface as more of a tablet than laptop...

That is good news. I guess if you bank with freaking Chase and live in NYC it is kind hard to switch bank. Even though I hardly go to the physical branch it is comfortable knowing there is branch in every block. But I am really upset at their decision and will let them know every chance I get.

Hey buddy, do us a favor and give it a download and a try the next time you need it :)

I personally use the app in a folder I call "Wallet". I have Bank of America and the Store in there plus

Anyway, I use it to check my balance, make transfers and make payments. I find it loads faster than the website. Since you have WF as your bank, test it out so they get another download in the books. I'll leave a review also and urge you to do the same. Doesn't have to be good of course.

Yes and you know who also uses that same logic. Sex offenders lmao. "They dress like that, they want it." Just saying.

One thing I would like to add up here...
But before that, to make it clear, I am not a rich person. I am from middle class.

Now, talking about how rich people get free things, I wanna say, they don't get it for free. To be rich, it is not that easy. And she is rich coz she is an actress! She must have worked hard to get to this position! So she deserves it if she gets any free stuffs! ( in this case, the free Lumia...)

Basically what my point is that if a rich person gets something for free, than that isn't actually for free!! He has earned it! Nobody gets rich without hard work! You cannot just ignore that!! The rich people have worked their life to achieve this status, and so you should respect that! We just see that they are rich. But we ignore all the pain and hardships they had to go through.

And hey martsicky, just to be clear, this comment wasn't directed to you... :) It's just for everyone, especially for people who cry for not getting free stuffs like rich people, coz they think the rich don't deserve, while they themselves do.

I hope you get my point. :)

Not really... the SP4 will be out for a few months before they start having discounted promotions, so you'll be waiting a year minimum

Riiiiight. Denim for the Icon is like the unicorn, a mythical creature found only in dreams and fairy tales..

Did they? I JUST saw a GEICO commercial on Hulu that had a Windows Phone with the logo blanked out!

Nice she got a good phone. App$e has only just caught up to the 1520 and not even in all respects. Yeah no snap chat... F@ck snap chat.. Yeah no whatever other app... Whatever. Guys if your not happy about Windows phone then jump ship already... I'm good to go.... Get over it....