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>Agree. We, and I am from The Netherlands, don't need this

You do know WindowsCentral or as it was WPcentral, is based in the US, right ?

If it was based in your country and there was a big political thing going on that has been getting TONS of press, do you actually think your site would do a little bit ?

Grow up

EXACTLY. I downloaded it onto my Surface book and was trying it while sitting on the plan with it folded in tablet mode. I was a little shocked that touch controls weren't implemented.

Not much chance of that. Win 10 on ARM will supposedly only run on Snapdragon 820 and higher CPU's (835 is the reference design).


Samsung will beat microsoft, samsung do right things in right time. MS will be waiting 2018 to realese thir surface phone and that will be to late. People will forget about windows.

15007 was not good on my 950. Almost constant crashes and reboots. 15014 was better - didn't crash but apps not installing properly, store not working correctly, battery life very poor... Hard reset did not help. Recovered to 14393 and upgraded directly to 15014 did not help. So, I recovered to 14393 again and I'm gonna have to stay here for awhile.

Time will tell. We can only wait and see. I have watched Samsung come a long way in what seems a like a short time, to me anyway. Microsoft stands alone on their side of the fence though. Samsung has had to reach into their pocket to try an pull out a Ferrari when everyone thought it could only be a matchbox car. That's what it is like in the sea of android devices...

Good article, and I hope we do see a foldable phone in 2017. I have to say though the Samsung video is laughably bad.

Can anyone assist me with info here? I have a Nokia Lumia 830, which I updated to build 15014 a few days ago. Today I received a message from my carrier (AT&T) advising the phone had used nearly all of the 4GB monthly data allotment.

I checked the apps usage, and "wlidsvc" has used 3.97GB. Is there any chance that 15014 is causing this excessive usage? In a normal month, my phone uses way less than half a gig maximum. Thankks in advance for any potential solutions! I already called my carrier and requested data be shut down until I can define what's wrong here. 

I've been using Outlook for years with my own Exchange Server 2007.  Unfortunately, Outlook 2016 doesn't work with Exchange '07 and I can't install 365 apps individually.  I'm either stuck with using 2013 apps or upgrading and having to use Windows Mail.

Well I did have an essay to post for this. But it disappeared... So, short version without well thought out details: Like I have said before like others have and continue to do so, Microsoft sucks at marketing and it will be the reason why they keep missing waves. Samsung is rumored to announce their version of Continuum. Microsoft already has Continuum working but no one knows their phones exist let along Continuum. Hell, I bet a lot of Microsoft employees don't even know they sell phones or if they do, that Continuum exists. Lumia 950/XL were the first phones available with Continuum but Microsoft didn't tell the world about the new technology. Funny thing is, Samsung will look at Continuum, and make sure that at launch it has everything plus the things it was missing. We will then see the next Galaxy come out with it and EVERYONE will see the commercials touting the new feature.

I can see the commercial Samsung has for it: Camera shows a student writing a paper but then realizing needs to leave to make the bus/train to go to class gets ready to leave. Looks like he/she is using a desktop because we see a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and some speakers. He/she disconnects the Galaxy from the dock which everyone thought was just the charger, and then camera shows him/her continuing the paper on the phone. Then shows student at library printing out that paper using the same phone and then hands in said paper. Can be done in a 30 second video and the world would never know Microsoft had Continuum on Lumia 950/XL.

This is their problem. They think they can just release something and people will be searching for a Microsoft product. That is not the case. People rarely do research on anything. The majority go by what they hear and see. Microsoft is always late to the party. But if late, make noise. Hell when Samsung and Apple are late to the party, they make it seem as if the party is just now getting started. That's the difference between Microsoft and their competitors. No one knows you make phones. No one knows you have an innovative product called Continuum, while in it's infancy, has so much potential especially with Windows 10 on ARM. Marketshare will continue to be low if Marketing is given more of a priority. Apple and Samsung understand this, hence the reason they are at the top.

So will Samsung beat Microsoft to market with an ultimate mobile device? I sure hope not because their choice will most likely not be Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 on ARM. It will be a new Galaxy Note device with Continuum-like capabilities and complete access to the Google Play Store and show off the productivity with Office for Android. That will throw the rumored Surface Phone into a 'me too' product if they cannot beat Samsung to market. I hate Android, so I hope Microsoft hurries up. I wouldn't be surprised if they do beat Microsoft at their own game.

*still turned out to be an essay lol*

Yes they will, and because it's Android, people will buy it. The sad reality is that most people and developers just aren't interested in Microsoft's mobile offerings, no matter what they wrap it in.

Now, if they were (not saying they ever would) but if the Surface team were to have a go at a premium Microsoft flavoured Android offering, that might interest a lot of people. Considering how many frequently updated Apps they have in the Android ecosystem, it wouldn't take much to make it very Microsoft-centric.



We have repeatedly seen the results of Samsung rushing product to the market to beat someone else. The companies long history of "bust into flames" product has long stretched beyond the Note fiasco. They have a history of TV Fridge Dishwasher and especially Washing machine failures that have all conveniently wandered into history. In Australia the washing machine one has now been going for a spectacular 10years. Great they copy and expand an idea, but they really need to refine and debug before releasing to the public, unlike their past efforts. To Microsoft's credit they have learnt the mistake of trend following "RT, Band etc" and now take the time to perfect then release. I will happily sit on my 1520 till then, it is now 4 years old and now has 10times the features of when I bought it. Battery is down to a day so I might put a new one in. People are constantly moaning about the short term picture while Microsoft has now switched to the smarter long term picture. Those who ask why Microsoft spend so much time developing WM10 when its 1percent market share, its simple, to bridge the gap till they are ready to have Win10 on a handheld device. Roll on the future, its now starting to look awesome and nothing now to stop a compact Win10 HoloLens device running on ARM.

LOL, this would be like their 3rd or 4th attempt (PocketPC, KIn, Windows Phone, etc)... They screw it up everytime or at least find a way to screw it up. , what makes this one any better....

This site used to be call WindowsPhoneCentral... AKA  (if you go there, you will still get here)

Wasn't there an (early ?) android device, I believe it was on Sprint who did something like this. Looked like almost a bar dial pad phone but, it opened up with 2 screens ?

If I remember corrrectly, it was a complete failure...

You can apply all these settings but, most monotors wiill give an error "Source out of range" or something of the sort, the problem can be if you saved it, you need to reboot in safe mode or something to get your display back.

Would never buy a foldable screen. Physics says it will eventually break. Microsoft does not do well with bendy.... Microsoft band 2.

Not if you keep stopping to reconsider the path you want to take to the finish line which is what Microsoft has been doing with Mobile.

I dont miss the back of a CRT montor... A 21" PC CRT was like 18-20" deep....such a monstor when you look at modern monitors...

>But if I blow up my monitor then that's a great excuse to buy a knew higher res screen!!!! Haha.

Or you live in a case line wife who believes in "If it aint broken, you cant replace it"... So find a way to "break it !"

My Surface 3 has several apps that give "This app can't open". Reset and reinstalled them, get an error when downloading. Hey MS, you're a software company, fix your ******* software.

Are you saying that Samsung tablets are superior to Surface tablets? Because that's true Microsoft hardware. Lumias are Nokia hardware.

The one OS with adaptive shell certainly sounds good to you and I, whether or not MS can gain some appeal/traction with general consumers on small form factor devices remains to be seen.

While I certainly agree about their mobile position, with the advent of Win10 on ARM, I don't see mobile as being an issue. Everything will be on one OS. A separate mobile OS will no longer be needed therefore clearing the way for them to truly focus singularly on Win10 development. While no one knows about Win10 for phones, I don't believe there are many people that don't know about Win10.

I would welcome a foldable phone. Forget that nonsense Snapchat. Windows mobile is here to stay and not one app will kill it. Give me Office services, Xbox, and windows 10 continuum and I'm all in. I don't need to see peoples 5 second Snapchat clips. Nothing important exists in these social apps. Most are still on Facebook, Instagram and they still have videos. If people need to contact me, they do so thru text. Im excited for this new phone.

2012- Yeah. my Lumia 520 is still going strong despite endless crashes and resets. The one and only smartphone i ever had (surprise surprise!)

About 3 months back, didn't I see a report that Samsung had applied for a patent for a dual OS phone? I could get into that - premium Samsung phone that i could run important android apps on and keep in W10M mode the rest of the time. 

I guess we may need Samsung to save windows mobile. We all know MS is not up for the job. Maybe Samsung will come up with an all in one windows arm device that will do what MS is still thinking about. Time to market with MS is way too slow to catch up with the competition. And once its available its bug ridden. With my company we switched all pc's to windows 10 shortly after it was released. A year later windows explorer and excel still crash multiple times every day on every pc. How difficult can it be?

Maybe from a software perspective, not hardware though. In fact from a mobile software solution perspective they actually don't have an advantage; lagging far behind actually. Product positioning will be interesting. Also their is the question of whether or not consumers even care about whatever they release. Hell, MS may not even release a phone/tablet crossover product.

I read that it will be included with the next big update. Some preview members are getting the update extra early, so hopefully it will be included.

Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise 2 is the best because it added online co-op to an already amazing game. You can never have too many cluckles. This collection is full of other great games too. One of the most underappreciated exclusives on Xbox One.