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Time to sell my physical copies and get digital versions! Looking forward to Diablo III and more :D

Hmm, so, Microsoft, can I expect update for SCCM 2012 R2?

Since, you know, Software Center's "Find additional applications" site uses Silverlight...

U.S.A. 3 months after release, I had already bought Sunset Overdrive at launch for $48 (becuase of Best Buy's GCU), traded it in for $44, gotten $10 in rewards back from Best Buy (meaning I MADE money on the purchase), purchased Advanced Warfare in the same manner ($48, traded for $44, $10 in rewards), picked up Halo: TMCC in the same manner ($48, $10 in rewards), and traded THAT in for $44, to buy it digitally with Xbox money I got 20% off (since I knew I wanted to keep the game forever, going digital at that price made sense).

Best Buy's GCU ($30 for 2 years, 20% off all new games, 10% off all used games, and 10% extra trade-in credit) dumps on every other retailer, in addition to every console's digital platform. I've been getting games at launch for $48 since Watch Dogs last year, and going with Best Buy's saved me close to $200 in the past year.

Um xbox has had sharing since day 1. Alot of people have 2 home xboxs. 1 theirs and 1 at a friends. So you and a friend have access to all the games you both bought on each account. Microsoft are giving back loads to the consumer this gen. And if it wasn't for the silly internet stopping the original concept where you couldn't sell used games. Digital games were getting up to 8 friends share back then. But people moaned about used games and we lost that.

Try clearing out the windows update cache. A restart of the service may be required after that.

I was thinking they would just expect us to use the "Reset my PC" feature (rather than refresh) as it essentially does a clean install

Wow, less than an hour total for me.  I just kicked the download off a few minutes ago and it's already at 70% on a 60 Mbps connection.

There's a ridiculous amount of sites that use or depend on flash to function properly. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

I have the same thoughts, though I miss a bit more like the coloured volume (28/30 is now white) and the disappearing bar on the top. That's one thing I really loved and looked so nice I could cry. 

The only thing 8.1 added for me is the notification center. I even found the volume regulation on 8 better. But those are personal preferences...

I doubt I need to... You can check it out if you have any android or iPhone. If not, you can check out some hands on videos and I am damn sure you won't miss how much better it is on any of the two OSs

@missionsparta How about it became obsolete and there is no reason to support it anymore? That's the nature of software. Sometimes things become deprecated. Just like Flash, it is falling out of favor in many cases because Html 5 and the like have become more viable and do not require plugins to function or extra resources to support cross-platform use.

I'm sure there was a post stating that on Enterprise editions of windows, Edge isn't installed by default

All of the internal LoB sites I create are using HTML5.

Part of the reason is that We have a legacy need for IE8, but use Gmail as a provider.  To offer the best experience with the least number of hours, HTML5 was a no-brainer decision. 

So legacy apps use IE, everything new uses Chrome and HTML5.  Once our dependency is dropped for old IE, then we'll upgrade and our sites will work with Edge.

Maybe Edge will have an IE11 compatibility setting somewhere so I wont have to have both browsers installed... Or will IE11 not be compatible on windows 10??

Yes, but it takes so much longer to run an update on the phone too.  We'd be done with the restore by the time the next one hit, lol.

Eh? Silverlight is most definitely a full product. It's been around a long time...long enough really

What country are you living in???
I have bought all my games digital and always get it cheaper than any physical copy. Even 2nd hand.

I got sunset overdrive on digital sale for £22.99 3 months after release. In the shops it was £42.99 and £35.99 2nd hand. I've got horizon 2, tomb raider definitive edition, among others all cheaper on live than any store. I even bought the witcher 3 digital on release day £3 cheaper than the shops.

All uk.

Digital is cheaper than shops in my country.

Bing vision was also better and integrated in search. And then the Me tile was cool too.  

Isn't there already a HTML version? We've definitely used a Javascript API years ago in projects

So we won't be able to edit our Xbox avatars on anymore, unless we pay to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro with IE. Clever!

Not "good riddance", but rather a fond farewell. Silverlight served us well, it's just no longer needed. RIP

I cant stand the flash. Its si cheesey like buffy. I couldn't stand that either. Now daredevil on Netflix blows the flash away completely.