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Komics is a good app, but I wished I had a windows tablet to test it on there. It's great for those who have cbrs or zip files of comics you might have gotten from places like image comics. On my iPad though, Chunky is awesome too.

Hamburger is fine. The top left is just the worst possible place for it to be. It should be on the bottom. The title bar does not need to be at the top. One handed use is being discarded for visibility of the name of the document. That's great for people with giant hands and short term memory loss, but for normal people who can remember the name of their document it just sucks. I'm using the TP as a daily driver, the top menus really are as bad as everyone has been saying.

We know how they'll react: they'll keep using Android which has more apps to compensate for the hamburger buttons.

I'm running Windows 10 on my 1020, the top menu buttons are a constant source of aggrevation.

Is the decal update only for Windows phone? I can't see the update hitting the Windows store. It's only on Windows phone store. I play it on my laptop and have completed almost all events on Season9 that is beyond.... and have total 1350 stars...

Not really. The hamburger itself was never the real issue. The problem is that you can't reach the button, and the only reason is so amnesiacs can keep checking the top of the screen to remind themselves what the name of their document is. That is a stupid reason.

I'm not so sure that map data that Here offers isn't well down the path to being a commodity. Nokia bought Navtec for $8billion, now it might be for sale for $2B? What will map data add in the future that Microsoft can use to differentiate itself. It's might be past its prime on the life cycle curve. I'm wary its old news. 2¢.

Agreed, I'm impressed with metro design and actions at bottom. I'll prefer to go for android or will stay on windows phone 8 rathar than having hamburger on my L1520.

Windows phone 8 is very easy to operate, and windows 7.5 was easier and more efficient. I'm confused by their approach, why are they making it complex and where are they going. If this is what they want to do, i think they should upgrade or renovate windows mobile 6.5. So that there will be start button, file menues and control panel.

It looks like, those who voted for metro/modern design, and fought for windows 7.5/8 design have lost their battle and left the camp.

I used this on 735 last night it worked perfect, w10 looks good but nothing works so id suggest not to install just yet ..

My favorite franchise for the past several years, nothing compares! They should have included borderlands 1 though, or at least make plans to bring it to next gen so the collection can be complete.

I doubt that WP will sell if they copy the UI of Android/iOS. When all the Apps look the same but on WP there re so many less apps and they often lack far behind in functions, why the hell should I buy a WP? Just because of live tiles?

I see the point that Windows 8 and WP are not consinstent, but I never felt this way. I first noticed it by watching the video. And I don't think that the WP UI is bad, even my parents which are not very easy when it comes to tech, learnt fast how WP works.

I just keep up with the lack of Apps in WP, because imo it is a very nice OS and there are some fvery beautiful apps out there. When MS i seriously aout consinstency I will switch to anothe platform and never ever ask the question "is this app available for my platform?"


Just 2 two cents.

I think you're already seeing that they're struggling with tons of bugs in the mobile version of Windows 10, because they can't make the UI scale and look right.

Sure it's an alpha build currently, but the fact that we're nearly in May and the mobile version of the OS is due to hit retail shelves at the end of the Summer doesn't bode well.

I totally agree.

Desktop Windows, Office and the Enterprise business aren't going away, but in mobile and tablets, if Microsoft wasn't already irrelevant, it's about to become so, when much of their current user base jumps ship.

They ask me because they think WP is an inferior OS compared to Android. I am talking about the image of WP in people's minds. If only you would have read my comment correctly.

The Microsoft apps are already on iOS and Android (where they also have more functionality), and they're getting a version of Cortana as well.

That pretty much just leaves live tiles as a differentiator for Windows for mobile, which is pretty weak grule.

Calling it now:  Microsoft will do away with Live Tiles (at this point theyr'e just widgets now really, anyway) because it's so different from the other two dominant mobile OS'.

   I may not like it but after reading the article and watching the video, I can't really argue the logic. I guess I'll just have to get used to the navigation at the top and the hamburger menu once Windows 10 for Phone is released.

I can see the argumenter's (is that a word?) point though.

If Windows 10 for Phone turns into an Android copycat (but for live tiles), then why not just use the real thing, iOS or Android, and have more apps, better hardware choice and more third party accessory support?

There is a saying;  you lead, follow or get out of the way.


With WP8, Micorosft lead with unique and refreshing UI, interaction on bottom.

With WP10, It looks like they are going to follow with old top Android UI and alienate their base.

Maybe there wont be a WP12, because by that time they would have completed the circle and got out of the way.

The things I like about WP is Cortana deep integration, live tiles, and universal apps. Alot about the interface makes alot of sense to me, nothing else comes close. Would I like more apps, and more customizations like the full windows OS? Of course, but I'm not going to switch to another OS just because the move menus from bottom to top. Perhaps MS might get fancy and surprise all of us with the option to turn off or on bottom menu navigation per each app.

My lumia 920 became unusable..I choose the fast circle update.  letters don't show...have to guess to unlock phone....task view is all jumbled up with multiple windows showing up in layers..:)

I liked Win8 and the start screen from the start.... No pun intended. It is better than the start menu and quicker to load and app or program I want even when it's not on the start screen

Of course, you're assuming people *will* be coming from Android. 

WP offers fewer apps, and largely lower end hardware; it's a fine starter smartphone, but anybody looking for the latest and greatest, in both hardware and software features and apps, is going to an Android or iPhone.  

Haha. You just compared the jack with his king! That's unfair... :P
But not to forget... 1520 costs almost double than my 830. But still, its a god.

No, dude.... All of the new apps have booku features compared to WP past... Look at the new office app...... Read the article...
W10 is all about bringing the details, and there's more features, much more than before.

Hold up Guys! This has veered way off topic. This article explains why Microsoft implemented the slip view design [aka hamberger menu] - because the Office apps are too feature-rich to spit the function everywhere in the app like in a pivot/panorama.

Can't we see that it makes sense! This "former employee was right when he said that the pivots are like the "mysyery meat" of UI - If I open an app for the very first time, I would have to scroll through a wide set of pnoramas to find out, "what else is there?" This is not a lie The hamburger button makes it eassier at a glace fro me to find out where other settings/options/features are in the app. This is not only applicable to Microsoft Office apps, but also to thrid party apps which are very dense and feature rich. Imagine an app as feature-rich as full Photoshop on a tablet. Which would you think is easier to design: a pivot/panorama layout or a hamburger menue with all function within it for easy access. Hamburger menus don't have to be in every app so their will be those with it an other without. Deal with it!

If you all want to hate on Hambuger buttons because, Windows in no longer "different"; or beacuse everyone else is hating on the new UI, then I wish you all this best in this pursuit. I look forward to change; I like Windows, the performance that is has, and the capablitiy that if offers over Android, and the opulent iOS. If you all feel better served on Android and iOS but stay with Windows for its UX then all you're doing is having Windows as a novelty for appearance. For me. I don't want to spend a small fortune for a phone, so mid-ranged devices is what I need. I have been with Android for many years and I was tired of the sluggishness of the OS on Low and midrange, and the lack of updates from certain mainstrean manufacturers.