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I snagged this from GameStop once news broke. It was $9.99 on their site at noon but then a few hours later when I had time to have it reserved at the store they marked it up to $14.99 (savages!)

I wonder if the reviewer was simply mistaken this case being for the Surface Book instead of the Mac laptops.

Right. I still remember, how MS has won over ..... gosh, I can't even remember the name of bussiness standard word processor in the beginning of nineties that was later bought by Corel... One just can't dictate trends with focus on bussinessand expect it will drip into consumer too....

It usually takes 2-3 weeks between unlocked devices and carrier-locked devices to receive updates.

That would be true if all the discs are installed to the hard drive. I'm guessing he doesn't have that. Though if he could rent it somewhere it would get around the issue...

The reason I bought a 650 after my 640 instead of 640XL was that I thought MS would support its newer phone better compared to the old ones. These firmware updates confirm that my thinking was right and my decision was a good one.

There are a number of 360 games that are not available on digital. King of Fighters XII and the GI Joe Movie game are two more examples. I believe the Captain America movie game as well.

Every time I have gone to a carrier store to look at the latest offerings, I end up walking away each time, holding on to my Windows phones. Seen great deals come and go, but again I stick with this. Why? Because I enjoy the OS. I have a Nexus 7, wife has an iPad, and I don't really care for Android or iOS. Yes it sucks not having mainstream apps but the core experience and in my use-case, I don't need those apps to function. The only app that sucks not having is Mint and that is because their website is not mobile friendly last I checked. My bank's mobile websites are awesome and for check scanning, I can easily pick up either tablet and scan the check. So this fanboy is here to stay as I am already "all in" on Microsoft Products and Services. Surface Pro 3, Custom PC running W10, Lumia 950, MS Band, and Xbox One. Awesome setup for my needs and actually been turning heads with my efficiency. MS Fanboy FTW

And I am studying Software Engineering so I can be apart of the solution to a problem that exists for a platform I enjoy.

Vive is actually the best idea to incorporate a VR Minecraft (You could actually "Break" the blocks using the controller!) but the limitation is lack of 3D Space (Sure there could be a teleport feature, but that defeats a lot of purposes)

SHOW PLACEMENT IS GARBAGE/ WASTEFUL ADVERTISING EXCEPT TO PEOPLE THAT ARE FANS ALREADY. You're not going to win over new buyers from some show called arrow

From here on out I will only be getting the Ultimate Editions of the Horizon games.  They are well worth the money since I put a couple hundred hours into the game and it doesn't get repetitive!  Each race is fun and thrilling!!

It is because of him that Android/iOS have Office Apps.
At least these troll should thank him.

Yes (posting way late but it's been a busy day and taking a while to catch up.)

As I love to point out, by the time WP7 shipped to retail, the iPhone had been out for over 3 years, and Android had been out for 2 years.  Heck, it came out more than 6 months after Apple started selling the iPad.  When WP7 was released, it was competing for 3rd place in a two horse race....

People need to change their opinion about Windows Defender. It has improved a lot in Windows 10 especially RS1.

Is that the application(VPN) issue or software issue?
Because I contacted Touch VPN they said a fix is in works.

I am surprised they are putting so much effort into making a phone like a PC.  Seems to me they should be making the PC like a phone ... so for instance at the MS they have a small slim tablet for $99 (I think it is 7" or something like that).  It already is a PC form factor and runs full windows; what if they just added a cell radio / etc.  Furthermore, what if they added that capability to a notebook.  Then it seems they wouldn't have to try so hard to sync up the PC and phone, but instead the PC / notebook, etc. became the phone.  They wouldn't have to rely on tricks to get Cortana to sync text messages from the PC to phone.

I'm actually interested that Continuum support will touch for display that support touch input.

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They have to create the paradigm shift somehow starting from now, and hope that the market accept it. MS really cannot afford to hope for the shift to happen by itself.

Failed! First failed update ever. Surface pro 3

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Sigfnals: Lockdown is a dismal failure. Does not work on Surface 3 OR Asus ROG Laptop...... I'm glad I didn't pay for it.!!!

MS have been creating some new and exciting things recently. However, it also depends on whether the consumers at large accept these things or not.

Be a man, deal with the fact that 1 out of 10 failure rate is very poor indeed.

I would take a GS5 over this any day. This phone has no advantages over a three year old Samsung at all! There is nothing this phone can do that the GS5 cannot.

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