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I think it has something to do with the app being built using Silverlight or something. Windows Phone 8.1 can run WinRT apps, the same framework which apps are built and that run on Windows RT. The music app is apparently not a WinRT app, which means it doesn't use the same multitasking apis that exist within the WinRT codebase. I'm not a developer so my information is mostly second hand so make of it what you will. :)

I've been playing it on my girlfriend's iPad (yes, I know) for a couple of weeks and I love it. The fact that it doesn't push microtransactions on you makes it very enjoyable. I'm glad it's finally coming to the Windows family.

You don't put the semicolons, after entering the name of the first artist press enter, then input the Name of the second or featuring artist. The semicolons will be placed automatically.

Great article! It may not be an RCT4 that so many fans would love to see, but I still found it to be a different direction for a rollercoaster game and has a lot of unique features that I find interesting. Definitely will be worth a try.

Can we expect this app in WinRT, so that it does not resume every time you leave the app (even for a second)? Skype used to be horrible like this until they switched to WinRT! Please make this happen!

Because when I had wp7 (Lumia 710) I was forced to sync my music and video content through the Zune desktop software. Secondly Zune DESTROYED all my music metadata (which I painstakingly had to correct manually 20000+ singles, albums, EP's, mix sets etc...).
3rd. When I was on the go and need to put song on my phone through friends PC's I again needed the damn software.
4th the software itself is slow, sluggish, and inefficient. Only one good thing was the animations of the album art that's it

It shouldn't be a problem for, say Opeth then? There are background images for library and now playing screen but live tile is plain green.
Still I'll double check it. Do those semicolons are necessary?

Damn it..that's why wasn't getting any album art in Xbox Music but,got it in other apps online like vlc and all..

Don't get why urban spoon is no longer available in the store though. Any info on that?

Enjoyed the stream! Think I will be looking at getting this game. A lot more to it than I thought there would be.

It's working for me bro, turn off the Battery Saver, and make sure you've Enabled the Live Tile.. it works perfectly for me...

Great stream, glad to see a bit of the multipalyer in-action. I was really hoping to get a good look at this game, so I'm glad you chose to stream it. Had a lot of fun talking and watching, and I'll definitely be watching for a good price to bite on this game for (probably $40).

I really gave up hope on Xbox music for WP 8.1. Hopefully all of this is fixed in Windows 10 for Mobile. Please Microsoft don't mess this up.

Great, detailed review, Paul. I'm admittedly disappointed, as I'd rather see a real RCT successor, though. I might grab this if it hits $20 or so. I want that park-managing simulator though, with the freedom to REALLY make coasters and such as you please. I played the demo a bit, just demolition, and didn't really like it. I agree that the camera angle makes aiming rather cumbersome. Engineer would probably interest me more than any other mode, as the coaster-building stuff is the closest we seem to get to RCT.

Thanks for the hard work, looking forward to the next write-up (hopefully for XenoVerse!).

Not a DBZ fan either but wanted to check it out. Thanks for another great stream. 

Great stream and the game looks pretty fun even though I'm not into DBZ at all.

The voice acting though... debatable.

Yes its called tag editor. You have to fix the data yourself. If you now your music well, that should be no problem. Its by Andrey Rygin.

EDIT: I recommend using Modernmusic or OneMusic as your primary music player. They both are pretty fast and have great design(Onemusic is really buggy though). They handle the metadata very well. And ModernMusic recently got an update enabling flac files to be played.

I don't think we need high end gear to stream games. I could be wrong though. I'm sure MS experimented the same thing (albeit from the cloud, not XBox) on a Lumia 520 last year or the year before.

Custom joysticks exist for phones! MOGA is one of them... But it would be nice to have alternatives and the actual Xbox one controller support. :P

Zune was a fine piece of work mate. Although I agree the market place crap got on the nerves of people but it could've been fixed; just like every other software. It sure didn't deserve to get demised.