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Don't know about the impact on companies but it cripples my web browsing experience. I'm not on the web to pay salaries. I'm here to browse. If sites throw irrelevant and intrusive ads that feed on cookies that try to know my browsing habits, I don't want it. I don't like ads. That's why I don't use anything Google. I am browsing the web for things that I am interested in. I don't need ads to tell me what I might be interested in. Ads are nuisance and don't care what impact ad blockers have, they are needed.

Some news about it? Is it coming with the Anniversary Update? A lot of people didn't updated to Windows 10 just because of this feature.

Sorry, should have added "than Surfaces", which I had in mind.

Regarding Windows overall, you may be right. However, can you please point out your sources of information, since you seem to be so certain? Especially on current sales numbers to schools, please.

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Hahaha. Microsoft's android and ios teams are better then their own windows team.

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Would be nice to have OneDrive for Business also offering same features as OneDrive, such as Camera Roll photo backup/sync.

Or they could just release everywhere at the same time...

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Hopefully it will be possible to use Office documents and OneNote workbooks from an own SharePoint server on W10M then!

I don't have a problem with ads. What I do have a problem with is that most ads have embedded trackers that leave users vulnerable online. Until the practice of embedding ads stops I will continue to block all ads.

I tried that once, and it didn't work for me. Have you gotten it to work? If so, can you direct me to how?

Umm... Duh. I said I was using preview since it started. Obviously I'm already using the Insider app. I'm on the same build Dan discussed in the article.

Access to shared OneDrive folders??? Absolute killer for me and my wife using the app!!

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I am using the browser to view this article and it blocks 38 ads but I can still see a banner ad between the article header and the article. 

I don't have BT in my car so I can't speak to that. I do have a Band 1 though and had to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Health for them to connect properly and maintain a connection over BT. I don't know the cause, but it seems to be a common problem and that solution usually works. Again, I don't know the details as to why other than you use Microsoft Health to manage your Band tiles and everything else. I've been getting regular email, incoming call, text, and Facebook messages. All the normal notifications you would expect.

This is what I like to cite about the New MS. I have my daily driver (950) on fast ring and even when issues come up, MS is responsive and it isn't an issue for long. MS knows how to treat its enthusiasts, insider access, increasingly rapid builds, and responses to issues brought up. I never saw this in Apple or Android.

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At 6 AM here on the east coast(NC) have the update and Groove is working for streaming and downloading

I JUST did this on my Icon over the weekend and echo everything you said. It's like having a new phone. I've had this thing for two years now. It's been running just fine, but I was considering an upgrade and a carrier switch just to get W10M. I figured why not update my Icon anyway. If it works, great. If not, get a new phone. I can't say it worked flawlessly right from the start though. I had some issues with some apps not functioning and others disappearing, but what I didn't realize is it was downloading and installing a bunch of stuff in the background after the W10M update, including app updates. I had to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Health to get my Band to stay connected over Bluetooth as well. After that though, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

I remember the force unleashed being really good on whatever console I played it on and the second was decent too. For the money well worth it. Want them to make another Star Wars game like these.

Interesting, since this implementation is cheap and not really that complex, these implementation are possible for any next gen VR headsets. Though nothing beats on having a wider FOV and let our own peripheral vision do the rest, same story with AR too.

Next thing we really going to solve is having a wide FOV which allow our eyes to move around and still see the VR/AR projection without ever seeing the borders.

As usual, things that are on Microsoft Research never fails to be really cool!

Do you mean they should create a VPN to every single host you might download pages from?

The cash option is not restricted to any operating system or city, i have used Uber with cash option across many cities and on both windows phone and Android.

Intel has confirmed scrapping of mobile Atoms. I wish there were website focusing on Windows related news. That way we would could get better picture.

I've installed Windows 10 on my Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. Both have the same CPU and 1G RAM. I've activated Cortana and using glance screen with the time and notifications I prefer activated. Quite happy with both they do freeze sometimes but so did they with Windows 8.1. The 820 I've fitted with an 64GB SD card

I'm not saying MS can't do it technically, I'm saying they're not WILLING to do it, which should be pretty clear after these many iterations of their native music software, should be pretty obvious. I assume that they don't want to be tied to a service of a lesser company or whatever reason they have, they're not doing it. VLC is not a Microsoft app, and they probably don't have that many users in Windows Mobile, and certainly are not subjected to the same "brand presure" and company policies regarding connection to external services.

Plus to be honest, if it's going to add a background task, tiny as it might be, and introduce a whole new slew of potential bugs, I can understand someone thinking it's not worth it. Currently Groovbe Music has enough bugs as it is. So, yeah, screw scrobbling just to have your music statistics show on some website, I'd rather have MS focus on making their software just WORK RIGHT.

This is a known issue in latest preview. It's to do with DRM's. All users on current preview are having the same issue. You mentioned it in an earlier comments, but not so subtly.

I thought the issue with the icon wasn't a MSFT non support, but more to do with Verizon, as a carrier branded device? Rumour has it, and Gabe has offered a 'we're working on it' quote, so maybe the two have got their heads together and thrashed it out

And let's not forget, none of the carriers carry Windows Phone anymore. Which is a shame. I use my Nokia 1520 on Telus . Wife and kids use Virgin with iPhones.

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Have to agree with you on that one. I ended up getting a band to make up for lack of Glance. Anything to keep the old girl running! My daughter has it now and even the camera is still up there with the best. At a recent Rudimental gig, we both took pics, and although there was a difference, the 930 wasn't that far behind my 950xl!! Hey MS, rebuild them as a midrange!

Yeah I've always known about them, and certainly Opera making it built in isn't going to suddenly have a big impact, but I mean in general terms, if everybody used them how much impact would it have on companies who rely on the ads for revenue.

I'm debating how fair it is to use them.

Awesome. I have been considering signing up to EA Access for a while, even though there aren't a ton of games I'm interested in right now - I already own Hardline but wouldn't mind playing BF4 again either. Is it still free to EA Access members and for how long?