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I will cry tears of happiness if King of Fighters XIV comes to X1. Watching SFV crash and burn and seeing all the PS4 fanboys go completely ghost about how it not coming to X1 was the death of Microsoft consoles was all I needed outta that... but not getting KoF XIV hurt me deep.

Are you on a VPN, proxy or something out of the norm with your ISP? Sometimes those services block urls like that.

I have restarted my pc under this condition several times and the update continued fine.

Your Groove Cloud Collection is not the same as your music on OneDrive. Music in your Cloud Collection does not have to be in OneDrive for you to stream it. If you don't own a Groove Music Pass, you may still have music in your Cloud Collection that you have purchased from the Windows Store, or music may have been "matched" back in the Windows 8 / Xbox Music days, when auto matching was a feature. If you want to delete this, you can manage that separately using the Groove app.

That's now how it is supposed to work. Purchased music is added automatically to your Groove Cloud Collection, so you can stream it anywhere *without* needing it to be on OneDrive.

If you want things added to OneDrive automatically, simply sync your OneDrive Music folder to your PC, then make it the default save location for your local Windows Music Library. In the future when you purchase and download music from the Store, it will download directly to your OneDrive Music folder (since it is now the default save location), rather then to your local Music folder. Easy peasy.

None of the links to the phone on T-Mobile work today. Even searching for Alcatel doesn't show it. The most disturbing thing I found was that from the main T-Mobile page, if you try to do a search for ANY Windows OS phone, not only are there none listed, Windows OS isn't even an available search option. Crud.

Yeah, that OneDrive integration is pretty terrible. I deleted all my stuff from OneDrive, and even deleted the Music Folder from it, but it still shows I have stuff there in the Groove App. Honestly, Google kills Microsoft in this area...50K song uploads, instant mixes, radio, YouTube integration(sorta..links to YouTube for playing song), and their Music Manager, which adds songs to the cloud as they're added to you music folder. If the song was matched incorrectly, you can tell it to upload your copy instead. Oh, and it's completely GRATIS! Well, besides signing all your data over, which you do with Microsoft anyways.

... Not to mention the whole Windows Holographic platform as a whole, and also the new VR headsets announced at yesterday's event. I was also pleased to see them use a Windows phone for the 3D capture demonstration, even if that was the only partial mention of Windows 10 Mobile throughout the announcement... That was more than I had expected.

I would like to see faster playback and resuming after a call without user help. (or is it just me)

I don't believe the Clinton Saudi Arabia link, but I'm glad anything related to Trump and his fellow rasist bigots advisers is toned down.

But we're talking about about using Kinect and Project Spark as consumer tools for amateur content creation. If Microsoft stopped development of Kinect (which they clearly did), and if they shut down Project Spark's servers and removed it from the Store (which they did), then we consumers cannot use those tools to create. That's the frustrating part here: they both fit this 3D push so well, but Microsoft killed them off. They may have reused some of the knowledge or assets from them, but we can't. It's a big missed opportunity as it would cost them little to port the 3D Builder and 3D Scanner app to Xbox One as UWPs and to put Project Spark back in the Store and enable content exportation.

Ms has until next spring to correct and add to the OS and if reports are correct the RS2 update will be crazy good. So many features being added that I don't know but I'm betting that any high end W10M, IOS and Android device will be capable of doing the same thing when it comes to apps and default feature sets found on all three when we receive RS2. Think about it from what MS plans to do with this "creator" direction how can our W10M devices not be fun to use and at same time "productive" as they target the Enterprise. With all this 3D talk can you imagine putting all that feature sets and more into Office Mobile and then utilising Continuum. If MS can really play this right those who thought W10M is a lost cause may very well change their minds or have them forcibly changed come next year spring when Creator Update is released for both PC and Mobile devices.

Doesn't a laptop have the ability to install drivers and programs to calibrate and control the headset? That doesn't quite negate my point. I am sure it is possible to import this onto XB1, but with ao many headset brands unless they all use a standard firmware, it will be harder for the XB1 that doesn't have driver ability. I am of course probably wrong and am way overthinking it. I am just assuming by how the XB1 doesn't like most USB components.

When I purchase a song on my pc it doesn't show up on onedrive. I have to manually move it to onedrive. Drives me insane!!!



Yeah I agree with that, but it just seems Microsoft don't really want some of these products to succeed. With next to to marketing for half of them they have no chance. The band was a different story, they literally fall apart. 

Not here to start an argument or anything. And obviously totally off topic from this post, was just my 2c on this comment. I for one want to see Microsoft products do well, but sometimes it feels more than Microsoft want to. 

I've always recommended Microsoft to everyone. Got all my family on to the band and was embarrassed doing so after every single person I recommended it to had problems with it

Man i;'ve been leaving feedback and asking for drag  & drop for a year now....It''s still missing from Groove. 

I'm pretty sure most of the underlying IP and code base from those canceled projects are in some way preserved under the hood in the 'new' tools. No knowledge or experience really gets wasted, it's just a change of form. Experience gained from Kinect for example laid the foundation for HoloLens as you'll notice many key guys from Kinect development are in the HoloLens team.

Maybe connectiong my Microsoft BT mouse won't shut down all the radios on my laptop anymore?  Never had that issue until upgrading to Windows 10.  I really hope this fixes that.

Nice! But for groove It shows many of my songs twice one offline and one streaming only.
The problem here is if I added the streamable only to a playlist it will be shown as not available while in offline....

It's quite clear who the Surface Studio is built for, and gamers are definitely not included. 

That's a very sweet deal on the entry level model!! Too bad I live in bloody Brazil...

I don't remember it being you either. Regardless, glad to see some sanity. I love my windows devices, and have owned about 10 different windows phones. They've screwed up pretty damn badly over and over again though, and it's right to acknowledge that.

It's totally fine to have your own opinion, but if you're trying to sell it as facts then it's your job to defend it with proof. That job isn't for the people you're trying to convince. Then it's up to the other side to present counter proof/arguments to argue their side. It has nothing to do with hand holding while crossing the streets, it is the basics of debating.

Exactly. Also 3K is for Developers and Enterprise, why can some people get that! When HoloLens come to consumers in a year or two, it will me more accesible, I wouldn't say $299, but in the likes of 1 to 1.5L perhaps!

As I was watching their event yesterday when they were going on about 3D, all I could think was, "If you were heading in this direction, why in the heck did you spend the past few years killing off Kinect and Project Spark!" Those are two fantastic 3D tools. Kinect's depth-sensing camera is perfect for real-world 3D content capturing, and Project Spark is the best amateur tool I've ever used for 3D object creation. It was all the more mind-boggling when they showed off Minecraft as a tool to make 3D objects. Now, Minecraft is my favorite game ever, but it was laughable seeing that blocky tree exported as a 3D object. Minecraft is great, but it's too limited to be a 3D creation tool. In Project Spark you could make any object, designed in fine detail with contours of any shape, size, or texture. And then you could attach those objects to any other objects to make new objects. And even more impressive, each object had its own programmable brain that could be coded to have whatever behavior you wanted. So, if you wanted to create a weird creature with one appendage doing one type of movement and another appendage doing other types, you could. Project Spark was perfect for making 3D objects of any type--static or dynamic. All they had to do was make it possible to export the objects so they chould be shared. Killing off Kinect and Project Spark is such a huge missed opportunity for their push towards 3D content creation--all stuff that could've furthered HoloLens and Paint 3D.

IE and Edge are two separate browsers. IE is the legacy browser, Edge is the new one.

I've seen Lawnmower Man and it doesn't end well! I completely agree with the isolation sentiment and Hololens challenges that at its core. Having tried both, being able to look at, converse and interact with people around me makes a huge difference. For me the future will be mixed not virtual reality.

I found several bugs in 14955 that took a couple days to notice even on my daily driver. 24 is not enough.

It's like a WPCentral circle jerk sometimes! Mobile, mobile, mobile! I don't use my mobile phone at home, it's dirty!

Well they did demo it on standard laptop. I'm sure a xbox one has better gpu performance than that.