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You need to access task manager and you can see the edge tab/tabs that are open and you can pick one that you need to close. It also happened to me and every time I end Edge on the task and restart the browser is there again, so I scrolled down and found there are more Edge running and it's related to the tab you have open.

Exactly.  These emails are just as innocent looking as the I Love You virus in May of 2000, right around Mother's Day that wreaked havoc on computers of some of the most savvy professionals out there. These things have nothing to do with OS.  Maybe alex could explain the MacOS Flashback Trojan. It requires no user interaction.

Anyone can write "this is clean" in an email, maybe they wrote it to trick the recipient

I'm 100% sure that there's another way to get the files back......something with the commant line i think.

My issue with error 80240020 was related to Windows Defender being disabled, apparently. Windows Defender kept turning itself off every 1-2 minutes after re-enabling. During the Windows 10 "preparation" step it would error out if Windows Defender was turned off for a while.

To get around the issue, I literally kept clicking on the red "Turn Defender On" button over and over until the preparation step completed. Then Windows 10 installed, finally.

Makes no sense though..

My daughter will be starting her senior year majoring in animation and digital media. She's going to get into Game design.

I too am having some random issues with the phone app freezing.

Visual voicemail does not work - does not play the message at all. Have to dial into voicemail # separately to get voicemail.

Lumia 640.

A big problem with game students is that they think they're ready when they graduate from school. Especially when it comes to the art side.

The real amount of students that truly are ready is small. These students often began preparing before college and also worked at their craft 6+ hrs a day outside of school work. Making art was what they did in their free personal time.

But for most students, it will require continuous work after graduating. Hours and hours spent every day perfecting your craft.

Then when you finally break in, you still have to keep improving because technology changes so fast.

It's a tough, but rewarding, industry. Not for those that need security though.

I was in the gaming industry for 14 yrs, and made some of the best (or most popular) games out there.

I started off at Sony, then moved to Angel Studios, which was purchased by Rockstar.. I worked on games like Red Dead Redemption, Table Tennis, Midnight Club, Smugglers Run, etc..

After Midnight Club Los Angeles was completed, much of the team was let go. The rest were moved to Red Dead Redemption. And after that game was completed and made a ton of money for Rockstar, 1/3 of the studio was 'laid off'.

The gaming industry doesn't appreciate veterans and leaders. What they want is young kids who will spend their lives in the studio and sleep under their desks.   I tell people to reconsider if they are thinking about going into games... you will want to leave by the time you're 40, if not earlier.


Then what's the point? Attachments are the only part that can have a virus. The most the email body can do is trick gullible people, or download images as part of its content that prove your email address exists.

How do you know the mail scanner text wasn't part of the scammer's original message just to make it look legit?

Instapic no longer working since upgrade, keep getting error,uploaded image isn't square. Used to be half decent app.

So explain what you mean by "developer laziness". Usually laziness is used to describes person that doesn't work hard. In other words, they only do easy things. If you say remaking a game is lazy, then you're saying remaking a game is easy.

Been using this feature on xbox one alot. Seems some issues with the pc game dvr, but im sure it will get ironed out. I'll be buying all my pc games from xbox app now. Steam will slowly get outed from my system.

Creating a game is much harder than most people think. Good to see college programs dedicated to games.

I love that Satya launched Windows 10 in Kenya (WIsh it would have been in my home country Tanzania, close enough.. lol) Now I wish the Bing Translator app will support Swahili, the largest spoken African language and national language of East Africa. I'm starting to think Microsoft is intentionally neglecting languages spoken on the continent of Africa. #hoping and #wishing. for more support.

Well when are we gonna get updated features? Still missing 40% of the functionality of the Zune software, which by far is one of the best pieces of Windows software ever built.

i have a opinion if someone whant to answer : do you think this app its ported by the devolepers of ios or android?, and do you think the strategy of microsoft porting apps from ios and android is beinng to result?

it comes with an attachment to install.... That alone shows it's fake.Microsoft never emails any tool that does updates, it's all done through windows update.

That's a good list. I'd add Skulls of the Shogun to it too: that's a good game (even if the developers aren't the nicest folk). Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition alone convinced me to upgrade on Day One to Windows 10 (I was previously on the fence about it). I also hope that Windows 10 adoption results in increased recognition for Project Spark. That game is amazing and deserves way more accolages and press attention.



I suggest complaining directly to Microsoft about this problem. The Store is a mess right now, making it impossible to filter it so that you can only see Xbox games, as you mention. This should be easy to do: it should be a category at the top, and this should especially be the case if you access the Store by clicking the Store link in the Xbox App. Snobby PC gamers aren't going to take the Store seriously if, when they click the Store link in the Xbox app it takes them to Candy Crush clones.

Did a clean install.

And for the first time EVER, I had a problem with bloody Windows not recognizing the property of the files in my external drives. Problem solved with a couple of lines on CommandPrompt and Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3 but still annoying.

Great ! U came by yourself . Look what happened . I was installing w10 from windows update from w7 so everything was fine untile it become to w10 and instalation suddenly screen was black.. I waited an hour. Then i press off then on.. They wrote restoring u previous version of w. And when it was done they said ur windows is not genuine !! It was genuine before i update for sure !!! Any help from anyone 

You meet some great people Paul. That game development business is damned precarious. Read numerous blogs from those that have been chewed up and spat out even when they are highly talented. Saying that, it is a business that I wish I had the talent to do. Nice to see that this guy is helping yo usher in the next wave of talent.

Pretty much confirmed, same non committal responses from the devs, there's store listings for an Xbox One version etc. Only said "coming first to Playstation", not "exclusive".

Need to run it in a borderless window, I hope they resolve this at some point by overriding something at the OS level to allow the game bar to show over full screen games.
Borderless window can reduce performance in some games and can cause a problem with triple monitor gaming sometimes

the video is unavailable in restricted mode and i cant turn it off in edge. im gonna stick with chrome for a while

As long as the revamp combat for ff7 is more kingdom hearts and ff type-0 than ffxv/versus xiii there shouldn't be any problems from anyone(maybe).

No need. Users are already paying thousands of dollars to use the same software.

I tried downloading shark evolution on the 635 and its 512 Mb supposed but its not even on the store. Windows phone sucks if windows 10 sucks too I'm switching samsung

Wish my uni had video game courses, although for my adaption and translation course I did play a level of halo ce and compared it to the book ;)