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I have DP installed but VZW and HTC are supposed to release a firmware update before end of month. Not holding my breath. I couldn't manage without DP installed

We need to realize the Nokia brand in Europe and India was very strong. I would bet all the Nokia supporters here are from those regions. The Nokia brand in the USA died in the 90s and didn't ever come back to life even with Lumia.

Um, you shouldn't give advice if you don't know what you're talking about. TrueCaller works on WP and provides the Caller ID that you think isn't possible.

You have to understand that the 'action centre' is new and still barebones, MS will improve by Windows 10

If you backup your iPad thru iTunes, it will save your iPad's layout. You won't need to reorganize...

Skype does what it has to pretty darn well. Also, as daly said, Skype is the only real cross platform communications solution. Since moving to my 1520, Skype has been a pretty darn good experience.

You will miss the ability to transform your phone into a boomerang. Instead, if you buy a nokia (or microsoft Lumia) you gonna break your arm by trying that.

For me, being a musician, the lack of certain apps has made it a little tough. The iRealB is a major staple, as is frozen ape's metronome app (hands down best metronome app). There are some good tuner apps out there, but everything else is just lacking. Same goes for another program I sometimes use for transcribing called Amazing Slow Downer.

I don't see it as a knock on wanting a WP, since its such a niche issue. But I sincerely hope those developers come over after universal apps gets more traction.

Not sure where this guy resides but local apps are available in the UK, so if local apps like banking aren't avail then that's down to the bank/companies

One drive is better than icloud and cheaper. Xbox music app is still shitty and a WIP but the service itself is better than itunes. Here maps are great, I haven't used google maps in ages and not really missing anything. 

iWatch is a separate consideration altogether.

Yo dawg we heard you like notifications, so we got notifications for your notifications, so you can get notifications while you get notifications.

Next up iRing, it'll make your middle finger pop-up every time you get a message on your iWatch that you also get on your iPhone

I know we heard rumors of a Microsoft Surface Phone but I really see that those rumors could have been true. Look at the direction they are going.

Went with i7. It's replacing my old desktop. I was also considering a gaming laptop, but decided to dedicate any extreme gaming to my X1! I'm looking forward to using my Surface to take notes in client meetings, light gaming, movie and photo editing. Thanks for the advice Daniel.

Install DP and forget about verizon. On my 8x it works fine since April 15th and I get all updates (nearly) on time.

Hmmm...I smell a bias that has never used a high end Windows Phone. The "better camera" gave you away.

While the app store is maturing slowly I wouldn't let it be a deciding issue on your investment. Winphone is a great overall experience and growing with pains naturally.
I owned the 920 and use 1520 best phones I ever owned. Yes I had owned 3 separate iPhones.

I can really only speak for myself. I had an original iPhone back in the day. It replaced my HTC Windows Mobile. I then got the 3GS had it for like 3 months then the Droid came out on Verizon here in the US. I used a few Android phones for several years then left because of new Google policies (very condenced version of that drama filled story). I got an HTC Trophy and was very impressed by it's stability, speed and compact size, especially considering the phone was already well over a year old when I got one.


History lesson asside, I have stuck with Windows Phone since then. Apple is the only device that tempts me to switch. Not because of the deep app catalog but because of the accessory market. Mainly car infotainment. I have 2 cars, one new and the other about 10 years old. Both have decent Pioneer AV receivers. Again, one new and one old, but still modern. They both have deep iPhone integration and I can't use any of that functionality.


Also I have a Lumia 925. Cases for it are not very common, even for a Windows Phone. iPhones, you can find a case for your phone in any gas station, department or grocery store.


So yeah I think he might miss the accessory market, from car support, to speaker docks, to cases and anything else in between.


Also Apple Pay looks interesting. I hope it works and secure token NFC based transations might become common across all phones that support it.


- J

Perhaps Nokia, and now Microsoft, shouldn't be bombarding the market with so many superfluous variants.

First, Sound quality. Sound quality on a Lumia is bad,. Unless someone does their homework and fixes it. IPhone sound quality is already good without equalizer, but improves by 50% with the Denon App that has eq and brings fantastic sound even over Bluetooth. If you use Tunein pro on IOS or even Android, you will miss that too. I have a Lumia 1520, IPhone 6, 5s, 4s, iPad mini, Xperia Z ultra, and Asus 1801 android and win 8.1, user experience is best with the Iphone 6, hands down. The touch response on the iPhone is very accurate and instant, on the Lumia, it like its sluggish. The screen movement feels like its behind. When you type, the keyboard is always behind catching up. IPhone is instant, even iPhone 4 is faster. Plus there is the problem of how the Lumia always register a swipe as a touch which should have been fixed already, its very annoying. If you were using Google playbooks on your iPhone, then you will miss that too because it does not exist on windows phones yet. I left an Android after 7 years to join windows, I wanted a change to something fresh, so I chose Windows phone and I thought the camera would be good. No, its too slow, IPhone 6, is too good, very fast. Everytime I try to take a photo with the Lumia, I shoot, the it thinks for a second and misses the shot. You will also miss crunchyroll, exoplanet, google earth and many more good apps. Plus if you are used to having folders on your main screen you will miss that too.

Is it just me or the system sounds are somehow turned off. The phone lock sound has disappeared. The sound when we add a word to the phone's database is also off. Has anyone else experienced this?

This is very evident in bank apps and local apps that are just not there. Please don't act like there's not one. Also development of apps there are for the most part very lackluster when you come feature rich designs in iPhone apps let alone very outdated. App gap does not just mean the presence of apps.

That is my experience too. Especially with Skype. Switched from my 1020 (was hard to give up that camera) a few weeks ago and the performance improvements are dramatic. Still miss the camera but it was worth the switch.

Been using an HTC One M8 WP since release day and prior to that an Icon and a ATIV SE. I have never seen a single "resuming" on any of these phones. Last time I saw "resuming" was on a 928.

I miss nothing. WP rules! Stable, clean, user friendly, virtually bug free and excellent integration with my outlook.

What's the deal with Windows 8.1 with Bing? By default the search engine--the search engine where? in IE?--is set to Bing so they sell the license cheaper, but consumers can easily just change it to something else anyway? And what is the default search engine set to in regular Windows 8.1?

Did you try onedrive with W8.1? just drop the files there (on the explorer) and get an app that plays/downloads thos files on your phone.

The "unstable" WP os is now part fo the past, WP is very solid and stable OS now, compelte

Try using tubecast if you have an xbox. Also not sure how you already know what the MS watch will look like

Skype because its a superior choice. Facetime is barely the substitute. A communication service that you can only use with other people who have the same phone as you, is not a complete communication service.

If I was an iPhone user I would miss the thumb print unlock feature the most. Switching the other way around, I would miss wireless charging and the live tiles, and,of course, I would miss Windows Central.