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Sofia is sure pretty and probably the best companion mod. But I like my Lydia and I modded her on my PC by giving her a new hair style from the Apachii hair mod, plus the Coverwomen cleaner face textures from the original Skyrim mod. Lydia looks prettier than ever now, plus it was an interesting experience learning about creating a mod myself :)

Agreed. This announcement is not going to all of a sudden lead to Android & iOS app developers to start making apps for a MS platform.

If the changes to Visual Studio & Xamarin did not truly get devs interested in the platform, I cannot see this news making the decision to make Windows Phone/Mobile relevant again to devs.

If I can get a Surface Phone/Device that looks like the tablet/phone the engineers use on Westworld, that's all I'll need. 

A iPhone esque price for the surface phone with the added phone features in win10 would help make this a reality quicker. The only hurdle left would be the UI. How to make the entire OS especially x86 apps run on a phone and how to not drain the battery so freaking quickly like the desktop

I can see this now because of the new HP computers in our new building is smaller than a cigar box but larger than a pack of cigarettes minus the CD/DVD player connected to a 22"+ led monitior. 

The new hardware advances will soon be hitting the market SSD, etc and stackable memory, etc., all make this possible. Gigs of data can be put on a chip the size of a fingernail.  

"Windows 10 Mobile does support the Bluetooth stack that allows the Xbox One S controller to connect to phones, but to my knowledge, not a single game on Windows 10 Mobile uses it."

I use my Xbox One S controller with my Lumia 950XL to play games on Windows 10 Mobile daily. Several UWP games and apps support Xbox controllers, wired and bluetooth.

The main games that I play with my controller are Nitro Nation, Win64e10 and Universal Emulator. I believe World Of Tanks Blitz has controller support too. I uninstalled it but I remember playing via Continuum and keyboard and mouse and usually that inclouded Xbox controller support as well.

 If I remember correctly, the Lego UWP games and Talking Tom Gold Run, I may be mistaken about those last few.

The emulators having full controller support along with Continuum support has been the most amazing experience ever and worth it for me even if no other game supported the Xbox One S controller.

I just wanted to point those few titles out.

The controller support so far seems to be limited to UWP games and therefore, games that have Controller suppor on Windows 8, do not have controller support with their Windows Phone 8.x versions, for example, Beach Buggy Racing, Riptide GP, the Asphalt games. It would be awesome if Microsoft would enable Controller support at an OS level and not what appears to be at a Windows 10 UWP level without consistency. Mouse and Keyboard support is at the OS level, it would be nice to see controller support at the same level.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

I know right, I noticed it too... who knew the iPhone has been here for 19 years, almost 20.

DJCBS, guess you didnt watch the video of Full x86 Adobe running on an a SnapDragon.. Let me help you out with an example, My Xbox One runs Xbox 360 games through EMULATION just as good as my PowerPC enabled Xbox 360...hope that helps

I just read the description of the companion mod Sofia, yes you can marry her. Usually the popular companion mods by reputable authors allow you to marry the new companions as well. In the case of Sofia for example, you need to spend some time with her and acheive some requirements before she becomes available for marriage. You can read the mod page to find all the details.

I did like RT, but it was on the wrong form factor device, aka Surface. Should have been on phone instead of that Windows Phone 7 thing we had.

I live this idea but the thing with Chromebooks is that they are ease of use and good for beginners. However, limited in almost every aspect. If Microsoft could make windows even simpler to use in the way of a quick start app that launches on startup that separates task or apps in categories that would be really cool

There are a lot of "if's" around this. Which is why I started by recommending refraining enthusiasm. Unless people like to set themselves for disappointment.
This is a different Windows architecture, it's relying on emulation, on developer support and on Qualcomm's ability to push a lot of stuff forward while not creating another Snapdragon 810.
IF it succeeds on lower end tablets and laptops it will be a great push into segments like education (although the Chromebook classroom invasion people keep talking about is limited to the USA actually). However this will not change the phone landscape for Microsoft at all. It can push forward some sort of business oriented phone and obviously an ARM powered phone with Windows 10 will always be better for enterprise than any Windows Phone 10 powered device like the Elite X3 etc. But in the consumer market - which is the market for 99% of people here - nothing will change as none of this solves or has the potential to solve the app problem.

I'll just sit and watch. I have an opinion on how this might go down. Now I'll wait to see if I was wrong or right once again.

Oh and don't worry. I don't give a rats a*se about downvotes. It's a system to entertain childish people around here, nothing else. They could get me to 100 downvotes I would still not care lol

Not with Google's setup. I've seen it myself and as my story above shared, I have friends in education that say Google's setup is a godsend compared to even current Windows tools.

I wish some developer could find a way to showcase big windows on a phone just to give us an idea even if Microsoft secretly paid them under the table to do it lol

Win32 is going legacy, UWP is the future. If all the announcement/news doesn't convince you, give it a few months and how UWP fits into this will be easier to understand.

That my friend is the problem, and the flawed logic that's so rampant. When you want everything to be fast, cheap, and easy, you're doomed to disappointment and failure.

Ah but with the ability to run x86 apps, you can run programs like BlueStacks which in turn can run all your favorite Android apps, like snap chat. That's the advantage of full windows.

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Exactly! Msft does have the edge over rival platforms to bring about the ultimate mobile device but execution matters. Let's wait it out.

Here's the thing though, the vast majority of the consumer market does not care for x86 apps on their phone and with BYOD being as big as it is (Android or iPhone only), people in the enterprise are going to continue to want to use the phones that also offer the apps which they have always been using on a regular basis and windows 10 will never offer that

I can't wait for reasonable prices on windows 10 phone. Kind of tired paying $850+ for my idevice. 

Yes, with all the innovation from msft it's not very wise to leave out a pocket-able consumer device.

You missed the article earlier where Microsoft also announced they built in an x86 emulator to run any win32 application. They even demoed it live run Photoshop and World of Tanks. The article compares it to Apple's Rosetta they used to have in older OS X to run PowerPC apps. So yes, people are very excited now because we have an x86 emulator built by Microsoft that has near native performance.

No more app gap if we could get these apps on phone then no more excuses but at the same time the uwp strategy is dead lol

And how time intensive is that on the IT admin, and how resource intensive is it on the client's machine?

Pretty wow. Intel better hope they got something up their sleeves. Pc's are already slipping in sales, imagine if half+ of computers are sold with Qualcomm chips. I wouldn't be holding shares.

They have the upper hand, now move it and give us a flagship device within the next 12 months or nobody will care what you do after. Remember Android and iOS bridges? Don't make the same mistake.

The upcoming Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip is a 10nm FinFET part so that means Qualcomm will have beefy 10nm SoCs – either the 835 or something similar – ready to roll soon for mobile PCs and handhelds. Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 gear is due to arrive in the later half of 2017.