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I have high confidence that Windows Mobile will be very popular again once iOS Bridge is finished, this is as hard for Microsoft as for Apple and Google to make a 2 in 1.

iPad Pro is not as good as Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book

and Chrome Pixel tablet is not good at all, needs a lot of work ahead to compete with Microsoft. 

On Microsoft's side they have a huge task ahead and bring iOS libraries to work well on Windows Mobile. None of these companies has it easy to acomplish their goals (Apple and Google to make 2 in 1, Microsoft to get better mobile app support) but after few years I'm sure all of these companies including Microsoft will achieve their goals to get better ecosystems for their customers.

Yes, we already had this in WP8 with Lumia Panorama. However, I have to say that the newest MS iteration of the system works better than it did on the Lumia.

... Well my dignity went down 50% thinking about even owning one... But until it allows me to make my Xbox portable, I ain't buying! Btw, does this look a bit like a space suit to u or no?

I stopped at "abandoning nearly your entire customer base". If you start with hyperbole, there's not much hope for a logical point to be made.

Why so expensive?!  The Surface Pro keyboard has it, and the cost is only a few more $$ than the keyboard without the fingerprint reader.... -_-  I am dissapoint.

Yes seems somewhat blurry at max zoom levels on my 830, haven't looked at them on puter screen to get the full take on its overall performance in regards to output 

Bruh, funny thing is, it uses a mobile os on a huge screen. Plus, there is a version of continium for Android called andronium os on Kickstarter and it works better cause I don't have to buy a special phone that supports continium. It works with any Android phone.

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Oh, ok. It's just that time and time again, I see windows phone apps having to be constantly debugged and I don't see that with Android apps. At least not the ones that I use. I'm really longing for the day that a windows 10 mobile app is released and doesn't have to be updated so much.

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Bruh, no one gives a damn about that if there is no benefit of using Windows 10 on mobile. Why should I switch to Windows 10 mobile? Give me one compelling reason.

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Since RS1 build first builds the Windows Insider app is not needed. All you have to do is go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider and there will be a "Stop" button.

What ground breaking, unique features?

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The 950 is okay. I don't mind using it. I typically buy a new Windows phone yearly. I flipped a coin to decide on my purchase.of the 950. The review on WC had me on the fence. Hated it out if the box, but now it's fine. What I meant by " hold me over until 2017" was in hope of Microsoft releasing a high end phone in 2017. I'm holding off on the Hp for now.

Very funny! £700? They must be mad. Even the note 7 isn't that expensive. Get out of here HP.

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Anyone know if WDRT will also be updated to Anniversary? As of now, it rolls all the way back to Production (10586)... I can't go THAT far back in time! :)

Funny enough, the exact same thing happened to my internal hard drive. I put my PC to sleep and guess what happened when I put it back on? It couldn't read the drive. All my files were on it but it couldn't just boot the drive and read files from it. I changed my HD to an SSD and hopefully it doesn't happen again cause if it does, I'll be using hackintosh on my PC instead of Windows. Cause, i love my PC so much.

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Great now launch Edge for Android, I hate Chrome and Firefox browsers at my Android device but I don't have another choice.

If Edge was available for Android it would be my only choice :)


I sent a tip to Windows Central and cited your comment/username. If anyone wants it, now's the chance for them to get it.

I just downloaded and signed in just because.

I just downloaded InstaPic, tried to log in and get the error message "Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app to log in to Instagram." I don't know if this happens to others as of late?

Something that bugged me on tf1, was invisibility with the string like gun. Lol that always made me die haha

Oh boy, so much hate and apologizing already...for a single app. Imagine the storm that is about to break loose on sept. 30th when Microsoft automatically retires all apps that do no have an age rating by then. There are still a lot of popular (yet dead development-wise) apps that don't have that silly rating. Time to stock up some popcorn ;)

C4rlos G, you can still download it if you go to and click the Windows phone link. No other options required if you have it.

PDF's would be what I was thinking, the printer icon is there but it is grayed out.

AR just looks janky.  Mixing real world with digital overlays just looks... messy.  Its like, here we have advanced high-tech looking clean, digital AR graphics mixed over your cheetos crusted nasty sofa with coffee stains..  Bleh.  VR is the way to go.  Then everything looks high-tech and clean even though your sofa is still cheetos crusted....

If that's the case then you still can. It's still going to work if you are a current user. And based on your statement you either are or were, so no worries for you!

I just said I wish to be living in US or India to get access to Bing Rewards days ago, but now...

I tried the Vive in the MS Store the other day. It was so immersive, fluid and I didn't get sick. Jaw dropping.

Constant Updates does not mean they are communicating. Besides, abandoning nearly your entire customer base says a lot without saying a word. They said nothing about it either. Updates simply mean a team is working. Besides compared to before or other platforms their updates don't do much. Most of them have been removing defining features while not fixing problems. I will say at least they finally added Panorama but there are few bright spots.

Silence comes when Microsoft says nothing when developers communities scream for more transparency in direction to know if they could/should support it and yet nothing.

Silence is when they have become nearly non existent in developer circles except if you want to use Visual Studio, to build apps for iOS and Android. Even Visual Studio videos or training videos for Xamarin focus on iOS and Android and if they even mention Windows or Windows Phone it's a quick statement of, "Oh and we support Windows too." I know because I have been trying to find more videos on cross-platform development from Microsoft and even their videos relate to everyone but them.

Silence comes when they give a brief cryptic answer when they can Astoria after strongly encouraging developers to use it.

Silence comes when they pull out of nearly every market and call it retrenching but give no further explanation.

Silence comes from when people complain in Feedback Hub that Microsoft keeps pulling features from Windows Mobile with little explanation or input from the community and then doesn't address what the people have to say.

Silence is when people keeping asking Microsoft why they are spending so much time on apps for other platforms while letting their own burn and yet they say nothing. Even at you can find they have a new Bluetooth keyboard that says it supports iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows PCs and Tablets. No mention of Windows Mobile.

Silence is when pressed for details about their direction in mobile after a cryptic message about nothing to report on mobile this year they still say nothing.

Silence is when they keep adding new apps to competing platforms while leaving out Windows and not explaining when asked.

Their actions recently have been pointing towards a lack of interest in their own platform and a keen interest in others.

I really hope they have something big up their sleeve and they are just keeping quiet but for now their actions, and leaks, seem to show they have nothing going on except building for other platforms and cloud.

Even my customers don't talk about Microsoft any more except for Office 365. Developers I talk to seem to have the same sentiment. It's like they are doing interesting things while "seemingly" burning their own platform.

As I said, I hope this is all wrong but it doesn't seem to be.

Odd, mine is pretty horrible. Did you zoom in and look at how focused it was. My 928 Lumia panorama was much better.

There is no difference.

Windows phone hit rock bottom a few quarters ago, which is why it's not interesting discussing market share anymore unless there is a sudden upturn, which no one expects. Now people report on 0.6% that or 2.1% in Spain, and it's really kind of pointless if you factor in the margin of error. It's basically dead, which is why the only place for Microsoft to go is up.

In the past I blamed the developer but Microsoft's silence regarding Windows Mobile and even Windows sometimes makes me doubt they have much interest in OSes anymore. They are putting a ton of resources in to cloud services though. Gotta give them credit for that. But it would seem they treat Windows as a second class citizen so why would developers do any different.

And in what way does your article prove useful to those few of us WM users still hanging on for dear life...

That was not the point of my article nor its intention so I fail to see the point you are making. It's a news report with no agenda except putting out the data and adding some analysis. Your comment adds no value to the conversation, it's just snark hence my comment. I have high expectations for some of you in comments. Add to the conversation, debate, bring up points, it's what makes this place more interesting. Anyone can make a statement, it's harder to make a point.

Low-cost Android devices were cutting into Nokia's share. Once people had converted from dumbphones to smartphones Nokia's leverage was quickly waning. Even HTC can't compete against the hordes of Chinese manufacturers. Nokia phones peaked in 2014. Things may have been better, but comparatively they would still be in dire straits.