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Got one today at Tyson's Corner MS Store and loving it! Top shelf quality. MS team really did a great job.

Nice to see these new gadgets catching fire, remains to be seen if this trend will get the couch locked off their assess and actually get fit!?.

Omg I love that place. It's funny how the Apple store is right next by and it's sooo crowded. MS store is so chill, has places to sit, and the workers give free soda and juice. I am going to get mine on Black Friday.

Opened up Cortana right after reading this and Notre Dame was already loaded. GO IRISH

What size did you order? From the comments, it appears that the small and medium sized Bands are the quickest sellers. I ordered a large last night around 11 Central time, and got my shipping confirmation early this afternoon. Hopefully, you'll get your notice soon.

That would be cool! They could even include a white version with the Sunset Overdrive Xbox!

Dude it has apps lol its a narrow horizontal screen what do you want to do on this?

Timer & Alarm, Cortana, Email, Text, Calls, Notifications for Twitter, Facebook.

It does sleep tracking, steps, run, Calorie, Guided workouts, and the niche UV monitor lol

I mean they're great features, sure not full apps but whats your phone for?

Until I see how the Apple Watch does and the response from developers, I strongly believe smartwatches are going nowhere. I feel like OEMs are trying to hard with the watches. I feel like they are trying to win attention in your wrist where really there shouldn't be any else to do but take a quick glance. I think Microsoft is on to something. Time will tell lol

Surface 3 level of built quality, Lumia 1020 pic quality but iPhone speed, high end quadcore CPU and around 5.5 inch screen Oh dear god help me if such a device would come out. My knees buckle

Likely that 8.1 isn't the majority of machines yet so waiting for tipping point. At least that's the excuse most other Devs had for waiting to do so on WP.

This was a concern of mine, especially since I have no faith in Verizon in updating my 928. As mentioned, another article specifically addresses this concern by linking it with an Icon running the same features. So, we will be alright.

Nokia instagram competitions and now this too? :D bro awesome. ;) congratulations and cool picture. :D

Who do you think this is a moms and pop operation. It Microsoft tech giants and they are giants. First of they had way more then 10. I'm not sure the exact amount per store my guess would be 40 of each there also sold out online and nobody now how many Microsoft had for there online store but it wouldn't surprise me that the sold 100k unit if not more. A tech giant like Microsoft would have no problem getting that many this fast. And since nobody besides Microsoft know when this went into production there's no knowing how many they stockpiled before launch but it was was more then 10 per store. Also its worth every bit the two hundred dollars. Just with the Cortana integration by its self but what you looking at is a fitness band smartwatch combo.

#ILoveMyMicrosoftBand #♥CortanaOnMyWrist♥ At Roosevelt Field store in NY they sold 7 during my purchase. They must've sold out; I was there shortly after the doors opened.

What I really like about this whole thing is that MS proved the could keep a device silent and under wraps. I'd say it's a nice surprise from them. Who knows maybe there is a flagship device in the works.

When I was at the store I counted 10 iPhone owners that came just to buy the band. I used a display computer to charge it before I took off. Wanted to use it right away.

I'll still waste the keystrokes...

My wife has a FitBit which is basically the same simple accelerometer in your phone.  This is a different league.  For $100 more you get a massively functional device for less than any of the competition.

My order is placed...

i was at the oakbrook store around 6 pm and they were totally out. ordered my wife a small online in the store and by the time we got home the online store was totally out of all sizes. crossing my fingers that my order ships

Microsoft already give credit to customers who purchase online, I generally get about ten dollars worth of credit every month and I can't even utilize Bing rewards at all due to my location. So they might as well just give a couple of free games as well to supplement the savings people are already making.

The system isn't perfect, no system ever will be, because there will always be a few features that s particular person won't need, or want, but it's about providing for the collective not just the individual.

The MSN Health app works with Health Vault. They don't currently sync, but Microsoft has announced that they are working on making the new Microsoft Health sync with Health Vault as well. It's just not ready yet.

The 'Microsoft Band Sync' App also works on the Windows 10 Developer Preview. Not really necessary, since it syncs to my Lumia 920 seamlessly via Bluetooth. (As it will to iOS and Android if your not yet in the #WindowsPhone Universe.) #ILoveMyMicrosoftBand #♥CortanaOnMyWrist♥

You buy games? I never do. Because in my country it's not possible without a credit card. If only the carriers would allow to use the phone credits...

What would you prefer they do then, since you are God's gift to business? What would you expect Microsoft to do when people were getting free games on Sony's online service? How would you take that?

It also allows you to choose between Imperial and Metric system which is a big plus for me.

When I called last night the guy offered me free next day but I had to have it day one so I got off the phone and was first in line for South Coast Plaza store in orange county

You can also say "Play random music" and she will shuffle your collection, or you can create a fitness playlist and simply say "Play fitness"

I am curious about this as well. I was surprised (and a little disappointed) to see that it wasn't.

Thank you for posting about the Galleria store as I was told by my rep that of I couldn't wait until the grand opening of the Microsoft store at Baybrook I could get one there. I won't waste a trip

So here's a point from a healthcare perspective (highly dependent on how accurate the HR monitoring is though!)
Atrial fibrillation is self-limiting in a lot of cases and is a leading cause of stroke. What happens with atrial fibrillation or A. Fib. is that your heart beats faster than normal limits (>100 beats per minute). Now if you're exercising that's normal and is called tachycardia.
If you're sitting around and this occurs (Heart rate upwards of 150 - 200) it's potentially indicative of a cardiac arrhythmia such as a. fib. Lots of patients don't know when they have this due to the self-limiting nature and could potentially cause problems such as a stroke.
So my point submission to you is the possibility to potentially catch cardiac arrhythmias in patients related specifically to abnormal heart rates. This is highly dependent on the accuracy of the Band for HR monitoring though. Another point is you would still need to wear an EKG monitor for your potential arrhythmia but it could provoke an early doctor visit. Not highly likely for the Band to be used like this, but early detection is the key!

I got mine at the Lexington KY store (large kiosk) tonight. They still had all the sizes as of 7:30, but I didn't ask how many. Said they've sold alot.

Ok, I was going by last Gen, I don't have a ps4 yet so I couldn't comment on the comparisons there but yeah, last Gen is quite comparable price wise from what I could see.

Once I've got the ps4 (almost finished my layby) it'll pretty much be I'll buy on which ever is cheaper.

yeah a water resistant Lumia high end is the next step don't you think? I sure do and hope so

Could you do a comparison review between the MS watch and the new Fitbit (the one available now)?

Hey, does the band show your current speed while you are cycling or running? Or can you only see the speed after the fact when you upload your ride or run?



Current speed would be awesome for biking snowboarding!!

Noticed this today, it added Northwestern even though I am an MSU fan...must be something odd in my history, haha.

Oh well, Sparty On, Go Green!

Mmmm thats why the product is only on sale in one country first. Thats marketing. If not, what's for? Why do you think Microsoft doesn't offer worldwide shipping?