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Completely agree. I use apps like these to deposit checks, check my account, transfer money, etc.

Disagree, when people get a bad taste in their mouths they will tend to avoid what put it there even if the taste has changed for the better.

I've seen articles here take Microsoft to talk for crappy changes. They aren't afraid to call them out. This article is just an honest take on the state of the platform and community.

Ok so according to Chase there isn't enough WP users for their liking. Maybe, and that's a very small maybe, they are justified to not continue developing the app. But to disable the app for those that use it? Wow!! Great customer service! Just great!

Let them call it Microsoft Edge for the sake of their brand.. We will call it Edge... Edge vs Chrome Vs Firefox

Update: Still much harder to say Edge than Spartan :/

First, they eliminate the ability to conduct business with a human in any drive through lane at my branch and only have one human teller inside the bank (screws business account owners), now this. Calling my account manager tomorrow to give a piece of my mind. If i don't like what I hear, bye bye chase!

Windows 3.1 worked. There was horror when it was changed to 95 and it changed things. The world progresses, for example taking 40% of your screen with a non actionable title at the top is superfluous and kind of bad design, regardless of how nice swiping through screens is.

Maybe AT&t is working with the NSA to gain even more access to drug cartels phone calls and push to talk calls?? I wonder if At&t will screw up the bills of the folks I Mexico like they do in the states??

If a change is really needed, fine, but I do not think Spartan is a good name for a borwser at all.

Windows 10 will bring 1.5billion customer potential, if chase wants to loose that then all the more stupidity to them.

A "ton of emails and comments" should have convinced Chase to continue support of their Mobile app.  That is if **Chase** received them from the user base.  Comments here likely went unnoticed.

IMO, these types of apps are more "valuable/important" to the viability of the platform than (sorry) games.  Losing this does NOT send a good signal.

If a good American bank ever releases a solid Windows app I will move all of my accounts.

You should support the products of you want the apps to come. Giving up completely just because you want the new apps isn't helping. Keep using the platform on a secondary device.

At one point Android didn't have all the apps iOS does but people didn't jump ship.

Its definitely bold and aggressive...but ancient and rusty too. Doesn't have that "edge" :)

I am sad they discontinued the app but that being said, I never really used it. I think it was cool to be able to deposit checks using the app, but for some reason I still always went into the bank anyways to make deposits. Other than that, I always used the web site for making payments and things. For at a glance, I just use Mint (which is great they finally got around to making an app). So its sad to lose an app, but I won't miss it.