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Yes it was longest installation of the builds so far. When installing it was "stuck" at 4% for more than 10 mins, was getting a bit worried

If you open it at exactly 12am, it will show a text bar. If you type in the name of a person, a hateful girl will appear to the person and send its soul to hell.

that's my biggest fear....!
I mean scrolling with static background looks horrible....
As in another hand Parallax effect is the star of screen!

Agreed. It is a bad marketing move to say "this can replace your laptop.... full functionality sold separately"

Firstly, this is not a minor update.

The change log is clearly mentioned,, I guess you were in too hurry to post this article.

Below is the entire changelog :

1. Add Video folder other folders

2. Video Zoom - Fit to Screen, Stretch, Crop, 100%

3. Aspect ratio - Default, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 2.21:1, 2.35:1, 2.39:1, 5:4

4. Screen Settings Update

  - Screen-screen directions, full-screen viewing, traveling position, the battery / hour, color display, placed at the bottom of the screen rotate button, the battery / timetable in the title bar and the remaining time display, start-up interface display

  - Touch-touch handle (display interface after starting / stopping, interface display and start / stop, the media start / stop, the interface show / hide), gestures (location detection, sound volume), the interface auto-hide time

  - Navigation - Navigation speed, move forward / back buttons period, moving interval, previous / next video button displays the current position of the moving position

  - Text (captions related) size, bold

  - Batch (subtitle Related) - Alignment (Left, Center, Right), lower margins, color display

5. subtitles criteria playback position moves


Of course they don't want to fuckup their relationship with the carriers(that dont carry/support very many laptop/tablets anymore)

If this could replace laptops, what does the sp3 replace, the brain? They should have separate marketing strategies for different products

Guys, have experience with going through airport security with Surface? At least some airports allow leaving tablets in the bag . If I could do that with this... Life would be so much better! :D

I want hello for my SP3, but it sounds like it won't work, unless they have options for the non-IR cameras.

MSFT prices their stuff high so they don't compete with other Windows OEMs. In addition, the Surface brand has higher quality materials and screens, so you're also paying for that.

When it comes to portability sp3 is the best. But if one wants a high end gaming laptop then No.

It makes sense... Many people choose not to use the pen. I will gladly pay extra for it because I use it everyday worth my DV8 Pro

If they could have just dropped every sku by $100...but I realize they aren't trying to blow up the market place. They've got to walk that line between competitive and OEM partnership.

What? 599€? Are you kidding me? How on earth are 499$ = 599€? These guys at Microsoft can't do math right.

Worst messenger and call app on Windows Phone... Performance aside we are lacking several features from other plaforms. Performance ? Slow to load messages, slow to open app, slow to restore app... damn it. Notification is really f*cked up, they doesn't show much, need to open app and check because i'm getting like 50% of notification only.
Such a disappointment.


Okay.... LTE and Pen support for $599 or $699?  That is fantastic for working in the field and exactly what I have been looking for!

I use Apple, Android, and Windows and was looking at an LTE iPad to replace my aging Nexus 7 LTE, but this has just bumped to the top of my list! Wow!

That doesn't make sense, though. It isn't like people by WP for the app selection or the hardware variety. The simplistic UI was one of the biggest attractions that WP had.

Yes, makes sense. The new 3 also uses its own docking station. I'm not sure I'm fond of Microsoft making different branches for the same accessories, but oh well.

My desktop is powerful enough for me, so I don't need the Surface Pro 3, buy I wanted it.... This is now the tablet for me. Unless something drastically amazing comes out with the same price point before the end of the year, it will be mine... Maybe one for the wife too... Good move Microsoft.

Will probably get this to replace my RT. Does anyone know if the Surface 3 will have a expandable SD memory slot also?

That would have been awesome. But in a way is good for Pakistan that they were out of the tournament sooner. At least now they know that they have a lot of homework to do.

And that balling spell will be remembered for a long time and will go as great moments in Pakistan cricket history.