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Piracy is to be reduced in India as well as china. If these both countries get Windows free or ay a great deal then piracy will end.

There are a few little nits I could pick, sure. But big picture, I'm in love, so much so that I'm very seriously considering going all-in next hardware round. (Desktop, Laptop/Tablet, Phone).

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It takes really a long time to make ecosystem great. Ur right. Ppl may download windows 10 for free but then what at that time when they don't have good games and all have apps. They have to increase their pace. If ppl who download windows 10 for free don't get at least a good not the best ecoystem it will fail then.

I have some questions here too.

How Windows 10 will boost pc sales? If it comes frew
Devs have to port their apps now to windows 10 store beta.

I'm talking about regular consumers as business consumers have to pay for windows 10.

No one will use apps which they use on their phones like instagram, twitter etc. Which ppl who tweet and use instagram use their on phones so how it will pay off well

Microsoft has been building great apps like Xbox. App, msn apps, cortana integration.

I'm still worried how it will go.
The new edge logo ppl will think its still internet explorer and download Firefox and chrome.

It all depends upon Microsoft's advertisments on television and internet.

But do u guys think will it pay off well for mobile consumers???

Main change I noticed post update is that W10 now scales correctly on my Macbook's Retina display. Before all icons and text would be miniscule.

I can't use internet after this update. It shows there's no internet connection :( anybody else having the same issue?

I'm trying to hold out till the phones are shipped with Windows 10 out of the box and spend more money on a flagship or at least midrange. Lumia 630 was my introduction to WP so I knew what I was getting with a 512mb device.

So i just did changing region and the new build appears and ready to download. Im using my old laptop as my tester which has dead battery so i have to plug it in to run. The download couldn't start because it says my battery saver is on. I did turn off my battery saver but still 10074 build always detect my battery saver us on.

LOL, there will always be complainers. I love what Win 10 offers and look forward to the next few months.

Until it lets me use the entirety of my pictures and doesn't crop them in squares, I wouldn't call this anywhere near fantastic..

Very possibly. But that site is one of those ones that obscures the article with a massive pop-up ad as soon as you land - I won't read it.

July would be cool - if only so attention can switch to catching up with their mobile OS, but seems optimistic. And MS track history of hitting expected dates is a case study in how not to do it.

@Lumiahelp reply mentioned in above comment: 1/2 It is about the integrated circuits inside the phone which get newer versions with newer phones and certain features and 2/2 apps need these new ICs. And if there are the older versions, the feature/app does not work. ^RR

Lol 149 dollars for w10...sure they will help to reduce piracy with that price. If they sold it for 50 dollars then more people would have bought it.

same here... I bougth game on windows phone but in PC are not avaible in this moment (in my apps list)

Rofl release date already in August. W10 still is buggy and unfinished as hell. Such a huge fuckup this rushing from Microsoft. They had to take their chance for once and make a mind blowing OS that got reviews with scores from at least 9/10. Now every reviewer will say it is early, half baked, missing apps but it will probably get better and rates it 7/10. Epic fail. Zzzzzz

only work in 10074 for me. so I stop at 10074 they later 122,130 has been very buggy on my machine


Also an important detail. I believe when the game was launched did not support 512 MB RAM. Yeah Baby

And the google photos app. Looks like a rip off of the win10 photos app. Hate the white background. Ugh fucking google makes me so mad.

Most of what you say may be true, but the time factor is ridiculous. I get why Microsoft releases the low end phones--they can sell more of them, hence get more Windows phones out there, but they are between OSs too! There's really no valid excuse for leaving your (probably) most dedicated users hanging for nearly two years waiting for a flagship phone.

If you mean wp8.1 gdr1 to wp8.1 gdr2, I know there are improvements and changes but I don't know everything because not all phones got it yet. My 930 has no gdr2.

Think you mean F6 as the shortcut for the omnibar? And I think WebM support is either under consideration or already included

Right, because all software is made the same way, and takes the same amount of time and resources to develop

I think you should update to 10122 through windows update, then update to 10130 through windows update

Feedback and comts to Microsoft:

1. We hate Tiles

1A. We love those LIVE tiles, its so cool and different

2. We hate Full size Start screen 

2B. We love the full size start screen that we can customize to our needs and liking. Old start was limited and boring. its our top request for Win10

3. We want Win10 to look and perform just like Win7, but called a different name. if its not exactly like Win7, we will not install it, we will just stay with Win7. screw you MS. CrApple iOS and OSX never does that. Every new OS, is the same as last one, with no improvments. 

3C. Do not make Win10 like Win7 in any ways whatsoever. We do not live in 80's or 90's anymore. technology has advanced, so should the OS. Please keep adding more featuers and options. 

4. We want Win10 to look at perform just like Win XP with different name even though its 20 yrs old. 

4D. Do not make Win10 anything like XP whatsoever, we live in 2015 not 90's

5. We hate the Charm Bar, worst thing ever.

5E. We love the Charm Bar, it was the best thing ever, and it is one of the top request in Win10 feedback, along with our full size Start screen, Do not take those away. 

6. We want everything for Free from you MS, we dont care if we pay CrApple every dime we make, for whatever they ask for, but never you MS. 

6F. Thank you MS for giving Win10, that 1000s of your employees are spending countless hours trying to make it so awesome for everyone to enjoy for ""FREE"" for ever. We know good things come to those who wait, and we know rushing things, usually will have problems and issues. We can clearly see that MS is really trying to make Win10 the best OS in the world again at the final version, to make those cry babies shut their months once and for all, by giving us so many great features and Options, and tons of customization to make everyone happy.

7. We know MS is up to no good, they say is free, but we know they will charge us later. Again, all our money is ONLY for CrApple, NOT for YOU MS. Free is not good enough. we just spent $17,000 of gold plated CrApple watch with no complains even i have to charge it every 4 hrs, and its not waterproof, or works on my tatoos, you CrApple's update that broke my watch for good,...................we dont care about that. We have no moeny to give you MS. If you could only be more giving as CrApple.  

7G. that's awesome MS, that you are spending millions of dollars, by paying all those engineers and staff, to create an OS so freaking amazing, unlike anything like it in this world, for FREE to billions of people all around the world. We appreciate your unbelievable Win10 OS for FREE. Thank you.

8. We hate you MS, no matter how awesome and inventive you are. We love CrApple now, even though they constantly copy from you and others.

8H. We love you MS. Thank you for amazing products and services you have provided to billions of people all around the world. We thank you for helping charities and foundations to find cure, helping disabled people, helping doctors and surgeons, kids with cancer,...... with you amazing technology and support. 

9. We hate square tiles

9I. We love square and rectandular shape LIVE tiles that comes in different sizes, that we can select. We also like the fact that we can catogorize them, so we can find them so quickly, and remove those that we dont use often. 

10. Win8/8.1 is the worst OS ever, how can we play games in tile screen with square things in it?

10J. Win8/8.1 is AWESOME and we love everything about it. its like having 2 OS for touch, and no touch PC's in one OS. Your """DESKTOP""" screen is no different than Win7, Vista, XP.......... with the same IE we are use to and know, and touch friendly IE if we chose to use it. Our games work so much faster and way better with Direct X11 on Win8/8.1. We can even play on multi monitors with only 1 click, with Win8/8.1 multi monitors viewing. We know Win10 with directX 12 is going to be even Way better. 

11. it takes so many clicks to power off, sleep, restart on Win8/8.1, our fingers can't Handel it. its so stupid. Windows sucks. What were MS thinking when they put the power button on top of the screen, instaed of buttom. what is wrong with you people?

11K. We LOVE how we can access so many things on Win8/8.1 so much faster with only 1 or 2 clicks on Win8/8.1 that took us way more on Win7, XP, Vista,.... by that great short cut, called """""""""""WINDOWS POWER MENU"""""""""""""(Win Key+X, or RIGHT click on the Start button,.......). This menu offers way more quick access options, to so many things with 1 or 2 clicks, that would take 5 or more with other OS's. We also see it in Win10, and we thank you for it. Also, in that Menu, we can access power, sleep, restart on the buttom of the page as well. We can also, creat a power button very easily in task manager, Start screen, Desktop, so we can power off with just 1 click if we wish to do so. Thanks for offering many ways to access so many things. 

12. We can't believe you giving us all these build OS's for us to try out, so my computer can crash, and not function correctly. you are stupid, we are going to get a CrApple OSX MaCrap devices that is finalized and works, and pay $$$$$$$$$ whatever they ask for. We might even pay them more.

12L. Thank you MS for letting us get a feel for your upcoming Win10 OS, by giving us access to different build versions for FREE, even though we know, its NOT the full version and it may have issues and problems, as you have mentioned it over and over, that is NOT a final version, its still in developments and testing stages. We know, most of these issues we are experiencing will be gone, on the final version. Thats why is called TEST Version, NOT final version. We will continue to provide you with feedback, to improve it, for the final version. 

well you guys get the idea.

So many BoooHoooos and Whining going on here. You guys want to complain, why don't you complain about the most overrated, Hyped-Up, stupid priced, 4 years behind technology,...................CrApple devices. Does CrApple let you iSHEEP test their freaking junk prods, before releasing them???? Does CrApple gives the rat's ass, what you want or don't want????? Do you iSHEEP have any say so on anything CrApple's related????????? Does CrApple gives you anything for FREE, or do they charge you with some stupid price, so you think its so special???? WAKE UP people, stop whining so much. Appreciate what MS is doing for you people, that no other comp is doing for its customers.   

telegram requires a data connection. even on wifi it uses the internet connection.
zapya transfers on WLAN without any internet in between. hence it is incredibly fast too.

not on windows phone. the features list is directly copied from the google play store page, hence it mentions some features which don't yet work on WP.

they actually just copied the change log from the Play Store app page.
WP version supports only pictures, videos and music so far.
even sending PDFs/documents isn't supported yet, neither is sharing to multiple devices. Though I'm guessing it will be added in future releases. :)