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Yeah, I was talking about instant healing as the heal spell (IMO) should do. Running away doesn't always work because there are times when you have nowhere to run and/or the fire/poison keep working at killing you even if you're running.

Working great on L520. Just 1sec lag only after I came frm lock screen to home screen...

Typing Rapebook just makes you look crazy. I can't tell if there's a point in there or not. Probably not. :(

OEMs don't need folder and USB OTG info to build devices. They need the above-mentioned by Studio386 though.

After I did an uninstall I saw that lockmix was also acting up. And I had that same resume lag. Once I removed lockmix, the resume bug went away.

All I used it for was the weather up top

Coming soon, Pattern lock, Gesture Lock, Lock Screen Analog clock, etc

We can expect this as MS has opened API for developers

It's funny, I get no lag when the phones been off. But the phone's just been off for a few minutes and i still don't need a password, i get a 5 second lag after swipping up. At that point i see all my tiles, but nothing happens until 5 seconds is up. Anyone else get this? I'm using a 920.

It could be really cool if Windows Phone has Picture-Password unlock style like those Windows 8 pcs...

With Cortana as a HERO FEATURE Does Windows Phone Really NEED a Falgship Device?

I started a wpcentral forum where the marketing weight that Cortana brings as part of the HIGHLY successful Halo franchise brings to Windows Phone if she is touted as the Windows Phone Platform hero feature. Stop by the forum. I also included a poll! What are the thoughts of the Windows Phone Community? Join the conversation and hash it out - "With Cortana as a HERO FEATURE Does Windows Phone Really NEED a Falgship Device?"

It was Nokia product before now it's Microsoft mobile oy's. You can see it when go to the store and search the app and the releaser is not Nokia anymore

I got it working now. You type Facebook on wpcentral, go to a story talking about the beta (like this one), scroll to right and "download app". This way it works with the people hub. Don't go to "add account" in phone settings

Hell yeah! My 930 doesn't support file formats that I need for Uni and VLC should be able to support them :)

I liked the filters before the update. I can't use any of the filters, seriously. But the layout is quite functional

Anyone with Parrot Drone and MOGA (yes!) interested to help me testing application for Windows Phone? I've submitted BETA version of application, where only basic features are available - flying. More features are coming but I need some guys to help me improve quality and fun factor!

930 never had lag before installing this app!!! guess I was just lucky before. app uninstalled until out of beta I'm afraid

yeh, got the resuming lag. asked Cortana how to fix this god damn 930 and the bitch said "fuck do I know nigger!!!!" thank fuck there's dudes who know how :D

So you need to rollback from the buggy 8.1 dp, version to, install 8.1gdr1. Even though updates via dp have been suspended

This app is great, working fine in my 920. However I feel, its consuming lot of battery. Is it happening with my phone only or somebody else has faced this problem ?

I reformatted/reimaged my Icon just to get my color pop back, and flat refuse to update Creative Studio.

After changing the pic in the setting to photo, the app is not working, every time I open the app asks for confirmation, but when I lock and again unlock the phone it is not showing the live screen, only the selected pic is there...

Would love for it to support weather on the lockscreen, unless this app already does and I've missed an option somewhere?


This would make WP the best business OS. Current mail app sucks, cant even edit when you forward one and attachments limited to photo/videos inside the app.

How to add custom text to lock screen? Reminders aren't working for me. Help me out.