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If Threshold delivers, and Microsoft gains some serious market share, there is NO WAY Sony would ignore an operating system that is free to licence...

Remember, each Android handset owner has to pay royalty fees to Microsoft. So if an OEM can avoid that Microsoft tax by releasing their phones on this platform, they will do it.

Next major update will bring this feature. I am sure because I am the developer of this app :) Thanks for your comment!

Wait a minute.. This is priced better in China than in the US. $390 in China but its $430 and $330 euros... What's up with that?

But to the Chinese Gov't, western video games DO bring harm the communist culture. An individual's hard work and gains from that work is the worst cultural taboo in a communist nation. Being powerful as an individual (being the hero in most video games) is wrong to a communist, because the group's need and power together is what a person strong, the bettermeant of your follow man is your only need. The individual is only a cog in the machine of humanity, and his/her life doesn't matter to the machine, you aren't suppose to care about a cog, you replace it if it breaks.

Communism is a willing denial of the individual rights for the "betterment of mankind"

I have a LG G3 and it works Perfectly on the new Sprint network. However, that only applies to areas with LTE. I've never experienced dropped calls as of yet. With that said i look forward to picking up this phone as a secondary to have.

Are you talking about de upcomming Surface 3 with Windows RT (or whatever it will be called). Then it will never have a desktop, everything will run in the modern environment. When you are talking about the Surface 3 Pro it will never hide the desktop. That would make Intel Windows Tablets no better then ARM Windows Tablets and would make absolutly no sense. Off course Microsoft wiil try to push you towards using the modern interface.

K.O.P. already has an Apple store, so if MS follows its current strategy, and wants to come to the Philly area, expect them to look there.

They should release a game about a theoretical war with China over cheapass products and pitch it to them out of spite.

y Lumia 830 has 0.9 mp. they should provide 2 mp atleast. 730 can take better selfies than 830. sounds so stupid.

No offense taken. Believe me, we're sick of constantly saving the world's collective asses as well.

I agree with the overall impression; i really like the game but notifications and a quick tutorial will really help make this game complete.

Good One. Won't be free for long I guess so better hurry if you need an app like that.

Living in China right now. Switching from 920. The price is good, but could be better. Maybe I will wait a little bit. I hope the new qi chargers will be also available.

Your funny your switching to apple cuz Microsoft is running out of ideas have fun with you Iphone 6 I dont recommended the 6+ cuz it will bend on you but have fun switching to a company with even less new ideas then Microsoft almost everything on iPhone 6 is two years old technology NFC apple just put on there iPhone 6 windows phone and android has had it for two years now the processor and gpu are also behind in the times so go switch to an overpriced low end phone that you think is premium just because apple says so when in reality there is nothing revolutionary about it people are so stupid I swear that's a blanket statement not just covering you but the mass of isheep how will believe anything apple says like apple is god in reality your pay good money for a phone two years to late.

$390 only that's cheap comparing all other places less than 24000rs only...