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Yep, this is the line in the sand between individual and cororpate users. Should be enough. (Unless you've got like 8 kids. But then you have bigger headaches.)

In Europe WP is at 10%, so SHAME TO SKYSCANNER WPPhobic.
Developing for wp is a joke compared to weak ios/android and their lame dev tools.
The thruth is those companies have iDiot developers, or are paid by scrapple.

Because that would be the account that the paid app is tied to. A family of five isn't going to buy the same app five times over for five different accounts, just like they didn't buy five copies of the Matrix in DVD back in 1999.

Even in alpha the voice recognition works quite well here in India...i don't expect her to figure out some of the weird sounding names we have...but it can get better...the area of improvement can certainly be localized stuff...maybe when Bing gets better...Cortana will too

The number of devices you can install an app on is tied to the Microsoft Account, not the app, or XBox Video. You can manage/remove devices in your Microsoft Account already. There is no problem here with managing devices for app installs.

Really, we need to stop with all the doom, gloom, and misinformation.

If a specific app has it's own limitations, take it up with that particular developer.

You are assuming that all of your family's devices are logged in to the same MS account. Sorry but 10 installs per MS account is very generous.

For Windows Insiders, so to normal customers probably not before mid 2016.
So here in the Netherlands i expect no sign from cortana in the next 12 months.
Very disappointing!

Most people wear a medium. And you can wear it anyway you want. You done have to wear it with the screen side in. But yeah, print the sizing chart unless you live near a MS store. They allow you to try them all on. It's what I did.

Thankfully I haven't run into this, and I've had 3 Lumia 920, 1 Lumia 1520, and currently a Lumia 930.  You can go into your account on their website and remove a device from your account, but ya that is an odd limit.

Best Buy is running the same deal. With the reward certificates I have and the student discount, I'm picking up an i7 for under $900 with taxes included :D

If they are catering to the local vernacular does that mean the Australian Cortana is going to swear a lot and call everyone mate?

Yeah, awesome news for Brazilian fans, specially because rumors around here after a couple interviews in the /BUILD tour were that Cortana would only come to Brazil in 2016.

It's my favorite app for flights. Pulls in every airline, even the ones kayak doesn't support. Sigh too bad I guess.

That's the only thing I really wanted on RT. The Start menu is pointless on an RT tablet since it would likely be used in full screen mode most of the time anyway. Edge would make much more sense.

For 1 or 2 users 10 device installs would be fine, but a family of 5 could easily hit the limit.

I haven't had any issues with apps I purchased on Win8.1 or WinPhone 8.1 and using them on Win10/WinMobile 10.

On xbox you define your account as the default account.. So everything you buys is playable in your xbox by anyone... If you're using another xbox with your account (one that have another account as default) you can play the owner games and your games.. it's like you have 2 licenses when you buy a game... one is for you user and another is for your xbox.

So the big question is what do people do who exceed that limit? Can you purchase extra licenses for the same account or is your only recourse is to have multiple ids? If so, that doesn't go along with the unified plan well.

So with this gone and msn travel gone, any other decent flight-searching apps recommended?

Lovely. Now it's just a case of waiting in India. Let's hope the same holds true for Windows insiders for phone.

"Wen in India"
Over the next coming months.
There, I just eliminated half of the comments

I can't find features in win10 that would enhance my experience with Surface RT. It still have lifetime full Office license, few games that I love, and teamviewer and remote desktop when I need to do real work on my pc/servers. It's still the "PC" that goes with me everywhere.

stop talking this rubbish... you can manage your devices... remove an old device etc... in Win 8.1 go to the store "Account>My account" to see AND REMOVE devices that have access.

In Win 10 this is moving over to

They are. They do a lot of pushing in India, for example. I get it, it's never enough, but the whole Lumia 4xx, 5xx, 6xx is not really about the US markets after all. The only reason that hardware even exists is mostly emerging markets.

Market share in Canada and UK is good. Its just US where Windows is failing miserably.