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They need to f*cking stop making low end phones. It's been months and months and all Lumia releases have been worthless snapdragon 400s that lack the features that any pro user would want.

I don't know... I am no expert on mobile programming but there are always optimizations you can do so that the performance of your code is improved. The current MS focus is on bringing new users to the system. That's valid from a business point of view but still I am disappointed with the company user support.

Really hope 1-1.5 gen phones see a little speed boost. It's like the only problem I have with my 920. If camera360 sigh can do continuous autofocus and super fast start, not sure what Microsoft is doing...

To right! Without Evangelists and something for mid range Customers to aspire to, WinPhone will wither on the vine. Elop doesn't seem to understand the significance of the L1020 and the need for a successor. This makes me understand the need to jettison Elop ASAP.

Lumia 720 is a first gen WP8 devices, with an old Snapdragon S4 processor. It is not "stupid", it is an old device.

This sucks if it's only for those phones. Those Windows phone users having 920,620,720,1020, 820 and those typical devices ... (I'm one of them) we are particularly being back stabbed.

NO it does not, Microsoft appears to be in the bait and switch business, when was that lumia camera demoed and bragged about, September? We are now in January.

5 inches is the ideal size for me. Glad to hear they're working on something and I'm sure it will be awesome but I also hope they're working on something along the lines of the Icon (5" and no camera pokingout of the back). 

I love this app!! Yay more free apps on Windows Phone! Android and iOS peoples don't know what they're missing ;)

Nice. But where is the L1020 successor? Just because Elop doesn't like to take pictures doesn't mean nobody does!

Seriously though, i get that some groups dont like the US but when they do shit like that they are harming regular people like themselves, the corporations still collect thier money and people side with them as well. Wanna get at the corporations, go after there money in the caymans and leave gaming services alone.

I have been getting stuck updates for a few Apps for a week now.

Also, last night while I was logged in to XBox Gold I couldn't log into and games. More DDOS there I suspect.

After I got it on my L1520 I got to say: It opens super fast, almost as fast as my wife's iPhone 6. Takes shots much faster but still not close to how fast iPhone takes shots. Amazing as long as you don't try to take shots of kids who keep moving - still can never get a good shot of them. IPhone is much better for that still. The quick movie option and choose frame is great but the images it produces are in horrible quality compared to a still image so even that isn't good enough. Seems like ppl at NokiaSoft don't have kids or never tried their camera on kids... Still objects or adults who stand still for a second - amazing.

But still haven't for the Icon with only a vague promise of "early 2015." Wouldn't be so bad if they had released Cyan we're still sitting on Black.

I wonder if the focus speed is also improved. That sometimes annoys me, when I want to take a quick pic and it takes forever to focus. Or the camera not focussing correctly, where you have to point the camera in a slightly different direction to let the camera focus on a different point. If that could be fixed, that'll be great :)

They can do it, these apps run on servers and the cloud so they can basically do whatever they want with Microsoft corp. Apps, all the msn apps running on IOS- Android sync to the cloud just like any other universal app. Cortana works the same way and she's going to other platforms.

It would be nice to see something like 1520 on Cyan vs 1520 on Denim, so you could see the real speed difference. The current comparisons would be like comparing Office on a brand new PC with W8.1 vs Office on a 10-year old PC running XP...not very good comparisons

I have quite a few pending updates from a few days back and up until today, and the list keeps growing here in Sweden on my Nokia Lumia 1520.

Do we have any info how developer preview phones will get this update? Are they getting it? (I have a 1520 so I have no access to any updates yet, but should I expect Denim anytime soon?)