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I think you need to go back up to Daniels first comment and re-read it. He was being sarcastic and using bad grammar intentionally as a joke. You've gone slightly overboard with your vengeance. still torn between digital and physical copies. I started out with anything over 20gb I buy the physical copy. However, I do like not having to swap discs.. What do you guys do? Digital, physical or a little of both

Really? Cuz I like it alot!! Probably the best app I have used for reading news stuff

It's been a year and with months,I don't think Evan Spiegel would tell his employees to build an official app of Snapshat for Windows Phone at all.

It has also been reported that Nokia wanted an inordinate amount of money for HERE and that was a factor in Microsoft's decision not purchase. Now that they are attempting to divest themselves of HERE the price tag has likely come down a bit from where it was then.

There is indeed a big difference between the two of them; one is a WP developer, and the other is CEO of a multibillion dollar company.

You will be surprised you still dont get it Microsoft is in in for the long haul this one windows strategy is made to be long term more pc ppl download it on the pc and start liking it and since its free for win 7&8 alot more ppl will update and once the Xbox users see the new win 10 and now they can buy a windows 10 phone and stream there Xbox games to it and the same as PC when everything gets tied together and ppl see hey this phone is the same as my pc and Xbox and tablet it can stream Xbox one games and for developers to be able to target PC and mobile with just one set of code well thats what will make this strategy pay off in the long run it wont.happen overnight but it will happen.

You are so right sir! They have that elusive acronym W for White in them. I forgot to put on my "white guilt" glasses on before I made my statement.

I wish you luck in expressing it in such a way as to not surprise people. I think it is great you are supporting Windows Phone and the Band. In some way this is a MS store issue, in not really providig some option in between saying Free, and putting a price on it with a try-before-buy option.  There maybe should be a Try option (where it now says Free) to clearly indicate that there is some purchase required, but would allow the user to pick which feature they want to enable. Maybe if you charged 99 cents and picked one of the three features to provide for that, it would be more palatable. Not sure we could agree on which one should be the basic capability, but maybe a poll here would highlight a clear choice. I'd pick the live tile battery status myself.

It's not the name's that the Discover tab is part of the snapchat app that has no public API.  

Hmm. As New Zealand is one of the first countries to see in each new day I wonder if we will get it even earlier.

No Snapchat = Almost no young people interested in WP. As simple as that. It is a major drawback for the platform to not have a Snapchat client...

I disagree, I think Bing (United States) is better than Google (United States)

However BIng at Mexico where I'm from, really sucks, even Google (Mexico) is 10 times better than Bing (Mexico)

Probably this doesn't have to do with the Bing team in US, but I don't know the details, but the quality of the content is very different from both services.

If they can integrate transit data that would be awesome. I know in 8.1 if you click on a train icon it gives you the time, but the interface is not really nice and it doesn't give you the times in both directions simultaneously. For example downtown only, but not uptown until the time expires for downtown.