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No kidding. My wife really wants the  Lumia 1520, but I cannot get it for her since we are on Verizon. She is starting to look at the dark side for a larger phone.

Congrats to Verizon people. It seems like ages since we got a new windows phone on ATT.

I really hope one of these updates will sort out the settings menu. It's laughably long - and confusing!!

It's very difficult to argue with the style that HTC brings to the game.  The 8X was a nice looking phone, and the One is also a serious piece of hardware!


It would help if the sample pictures were factually the same image. They (phones) should have all been mounted or set in something that doesn't easily move. I don't buy into these type of review since the pictures aren't even close to the same.

ATIV all the way although I want to see the Lumia win with its so called best quality for a smartphone and WP, but I don't care anymore if more OEMs come :) I would prefer a HTC with a better camera or LG on its design. Samsung is nice to my eyes but a aluminium trim around it would make it a lot better - like the Galaxy Alpha phone. So I'm very happy with Samsung. Hope for a Sony too :).

I love my HTC 8x. I would upgrade in a heartbeat if it had a better camera and wireless charging.

It's coming out on AT&T. I've been posting for a while that someone in the know there told me Cyan would be released by the end of August. If you look at the release cadence for most other Lumia models, AT&T should start their rollout by the end of the week.

Agreed!! I hate when people assume that just because something is becoming the norm, that we have to love it. No, it may be the norm, and may be the way all WPs will go, but we don't have to embrace it. Just put up with it.

Even after a year and a half I still hav people comment on my 8X's design so sleek and thin! I don't like putting it in a case its so slim!

Best thing HTC has done. One of the most beautiful phone running the most beautiful mobile OS

The truth...  I'd love to see a high end Lumia make its way to T-Mobile.  I'd jump over in a heart beat!

I don't have verizon, but I would entertain the idea of switching to be able to use the phone. I wonder if I could unlock it to work on T-Mobile?

I wouldn't be surprised now that Windows Phone supports the on screen buttons, etc.  We will see more of the android phones excat hardware with WP on them.