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I don't think Type C specifically needs any software support, it's those other 3.1 features.

waiting for 1020 successor with these features and hardware, as well as Cortana in English without the need to change my Region.

anyway thanks MS for enabling PIN Code request on opening Onedrive on the phone

Mini golf looked interesting, but it doesn't react to input after one lane, have to kill the app and restart to continue. L930.

I'd be thrilled to see a new flagship now, but willing to wait for WP10 to have it released/revealed. WP10 and no new flagship would be disappointing.

I've been using this on a job the whole last week to identify damage on commercial doors we are installing. Great time for an update!

No Flagship? Yawn. I guess ill have to wait until like, November to buy a new phone. Which is great because the one i have is slowly falling apart.

Its funny how MWC is held in Spain, when they haven't even heard what 4G is. Been there last September, there is no internet in Spain...

When I was a student I could afford nike air max. Now I earn bags of money I buy shoes from Tesco. I think students can buy most of these if they want.

Me too. I'm waiting for any specifics regarding the new phone. I almost bought Lumia 930 but then I thought 'well....I'm good with my L920 for now, I'll wait for the next one and will go full Microsoft on my devices.' (XO, Surface Pro2)

As much as I love Windows Phone OS the lack of a high end flagship device is why I left back in November. If someone comes out with a Windows phone that is basically the same or better specs and feature-wise as my LG G3 (big screen, SD card slot, removable battery, thin body, practically no bezel, etc.) then I'll come back. Low/mid tier ain't making it for me!!!

You know what, I remember I accidentally found that option a while back but completely forgot about it until you responded. The thing was, I could not get my document collection in there for some reason. I remember playing with it for a while but not being able to figure out how to type in the specific URL pointing to the collections. Then last night, I realized that the little folder icon at the bottom of the screen allowed me to do that. I had originally thought that was to add a new folder. One of those 'smh' moments. Thanks for the response, much appreciated!

It's going to be interesting to see if Samsung really preinstalls Microsoft services on their devices. Will there be an article on that if it's confirmed?

Since there aren't any flagship Windows 10 for phones spotted in the wild yet, would it still be possible that the new Microsoft shows of some images of it instead? Next to that it would be great that we, as users, could vote for the new lineup for the colors of the phone ;)

Hey look I love Metro on both my Lumia 925 and my Lumia 2520 devices, perfect sense and a superior UI for Touch devices.

What I am arguning about is why Microsoft seems th think it is OK to compromise the desktop experiecne for all those billions of office users.  i get it that in here we are all 'fans' of Windows 8 and IWndow 10.  But to be so arrogant attitude on the Start Menu in  Windows 8 [None], Windows 8.1 [Star Button only] Windows 10 [Partial non nested menu] - It is still a compromise for Enterprise users. 

Microsoft should be putting these guys out of business. But I look at it, and then its pretty obvious that what these guys have implemented wil be very effective, popular and better than all those User Design resources that Microsot could muster.  

OK I get that we are all Microsoft fans here.  But Guys we need to stand back, take off our rose tinted spectacles, nd say that the Emperor has no Cloths.  Taking more than four yeras to get an effective Start Menu back for the 'normal users' is simply not good enough.

Hahahahahahaajaj.....almost thought that was real...withthe way MS is releasing their phones

Yeah we don't know if there's anything new they'll be showing, but they're there, so we're going to go say hello :)

As others have said, the long awaited flagship better be truly special and worth waiting for, seeing full availability, free from the shackles of carrier exclusivity. Some of us have been waiting for years. :(

Figured it'd be supported. Better question is, when will we see devices with it

I want a Lumia 1540 with less bezel (altho its already beautiful), USB 3.1, 64 bit, windows 10, octa-core, wide angled 8mp front facing, pureview 20+ back facing, 3800+ mAh battery, xenon flash, wireless charging for pma and qi, and a quantum dot display (lol)

I dont care if it costs $1100 off contract, im buying it

Come on man. We get it it. Blah blah blah... Marketing.... Blah blah blah... Market share.... Blah blah blah.... Apps... The usual readers here I am sure have probably memorized half your rants. Not that you're wrong or anything but you ranting isn't going to change Microsoft overnight. I'm sure Microsoft is aware of their setbacks and so are most of the WP users. Things will change with a new CEO and this new image they are trying to make for themselves. But clearly it's not a day/night transformation.

I am looking forward for news about Windows 10, but I'm also interested in some of the other things mentioned in the end of the article. For one Mixradio.

When someone can access one drive content from photos hub then there is no point in providing a pin code option for the app seperately !

Awesome that MS is on the leading end here with support for the newest tech. What is dual role? First I have heard about it and the article doesn't really clear it up for me.

Don't look at android!

I moved from the Lumia Icon once my contract was up to the Droid Turbo.  The phone is awesome, but I regret daily not having my windows phone.  Sure Droid has a ton of apps that WP doesn't, but short of that, Droid is STILL buggy, has Lag issues and the camera sucks.  I have never been so disappointed in a phone purchase in my life.

Hang in there with WP, it HAS to get better at this point right??