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My 1520 drains since first build quite fast... With 8.1 some times it lasted almost a day... No with this one...

I'll do two succesive resets & see if the random reboots are resolved. I'll never purchase another Windows Phone that isn't a Lumia.

The battery life is quite good, unless I use Caledos Runner. It then empties at an alarming rate.

Good app and a great developer. I want to support Rohit (the developer) as we desperately need more developers like him. I do not know him personally but I have helped test a couple of his apps. Responsive and friendly developers are key to any platforms success.

Some people can afford to wait for 5 years for the dream to come to fruition.  You do realize that's how long it's been since WP7 launched, right?  I'm not even counting the lead up to WP7 launch which would put it closer to 6 years.

Yea, you're almost joined a cult.  Take off the blinders.  It's 5+ years in, and Microsoft is doing yet another reboot.  There's nothing wrong with being loyal to a platform, but I don't think your thoughts are grounded in sound logic.  It's time to just realize that Microsoft's platform has a tarnished reputation and their mobile platform is never going to be the dominant system.

Consumers care a lot less about "One Windows" than you people impress on these forums.  It just isn't that way in the real world, where people use a mishmash of services from dispirate sources and many of them don't even care about conforming every device they own to a single ecosystem.  Microsfot was way too damn late to do what they did.  In a way, they took an entire detour to the same freaking place.  Winodws MObile was to Winodws 9x/XP/Vista what Winodws 10 Mobile is to Windows 10 Desktop.  If only they had improved thier OS as they went along, as Google has done (Android was HORRIBLE in its first revisions), they probably wouldn't have even been in the predicament they are now.

The reason why Windows Mobile failed is becasue Microsoft sat on their thumbs, and I don't think there is anything they can do to reverse the trajectory at this point.  I'm sure they will find their niches.  Blackberry has a solid niche that will keep them in business.  But they will never truly challenge either iOS or Android in the mobile space.  Wake up.

Had to turn off Cortana on previous builds, she really drains the battery. I think it's mostly her geofencing that drains it tho. On WP8 you had the option to turn off geo fencing and keep cortona. It's disappointing that in order to do this on 10 you have to disable her completely

Wow, this is how I wish Windows 10's start menu looked.  Why'd they give us the ugly one and put the great one on a dead quasi-platform?

How can you review a speaker and not mention anything about it's sound? Cables, check. Buttons, check. Sound, "loud enough". Are smartphone users that indifferent about sound quality that reviewers don't even feel compelled to address it?

I have a Lumia 1020, when I buy it the battery last like 24 o 25 hours with casual use, with the last actualization in WP 8.1 I can barely get 10 hours with the same conditions... I don't wanna know how bad it will be with this one. I'll wait for a RTM version next month and I hope it better be stable and battery last longer.

Still can't set an mp3 ringtone even though its on the phones ringtone folder and shows in the available sounds list.

In conjunction with my 100+ apps/programs/portable programs and their help documents/sites (grouped as part of my reference apps) and update shortcuts (grouped as part of my system health/security apps), I pin and organize shortcuts to my eBooks/Code Books, webapps, and various system configuration GUIs (e.g. Windows updates, Device Manager, Group Policy Editor, etc.) to make finding them more easier and faster with the universal charms search (yes my Surface Pro 2 is still enjoying Windows 8.1.1).

As of now, I have 267 shortcuts organized to my liking and it's most definitely going to grow as I find way of improving my work-flow and entertainment efficiency. There shouldn't be any limitations.

Nice??? I'll tell you nice... Nice would be if Cortana could read out our word documents... That would be cool!...
Actually, it would be cool if Cortana had speach all around the OS... Read Emails, WC articles, news articles, anything we, or developers, choose with text.... That would be a killer feature.

Not a fan of the new design language. It has lost a lot of the polish and simplicity of Windows Phone 8.1.

Exactly this, now I have to make 3 charges a day when I was doing two on my old 920. Poor thing, it survived the 8.1 preview battery troubles and now this :(

Pretty sure you could before, but yes I just looked and at the bottom of your Directions results there is an option to print and it pops up in a special print formatted view.

I'd like to comment but I can't download the update keeps getting stuck in installation

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Great build! but my god does the windows central app suck on this. BTW are we getting a Universal app soon?

Question to somebody here . I'm ready to replace my surface 2 after the useless update from yesterday,question is Toshiba click 10 is a good way to go ? Or I should wait for the next couple of months?

What I do like about this app, in particular, is that this is actually sanctioned by Nest and has worked with the developer. This should be a shining example on how the big companies should treat indie devs. No matter what the motive is behind that decision, at least its an olive branch to Windows devs. I just wish Nest would allow more improvements to share with this developer so it can be function more like their native app.

Windows should be scalable enough to handle such a minor issue. The user should NOT need to be keeping track of the number of items pinned. If it can't be easily fixed, at least let Cortana tell us when we get close to such a problem, and avoid it!

How many past employers can I sue for not giving me as much paternity leave as the women got paternity leave? I suppose for starters one for each kid, less whatever statute if limitations. I suppose I should be glad each one let me take a whole five days...

Considering Microsoft's strategic approach to productivity, I think a Windows 10 IoT car would work better with the contending ecosystems than Android Auto and of course Apple Car Play... I just hope we won't be forced to change our car or smartphone to get both working well together!

Yep, some of the more blatant mysoginy has been removed.  Well done, admin.  The comments were a cesspit.  An embarrassment.

They should really do this more often for Bing overhaul it piece by piece faster and add more search options like shopping with amazon and others etc

Capacitive buttons are vibrating for me. Battery life is definitely worse than Windows phone 8, but not truly terrible probably last a day rather than two days

Don't worry; you're probably not alone.  Windows Central seems to focus mostly on the consumer side of the news and ignore the enterprise side.  Ironically, the enterprise will (hopefully) have the biggest impact from a market share standpoint.  Enterprise isn't the most exciting thing to read about for most, but this type of story is REALLY good news.  ...and, yes, I'm sure that there will be iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Pro, and -- god forbid -- Apple Watch apps at the same time.  But, W10 needs enterprise apps in order to be viable for businesses.

Just so you know, people call them vinyls as short hand for vinyl decals. They are made on a vinyl film coated with a light adhesive on the back side, then laser printed with a high temp foil to add the various colors and images. Finally they are cut on a plotter and applied. If you have a back for it on forza you could probably do it in in RL. The game is surprisingly accurate.

Interesting about unbricking Xbox. I wonder if they will also location pick based on closeness of Microsoft Store to replace any console issues.

Ours is trade your old console and pay either $349 or $299 (depending on reward scheme level) towards the elite bundle. Only X1 consoles for trade though, I asked about PS4 but they won't take them. Funny thing is, I wanted the Halo 5 bundle, which costs the same as the Elite bundle, but my old X1 is only worth $200 trade on that, where it's $300 to trade on the Elite.

I'm just glad I can keep using my X1 until it's time to pick up the Elite. Fingers crossed it doesn't pack it in before then, obviously traded consoles must be working.