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Stupid device, I thought we would get a Miracast device that you could stream to from tablets and PC's as well. This is way to expensive to stream just from phones.

I never answered the question? I answered it twice already. Here it is again: those things I listed that the Xbox One can do thanks to the Kinect? The PS4 cannot do them. None of them.

I hope it's better than previous version because it's not all that great. Sometimes the phone is sitting on it but isn't charging and you never notice the light just blinking away. The wall charger is still the fastest and most reliable.

All this seems to do on mine is send the phone into Standby Mode.

Up Volume Key and Power Button at the same time, right?

Johnson acknowledges that he was not successful at Penny's because he was forced by the board to do "too much/ too fast." The board wanted a 1-2 year turnaround  and since Johnson could not execute quickly enough well... out the door he went.  That however does not take away the fact that he is a Retail pioneer who along with Jobs helped revolutionize the concept of the retail store.

So will this work for beaming surface pro 3's screens to tvs with built in but flakey mirascast support too? If it works with both devices nicely, then that's a good sell

It's hard to tell from the article, but my guess is that it's a general purpose Miracast reciever that will work with any Miracast compatible device.  The NFC part probably just allows simpler automated pairing so that you don't have to got through the normal connection steps.  I'm sure the normal connection process can still be used for non-NFC devices.  The Lumia mention is probably linked to the automated NFC connection functionality, because non-Lumia devices wouldn't know how to utilize the connection data embedded in the NFC tag (there isn't an industry standard for passing Miracast connection info through an NFC tag).  Non-lumia devices would have to connect manually instead of using the NFC tag to automatically connect.

That's true I seen a refresh of actiontec's solution screenbeam which is a widi/miracast receiver that includes a transmitter for desktops, & amd based PC's for about the same cost. But I guess if its smaller then it may be worth it when compatible devices ship in my country

Let's face it. Microsoft devices are not very populair in the US so this story about how important de store's are. I don't think so. More like politness we all know from americans. 'Thank you' 'I'm so sorry', yeah right.

I think he meant to say that pairing is done through bluetooth, but the actual communication must be done through Wi-Fi, at least that's how miracast works.

This looks great, but I have two questions;

1). Will Denim, and this be available on my L925?


2). Will I be able to use this with my Surface Pro 2? 

Wasn't trying to imply there as any promotion. I don't know him personally and am not trying to make a judgement on him as a person. However, I do know that: A -  He was in charge of Apple Stores as Apple began and then continued to flourish, B - He left Apple to run JCP and under his executed strategy they would have filed Chapter 11 if he had not been fired last year and C - Apple continues to Flourish without him. Which makes you question what exactly he did other than ride Apple to JCP's C-Suite.


I don't think this will work with a lumia 1020 - any chance of a list of phones this will support?

Some what dark however yes, it is a great song. Discovered several artists via MixRadio which I'm listening to more frequently. Right now - Maps - AMA.

This is awesome. I've been asking Microsoft about this since last year. Finally coming. I still have vista on my dell xps 420 and I like that the computer just waits for me to say start listening before I control it with my voice. I don't know if it came with Vista or was built in by Dell but it's awesome for a hands free experience. Talking to a phone should be hands free as well especially when you are driving. Especially if your in ear bluetooth keeps repeating "do you want to power off" to everything you say.

Only if they change NT kernel that Full Windows is also based on! which they haven't changed cos if they did it will make the news.

Yes surface three. Lumia 1520 are two devices that I have that have Mira cast and will work with it. The NFC disc is for people who have nfc but not Mira cast support. (that is my interpratation from the previous article)

Miracast is a pretty exciting feature for Windows Phone/Windows! XBOX ONE really needs this to be a native feature though! When will this happen?

windows tablets need more marketing in a different eay or else if that's not possible. they have to sell more cheap laptops which OEMs.

What do you mean they don't have a choice?!

This is just a miracast device with built-in NFC, and since most newer lumias support miracasting, they can buy whatever miracast receiver they want.

It would be great to turn this into a chart for the entire Lumia range, including 920, 930, 1020, and so on.  For users of the 920, such as myself, this would help me decide if I should upgrade now to the 930, or wait for the next flagship.  (Oh, and SensorCore and Memory Card slot should be on the chart.)

I really wish they had brought the price down to $50 max, so it could have somewhat competed with the Chromecast or Roku stick. That and allowed it to stream through DLNA would have been great (though you'd have to actually BUILD DLNA into WP8.1 natively to take advantage of it - how they haven't done that yet is beyond me, especially with Windows RT already having it - just port if over...)

What makes you say that? The Lumia 830, announced today, has a dedicated camera button, so your statement appears incorrect.

Oh I see, well I did a quick bing search and that is the bundle I came across soo I guess there is more than one bundle.

Does 730 support miracast too?

Also, in the video he said that any phone with Denim firmware can work with that device, and that older phones will to once they get the firmware, but isn't he mistaking?

The last time it was said that screen projecting is only supported on phones with miracast and apparently older lumia do not have the hardware for miracasting.

Can you investigate further?

I didn't read any promotion. To what are you referring? I thought the news was that a former Apple executive acknowledged that the Surface Pro 3 is a great product and an example of where devices and technology is going. End of story.