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The rep at the Microsoft store informed me the official number of 48 hours was with heart rate monitor on and GPS enabled for a 1 hour run each of the two days.

Sure you weren't talking about the HTC Arrive. The only phone Sprint had in 2012 was the HTC Arrive. I had one. I looked up the Mogul, that looks like an older windows mobile device. It did get the Mango update, but it didn't recieve the 7.8 update.

Whoa! Upon installing the Microsoft Health app, I noticed that the app requires the use of maps, music library, photos library, media playback and web browser component apart from the usual bluetooth, contacts, appointments and various sensors. Does it mean that the Band will be able to control media playback in the future via a software update?

Also, how, if at all, will the Band's firmware be updated? The only contact point in the Band is the charging port. So are the multiple charger contact points only for charging the two batteries or can it be used to upgrade the software within too? I guess it'll take some research to determine that. 

I'm torn between getting an Xbox One and a PS4.  This would definitely put me on the side of the fence for the Xbox.

If only I could buy it in the just wait and buy another vendor. All of those will sell outside US :(

I've been trying to justify purchasing an XBOX One, this would be an irrefutable excuse.

It seems they are partnering with Gold's for the workout plans, we haven't seen whether or not a gym membership is required to access them.

Yep...but no UK or anywhere outside the US. Microsoft will never gain market share or brand awareness this way!!

Thank you for bringing this up.. Ordered mine last night and was searching this morning to make sure this would work for my Lumia icon

How does the band respond to quiet hours? Do notifications still come through? More discretely? Not at all? Thanks

To control your music, simply talk to your phone via Cortana... I use this a lot while cycling with a BT headset and my phone in the bag...

You can tell Cortana to:

- play music

- shuffle music

- next track

- play "U2" (play all tracks from an artist)

- play "bloody sunday" (play a specific song)

and maybe more but so far I only use the command listed above.
all this is more than enough for me to control my music and it works great...

I can't wait to get this band if it ever get released in the UK (I am sure many outside the US are looking forward to get the band)... that would be a perfect Xmas gift, if only MS could release it abroad soon...

Hopefully they will release it outside the UK


I'll need to put in another shelf since the 360 will still need to hang around. But happy to do so :)

I went in to the Microsoft Store to try out the Band in person, and the employees there said that the Band will work with all phones (including Verizon phones without Cyan update) that are running Developer Preview. They mentioned that they are helping people install developer preview when they come in to the Microsoft Store in person. People in the forums are also confirming that the Band works with the Icon. So I think it should be OK. We'll hear more about this soon, though.

@Daniel Rubino It's great that the Band is cross-platform but I wonder whether there are any Windows Phone-only features besides Cortana support?

I was mostly trying to add a little humor since I live in a location where the kids can't actually Trick or Treat on Halloween...b/c its so 'Evil'. LOL!

I never said it was the only place, I said it is more accurate. I am aware of what it uses. I notice a difference between the band's readings on either side of my wrist.

this is the 3rd timetable they're on now. first it was summer on 2014, then November, and now December. I'm not expecting the update to ever be released.

My wife wants to give up on Windows Phones because of her experience.  I'm trying to convince her that it's not Window's fault, it's Sprints crappy service that has tainted her experience.  It also doesn't help that we moved to Hawaii and Sprint is the only one without 4g service.  I'm trying to get her on Verizon with the Icon or M8 before she jumps ship to Apple or Android.

I will definitely be getting one of these! This will be a great holiday season for me. Surface Pro 3,plus the Band. Keep the cool stuff coming Microsoft!

never buying an HTC product again. it's amazing how bad they are at supporting their own mediocre devices.

i wish sprint would get some Lumia phones in because that seems to be the only way to get a device with OEM support.