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As I said it's a developer or a WP problem.. It may work for you on your but that doesn't mean that it works for every one on their phone, it doesn't work for a lot of people in sure. I guess you chose the phone that works good for you only forever phone that no one else has.

Neural chip implant. Relatively painless. Only 15% mortality rate.

Or, alternatively, yeah, probably everyone has to have the app.

No way?? You're kidding, was just having a discussion bout this with my friend the other day and he claimed the iPhone could activate iPhone users starting to feel left in the dark.

How does it know who's home and not? Does everyone have to be connected to it with their phones for it to work or what?

I'm not giving up anything! I usually get all night tracking two nights in a row then charge while I have a shower and breakfast and it seems to be keeping up well with that cycle... If I use it alot during a day on top of usual use I will put it on charge before bed for around ½ hour... No big deal...

Steroids and blood doping are a problem in any sport, for sure, and it's greatly disappointing to find out that competition has been adulterated because of it. That said, the governing bodies overseeing track and field are fare more punitive than any other sport in the world when it comes to such violations, which result in all results being stripped from the books and the athletes receiving very long bans (usually lifetime).

Well right now here in Australia Siri is laughing at Cortana because no-one here as heard of a Windows phone or cortana

If the VIP feature for limiting emails sent to the Band worked, that would help. I get all my spam even though it's supposed to filter using my VIP list

MS doesnt do the same commercial with Android because google from my knowledge hasnt made any commercials against MS regarding their phones or OS or festure. if am i wrong please correct me

That REALLY is her tone, even when you ask her to tell you a joke she is still boring.

No, it has to specifically state ARM in the store listing as it has to be compiled for ARM processors. Just because it's a Windows 8 Modern UI app doesn't mean that it automatically works on Windows RT.

I was going to ask is it your actual FICO score or some proprietary measurement that approximates FICO, but isn't your actual credit score.

In the commercial that is how Siri sounds... But its not how Cortana sounds. Cortana is much more monotonous if she's not doing one of her handful of prerecorded messages.

They should have ended with, 'its ok, you're still not as big as I was this time last year..' Then flashed up a 1520 :)

Are you the ohne John Callaham asking questions to random people you don't even know?...

if you don't think it works, why should people think the apps wouldn't still be good? the quality sucks... not the app itself. and photosynth always works for me, so yes, it's a good app. useless but good. only because you don't have a good experience or it's your fault, it doesn't mean it makes the app automatically worthless.

Received today, guys and gals, its a great piece of machinery. You'll notice the difference between the amoled screen in the Lumia 925 (I think any with Glance) and the LCD3 on the HTC... Colors aren't as rich but its super sharp and clear. Quality is 100%. Only issue is I signed into my acct from my Lumia 925 and my start screen is still the same and my apps aren't downloading... Any ideas??????

What ever happened to 'the more you talk about the competitor's product, the more time you spend talking about the competitor's product'. Like yeah it's good to show that Cortana is better but can't we do that without dumb comparison videos? Is it so difficult to advertise Windows Phone as a fantastic product in it's own right? Or do WP sales rely on Cortana's success? In which case, a majority of the world falls behind because MS refuse to roll out Cortana globally.
I'm so sick of hearing about apple, and even the company I chose to be the alternative is talking about apple. You know what these ads show me? Apple has a strong customer base who aren't likely to budge because they have invested real money into apps and services. Apple's customers are used to the devices and their predictability. They enjoy Siri but probably don't intend to talk to their phone. I'm the same with Cortana, who is buggy as hell. I ask her 'what's playing?' and a minute later she tells me she's listening for music that has ended. Siri does that faster and more accurately.
Idk. When people ask me about my phone, I don't talk about how bad the iphone is. I talk about how rad my lumia 1520 is. If they ask me why I chose it, I talk about how rad the phone is. I assumed, until recently, that this is how you market things. I was clearly wrong. You market a fairly dodgy aspect of a device by directly comparing it to one of your biggest competitors who has been far more successful than you, and try not to sound too bitter about that. Ignore all of the great things that WP has to offer, market Cortana at us.
Pretty sure only current customers find these ads funny. Idk.

I like how the 920 (still used by lots of people) is getting mentioned less and less in these types of articles.  (hashbrown)Waiting for a gamechanger.

I loved that one, except that on my 920 she's sitting on it also :-S

I'd much prefer front speakers like the M8.

Uhm, besides monitoring for the sake of monitoring, what do people actually get from this sleep monitoring? Does checking data the next day make you feel more energetic and well rested? Does it give you great hints like "snore less" and tips like "you may want to avoid violent nightmares during nighttime"? Wth people?
Or is it like a modern version of horoscope: If the machine decides you did not get enough rest, you'd feel tired as well?

Sweet! Haven't used it much in a long time because of the low-res. Excited to try out the improvements!

You do know that the iPhone can only trigger Hey, only t when the phone is plugged in, right? Although that should be enough for iPhone users since the iPhone's battery sucks and they're always plugged in somewhere.

cute MS but you need to do more...from that commercial the general consumer wont understand the othe benefits WP brings.

And why so fixated on apple when android is the biggest smartphone OS?

In my place of work, most people have iPhones. I would say that 80% of phones are iPhones, 15% Android, 4% dumbphones, and the 1% is me with my L735!

On another forum I post to I did a poll on smartphone use. iPhone and Android have equal share at 45% each, Windows Phone and Blackberry had equal share at 5%.

Completely unscientific, but I think iPhones have a larger share of the market than reported statistics suggest. I would opine that many iPhone users keep hold of their older phones because they were so expensive to begin with, whereas Android users upgrade more often because the units are generally that much cheaper. So, market share based on shipped units appears to be larger, whereas based on phones in use the reality may be somewhat different. (I reiterate, this is just my opinion!)

So it makes sense to poke fun at the iPhone.

Personally, I don't think the adverts are that good. Microsofts ads, again IMVHO, are pretty poor across the board. Their ads for Surface Pro leaves me wanting to buy anything BUT a Surface Pro!

Very cool. Wish it was summer so I could give it my usual whirl at a state park. I can usually get some pretty great Photosynth shots with near 100% coverage of the sphere on my 925.

The SD card constraint could also be a security measure since the app will have your social security details

I contacted Wunderlist support and supposedly an update is coming next week. Currently the latest version is the one released on 11/6.

Finally they are showing ads of WP using background images instead of the "sometimes" boring color tiles, and CORTANA rocks btw!!! Well done Microsoft well done, the plattaform really needs agressive marketing to conquer the world!! ))