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Where the hell is Cyan for L1520mea . It has been almost a week since it rolls out in Finland & India.

If VLC gets something different for me... Definitely would get it... Or else No thanks VLC... I would rather support the developer who was and is with Windows Phone irrespective of its audience count...

For those that are faint of heart, first you should stop whining and cursing, then go ahead and delete your DP app from your phone because you obviously can’t handle such an awesome program.  All of this just goes with the territory.  If you complain enough, maybe Microsoft will just pull the whole DP program and then we'll all have to wait for the latest and greatest like all of the other average uninformed smart phone users out there...  I rolled my 1520 back, upgraded to 8.1 Cyan, restored from backup and a couple of hours later after re-configuring apps, I'm good to go.  Happy with my new features, Cyan, data send / receive indicator, living images, brightness slider under the Display settings to name a few.  Worth the effort, no big deal…  Awww, I lost some game progress, boo hoo.. poor me…  When’s the next DP update, I’m ready.

That's true we need more high-end devices, MS phones may not be sufficient for users' choices if we compare with Android devices. I guess, its about time. WP really got a lot of attraction after MS made WP license fee free (with some exceptions like limitation of screen size etc) and after announcement of 8.1 (thats why we saw companies like MMX, XOLO etc instantly jumping in). I suspect some companies might also afraid to invest on making a device with low market share. But with emerging competition, they finally come out of their shells. Lets hope for the best! I really want SONY to join in *_* and hope we'll see some high-end devices too.

Win? Chinese people like piracy. How comes any console win if all the people just go to and download games for free?

I guess they can make UK Cortana available soon for everyone coz British accent is a neutral English accent and Cortana will catch that easily coz she 95% catches indian accurately. So I guess all English speaking countries can get Cortana easily.

WTF I have more 10 days waiting for Cyan on an unlocked Lumia 820, Lumia Black was only 5 days late
Lumia 820 UAE CV

Can anyone confirm they've actually got the update on 1020 on a Canadian carrier? According to Nokia's facebook post that says it's released - all the comments are saying it isn't actually available. Don't want to downgrade from Dev Preview for nothing.

Hello Jay can you make some changes in the WP app so it shows our own comments on top and then the comments of other users should be kept down?

what you mean what do we think of lumia cyan update rolling out to Canadians? we all gotta get the update, the more people get it sooner the better, i'm happy for them, keep the releases going

Stop electing communists maybe you'll get Cortana.

If you don't know, by Canadian law Cortana can not be released until it also supports French.

According to MSFT they are working on a fix. I'm gonna downgrade the day it comes out then I won't miss 8.1.

What took so much time for the developer to develop a simple VLC app for Windows Phone... It has been in news since last year...

Awe I saw this flash to on my app and got excited but then bam not a UK release for 1020... Why is it taking so long!!

I feel like every company that manufacturers a phone should make phones by keeping WP as their primary OS

手Q傲世首发 . What does 手Q mean? I'm a Chinese and I don't understand the title.

Glad to see Canada's getting it now AT&T needs to release it to my 1020, still running the dev preview gonna downgrade the day it comes out then I won't miss 8.1 @ all. :)

I'm on T-Mobile with 925. Probably not going to downgrade from dev preview though I've never used bit locker. Surely they'll fix it eventually right?

I have this app and use it to fly my drone.  It is not as robust as the iOS app - of course no surprise there - but it does work well for what it is.

It would be nice if the MS bias from developers would ease at some point.