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I have a band 2 and a 950xl and while it does get all notifcation, it seems to have trouble connect to use cortana or send a text message.
What gets me is i recently had to send my 950xl in for a warrant repair and i have borrowed a friends old samsung galaxy s4 and my band 2 has never worked better. Connects every time to send a text. Cant try cortana as i cant download her from google play in Australia, but i kinda burns me up seeing how well the band 2 works on android compared to the trouble i have on windows 10 mobile.

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I guess I didn't notice the pattern as i tend to open and sync maybe 3 times a day after activities and normally have devices in bluetooth range.

Was wondering that myself. Looks great though (in my opinion). Perhaps the tread is simple there to differentiate it from other trackers.

For the smart notifications, I have a Garmin fenix 3 and used to get notifications on my 650 (that is when the app wouldn't crash and drop the Bluetooth connection), however, as soon as I updated to the the AU, all of that stopped immediately. Garmin updated the connect app twice since and with the most recent update, notifications came back, kind of. In reality it still doesn't work and if I do get a notification it is hours after. At one point my watch buzzed with texts and calls from the previous day that had already been cleared. This is clearly something with the AU that both Garmin and MS need to communicate on so one of the two can update the software and patch the problem.

For anyone complaining about the screen, Garmin could care less about having the nicest, prettiest screen. These devices are made for people who are outdoors and exercising. Their screen tech is made to be outside in the sun. Take it out in direct sunlight and the screen pops with vibrancy and clarity. It responds to direct light, that's why they aren't very good in low light. Don't expect a Band 2 or Fitbit blaze screen from this device. Garmin isn't competing with them they have their market and are a top company in that market, they only added smart notifications to stay relevant with the times or else face the same fate as Blackberry.

Download went fine.  Stuck on loading screen, rebooted as this usually immediately brings the updating device steps X of X screen.  No dice.  Waiting 40 minutes now with blue logo showing.  I know there was a long boot time issue with 14951, but this isn't 14951.  Giving it 30 more minutes then off to WDRT :(

The workaround with changing the date and all works but be warned that the Outlook Calendar live tile may become stuck on that future date and will no longer update. After trying several things to fix the problem I'm doing a hard reset now.

What is the point of the grippy, tire tread design on the exterior of the wristband?  To collect dirt and dust?  OK.  Decent device otherwise.  Nice review.

Wow!  Meanwhile, those of us using Apple hardware and OSs are busy getting work done. That's why I no longer waste time keeping Microsoft crap running. Life is too short to do the work of their so-called "engineers" and "developers" for them. I'm also SO over dealing with "undocumented features" just like this train wreck!  Somehow, Microsoft is under the delusion that they're "innovating."  What a laugh!

Verizon Wireless is supposed to be, essentially, off of CDMA by 2019. There are other CDMA carriers in the US including Sprint and US Cellar.

I suspect that the Surface Phone...if/when it is released....will also be a GSM only device in much the same way that HP did not go the CDMA route with the x3.

Once the Lumia 735 goes off the market at the end of the year, Verizon Wireless will have 0 Windows devices for sale.

It would not surprise me if no new Windows Mobile devices were made available for Verizon Wireless customers until after the conversion to 5G is complete in 2019 or 2020. That assumes that the Windows Mobile platform is still around at that time.

Weird...I've had mine almost a year (will be in December) and mine is holding up fine.

I also have vivoactive with 950xl. I'd say notifications only work for a brief period of time after opening the Garmin connect app on my phone and resyncing. However, after a few minutes it loses connection and not even the live tile updates. I believe they'll fix this because they continue to update, it's just a shame in the meantime

Yup, I actually uploaded a clip from the game last night to YouTube. I mean I works great for what it is. PS while recording the clip, frame rates dipped, which is understandable.

Samsung evo SD cards are guaranteed to last. If for some unlucky reason it doesn't you can for sure recover the data. Stay away from SanDisk


I've been an insider fast since the start. I don't complain much and understand all of this is needed to vet future public releases... But.... Gimme a @%#(!$¥ break

I've opted out for the 5 day period for my 950XL. The last 3 Fast builds for desktop have especially been problematic considering the 3rd part antivirus issue. I am starting to lose patience with these weekly Fix-5-Items-Break-7 Insider builds.

worked for me on lumia icon. fastest option then got the error and went through those steps. even though all of the negative reviews on this build i'm still going to install it anyway because why not.

I cannot as my insider option is not in update menu in settings but in app and whenever i set fast or slow my phone restarts and cannot do the steps properly

I never said it wasn't an asset, I said it was a financial failure up to the point.   Here on out now its a service that runs on Windows 10, its no longer a specific hardware platform although they might sell hardware with the Xbox name on it.   I have no idea if the MS store will be successful or not, GWFL was not and the Win8 store was not. 

If there was even just one new feature in this build, I would have gone through this circus act to get it installed. #pass

I have an Acer V15 with a GTX 950m in it, it runs Gears 4 on all low, but it gets it's 60fps mark and It's great to game anywhere.

PS I bought mine brand new from Acer on ebay for $450.00, cool huh.

I seem to have everything on my Icon Release Preview.  I did have to go to the store to download the 'update', then I reset my phone. Can't wait to try it out this weekend.  

How about we wait for an acutal device and then judge how good it's going to be?

Interesting. Though, I will admit, based on their naming scheme, it's more consistent. The i3 has hyper-threading but no turbo boost. The m3 has turbo-boost, which is why it's probably not getting lumped into the i3 lineup. i5s have turbo boost but no hyper threading, so does the m5. The i7 has both, and the m7 did as well. It's less confusing in all honesty if you know the differences. However, advertising is going to screw people over. But honestly, i'm ok with that. If you want to make your naming scheme less confusing, its not your fault how Best Buy utilizes that. Morever, retailers would always skew it. Instead of saying Atom processor, they'd give the speed. They'll always find a way to cherry pick and make it sound better. But truthfully, based on how they designated the difference between i3,5, and 7 to begin with, this makes sense. And still makes sense considering the m3 doesn't actually qualify for i3 status. So its not odd at all that m3 kept its designation.

I am still in windows phne 10.0.10586.545 and i cannot update to latest release ring , i am very sad , do not know how to update!!!!! So sad!!!!

Srenia la

Its not just the hardware its the whole division, those are division numbers not just hardware losses.   $2b year lose is associated with the whole Xbox division or product, not just hardware related.   Not sure what the rest of your statement is, but no the Xbox division has been a huge negative so now its being rolled into Windows as a service and the MS Store.   As stated in prior comments, the games and servcies never came close to covering the gap which is why you have a negative $2b per year lose, that is not a one year event. 

I'm discussing with other people to see if they have the same problem... And it appears they do. So this is just a dandy place to discuss it.

After my Band 1 died I got Band 2, after my Band 2 died I got a Vivoactive HR.
It's a watch style instead of bracelet design but uses the same apps and activities as the Vivosmart

I had it for 6 months now and very happy with it, I found notifications sometimes work perfectly with 950XL but sometimes did nothing so this needs work but not sure how much is due to W10.

Also you don't need to use the Garmin Express desktop software, you can do everythin in the Gamin Connect app on your phone since they fixed the store so you can install new apps and faces.

That's not how this works... The point in the program is to kind of have these issues so they have more information. Data is data. Positive or negative results are still results. That is science friend!