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After each Reset, OneDrive deletes all the Files and redownloads them again. This bug is still there.

Again, it was changed. Look at the old pop-ups and the new ones. Months of clicking the x (it was how the old pop-up worked) led people to click out of instinct.

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Still waiting patiently for an actual smartwatch. Microsoft should just expand their Surface line to include some kind of a smartwatch.

Right now, I use the Windows 10 RDP to connect to other computers on my network. I have a batch file that runs a Wake-On-LAN (WOL) script and launches the RDP connection. Does this app enable WOL? If not, it is useless to me.

It was always a very uncomfortable band to me. You have to rest your wrist on that large bump and I find myself having to constantly lift my wrist which is an unnatural way for me to type on the keyboard.

We might as well say the regular price for the Band 2 is $175... It's discounted often and for long periods of time

Yep it is !!! I think those market focus shift for microsoft warying off from India is because of this reason ! After import duties and taxes it becomes way expensive!! Don't know how surface phone will cost here and compete ! :|

As long as the slim version comes out in time for Gears 4, I'm happy to keep waiting. Still got plenty to do on my 360.

Dumb question but in your Edge settngs, do you have Open Microsoft Edge with Previous pages set?  BTW, what is "doco'd"

I can't enter the contest as the app keeps crashing lol. Maybe focus on that ;) that tip is free, you're welcome.

I want to go along with much of those who are optimistic. But I'm afraid Sayta's decision to in effect kill any further production of windows phone (I really don't believe there will ever be a Surface phone) also has killed UWA. OEM's will just not stay on board. MS has been involved in a total waste of time and money. Of course most people used UWA on their phones. I use a few on my pc because they work and sync with my phone. Otherwise I don't see the point in UWA.

Another thing. Just because MS stock is up doesn't mean they are making the right decisions in their business for consumers, employee's, and marketing. You can use Bain Capital as an example. It buys marginally successful businesses and then sells every piece of equipment
and lays off all the workers, then closes the company. So no more product for consumers, no more jobs for employee's, etc. And their stock prices soar. So unless you own a large portion of MS stock you can't measure the success of the company by it's stock price.

MS has been on the wrong path for a long time. It is continuing down that path. UWP was a waste of time without mobile. UWA therefore was a waste of time and money for those who participated. Sadly all this is not unusual for MS. The only positive I see is that Windows 10 although it has a few problems, is a very good OS.

It may sound like I dislike MS and it's products. That's not the case. I like most of their products. I don't agree with many of their business moves. Kill windows phone production after so much of the success of UWP depended on it was not a wise move. Developers will not come or those that have will jump ship in the near future.

MS is going to have to chart a new course making wise moves here in the near future.

not one word you just typed has any accuracy to it.  nokia was dead long before MS bought it.  android wouldn't save it then and won't save it now.  it is a failed company.

I'm pretty sure this is the idea with trying to put Xbox games into the Windows Store.

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I know that, but its marketed as one watch for sport and one for everything else. That's what Microsoft needs to do

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It doesn't work like that when they are footing the bill for the contest. It's not our call and it's not about shipping a product.

My friend there is no Xbox App for iOS or Android thats exclusive for Windows 10, the only app they have is Xbox SmartGlass and that does not have streaming option as far you can do is just use it as a controller on the Xbox Menu.

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Ive streamed PS4 to Vita over WiFi and it worked pretty well, actually better than streaming Xbox One through cable to my gaming PC -_- The lower resolution on the Vita is most probably the cause for the performance bump.

It could be good for LAN parties... I went to one last weekend and lugged my 3 year old gaming rig with me. this may have as much power and would definitely be more portable. Now that I live in NYC I would consider it for taking on the subway despite my having a top of the line Surface Book which has too small of a screen. It could be my portable/luggable city LAN party rig.

This is cool and all, but this would be even more useful if you could stream Xbox One on your Windows 10 computer, not on the same WiFi, with your Xbox off, much like Playstations rental feature but able to okay games you own.

Rumor has it MS is releasing an Xbox that is 4X more powerful and will support Oculus Rift. Due in 2017.

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That's insanely big for a laptop. Might as well just get a desktop pc. Laptops are supposed to be portable, I don't think a 24 inch one is gonna quite make that cut

Good to see some variety though!

Watch sport just differs in material and price, nothing designed particular for sport though.

phone freezes. applications are unstable. calling someone takes some time just like it's done in android. i do not want to wait for just looking on contacts.

@rodneyej, I think you're right on the cause-and-effect sequence and the potentially dire implications. However, I think there are a two additional components in a complete analysis that serve as a defense of Microsoft's strategy:

First, the whole idea of using a "store" for Windows apps is a radically new concept that I suspect most users don't even know about yet. The big apps for desktop Windows users include Firefox, Chrome, 7zip, Skype, Microsoft Office, etc. Microsoft is in the process of moving its big titles over to the store -- Skype, Office (via Centennial), etc. So this is still in its infancy, or maybe not ever there yet, given that even Microsoft hasn't yet completed its move to its own Store.

Second, there is a new component coming soon that will bolster awareness of the Store -- Edge Extensions. I don't know (maybe some Insiders do) how this will work. For this to achieve Microsoft's goal of driving Windows user mindset toward "I need an app, let me check the store", the Extension selection in the store needs to work roughly the same as other app selection and be a fairly seamless process between getting apps or getting extensions.

This needs to be an extension to write into a secure browser window. For those of us who use LastPass, this is what we need.

However, I think your goal is because we Windows fans want more Windows apps. Keep in mind that extensions will be available through the Windows Store, which in turn helps UWP gain traction. So, I think this actually plays well to your objectives.