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Can't wait to see how well the iris scanner works. Windows hello is such an awesome feature!

wireless charging is a pretty big deal for me.

But ultimately, people will choose based on OS preference, meaning more people will buy Android

Glance + Continuum + wireless charging + most likely better camera + SD slot + swappable battery

I'll take the Lumia

Windows Hello looks like it will be really nice and I love the more powerful system!

Do you know if either have pen support i've seen conflicting reports about this all day and most don't mention it at all.

Liquid cooling, Iris scanner to unlock phone and Contiinuum make me fall in love with this phone.

And I want to try out the camera.

Lumia 950XL is a very great phone, better than any Android flagship

Sorry but this is a myth that needs to die. Verizon and Sprint phones don't depend on CDMA anymore. CDMA is being phased out.

Insert a compatible and get Verizon or Sprint to activate. Sprint usually gives an hassle, but the phone will work.

Honestly, I saw that volume/lock button setup earlier today and it was a real head scratcher.  Terrible design to say the least.  And a lack of Qi charging would be a deal breaker for me.  That being said, I'm still paying for a crippled AT&T 830 that likely won't even get a W10 update, it'll be a while before I'm in the market.  Sucks to be me.

You can't take a computer that's OS is called 'El Capitan' seriously. Honestly what in God's name were they thinking...

It says AT&T will be the only carrier to offer them - not an exclusive deal (though the rest of the story makes it sound that way).  The unlocked phones being sold in the MS store can be used on any GSM based carrier.  Not sure if the CDMA bands are missing from the spec sheets or just not available - it's a shame if they won't be.

OH, wow, that's lame. You don't get the GPU at the base price? It's not even worth $1,500 without that, IMO. That makes it start at $1,800 to me, and that's well beyond where I consider a laptop worth my time. Since I have a desktop I mostly use, anything else is a secondary device, and $1,800 for a spare PC is just too rich for my blood.

Its design looks awesome (though I still don't like the light-colored magnesium the Surface devices carry; wish we had the dark metal of the SP2 as an option), and the hinge is really neat looking. The power potential with the added GPU is killer, but $1,500 without it baffles me when it's ultimately just a SP4 and a special dock without it. Without the GPU, I'd expect this to be more in the $1,200 range.

Frankly, there is no WOW deciding factor in either that matters to the average consumer that much. It's just a matter of Mac OS vs Windows. I'm 98% sure The average consumer doesn't care about if the processor is a 5th or 6th gen i5

I kind of suspected that was the issue. Weren't they the same platform that didn't have copy and paste for so many years and then suddently "came up with the idea" to add it to iOS? are having their a** handed to them...
"what good is a pencil without an eraser"... I love looks like Apple and Microsoft are trading places...

my surface pro 2 is sad.... as it will probably be shipped off to someone else to make way for the Surface Book...

Simple things like the touchscreen and pen input, and genuine tablet mode to me places them in totally different classes. In the end, the MacBook is just an (expensive) laptop. The Surface Book is in a league of it's own.

The camera, Continuum, iris scanner and the design, actually i have a Lumia 535 with broken glass :'(

I don't think mac will challenge this laptop. They known not to make the most high spec stuff, and if they really wanted to, nothin is stopping them from doing so. Its just a matter of choosing windows or os x. But I think after today's event ms is now ahead in the laptop competition. Surface book can't be compared to anything out their. We have to wait and see what apple come up with.

Fantastic! The one consistent thing I didn't like about previous Surface keyboards didn't change though...I hate the tiny up and down arrow cursor keys! I wish they made it normal sized.

I'm really stoked for the iris scanner and official Windows 10! And the design will really remind me of my dear old 1020 :)

Why couldn't you guys (WC) show the specs of both PC and Mac with the most basic and most high end specs side by side?

Hopefully the their party back covers will have Qi. That's my biggest requirement. No more cables