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Ya...try working in a support center and use voice to text. I don't see businesses adopting voice to text for inputting names and employee's sensitive data. Try using voice to text in a crowded environment. It doesn't work.

for me the three apps have another problem. I some point (I dont know how and when) touch stops working. I cant do anything on the screen only hide nav bar an swipe action center. I dont think its an os problem but the apps' problem. only way to fix is restart device

Did anyone see/read microsoft patent on 'collapsible keyboard on tablet' on mspoweruser....its really awesome

We want to be paid to use it.

I'd have to be paid to use something as ugly as the one pictured in the article. 

I love this app. What's funny is im still using it. How is that? Lol. Im on unlocked 1520 on Redstone 2 latest os?? Lol

With Surface-branded peripheral products Microsoft will achieve what they have not been able to achieve with Lumias:
Make a decent margin ...

BS!! This guys should b fired , how does he possibility imagine a world like that, i guess he's been watching lot of SCI-Fi no wonder windows is such a mess

Till now I always have preferred a Logitech product over any given Microsoft peripheral.

Let's see what MS will offer.

Wonder if MS will also provide Linux-drivers for their products?
Would distinguish them from Logitech :-)

Does Logitech make ergo keyboards? I use the MS Ergo one right now and have been for years, swear by it.

Like many times before, Microsoft is wrong. Keyboards won't go anywhere anytime soon.

"you'd realise that physical keyboards are not obsolete and won't be obsolete​"- exactly my point of the narrow mind. You don't know what could be invented, what has been, or what could be improved on.

"Because I happen to work on a considerably large law firm (and travel quite a bit as a result)​"- your first hand knowledge isn't all that up to date. I have personally installed this, and other software, at multiple law offices in the past, not to mention other offices that have nothing to do with legal or healthcare, and I have personally used it myself.

"no medical reports written with voice commands​"-wrong I know this because I support no less than 180 hospitals, many of which use this

"are controlled with your eyes, not "your mind"."-wrong This has been a thing for a while and is still being developed

It sounds as thought you may be the one out of touch with the real world. Especially if you get all your information from your own little bubble of you and your sister.





My Xbox tells me to "say open that"
I say "open that"
Cortana does a web search for "old man hat"
I'll stick with a keyboard for now thanks.

Oh, this is interesting. Remember when they had a bluetooth adapter for the type and touch covers? I don't think they were around for long though

Oh yeah, this would be impossible without a keyboard and even if speech recognition is great mistakes will slip and coding would be a nightmare

The only thing I still use 6 Tag for is to see if someone follows me or not since it tells you right on a user's profile. For everything else, it's the official app. Plus, the official app let's you upload videos for free as well as all the updated features

Is this the same finger print scanner that Apple has had for years now? or am i missing something

I think they belive in the platform that`s why they are doing another run at it.  Who knows there may be some help given by Microsoft.  I wish they would have the device thinner, screen at high resolution and more bright than the previous.  Fastest processor possible plus large storage.  64GB should be the default.  4GB RAM and microSD support.  Keep the replaceable cover/backs.

How about we all switch to a better more efficient keyboard layout, like say Dvorak. QWERTY is brought from the old days and is holding us back from typing faster.

Reminds of the person who was trying to tell me that I should not be paid to program because it does not produce a physical good. People be crazy

6Tag still does things the official app doesn't. Therefore, 6Tag is still king.  But the ofiicilal app isn't bad.  

With that kind of hardware it needs a 1080p display to really look its best. Hoping they change that, the dual back plates are a really cool concept

This is the strangest pinch to zoom implementation I ever saw :D If I don't move both fingers exactly at the same time, the app will most likely take me to stories or direct messaging depending on where I swiped accidentally. Other than that, if I release my fingers, the picture goes back to normal and doesn't stay zoomed in :D Anyway, I'm happy seeing constant support for the W10M app from Facebook :D

Basically instead of Microsoft fixing that issue they just removed placeholders altogether. They were clearly being lazy.

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I cant get this installed on my Lumia 830, Am running the anniversary update. Any solutions to this