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Just bought 3 of these. One as an extra for myself, 2 as gifts, on orders from my Father-In-Law. We're converting 2 more people to Windows Phone from Android, and they are really excited about it. They don't use apps, so app gap isn't a big deal. What they do want is a better camera (they had a $15 android with a 3MP camera), GPS with offline maps, MP3 player, and a phone all in one. With them wanting offline maps, Windows phone is the only way to go. Yay!

Also picking up tempered glass screen protectors and armor cases with kickstand and belt clips for each phone. Even with all that, it's cheaper than anything else that a decent camera by a long shot. 

How are they ignorant of Windows phone? Adoption has been dreadful for the platform. It now commands less than 3% of sales worldwide and is dropping. Obviously they see no compelling reason to waste development time on a small platform when they could be working on platforms the overwhelming majority of people use.

If anyone may have been ignorant, maybe you didn't understand what you were getting yourself into when you bought a Windows phone. You shouldn't expect people to take it seriously. Even Microsoft doesn't support it ful!y!

You can buy a yellow shell from MS or Amazon for 14.99

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Great present for the mother in law. This will be her first smartphone. Couldn't pass it up for that price.

I'm glad you guys post these deals because I would miss out on them otherwise. Just grabbed Contrast for $2.50 after using Bing credits.

059S1C1 <- this information is more valuable, saying "country and model" is vague
Lumia 620
Country variant
No Denim yet... is Cyan

No, you can't. It has nowhere near the reach that Snapchat does. People on Android and iOS don't use windup. This is an example of an app that windows phone needs to be competitive. Regardless of your usage of the app, there are millions of people who DO use it.

I just ove this game nad have been playing against two random people non stop since 2011. So to be able to play on my laptop, windows tablet, windows phone, iPhone or android tablet is awesome. And then facebook too. I am really happy to have WWF on my laptop now and it works well in Windows 10.

You make assumptions and pull numbers out of your ass and present it as truth. You know people who made five levels each, so *obviously* that's what everyone has done. And even if that were true, The creators aren't the only ones who play. You completely discounted those who simply *play* the game.

A subject for another topic I know, but I've never been able to backup my Apps+Settings on my ATT 830. Get 97% done then a message "there was a problem backing up your settings. Try again later.". So I just uninstalled theChive.

Yes most likely, this is locked to AT&T. They want people to use their service. Tmobile version 521 is not this low.

Finally, a fun, useful and insightful comment digression.

Happy Yalda to you, sir. May the coming year find you prosperous.

Am I missing something with"Hey Cortana"?. I have a 1520 with 8.1x (developers preview and currently up to date--- says I have denim) but I don't seem to have hey Cortana? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Folks...

Today 12-21-14 I received a "Welcome to Demin" notice on TMO US for Lumia 635.  

I then turned on Preview for Developers and updated to 8.10.14219,341..  

And after reboot the phone returned to Cyan... If I turned off Preview for Developers - Denim notice in Extras+info returned...

However with both Cyan or Denim - the versions listed are exactly the same..

Anyone else experiencing this 




Why can't you enter from a Windows Phone 8.1? Seems a little ironic...My Lumia 920 (Cyan) can't display the widget...

The lack of (predefined click) buttons on the mousepad is honestly one of the best features of the hardware!  You two finger click ANYWHERE on the thinkg for a RT click.  You one button click ANYWHERE.  You can click and then use other drags on the trackpad to move around! 

I've been tempted to add a Surface Pro 3, but am slightly reluctant after having had an original Surface Pro...the kickstand (then) couldn't compare  the lap-ability of a hinge.  Is this less an issue than it used to be?


I hace a 1020, after using by the first time Thechive App the start button problem issue started. I already uninstalled it and the problem continue, so I went to do the security backup of my Phone to do later the hard reset and magically It started to work fine, the only thing that stills working wrong are the direct access in the notification center, I cant change it! So i do a soft reset but the start button problem started to happen again!!!... If anyone knows how to solve this without doing a hardreset pleaseee tell me I am already desperate!

I really this ad, im singing alot with it. To be fair that Microsoft is doing its awesome. All those people hating on Microsoft get paid.


(Sining) I really like my Surface Pro 3 

I have a MacBook Air which I'm quite satisfied with. If, however, Microsoft started their trade-in program I'd be tempted to get a Surface 3. 

Ahhhh the joys of not having the Cyan update for my Icon -- unable to support the orbit due to no Bluetooth 4.0 and cyan... Good ol Verizon...

You can use with Gophone monthly plan or another carrier like Straight Talk. No need for 2 years contracts. You'll end up losing more money in 2 years contract.

The ATT/GoPhone comes only in a grippy black IIRC, but it can be swapped out with a yellow shell if you get one.

Why not just get a yellow Nokia backplate?  I got a Cyan a few months ago for about $6, and it is the official Nokia backplate.