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Hello. I try to install windows 7,8.1, 10 on external ssd drive connected via usb port to my 15" MacBook Pro 2014 and cant select ssd during installation process, it just say that - “You cannot install Windows on a USB flash drive from Setup”. 

I replace my ssd inside old pc, install 10 there, and again connected it to macBook and boot from ssd. It works fine. 

But i do not have anymore that old pc. 

Question: Is there way to install windows to external ssd without using other pc?

Project Astoria is put on hold or dead, no one knows until the deal with google is explained.

Project Islandwood (IOS bridge) is on the otherhand still going strong and it seems like it has 1st priority and on schedule for Q1 2016 and perhaps early Q1.

They are always a great read. No idea how they are so good every week but Jason continues to deliver.

Yet it has the most OEMs trying to change the game and thay do not like andorid, so maybe a third competitor may gain market if these OEMs can have some software house on thier wagon, we'll see.

Yeah I don't think Microsoft need to read this article to know where they are going, Jason and the rest of the world have less information and it's purely logical and well thought out speculation, I would say nearly every article so far by Jason has hit the nail on the head and is a very accurate portrayal of the true direction and reasoning being used by Microsoft.

During the Technical Previews, I frequently used backups that I made during 8.1. So yes, it'll work.

Any thoughts or suggestions if I should move forward on using insider upgrade to wm10 on my icon, my primary device yet?

The premiss behind a device with full Windows is precisely that it's meant to be used with an external display through Continuum.

When you attach one of the new Lumias to Continuum, the phone interface goes away and is replaced by a desktop. However you're still limited by it being a mobile OS and only running mobile apps (and limited to the ones that would've been updated to it). If the phone itself runs full Windows, it would actually be giving you access to real win32 programs and your entire experience would move from an overblown WP10 experience to a true Windows desktop experience powered by your phone-sized PC.

Sure you could still use said phone as, well, a phone. But it wouldn't be the purpose of such device.

Thanks, I wouldn't have thought that! Though now that I think about it, you could probably skip the restoration, do your thing with Lumia Offers, do hard reset and then restore previous backup?

No offense, but this is fanboy garbage. I see MS explictly admitting it has lost the mobile OS battle. These words are backed by their tepid launch of the 950.
Continuum has almost no relevance in the real world. People will follow apps not the OS - that is what prevents most ppl from switching to WP, and that is why Google does their best not to support WP.
As I see it, MS only foothold in future say, 5 yrs from now, is that the business world relies on Office and Windows workstations and servers. For everything else, Google and Apple offer better or more popular solutions.
MS has done little to nothing to build a bigger, better footprint in the app market. Case in point: Skype. They acquired the leader in messaging and let it rot away to irrelevance.

That's what I meant -- way too many govt agencies. Also this article says Federal, not States. 3800 sites is just another indicator of how bloated and tyrannical the US federal govt has become. Also, that they have websites does not necessarily mean more transparency.

Yeah mine says " Order in Process".  I ordered on 22/11 and says ships by 3rd December. 

I hope the Mozo Flip cover I ordered arrives on time...I ordered yesterday from "Unlocked Mobiles" on the basis that their website showed the cognac one as "in stock"...but as soon as order complete, they emailed saying stock is not yet there!!

Mozo have badly handled the release of these, as have most resellers.

The 950XL is gonna be epic though! 

Microsoft said: Windows 10 for phones will be released this year in December.

Who are these people still using Windows 8 when 8.1 has been out for more than a year? Lol! Anywho . . . The Lumia 950 & 950XL seem to be in high demand & people on other tech sites & YouTube channels are very excited about features like continuum & the iris scanner. However, the supply shortages might  be due to hoarders taking advantage of the free dock special so they can resell the phone and dock separately in order to make a profit!  All things considered if MS can manage even 2.5 million+ units like the 920 it'll be great for the platform. I'm confident that this will happen.

It's best if you realize that tech bloggers are not the rest of the world and that Microsoft is actually going back to their roots by angling for the Enterprise more. How did Windows PCs wind up in most homes? Because it's what people use at work. Having one OS everywhere is an amazing proposition. Stop thinking so small.

Really? That's your beef? There are a lot of agencies within the government. A modestly sized state can have hundreds of sites. We can argue about the size of government but whatever size it is should provide access to the public and not making the public know which agency they need to reach is in what department in order to arbitrarily reduce the number of websites is more a better, more transparent approach.

True, but when Chevron was released Microsoft was still struggling to get mobile operators to give WP a second thought, and was trying as hard as they could to play by their rules. It looks like they are moving toward a "screw it, we really have nothing left to lose" attitude, and are trying to take control back from the MOs. So as long as this doesn't undermine the Windows ecosystem in some way, I suspect Microsoft won't care.

Thanks for this! I also have a 1020 and prefer not to use "the cloud." By the way, are you happy using the 950's camera over that of the 1020?

Am I the only one whose glance screen on the phone (820) isn't working ? , since 10581 the app opens and shows Black screen , just nothing except the name of the app , anyone got this issue ? A fix ( if available) ?

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   Well, hopefully this strategy works out better than the low-end one did. I will support WP/WM as long as Microsoft does.

The only problem I see with this is the size of the screen. Would you want a 5inch device running full windows? Because if it's more than 5 inch then it's not a phone and that's why tablets exist. We already have those.

Which sounds great in theory, but there would be no firmware support so most of the things wouldn't work optimally (if at all).

That you found something Microsft overlooked or is build-in as a feature others overlooked. Or you are too good. Position @ MSFT something to think about perhaps... ;-)