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Was obvious that this change is coming. The spacing is already different on non mobile preview.

Right?? AoE Castle Siege is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. At least deserves to be on the list for sure.

Even I hope so. Supercell's CEO says they might consider WP if its user base increases. Thankfully, he's not arrogant like Snapchat's Evan Spiegel. So we have some hopes.

Ahh, ok. Well, from what I've used so far I don't see a difference in speed with Cricket. And damn, I already switched. I didn't know about the credit. :(

Agreed. I find it quite shocking that Clash of Clans has a turnover of $800-900 million from IAPs.

Nice app, it however crashed after only a few hundred of my 30,000 text messages were backed up.

Sorry, I should have been a little clearer. That 2.5gb of data doesn't run at full speed. When you're within your data limit, the highest speed you can get it 8Mbps. After you exceed your data limit, then you drop down to 128Kbps. I believe on Straight Talk they don't have a max ceiling on speeds, so you'll get the fastest speeds that the network can handle at the time.

I just wanted to make sure that was clear since you did mention LTE speeds in your original comment. For me it's not a problem because 8Mbps is still fast enough for me to load whatever I want without having to wait, and I think the price is well worth the tradeoff.

P.S. If you do plan to switch and you ever want a referral, feel free to shoot me a PM. We'll both get a $25 credit. No pressure though!



This should be in the phone backup feature like in other phones!!


Mine is DOA again 10051 cam up bu nothing worked so after a 10 hr install back to 10041. I waited until 10061 and after an all night install it goes up, nothing works and as soon as I try to restart it. it unistalled itself back to 10041.


I guess here is to waiting for 10071. Have these things actually worked for anyone?

I'm fine with that. I never even come close to 2.5Gb in one month, let alone the 3.5GB at Straight Talk. And it is easier to monitor my data with Cricket than with ST if I do start to use more. Since I don't use that much, ST can't compete with the $35/month.

Darn, I was hoping for regular movement. It just doesn't seem like cod with double jumping jet packs, or similar things.

What's sad is all the judmental people on here. So some people enjoy the meta-game that are Xbox achievements. You're better than them because you don't care and just play games for games? Your condescending, saying your way of enjoying games is better than his way of enjoying games. It's akin to a non-gamer coming and telling you that you playing videogames is "really sad" and that you should be visiting museums or reading books instead.

There are financial and social rewards to Xbox Live. I cannot simplify it any further.

Otoh if we played a game where we drink when MS announces a flagship, we would have...well let's just hope we get to open the bottle soon, yeah?

Update released on 4/24 seems to have fixed the issue I was having. TrueCaller launches fine now. Thanks for the update TrueCaller.