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Looks like Dan Rubino did have a talk with more WhartonBrooks articles. It was exactly what we all thought. One guy in the US ordered a rebranded Coship, there was nothing more to it. Their exclusive app looks like an absolute joke that a 10-year old made. Not sure what their strategy is going forward. Watch Win10 Mobile be axed officially. Hah...what sad times for our beloved platform.

But people here have told me they are on the edge of collapse because of their mobile strategy, or lack there of.

Edit: In fact, we were told that gaming (Xbox) was dying, Windows was dead with iOS and Android taking over, and so on. The only part where they seem down is with Surface, which could be updated in literally days.

Cant think of a better time for an xphone pippgy back off switch sucsses. A phone that can play xbox games on the go would make money.

Well not surprised about that. How many consumers are going to purchase a new surface every year....

No, they aren't losing consumers. There were less number of consumers buying Surface products due to lack of new products (Surface Studio and Surface Book with Performance Base are still limited).

As a dev in the making back in 2011, I remember dropping anything Microsoft because we were taking a visual basic course ( a forced course and it was VB 6) and realizing that VB 10 was out wanted instead to learn that in my own time and couldn't have the IDE cause it was licensed... Switched to Java, net beans Linux there we go... Now as a pro how can I be a pro Ms dev?? A case for most of us... Why sell things that benefit you???

Imo, Logitech has already "perfected" wireless gaming mice, especially with their G900 Chaos Spectrum (horrid name tho').

While his comment may have been a little strong, he has something of a point. The Force Awakens has a female lead, this has a female lead (the story looks like it could be very interesting if they do it right), and Rogue One had a female lead (one of the best Star Wars films made thus far imho). So all major SW stories released recently, at least so far as I'm aware, have been female leads/dominate characters. Not asking for only male leads, but some would be nice. And definitely not asking for the female role to be a sex object, as I prefer my movies to be clean enough that I could watch them with my little sister if I so desired. Just asking for entertainment in which the men act like men and not either idiots or sex crazed morons. E.g. Master Chief.

Nothing here in Greece... Third day and nothing... Maybe millions of phones had already received the update in other galaxy !!

I hope that it means that it is possible to get the Creators Update by installing first the Anniversary Update, which should now be available, and joining the Insider program and Release Preview Ring.

You just need to install SquareHome2 and Picturesque locksceen and you'd be all set, plus the Bing app for the ultimate Windows Phone experience.
My Samsung Galaxy S8+ is currently the baddest windows phone I've ever had.

No update in Aus but got it switching over to preview builds in the insider, went straight from Anniversary too Creators straight away, took a while to do It's thing but works a treat on my 950xl

Agree that everyone have different views of looking good or bad, but Android sales are driven by price, not looks.

probably because the sales of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book propped those quarters up last year while there wasn't a new launch to do the same thing this year.

you can't honestly look at that and think it proves the Surface is starting to fail lol, any level of common sense tells you why there is a decrease


Please fix the command prompt/power shell terminal program.

I want to resize the window with a mouse.

I want to highlight text over multiple lines.

I want command line history to persist after I close the windows.

These are basic things that is a huge deterrent to Linux/Mac users.

Won't happen. Android or Chrome doesn't support custom changes like external GPUs and extra RAM. Nothing to worry about.

I've been with Windows mobile probably as long as Daniel Rubino, maybe even longer. I started out on a Dell Axim x5 which ran the Pocket PC 2002 operating system. From that point on I was hooked! The lineage goes Dell Axim x5, Palm Treo 700w ( I had 2 of these ), Verizon xv6700 ( also had 2 ), HTC Tilt, HTC Tilt 2, Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 1520 and my current device is a Lumia 950xl. I came from this at the perspective of a Windows computer that can be a "phone".

The bottom line is that if it doesn't run Windows then I'm not interested. I'm 14 years in and not about to jump ship to a mobile Linux distro.

They've had far too many ideas that they've canned that people invested in that it will be really tough for them to come back from in the developers' eyes.

Going from Windows 8 to 8.1 was painful, so much so I left my app running as 8 because it still worked... I expected similar to go from 8.1 to 10 (whether UWP or Xamarin).

They dropped the Windows RT without any upgrade path to 10 though they want us to believe that they'll treat this next generation of ARM better (though if it doesn't sell as well as they want they'll just drop it and you'll be left with another dead device)

They forced all Windows Phone 7 users to buy new phones to go to 8, if I recall correctly not every 8 phone was upgraded to 8.1, even less received the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 and now a lot of the phones that did make it to 10 are being dropped for the creator's update, although my super old computers will run 10.

When they did upgrade from 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10 they always took away features that made the phone stand out from their competitors. The cloud first focus (or throw crap against wall and see what sticks approach) has really hurt because it had most of their other teams working on competitors.

They killed the Band even though it was successfully selling... though they wouldn't bother even upgrading the features that could be upgraded on the Band that were on the Band 2... then because they made the quality crap dropped out.

I assume Hololens will meet a similar fate as Windows RT, Windows Phone, and the Band if it doesn't sell as well as they would like leaving you with a really expensive paper weight.

Purely development they seem to want to rework how you write an app almost every time you turn around. They get rid of useful things like XNA, now they seem to really want to get as much stuff out of their core development as possible and push it out to NuGet where it may or may not actually be supported.

I rarely ever look at the app store anymore on Window 10 because there just isn't anything there that I need that can't be found elsewhere as a Win32 application...

They have to re-earn the developers' trust and I really don't know how they do that.

I would disagree about it working 'flawlessly'... but they work decent.  Can't figure out the Cortana default either... i wonder if they removed that option in Android N?

Huh? OneNote works amazing in W10M (on my 950 XL and my old 640 XL)... works decent on my S7 Edge as well.  The old WP8 version was bad though.

Hey Mauro, as per Jez, any tabs that you've entered information into won't save the info if you set it aside. Just a warning, might want to update the article.

Also, it would be really cool if MS added tab sync'ing across to other devices.

If MS give some half *** effort to WP, maybe it won't loose the $730 million decline in phone revenue? 

I've tried the Arrow Launcher and it's not bad, but it's quite clunky I agree.  Nova Launcher is so much better.  I deeply miss the live tiles though.  W10M as a whole has a much better UX and UI, it's much more intuitive and smartly designed.  It's just missing the apps.

That doesn't work all the time, especially when on a Company Policy.  Also, that disables the native locking mechanism which puts the device at risk.

Those are not Microsoft's issues... As he wrote, Microsoft has been great with supporting third-party accounts.  Google on the other-hand always forces Google Account down our throats in their stock apps, and some of their apps do provide third-party access (such as Outlook/Exchange accounts), but it doesn't do it well.  Yet in the Microsoft's Outlook app on Android it works well.  

I use Skype for Business on my S7 Edge... the app is faster than the W10M version BUT it disconnects ('cannot connect to Exchange Server') message pops up so many times... which never occurrs on my 950 XL.  It's so annoying.  It seems to have a problem keeping the connection active in the background.

I have been using my HP Z2 Mini now for about three weeks. For CAD work such as Civil 3d and Revit it work perfect. No problems at all... nada. I upgraded the ram to 16GB. Three monitors... perfect.

I honestly think you'd be surprised how many consumer clients they have on O365... Azure is business related indeed.

In the end, they still remain a software company.

Aside from that, all computer sales are in decline so no surprise that after the great revenue from Surface last year to see a decline this year. Also people are waiting for Surface Pro to be refreshed and that shows in the numbers as well I think.

Just my 2 cents...

You shouldn't leave it.  If you like it, then keep it :)  I love my 950 XL.... I have a S7 Edge as well, and while it's useful to have more apps, it's not really worth it simply for apps alone.

Switch to Insider release preview, you get to stay on the current branch build (currently 15063) but also get app updates before general release

Thanks Zac for the article.  You forgot to mention some big annoyances with Android as well:

- ZERO Facebook integration (Facebook removed all contact integration with Android - so now you can't view your FB contacts or photos in your Contacts app) - W10M and iOS still allow this. The People app on W10M is much more easier and intuitive as well.
- Outlook is superior on W10M and iOS - You can't add formatting, tables, etc like you can on W10M. You can't separate mail + calendar notifications in Android's notification platform since it can't distinguish between the two since it's a single app (you can only customize a few certain separation settings in the app itself)
- Groove Music is MILES better on W10M, it looks so much nicer on W10M and on Android won't let you play music on SD cards!
- Tons of bloatware that you can't uninstall without rooting (depending on OEM, but Samsung's devices are full of it)
- The screen doesn't turn on when notifications come in (you'll need a third-party app for this, but again W10M and iOS do this natively)
- Tons of annoying ads (you may have thought Windows was starting to add some, but on Android it's bloated with it... constantly being asked to review apps, ads in news feeds (that weren't there in W10M), youtube has ads during, overlayed AND under each video (yes all 3 places at once), etc.
- Cortana works good, but I agree with the other comments that there's too much swiping/tapping to see things that you normally see instantly in W10M.
- The quick actions in W10M (and maybe iOS) are better and easier to customize than on Android.
- Widgets are a somewhat ok replacement for live tiles, but they do not always scale nicely, and you can only fit so many on your screen.  Live tiles are definitely better and I miss them a lot.
- Notification count badges on the icons are not native to the OS (something I desperately miss with live tiles).
- Android as whole is just ugly... I get that there's lots of customizations and themes, but it still doesn't match the clean, smooth, modern design of Windows.  I especially miss the Dark theme and accent colour that's native to the OS (some apps provide that as an option, but it's annoying having to set it each time... and not many do).
- Microsoft account is not deeply integrated into the OS... for obvious reasons since they want you to use Google.... but it's still quite annoying.
- Hardware-wise... I feel the W10M devices more sturdy and professional looking.  I have a S7 Edge, and it's so fragile.. like who in their right mind designs a device covered in glass? (to please the case makers obviously).  My 950 XL has never had a case and has survived many drops without a single scratch. I can tell this device will scratch/crack very easy, so I had to buy a case unfortunately.

But if you're wanting to know any positives:
- I find the notifications faster and more reliable, and like the notification shade.
- There's tons of apps (but don't expect quality apps... most of the reviews in the play store shows that quality of the apps is going downhill, and don't expect beautiful UI that you are used to on Windows).
- The OneDrive camera roll sync seems faster.
- The camera software is definitely superior to Windows Camera (though hardware-wise, the 950XL has a superior camera, which is another reason I still carry both phones around).  I wish there was a phone with 950 XL'x camera with the S7's camera app.

Overall, I'm only using the S7 Edge as my daily phone only because of the apps but I carry the 950 XL in my bag everywhere I go because of the camera and Groove and when I miss the beautiful smooth OS.  This will hopefully only be a temporary move for me until things magically turn around.

I believe he's just pointing out what everyone is already saying. Microsoft is becoming an Azure/O365 company for commercial and enterprise customers. They are losing all their credibility (profits) as a consumer technology company.

God knows they are the only one with both the software expertise and a pocket book big enough to do it!

I'm on latest RS2 build, Release Preview and didn't get the update, interesting enough.

It's Microsoft...if they hear a whisper about how their fans like it, it will be put on the chopping block.