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Ive been using Media Browser with WMC for years and had all my metadata perfect, including some quite obscure stuff like some documentaries. I tried Plex and whilst i disabled metadata fetching, it decided to overwrite everything, now most of my library has had its metadata trashed and replaced with inferior rubbish and in many cases, metadata for completely different content. I so wish i hadnt been curious, im a couple of months into repairing my library but i wont be letting Plex anywhere near my content again and will stick with Media Browser.

One of the biggest issues many face is the fact that there are a lot of shows that do not show up in their database when searching.

Sure you can enter in the RSS feed manually, but this is 2014 and most feel if 3rd party podcast apps can do it, so should the built-in app.

I don't believe WPCentral is supporting a copy of a game. And when we try to report to MS, they don't have something like "copy of an app"!

Another update for the Xbox Music Beta app.  Oh it's not a Beta.  And MS is a software company.  (Awkward)

It works fine with me maybe I'm not as picky as yall are but I really haven't noticed to much difference between WP music experience or IOS or android there maybe a big difference but I just don't notice it and I have owned all three platforms they all play music and I don't mind waiting a few seconds between songs so works fine for me.

That's one of the most negative and over dramatic comments I've ever seen on a tech site. I'm sorry to sound harsh, but that just wasn't necessary at all.

I wish they would make Xbox Music's new releases show more new releases. Like Zune. I still use Zune on PC because it is better for music discovery. Not everyone likes Katy Perry and Wil I am.

i have on my 1520 and im not nearly as impressed as you are. i find it regularly flips you out of the app into IE for many stories and also video playback. what i dislike the most is the cover stories that auto subscribes to several sites that i have absolutely zero interest in, these are the sites that provide the content for the livetile and there is no way to unfollow any of this content. No offence to anybody whos into surfboards, but i am defo not that guy... yet it keeps pulling content from some dumb surfing site and putting that in my livetile. ill wait a couple more updates but if these basic issues are not addressed by then, its getting scrubbed

It does that already. Do people even look at the setting check out the music setting in the settings menu

I like the fact that the built in one can play at 1.5 or 2x the speed. I can't understand why more don't offer this feature. Are there others that do this that I am missing?

Calling it "pico" and not having a projector in there is misleading, probably on purpose, and for that reason, I'm out

Podcast lounge gets my vote.

I can never seem to cancel the built in podcast app - even after listening to something, everytime I change the volume it's they're. What an I doing wrong?

Been using this one for a while and I like how it's not just an Xbox music skin and it works great, plus it has integration , but there's a few missing things like gapless audio. Still can't believe that not a single app on WP has this.

What windows phone you using I can put all my songs on SD card and apps and movies and photos are you running a windows 7 device or something.just wondering

Please no with the animations. Sounds like iOS and I would hate it. I have only seen iOS 7+ in action but it looks terrible.

Still waiting for the ability to manually pick album art & artist pictures for the ones Xbox Music refuses to recognize even when the tags are perfect.

What do you mean? I buy songs all the time. After I buy a song on my phone it then automatically downloads to my PC.

Thanks to broke something that was fine in the first day that I bought my phone (before Amber)? NO. I'll say Thanks 1 year after they bring a good app, the same time they got to do something that was already fine. If it wasn't ready, it needed to be a Beta. I don't want to be in this Beta.

I agree with how they have made Windows 10 more desktop oriented, as I feel this should have been Windows 8. However, the design of Windows 10 this far in the preview, and I swear if someone tells me this is a preview I'm going to lose it, is kind of a mess. Microsoft needs to make Windows much more Metro/Modern with regards to system wide design. Xbox and Windows phone look basically identical but most of what I see worth Windows 10 is Windows 7 which is good from a usability standpoint but bad from a cohesive design standpoint. Imo.

I'm pretty sure this is new; it does a far better job of telling the user if music is no longer available to stream than the last versions did.  It's graying them out in the song list and gives a little info button if you can't play it.

Not sure what the complaints are about since I've never used the Zune player. Works okay for me for my basic requirements.

Xbox music might not be perfect but id rather pay 9.99 a month for unlimited downloads. Then pay 99-1.29 per song. After two years I fined that very few songs I look for that I can not find on the Xbox music store. If I do run into a song I can't find on Xbox music store I just download it for music plus try that on a iPhone that's not jail broke you cant add song to iPhone unless you use the abomination iTunes you can't download directly to you music library unless your iPhone is jailbroken you can on WP.

Nothing new or significant on the MS stand at GITEX, just had some WP handsets we already know about, Surface Pro 3 and some OEM tablets, overall disappointing compared to same time last year.

Probably embarrased to post them, since they make so few meaningful changes to most of their Apps.