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The only thing preventing me from sticking with just this app is the fact that, apparently, i can't dismiss the pip window when i get out of a video, i have to go back to it and pause it. Is there something i'm missing ?

The platform is not "dead" the Windows 10 mobile smart phones will be changed to create a new class of Smartphones known as the Smartphone/Pocket PC hybrid. 3 things will do that 1=The 2017 "Redstone 2 & 3" updates. 2= The Microsoft "X86 Emulation" software which will enable Windows ARMS CPU smart phones to run some Desktop PC Programs. 3= Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 ARMS CPU which has the power tp quickly process the Windows 10 mobile soft ware alredy mentoned. Yes indeed Windows 10 newlagship smart phones will indeed become Smartphone / Pocket PC hybrids 

Sorry, but you can't moan about any OS issues unless you are on the production version, being a beta tester is supposed to show up issues so you can report them and have them hopefully fixed for the public release...

I am looking to upgrade from my 640. If WhartonBrooks can release a phone this year that works on the AT&T network, I will very likely buy one.

Got the 43UH6500 LG TV and works well with HDR 4K etc. Amazing TV. Best buy on sale for $450. Or get the bigger one. I think it's 59UH6500. 43 Is the 43". Hope more games get updated.
EDIT: for those who buy it... Go to settings "general" and scroll down to deep color option to enable HDR on the ports u choose. Otherwise it won't work.

Every conceivable platform? You mean just Windows 10, which is only 30% of Windows machines and XBox. Two platforms that do not typically use apps? What about Windows 7 and 8? Or Android and iPhone? What does it get you with those much larger platforms!?

Monetization options? Like giving a chunk of the profits to Microsoft if you put it in the store. Doesn't sound that great when you can just distribute an .exe from your website and not have to bother with Microsoft and their under-uses app store at all.

Sadly windows phone is dead, even Microsoft give more focus and resources to putting their software on IOS and Android than to their own platform, why would any developer support WP when Microsoft wont.

Because it gives developers A LOT better monetization options, update routes, availability, visibility, security and much better support to expand your codebase on every conceivable platform imaginable.

Hard passing on this build too. Since 14977, I couldn't take it anymore on my 950. Reverted back to original software and did preview to slow ring and started there.

Use WDRT to roll back to OEM OS, then update to latest OTA production OS, then join Insider fast ring and update again. This worked for my 650 to get 15007 installed, and 15014 installed without issue. I did hard reset after installing 15007 due to mail tile not updating.

Are we ever going to get functional unified messaging? The progress on Skype has been glacial


I was in Carphone Warehouse earlier this week, they supposedly had a 950 XL in stock (was on their website) but in store they had none. The rep said MS have some new phones coming out very soon. I personally cannot imagine they will announce a Surface Phone at MWC but perhaps he had some insider info.

I was never able to load any video, live or recorded on Edge with my 950.

As people have said above, give it a hard reset. That was an issue with early builds of WM and you have to hard reset to fix it for some reason. I don't have any of those problems, but did about a year ago before they fixed things.

I had that issue about a year ago, but it's been long fixed - but it did require a hard reset. I've also given 950s to my folks and those more recently purchased phones never had the issue. So try that. I still think for the money they are great phones, don't see the point spending double for Android or iPhone as I'm not a big app user.

No, they've said after RS2... They have never once said creators update was going to be mobile focused...

True, for a "dead platform" W10M gets a lot of updates. You will get more updates with a 950 than you would most Android phones.

Not really sure how you can disagree with what he said when he is pretty much spot on. (I am a fan of their products as well.) I had the Surface RT, fantastic device that they did nothing really with. Then I also got a Surface 2, fast, small and lightweight that they killed off as well, instead of expanding things into the desktop on that.

I have the Lumia 950 and 650 and love them both but, they are far from perfect. It does not help that more and more apps are leaving the mobile platform although, thankfully, I have not had to deal with that personally yet. The Microsoft Store games platform did have a few significant issues in the beginning that really hurt the first impressions. Thankfully, they are sticking it out and improving things which is why I buy Play Anywhere games from them for my XBox One and Windows 10 computers.

The Band and Band 2 were highly useful products that had terrible reliability. However, instead of fixing the issues and releasing a Band 3, they abandoned the whole thing. Honestly, at this point, a Surface Phone seems about as likely as the Phantom console, basically vaporware. If you guys do not like what I am saying, that is on you but, I have paid my hard earned money on their stuff, it would be good see them stick it out instead of abandoning things.

On eBay here in the UK a used 950 goes for about £175 and a XL for £200. At these prices I still think it's a great option considering a basic half decent Android (Plus 3 for instance) will cost you £350 & Apple wise you'd be looking at a 5s.

Yeah, I just gave the Skypre preview another try recently and it was just a couple of days before i uninstalled it because it still sucks big time. For one, why would I want to call a number using Skype on my cell phone? The only case i can think of is if it was an international number, and even then i would need Skype credit to do it, so asking me every time i tap a phone number link if i want to complete the action using Skype or People is ridiculous. The average user wouldn't equate "people" with the normal phone dialing experience and it would probably confuse them. I mean come on. I don't want and Android phone. That's why i have a windows phone. Please MS, stop messing up Windows Mobile!!!!

Why, they are still better than most phones out there. Other than maybe an iPhone 6/7, Pixel or Galaxy S7 I'd rather have a 950/XL. Camera quality, fluidity of use, these are still great phones. As long as you don't care so much about apps they are great phones.

Dude it has been all over WC after Anniversary Update Redstone 2 was mobile focused, but then again they lied many times before

Yeah, oddly the blue light filter is the thing i'm most excited for. The People bar seemed to me like it might be too cluttered, confusing, and buggy. I like the drag and drop files to contacts, but otherwise i didn't "get it".

Actually as I said earlier I just got a Band1 for this Christmas and I love it. I checked out all alternatives and seen a couple of other brands around the circle of my aquaintances and have not yet seen anything as great looking and informative as the Band. Haven't yet seen an Apple Watch close in action and feel though.

 particularly for desktop users who have far better Win32 software packages available to them (often for free)

And vice versa. For instance Adobe is still not able to propose a WIN32 Premiere and Photoshop Elements programs that scale correctly for all type of resolutions.

Also, is there any even remotely close equivalent to those Store app like: Staffpad, DrawPDF, Map, Groove Music, INI, XBox, Meme Generator, Birthday Hub, ...

Those are just some random examples that are much better than any Win32 programs. The fact that it supports W10 features, free up the RAM automatically, roam their settings accross device, can be uninstalled cleanly... are just some cherries on the cake.

Put another way, those 30% of users are more than 300 millions. Some MacOS developers create program more much less target audience .

As for the reason why: because UWP offers you integration with the Action Center, Cortana, Share API, because it gives tool to cover all screen resolution, size and ratio, various input method (including pen and touch), because it is available in one central repository that is safe and therefore attractive for use.

Among others...

Good to know! Personally, I would go to dinner first, then to the bar, then home for dessert...

The only thing that could make this better is if Microsoft could swing it to be in the Windows store and be Play Anywhere

Lumia 650 on Release Preview 14393.693. I was previously on the Fast Ring, build 14977, but rolled back due to apps not loading. I've been back on release preview for a while now; Are there any compelling features or reasons to move forward again on insider builds? It seems like a lot more things are broken, and although I do like testing new builds, I'd hate to have to roll back again.

Especially to test a product as large as Windows when they crank out builds weekly, if not faster.

Don't know how many times this needs to be said. This is fast ring people... if you can't deal with that... you shouldn't be on it.