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Ugh! I updated to 10159 and it's terrible! Click on a tile or an application in the start menu and nothing happens. Worst yet, Office 2016 preview is now broken. I was prompted to repair my installation, which is fine, but it failed. I had to roll back to 10158 which is much more stable for me'

It's a great game but hey its all subjective...

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QuizUp is great.... it makes me think & get to learn something new while having fun.  :)

Is gonna be out on X1 first or is it gonna come out for both consoles on the same day???

  I feel you in that the Flagship should have top of the line specs (and both the Talkman and the Cityman do) but even I wouldn't want Microsoft to release a phone with these specs. The reason being, if they did this, they wouldn't release another Flagship for ten years. LMAO!

I read somewhere that about 100mb was dedicated for project Astoria. There is also Developer options.

Well rumors or not let it be known I will not ever bend to Android but will and can transfer all phones and PC's to MAC's and won't look back ! I also would feel the almighty shareholder (of which the world turns) should ask for certain Microsoft heads!

Just my opinion

I've just updated to 10158 yesterday. Kept showing 100% downloaded but did not start to install for sometime so I rebooted my PC a few times then it start to install then restart thePC a few times again then it start to configure and complete the installation.

    According to my cousin who has it installed on his 930, this is the smoothest version of the OS yet.

My computer had just finished installing 10158 when I came here to Windows Central to read and lo and behold another new update - the 10159! Went to update setting and true enough, another one! Keep it coming LOL!

This sounds like a really fun game - i like that you can still be beat even if you answered all 7 right.

I'm happy to hold off until an announcement I don't want to spend a few hours while it updates to find the it's just an even uglier looking login

I have both and actually prefer the Venue Pro 11 because of the more standard 1080p screen. I hate the effects of Windows scaling on HiDPI screens (at least Apple got it mostly right with Retina), and so running the SP3 at native res really strains the eyeballs.

Plus, the VP11 is about half the cost once you add needed accessories to both.


If you're into notetaking, the SP3 is superior, but for a small carry-around note, the VP11 is better.

I'm waiting, and hoping the 940 goes on sale Stateside.  I bought the 930 international version.  Really like it even without LTE.  I'm sitting at 3.5G, according to the tech at my local AT&T store.  Wish I could figure out how to get Denim on it though.  I don't have much hope of a country variant for the good ol US of A.

Fluff.  They still haven't fixed the All Apps, nor have they figured out where Settings would be as far as consistency goes.  They also can't even be consistent on what icon is used for sharing, for feedback and other things.  And the new Skype is bad.  First, it's a desktop version, and you can never actually exit it without going into Task Manager to kill the process. This continues to be a mess.

Sounds like nice constructive criticism to me.  My kids do stuff like this all the time and I'm always amazed and proud.  But I'll still give them constructive feedback.

When is Microsoft going to break away from this boring old Nokia design for every single new phone? Nokia is gone so why not try some innovative new design? Like a Surface type phone or who knows, something different!!!

I think that ones up for a lot of debate. The 930 is probably one of the best looking phones Nokia ever made. What stifled it was the lack of a real push to sell the device - limited to no marketing and carrier exclusivity all but killed it. You can still buy one for $350ish and the device is an absolute steal for that price.

The rollback software when i am downloading it getting lots of errors
It saying could not connect server
net is working fine
what should i do?

Now that 10159 is here I really like the hero image.  Couldn't tell so much on the low res samples.  Reminds me of club photography work I used to do where I only used the club lighting.

On the quest for good desktop backgrounds I'm often dissapointed by many of the lifeless photoshop offerings out there.



As others have said, this phone is for mass consumption. A phablet for who cannot afford 1520 or Iphone 6 plus. For high end users, most in this forum, the main benefit we get is increased likelihood of more apps as a critical mass of users get reached.

Perhaps fastring will get daily builds as we close in.  Gives them more chances to test the upgrade process too.  Overall, the upgrade is fast.  I remember when an OS upgrade was a half day procedure.

You guys had better realeased more API's than ever cos I see no reason why you keep locking out some features for 'GOD KNOWS WHY' reasons.

Stuff like that only make windows OS suck. C'mon.........21st century for crying out loud everything should be out there!!!!!!!!

1 more month and it's finally over. anyone installed this in old netbook?

I agree, Samsung releases what 2 good phones at a time, Apple the same thing, LG usually 1-3, HTC, 1, sometimes 2. But that's what MS needs to do, low end, mid, and high. 3 phones at a time on ALL carriers, or bypass them and sell on MS only, or something. But, I can understand their dilemma, Android has like many, many companies selling phones to many different people, MS can't come up with that much different hardware. It's a tough place to be in without OEM support.

Personally, I think the original Hero Image is absolutely gorgeous! It is an amazing work of art. Especially when it hits you that this is not just some digital artwork created in Photoshop, but an actual photograph of a real time display assembled on a set, with real lasers... How can anyone who loves Microsoft not be a fan of this?

Glance is killing me here! I already figured out hard resetting is what caused it but my 640 set it so it is always on even when not on the charger when I always kept it on peek... grrrr wish I could just disable it to avoid a downgrade/upgrade :*( I think my interop unlock survived upgrading to 10 though, I was able to sideload lollipop lockscreen and it would open but wouldnt load the picture so ultimately useless but still cool that it even sideloaded imo...