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They should have included the Sony Z3 it probably would have been Nokia's closest competitor

I'll probably stop by, not sure about the game choice. I tried it once on PC, and it was so-so. I'm admittedly more-interested in Geometry Wars 3 next week, but getting something people want is never bad.

It's nice but we knew. Too bad they still have the better apps. And I don't mean just availability, I mean the quality for the apps that we manage to have is so far below.

Paul, this is one cool ass game. We went through it a couple times because the puzzles are a bit tricky sometimes.  But I hope the developer decides to make this a series. Its crazy and fun.  I hope to be around tonight to watch. Should be fun.

I find the same with my 1520. Very unimpressed. Though I did have a 1020 previously, so maybe thats part of it.

Lumia denim might be faster but quality went down big time, which is why some of us actually went back to using Lumia Camera classic seems like MS sacrificed quality for speed.
So basically dont worry about not having camera 5.0

Uhm why two uservoices? Makes no sense. It cuts the votes in half and it wont rise as fast.

But still iPhone 6's camera is considered as bst, I don't know why, when 930's is way better than iPhone's........

I'm a big fan of lumia,but please,there's a lot of another thing that they can beat us,who cares about the quality photo if you uploaded on instagram,facebook,twitter? If we want make a war,make it sure that we already have everything for our weapons..

Been using the 1520 for a month. Never going back to a smaller phone in both camera MP and screen size. Perfection.

That someway is still a lack of software on the platform. Too many things are missing for the masses to be enticed by a photo taken in bad lighting. Plus, when you're as embedded in a platform (particularly when you're spent money on apps you care about), changing becomes harder and harder the longer you wait to make that switch. There is also the issue that Microsoft's hardware releases have been less than stellar since they took over, with nothing launching with an SoC better than a Snapdragon 400. The 930 is a year-old now, and people have been thrown promises of new hardware, software, and firmware, making them not want to commit to a phone that's about to be replaced.

How is the IPhone 6 continuing to come up short in the photography department? Maybe their apps library makes it a low priority for them.

It was in a movie..some robot arena fight thing. There was Bing all over the arena place. Looked pretty awesome to me

I have one of their mid-high range ultrabooks and I love it. Its a great machine and I'd probably only give it up for a Dell XPS

Was this test taken with the Lumia Camera 5.0 update & Denim? If that's the case, the Lumia camera will be ahead of the competition. I hope the new flagship with Windows 10 for phones will be a game changer with an even better camera than the 930.

Its not just about the pixels count but how those pixels are used, combined with sensor size, aperture, lens, algorithms etc etc.

My Australian country variant of the Lumia 520 (RM-915 iirc) got Denim just a few days ago, no changes though which was expected.

I petty them when WP grows, because by then they must have lost a lot of users, same applies to those stubborn organisations and devolopers.

If they don't build an app, users will always find alternatives.

Its all about the 20mp camera and the software behind it. A decent combination will beat out pure hardware or software each time.