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They're not public vehicles. Uber drivers are driving their personal vehicles and operate as independant contractors. The drivers set their own hours of operation. They drive when they want to, not when Uber tells them to. Think of them as self-employed business owners.

Now, I'm not for or against Uber. I just think some of the comments here are off the mark. Uber doesn't even operate here in my hometown, and for a company to be valued at $50 billion, I would expect them to be everywhere.

I think the world forgot about our 1320's. I moved on to a 640XL - miss the camera button though.

My upgrades (includes family/friends) are back logged..not enough time in the day..

Hmm, I've heard ass sells pretty well. Never had to buy any myself, but I hear stuff.

Some features in 8.1 needs to get back (pinch to zoom out, snapping three apps, etc) but Im sure they will all go back in the next update. Tablet mode in 10 isn't that bad imho.

I have to say, I was quite nervous when I hit the update button on my SP3. After all, it is my main driver. To make it really exciting, I was running Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015 RC and SQL Server 2014 Express on it. Of course I did a full backup, but I was still nervous. But when Windows 10 came up, EVERYTHING worked. This is what a great OS looks like.
Windows 10 rocks, plain and simple.

- Myself and several friends have Chrome somtimes refuse to launch or take a long time before launching. 
- I have one friend whose wifi now cuts in and out. 
- Notifications panel would open this morning but were unresponsive the first 4-5 times I tried. 

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. Though I understand the intuitiveness of traditional Start menu, but aren't restricting ourselves not to give a chance for something more than that? Well Windows 8 Start screen innovative as it is, but I know its issues and there are some big issues. In Windows 8.1 especially with Update 1, it was getting there actually and I think (at least for me and some people I know) works perfectly.

Windows 10 Start menu isn't bad, its there for people who are too comfortable with traditional menu, but even with that aside from Live Tiles and slightly improved All Apps, I think it could be more than that. This is why I'm thinking that Interactive Live Tiles should come into play, which didn't make it at launch. That's what I'm excited ever since. Start screen in Windows 10 is OK, but its disappointing that they removed some features that actually useful like: Sorting Options, Semantic Zoom (hey this works even for mouse too), Swipe to open All Apps (useful for tablets and with supported touchpad gestures), All Apps grid (Make sense for Start screen), and its multi-monitor friendly, where it stays on screen even you do something else on the other monitor. Great use of Live Tiles, unlike in Windows 10 were it closes becuase its just a freaking full-screen menu.

I remember that during the first introduction of Start screen, I was thinking if it will evolve into something it replaces desktop in a sense where you pin apps and files (not actually replacing desktop where windows float). Start screen will evolve into a window management of multi-desktops and windows (similar to Task View now). That reminds me of Gnome 3 Activities screen.

Well good thing that we have Task View in Windows 10 now. I'm now actually thinking if Start will totally combine with Cortana cards in future updates of Windows 10. Currently they're actually seperate, make sense since Cortana isn't available for everybody yet and still needs to improve further to actually help us on our computing task deeper. Charms also may comeback in another form somtime in the future, where (I hope) Universal Apps is everywhere and Win32 shares API from Universal Apps, making it Hybrid of UAP and Win32.

i m using windows 10 on my laptop and desktop one drive is on both you can download from the store you can also pin your setting to  the start tiles dont forget windows 10 is still in it nappies charm bar might come later i still use firefox because it uses extentions which edge doesnt AT THE MOMENT

I like the new start menu. And who in the world would want to hide the task bar? This is where Cortana lives. I probably could do without the apps list, since I now open many apps from Cortana, but some aspects of it are just awesome. Being able to navigate to a folder quickly via file explorer favorites from the start screen is quite a time saver. Just to give it a spin, I worked in tablet mode on my SP3 all day today. Not a single issue. It just works.

How do we know that MS is not going to be allowed to make a phone that would work on all major carriers (in the US)? The can certainly make one...the technology exists....Motorola does it. I don't believe Verizon is required to provision all hardware though. So while it may technically be able to work on Verizon they may not have to let it. Then the question becomes if MS would incur the expense of adding the capability if Verizon indicates it wouldn't support it. I'm sure this sort of discussion has gone one, but we aren't going to hear about it. Would be interesting if MS built a capable device and Verizon refused to allow it on their network, wouldn't it.  I would think the FCC and FTC would enjoy that.

I use Yahoo and Gmail. I added my Yahoo account and it seemed fine, but when I compose an email and start to type the email address, some come up and some don't. Basically it's like I don't have all of my contacts that are suppose to show up in the suggestions when composing an email. I can't remember everyoen's email by heart. This is an issue I have currently with the recent lease of Windows 10.

Amazing I'm still not one of them, keeps failing they would of had 67,000,001 downloaded

Wouldn't mind seeing some updates to the app. As of today my Uber app crashes immediately after ordering a car. And then again and again after reopening. But once I've been picked up and dropped off it works again until it's used again for another ride.

This is a list of bugs ive experienced when using windows 10: (im not complaining just helping to make the OS better)
-Start menu takes a bit to show up
-if a messagebox shows up, the aler sound takes a bit to play
-when i click on the battery icon in the taskbar, instead of showing the battery screen like a small box in the corner,it makes a full screen.
-When charging the laptop, the estimation of Windows for the full charge is wrong it says 1 minute left and it is still like 4%
-The Windows Store crashes when updating apps
I will be updating my comment when i find more...

Why would you think AT&T would let you turn in your phone. That's not the contract. Next 12 is a 20 month no interest loan. At 12 mos you can turn it in for another phone and continued payments, or pay the remainig 8 payments. Nothing says you can hand in the phone. They have no obligation to just let you out of your time payment plan.

I have a Laptop that was running Windows 7 when purchased and not long after when Windows 8.1 became available I updated to W8.1 , now this process was clean and pain free. Just this week on Thursday I decided to go with the W10 upgrade and OMG what a nightmare I have had. I didn't have a problem with W8.1 actually I loved it. W8.1 was clean quick and easy to adjust for your own user experience.

Any way W10 the nightmare began on instalation, I chose the express install as I had a webinar to host That evening. Well 2 hours later I was starting to panick as the W10 install was still going on and frankly I really didn't think I would make the call. 2 hours and 55 minutes later it was done and I had just enough time to jump on the call but low and behold all my shit had been change or just couldn't be found. I had to reconfigure my WiFi settings just to get on the internet so I could skype call my partner for details to get on call.

Great got on the webinar but my partner had to host the whole call alone as I had no mic, the W10 had obviously wiped out those setting as well frigging fantastic. I couldn't get rid of the Sype out of my task bar and as the 24 hours progressed I realised I missed my old set up. I don't care about the new edge search engine I am happy with chrome which now has been highjacked by W10 and I have lost all my default settings for chrome. 

Friday I was ragged frustrated tired as I had sat up till 4 am from Thursday night trying to make sense of my computer with the new and great extremely chunky and system slowing W10 so by 9pm Friday night I was to say the least not excited at all and looking for ways to get back my old operating system. Thankfully and I thing it was in the Get Started section of W10 I found a recover my windows 8.1.

Yes I thought that is what I will do so even though there was a warning on there about backing up I relly did not care at this point and I clicked that button faster than you can blink and *boom* just 40 minutes latter I had my computer back could find my tools like my control panel, snippets, movie maker just to name a few and I lost virtually nothing except a couple of recent apps from a few days ago no bigger there. I am so happy to be back on W8.1 and have all my tools available easily. 

Yes as you guessed I am not a computer programmer, tech geek and nor do aspire to be one so for laymens like me I have one piece of advice "Don't Go Windows" instead stay with what you got and wait for the computers to come standard with W10 then I think for people like me that will be a much more enjoyable experience.

One more thing who can honestly say they liked that big search box stuck in their task bar and another thing I typed in their snippet tool because I was using it fine on W8 and instead of searching my computer it opened an internet search page from bing over the top of my chrome window no less with page one search results for snippet tool for W10 aaaargh I wanted the one I new I already had and was using on my computer in W8.1 you dumb asses and where the hell had my control panel disappeared to.

Well that's my rant on a user experience I had with Windows 10 

Kinect does work with Windows... After Adafruit's $2000 challenge of course.  Many useful applications outside gaming

Same for me. I was hoping to try it out on my HDTV, as I think it would be cool as I only would use it for content viewing/listening (Ntetflix, Groove Music, etc...).

A discount isn't the same as free. It's actually not a bad idea to give some discount to Win10 users once Win10 Mobile is out.

I still haven't got the Denim update yet on my Lumia 635 AT&T GoPhone either, even though I'm using it with a regular AT&T wireliess sim card and account.  There have been many people complaining about this on AT&T's forums.  Maybe Windows Central can ask AT&T why the 635 GoPhones haven't been updated.