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No fix sadly without a reboot as far as I've been able to find out. It acts as almost if it's going into presentation mode or silent mode after waking up. I've tried toggling those to see if that would solve it but nothing. Hopefully they fix this in the next build as I keep missing a lot of random messages and my wife thinks I'm ignoring her lol.

Where is Windows Capture 3D? You have all these 3D apps coming out, but the big one to capture 3D objects still hasn't been released yet even though Microsoft said it's coming out very soon.

He was a hype man. The engineers did the rest. This from Jef Raskin, who was there:

" What I proposed was a computer [the Macintosh] that would be easy to use, mix text and graphics, and sell for about $1,000. Steve Jobs said that it was a crazy idea, that it would never sell, and we didn’t want anything like it. He tried to shoot the project down.

So I kept out of Jobs’ way and went to then-chairman Mike Markkula and talked over every detail of my idea. Fortunately, both Markkula and then-president Mike Scott told Jobs to leave me alone.

We went off to a different building and built prototypes of the Macintosh and its software, and got it up and running […] We were trying to keep the project away from Jobs’ meddling. For the first two years, Jobs wanted to kill the project because he didn’t understand what it was really about.

If Jobs would only take credit for what he really did for the industry, that would be more than enough But he also insists on taking credit away from everyone else for what they did, which I think is very unfortunate.

I was very much amused by the recent Newsweek article where he said, “I have a few good designs in me still”. He never had any designs. He has not designed a single product. Woz (Steve Wozniak) designed the Apple II. Ken Rothmuller and others designed Lisa. My team and I designed the Macintosh. Wendell Sanders designed the Apple III. What did Jobs design? Nothing."

For the love of Panos, why would you demo 'Hey Cortana' on video before an audience of Windows 10 users? I kept having to go back to the app on my 950XL. -.-

Now bring the second chance from the Surface RT original.

It could be low priced and it will be a dream of a consumer product, finally.

I got some wired completed, preparing installation done, restart done, some percentage counting done, then another percentage count 10% done pc restart then restoring previous version of windows appaer..old build running don't know what is the issue..

A discrete GPU in a relatively current machine is going to be more powerful than anything integrated.

@Zeem Frostmaw, I'm not sure if that was directed to me, but if so, I see them on my Lockscreen. Or, I see the upcoming meeting(s) on the Calendar Live Tile, or with one touch to the Calendar Live Tile, I can see the whole day view to see my full schedule. That's just with what comes preinstalled. There are also several other third-party apps that extend the calendar functionality, if you happen to benefit from those enhancements. As an Exchange Server user, those generally don't do anything more for me, but many people love them.

Like the original people hub in 7.5?  Or even better like the Web O/S one.

I know it's now the same as when it was integrated in Bing search back on Windows Phone 7 or 8, but Perfect Tools includes a QR reader along with a bunch of other very useful tools for Windows Phones. Also, Barcode Lens is a good dedicated barcode and QR reader, which gets you to the scanner with one tap from the Start screen instead of 2. Both are great and will route you to the web page just as if you it were still part of Bing. The only downside is that you can't access them from the search button on the phone, you have to launch the app first.

I love when he says, "the Smart Phone WAS a device to connect'"
Windows mobile, I want one now :)

I have been with Windows Phone since V7...recently switched to Android (OnePlus3 with OxygenOS). All of my MS services and apps are available and in some instances better than the native MS versions!

Can't blame you for drawing that conclusion. When Microsoft's own Minecraft doesn't have controller support on Win10M, who are they supposed to be encouraging?

Past two build, the Action Center fly out stops working after coming back from sleep. It happens on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Ultrabook 2 in 1. I use it to quickly toggle between desktop and tablet modes. Need to reboot to resolve. Anyone found any quick fixes for this?

I guess you need to update Terry's picture with the new skinny version...

Complications.  Not all games support SLI.  Even if they do support SLI, it will in all likelihood only work in full screen view.  Not borderless windowed, not full screen windowed - only full screen view, which means no playing a game on one monitor while browsing the internet for a quest walkthrough on another monitor, no Netflixing and gaming.

It doesn't make sense only if you are not aware that Cortana is actually HTML5 app pulled from the server and not much of it resides in the native app itself. Therefore they've simply updated the server side of it and served it to those two types of user agents.

I'll be sticking with W10M but all of these apps on other platforms does make me wonder how painless it'd be to switch to them. Seems like the more they do this, the less W10M has to hold you back because it has less exclusive things to keep you there.

That's not a complaint or a cry to leave or anything, just an observation. It just seems to be getting more apparent.

On demand services like Netflix I understand, but I don't really see the appeal of live TV via a streaming service. You can't record, and lose all the benefits of time shifting, if that's your thing.

A better solution for cord cutters who live in metropolitan areas (and have a little ambition) is to buy a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun tuner and a quality digital antenna, and enjoy free live broadcast HDTV from the major networks and local independent stations.

Within your home, you can stream live TV to your PCs, mobile devices and even Xbox, and it integrates nicely with Plex.

In my home we receive free ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox, TheCW HD streams, plus SD signals from numerous independent stations. Add subscriptions to your choice of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and/or HBO and you have everything you need to replace an expensive cable package. We save probably $80-100 month doing this.

(That said, we're not addicted to ESPN...)

I doubt any game nowadays will do that. On Gears Of War 3 for example Epic said as little as 2% of players played it with more than 2player split screen on their stats they had of consoles connected to Xbox Live. Unfortunately its not worth the developers tome to rework the engine to smoothly output 4 players. So I guess you won't be playing any games for well the rest of your life.

OUCH! just baught it in Canada, Québec and i noticed that.... None of the frequencies are supported by Vidéotron! What a Bulls***! I Will have to return it as soon as i get it because apparently when you buy as a guest you can't cancel an order!

It's not necessarily consumers yet, but it's businesses. Instead of providing workers with a work phone, work laptop and office desktops, give them a monitor and a phone that can do it all just as well and keep things moving fluidly between environments.

The phone connected to any screen brings a complete desktop experience to that monitor. The desktop wouldn't appear on the phone itself, the phone would just output it.

It might not be there yet, this is still early days, but if this catches on in the future it means your digital working environment can flow with you everywhere and anywhere spontaneously.

In that case you missed the part of Microsoft's announcement that this feature is meant for tablets and laptops initially. It's supposed to make Windows 10 a better competitor to Chromebooks. They didn't actually confirm this feature for smartphones yet. That's just speculation, likely to happen though.

Also, I take it you never heard of Continuum before? Of course you most likely won't be able to run x86 apps on your phone screen. That's what Continuum is for. When you plug your phone into a monitor or dock, it switched to a full Windows desktop. Your phone remains a phone and retains the phone UI. But on the monitor, it runs in desktop mode. I have no doubt that in desktop mode you'll be be able to run whatever x86 application you please. That is the ultimate goal of Windows Continuum after all. Right now, Windows Continuum can only run UWP apps on high end phones like the Lumia 950, but it's clear that Microsoft will most likely bring Windows On ARM to Continuum. And when that happens, I guarantee there won't be any restrictions to what x86 app you want to run. Why would there be?

Also FYI, nobody makes high end phones with 4 inch screens anymore.

Well its not real progress as it does not solve desktop apps run on mobile at all. Thats the point, what is expected to be solved.