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You shouldn't. I can listen to my daughter's music by simply adding it to my music folder on OneDrive...

The one that first appeared on the Xbox One?? Crimes and Punishments? I mean, this article was clearly not taking about any previous generations.

Remember, they only have a few apps at $99.99 to STOP users from purchasing them. This is 100% due to issues with the Store in hiding older apps. Liquid Daffodil never actually wants users to download those old apps...which is why they put them at a crazy price. If they could remove them and not have issues with existing users they would. :)

It can't be sd210 with 1.3GHz. It's the 212,I believe which along with the 16gb storage, definitely improves the value proposition of this phone

Blame Americans for being such isheep and Android sheep's that it discourages OEM's outside of Apple and Samsung from bringing devices to America. I'm surprised that HTC is still trying with their ONE series devices since they've been losing money for the past 5 years.

Windows Phone died here once Nokia left (and rightfully so).
Even the social pages of "Microsoft Lumia" had to be discontinued by Microsoft and merged into the Windows social accounts because it wasn't worth the cost of maintaining the teams such was the stampede out of the platform.

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Android has more users and more sales than Windows. Xbox is at like 30%. Google doesn't need to worry about Microsoft because they're irrelevant.

It isn't. Given the specs I have no doubt I will buy again the win blu hd lte even at the same price (as a matter of fact it can be found for less than 100 €).

Unfortunately, the 'article' used the same icon as the Groove app. I can understand where the confusion stems from.

"The perfect is the Enemy of the good" Voltaire

 A "cult of the imperfect" - "Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes."
Watson-Watt, who developed early warning radar in Britain to counter the rapid growth of the Luftwaffe

I have to spec server chassis often, and on some occasions I actually have to supply the specs to some suit or secratary. At that point, they might even attempt to discuss the specs based on what they see on the document I provide them.

I oblige, of course. I'm an old man who has learned to act like a gentleman with my internal customer. But they don't have a clue about what those specs mean.

Sometimes, on WC, it feels the same way. No offense, but the SD212 does not automatically relegate a device to "low-end". It might be found in a crappy device, or one that has been very well engineered. But on its own, it far from defines the over all package.     


it is, however, Nadella"s choise to not have any mid range MS phones on offer anywhere, including the US. he said if other OEMs don't fill the gaps, ms would. are there some in the pipe? when is the time to act? now or later? will he?

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I have a blu hd lte and I'm very very happy with it. Dual sim + lte, the screen is better than a 520 or a 625, touch is better as well, processor is superb really fast (I have forgotten the loading and resuming messages...). Nice colours, small bezels (never seen bezels so small on a Lumia), soft key backlighted! The only negative point is the camera but I would not think one nanosecond in buying again this phone instead of a Lumia under the 735 (btw I have compared the speed in loading apps wrt my wife's 735 and the blu is faster...). As a matter of fact my experience is so positive than also in the future I will surely consider other manufacturers instead of Microsoft Lumia)

I love it!  That one little tweet....."Not coming to USA", has more positive influence on the opinons of how good that phone is than any marketing ploy ever would.

If we can touch it, it is crap. And the forums will be filled with FAIL threads.

If we are denied it, it is the one we are being CHEATED out of and we will loooooong for it. :)

It is. There are cheaper phones but only from Chinese OEMs and those don't enjoy much of a reputation around here. Of course, those other phones do have the advantage of running Android instead which may help selling more. But at this point Microsoft can't afford to bleed even more money on mobile than they already do.

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3 years ago Verizon ran a Valentines Day exclusive RED Lumia 822 sale. Those were the days. Rise of the Lumias, expectations for the new best camera and Verizon flagship in the upcoming 928, which I was one of the first to get, and still sporting it today.

Miss the beautiful hardware and fast WP8, today's 950/950XL are just..ugh

Not bad at all. Wish the MS Store would match this sale or match Amazon's prices. I bought two of the Win HDs for family members a while back but they'd benefit from the LTE antennas in this model.

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So, did you just get in the platform or something? The problem for many is that it is a step back from its predecessors, both in design and features.

you cant, just hit the EDIT button and write something else like (deleted)

thats it

I think you know what he means. I definitely know he is not talking about hardware, so that leaves people are just not buying iPhones and android phone.

I think the design is great! Very Windows 10. Works well here... What device are you using?

I got 82781 on Lumia 950 XL. It doesn't recognize 3 GB of RAM yet, but it seems right around the displayed benchmark for the 950 XL. It's in the same realm of Samsung's top of the line devices, which passed on the Snapdragon 810. Comparing Apples to Oranges though since the OS puts all the devices on a different baseline, especially the iPhone.