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This is cool. Not having full screen mode was my biggest gripe with Windows 10. Now I'm ready whenever they are.

And the fact that Apple can get away without giving the other OS's Siri is bullshit. I see the potential but it sucks we can't have anything special to Windows Phone like iPhones have Siri and no other OS can get it. Meh.

The IM functionality in that app was completely broken.  I remember having lots of discussions about it, and I even made a YouTube video showing the issue:  Windows Live Messages would take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes longer to get pushed to the Windows phone while being instantly pushed to Android (Trillian for Android, BeejiveIM), iOS (Microsoft Messenger Client), or Windows Mobile (Windows Live for Windows Mobile Client).  Facebook was even worse.  Sometimes you literally *never* got the Notification

It was so inconsistent, volatile, and laggy that it was functionally worthless to try to use it.

Brilliant Idea, but absolutely damning execution.

It doesn't take a lot of work to see there were tons of issues with the Facebook integration with the Windows Phone Messaging App:

Those are issues that have existed (and persisted) from the day Windows Phone 7 was released.

Completely disagree with the Skype video and audio quality issue. Skype is one of the best clients for VC. BTW, even Facebook uses the Skype engine.

Looks like I made a good choice going Android. But the integration in Windows Phone will be better than on Android and iOS.


Here's how I look at MS open strategy.  Windows OS have huge marketshare (90%), most businesses, personal (gaming come to mind) use it.  No matter how you look at it, unless this person are couch potato who does nothing all day but watering their plant.  Using office, cortana (embedded on Window 10 specifically), skype, onedrive are what personal or businesses use.  Using Android, iOS, or WP as a mobile device that could access those application are huge benefit.  No matter what, MS affect your life directly or indirectly.

38mb at home and 100mb at work, Cortana searches still include 3-4 seconds of watching her halo spin. Also if it were due to the connection speed shouldn't it slow down Google searches too?
As I say, it disappoints me because otherwise Cortana is fantastic.

I wish there was a loop/repeat option. The only thing keeping me from switching from Hyper for YouTube.

Vista wasn't that bad.  If Vista was released when Machines were specced like they were when 7 was released, I don't think we'd have heard much about it to be honest.

Have they had any real fixes for the surface pro 3 issue yet? Haven't been able to install it cause it keeps rolling back. Tried the whole max clean thing and the removal of all devices.

True, anime has its own depth to it. Especially with it character development and its uniqueness... One cartoon I can came up with which has similar feel to it is only Avatar, the legend of Aang.

People didn't want this for Skype, they wanted it for the SMS Relay between Phone and PC.  When you use an iPhone with an iMac/MacBook you realize just how much of a killer feature this is.  I can have my phone, literally, downstairs and still get all of my Phone Calls, iMessages, SMS, MMS, FaceTimes, etc. on my iMac.

Skype is too poor of an IM client compared to what's available to care that much about it, and there are now too many ways of Accessing VoIP/Video Calling to care about that, either.  Skype's Audio and Video Quality are comparatively poor compared to a lot of its competition (Apple, Google, Facebook to name the biggest ones).

I assume you mean default start menu, in which case you can... Stardock is working on a new version of their start menu replacement already.

Nah... If it use popular anime character... The name already attached to it. Just like Sakura to Naruto and etc.

I want Clash Of Clans please I am thinking of porting it from android from the app studio 2015 I play it via bluestacks will this gonna be hard but I'll give it a shot..

Why is Pokemon isn't count as an anime? When its made by a Japanese studio and aired in Japan?

Hmm... Actually Sakura isn't really a popular name in anime... I can't really remember one except of course, from Naruto.

I had this feeling to up to now but I really am believing it's going to be much better this time with Windows 10

OK, then how about a related complaint: they still don't support WEBM video, and that is used on a lot of sites, and yet they introduce support for a new format that nobody uses yet.

Shouldn't tip that. BTW, Anyone with Win10 10122 can tell me if was able to install this game? I couldn't. Thanks.

Isn't that the case with any OS? Rumor has it that iOS 9 will finally have multi user support (at least iPad) and split screen functionality (probably iPad and iPhone Plus). Those are glaring flaws for me that Windows proper has had (Phone has had Kids Corner and App corner). Siri is still a joke. Both iOS and Android have numerous unpatched bugs and security issues.

I wish going the exclusive route with Cortana, Office, etc worked out, but it didn't. It has been a long time since Microsoft was looked at in as positive way as they are with the moves of the last year or so and with the coming Windows 10. I have no plans on ditching Windows. If you prefer Windows, the availability of Microsoft services on the other OSes shouldn't change that. I hope that it will only make the Windows ecosystem as a whole better.

Apple & Google are beasts in market share compared to Microsoft. They don't need to entice consumers to use their products, I do understand what MS is trying to do but it's a bad gamble in my opinion. I don't think they will shift the numbers too their favour on mobile hardware. With that Windows 10 companion app, I see no reason why l should stick with a Windows Phone.