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Ok so the obvious question would be "if I use this method to extend the free upgrade deadline and then miraculously recover from my disability, can I clean install without those features enabled?" :-)

Maybe we should stop asking MS why they write all the good apps for other platforms because we wont change any thing. Who we should ask is the OEM's I would buy your windows phone but dosent have the microsoft app I want so I have to go to IOS, and let them ask MS.

Right now this limit is store account based. So I am afraid it would mean an upgrade to your account. But worth considering for some.

I did liked this phone, but with WP8.1, after W10M, it is one of the worst experiences, not exclusive to this device.

I really dont want to roll back, have everything exactly the way I want.   I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with the screen flashing out issue, I figured it was a defect on my device only.  Any chance the firmware only will come down by leaving the insider program or some other level of it, like release-preview?

Exactly my issue! Hoping not to roll back. Not sure if I can restore my backup since I'm running the anniversary update already.

Sound has always been buggy at times too no matter what OS I'm running.

I would love to put it on my 830 but I apparently made a critial error. I removed it from my Microsoft account a few months back. Afterwords I reset the device. Then the Reset Protection thing came up and wants me to put in the key... I don't have the key as I apparently deleted it. So a legit owner got locked out of my device. You'd think it would give you the option to log on with your Microsoft account with reset protection but nope!


I'm hoping I didn't waste my time here, because I rolled back from redstone. The way I see it, 02179.00000.16201.54051 > 02179.00000.15455.24047 - and I"m hoping it fixes the blinking screen issue.

Used it in windows 10 for almost six months before I got the 950. World smoother and faster, bout wasn't as reliable as 8.1 also. After the last update some two months ago, the camera went dead. But it's a great device

Hey that's great to hear for these Lumia 830 owners! Hopefully my dads Lumia 640 on t mobile will also get officially updated.

Yea the ones about "bring Pokémon go to windows" deserve a million downvotes. Just one recent example

Any windows 10 with aniversary update that packs a WIFI adapter that is Miracast capable. But thats most of the last couple of years wifi adapters. But PC's without any WIFI are not capable I believe.

Two of my kids are still rocking this device and love it. I still have some envy at the lovely build quality of the 830 compared to the 950XL.

One of the use cases I've haven't yet seen with these phones.

Having the 'connect' app on window 10 PC allowing me to wirelessly miracast & control from my phone to that. It works great in current form, but requires me to physically interact with phone to launch it.   

I find that often, on my PC, I'll get whatapps, FB, text messages (or want to check the weather on myradar), etc..   I'll get a notification laptop from my phone, but in order to respond/read entire msg I need to pull my phone out of the pocket and check it.   I could of course start 'connect' listener on the pc, then connect/continuum on the phone and check said items there.     But what I WANT is a one click from PC that launches connect on BOTH the PC and phone at the same time.  seems like a very obvious use case that only requires some ability to kick off connect on the phone remotely.

Having this capability provides this use case as well.  My work PC proxy blocks gmail/outlook-live/etc.    If I could do the use case above, I can check these things using my work pc's full size screen and keyboard.  I can do that right now with the current technology, but all these extra steps are required, the notification itself (on PC that originated from phone) should just launch all that, click the notification, result is I'm looking/controlling my phone on the PC.  

there are tons of USB-C docks on amazon now, those have one USB-C port going to the device and any combination of HDMI, displayport, UTP, usb connectors. Like stated several monitors do this trick all build in right now.

The wait is on the devices side, when more and more business laptops and tablets have the port the desks will follow. Just like you (and I) said they are sick of this flex desktop mess. And yes it will take some years, but thats the play here. Get ready for what happens in seceral years.



I dunno but its not so smooth as 8.1. some part of the OS are too laggy .

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w10.1m is almost out and they just now decided to send w10m to it? btw how can it weight just 333mb?

Wow, only six months late. And then it will update again to Redstone on Tuesday? Maybe they want to avoid all the "everyone else has Redstone and I still have 8.1" support calls.

Without naming names, what industry are you in, location, # of employees. I am in financial industry based in NY with 5,000 staff globally. No discussion of the X3 yet, but I will be sure to ask about it next time I speak to our CTO. We have been rolling out Surface Books and Pro 4s this year. Most of the user base is still on Windows 7, but we are obviously starting the migration to Windows 10 with the Surface roll out.

Just FYI update size is 1060 MB, not 333 MB as the article incorrectly states.  333 MB is the size of the previous update for the lumia 830 on AT&T which added HD voice.

Here's the thing you're assuming: that there is a firmware update. 99% sure there is no firmware with this release. If there WERE firmware, it would show on both OTA and WDRT. It doesn't matter if you're an Insider, or what build. Firmware, if available, will get pushed to your device. No devices besides x50 series, has been getting firmware. It's not need for Windows 10 Mobile.

What do you mean? It's been a while since I've cared about firmware. Should I get the update via Update Advisor or OTA? As of now neither give me a firmware update (Could be impatient), I'm still on 02179.00000.15455.24047


For those people upvoting this comment, don't just wait. Talk to the companies that you want support from. They are very receptive. A simple tweet to support goes a long way. That being said. Citrix did support windows 8 so hopefully UWP is on the way.

The short of it is it's just a more powerful 950 XL except for the camera. You could also do the Desk and Mobile docks, which could be fun. Otherwise, not clear if you could/would be doing virtualized software on your own.

A suggestion I'd like for the Insider hub is segregate and filter multiple counts of the same feedback. Instead, if there was a suggestion sending the user to an existing similar feedback, there can me more upvotes on the that one and a clearer picture for the engineers. Anyways we have commenting, so if someone wanted to add something they could detail their issues further there - it would be a lot like the Microsoft forums. More focused, less duplicates, less clutter.