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So, should they release another 'iffy' preview and get slated again, like the build prior to the latest build? Best to wait rather than incur the wrath of insiders again. These days it seems that whatever Gabe says or does is greeted with derision.

there's an easy fix for pc users which isn't available to mobile users. Settings>System>apps and features choose advance options under Goove app and reset app.

Something's wrong with your Onedrive account. Groove Music play's fine with One Drive, it just doesn't work currently with my music pass subscription that alot of users are having trouble with.

I went last year and it was awesome! I'm going to do everything in my power to go again this year.

I formatted my memory card and resynched my music with laptop.
Now Grooved won't find anything or even try to search the phone so shows no tracks.
Other 3rd party apps find everything but Groove with no force synch option is useless.

No idea why it won't find everything hoping an app update can force a library update.

Not seeing the update yet on PC or Mobile but looking forward to it.

I'm on Fast Ring and these Groove playback issues are the only thing that's really affected me in terms of known bugs with this build (Very smooth overall tbh)

Gee since when could you do all of that? Oh that's right Zune was able to do this! Not only were you able to do this, but you could store high quality media (notice I wrote media which isn't limited to just music) on your pc and set this program to automatically convert these files down when syncing to your phone. This actually let you transfer smaller files giving you the abilty to store more content on your device. I use to be have 40 hours of offline music, entire weeks worth of offline podcasts and hours of converted movies on my Windows Phone 7. I never had to worry about losing cellular connection or being near a wifi signal ever. I even was able to sync my phone through my wireless network and never had to plug my phone to my pc in order to do this. I really missed those days.

I do not mind Interrface.

But my all the music track is just gient album named "Unknown Album". This has to be fixed immediately.

Hey, is it the dual sim version? My phone freezes when I put in a second sim and the Cellular & sim setting just freezes too. Can't access data! Anyone else with this annoying bug? Its been there for two releases now

:-o is Rogue Squadron 3D the same game to the one that came out on the N64? It looks like it from the video on Steam

If so that's amazing, and I was never aware there was a PC release.

Can you still play Battlefront 2 online or were the servers taken down years ago?

Good deals on the force unleashed, I was going to get the Xbox 360 version whilst cheap and then wait for BC to play them (If it ever comes) but as long as the PC version didn't have glaring faults and works with a gamepad I may grab that from Steam

You're talking about an app that doesn't even do what it's supose to do which is play music pass subscriptions! Microsoft can't even do this correctly without breaking it and you want them to bring back artist lockscreens and better meta data? Setting the bar way too high when it comes to Microsoft. Once they killed Zune, it's been nothing but one awful disappointing app after another no matter what they named it.

Is is possible to make a dual booting tablet (Android & WIN10) with these instructions?

Glance keeps turning off for me. Weird one. Had some random crashes too. It's all part of the hit and miss life as an Insider :)

I love this browser! It's still young but coming up strong. One of the best thing Microsoft ever made.

I've been an Insider on both the Icon and 1520.  And I agree: the Icon is fun now!  The 1520 did okay but...there were more problems.  Lately I've been using the 1520 with the official build as my main phone and the Icon as my Insider phone.  However I just bought the 950 XL and 950 in the BOGO deal.  I've found Hey Cortana more responsive on the 950 XL than on either the Icon or 1520.  Maybe it's my imagination....

My experience is that Verizon backup assistant plus doesn't work on phones on Windows 10 build

Still no "Download" button to redirect me from this article on WC App to the Dropbox App on the Store :(

Adding integration in Groove would be a double deal for Microsoft adding value to the app and improving the discovery features there are the weak point of the app. Nowadays having such wide and updated streaming catalogues makes any suggestion feature a key feature to retain user engagement...which ultimately means generating revenue. From this point of view Groove has a big problem that realistically would be very complex and expensive to solve, I mean building from ground up a whole smart and autonomous music suggestion system only to be embedded into one single app. It's crazy because most of the data is there and accessible by APIs. Sure for integrating its services with big player such as Microsoft would surely get on some agreement as happened with Spotify before I believe. So this integration is much more then something to make few users happy, is about growing business and make a more competitive product.

Now that we have got Windows 10 on our PC and smartphone, our interest in insider builds is fading away. Personally, I do not like buggy softwares.

I do have a question for you: I had to get a replacement Icon through my phone company's insurance plan, since I ended up breaking my first one. This new one seems to not have great battery life. I'm wondering what the battery life is on yours? Mine lasts between 3-6 hours, and my first one lasted longer than that. I'm wondering if it's my specific device, or maybe just Icons.

Installes the update, but Groove is still completely broken. Doesn't play anything, no matter whether streaming from Groove catalogue or OneDrive, enven offline files cannot be played. Very annoying.

Love the idea of small carriers like wind. I used them for a few years but their speeds got PAINFULLY SLOW in downtown Edmonton. We're talking dialup speeds. It was so bad I had to move to Rogers and now pay triple.

a few photo apps & HERE Maps are gone
I use MS Maps & 3rd party on W10M rs1, which a superior OS compared to anything on phones - ANYTHING!!

Wait, are you saying you have double tap to wake on your 950? I couldn't find a way to get that on my 950, and I cannot express how much I miss it!

I agree! If the 930 had glance and SD card this phone wold live on for ever! W10 is great but so buggy and battery now only lasts half a day with only limited use. In need of another update!

You didn't note what ports it has..... USB type C hope. I've been hangng out for a 14" with usb type c for months.

I just hope they make it easy to launch music with Cortana on PC. On mobile, I can say stuff like "play song xxxxx", "play artist xxxxxx", "play genre xxxxx". But when I ask Cortana those same things on my pc, it just does web searches.

As an owner of 1520 int. 32gb+64gbSD with release preview W10 I am very happy camper, if only I didn't misjudge the size of the phone, when I bought it. I own 920 that is 1520 predecessor and last year I went for 950 just because of the size, because mini tablet format is kind of too big for me. I am running 950 on fast ring and is kind of ok, but 1520 is rock solid, lasts longer, if only the size....does matter ;-)