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You do need to be online to restore a game on Steam. That's a really inconvenient thing.

Personal Choice is the Pro.  I Have come to enjoy the versatility of inking everything.  I love the ink keyboard except for office and its anoying bug.  I also prefer The smaller foot print.  

I keep reeading how everyone thinks the laptop should flip like a yoga but i get why Microsoft chose the non flip version.  it could possibly encroach on the pro sales, and honestly i hate feeling the keys when you flip the board backwards.  

Microsoft should of made the laptop smaller and added a rear facing camera with micro card support.  It would of been a better deal.

Unfortunately students are taught the way of the credit card and instant gratification before financial wisdom...

Great game, hope they would come out more DLC character in future. Waiting for future purchase~

Absolutely agree with every  word of this.

The biggest issue for me is MS were too greedy in the early days - when I first got a WP7 phone and started  writing apps they should not have taken any commission so that lots of devs would get a great range of apps up there (and convert existing ones), but they charged 30% which was just a rip off. Plus they made it too hard to become a dev for those of us outside the US (we had to get a US tax number FFS!) so many like me didn't bother and just wrote apps for ourselves.

But mainly the marketing was utterly dire - outside the USA no one knew about it. Here in Australia I think I saw one terrible, over-stylised TV ad once or twice and maybe one advert in a PC mag or newspaper - and they were so vague about what it could do no one bothered to find out.

Also I know that in the early days  many prospective customers (friends and colleagues of mine)   just associated a Windows phone with BSODs and laughed at the concept of a Windows phone. I know this thought, as silly as it is, put a lot of my friends off buying one. MS should have called it something else.

Like many (or the few?)  I am still a hard core supporter of WM10 but the lack of apps is finally starting to get to me, really looking at a Samsung S8 (though I hate Android) to fix this.  Anyway, maybe when we get full W10 on our Surface Phones in 2018(?) people will start seeing the benefits but really MS did completely screw up the whole marketing and developer support in the early days - unfortunately now  us few remaining loyal fans are paying for it :-(

What's worse is thinking you know everything. It's dead when there is not a single mobile device running windows os capable of making phone calls. So please stop hating and go get a life for yourself. Thank you

See.. while nothing can be said with absolute certainty, given the sp3. sp4 and the new surface pro all share the same form factor and backward/forward compatible accessories. I do think that if you were to invest in an sp4 or the new surface pro, you'll be pretty future proofed as far as compatibility goes.. sure.. you'll need a dongle for type c if you're a user but apart from that everything should just work seamlessly

Then goto forum where it is non phone related . It will be dead when Microsoft officially takes it off shelf. And interested people wanna use out they will use. May be a very tiny number. Since you ate not one of them . Do your self a favor and stop being a hater. There is enough hate in this world already. Thanks

@gregorynewman - please learn the etiquette of posting on forums. Posting in caps is taken as shouting and being angry and is not the correct way to conduct yourself on forums.

They named it surface pro because in the fall, there going to launch The Surface. A 3 screen flip phone. Only it won't be a phone; it will be an Ultra Mobile PC with telephony capabilities.

While I commend the effort, you go through all that trouble to make a great set piece and then plop down a 24 or 27 inch monitor? I'll pass.

I think it's dead, I'm here for all the non windows phone articles. If this website was dedicated to windows phone and not windows as a whole it would be dead too. Most of the articles and forum discussions are for laptops and tablets.

I've used Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Verizon has the best network and best customer service. Sucks for the employees stuck working on Xmas, but even on the holidays they provide good service.

They've given me bonus data without purchasing the phone required for promotion, they've given me bill credits for my own mistake, they basically kiss my ass. Bill is easy to understand and accurate, and most store locations offer good service.

T-Mobile customer service was a nightmare for me.

Indeed. I had no idea how confusing the situation all was. It's much clearer now. I wonder, though, if Intel is dropping the royalty now to encourage mass adoption, is there anything preventing them from jacking up the royalty after that happens?

Sad to see OneNote get nothing but useless UI changes.

Also, Sway still seems like one of the most confusing products I've ever been "handed" by a company for free...

Though the article is well written and obviously some thought has been given to the subject matter, I would have to disagree.  Though elements appear to be similar the philosophy that gave birth to these elements are very different and the implementation would therefore be very different as well even if both material and fluid design mention, light, depth and others in their respective approaches.

In a nutshell, material design is still mainly grounded on 2d interfaces relating much to tactile experiences.  They frequently mention paper-like design and movement, and though it metions lighting this is just to create consistent shadows on all objects.  With this in mind material design is google's version of metro, just not totally flat with slightly floating elements but definitely not 3d.  

Fluid design is in response to the upcoming computing paradigm from 2d/touch to fully immersive interfaces but having the design effective on both.   This is not just having a universal lighting system, this is about the shift to VR/AR and having a UX that's effective on both flat and immersive systems.  Flat menus on VR/AR interfaces like the hololens are slightly translucent or have that acrylic quality due to the limitations of the tech.  Light bleeds thru. I've read somewhere that Translucency or acrylic in fluid design was to bring this back to our current 2d interfaces so you could have similar UX.  But that's not all, flat design on  fully immersive headset is not good, it does not make use of the space.  Though fluid design makes note of depth elements this is not comparable to material designs's idea of depth which was just to provide universal lighting.  A breakout session on build 2017 fully illustrates this by applying depth to elements in the edge browser when viewed on hololens.  Depth in this case does not show if you're viewing sites in a flat monitor.  Some elements in fluid design only appear when you gaze at them, this is also appears when you move your mouse over elements when viewed on a 2d monitor.  

Fluid design is about finding a common UI for 3d and 2d interfaces.  I'll post the build 2017 breakout session when I find it again.


Can the iPad run Microchips MPLabs Microcontroller assembly language program?.. Because that's what I'm running on my S3, and the S3 runs it without a stutter... What does powerful REALLY mean?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Your video editing Desktop already has a built-in Desktop-class discrete GPU. That can't be packed in a Surface Pro, so, a Thunderbolt 3 port gives it access to such when docked, just like a high-end Desktop...

For me the increased pen capabilities and using the surface dial on the screen is more of an impact but then again I recognize my usage case is such a miniscule percentage of how users will use this product.

I'm confused by the "negative"  about the type cover magnet. My Surface Pro 3 uses a Surface Pro 4 keyboard and the keyboard snaps shut and holds with a magnet. Is that not the way it is on the new Surface Pro?

I'm confused by the "negative"  about the type cover magnet. My Surface Pro 3 uses a Surface Pro 4 keyboard and the keyboard snaps shut and holds with a magnet. Is that not the way it is on the new Surface Pro?

No, you're all wrong. You got it all wrong... The pen is actually $59.99.
Get your facts straight next time, sweet cheeks🙂

Yeah, but that's hardly a dealbreaker, is it? As far as I can tell, all the reviewers remark how great it is to actually be able to have 1 machine that's thin and light, and does intense gaming. Of course it's imperfect. Whenever people are building ultra small form factor devices, there's millions of compromises to be dealt with. It still beats any Nvidia GTX 9XXm solution built into a laptop though.

Wow... Quite expensive if they're billing it as a Laptop...

Surface Pen (sold separately) - $49.99?
Surface Keyboard (sold separately) - $159.99
Surface Mouse (sold separately) - $79.99

First of all, on their website they say: "Introducing the new Surface Pro. The most versatile laptop. Pre-Order now"

I can't remember the last time I bought a laptop without a keyboard. Maybe it's just me, but this seems a bit misleading... Secondly...

So, just to use it as a Laptop and get the pen, you have to pay an extra $200...

The price of the i5 256GB Storage 8GB RAM SKU just jumped from $1,299 to $1,498'ish... And that's if you don't want the Surface Mouse... This puts it as the same price range as the Base 128GB/8GB RAM/Core i5 Surface Book, which ships with the pen and a far superior keyboard/trackpad - worth skipping the Surface Pro for the Book on its own. It's also much better for casual gaming than the Surface Pro.

The only reason why I'd be paying $1,299 for the Pro, is for the RAM upgrade. Everything below that is 4GB of non-upgradeable RAM, which simply doesn't cut it for anything used "as a Laptop." The base Surface Book has that, and I don't need more than 128GB Storage in a Laptop or Tablet.

The device looks decent enough (like any recent Surface Tablet), but the pricing is ridiculous given how many accessories you have to buy for it. Also have hard issues considering anything with 4GB RAM to be worthy of a "Pro" moniker. No one is even going to be editing 1080p 60 FPS video with 4GB RAM, never mind anything bigger than that... It's complete hogwash.

I sure hope you're right about that. Looking forward to the next iteration. Really want a Surface Pro with Surface Connect + USB Type C Thunderbolt 3 + USB Type A USB 3.0 + MicroSD + 3.5mm Headphone Jack + Keyboard Connect ports. That's the truly future-proof upgrade to my Surface Pro 2...

That's why the new surface pro doesn't have a Thunderbolt 3 port; Microsoft was too cheap to pay up for a license. Now that it's free, there's absolutely no excuse for the next iteration. Keeping my 512GB SSD 8GB RAM Surface Pro 2 until then...

On the bright side though, I really appreciate the longer battery life that was gained by avoiding the external Thunderbolt 3 chipset. Sure can't wait for the true Surface Pro 5 with i7, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, 4096+ Levels of Pressure Sensitivity+Tilt Support Pen, LTE Advanced, Improved Trackpad/Webcams/Speakers/Display, and Surface Connect+Thunderbolt 3+Type A USB 3.1+MicroSD+3.5mm Headphone Jack+Keyboard Connect Ports. That's the truly future-proof upgrade to my Surface Pro 2.

Yeah, curious what Dan's reasoning is for this. Dan isn't one to merely accept/reject something 'cause Microsoft has/doesn't have it. At least that's not the Dan that made me like Windows Central and disable AdBlock on this site...

Computex??🤓 Nerds
Oh, geeze, as if it wasn't "Xbox Central" enough, already.. We've had to deal with "Irrelevant Central", AKA "iDroid Central", long enough... Here we go again🙄🙄🙄😂😂

As a happy owner of Surface 3, I'm all in on the 2-in-1 form factor. So, a Pro for me. I really like its versatility.

Maybe we'll start to see a little movement on the prices for the 1080Ti cards, if the manufacturers are going with updated versions.

"I offered as much proof as he and you did."

No, you merely came ignorantly suspecting with 0 logic.

"MS is a for profit company. Of course they want people to buy the new product, but there are practical reasons for updating. I can't help but wonder how many who haven't and who succumb to viruses, etc due to a lack of new updates swear at MS for not doing updates."

How TF is that an excuse to bend over for the spyware they've integrated with windows 10?

"I'm not crazy about what any company or government collects on people, but Google built an empire on collecting such information."

So, in other words, you realize they're stealing and selling people's personally identifiable data for profit, yet you just bend over and accept it like a blind sheeple 'cause others are doing it too? That's just retarded, to say the least.