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False. Some were/will be let go, mostly because Nokia needed restructuring anyway. Obviously the good ones will stay.

We can give thanks to the feedback in the reviews... but never forget that once you review it, you must keep reviewing when something is bad or even if something is good.

The reviews complained about this and now is time to re-review the app on the store... and give a thumb up

My phone seems totally different from the comments. Its taking more time for loading n resume application

Hmmmmm. Interesting news indeed. It would be surprising to see a new device this year. If so Microsoft has definitely been VERY tight lipped about it. I could be VERY wrong but I doubt MS will release a High-End Flagship this year. Frankly I believe it would be suicide.
With the massive iPhone 6 and 6+ launch and with Samsungs S5 and Note 4, not to mention al of the other OEMs Android devices, Windows Phone just hasn't reached that critical mass, where enough consumers entertain a Windows Phone as an option when looking for a new device.
Insanity has been described as doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different result.
Microsoft/Nokia has released High-End flagships year after year, like when they declared "The Beta Test is Over" Lumia - 900, "Nothing Else Comes Closer" - Lumia 1020, "Best LowLight Camera"- Lumia 928, 6" Phablet - Lumia 1520, the High-End Lumia Icon and Lumia 930. Attempt after attempt we were squashed by the competition in sales. Things were so bad many carriers were left with EXPENSIVE HIGH-END UNSOLD STOCK!
That's costly for Microsoft who knew they'd take a hit this year in reduced revenue in thier mobile division by dropping the licensing fee on devices under 9". And it has failed(offering high end devices head to head with rivals at about the same price to consumers) to garner much attention/response from consumers.
So instead of risking another financial blow with investments in high in specs in high end devices at high end prices which consumers would likely pass up, just as they have in ALL previous years, ESPECIALLY with Apples HUGE, record breaking year this year Microsoft changed its strategy. To keep doing what it had done would have been insanity. They want a different result, so they're trying a different tactic.
The Lumia 830.

PAWN STORES... After 30yrs my son will be selling it in pawn store as last Lumia with nokia branding for $10,000/-

Well one thing it did was to make my phone incompatible with the lovely new Microsoft Garage Lockscreen app Tetra Lockscreen.
After the updates it said that it was incompatible with Tetra, and that an update may be available in the Store, but there is none.

Pity. I was really looking that program.

Need to install this into wifey's 1020 and see if it helps the random freezing issue..

I dont know guys. At the moment I guess most wp are bought by parents as the First Phone for their kids. They use the Phone for a while, go to school and see all their classmates with android and iPhone and they are missing out on all the cool games and apps of their classmates. At first opportunity they dump their WP and switch to any android or iPhone. This is the WP problem in a nutshell, getting people to switch to WP is one thing. Keeping m there is another. And it won't help if they come out with windows 10 which will probably lack functionality and apps that we are accustomed to in WP 8.1. If Microsoft wants to become a serious player in the cell phone business they have to make sure that current WP users stay. That is not going to happen if 95% of companies only release ios and android apps and if Microsoft releases all their distinctive apps and services to ios and android. Objectively speaking I see very little or no reason for people to switch to WP. The OS is one step behind the competition and app wise we are 9 steps behind. People who switch to WP now must be real Microsoft fans, because ios and android L are simply better and more complete platforms. With no windows phones in the stores, no marketing by MS whatsoever, no new flagship device in sight and release of all MS new apps and services first on ios and android one would think they are about to pull the plug on windows phone. This would be very sad, as I have just convinced a lot of people around me to switch to WP. But for ms it would be a logical and economical decision. I am not convincing anyone to make the switch to WP anymore, there simply aren't enough good reason.

It depends on when you got it. Majority of 1520 users had this issue. So don't put blame on us smartass

Just installed the update on my 1520...looks like I can see improvements on the screen/touch issue. Will see how it plays up in the next minutes/hours/days....

my ocd is gonna kick in big time when these non Nokia phones come out, with me having a Nokia Lumia Icon in all. It's like driving a Datsun after they changed the name to Nissan

Perhaps like the fitness band rumor and then it was killed off and now it is back, the McLaren device will suddenly resurface? We can only hope :)

A Microsoft employee will break into your house in the middle of the night and paint "Microsoft" on the phone.

I don't see any difference at all. Oh and btw, the update was 605MB on my HTC 8S.

In Canada, thankfully, the L830 is coming to most if not all major carriers.  Depending on how you define major carriers.   With the L830 Microsoft has taken Lumia from virtually unavailable anywhere to available everywhere.   Hats of to Microsoft.    (of course they could get more phones out here too, but this is a great start that I didn't think we would see so soon) 

Did the update and my treasure tag still doesn't work on my 920, I guess I lost $20 there. Unless I wait and get the Lumia 830 or an adroid phone...

If legally they could keep Nokia name most likely they would. I would not drop Lumia name because windows phone is known by Lumia name. To be fair "Nokia Windows" doesn't sound good to me.

I'm sorry if there is no new flagship device in the coming months its back to android for me the note edge is calling me, and the problem is carrier exclusives you have the icon but only Verizon gets its smdh 1520 and att only smdh Microsoft is killing themselves