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This will be one of the most common uses of this technology. Giant HD virtual tvs!!!!!

I think the Surface Phone needs to be foldable display that becomes a Surface mini tablet. This and x86 apps support will be truly game changing. I have no problem using my 950 xl until then. Doensn't change a thing. They just need to get on this fast.

I really do miss the Me Tile and general deeper integration with People. I loved being able to click on a friend and see their latest feed, allowing me to bypass opening up Twitter/Facebook or whatever and simply see all of their tweets/posts/photos and whatevers in one central place. 

Unless you have the write cache enabled, but since it's off by default, it shouldn't be an issue for most people.

Antequated specs? Sure some lower cost devices can match some parts of the 950 spec but seriously, what devices have newer chips nthan the 808 and 810? More than 3 GB ram? Higher resolution (and seriously, there comes a point when it really doesn't make much difference - i'd have been fine with the 950 being 1080p and onger battery life due to pushing less pixels). 

Like i said, some of these specs are also on tother devices, and it does seem clear that the fingerprint readers beat iris scanning in terms of the compromise of security & convenience, and perhaps cameras in general are mostly good enough (though my guess is the 950 / 950XL is better performing in low light than the $400 devices you mentioned).

Yes, lumia may be overpriced and certainly, given the market position a lower price could ahve helped that. Yes, a higher end design (even more like the 830 which has removable battery and micro SD might have helped things sell, but i get microsofts intent to spur some 3rd party covers too. But don't give me antequted specs - spec wise the lumia are up there with the best of them on the market today.

I wouldn't go by history here any longer in regards to Windows phone/Mobile. I understand what you're saying but over the last 5yrs MS/Nokia/Balmer/Nadella were hammered with obstacles every which way. This changed recently.

Now MS have a lot of work ahead of them to clean up and move along with their new strategy... It's not going to be easy but it should be far removed from 'the past'. That is my take on a more positive, optimistic view on the future for Windows Mobile. One can only hope....

Personally, I hope they DO include an Intel chip for x86 support.  MS's only chance in mobile is something drastic like this, literally any other strategy will fail.  Would love to be able to travel light, use my phone as a phone 90% of the time, then hook it up to a monitor/TV to do some large-format stuff.  Just because your imagination sucks doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer.

I am using the 928 and my contract is up so I'm just gonna wait for the Surface Phone. No rush to upgrade. Serves me fine.

What really hold me back and not upgrade to 950 is app reason, I'm torn any time i need an app and can not find the apps in store the really kill me.

I'd be very interested in a high-spec phone with a VaporMg chassis. As long as it ran Android.  


I've been telling everyone that indieimprint revealed this two years ago, but no one believes me!!

What??? Intel x86 / x64 is a CPU architecture which is what you find in full PCs. ARM is what you find in phones. They have completely different capabilities, and w10 can only run on x86/x64, while w10m can only run on ARM. x86 cpu DOES mean Win32 apps, because they can only run the full w10. It has nothing to do with screen size. If you had a surface phone, it would run W10, not W10M

The 950/XL are not ho-hum! What they need are high quality cross-ecosystem apps! How can you classify these phones with their hardware specs as ho-hum?

Exactly.  We already have PCs-on-a-stick, so the hardware isn't really the issue, the software is.

They should keep lumia for low end colorful plastic phones and tablets.  Keep surface for high end premium metal phones, tablets and etc.

I totally get what you're say.  Me however, I'm fine with paying $200.00 and then trading it up with 1 year if something new comes out.  If nothing comes out, I will pay the other $200.00 and then own it outright, and see what comes out then.

You can fit your Surface Pro in your pocket?  SOME of us want this.  But hey, primortal doesn't want it, so let's scrap it.

I'd expect adoption to increase in December, January and July. All other months will probably be as slow as the past two have been.

They don't have the choice anymore. They need to use all their ressources to create something truly revolutionary (A PC in your pocket, with amazing battery life, and that can run the full desktop and win32 apps). They've already done it with the surface, they can do it with the phone. They've missed the first train, now they need to build a new one.

I know but at the end, who cares about that?
Sales, revenue and market share speak. With iPhone 7, the charts, profits and sales will be speaking. Not the low manufacturing costs.

There are people like me whose phone has aged (close to 3 years) and do not want to switch to other platforms. We cannot wait another 12 months for the next flagship. With this announcement, I am actually feeling excited: Knowing in 3 years time, my replacement phone would probably be a Surface Phone 3.

If it didn't come with the console it will happen what cleared it up for me was factory reset with the controller plugged in via xb1's USB ports

Except they won't, what happens is that the upgrade preparation happens automatically, however you'll still need to trigger the actual upgrade process manually. Nobody will wake up on the next morning to find Windows 10 installed without any of their doing. And this will be easy to prove because there won't be a significant spike in the adoption rate except probably in the holidays and towards the end of the upgrade offer, for obvious reasons.

"Not sure why so many people seem enamored with a metal phone. I like the polycarbonate of my new 950XL. "

They really aren't, it's just something new to complain about.  It's been historically proven, that no matter what is presented, people will find flaws and complain about them.  It's the way of the internet.

I have no idea why some people think that x86 automatically means support for Win32 apps?

Currently devices with screens less than 8 inches run Windows 10 Mobile, not Windows 10 for PC. W10M is sans desktop. No desktop means no Win32 apps

If MS wants the enterprise then they need something that will integrate with Exchange and backends.

I want tasks created in outlook to be available on other platforms.

Yeah, we'll have to wait until the free upgrade expires to be truly able to judge how many were interested, and how many simply decided to pass. Most people are either early adopters or people waiting as long as possible, I assume.

Trust me, the hardware is ok with the Lumia. What not sell windows phone is app store. Windows platform really need to get all the apps from IOS (who care about Droid apps) so the focus should be the tools or bridges like Islandwood to port or easy to make apps for developer is more important then try to spend too much money and effort on hardware right now is not the right strategy or direction to take.

I can imagine an Microsoft selling an empty/case shell with touchscreen and keyboard (a la Atrix and beefed up Microsoft display dock) that the Panay Phone can dock to. This would be a great feature for people who don't have a standalone laptop with a touchscreen. I'd pay an extra for an accessory that would allow my phone to "transform" to a full touch laptop assuming it has the capability of running full desktop/legacy applications.

Another idea - I just saw a clip of Halo 5 streaming from Xbox One to the HoloLens. Full phone to PC streaming to the HoloLens would be a cool, unique feature.






At least it's on all my main platforms, and you make a good point about interactivity that you wouldn't get in a standard movie/tv show app - If I want to watch it on the bedroom TV I could always use Miracast on the Roku stick to show it from my phone or a tablet (Which I'd have to do anyway with my current setup as there's no Movies & TV app from MS on the Roku Stick)

Anyone know if there's a pack-in code for a Halo-related item on the Xbox store included with the DVD/Blu-ray? The Blu-ray of Forward Unto Dawn included a shirt for your avatar.