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Because unlike the transition from w7 w8 upgrade as we all know not everyone will get in that has a paid OS so why not stagger app rollout to w10

What phone is that in the picture? I love the 4 columns look that it has. Is that for all HD screens or just for screens over a certain size?

Windows 10, what a sweet ride into an awesome working pc eventually right, Rome is gigantic peeps, let's buid it in a day

I am very happy with the progress, looks great all round, buggy n glitch here n there but that's beta tho, glad it's not alpha, that'll be hectic

Ditto. The list of interests has been longer here in Canada for weeks, but adding them doesn't actually add them. Still stuck with news and weather. Seems like they are accidentally showing them. Such a tease.

Aww bummer. I thought this would be an amazing example of continuum on phones, playing a large screen game powers by a phone.

Have installed the new Windows Mobile and  in Canada and had change region  to US to make it  work but can't get it o work with my Band Has anyone got it to work with there Band?

Same scenario with YouTube too, and who won in the end.....Google......not Microsoft and before any one bitches, yes, I use metrotube...when it was free.

IPhone owners won't download cyber dust, oovoo or any other app, they have facetime built-in, unless all operating systems come together and integrate facetime users with cyber dust with oovoo with Skype and any other video calling apps, then consumers will follow trends which in turn dictates market share. Just like my son's and daughter say...why do I want to download another app when I have facetime !!! Oh!! Same scenario with snapchat too by the way.

Yes. Even after clicking interest, it does not adds up to the list.

PS: Tried deleting all interests and added only new interest but nothing happens. Only news and weather can be added.

The owners/developers of snapchat will NEVER allow their app on the MS OS, fact, they obliterated Rudy's version threatening legal action unless he deleted his version altogether. Fact, iPhones are bought by sheeps who follow trends, developers build the vast majority of apps for IOS and Android, fact because they follow the sheep, the sheep love snapchat, Periscope and the huge favorite, facetime, which is FREE...FREE...FREE...FREE...MS has Skype because it's FFFRREEENOITSNOT..OOPS!!! And although I really hate saying it....facetime is pretty good, and I hate isheepers..!!!! You can make the best phones, you can have the best operating system but if front line devs don't and won't build for WP, there'll be no sheep in them pens......

Well Cortana is basically still is non-existence in Windows Phone looking at how many regions and percentage of devices do not have it OFFICIALLY. MSFT, please release a digital assistant that everyone can use ASAP!!! Are you even interested in the rest of the world? Or are you happy with announcing something that most won't get to use?

I don't use it at all but for those who want a snap chat like experience, I move them to Cyber Dust. It has more rich features and is available cross platform. Only part the teens don't like is having to move their entire contact list over to it. But for those who do they like it better.

While I haven't listened to the podcast, I can say from first-hand experience (and based on what is written here) that Moore is doing a bit of retconning of Xbox 360 history. He treated the early adopters that first complained as "insignificant" based on his interview with Dan Hsu so long ago. It wasn't until Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News (now with Venturebeat) helped take him to task that Moore admitted there were problems. The Powers That Be at MS knew they rushed the launch and it cost them dearly.

Sway is coming with W10. Why would they put a ton of effort into making a W8 app with W10 around the corner?

They just jack up the prices in Australia... Fallout 3 was $79-89 in the stores, but was $99 for 2+ years on xbox live. I could buy the GOTY for $60 in the stores, but it was $79 on xbox live ($20 cheaper than stand-alone Fallout still at $99). I now refuse to pay any more than $50 for games... screw the retailers, and screw MS for pandering to their pricing

Because they might release this game along Windows 10 for Phone, like built-in app, if they said it, people might know when it will release.

i just hope they enable cortana in every region. period. if the language is not available in the region, just enable US version. because i change region (from PH to US) to get cortana and it works well actually, BUT! because the region is US i cannot use and apply MY CREDIT CARDS!!!! what a hassle.

MS needs to enable US cortana in the Philippines BECAUSE THERE'S NO CHANCE OF CORTANA SPEAKING TAG-LISH EVER!! So just enable US. Filipinos speak english. Siri works here. Cortana works here also. so just enable it. no one is waiting for a filipino cortana. we're just waiting for a US default.

i hope i made my point. :(

Yes to both one and two.


ps. i feel you. when i busted my 1520 i picked up a Moto E to hold me over until the next Windows flagship. hated andoid 5.0. quickly swapped it for a lumia 640. I'm much happier now. 



It may not be THE Ninja Cat, but if it were an exact copy, I'd expect to see an infringement lawsuit. Unicorn breathes fire, though, which is cool. I'd still rather see the cat carrying the MS flag instead of the gun, at least for XBox and PC versions, but I'm partial. ;)

So in true Microsoft fission I am confused:
1) If I purchased Minecraft for Desktop (which I did way back in the Beta days) then am I getting a free upgrade to win10 edition? I though this was essentially "Minecraft 2" and thus a new purchase.

2) If I purchased Minecraft PE (which I did right before my L920 died, which has pushed me onto Android for the moment), then am I getting a free upgrade on that device to PE10 or whatever it is going to be called?

PS: 2 weeks on a new flagship Android device, and I am ready to go back. Some things are nicer, especially app support and having a nice zippy camera, but Android L (+touchwiz) is a mess compared to WP8.1. MS needs to push out some flagships! I want back in my WP ecosystem!

Classic Nadella move: Crash with team mates and advance competition. Perhaps stipulated by partnership deal..

it's not working for me whenever I run the navifirmplus I get the following message:

please advise

Snap chat is not necessary. What is necessary, however, is getting the same phones on all carriers, MS to advertise/market WP better, and end the bias against WP by the tech media and carrier salespeople.