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Awesome write up. I'm glad someone from WCentral is capable of thinking outside Microsoft. We should always think from the 'other side' too. Thank you Jason. Also 'hmmm' category articles will be a fresh change from the 'Always-trying-to-find-positive-in-Microsoft' kind of articles. Once again thank you very much for a different thought provoking article.

That's the one advantage the ThinkPad Tablet line (2, 10, new 10) has over the Surface. They have GPS even without the LTE.

I will probably get the Surface 3 when win10 is released with it. But the Lenovo option is tempting if it has GPS. I have the TPT2 for two years and am very happy with it - just need an updated processor.

I agree. Had Microsoft just given Cortana this ability natively then ok. But through a partnership with a particular manufacturer it seems a bit off. I'm sure you have to agree to a bunch if terms and conditions and give access just like you do when signing into Gmail from Windows phone ir facebook from another website comment section but still...
Anyway I hope it turns out great for those that use it. Currently I'm still reluctant to buy a Yoga until I see the next Surface and I will likely splurge on the Surface and do all this cool stuff with just OneDrive. I trust Microsoft more for some reason. Probably because they are having such a hard time breaking the mobile market(phone/tablet, not laptop) that I feel like they are obligated to play fair with everyone.

It's a good problem for them though as they are really shaping up their portfolio and only have to nail the hardware side of things by the holidays which I'm sure they will(assuming the software is all ready by October).

On Windows phone 10 she can not give directions or read text messages in the U.S.

Yeah, but that roadmap has already pretty much said the same thing... Everyone is already expecting W10 in August.. Heck, it's in terrific shape now❗ I only wish the WMTP was as far along.. I'd even settle for a little further behind.

My money's on 64-bit.  The system can include 4GB of RAM and the chipset fully supports 64-bit.  There's not reason to support both OSes...

Isn't Lenovo rated #2, only beat by Mac, which were rated #1 laptops❓ (Consumer Reports)

Funny that this piece of shit site cant let me comment regarding naive words.Shit says "This post has been automatically been marked as spam. Please revise your comment to either remove links and/or references to money. If you are still having problem, please e-mail site support and include a copy of the comment" although not a single term is about money.

i really liked reach too, as far as i know, you can't "win" the last mission. it just gets progressively harder until you die.

I just installed this on an iPad for my kid and it was free. Honestly I have no problem paying for the product I want if it furthers the goal of apps and games getting on the platform as a whole but I hope it means that for $2.99 I get updates on somewhere near the schedule for iOS and Android.

It would be cool if this was nfc, and Qi... So once you start, say the movie, you then can get some juice. Qi! ALL the things!!!

Retrieving a document from the cloud isn't going to take up too much of data, so it should be fine.

And also the apps that have been abandoned. Like Instagram beta and LinkedIn. That could teach 'em that W10 is serious and that we are no longer in favour of devs. I wish things would turn out like that.

When it is useless software, it is called bloatware (HP's junk, Samsung's ChatOn for Windows 8)

When it is useful software, it is called worst exclusivity ever.

Lenovo is obviously giving Lenovo customers an incentive on the software end. Why would Lenovo make something in-house that will benefit Dell and HP customers? That's like HTC offering BlinkFeed to the Google Play Store for SamsungTouchWiz haters to enjoy.

I think 5GHz 450Mbps Wifi is enough, with practical speeds around 60-80Mbps. Most 4K content has about maximum 40-45Mbps bitrate.

And which alternatives are better? Chromecast is cheaper, but this is more versatile and will work with more devices since it does dnla, miracast, and chromecasting. The only thing left to see is performance. I bought an amazon fire stick hoping it would do miracasting. The performance is so poor that it is useless as a miracast device. I will continue using it as a regular video streaming device, but I am still on the lookout for a goor miracast device. So, far Microsofts wireless adapter seems to offer the best performance, but it costs more.

Annnndddd there it is. 

Microsoft doesn't get it. You can't do this stuff. It needs to be the same OS on every piece of hardware, end of story. None of this "this feature works with this OEM" "this OEM adds these programs" "this exclusive malware is only available from X". That doesn't work.

​Anyone else notice the Edge icon on the taskbar? Not merely that it's there, but notice there is no blue box around it or the store icon. Is Microsoft dropping the tile look on the taskbar? Or is this just a Lenovo mockup?

India made better products than china, what matter is ,India is not a hub, that's why "make in India" project has started.

"Due to arrive in August"

If its launching with Windows 10, then we can at least eliminate Windows 10 RTM being any time in September, confirmed.