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Awesome!!!! I didn't realize We Happy Few was coming out this soon! I thought it was coming during the fall so this is welcome news. Day 1 buy for sure!

No OS was installed on 20% of all the machines out there in the wild in one year ever before...

Nice to see another app. Wish Subway had one. There are some in the Store, but lord knows which is genuine. Is periscope still going? Never hear much of it from my family. Snapchat amazes me, most of my family uses that way more than Facebook, surprised Snapchat don't want every phone user. There are still a hell of a lot of active WP users, small, but a decent number that I'd think would be worth having. gave Edge 446 points out of the 555 (build 14393.3 on mobile) for me a minute ago. Guess that's not bad :D

Still can share a photo to this app. Huge inconvenience having to go to the app first then import photos.

sorry that should have been 'Does Hey Cortana work with this version?'  Before the .3 update, I did a hard reset, but Contana would not turn on.  It was stuck in the loop where is takes you to settings to turn it on, but it was already on.  I could not train it.  I had to revert back to 8.1 and setup Hey Cortana there. then do the Insider update.

Same here too. It's strange :S I think they want to direct some extra traffic directly to their website with this, what is understandable, but pretty annoying at the same time.

Mobile Order & Pay is done by ordering your customized drink before arriving at your local Starbucks. You have the choice of going through Drive-Thru or going into the Cafe (I'd go into the cafe, because you will still have to wait in the drive-thru line, whereas in the cafe you can just walk right over to the hand-off and receive your drink). You can catch one of the Baristas' attention and say "Hey, my name is ---- and I placed a mobile order." They will hand the drinks to you and you can read the labels to make sure that the drinks were made correctly. If they weren't, we have no problem remaking them for you, just let us know what was done wrong and how you'd like it to be remade.

First of all, it's 18 hours max, not 12. I set it up from 5 AM to 11 PM, so I know it's possible. Other than that, you can set an exact time to do a restart for installing updates. And none of my devices restarted automatically when I used them. So I think it's not a big deal.

Have you tried the newest Mint?  It's pretty darned user friendly.

Not that W10 isn't...I think it is also quite user friendly.

Ironically, I actually think that MacOS--while great if you are a power user--is actually more difficult to just sit down and use (I guess I'd call that "accessibility") than the most recent versions of both Windows and Gnu/Linux.

This was one thing you never saw with I know they are geared more towards enterprise business, but they don't even want BB phones for their employees anymore. Nobody even got a good idea of what BB10 was about because there was no real promotion out there. John Chen is in small news bits alot, but the articles are all about him and not the company. When news articles start saying, "John Chen says..." More often than"BlackBerry says..." You got problems.

This appears to not support the pay ahead pickup, or what we call Mobile Order & Pay (MOP). MOP is a separate section of the apps, and so it would be hypothetically listed under the hamburger menu seen in the new Windows 10 app as "Order."

If you visit you can see that the Windows 10 upcoming version of the app was not included to the list of capable platforms, like it was on their App website. I do hope that they implement this feature very soon after the release!​

I've been in the field for over 20 years (egads) and I've never, ever found a moment when a fresh install was worse than a botched upgrade. That said, yes, you should spend a few minutes ahead of time and make sure you've downloaded the latest drivers for your PC to a USB stick, and be prepared to install them in the event Windows 10 doesn't have everything you need right in the package. It's not hard, it just takes a few minutes of your time, and it'll save you HOURS :)

I hear this advice all too often, so I would add that your best opportunity to find out if an upgrade is works for you is to try it first.  Might as well try since if it does workout then you don't need to do anything.  If upgrading causes issues with drivers and installed software that you cannot easily resolve, THEN reset the device and copy data from your backup.  Keep in mind sometimes fresh installs often have their own issues, too.  Having to reinstall & reconfigure device drivers, 3rd party software, and restore data are often equal to the headaches one might have to resolve when upgrading.

Fine. Running WP8.1 Not too keen to take part of beta programs when supposedly RTMs by Nadella are anything but nowadays. For no particular reason battery depletes fast every 2 week or so otherwise no issues.

Yeah, I'm one of the few that orders regular coffee-haha. Their coffee beans were pretty decent back around early 2000. Has been steadily declining in quality and roast each year that I hardly ever go to Starbucks anymore - just occasional. This app is certainly great news!

Need to give props to Elliott Forde for MyBucks though. He filled the need for a Starbucks app when there wasn't any.

Yeah, this article is good news. When it's good news, they're nowhere to be seen in the comments. It's a little sad that I recognize those trolls you named.

Yeah, and that's what the people he listed do all day... Why aren't they banned already? :D

I'm brainless because I don't believe in all of the negative hyperbole? OK, then. Keep downvoting me and upvoting those who take every bad news opportunity to quote market share, or to teach us all how business works or to declare the OS dead and that no developers are dumb enough to develop for Windows. Where are they when there's good news? I'm sure they'll be around with the "about time", "too late" posts. They can't be pleased, but you can upvote them.

I currently am using these to generate codes for Microsoft, Google and Facebook accounts.

It automatically logs you back in when you open the app even after a hard reset. You just input your password or it authenticates you using Windows Hello.

It looks like the reference to the app is only on the U.S page. They don't mention it on the Canadian site. Not that I really need the app when I pay with my Band, but it would be nice to know how many Star rewards I have.

Is that like saying I gave away all my stuff, when my house got robbed, and I allowed myself to sit in a chair for 20 minutes, as they held a gun to my head? Seems counter intuitive, frankly.

Based on what has been said by Microsoft about Windows 10 I would guess that won't be the case. I would imagine it will be an Android type situation where as the apps will work on future version's. However as technology improves and future API updates I would imagine apps released in the future might not be fully compatible with the phones we have now. As Windows 10 evolves and possibly just becomes Windows it is inevitable that all devices will not be supported indefinitely.

Last week I was on a road trip, went to star bucks and asked for a grande dark roast black.

Cashier took a cup and marked on a cup.  I thought it was weird cause usually you get it right away.

Barista picked up the cup looked at it, looked at the cashier with a "what is this look"  Lol.  They forgot how to do serve drip?

The stuff most people put in their coffee, it cancels out anything coffee about it!

How does mobile ordering work?  You order it online / pay for it, then go through the drive thru to pick it up, or do you have to go in to  grab it?  Do you have to show your card; how do they know somebody doesn't just walk up, "Hey, I did a mobile order." And they give them one that someone else had placed?