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It doesn't because its uses Microsoft's single sign on token. I can access everything else: Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Account, even Just is not working.

At least they gave me 1 month of extra premium for the hassle (so far).

I liked him, but his inability to understand the importance of mobile, adviser of WinMo customers, cluelessness about Tablets etc made him a liability. MS is better off without him today.

I think he is the one who hinders windows phone development. So after all these years, we are not much different using windows phone 8.1 when compared to windows phone 7

Maybe Microsoft just uses the Lumia branding on the front and their logo on the back of their phones. After sometime "regular" customers will associate Lumia with Microsoft and just refer to it as Lumia.

I bought the Lumia 635/Fitbit Flex promotion package, and I'm VERY happy with it. It has gotten me walking like never before! Of course, with the phone having a built in steptracker, it almost doesn't feel necessary to have the Flex... :)

Yeah, it asks during initial setup, after connecting to Wi-Fi. But I'm 99% sure on 8.1 devices it does let you choose which method to authenticate from via a drop down menu. Windows 8.1 does the same.

Yes, I remember facing the same issue but that was 7 months before and I did something but don't remember now. Like Daniel said, there used to be call, text, email, app to choose from. But during hard reset, I don't remember where exactly it will ask for the two-step verification password.

Idk I've never encountered the problem...
So i thought if I've set up authenticator then I'll be asked only the 6 digit key and no other method of identification...

Now, just drop the "Microsoft" part to lose the baggage. The word "Microsoft" should not be printed anywhere on the device.

Have you set up the "app password"? Use that one instead of your reuse password and I bet that will work.

I really like XBox Music aside from a few user experience issues (that nearly every music app has to some degree) but, as has been suggested many times, I need a family rate to make it worthwhile.

People who felt Ballmer "made a mess" are the people who have so quickly forgotten that Ballmer was forced to run the company while wearing DOJ (and EU) handcuffs for 10+ years. Considering the governmental restrictions that were imposed, I'd say he did a great job keeping the company both profitable AND relevant.

My first reaction was to say they should have just includes this in the Xbox Music app... But I suppose they already have their hands full working on improvements for that app :)

The 920 launched at $99 two year contract, the same thing is probably going to happen as the 920 included the free wireless charging plate

I was using it a year ago...when my touch screen had a problem after the screen was broken, I removed it. Few keys on the keypad was not working and it was difficult to unlock each time. Now I've a L730 and should enable it back.

Sorry to post this again. If you set up your phone number before doing the hard reset, Windows phone will automatically detect your phone number and not require the text or email.

Love the new name. Good luck and lets make this THE place to visit for all Microsoft content (Windows/Office/Cloud and Mobile) 

Why is this not available worldwide?!
How will Microsoft ever make Xbox music a worthy competitor for iTunes?
Music on discount is basically what keeps me turning back to iTunes...

If you set up your phone number before doing the hard reset, Windows phone will automatically detect your phone number and not require the text or email.

att should b focusing on promoting the new succesor of the 920/925, instead of wasting time on this 830!!

I think it should be a tablet with 10.5" 1k screen, Atom cherry trail, 4GB of RAM and 64GB card with SD card. And design wise it should be a tablet first and then have an optional keyboard. Thank You. I wish someone will do this.

It is, but if you get a second device later, as I did, you'll have to reinstate 2-factor on your accounts so both/all authenticators are running against the same hash.

Nokia simply best !!! Why do they need to change its name when the old name is well known in the market than the new one.... Nokia is also easy to say and more simply.... So where is the place for msft to throw the nokia name ?

I love the look of that black and green, Xbox colors. But the source kill it for me, I'll wait for Build to see what Microsoft announces

If anyone wants to try to challenge my MLG status, my gamer tag is xXsmokedankXx. Watch out for my no-scopes.

I just posted the same thing. It's a much better experience on android. I can't believe this, seriously.

All of what's happening with me it started under Ballmer. This unifying of windows products, cloud first, mobile first MS started under Ballmer.

I just switched to a note 2 because both my 1020 & 1520 both took a dump and find out that Microsoft offers a much better experience when using 2 step factor. The app it's called Microsoft account and you simply get a notification in the notification center in which you simply hit accept. I honestly don't see why this isn't available in Windows phone. Or is it? Microsoft really doesn't give a crap about wp.