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Daniel Try to source the amazing "Crush White" colour, It looks like one of the best laptops ever in that white colour. Check out that colour here:

From this review and the other positive reviews online, it Sounds like an awesome 15 inch ultrabook and i am glad to see this category heat up as the last 4-5 years have been all about the 13 inch category and there was lack of innovation in the 15 inch category, the XPS 15 has started the renassiance of new age 15 inchers and the HP spectre and Samsung Notebook 9 have taken it to the next level. I am loving this as i find 13 inchers too small for any work and need at least 14 inch laptop for comfortable use.

I've been listening to your comments about Nadella for some time now.... All I gather is that you love this man, and applaud him for being the best CEO in history... I could be reading you wrong, though.

Does Microsoft care (about W10M or phones)?
No new Lumias, but people don't seem to see:
Alcatel Idol 4S & HP Elite x3 are out there.
You want to show that you truly are a fan?
Stop whining and by both.
it looks like my x20 series phone just got another update in the Fast Ring.
Yes, the (Real™) Nokia Lumia 1520 now runs presumably the official Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update.

My conclusion (the "fans" may disagree) is that Microsoft DOES care and continues to care - in all possible ways.

Haters: please, don't reply. I can already read your hatred everywhere. Go and play with daemons or something...

The real loyal royal fans: thumbs up!

Man,, is late 2017 possible?... Yes, it literally is possible from a speculators standpoint because MS has been so damn tight lipped about "whatever" we have no clue how long It's been in development... This year might be possible, but might not be likely... Nevertheless, I'm with you.

I end up switching, wasn't happy about it. I truly hope MS can bring out something amazing or someone can make something amazing.

Panos and the Surface team might have the Phone division working under them, sure, but remember how the Surface line started out? They needed to iterate on it and it wasn't until the 3rd gen or so until it became really profitable. Expecting the "Surface Phone" to be an instant success is a dream at best. Not only is the app-gap still present (it might not matter to some of us, but it's a dealbreaker for many). And if the rumors are true and this will be a new device category, it's bound to have a slower adoption rate. You can make the most revolutionary device on the planet, but if you can't convince the customers that they want it... well, you're repeating the windows phone drama all over again. And let's face it, the marketing side of WP was crappy at best.

Man this what do i do now? I need a new laptop before schools starts in the Fall and I was so excited for the surface book 2 :/

So instead they should be 100% reliant on Microsoft? With Google/Android, they can change the OS to fit their design language, and it already has an established customer base and application store. Samsung would know since they make the most money of Android manufacturer. 

Windows 10 Mobile doesn't let them change the OS to add new features or make it fit their design language, and it has a horrendously low customer base and empty app store. What's the advantage for Samsung?

I have used lumina 720 and lumina 930. Recently I switched to HTC 10, and I did not think I would like Android as I do now. The OS is very smooth and stable. You haven't used a decent Android phone recently otherwise you wouldn't call the OS buggy.

It must be awesome to have the ability to play 10% of a game (that's saying it takes 100 hours to finish everything) and call the value of it for everyone.

Good point.
The 640 was the bomb.
Also, anything less than an android flagship was a dog of a phone.
Android definitely rode the iPhone's coattails to success. Too bad Windows phone wasn't in a position to take advantage.

Samsung is coming agressive with this, and apple just announced a similar feature for the iPhone to be dock and use as a should start to worry

Yes, I agree, but they will run Android, so they would be glorified Notes.... MS might pull off full Windows... once again, no apps, but MS's Ultramobile isn't a smartphone, rather a truly functional mobile PC. You have to admit, with W10 MS has the advantage here.

authors of articles please differentiate windows phone from windows 10 mobile this confuses many readers including myself with exactly what you were talking about

I think your "third party" service is on the money. I'm curious about how UWP and W10M figure into W10ARM's development.

Well said Rodneye.

Though, I bet there will be Android peaches too, probably even before Microsoft's. I have a feeling the GS8 is basically what the Surface "phone" was destined to be.

One top of it too, they've released the ability to straight up install from RedStone to the final build of RedStone 2. Also its been tagged with Final Release when you do this. Everything points to this being the RTM build.

Seems pretty clear to me that MS is going to roll out full W10 on the surface pocket or whatever, and Windows on ARM for the rest, which only runs store apps. So both sides continue to exist.

Stop thinking this is about "beating iDroid"... Seriously read these articles. MS is past that. If MS wanted to beat iDriod they would build another smartphone, but they aren't, and frankly aren't concerned with that. (supposedly) MS is looking to secure a mobile future for themselves by creating a Ultramobile category of their own. Will others copy MS? Yes, of course..... But, it won't be with a smartphone. W10 is MS's advantage here because it already supports this idea.. Forget mobile based iDroid.

I returned mine. And since Microsoft discontinued it. The store gave me a full refund in store credit. The guy hinted : Save it for the next one coming out or Xbox Scorpio. *wink wink*

An Axon 7... Poor representation of Android. Good budget phone but not fair comparison of the premium android market space...if you said One plus 3...I'm with you but thw Axon 7 is a Really good budget phone not to be compared with premium Windows devices

Someone just saw that the latest official (leaked) version of Upgrade Assistant download the 15063 as new update for Windows. So this build is supposed to be the one that will be officially released on next weeks.

Great review! - I tried the XPS and Spectre 15's and too heavy while the 13's screen is too small.  This seems to tick all my boxes, digital nomadic lifestyle is one step closer...and nearly a KILO lighter! wow.. I might get a Samsung phone till the SP drops too

Exactly. I agree.. I've been wishing my Surface was my phone for a long time. The only thing my Surface can't do is make phone calls, and send text. It's browser is more powerful than WinMo10's, and without apps you need a fully capable browser... My Surface belongs in my pocket, and MS knows this.

I'm on board. I need to replace my SP3 soon but I'd prefer an updated SB because: USB-C for both charging & external docking options (e.g. external GPU, nvme SSD, etc.), hardware 4K HEVC support, and the possibility of bringing 16GB RAM down the range (at least to the top i5 configurations).

I keep my PCs for a few years, I can't afford to replace them every year, do I want something with up to date specs at the time I buy it.