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I have an app that still has a Windows Phone 7 version and hasn't been updated since 2013. It was a port of an Android/iOS app that has since been pulled on those platforms. I keep it up so people who like it can still download it. I have thought about doing a big update to it but I wanted to work on new projects.

With Feem v4, there is no server involved. I don't know why SendAnywhere keeps touting themselves as secure when files clearly pass through their servers.

I suppose they could make it that you could click on the app and it would prompt you to "connect to continuum to use this app" But for this to work then the hardware requirements in store would have to include "supports continuum" to stop people with non continuum phones from downloading and being disappointed that it wont work and then give a 1* rating

What is the chance that Microsoft uses a declocked, neutered, slightly customized Core M type processor in the Surface Phone until Intel can get the proper chip developed in the next ~3 years? Thats about how much time would be needed to not only launch a surface phone, but also 1.5 years or so until the next iteration would be expected.

At least get your spelling right if you're going to be criticizing what someone is wearing (it's "Dona"). And can we stop criticizing what people are wearing already? Seriously, it's getting old.

Xbox One doesn't run Xbox 360 from the disc, it just checks if you have it. It downloads an even bigger version from XBL.

I have slowly, but surely been moving to use Sygic... Has cameras as well

What's been wrong with Forza Horizon 3? The only thing I don't like is I can't seem to make it work with my steam link. Otherwise, it's an awesome experience on my pc.

I'm a long time user of Windirstat, but also recently found SpaceSniffer (not a user friendly install, but the application is pretty good). I'll check out disko though

Technically, they did release it digitally for Xbox One. It's just unavailable for purchase.

What I don't quite understand is why they are only making it similar. Why not make it identical? If its being used on a normal display, whats the difference? I realize there are certain mobile phone specific features like the back button...But other than that, why not make it THE same and not kind of the same?

Finally played it on my iPad today. Nothing special, just an easy colour bomb level. Still nothing new for W10 mobile yet.

Would that recreate a full directory tree of the inside of the starting root folder that repeats the same trees about 20 or so layers in?  It was one folder in particular (i think in the app data folder) that was the root and it definately had a hex address.


I thought this might have been some kind of bug with Windows indexing the hard drive that was causing it to copy instead of mark. That one root folder ended up being the 500 gigs by itself. In any rate, I deleted the one folder and emliniated the problem. The PC still seems stable, though I dont run a lot of apps on it that I have.

Awesome, adding a feature that the average person won't utilize instead of investing time and resources into activating GATT Servers so FitBit models can receieve Text/Email and other notifications from Windows 10 Phone. makes sense to me...

$30 for too little content. Also, this was a 9-month rush job when Bungie realized they had to push Destiny 2 back a year.

I'm having a blast with it but then again, I bought the Taken king edition on sale for $20 last Christmas and payed $20 (thanks $10 Microsoft credit) for this expansion. I can see how year one people would be done with this game with what they've had to spend on it

I also think WinDirStat's visualization is also a lot more useful, but for simplicity, Disko is useful too. They're definitely focused at different markets.

Come on.... it might not be as disappointing this time!


I almost feel like this article was written for me as not playing it in two years is exactly what happened. It almost makes me want to give it another try. If I only had the time to waste.

I'm saying that I prefer for it to prompt first instead of scanning everything as a convenience feature to avoid a button press.

So it lets you specify which actual drives, whereas Disko just does one giant logical volume?

And apart from that, & the fact that the dist. method's clunkier, Disko's just as good?


Check twitter tfwboredom account, he tested old lumia phones including 640, 830 and 930, Continuum worked good enough, not as perfect as 950 but it worked!

I'm saying that I prefer for it to prompt first instead of scanning everything as a convenience feature to avoid a button press.

And yes, it would definitely be my preferred option if they used Centennial to convert it to a Store app for distribution in newer versions of Windows..

Not necessarily (or perhaps only in NA). NDP only tracks north American sales. So while Xbox one beat the ps4 5-8 months total out of the past nearly 3 years in the US, ps4 slammed x1 the other 24+ months in the US and clobbered it pretty much every month internationally. Remember, MS stopped telling us how the x1 was selling after they SHIPPED about 13M units about a 1.5 years ago, while Sony announced it had SOLD 40M units about 6 months ago. Im sure if the Xbox was truly selling like hot cakes, MS would have given us an update. For reference, EA speculated around the time Sony announced 40M sold, that Xbox was probably around 18-20M sold.

So you've tried this app heavily, & still strongly prefer WinDirStat?

Are you sure the dist. method is its only weak point, compared to Disko?