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I have settings backed up and apps backed up, I sync IE favorites, app settings and passwords, but I do NOT sync my theme color.

I average about 17-20hours of battery life under normal usage. Plummets to 8-12hour when I'm using it heavily and/or some really battery hungry apps are open. Can also drop dramatically when something goes wrong (Always fixed by a simple restart or soft reset, but usually I don't notice until I've already lost 20% of my battery... :/).

I can push 24-28 hours out of this thing when I desperately need too.

I know battery life probably isn't related to this issue, but hey: More data to work with.

I just saw them back in stock on so I went ahead and picked one up. Right now I don't have any plans for the phone, by it will make a great backup phone! :)

Best buy shows it as $70 at this time. So you mean for Friday you saw advertised as $40?

1) XBOX Music NEVER sync's my playlists created on my Surface RT or the XBOX Music website to my Android app. I would have to create playlist on my phone if I wanted to use it on my phone. That alone was enough to make me cancel my subscription.

2) XBOX Music library matching never worked either --- I have over 130GB of MP3's (organized & ID3 tagged) on my home server. XBOX Music picked up 1 album. My MP3's are stored on my Windows 2012 Server Essentials box, so I don't know if that has anything to with it failing to properly scan and add anything.

3) You can't change streaming quality in XBOX Music, I'm able to stream Rhapsody Premier at 320 Kbps.

4) XBOX Music Radio is crappy, it never exposed me to similar artists/music that I never heard before. I'm constantly discovering new artists on Rhapsody Unradio when i create an "Artist" station. Something that blows my mind away being that Microsoft has a much larger library. I rarely use the "radio' feature on a streaming servicve, but when I do it's because I'm wanting to find new "not so popular" artists similar to ones I already like.

These issues were things I experienced from August-September 2014.

1) go to settings (that's the gear icon)
2) within settings, scroll down to and select EASE OF ACCESS
3) within EASE OF ACCESS scroll down and turn on TELECOIL
If you search WP forum for 1020 ease of access and search after "call problems". You get to the conclusion that, for no good reason, turning this on solves audio problems that might seem like a hardware issue.

That's not accurate.  Music Freedom is automatically included for free with their data plans.

True story!!  I love installing regular Windows 8.1 programs and not just "apps".   My TV/Film screenwriting software, Final Draft, installed perfetly.  Now I can read and edit scripts from wherever without lagging my big laptop along.  

I think similarly, that the 635 will give peopel some great value. I'm jealous that they can add SD memory.  

I'll never understand these games: commercial for killing people in real life!

Awesome. It (1020) does this at least once a week, and it's annoying. I am so close to switching to Iphone, but this might be a game-changer. Get the update out soon

just now my lumia 1020 starting acting up.......the screen refused to repond....the power button unclocked the phone but screen was not responding....had to do a soft reset....hope with new update our devices becomes faster....

While there could be behind the scenes things we consumers aren't aware of, I'm pretty sure there isn't any money changing hands here.  T-Mobile is doing this as a way to attract customers, plain and simple.  Shortly after they started this program (4 months ago?), they listed the services they already had set up and asked us customers what other services we want included on the list.  I asked for XBox Music, and here it is.

now I have a dillemma ... 

I've been paying for unlimited data since I got t-mobile for $20, which was a great deal when i was racking up around 10GB of data a month. but most of that was with music streaming. now i am not even breaking the 2.5GB a month (which i think is $10)


what do i do?? cancel unlimited and never get it back for $20? or keep it in case i need to tether?

Does anyone know if Music Freedom only works for official apps? Like would it work for CloudMuzik, because the data still comes from Google's servers?

Corporate "BT Mobile"'s new MVNO is EE (got rid of Vodafone) so there's even more of a chance of it happening. Although they've had O2 as a secondary for a while also.


30million songs, playlists across all windows devices, and support for nonpurchased music to be played via streaming.  I have 5k+ songs burned from old cds, the xbox music app, syncs them in the cloud, and saves me 30GB of data on my phone.

When rhapsody can play my entire library of songs, then maybe it will be better.

I had the same issue quite a lot with my 1020, mostly after an overnight charge, when I had to restart it the phone reverted to the same time and date every time (May 23rd 2014, 03:51am), the problem was getting such a pain that I now charge the phone on airplane mode as this is the only thing for me that seemed to solve the problem, hope the fix works as this really ruins what is otherwise an excellent phone



The 500GB hard drive is kinda dumb.  Just between what I own, what I get with EA Access, and what I get with Games with Gold, my hard drive is about 90% full.  I'm contemplating buying a USB 3.0 enclosure and a 7200RPM 3.5" HDD and using it for extra game storage (since the system supports that now), but I don't really want to do that until I know it'll support at least a 2TB drive.

You won't see it until Global Foundries hits 14nm.  A single process shrink (down to 20nm, due in 2015) isn't going to make enough of a difference to pay for the R&D.  If you can hold out until 2017 or so, you might see it then.

You potentially could, but you wouldn't want to. The frequencies of the North American variant are wrong for Europe.

Fer real. I'm about 10 feet from my 50" 1080p TV and I can't really tell.  You can see pixels and edges crawl on the 360 with many sub-720p games, but on the Xbox One it's basically not possible.  If you've got a really big TV or sit really close to it, maybe, or if you have it plugged into a monitor on your desk you'll see it.  But for we plebs with normal-sized TVs and decent distances to the screen, it's no big deal.

Judging by the amount of 'love' 1020 is currently receiving, I wonder what will happen after its EoL comes after few months?

I'm guessing that T-MO is just sucking up the 'cost' on this.  I stream a LOT of music (using xbox music) and even when I'm not on wifi it doesn't eat into my data allotment for the month that much.  What kills my data usage is streaming video.  I don't think this is affecting the bottom line for T-MO at all, especailly since they don't charge when you go over your data max for the month, just throttle.

Love this app... am in the beta both for WP an Win8.1 and love them! x) 

Check my posts above.


And believe me! I've tried it all! Several times in Nokia Care for repairs, currently still there.


Repairs were my last resort but after so much research and tries, I finally gave up and sent it for repair. The result is summarized in the previous paragraph...

I just grabbed a 635.  My 920 is getting flaky in many ways.  So hopefully this will tide me over nicely until there is a new Windows flagship.  Yay!  $40 seems just ridiculously cheap.  I'm looking forward to dumping tons of music on it and using it as an MP3 player, too.  Heck, I imagine it will come with a new set of headphone, which I also need.

My 920 has been freezing and randomly restarting since the last critical update.  I'm on the developer version.  Wonder if this will benefit me.  I'm hating these issues, but I have to stay with my 920 until ATT offers a new (not 1520) flagship phone.

Check my previous posts in this section.

What really pisses me off, is M$' total denial. My L1020 is still somewhere in the official repair channel of Nokia. And the worst part - M$ were aware of that issue way before 1020 landed on the drawing board, and silly me thought they'd have fixed it in their flagman. Who was I kidding? All they care is $$$.


I guess they think they will lose too much if they do a recall for entire model ranges, but IMHO, they are losing much more now.

You read over 320 posts to come to mine. Concratz! On another note. 8.1 broke WP, no matter what you think, you will never convince me of other. 8.1 is hopefully what Matrix 2 movie was, a transporter to the next episode.