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The problem is this: 7th gen quad cores are not out yet and will not be in devices until sometime early next year. Only duo cores are out now, which this does not use. Same reason why Razer Blade 14" has Pascal but not Kaby.

Without water, I will go thirsty.

Razer has done a very good job of promotion and advertising. Gaming PCs are one of the few growth areas. I'm not sure what your point is, really.

should give option to change fonts and use the MS office fonts installed on device to choose from.

I really enjoyed The Division... until I hit 30 and there was virtually nothing to do except get 1-shotted at the entrance to the Dark zone. :/

I hope it lives up to the hype too, but that's all I agree with. Only the Lumia Icon/930 was an iPhone clone. The last few generations of Galaxy phones aren't clones. HTC phones now look like bad clones of their original design. Can't say I agree with the IMB computer reference. Feel free to do a quick image search. Are you saying that if you removed all the device branding and put the Eve V and a Surface next to each other and asked someone on the street what they are that they wouldn't say a tablet or Surface?

I was hoping for a 7th Gen CPU, not that my wallet can sustain one of these laptops in any configuration anyway at this time.

Nice. I'm a beginner in the Minecraft universe. Do I need Minecraft to play this game, or is it independent ?

Thanks for the feedback. Right now she's been using Mischief for some of her drawings. Any other programs that would run well with these specs that don't cost too much?

Overall Viber is my fav. chat app.
One more thing is there anyone here having issue with skype? video zoomed like 2x or 4x when chatting with android version of the app.

Sure! Just hop up to and propose for it to be the next project. Community is what dictates which will it build next.

The only thing I hate on viber was sudden drop of video call, unlike imo when connection was poor it lower your video quality not dropping the call.

Not trying to make it an issue of privilege Cayman, but this is exactly how hundreds of thousands of artists learn their design chops on the digital workboard: Using tablets like these, where the surface you draw on is not the surface you see it on. That is the entire basic premise behind Wacom charging upwards of 400 dollars for an Intuos Tablet, since screen inking has only recently started to catch up to a dedicated graphics tablet. And not everyone can/could afford a 2000 dollar Cintiq to have that on screen privilege to draw on. She'll be the better off for learning this way, alongside a small bluetooth keyboard to keep her company during her work flows. Helps develop a more fluid workflow and skill set center. Trust me. :) This has been the industry staple/standard for the better part of the past two decades.


Too little numbers using W10M compared to those running WP8.1. To go UWP will in essence make those on WP8.1 practically obsolete and make those using WA on Windows mobile OS that much smaller. So for now until those still on WP8.1 decide to upgrade to a 950/XL or 650, we'll have to make do with what WA is releasing to the platform. Right now I'd really like for WA to release a w10m version for better optimization with the OS but at the same time are there any IOS or Android users that can say they can do....... and we can't??

You also have to understand that with MS focusing on Enterprise Skype will be better than WA when it comes to video calling as MS in the business of $$ any Multi-million/billion dollar Co. will want that program to be top notch and as such MS will make it so when using continuum.

Here's hoping it's headed towards a crowd funded Windows Mobile device next, since I get the feeling the Surface Phone is vapourware bound.

Looks awesome! I loved the previous game. One question: Why pre-order a year in advance? With digital download now, it's not like you have to worry about your local store being sold out on launch day.

It is easier to use WP as the testing grounds because of its low numbers. Easier to fix issues before releasing to IOS and Android


It probably wouldn't cost that much. The computer is actually a pretty good deal because of how expensive a 1080 is.

Valve looks like the Windows Phones of Games. They make awesome products but they keep people waiting for the next version and suddenly tell us its all over!

But the fans still wait endlessly for HL3 (or Lumia ;-)) 

How much wattage is pushed to the PC? I would rather just get my own PSU and connect it externally than have this two-outlet abomination myself. I don't get who cares about the space a tower takes up, but would be OK with two outlets and PSUs to deal with.

Still waiting on the AMD Fury successor line myself.

I'm using the newest build of Win10. It's fine,'s not that simple that other builds were.

I am a huge fan of HL 2 - EP 1 and EP 2. May  be the best game I have played till now. Nothing can come close to the story and the gameplay. 

And then Valve throws in an Addon - Portal which again is awesome and mind bending. Welcome to Xbox

More of Satya brooming anything that might appeal to Consumers. Wonder when he'll cancel the Surface Phone?

I used to work for Santander.
Keep pestering them on twitter, yes. But more importantly, make a complaint because these are logged and tracked.
Best way to do it is by leaving negative feedback through a secure message within online banking. Make sure you use the word complaint, this means they have to log it as such.

But last time this happened I stopped get all updates and had to rebuild to get them again. Be great not to have to that !

While playing the game, I read somewhere that I had to kill the bisons to unlock an achievement.

I did that, and came to know afterwards that they don't respawn like other animals.. D:

RS1 is still not stable enough. I still have many issues with the AU, the most annoying ones are to do with the sharing of photos via Outlook. I switched back to the production ring specifically because of issues with the RS2 builds and the sharing of photos, but now I have a new issue with sharing photos. Around half the time, it sends the email without the attachment. I proved this an hour or so ago by sending the same email twice, the first time the attachment was missing on the received email, but it was present on the second email. This drives me nuts, such a simple thing, but no matter what build I use there are issues of one kind or another with the sharing of photos, and this is the one thing I do (used to do) every day. I have now started using a Lumia 925 running WP8.1 for this, and gues what, it works first time, everytime.