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Modi has done nothing and his government is full of criminals. India is not a country that will modernize. The mind set of many Indians are still very backwards! FACT.

Nokia is A LOT more than just "a company that sells its name"... Remember that Nokia owns NAVTEQ, and HERE maps... their mapping capabilities actually rival google's, and their maps are used by millions of cars and nav systems. They will also be able to release mobile devices soon, so they could get back into the phone business.

Are you kidding? Is this a (half-assed) attempt at a clever inside-joke?
If there's anything really annoying about WindowsCentral, it's the constant stream of ads for their phone accessories-shop embedded in the news-stream.
[Which is still branded as "WPcentral"-store by the way.]

Windows Central must be getting most of its money from ads. Wolfram doesn't have any ads, last I checked. So the cost of development + cost of maintaining servers will obviously have to be recovered from somewhere else like apps, or subscription fees

Please, just shut up man. How many times have you entered the exact same comment throughout this thread? Are you for real?

Yea, but the number of WP customers in the US is negligible so it would be silly to focus on a pretty much non-existent market first. Best to address where your customers are rather than where they are not. Getting firmware out to the US is Apple's job, because US people mostly own iPhones.

I wouldn't worry. Every country has plenty of fools to go around. India is no different than any other in this regard. All you can do is let it wash over you. Remember, the zombie apocalypse has happened. When the burgers run out, they'll come after your brains next... :)~

Yeah, song discount would be nice, but licensing likely makes that more difficult. Picked up the game today though, couldn't resist.

Hi Sam! How you doin' there?

Were you successful in the secret mission? I mean, were you able to find some blueprints / leaks of what 'Windows 10 for phone' will look like? *jk*

Nice to see you around!

So tempted to pick up fantasia. I'm heading out to get a Kinect today for my Xbox one. I've missed the voice commands. Anyone know if Fantasia would be good for a 5 and a 3 year old?

I wish posters like you just got deleted for constantly posting non-relevant comments in every article

I buy apps all the time am in Nigeria use a master card or try PayPal and make sure your region is Nigeria, hope u are not using Cortana right now ?

Whoa that's expensive coffee.

Anyways I agree. The price is really competitive and the developer definitely spent a chunk of his/her/their time in creating the app. Support developers!

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Haven't tried Fantasia but DCS is good. Big improvement on the 360 version.
Bought it a while ago, wish the 50% discount today applied to the songs too.

Well you only know what is shown on the news channels and sites..!! Go to any government office and ask them what changes have been made after his arrival..!! He's changing the working system to make it transparent,,efficient and effective..If those procedures are adopted everywhere it will give him a lotta freedom to implement new things which are actually 'visible' to the folks of India..!!

If you could put a stop to racist comments on this site @Richard..I'll give you gifts daily..!!

They committed a crime..And we don't leave criminals..Your government might but not ours..!!

Supposedly your brain needs a serious cleaning..Post off topic comments..That too worthless..!!

Don't worry I'm already chilled. I still think if a grownup guy says sexy to an electronic appliance, that person must have serious mental issues. It's not just you, but I see this awkward thing spreading among grownup people who by the way seem to be not having serious issues in their head, and boom they say sexy regarding a PCB covered I plastic housing.

I though the Denim/OS update would means Settings are put into alphabetical order. Even more confusing with the additional options!

How about when other versions/platforms get updates to apps that WP doesn't get? Does this also come under some sort of network infrastructure discrepancy or is it just limited to IAPs?