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On the store, it says that using Excel Mobile on desktop or tablet with screen larger than 10.1 inch requires Office 365 subscription. In that case, wouldn't we be using the full Office 365 Excel on desktop or tablet with screen lager than 10.1 inch? Surface 3 has screen size of 10.8 inch and Surface Pro has screen size of 12 inch. I do not understand this fully. In any case, the Surface Pen support is welcome.

As marketshare continues to drop they're going to keep saying they're 'narrowing focus'. It's just business speak.

On the original game, follower tweeker mods are a must have before even thinking about adding new ones, cause without that, they are really dumb and buggy. Isn't it the same here?

Your problem is focusing on only 1% of Microsoft. The other 99% is doing pretty well. I do think Nadella is too quick to dismiss new products though.

I've been having problems in previous builds with internet images not loading or loading "broken" in green/purple. Is it fixed?

They're aware. But once they gave up on gaining marketshare they pretty much killed Windows 10 mobile, at least from an app perspective.

I wasn't aware that Excel Mobile is also available for desktop and tablet. That is interesting. Wonder what are all the differences between the various versions of Excel and Words on Mobile, Office 365, Office 2016 and Office Online. I can't find a complete list of differences on Microsoft's website or anywhere else.

On my 4th band 2, last replacement came last week, and I know they are removing it from sale etc, but this one is a different design to the last 3,the curve on the screen is a lot more rounded now, and the "hard' edge where the screen joined the band is almost unfeelable now, this replacement was also the only one I didn't receive in retail packaging. Although on the flip side the battery life is deffo not as good as the last 3

Holy molly. It also has notification for Skype! This will be hard before I switch back. Very hard. I'm going straight with reliability over "want". Blinded as I am by MS love I need to go with what works. Hope someone from MS reads these comments because I REALLY want to have a Windows Phone working this well polished.

I've been doing this for years, but my method is much easier. I simply right-click drag the original folders (you can move multiple folders at once) to my OneDrive folder, and select Move from the context menu that pops up. This not only moves the original folders, but also automatically updates their system location in Windows. It's the first thing I do in each new installation.

Main tweaks needed are: Picking up items (why not have one press pick up all 3 as I imagine everyone takes the 3 anyway) camera in the trees, chocobos in the trees, map fog expanding and other minor tweaks on loading ,camera etc

Why would you not want to keep her as she obviously enjoys being dressed like now?? She's a treat for the eyes and happy

Apps has everything to do with Microsoft and their failed platform and stubbornness to make any changes. After WP7 failed so miserably, they should have changes their approach. WP8 and now W10M are basically the same as the original WP7. They didn't changw their approach at all.

I gave up on the built-in Windows calendar a couple years ago because there were some serious syncing issues. I couldn't add or delete some appointments, either it never did it or there were error messages. It wasn't just me- many others had the same problems, especially with large numbers of entries. I tried all the suggested fixes with no success. Is anyone still having sync problems?

I use OneCalendar with a Google calendar on all my W10 devices (PC, Surface, phones) and it has worked flawlessly. I also prefer the graphics compared to the native calendar, especially the ability to use different appointment colors.

I wish Chronos would make an app for all W10 devices; I really like the design.

Can't understand why digital only games are so expensive period. No physical production, distribution or margin sharing yet more often than not, most downloads are more expensive than a shop bought disc. Madness. ( I'm not in the US)

Tried taking the update on my Surface 3 and laptop but get the following error on both - • Windows 10 Insider Preview 14986 (rs_prerelease) - Error 0x80240031

Ha. Is it bad I switched to the Lumia 950 from Samsung? I had a older Samsung and I am not a fan of apple or Samsung and I had a upgrade for my phone at At&t ik there was a lot other phones that would probably have been better than this one but I just needed one soooooooooo I said screw it because I don't like LG and I don't like Samsung and I don't like apple (that is literally almost all the phones you can get at the AT&T store ik its garbage) but I'm glad I didn't go with those it gets boring sometimes because I miss changing the launcher every 5 minutes and everything but I don't like having apps I can't delete and I hate physical buttons

Yes I have all of that but what you showed me is the problem I'm complaining about. Reminder jumps from 1 hour to 12 hours which is a joke. Snooze jumps from 15 minutes to 1 hour which is equally ridiculous

I really enjoyed the ODST campaign. Actually, I enjoyed all of the campaigns. I enjoyed 5 soley for the amazing gameplay, but it had the worst story IMO. As for multiplayer though, 5 is undoubtedly the best; I feel it has such a good balance. However, this is just my opinion and I respect yours also.

I have the Band 2 as well. I opted to switch to the Blaze due to Custom band replacement (hint MS) and nicer aesthetic look (my opinion and preference). I only switched today Dec 7, 2016. Even with my Band 2 on my Lumia 950, the notifications were hit and miss. Wasn't the issue on 8.1. Flawless in fact on 8.1.

I believe in the power and capability of Windows 10 Phone but I want reliability and great support.

Today was the last day where I went FI, make the switch and see how it is.

Just seeing the emails, text and calendar on my wrist, I feel the decision is somewhat justified. I despise this boring iOS look. Plain, boring, garbage. Though, everything works. It pains me really knowing the potential and beauty of Windows Phone.

I think you might need to dig a bit deeper; maybe it's there but you don't see it, or maybe you are on a different version?  I'm on 17.7705.42038.0.  Default seems to be 15 minutes, but you can scroll up and down to see more.

I have a 950XL and have the following settings for reminders:

  • None
  • 0 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 12 hours
  • 1 day
  • 1 week

Also, there are 17 different reminder settings available on the web version, if you use that.  I'm recently upgraded to the "new" also.


Just tested Snooze on the phone and it has:

  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 4 hours
  • 1 day


Hope this helps.

Ah, Sofia. We had some good times together. For anyone who is curious about finding more followers, check out . There are some pretty good mods on there, I used them for the original game, pretty sure they work on the updated one too.

Excel Mobile is an app on the Windows Store. Available for desktop, tablet and mobile

Man, I STILL want to win this! The only thing I've EVER won before was from Microsoft - I won an Xbox for participating in a Windows Phone 7 forum - so, who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky here, too! :-)

She is dressed like a mechanic, she just hasn't had enough money to buy any clothes since she was 5 apparently

Just read: " Excel Mobile: Use your Surface pen..." - :O does that infer surface pen actions on a mobile device???

So they can play more than only the first two Halo games on PC like me.  :-(

Could they be filing patents of old Lumias to stop other manufacturers releasing "clones" of them now that Lumia is gone and there is a gap in the 1% of the market to fill? Or could it be what might have eventually became the Lumia 660 from when the plan was one low, mid and high spec phone each year? After all doesn't it take approx 2 years from concept to launch in phone design??

I'm sure this issue isn't only with the Alta.  I bought my parents some Charge HR's last year and we had tons of issues syncing to PCs.  I never see them wearing them anymore as I'm sure they're fed up with it.

This was one of the first things i did when Microsoft brought out OneDrive; sync desktops

I agree. I was hoping the ruler that is in the ink workspace wouldn't be limited to the workspace and overlay on any app you are working in. I thought that was the original point behind the workspace though, too. I was super excited for the inking stuff and in general it has been a let down. Heck, Sticky Notes doesn't even close right yet.

While i'm comfortable and happy with my 950 and Band 2 I understand your plight.  My brother also switched a couple months ago, but to Android.  Some day things will improve to the point where you'll be comfortable on WM10 as well.