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yeah id hate to see what the art direction fir this would be live action doesn't always translate well compared to tcg

I can't connect to WPA 2 PSK home WiFi in windows 10 mobile for the last 3 builds. I just hope it gets fixed

That is a retarded analogy. A better analogy would be saying to have a $3,000 laptop loaded with Ubuntu or suse Linux. Similarly the same market share percentage as Linux is to desktops thereabouts. You picked os2 which doesn't really exist anymore. The wp8 is is not but a few years old.

Good offer, wrong phone.

Mobikwik should have implemented this exchange offer on the L640/640 XL and the L540 instead which are newer and clearly far better devices than the L535.

Not sure about others. About 3 of 10 of my college friends own a Lumia. Note: I'm seeing more Lumias ever since Microsoft dropped the pricing dramatically.

Well it's difficult to articulate a definition of "beautiful".. besides this is a very subjective matter. In open forum u will find all kinds of people with polar opposite views.

I get that u find these designs "all great". And I respect that. May be I will also find them great when lookin in person. But my first impression is not "great".. may be "good" but not "great". I am keeping my final judgement resereved. But that is the whole point of this discussion by these people...flagships should scream "premium"... even at first casual sight. 

It's like "first love". Don't ask like a parent to a teen kid "why do u find her beautiful" n "why do u think u r in love". There are many people who want to be in love with their phone from the word GO. And I understand they culd not associate their feelings with same design they have seen in lower budget lumia say 640/XL. 

When 830/930 look better than 640 it's understandable. But when u come out with 930/1520 successor after THIS long time, then may be... just MAY BE.. following 830/930 design would be understandable.

My opinion only..

Proud owner of 830

PS; Will i buy these.. yes,,,because of their flagship specs NOT because of their design. However I would be happier if they were lovely looking also. Hoping that I will eventually like them far better in REAL... Again only my opinion.

And YES i did not elaborate "beautiful".."premium".."love"..."great".. I simply can not. 

I hope u understand.. May be not..We all can live peacefully in this world disagrreing to each other views.

Sorry for long post and ...long PS

Except if you bought the phone after 7-Aug-2015, it's not even an offer.. L535 @ 6K in exchange of certain handsets? New L535 itself costs 6.3~6.5K in India!! 

This isn't the only game they've made before. Hitman and Final Fantasy just to name a few have Xbox achivements. 

The earlier update screwed up notifications for me. They were not showing up in notification center nor on the lock screen nor would my phone go off when I got a message. Hopefully this update restores that.

U r right, but most people who criticize Microsoft, like myself, wants to see them do well and be successful. It's not all about looks, but they're struggling for a reason. We just think a nice looking phone would help them also, along with the great specs, more apps, and all.

They are butt ugly both of them. They will have to impress the shit out off my if Ms wants me to buy it. My 1520 red is far superior and looks sexier than these phone. Samsung S6 don't like it either it's gimmicky. I would prefer something like g4 our 3 design bezel less comfortable to hold yet have 5.7 inch screen.
This is pathetic from Ms after 2 years you q up with this crap lollipop.

Thanks didn't know this until I saw the article just downloaded to my W10 computer as well. Happy they went the extra mile to make it a universal app =)

If you spoke for the majority of people like you imply you do, then the definitive editions wouldn't sell well, and they would stop making them. That's the only way it will stop.
I've heard a lot of people say enough is enough, need to stop and then say unless it was x game lol

I don't think design is the most important aspect, but you are right. Not sure about front facing speakers, I like the one the Lumia 1020 has (on the bottom side). It's REALLY annoying having it on the back of the 640.

We're getting close to the release date and my Start screen crashes many times a day..... Does it still crash for others?

Maybe I am in the minority, but I don't want super slim and light phones. I want something with a little heft and weight. I have held a iPhone 6, and it just feels to light.
Of course that's just my opinion

In the end, it's just as well. I plan to buy a replacement 360, but I know I'll have to hang it up in due time, but I still have some games I need to finish before saying goodbye for good.

I never had an android device so hard for me to say leave wp for them, but honestly, I've been thinking about doing that also. It seems like I'm always waiting for something with WP, and now its getting very old. I've been with them since 2010, so it's kind of hard to give up on them. I can understand people wanting to leave for something more stable and successful.

I love my 640xl it's a great phone. I would go back to a dumb phone before I even consider an iPhone. YUK I hate Apple. Never Never Never.