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Because it's a laptop that's slimmer and lighter than the existing laptops in the market, that's why.

It's very nice and all but I feel it would make more sense if they removed the "Defender" from the name.

all doomy and gloomy. Roper is a loss for sure but it looks like the cuts are clearly equally spread between what made up Nokia and other redundant aspects of MS. Still I am amazed that after the face time Roper had and the effects smartly taken advantage of made out of his statements that they didn't find another place for him within the company. Doesn't seem like he is too upset though as hes reaching out to others in his position to maybe start something new.

I sometimes wonder if people at Microsoft in charge of these things still have a functioning brain or if they're waiting for AI to replace it.

Roper, alongside Panay, are two of the best presenters Microsoft has had IN YEARS. You listen to Microsoft's presentations and they're always a snooze fest. Panay and Roper were the exceptions. Cutting him is Microsoft just shooting itself in the foot. Again.

Who will they put in his place? Terry Myerson, who has the charisma of a wooden plank? Or one of those extremely competent yet extremely boring engineers? 

Or will they resurrect Belfiore who no one misses since Panay & Roper stepped in?

Oh well. Best of luck to him. I'm pretty sure he will find a new home soon. Hopefully one that values him more than Microsoft did.

Really can't wait to see pocket pcs unveiled to the world. It's not just about foldable phones. It's about having full OS running in your pocket. We are so close. And even qualcomm are right on board. Time for Smartphones to make way for pocket pcs. It's as revolutionary as the first smartphone.

Guess he's gonna be "productive like a boss" at Google and help them beat MS to the punch with their own idea!

I'm sure the fact that Win10 is still unstable and half assed had a lot to do with it. I guess they figured
"if we're going to go on using half-baked operating systems, why not use the one with actual app selection"

It is not common for a Windows 10 Mobile device to be unable to receive an update. W8.1 was the hurdle.

That's so wrong of MS to show him off at all these major PR events in 2016 and lay him off in the first month of 2017. He was like the face/spokesperson of MS at these events.

It's too many things that have parity or disparity to list. For example, my L950XL now runs better and better since a year ago I purchased it. It is absolutely a joy to use. The skype integration to SMS is also becoming good enough to best even Imessage. I have near a hundred apps installed and it runs admirably.

Laid off like a dead unfunny meme, sucks.
I'm sure he's made enough of a name for himself that he'll recover in no time.

I'm so very excited. It's a shame we aren't getting a new game in the Planescape universe (which could be absolutely incredible in this day and age) but apparently there are issues with the ownership of that or something to that effect.

but why would any hacker group care about an OS with less then 1% market share?
We are safe :D

I'm sad, he had some great enthusiastic output on the products he showcased. I like guys with the kind of energy like him. Best of luck to Bryan finding a new job. Layoffs are never fun.

The real question is....where is Microsoft in all this ? What are they saying ? What are they doing to TRY to prevent this ? Have they done ANYTHING to help Windows Phone in the last 12 months ?

The answers seem to be NO PLACE and NOTHING.

that is so sad, Microsoft creates a good OS and just gives up on it...

Issue with Android 7.1.1 on Pixel XL.  It doesn't give me the option to sync from the stock messenger app.  It doesn't even appear on the list of apps.

Oh tell me about it. These lemons slow down about every two months and their solution (at least the third party support that Nutella dumped these devices on) only solution to problems is to factory rest the phones. The Surface Book I have is amazing but this 950 XL has become one giant lemon. They need a revolution in the boardroom over there, giving far more power to Panos. He is the last person in that company with vision and drive. The rest have become zombies under this clown.

Yes, but production of the Lumia 650 has already ended, stock will soon start drying up, and there are no suitable replacements on the horizon. This means that businesses will be in a position where they have no choice but to replace old or broken Lumia handsets with Android alternatives.

​All this does is weaken W10M's business focussed position. As if W10M isn't weak enough already without mass business abandonment.

You prefer a few gigs and a few more megapixels every year, hyped like like it's the latest thing? I'm getting tried of see articles come out everyday a week after the new iPhone comes out on what the next one might have. You know they're all just paid for by Apple to keep iPhones in your face. Good things take time and they're dealing with cut throats.

Nutella talks out of the side of his face. No one believes one word this idiot says. Even worse is his hiding from topics like this. Just a greedy bean counter.

We like Microsoft and the devices that they do get behind....Windows 10, Xbox, Surface... We are disgusted by the lack of support for devices Nutella sold us....Microsoft Bands, 950 line, Windows 10 Mobile....

I started out using Nokia, you know the soft stuff but then this chick got me hooked with a Nokia 5800. It was smart phone heaven. A few years later it got stolen and I went into withdrawal. A friend tried to help with giving me a Samsung but it never did the trick. When my girlfriend needed a new phone I got her a Lumia 800 and she just loved it! Then the Lumia 730 dual sim came out and I found my thing. Just got a Lumia 650 dual sim, still have the L730 and use both everyday. Could never think of using anything else.

I am probably what you would consider to be one of those bipolar users.

Here's the thing: I support Microsoft, and really do want Windows 10/Mobile to succeed because it is much more engaging to use than Android in my opinion. Therefore, my feedback and approval or disapproval of Microsoft's moves comes from a good place. This is probably the case with most people on this website whom you would classify as "bipolar."

On the other hand, I have had to choose to use another platform, but not by my own choice. Microsoft left me with no [reasonable] choice here on Verizon. That's kind of upsetting, when you really do want it to succeed and have supported it, but it seems like they're just trying to kick you off the bus on many occasions. Hence the bipolar disorder.

Agreed. Especially the last line. I still think Microsoft is stupid if they allow this large of a client to leave, like the airlines, law enforcement and governments using tablets and phones.

I lost my SP3 pen, but then again, I've used it about half a dozen times in the past year and a half so it doesn't bother me all that much.

Windows Defender has been doing the job very well on every Windows 10 computer I get my hands on...

Only wished they could put realtime malware protection in it to in addition to antivirus only...

Agreed, don't see the point of this, and forcing it into first perspective.

I know a lot of hardcore resident evil players that have been there from the beginning,

not one is going to get or play this game.

Total mistake on their part.

I'm just getting tired of this coming, this is coming, that is coming....thing is what do we have now?

i think I will stay with security software i normally use. Getting micrsoft to protect Windows is like leaving a fox to guard the hen house.


"We have an ongoing dialogue with Microsoft. They are trying to reassure the market that 3-4 producers have plans to create Windows-based smartphones continues Johansen."

Things no one wants: third party hardware for a dead system

Things no manufacturer supports: hardware built under pressure from the big software company that does not support its own system with devices

Things that are dead because Microsoft is too stupid to build its own devices: Windows Mobile

Things that won't help: Windows 10 unified on ARM that offer cool features like continuum ... which really are cool but useful ot a total of 0.5% of the whole customer base.

Couldn't imagine using my SP4 without the pen. I'm not an artist by any means but it is an essential tool for me. That being said I see nothing wrong with giving ppl the option. Choice is good.

Falcons by 6. Best receiver in the league. As well as a future MVP QB. Plus their defense stacks up better against the other teams offense.

probably this is meant for people who were buying the Surface 3 as a regular tablet or large phone.

Only Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 pens will work on SP4 and SB.
The original Surface 1 and Surface Pro 1 used Wacom tech :(

I do not see the point of both - this comment, and the sole argument.

Win10M definitely is dead compared to Android if you look at it from the point of how many consumers use it, but that is completely not important to regular users.

I personally couldn't care any less about that. Even if I'm the last person on earth who uses Win10M, the ONLY IMPORTANT THING is if it works well and suits your needs, and for me Win10M is more than good enough. It does everything I need, and does it in a decent manner. And it will get better and better (try reading WC headlines once in a while).

Also, don't worry, it won't die because MS won't let it die.