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With social engineering being one of the causes of this malware spreading, I would say "Don't be dumb. Please" is one of the pieces of advice one could give!

I don't find this strong-handed tactics at all. It's called technology moving forward. I just had to tell a customer why our app didn't run on Windows XP, that it was because the platform didn't support the technologies we needed (newest version of the .Net Framework) and that we wouldn't rewrite it to use an unsupported OS with an unsupported framework version.

Same thing here, ancient app, newer Office 365 protocols = won't work anymore and we won't update it. No big deal. Not to mention they are giving out Office 365 Personal to these users, giving them a free app that will work with the new protocols, Outlook 2016. Let's not forget that Office 365 works on Windows 7 still as well. That's more than fair to these customers.

I'm Not talking about Pirates... I'm Taking about user who are Bought Original Copy of windows 7/8/8.1 and just Afraid to Upgrade their Windows PC/Laptop to Windows 10. Majority of Windows 8/8.1 users Already Moved to Windows 10. all that Left is Windows 7 Users...when they Realize that Window 10 better for Every thing...they will Move too.
...Weather it's a Pirated or Genuine copy of OS.....User gonna use Store and Other Service Provide by Microsoft or if User creates local User the End Microsoft Windows OS Continue gain a User.

In two years time at least 300m will be added, so they should hit their target in another 4 years conservatively.

One of my favorite games from when I was a kid. Haven't played it since I got my X1 and retired the 360, but will be tonight.

I would get one if they had a Microsoft logo on them. The fact that there isn't a Microsoft logo on them keeps me from getting one

Dunno about MOBA classification. No towers, no lanes, no creeps, no jungling, no equipment, no leveling up... Only similarity is an emphasis on heroic characters, which is pretty general.

You actually have a good chance of playing this game. Try with low settings, you never know!

Posted from my awesome new Lumia 640 XL with Windows 10 mobile.

Correct I have the cyan and I don't use the cases as I use wireless charging at work and nightstand at home.

Since PDF was a proprietary format controlled by Adobe until just a few years ago, isn't Adobe's PDF reader still considered "first party". I've never considered MS PDF reader to be first party.

Me too :( I don't have money to update my laptop. I hope maybe I can get a new one next year but it still won't be able to play games like this, because it won't cost more than 500€ ... Money sucks.

Posted from my awesome new Lumia 640 XL with Windows 10 mobile.

There will always be bugs. In the first 6 months or so, yes, that was definitely a valid reason to not upgrade. But now, not so much. And if something as insignificant as the look of contexts menus is What's keeping you from updating, that's a silly reason. The anniversary update could fix all of your concerns, but you won't know until it's released, and by then you'll have to pay to upgrade. Not to mention the W7 is quickly becoming an obsolete and unsupported OS. From my standpoint, the only valid reason to not take a free upgrade is if there are drivers or other necessary components that are not compatible with W10.

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They been in bay area for several weeks. I want the white one for my 950XL, so I'm disappointed in their selection at the store

I still have an ASUS G73Jh laptop that is running Windows 7. I haven't used it in ages though and I'm not sure if it's even compatible with Windows 10.

The only way RAM can impact game performance is if there isn't enough of installed RAM. Or if you're using really old, low speed RAM. About 8 gigs (best if it's 16) of DDR3 is plenty enough for gaming. Anything above and beyond doesn't have much impact on game performance. 

Don't forget that Daniel Rubino wrote an article about GroupMe and Slack, perhaps Microsoft will listen :P

A pretty easy way to force people to upgrade to W10.
Can't say I like these strong handed tactics - but business is business.

I think the emphasizing of "free" is not a sway and more like don't complain about it costing money after we told you over and over this far in advance.

I bypassed the AP301 error, by using page-up and pressing quit.
But further in when it want's me to log into Xbox live i got a new message that my computer does not meet minimum requirements.
I get that it's a bug, but it feels like an insult, I have a gtx970 so im pretty sure it meets the minimum requirements. :(

Yes, it was indeed 3 years into 2018. I had my coffee that day. I can remember it. I just can't remember anything from this morning, as I had no coffee today. Wait... what was I saying? Oh, yeah, I need coffee.

Lol since w8.1 my Wi-Fi drops out.(& this regression continues with w10) Lucky for me I have enough space for w7. On another w7 PC the lack of OEM customized raid drivers causes w10 to flatline after it installs then reboots from the reference driver. Had to reload w7 from scratch after pulling the drive & putting it into a stable PC

That's funny because there's really nothing to miss. I have tablet with 10 and laptop with 7 and I'm totally fine with 7 because 10 still has so many bugs. The context menu on desktop alone is always visually different, sometimes it doesn't even fit on the screen (it has little arrow at the bottom)

One thing not many notice/mention is the speed of Windows 10 - booting and launching programs is MUCH faster than Windows 7.  Plus, Windows 10 does not have the problem of slowing down as you install more and more programs.  Windows 7 still has this slowing down problem.

Many Windows 7 users should have experience that after logging in to desktop, the OS hangs for several minutes before the first program can be launched, especially for low-end machines.  But for Windows 10, even a 2GB RAM tablet powered by Atom does not have this problem - it typically takes <30 sec from power-on to desktop.  This is a great improvement many existing Win7 users are not aware of.  This is very sad.  Some even think Win10 is slower than Win7.  (this is only true before Win7 - every major upgrade of Windows makes your PC run slower)

Yeah I feel you. I use Twitter pretty much and I have separated accounts for work stuff so it was a no bummer for me.

Sadly most of those ppl don't know anything about that but hopefully will see if they upgrade... =s

Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!

I like your thinking! ;) Mind you, you'd probably want to murder people after ten days of folk music, too :P

Meh.... it was pretty clear since Windows 8.0 that the UWP Outook Mail & Calendar app is the free app going forward.

I saw Scott a few years ago do a presentation live and it changed the way I approached my presentation style. He's by far my personal favorite.

Ok, this game is super impressive. I'm lucky to be able to play this in 4K native resolution with everything turned on. It just runs so smooth. I have 32Gb DDR4 RAM and a TitanX graphics card, and even so, I was not expecting these results. I have to say that this game is HIGHLY optimized. Good job MS. I took some screens but they are too big (4K) and uploading would pe pointless unless I find a host with a high cap.