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There is a good chance that it is not a universal app, but rather an app that is very similar across multiple platforms.

Either way, it looks pretty slick. as someone continuing to try and distance themselves from Google, it is nice to see something that might be able to get me out of Feedly.

Your comment doesn't make sense. Are you saying that I didn't correct their grammatical error? It is an undisputed fact that I did.

Dude it will be f2p like Dota2 is. You pay only to costumize ur hero etc, not bonus and upgrades that help you win easier. At least that's what the developers said.

Well, if digital is suppose to he the future, then that standard needs to change, doesn't it? You just made a complete ass out of yourself for me mentioning a feature that many people have mentioned.

The update definitely fixed the touch issue. :D

Guys from the Philippines, if you are not being notified about the update, it is available through the Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

Just a tip: if a little feeling of screen issue still persists, try putting on a 'matte' screen guard.

Now, my 535 works like charm :D

I'm wondering if these Philips lights give off the same yellowish light we're used to like an incandescent light bulb? I know that Switch Lighting LEDs accomplish that feat amazingly well, so well it's impossible to tell which is which.

Why don't people get it? Physical will ALWAYS undercut digital because the stores set their own prices for physical copies, they will even sell then at a loss if necessary because they make most of their money on trade-ins. And people aren't gonna bother buying physical copies to trade in if digital is cheaper...

My order says it's backordered but the site is not listed as out of stock. It was saying out of stock before I used the email to purchase one.
Edit. Now listed as out of stock

Call 1-800-642-7676 (Microsoft Product Sales Support), and they will set you up with a pre-order through your microsoft account. Sales Rep i spoke to said they will ship on the 15th. He aslo said they do not have access to the subscribers list to check who's on it. I did not receive the email either and wanted to know why. His response, "The emails were sent in waves, most likely based on when the person subscribed. Some people got the email, other did not."

I subscribed some RSS, but app doesn't provide full article, only headlines. :/

Yeah, I always had trouble with that name. I didn't see it for being an anagram of "vita," but rather thought it was some cute way of saying "Active" but dropping a couple of letters.Therefore the pronunciation always seemed awkward to me, which is a bad characteristic for a brand.

Even if we know that it is "vita" backwards, I still don't know how I'm supposed to pronounce it. Uh-tiv? Ah-tiv?

Don't get too clever with the name. Make it simple, make it catchy, make it easy to talk about in conversation. Nobody wants to say "ATIV" in conversation.

They already know what is wrong with Bing, ie yet they pretend. Luckily the search button is less sensitivity, w10 for phones; another tongue twister.

USB data tethering, otg still missing and yet they divert people attention!

Me too, has been since it was launched actually. It seems that MyTube is the only YouTube app that utilizes "slide the screen" to scroll within the video. It feels very intuitive and very friendly with one-handed use.

Nicely done app simple fast, not sure if live tile shows unread counts or articles but that would be nice addition.

Actually, Samsung's own executives got this one covered, the one that sticks out the most is "Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic Touch 4G"

And I was thinking about Mad Men, Detectives, Humphrey Bogart and...Michael Jackson ;P And yeah, I like to have options too.

To me was the best one. Even paid for it to remove ads. Then legal issues, then it was gone. Dev said it would be back. But its been a long while now. So sad.

How about support for Starbucks outside the USA?

I would really love if the reviews would indicate whether certain features are USA only or can work worldwide as well.​

More integrated than Cortana? Hardly. That said, options don't hurt. But excessive apps hogging up space and CPU time do. :P

Yes, I did. You, on the other hand, not so much. I provided free editing to Windows Central, correcting their grammatical errors in hopes of improving their standing in the journalism community and limiting the damage that poorly written articles can have on our youth. You're welcome.

Yes but your phones region wasn't set to "US" was it? That's what this is about. If you are outside of US, but your phone is set to US cos you want Jen Taylor :)

Presuming the masses become tech savvy. I understand quite a few people still don't comprehend the link between the OS and hardware. Macs ftw /sarcasm.

An app that lets you log into your account will get pulled quickly by Starbucks. I'm working on a way for the next update that won't violate the terms of service.

Regarding using Cortana/Bing/Google, nothing is more accurate than this app as it gets even the specialty stores not listed as Starbucks but are still owned by Starbucks.