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You must be in la la land. It will "grow"? LOL what from the meagre 1% share to 1.1% globally? Lets be realistic here, wp is in its last stages of life.

I got the same exact answer a ways back when I reached out asking if Hitman Sniper was ever going to make it to the platform.

Looked at Microsoft's info... for AU devices only. (Ugh, new version of WC app on non-mobile not working very well for me.)

We would deny given data windows phone is at low markets share is fact, maket damand is at low, but we would not conclude demand for microsoft phone is a fact.    This is due to various reasons.  At same boring stock android UI, educational UI for ios, windows phone has better fuctionality and better UI for productivity while iphone and android users buy phones for gaming and social netwoking only ond only.  Consumers simply avoid windows phone because of other people's opinions without actual use them, and no actual proven reasons.   

What about ubuntu, blackberry?  those may have even lower market share lower than windows phone.  Tizen?  samsung released tizen powered Z2 today.  With low spec and price.  would people shout out to samsung this phone will not sell?

Is this only for Win10/M devices with the Anniversary Update, or does it apply to pre-AU devices as well?

Well, the fact that they don't even have plans means it may come a year from now. No way they can plan/code it that fast.

I've finished the game on PC.

For me, it scores 8/10. The only bad thing about the witness is the ending, very bad ending..

Actually, performance is great for me on RS2 and I like the new changes, but edit post doesn't seem to work.

The files are in your profile somewhere probably under appdata, but you won't need to. When you have notes in win10 regular notes app when you install the store version they will all still be there and launch when you first launch the app.

Waiting for FIFA bundle to be available at other retailers.

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Everyone should be making apps with Xamarin these days for true, cross-platform app development...i only say this as I believe it has unity support

This update totally sucks. Nothing works right. Links do not open in app, no upvote or downvote, no reply, and the live tile stays stuck at 15. Don't you guys test this stuff out before pushing it out??

No, you need another subscription next to an online gaming subscription. It makes it actually worse.

Insider is your only option. It's pretty good on Windows 10 Mobile now. Just join it to get the update, install said update and then change to production.

Another subscription. No thank you. And I already have the Xbox360 games so it for free ;)

Really surprised the Universe app got a definite no. You'd have thought that would be the easier app to make.

Welp, their loss.

It looks Nice, it crashed some times, and open too slow from the last build.....

Think of onenote as your journal for writing anything and everything important that you want to keep around and sticky notes as throw away one time notes. You COULD use onenote like sticky notes but you couldn't use sticky notes like onenote.

Well when was the last time Microsoft released a xbox live enabled mobile game.

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At some point developers aren't gong to be able to ignore Windows 10. It's market share in the tablet space is growing and that doesn't include other Windows 10 PCs. There will be just as many devices running Windows 10 as Android at some point. Hopefully by association Windows 10 mobile will get some of that love, but that would require MS to get behind the platform and get their act straight.

Is there a way to import my old sticky notes from the previous Windows 7/8/10 version of the app to the new anniversary update UWP version?

This game is very fun and addictive!

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Well well, I've been saying it for awhile Sony needs to bring a similar service to the PC. Finally they have although at that price point... hmm... Better have uncapped broadband lol.

Well i thought it worked! Shows the count, but everytime it says 15 no matter what....

I'm camping in Maine using the Campgrounds WIFI which is DSL, It's taken me 3 HR's to download it. At home 10 Mins or less.

Good to know. In case it helps, I got the same problem attempting to log in with either my Microsoft Account or Facebook login.  Logging in with email address and password worked, though... had to really dig deep to remember what I had set that password to. :-)