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At the risk of pissing off many people, let me just say... it's only a phone people. Geezus, get a life will you? Go outside, smell the grass, walk the dog, roll in the dirt... anything but dwell on some asinine electronic gizmo. I swear I'm in an Apple forum.


Black blends into the screen bezel and looks so much better because of that. The screen and the phone become one with a black background. It's something that makes it unique and stunning.

The Surface Pro keyboards should already have a bluetooth adapter that's sold separately. There would be no practical reason for the Surface Book's keyboard base to be bluetooth since the screen doesn't have a kickstand.

Exactly what I want thinking. The 950 and 950xl are beta tests for the real deal next year, to keep the game going. I think if Panos does not deliver, we'll know for sure then wp/WM is dead.

Hello, I am really looking forward to see.. Continum in real life .... And ya camera comparison of Lumia 950 and XL with Samsung Note will be awesome...

And a tear down of this phone from iFixit... want to see the liquid cooling stuff... I hope i get one so.. i get a chance to use The Best Windows Phone yet...I hope i win...

He wasn't the only one panos made it matter though so both of them made it awesome for sure but it needs those two or more nothing less!

Lighter laptop, less expensive than the dgpu version, Possibly more battery = the promise of actually lasting the full 12 hours and the possiblity of being able to upgrade to the gpu version later on by swaping out the keyboard base. There are laptop users that really don't need a descreet gpu when intergrated graphics are more than enough.

I'm curious to know if this laptop has the ability to auto-switch graphic cards based on certain apps or user's usage. Is the gpu switch a manual option or does it automaticly default to the more powerful gpu?

Many would complain and say that it could have been sold cheaper without it. That would help with the cheaper price of nexus though.

100% agree. I ditched wp/wm not because of apps. It's because they destroyed everything I loved about it- the seamless integration, the photo and people's hub layout. Now it looks like shit with ovals and circles that came from iOS. Since MS copying iOS, might as well go for the real thing and I did. Plus I get all MS ecosystem, apps, and my favorite of all, family sharing.

Please don't remind me of the escape/run away from their beautiful Metro design.  I believe Microsoft specifically hired iPhone and Android designers, code writers to make WP/WM more Apple/Android like.  Someone is pushing their design away from the original look and feel.  And I personally find it shameful.  I currently have a 7.X and 8.X phone and I'll get a 10.X phone.  Just call me stuck in the past but my 7.X phone still conjures up a sense of freshness.  Hopefully, 10.X will bring back those feelings but somehow I'm doubtful.

I still don’t believe Microsoft would want a repeat of Windows Mobile of old i.e. trying to have x86 applications run on a mobile phone that they weren’t design for. For example I use MusicBee for music, Dreamweaver/Visual Studio for design/development, Photoshop, illustrator, 3D studio Max, After effects among others on my computer to do work. Obviously as they are, these applications would be ridiculous on a phone/phablet but if designed for this form factor the Idea that my phone could be the only device I need to do my Job would make a lot of sense.
I think if applications were developed “Mobile First” it could actually be possible to have our phones do more than just consuming content.

The pen is what really sold me on the Surface Pro 3 in the first place.  It's useful in OneNote and the like, but there is NO substitute for drawing on or otherwise *directly* manipulating an image on the screen.  The new pen and 16GB RAM are the biggest reasons I'd consider upgrading to an SP4.

I've done a little photo editing (not too much, mostly using or Corel PhotoPaint), but a fair amount of image creation using Inkscape for vector work, Sketchbook Pro or Krita for bitmaps, and CorelDraw for either one, especially if there's much type involved - CorelDraw is great for everything!) 

I do product concept and design work, and I'm no artist, but great digital tools let me fake it pretty well.  It's amazing how well you can draw when you can undo everything - I still hire ID guys for refinement and renderings, but I can now do ideation sketches that aren't embarassing.  This was way easier with the SP3 than using a Wacom tablet on a 27" display, mostly because of theat ability to put the pencil/marker/brush right where you want it with the pen - it's just much more natural.  I think this technology may really increase the importance of visual communication by making it easier to produce good (or at least decent) images - this was a couple of hours work for me a few months back - it's actually built as internal and external layers, so I can adjust transparency to provide a true ghosted view rather than the one below showing the internals layered over the top of the enclosure.)  This is just a sketch done using Sketchbook Pro, not CAD - as I said, I'm no artist, but great digital tools make me passable with a bit of determination - the SP3 has taken what I can produce for my clients to a new level.

I predict Facebook and Instagram to be up to parity in the near future, but it's not as sunny of an outlook for the other two in the near future.

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Why would you get a 2 in 1 laptop if you plan on using tablet mode for more than 3 hours? It would make more sense to buy a Surface Pro instead if you plan on exclusively use it in tablet mode.

It seems to me that if they need to apologize for these phones, everyone else should be quite shamefaced about theirs. Confused.
"Don't you know who Panay is?". Yes, and he's doing a bang up job on the Surface, (cringe-worthy presenter tho) but to make his phone announcement sound so "meh" makes me just think he should stay off the stage altogether.

Maybe the people app isnt linking your skype contact and phone contact. I found this to be the issue with my contacts list. Once i linked both contacts for a few it started working.

I would love to see a 'wallet' style cover, where the fold is just attached to the back cover, rather than having a bulky case attached.

a smaller (and cheaper) Surface Book would directly compete with their oem partners so I doubt they would make it.

is reasonable since it is a highend laptop that out performs a mackbook pro at the same price point. this and the fact that the screen is basically a surface pro

Lumia design gone. A few years of micro management from Redmond. Lets blame Nokia on current sorry state of MM..

I won't worry about the naming just yet. Surface phone has to prove itself worthy.  It has been overblown based on a lot of unknowns.  Surface phone has to prove it is more capable than Lumia phones.  If you think that Surface phone can run x86 desktop apps unmodified, you are wrong.  The Win32 apps would have to be converted to Universal before they can support Continuum and run as a desktop.  The Continuum only does the display scaling work.  The Surface phone just started from the scratch and it has a long journey ahead of it.  Lumia will be around for a long time to come.  Just get your L950, L960 ....

Agree, Lumia have always been reviewed favourably,but the one con that was always there was the OS. MSFT just trying to blame their unfinished Windows10 mobile OS to Nokia hardware??

It's pure pci-e transfer rates. I assume the drive is a soldered m.2 4x. Maybe nvme ssd?

Don't press on the get app button. Click on the share button on Edge and select Barcode Generator to generate a QR code for the web page you are on. THen use your phone QR reader app to hop to the store page which will launch your phone Store app.

Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who can't get this app. I can't even find it in the store. grrrr

The killer app for the Surface Book (as well as Surface pro) is Windows Update. The fact that I will never have to search for a bios update, hardware drivers or any type of firmware software to install is worth the premium price alone. Macs has always had this advantage since their hardware was preselected and dont have to worry about having to support thousands of different models, unlike all of the third party OEMs. Also having a prestine install of windows with absolutely no bloatware is a plus.

Yes, but I think MSFT is completely responsible for the fall in Lumia name, when it was under Nokia, Lumia was pushed as the ultimate smartphone. Microsoft they released a bunch of budget devices and expect people to associate Lumia with premium phones? Also the design looks like some mid range Nokia Lumia device, but I am really happy with replaceable battery and back cover and microSD card. I think Daniel was underwhelmed with the devices.

Nope. Unbranded, unlocked devices have the updates come directly from Microsoft itself. So theoretically updates should be available almost instantly for the 950 XL if you buy unlocked from the Microsoft Store. Time will tell how that actually plays out, but hopefully we won't have to sit around for months waiting for AT&T to approve updates!

Maybe Windows Central could start by spelling his name right consistently.

Lumia 950 and 950XL will launch next Wednesday in Thailand and it will sell in December. So, I'm excited to hands on these devices. But, please don't expect this event photos and information because of no invitation to me.

Windows Central says no pen.... Neowin says its coming... Who you going to believe? Neowin says they have a Windows Mobile source that says the PE is still coming.... But personally I agree with Dan's take on it.... To me it seems like Microsoft pulls the "something cool is coming soon" card way too often. I still have faith that one day they might have a worthwhile mobile platform...

I have seen a video on YouTube that shows a power port on the bottom of the clipboard so you can power it up separately when detached from the base/keyboard. I think that's it.

It seems to me MSFT is just going on a face saving damage control about the unfinished OS by blaming on Nokia and the hardware.