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The app is free, but data used by whatsap is charged. Facebook can make it possible to use whatsapp on free internet.org and block hike.

I've been wanting to play this game since it was first announced but I didn't think I was going to be able to since I don't own an XBOX. I somehow managed to not see that it was coming out on PC. Thanks to Windows Central not being narrow minded I now know that I too will be able to play it on my PC by paying only $20 for it on my Windows Origin app. $20 is much less than I thought it was going to be. Once again, thank you Windows Central for not being narrow minded.

I can make a safe guess that he was referring to the data consumed by them. They can make the usage of Whatsapp over their "FreeBasics" free, while charge you by the bytes for using Hike. What will you use then? Another safe guess, Whatsapp. What will happen to new players like Hike (which in all honesty, is WAY better than Whatsapp on most aspects core to their intent) when FreeBasics will drive the new user base, as well as the existing users, away from them? You can announce them "dead" like our beloved windows mobile ;)

High price for not fully wireless, but swappable battery is good. Hate the stealth 500x for not having that. Makes an awesome headset so annoying when the battery goes 5 mins into a long game session.

I don't get how anyone can say the iPhone is premium:

No sd card
No 2K screen
No 4K screen
No wireless charging
Not waterproof
Not dustproof
No double tap to wake/sleep

Premium it's not!

I too thought the same way before. But after seeing the overwhelming support for Net Neutrality, I changed my mind. If poor people need to get internet then it would automatically happen if India's economy grows like China who's rural internet connectivity is better than India's. And it's the government's duty. A private player need not take control over the internet.

Thank YOU for making it! - And ad-free no less!

It looks good and I really look forward to replace it with my current ad-spammed MS Edge edition ;) 

Hi there,

Could someone let me know if changing the year to 2106 will allow me to uninstall the camera in Lumia 720?

My camera is blurry since the 8.1 update and NOKIA Care Center were not able to fix it. Resetting the camera makes no difference.


I have Origin installed on Windows, which is in our branding so it makes sense to cover games as such too? Gaming is a massive part of the Microsoft ecosystem, not just Windows Phone or even Windows itself. Gotta think big, man!

At the end of the day, you could always skip over articles on the site that don't interest you?

It's also available on the Xbox store. But I do still think we should be able to filter stories based on personal preference - perhaps in the new app.

We're here for everyone. Which also means that there'll be a lot of stuff that some people aren't interested in. Which is totally fine.

So what, Windows users should be restricted to only knowing about things that come from the Windows Store?

You're suggesting we ignore telling people who might want this on their PC that they can get it, just because they can't get it from the Windows Store?

Seems a bit narrow minded.

@Wael Hasno, Daniel Rubino said it will follow later at some point otherwise it would delay the app. That's understandable as when you make UX changes, a good dev would want to thoroughly test it.

Weird choice of analogy. o_O

It's more akin to going into a supermarket and having a selection of things offered to you for free. Naturally you go for the things that are free as opposed to the ones that you have to pay for, and as a result you develop a preference for those free options. The other brands don't get a chance because they aren't big enough to offer it at such a discount. It isn't fair on them.

There was a time this site was about wp, then about all ms products. Now it is about anything that is somehow related to some ms products? I mean I would understand games on windows store, but games on origin? I understand that I may be alone on this but I liked it more when this site was a little more focused.

Example. Whatsapp and Hike are chat apps. Whatsapp is facebook's so it will be (plausibly) free under internet.org. But facebook will have the power to block out hike of internet.org which is a competing chat app made in india. As a result more people will be using whatsapp cause its free. That will be a big disadvantage for hike. The same goes for other small scale companies whose business might be competition for facebook for whatever reasons.

Poor people should stay away from the form of internet governed by big corporations giving them a biased view of the world and exploit them unfairly for the benefit of the company.

Look at it this way, how would you feel if your tap decided to give you scalding hot water when you wanted cold water simply because it's much "cheaper and efficient" to source from your own hot water storage tank.

@chethan kumar, lol! Some of you just crack me up. You need both 4g and better WiFi not one or the other. Besides, better WiFi doesn't automagically translate as secure WiFi especially from man-in-the-middle type of attacks.