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Damn it! Did the store die? Same problem for 2 weeks!

Only if it is one of the few play anywhere titles (it isn't).

So far it looks like only games from MS's 1st party devs are getting this treatment.

You could always stream it to your PC I guess.

Its unoptimized and unfinished code (just like windows phone).

On release, the sort of stuff you complain about is 'fixed' (unlike windows phone).

"I greatly enjoy my Windows devices, especially my Lumia 950 XL"

Exactly. But this is why I don't want MS to fail like they usually shoot themselves in the foot. I love my windows devices, and don't want to be forced into using another platform just because that's the only only option.

Message was swiped on my Lumia 1520. The auto correct feature often auto-corrects words I swipe. I honestly didn't proof read before I posted the comment.

my carrier is at&t, i had bought mine from Microsoft Store and the firmware update shows up for me.

Dude, I'm not a lazy *ss that likes to sit in the office or meetings all day, I often work in coordination with my employees. If you don't believe me, the microsoft store in Webster, TX at Baybrook mall can verify who I am an what city I'm the IT Director of.

Ok... so it's been a few hours and I still don't see it in the Windows store... How long does that take to propogate exactly?

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No thinkpads, but Dell (9010 and 9020 AIO) and Usus (Z2410) All in one desktops, Surface Pro 3's and Surface Pro 4's....again no issues. You might want to get rid of you thinkpads if they have driver issues.

Why do we always have to equate consumer sales with the platform and it's strengths?

The average consumer doesn't know what they want in a platform. They only know they want snapchat or what other crappy app is popular at the time. Or they want the newest iPhone or subpar apple product that's rolling out because it's the hip thing to do. I was told by my boss one time when I mentioned that I had a WP "that's garbage" and "apple baby!" This all spawns from the average consumer only doing what they know, and not doing research into things. Speaking of ignorance being bliss...

My thinkpad x200t and thinkpad Helix are fine since like almost 8 months ago.  Just throwing it in there.

Samsung includes other 3rd party services I believe (plus most of the time you can only get Samsung Phones from carriers, although they're finally starting to change).
As far as I understand, the apps that come installed on lots of phones are installed on the system partition, so you are not allowed to delete them, and even if you did, the space is not accessible normally to store other stuff on. Also as far as I understand, the apps installed on windows simply uninstall, freeing up space, unlike any other OS really, besides maybe OSX.
MS Signature also means that none of those crap McAffee programs and other manufacturer stuff is installed, which is where most of the crap comes from when you buy a computer.

I want it on Play Anywhere but it's only on Steam not Windows Store. If bought on Xbox Store would we be able to download on Windows Store when available?


this app is a sarcastic joke

like giving a pair of new Adidas shoes to a man without legs


From the dev of our great Windows Central App you can only expect this kind of awesomeness :)
Thanks Gary for supporting our beloved phone, you really are the N.1 :)

From the dev of our great Windows Central App you can only expect this kind of awesomeness :)
Thanks Gary for supporting our beloved phone, you really the N.1 :)

Just read the article and checked. I have a 950 and it's there. Downloading. I am in Barbados and have a US version phone.

OTA update arrived today on my Dual SIM Lumia 950! Double tap to wake works perfectly.

I got a busted iPhone 5S from work, and then I just tether it to my Windows 10 device and it works fine.  The benefit is that I can drain the battery on my iPhone while my Windows Mobile phone still has plenty of juice left for the rest of the day.

Because Windows Mobile has less than 1% global market share.

That's it. No conspiracy from Google or Nintendo, just too small potential market to make the development worth it.

No gouge at all for the 2TB, even slightly better as the AU price includes tax, the US advertised price does not, so it may actually work out slightly better in AU, depending on what US state you are comparing to. The issue is this article mentions the pricing for the 500GB and 1TB version, which is kinda written as though its the same price in all countries.

Windows XP which is 15 years old is much better for productivity than iOS or Android, but I will include in this list Windows Mobile 10. Sorry guys, but Windows Mobile is not good for productivity, even this Continuum feature is doomed for failure. Unless, it can support x64 software . 

I really want a Surface Phone that is a 2 in 1 

1) It can be used as a x64 PC that supports full x64 Windows 10 not the mobile version

2) It can also be used to run the Windows 10 Mobile version . 

My thought is that since Intel cancelled Mobile CPU's this phone will need to be powered by Intel Core M 

Fingers crossed.

Perfect examples, exactly the brands I was thinking of. Suzuki makes bad cars, BMW makes bad motorcycles, Honda isn't as successful with motorcycles as they are with cars.

And does Yamaha's success come from building motorcycles the same way they build keyboards? No? That's the point, so it looks like we're on the same page here.

Did Microsoft finally gave us back the traditional Windows Updates back where they don't force you with updates and even set notify & select for new updates?

It's a nice freebie, but I left TMO because of their reception issues and the ridiculous tax/fees. Cricket is much easier to manage. Having a 950XL with dual SIMs though, I may just ask a friend to let me on their plan for $10 just to use for Binge On - haha.

Time to bring out my 7 year old Android phone just to signup for the actual game and then come back to this!

Currently the game crashes a lot... Would love if they fix that before adding more content...