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I surely hope not, my windows tablet always have to keyboard attached try watching a video in edge Without a keyboard.

Still no update. What are you guys using that got the update? I'm using a 950xl on ATT with latest Redstone 2 build

I recently got the Game maker bundle, $15 for all of it I think, but if this does regular apps, I might get this too.

Well Hardline looked like **** ever after they announced it (at least to me).

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They sold over 2 million windows 10 phones last quarter alone. I'm hoping the Surface Phone sells really well.

No, 6tag is still better. Easier to regram for one. 6tag also allows to save images and videos from Instagram. Not too mention the photo/video upload screen is the default WM one while Instagram's and Facebook's is a custom screen the makes it harder to find your photos/videos

Phone maybe off but it is not actually off. Well, you can search the web for it.

Yes I do use that tool at home already. I especially love the Favicon generation feature. Too bad that it required admin access, so It's not really usable on a standard account. MS should add an export and import feature at the very least, so everyone could do it.

There was no mention of this happening now, all that is being said is that they are pursuing future ideas. Consider the first time that any technology was presented that seemed outrageous, the microwave, the smartphone, paying for things online (at the time the idea came out it was more or less laughed at). Out of crazy ideas come the next future Technologies. Maybe it's a bit early to replace qwerty keyboards but it is not to early to start thinking about it though.

Oh I know what you mean but some times the files get jacked and can't be repaired so you have to take ownership to delete them and have windows repair put new ones on.

Does anyone use these apps now that W10M has it built in? I feel like, at least for me, it has gone the way of the flashlight app. I guess it makes sense if they add features that aren't in the OS.

To me it seams that governments are seeking for conflicts in order to play in the hands of their financial backers, weather by threatening the people of their respective countries or someone else. This game of war and money has to stop!

Ok so they'll import some midrange Chinese phone. It's ok and believable. What is naive is believing their marketing BS about the revolution or even this article hinting at something special.

Reminds me of the scene in Star Trek 4 when Scottie was taking in to the mouse calling for the computer and was told he had to use a keyboard.

"Keyboard!?! How quaint!"

Exactly... People are sceptical about new technology because they relate it too much to their current experience...
As someone above mentioned "I don't want to scream at my device all the time". "Everyone will be talking at the same time".... Sounds like a bunch of old men being asked to pay a bill over the internet... "I don't want hackers getting my address, and stealing my AARP information".
I'm sure there were/are those who complained in fear when MS said pens (like the one used with Surface) will replace pen & paper. Well, that technology sure did evolve past all the closed minded critics complaints... I mean, let's forget voice for now. There's literally disabled people typing words on screens with just thoughts. Come on people, let the technology evolve. Any negatives can, and will eventually, be worked out. That's part of innovating... To think that our current ways of input are the best, should always, and will always, be the same, is just as closed minded as iDroid fans thinking that iPhones, and Galaxies, are all the world will every need going forward... SMDH.
I choose to not be so closed minded.

However, the face of Lawrence of Arabia will be covered by a black circle. To unlock it you'll have to buy a DLC.

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i just really need lockscreen notifications for apps like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger... it was nice to know if you have a notification just by looking at your phone. And in the office is not that nice keep using your phone, my boss doesnt like that.

Yeah, with only one port like the Surface, this will become very easy to misplace and forget about.

I use it at work now for Internet browsing on another screen and the occasional Windows Central / YT stream during my lunch break.

I also use it at home sometimes via miracast to my TV. This is where it really shines.

I'm VERY excited for this update.

Forza Horizon 3 is around 60Go on PC and you can run it [email protected] if you got the right machine.

So Scorpio games will keep getting bigger but in a decent way.

 The internet sharing bug has to be fixed on Mobile ASAP. It is super buggy right now and basically doesn't work at all on my Lumia 950 XL

With such idiotic "visions" like this, that guy should be working for Apple.

QWERTY keyboards are not going anywhere and certainly not being replaced with something as idiotic as voice commands. People don't use voice assistants on their smartphones let alone will they spend their day shouting at a screen. Not to mention, writing books, essays, papers etc with voice? LOL! The guy is a complete lunatic.

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Exactly. I was still using 6tag as my primary client up until about a week ago, only because the official app had some scrolling issues, etc. But I switched to the official app now because it's smooth and has all of the new features. Even though this one took about a month, I won't complain because we got it! In the grand scheme of things, a month is nothing compared to how long it took to get a decent official client in the first place.

They will need to make extremely accurate noise cancellation mics if this is to take off lol.

An entire office of people talking... non stop... nuts absolutely nuts.

At least with keyboards and phones there are some moments of respite from the barrage of vocal noise.

Did they give this update to Indian users? If not any idea when we will get? Daily checking so many times but only disappointment.

Swappable batteries isn't as neccesary these days on a phone that can get 2 days of use before having to charge. Everything I've read says this phone has amazing battery life. How long are you going to be away from a charger that you need to swap a battery out? These days, you can get a battery pack for less than a new internal battery and standalone battery charger, if you are going to be away from a charger for (in this case) more than a day. I've got a 20,000 mAh battery with wireless charging and it could keep my Lumia Icon going for days.

Windows will repair any damaged files either from the dll cache or from the shadow volume copy. Changing the owner and doing your own 'repairs' means you're compromising the security and integrity of the OS.

Please don't change the owner of anything unless you know exactly what you're doing and what the consequences of doing so are (something the author doesn't seem understand). And definitely stay away from anything owned by TrustedInstaller.

Hi, can anyone tell me how to find out WHERE the Spotlight pictures were taken/what I see? Thanks!