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The hardware does not support this type of thing. I have a 925 as well. If it had a better processor then it probably would.

"VR is bad for the brain and eyes, so we'll just make it plain bad instead." - the honest way to pitch AR.

Or anyone else that does not have a 830, 930, ICON or 1520...did you read the article? There are alot of people not just 730 users not getting this...

I didn't see anything about a bug. Here is his Firmware:

OS 8.10.14203.306

Firmware 1028.3566.1417.0047

So tempted to give up my $14.99 with 10 free songs a month deal. For this.

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My phone stopped responding when i opened the app, had to soft reset it, don't download the app, contains unrated stuff

Wish T-Mobile would get a high end device like the 1520 so I could get this app and other cool ones like it!

I'm on DP. Do I just uncheck the DP in the app or is there something else I must do?
Nokia 822

Correct. This post is about the HTC One M8, in case you missed the title. And the entirety of the article. And the other comments.

I'm pretty sure it's the extra + info bug. It also happened to me last night. If we are going by extra + info I've had Lumia Denim for months... doesn't make it true unfortunately.

Seems that MS does not care anymore for 1020. This is my converstion with Juha from Lumia Camera division on twitter, kinda' short but straight:

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    Lumia Moments, another app that does not run on 1020. This is getting frustrating to see you guys bashing this model :|

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    Unfortunately, the imaging updates are only for the devices mentioned in the announcement.




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Oddly, my 928 works fine on GoPhone (AT&T prepaid) doing MMS. Mind you, I don't even have a data plan. I had to fire up the Nokia settings app, but didn't have to actually input any changes for it to work. I believe I also saw mention of this elsewhere, the prepaid/postpaid can work differently.

Main problem is Verizon likes to hide access to the settings. IIRC, the original release of the phones allowed access but then a subsequent update (Amber?) hosed that.

OK, thanks.  I'd like to trade in my Surface Pro for an SP3 but I don't think they have a program for that.  Enjoy your music pass!

Really??? I remember mega being extremely slow... I'll have to chk it out again...

Verizon's just full of surprises today aren't they. Heh.

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I don't mind adds as long it is a version paid that get rid of them.
So, in this case, I do mind.

Once a poor man while fishing got a pot, when he opened, he found a Genie, Genie said it would realise a wish of poor man.




What did the poor man asked?




Make all Windows Phone users happy before 2015  :P


Did it get the HTC EYE experience update like the Android variant yet? A bit curious.

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Tap-to-pay with SoftCard wallet (you need to download app from store after updating to Denim)

Man we don't have crriers that lock phones in the middle east its just one company called ORANGE u might know it and its only in Jordan so no need to worry if ur phone is locked or any thing else its 99% a CV and will receive the update as soon as its become available in Saudi Arabia also it won't take forever as u think in the middle east mostly no one checks the updates if it have anything wrong they just accept it that's why it wont take long xD cheers

I have guns that take the PS3 glow sticks and it sucked. Now I can see the Kinect doing a better job then the Sony eye but still not sold on this idea.

Love to see HTC dropping firmware updates quicker than Microsoft.

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Yep... My extra+info also shows Denim on my UK L1520... But not update has been done, ie none of the Denim features => bug already well documented... I am now waiting for the real Denim update in the UK...