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dam.. always unfortunate when people lose their jobs.. I wish them and all the other retrenched employee the best.

That's good Microsoft really wants their growth more on cloud. Bing, MSN, Cortana Microsoft wants to make it big. On the other side Microsoft is doing tremendously well with cloud products Mainly Azure and office 365 and outlook.
As Satya says devices come and go one has plenty time to make a come back in hardware. But a cloud infrastructure build will be profitable forever. Im very much liking the new strategy of Our CEO of becoming a powerful cloud company shifting more focus to cloud from the main business of Microsoft which was and is selling software.

The "truth"? So you are preaching now? First of all you don't know anything about me or my beliefs. If you truly believe that everyone in a Halloween costume has some tie to the devil or some Satanic ritual then stay home... Ignorant Pu$$Y.

Wrong team. It needs to be the advert team who advertises TV and internet commercials. Although I happen to think they they seem to be improving a bit. I like the ones for the Band.

Great info Daniel, thanks for taking the time to share and starting your qualifications on the subject! Wore my band for the first time last night while sleeping. Said I woke up 6 times with 91% sleep efficiency, whatever that means. What was weird is that, with just 6 hours and 51 minutes of sleep, I woke up feeling more refreshed and less tired than I ever remember. Made me wonder if the band had somehow detected snoring in some way and buzzed me, forcing me to turn to a position where I was getting more restful sleep. Maybe not a bad idea if not, but this is not a subject that I'm well versed in!

Watched it and its very good brought back some fond memories. Cant wait for it to be released

As a business student, I've been taught to keep my thoughts within the context of business efficiency and maximization of profits. Unfortunately job cuts are part of that equation. Like Yahoo, Bing faces an uphill battle and the business strategy is changing. The challenge is creating a way for Microsoft to leverage what they bring to the table. Like band, the golds gym membership special is a good idea. But the scope of the partnerships is intriguing; hopefully commercials/television is part of this.

How did Microsoft get to this point of entering in the brave new world of smart wearables?

Well, given that Microsoft pioneered SPOT way back in 2004, which was probably the first widely-available collection of smart devices (including a few smartwatches), I'd say that they beat Apple and Google to the market by nearly a decade. Once again, Microsoft fails to receive credit for getting there first

Of course, Microsoft wasn't even the first company to release a smartwatch. They were simply the first to mainstream it. And, they were probably the first to create one that wasn't just a phone or computer on the wrist but something that actually received notifications OTA.

I feel jipped the same way, especially considering I am a loyal Microsoft user with an Xbox 360 and One, all Windows PCs, and a Nokia Icon. That's the thanks we get. I'm really considering making a change.

This is not the people making ads for Microsoft products, this is the people selling adspace for Bing search, on and in the Windows/Windows Phone apps that choose to use Microsofts network.

Because of the way they screwed up xbox player, and zune desktop. We lost auto playlists, wifi sync, a ton of cool useful features, and they still won't put it back.

About time, Microsoft's marketing has always sucked, while enthusiasts like us where keeping Xbox and WP afloat by evangelizing to our friends and relatives.
Microsoft's team should be replaced with the people from Nokia along with all their outsourced contracts, with agencies like Wunderman in Poland, who are doing a splendid job at promoting the Lumia line over here.
Today I noticed new billboards around Warsaw with a Lumia 930 and a tagline "Smile, you've got an amazing camera". They made my evening ;)

Microsoft, no one WANTS cloud music streaming! It's too slow, eats into our data allowance, hangs, messes up our album metadata etc. etc. etc.

Fix the darn device side app, not the cloud side storage!!!

I've been eagely looking forward to the day when Microsoft enabled this feature. What would make this an absolutely killer experience for me  -

Artist and Album art



Sort of unrelated, but what are the odds of Microsoft being able to license the rights to digital movie storage on OneDrive? I know that there are numerous obstacles and pitfalls, but it would be awesome if we could store our legal UltraViolet - or similar - copies.

Edit: Hopefully, we will have the ability to sync to a local music folder on a PC.

This service can't come soon enough. It droves me nuts I own a bunch of Beatles stuff and can't listen to via my Xbox Music collection.

I thought they laid off the Marketing team at first & I thought it could be good move ... But then I started reading ...
Uh well that sucks, always sucks to read about layoffs.

Thanks for this confirmation!! I have been specifically interested in this feature on a smart band. Hopefully a future update might add that.

Agree! I'm out of luck too because my PC runs Windows 8.1 and I have Lumia Icon. Unfortunately, that means I will be sticking with Fitbit. How it is not available for Windows 8.1, I can't understand.

That one I agree with you on :) but then you'd have to fire Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, AND Sprint sales reps to match. But with the positive feedback on the Microsoft Band and the Surface Pro 3, I think 2015 will turn that around. I'm optimistic :)

Not really. The company is realigning it's focus so it makes sense you cut what is no longer relevant or needed and hire talent for the relevant areas - it's better than trying to save jobs by shifting people without the required experience into those jobs.

I would be very interested in the sleep monitoring as Ive been diagnosed as narcoleptic. Wondering if the Band would conferr what was found in my daytime sleep studies from a few years ago.

XBox Music has VASTLY improved since it started, my friend. don't believe me? Try going back to 8.0 WP. It is so dinky on features and SOOO much more difficult to set up and access the features you want. Plus, UserVoice made it a whole lot better, and it only gets better with every update. :)

The web versions don't have good ergonomics anyways. No need to make an app like that, too.

I have an idea...
Why not fire the sales geniuses who got windows phone to 4% marketshare in 4 years?
Such competent people can surely get work somewhere else.