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Microsoft can't be held accountable for the lack of updates to third party apps, they provide the tools but if devs are to lazy to update their apps then we can't blame Microsoft for that.

Has anyone tried using their 2014 DLC in Just Dance 2015?  Just wondering if i should sell 2014 to help pay for 2015.  Or will i lose all those purchased songs???

Kik should be a little more honest and just outright remove the app from the Windows app store. I've tried reporting it to Microsoft in hopes they do something about it. Considering its been over 2 years since they updated, I say Kik is the worst offender here.

I dunno about eBay. I actually like the app better than the web page. The only other app I can think of that is as good is Netflix. There really aren't any bugs to fix. It is a million times better than the old 7.5 version.

Hulu isn't bad either. I have not encountered any bugs or real issues. Are there any features missing from the iPhone version?

The developers are unserious if you ask me.... Of there're 3rd alternatives to theses apps I suggested we abandon these unserious developers... After all I know I know Hulu makes money from their app if they are not serious about making money, just leave them

Garmin StreetPilot. A $30 app that hasn't been updated since March.. That much money, and still no offline maps!

@neo158 yes, ur correct. That bit about real/web app was actually meant for offbeatbop

I suppose so, but what features do the Android and iOS apps have that we don't?

Any new features get added to the beta first then to the regular app so we can't really add Facebook to the list.

I thought the same, but perhaps with the unification of Windows 10, everything that works for Windows will automatically work for Windows Phone, eventually?

Found a new Windows 10 feature!

If your preveiw doesn't start after a update, then go into the advanced boot options (By pressing a key combo that your computer has at boot up. Usually its F8, F12, etc. There are tutorials online on how to do it.) and goto "Troubleshoot", you will see the option to "Uninstall Preview Updates". There you can remove all preview updates from your PC to try to get off a broken version.

I've written to the people at both Vine and Twitter multiple times about how disgusted I am with their ignorance of Vine for Windows Phone. Of course, since they're apparently the most ignorant people on the planet, they never even bothered to write back, either.
In my eyes, devs who do things like that deserve to be fined for inconveniencing millions of people.
Words cannot begin to describe how fed up with them I am...
( ♯`д´)

Also, kik hasn't been updated for some time, and as of yet, still only has a WP7 app. It works rather well, but I'm still waiting for its WP8 or WP8.1 update.

The commbank app in Australia is missing careless cash and tap&pay that has been part of the google and iKiddy phone apps for an extended time. They advertise these features heavily on tv and have for nearly a year.

It's because of this that I'm seriously considering going back to Android. Kudos to the Windows Phone team, they have done a wonderful job, but sadly the devs just don't care about WP.

I was hoping to see a video of these purported animations to see why there should be a post about disabling them--are they that conspicuous?

I get the sense that the double whammy of no new flagship and continuing app gap is leading to a mass exodus from the platform in the next month. That makes me very sad.

I was on T-Mobile for 11 years until this Cyan crap with them.  Now I'm on Cricket so that's what I think about T-Mobile.  Even peasant farmers in Uraguay have the Cyan update on their 925s.  T-Mo is now just a waste of bandwidth.

Microsoft needs to implement system that suspends or removes an app listing if the developer hasn't updated the app for a specific period of time.

i installed the update on my lumia 625 here in east africa and i got cyan on my dev preview. initially i was on lumia black but after today im now on cyan. surprising those who havent yet gotten cyan on dev preview then they csn get it through this update.

Sadly, I'm feeling the same. The way Verizon is treating my Icon by not yet updating it, combined with the lack of exciting new apps and accessories make it really tough to keep being hopeful.

It's pretty smart for Microsoft to go after professional markets with the Surface Pro, they are a more likely group to easily afford one as a trial piece of hardware. With a good experience comes a good vibe towards the brand, and we might see a trickle-down brand recognition.

By the way, it made my day to see John's post title not include "Microsoft TV commercial shows off Surface Pro 3's musical software tool support" :P

What's the difference between this and the other one that says "for retail"?

IMDb, Foursquare, Times of India, Glympse, PDF Reader (Microsoft), Wikipedia (Rudy Huyn).

Well then squeezing is more than enough for me :) as long i get some new info and great entertainment i am a happy man and thanking you for your hard work

On the Surface Pro 2 I've had projects with around 20 audio tracks with various effects running perfectly at 24 bit / 48 khz. I'm using Cubase. 

Waze and Yelp are 2 big ones for me, 9 months and a year without updates respectively.

Hardly matters, as much improvement as 8.1 brought, the app gap is still a fatal flaw, especially with no new AT&T flagship for the fall. Looks like I'm choosing between a Moto X and a Galaxy S5 for my next.

So get the Fitbit Charge instead.  That should fit your budget and likely works with Windows Phone.