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Not only all this, but the Windows 10 Mail app is not even compliant with basic E-mail standards!

The "reply-to:" header is ignored. This app always replies to the adress in "from:" header.

Reply-to is used by many webforms, distribution lists, etc... But this behaviour is not obvious to the standard user. This was reported 10 months ago through Microsoft feedback, but got only few votes as people just don't know and in the meantime, MS did of course nothing to correct.

I guess testing for compliance with basic internet standards is less important than pushing Windows 10 at all costs...

Is this implying that MS outlook will also break any 3rd party mail client software that aren't being actively upgraded? If not, then MS is just trying to kill Live Mail.
I do feel that Live Mail 2012 is more powerful compared to the current Mail App. I'm content with just the Mail App though. Live Mail had this weird bug that would double up on messages for me. Still, I agree with ppl here that MS should get at least the same level of functionality on UWA before killing Live suite programs.

I think each of them has their personality and influences people differently. Myerson is cordial but tries to be all professional or executive. Roper is unconventional and has a lot of energy. Pants also has enthusiasm but he is more of an engineer and interested in presenting that part. Joe is also a good presenter that has some predictability, which might give the feeling that he is lacking compared to Roper or Panos. But I like him and I'm waiting for him to return.
Nadella on the other side has a good enough English but he is too abstract and you don't always understand where he is going with some ideas

You seem to know nothing on the subject.....

Especially since Mafia II is currently unavailable to buy due to licensing on the in-game music expired. That's a pretty sticky situation for MS to have to deal with jus tto get one game on the program.

Don't look at the cover. Covers are made when the product launches and usually aren't updated when a company slightly changes a product. You just look at the specs.

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RAM does play a big role in performace. You can look at WB's comments on Arkham Knight...per their comments, you need at least 12GB to be, yes...RAM does play a big role in gaming performace..I mean, unless you are playing Pong.

Looks like Hulu for 8.1 wont be getting a similar update. I just downgraded my sons phone back to 8.1 and the old Hulu Plus app is back. Thats a shame.

Oh you got a 650? :O Tell me a little bit about it please. How does the phone and W10M on it hold up in everyday use? I'm thinking about making it my next phone when my contract ends for my 535 :D

Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D

Ah, Legion, the only character in the Mass Effect universe that I really like, but I don't get to see him in action too much..

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That's not true. My Surface Pro 4 can run Killer Instinct, Ori and the Blind Forest: DE, Oxenfree, and Project Spark all without issue, and non of those are  mobile game ports.

Have you actually tried it or are you just speculating? It may not have a dedicated GPU, but it can run Killer Instinct on low settings without issue. Was curious if Forza 6: Apex was in that vein too.

What's a reasonable price for real, quality leather, with vacuum coated metal trim, qi wireless charging, and NFC contacts, made for niche, boutique volume, phones?

Posted from my Day One Lumia 950 XL w/Mozo Black On Black back cover

What's a reasonable price for real, quality leather, with vacuum coated metal trim, qi wireless charging, and NFC contacts, made for niche, boutique volume, phones?

Posted from my Day One Lumia 950 XL w/Mozo Black On Black back cover

I disagree. I really like Joe and his energy. As far as Joe not doing anything for the platform, I disagree even more. It is obvious that MS as a company did not go all in on Mobile, you cannot put that solely on Joe. He IMO is the only one at MS that gave two craps about Mobile.

I wouldn't say that Brian is a distant third by any means. But....

They have 3 awesome people is how I will leave it. (hope Joe comes back)

My poor Surface Pro 3 doesn't even meet the minimum specs. I guess that's the price you pay for portability and versatility.

Will thunderbird still work after June 30th? Might go that route if it will


Wish there was an alternative way to download (like a launcher native desktop application). 18.8 gigs is a big size.

I'd like to see the business store replace the windows store in the enterprise version if needed...that way people don't have to use their personal id's to buy apps on their work machines.

I was actually mentioning that the Rooms idea isn't new. BBM had groups when I used a BlackBerry 9000 back in 2009. BBM is cross platform nowadays.

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I'm not a blizzard fanboy but I have try all of their games and I think they are making a good job about their products.
I was a l2 fanboy so I don't have many exp with wow but the others are so great(DIABLO,STARCRAFT,HEARTSTONE,HOTS) .I download overwatch at the morning and I stopped before 2 hours.Was the first shooter game by far with some roles and objectives...
I heard before 1 month that if you purchase the game you will be able to send a free code to your friend for free is that true?

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So this is why the news of them unblocking Store apps on Win10 Pro. Great way to promote the Store in the business field.

Well.. typical microsoft thing... and it not the first time microsoft think that we speak Dutch in Denmark...
​The system menu in apex is by default Dutch if your machine is setup ad Danish.
​Well we do reinventet the windturbine that better that Siemens windturbines and we dont walk arrond i woodenblock shooes, ​We are descendant from Vikings and not Gardengnomes. But we're talking certainly not Dutch

So.. Ms sucks futher into oblivion? I start to have some questions about this guys. You won't rule the world fu*kers!!! So start being friendly

Aproved by me!

Lol ok. I'm just saying that there are other ways of building a "Surface Phone" that don't require x86 processors. That's really the idea behind Surface, that you don't do things the conventional or obvious way but instead engineer a custom quality solution. So the fact that the obvious solution seems to be just run Win32 apps on an x86 phone makes me think that's not really the way they are heading.

I think quite a few will take the offer until then. After that it should cost money, developing an OS takes money

There is a fix for this.  You have to open an admin PowerShell window and re-install some appxpackages.

There's a one-liner floating on the web somewhere.

You're pretty narrow minded if you think the success of windows phone rests solely on slapping on a surface name.

There is no surface phone being planned and there never will be. You don't understand what the surface brand is.

In other words, this headline should read "Despite users not wanting to go that route and never learning its lesson with Win8, Microsoft keeps storming ahead hoping to force users to do things that they would rather not":

All I can say is thank you Daniel, all these apps to many to name,were all recommended long ago all free through this site Windows central W10M 650

Inkin pull whatever data from your Fitbit and Ms Band , Garmin etc and compare with other within the Inkin Social Network... This is only one way ie wearable -> Inkin.
No data pushed to the wearable. So no, MS health won't see any days from Inkin...

As I said in my comment, I'm no hardware expert. What I know is that I've seen GTA V running on a Surface Pro 4, so it means the device isn't totally useless when it comes to play AAA games. I'm not asking if it will work on max settings, I know it won't and that's not what I am looking for. I'm just asking if it will run good enough.

Wow they are really stretching for ways to force people to upgrade to the new broken windows. Couldn't they at least fix the basic problems with the new apps before they force people to abandon the old working programs? Will just be more reason for them to be dissatisfied with w10 (and there's already enough reasons!)

Meh, origin.

Seems like this service is a bit of a ripoff... But then, it's EA, so that's to be expected.

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Some W7 users will not switch to 10. I went back to 7 because my pc is older and not even a dual core or dedicated graphics(that one broke a year or two ago). But I might try it again before that date to keep it free and see if it works better on my pc

Perhaps you should ask your question to Fitbit instead, since other Fitbit devices sync with WP... Nothing to do with Microsoft nor Inkin !