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same for me been weeks since the app has worked on mobile or PC. Say good bye to a long term supporter of you products Garmin. I have even tried using the Android app and it has all sort of issues as well.

Put simply, no. Satya is passionate about services. Everything else is a distant secondary. If Surface and Xbox hadn't become so popular he probably would have cancelled them too.

I use Kodi with network storage attached to my router. Streams media to all my networked devices and smart TVs without needing to mirror from another device.

We have used TV Blaze, a modern app on Windows phone 8.1, for many years and the images are still served up? It syncs with We like it's toned down modern UI (medium sized fonts, but still with images, and pivots). We have had some syncing issues where our updated information doesn't make the trip from one phone, to the other phone.
We mostly use it on only one phone for that reason. It syncs fine to
We used to use TV Show from Rudy, but TV Blaze was better. We'll try Trakter, again. I see it is available for WP 8.1 and was updated 10/27/2016. (We have no use for a variant version on other mobile OS.)
I wish there was a way Windows phone owners could choose to buy apps again, from time to time, to support the developers. Maybe once a year. They cost so little or worse yet, are unpaid. We know that the developers need to be paid for their time to update apps or they will not. It should be an option in the ecosystem.
TV Blaze was last ipdated 2/24/2016.
Best Wishes

I think the writer just got ahead of himself, and accidentally typed the wrong word. With his claim that the "battery projections were spot on," I doubt he actually found that the battery lasted 13 hours with GPS, but died after only 8 hours without the GPS enabled.

I have WDMyCloud4100 NAS, installed Plex... It failed to play many of the formats... keep digging in and trying all possible setting on the NAS without any success....I was going to pay $149 but there is no solution or support so far so moved back to VLC and Duplex player.

Although, on for phones so far nothing as good as Archos Video on Android! It's simple, easy to use and plays any format with codec pack!

So wait, the VR headsets will be connected to a laptop/desktop for power and information right? What port will it use? Will it work with USB 3? I've never used VR and have no idea about what's the idea MSFT is pushing.
Planning to get a laptop soon and can wait if this is something really cool. :)

Errrm , 1Password for windows 10 has completely dissappeared from the store, and the Windows version available on the AgileBits website is only the crappy old Win7 one.

Does anyone know if Agilbits are still supporting Windows ?

My LG microwave actually died about 8 months after purchase, but they did have an in home repair company come out and fix it. The phone call for support was kind of on the long side, but thats the only complaint.


Every company seems to have good and bad products.

The team / department for that product was dis-banded !  Clearly, like so many other results of good work, it's gone. 

Touchscreen is nice.  But the only large touchscreens i see on Newegg is a 27" 2K model for $800 and a 84" 4K model for $10,000.  Not a whole lot of options out there.

Plex sounds stange while playing lossless audio. Otherwise it's nice idea sine my library is on server.

It's rather interesting that Microsoft cut and ran on the Band 2, and yet it was clearly the standard against which other bands and smart watches fall short.  Since Microsofts new target market is the 12-24 year old crowd, I suppose fitness bands didn't score well in that survey.

I am wary of open source software. Sure it's free and usually there is a committed & passionate community involved in development  and promotion. However, open source can also mean there ends up being too many variants of the software floating around and more time is spent by the potential user on doing their research in filtering out the 'good' from the 'not as good'. This is one of the reasons I've shied away from Linux.

So in this case I've adopted Plex running on a Synology NAS. Works awesome-sauce.

 battery life rated up to 8 hours without GPS and up to 13 hours with GPS.

I just looked this up on Garmin's website because it doesn't make sense that it would last longer with GPS than without. The article was typed incorrectly. It should read 8 days without GPS, not 8 hours.

I was also looking for an alternative to the Band, but because I use guided workouts extensively, I simply couldn't find one (yet). So Im going to wait and hope too for another MS Band!

Am I missing something? Once I purchased Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter I haven't need to setup home media server, I just stream movie and videos directly to my TV from my Windows 7" tablet or my smartphone or my PC. 

I love the media library views of kodi, and like the network funcrions of plex. Still I prefer kodi due to the way the library is represented.

The matter is not the time when it arrives, but the minimum hardware specs they require. Most people don't have enough cash to pay a grand for a gaming Rig to use Oculus VR or HTC Vive, thats why I think Sony's PlayStationVR low cost solution is much better choice. BTW I'm a Microsoft fan, won't buy the PlayStation VR probably never since I don't own a PS4 and don't plan to use one.

Xbox store, more expensive? No that never happens. (Obviously that was sarcasim)

I wish that the digital prices of games would track better with the discs.

I really doubt OEM VR headsets from HP,Dell,Lenovo, etc will work on mobile CPU, what Sony did with the PlayStation VR is much more effective than what Samsung did with the Gear VR which is an underpowered experience.

I'm waiting to see if my AMD Radeon R7 M270 with 4GB DDR3 has enough juice to power these headsets. I have a Dell Inspiron 5548 with this videoCard and my CPU is 1 year old (Intel Core i7 5500U Broadwell). I have 8GB of RAM, hope I don't have to purchase a new laptop to make use of these low cost headsets.

We tried Kodi (then XBMC) for a while, leaving a computer hooked up to the TV and with an old Windows Media Center remote that XBMC supported. The range of plugins are great - not just for accessing content but also for things like how to sort TV episodes - and being able to personalize the look is a bonus. But ultimately it was a pain to run a dedicated Windows computer. It might have been better if we had a super-fast OS that booted directly to it, but we would turn it on, wait a while for it to load, stand by the TV using the trackpad to open the app, then we could sit down and use the remote.

Instead, we now have a relatively-cheap NAS running Plex out of sight that is always-on, other than when it automatically turns off overnight to save power. Then we can use Plex on the Xbox or PCs much more conveniently. Not as much flexibility in design, but does everything we're looking for: fast and easy access to our movies on lots of devices, not digging through piles of Blu-ray and DVD discs for something to watch.

I suggest getting a monitor with a Pivot, Tilt and Swivel stand.  You will never go back!

The author needs to update their page. The length stated by Garmin is 8 days without GPS 13 hours with GPS.

You will get it all, your phone in 2017, in the car 2017. Your TV will probably be in 2018. The MS future is amazing.

Why a Fitness-device again!!?? Just give us beautyfull watches to connect with WindowsPhone / Windows10 Mobile. I have a MS Band 1 and 2, I never use the fitness abilities. I just use it as a clock and notifications.

And then you have people like me who can't tell much difference between some FHD screens and up.

I doubt holographic is part of W10M for quite some time (if ever), maybe by R3/4, if we're lucky, as part of some kind of epic Surface phone reveal.

The reply you previously got should be ignored. The TDP rating you see on a motherboard is with respect to CPU's that are compatible with it. The VRM's on the motherboard are designed to handle a certain load current, so cheaper motherboards have cheaper, less capable VRM's. If you put a 90W TDP rated CPU on your board, you could overcurrent and blow the VRM's. At the very least, you'll substantially affect their life span. In some cases, you might get away with it, such as when a CPU is rated 90W TDP, but actually only disipates say 68-70W , or so. It's above the 65W level, so the manufacturer may rate it as a 90W part. In general, however, it's not something you want to risk unless you have spare boards, or the cash to buy another one.

The display used to have a headphone jack for convenience but they removed it to be inline with Apples demands

Actually, there are a couple other 5k monitors out right now from HP and Dell.  And they both cost more than this one.

Been very happy with Kodi as a front-end GUI (with extra software filtering) and NextPVR in the background doing the heavy DVR lifting.

On slow ring  last update is insider update 14931 on 10/10/16. Nothing else listed.

This interests me, as I've been hobbling along on WMC on Windows 7.  It's the only one that I can get the EPG working, and even then it takes some hacking on initial setup. Will it be free under Plex? 

I'm running a Vivosmart HR on a Lumia Icon Insider Program and I must say it works almost perfectly. Every now and then there are hiccups with syncing but usually runs well. I've been successful at having notification's, music controls and weather displayed when synched.

"The experience is also dependent on the PC to which you're tethered, so that hardware will influence the experience as well​"  Was hoping it will tether with flagship like 950xl or x3 for some basic tank.



Has anyone else noticed that Skyrim SE is ridiculously expensive on the Xbox store compared to a lot of other outlets. It's £49.99 on the store, yet it's £34.99 in a lot of other shops, even GAME!

Yeah, doesn't really matter if it's late Dec or not, you won't be able to buy them until after (or just before) the W10 Creators Update.

None of the sellers list these as USA models. Looking at some of their other products for sale are higher than USA list prices. 

Not to mention the Plex is in the process of adding DVR features (currently in beta)!