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How low are you talking? The 650ti is quite old now and would have been classed as a budget card at its launch. As long as you have a dedicated card that supports dx12 it should at least start. cards 6 years old now and doesn't support dx12 so I'm out until I build a new rig, which I still want to wait just a bit more

I have seen messages from Facebook asking if I know individuals and suggesting I add 'em to my friends list. A close scrutiny shows that even though those contacts are not facebook friends, the commonplace where Facebook could have linked such individuals with me was from my phone address book. I guess one may need another mobile phone to store the contacts but without any social app installed while completely wiping off the contact list from the one with social apps.

The MSN Sports app is terrible and always has been, particularly for college football.

Go Dawgs Sic Em

Haha I've always installed it directly through the file manager on my 950XL xD And I started using PoGo at v1.0.5 I think xD

Sad to see this go. I've done p90x, p90x2, p90x3, and Insanity workouts, but these Xbox fitness versions were awesome! The integration with Kinect was amazing (both the original workouts and the new ones created specifically for Xbox fitness). It really helped you do the moves accurately. I guess there's just a lot of lazy people who'd rather get fat, then stay fit!! Hahaha... KIDDING!

Proshot was removed from store, it seems.. First I couldn't download it, later I had trouble purchasing it (couldn't complete transaction - which is something I can't do since upgrading to AU in both desktop and mobile!) and now the app was removed!

So, am I free to come to your home and do as I please, without your permission? Am I free to store my goods in your garage?

The answer to that question is no, because we are both private citizens, and anything stored in your house is yours. Just like you don't own what you say online. The site developers and cloud storage providers own that content, and they're free to block it as they see fit. 

The best part about these conversations is people will tell others to stop playing victim...and they themselves will play victim

If you like football, or any sport, and would like to watch it, get the flash sports app. I was able to watch the conner and Diaz fight even.

EU and german government have already instructed fb, ms, twitter and google on what to censor and what to report, so indeed big tech companies are already acting on behalf of governments. But apparently you were hiding in a special place when that news broke, and now you feel entitled to dish out a fact free insult. How typical:)

@techiez Hewlett Packard is betting on Continuum. But naturally your super intelligence easily beats the Board's and that of their hords of experts' combined IQ in a nanosecond... or not..



They didn't mention AMD ATI equivalent cards. I have the R9 390x. Would that put it between the mid and top? I already have the 16Gb ram and 4Ghz AMD processor. Sometimes its hard to compare.

I agree.. With this new way of getting the game, the installation instruction video needs to be updated as well.

Be patient.
Note if you already have the PoGO installed /earlier version/ when you click install it updates the already installed APP, does not install second APP.

Couldnt the developer of PoGo contact Niantic and get permission to fully develope the app for them? I mean they have done so much in so little time. Get Niantic to approve developement and when final beta is ready have Niantic test and approve for Windows Store luanch for final testing and have beta dropped when developer, niantic and users agree its ready.

Also the sound quality of the recording coupled with accent made the recording VERY difficult to understand.

No it's impossible to fix via a simple update as it's hardware not software

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The CBS Sports and the ESPN app doesn't download on my Lumia 650. The app page said this app isn't available for your device.

You mean like the Christain in Vegas that announced he was going to kill a bunch of of people. Yeah, lets allow those values to run rampant.

Finally was able to buy the app and the HDR IAP this morning. Took some shots & video and generally like the app. A lot is similar to the original ProShot with the addition of video. Was able to choose 4K and 60fps video option on my 950XL. Not completely bug free, but very good for an initial release. My biggest pet peeves: Pictures don't save in the camera roll folder, but appear individually below the folders and the new app doesn't show up in the lenses on the camera app. ProShot Classic app does show up in the lenses of the camera app. A transparent tile option, like on ProShot Classic, would be greatly appreciated as well.

If you turn off the pen cursor/dot, does it disable "hover mode"? Hovering helps with drop-down menus on websites and applications before you even register a touch. Hovering is I guess equivalent of mouse roll-over.