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Big deal My Lumia 820 also navigates and scrolls or tap open anything without touching the screen and I only hover my finger over the screen.. 

Holy hell. Where is the 'Play To' other device options with the apps now? Are you kidding me? STOP REMOVING STUFF ON ALL YOUR UPDATES, FOR CHRIST SAKE.

Yes and the worrying thing is that at least publicly they are not committed to releasing both yet

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Had the same problem with my Macbook Air with boot camp. Just download the boot camp drivers for your hardware from apple and reinstall (mine was 5.1.5640, MacBook air mid/late 2014). Worked great. Bluetooth up and running again and activation completed. Good luck. /Chris

Uhm.... No. Apples $100 fee comes in once you want to submit to the store. You can hardware test for free, which is more than can be said of Microsoft's current dev policies/fees.

Most people. That is a nice feature in theory but most people have more powerful PC or laptops that are more convenient to use than docking your phone each time. Not to mention apparently needs a $100 accessory on top of a premium priced phone. Don't get me wrong, it's a great feature but I doubt it will be much of a game changer.

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Yes, Cortana is there in the dressing room at the start (being an assistant!) and at the end waving on our left. Russia probably, like Australia probably doesn't get Cortana straight away so they kept her in the background a little.

Love the ad!

Has anyone been able to successfully create a USB boot image of Win10 64Bit (or both versions)? I've tried a handful of times on 2 different Win8.1 machines using the Microsoft tool, but towards the end I get a "Something went wrong" message and the utility shuts down. I'm using a USB 3.0 128GB jump drive that I formatted prior to using the utility. It could be my jump drive, but I wanted to check with anyone on this thread first. I want to perform a clean install now that I've upgraded to Win10 Pro. Thanks in advance.

Honestly this should have been out a couple of weeks ago. Alas, good things aren't rushed.

Dying light is such an amazing game, but felt short on the story and got repetitive. This will fix all of it, can't wait!

try this method


when you use that method it wiped out my $WINDOWS.~BT folder but that app allows it to redownload much faster then it did waiting for microsoft to send it to that folder then you get the choice of your language you want and the version like windows home or pro 32bit or 64bit or both that way say if i have a neighbor that needs it or a family member but their internet speed it way too slow i have 2 usb sticks one with windows home 32bit and 64bit and the other with windows 10 pro 32bit and 64bit kinda wish i had another usb stick did get a chance to get windows 10 pro N

that link shows i am on windows 10 home and that its activaed using my microsoft account and yes i did full clean install backed up everything i wanted and formated the drive...btw no need to shutdown computer to set it up can use set in that folder will download all the updates if you want it to not many right now so doesnt take that long to do then it will reboot a few times

Be aware, Windows 10 does not have Easy Transfer anymore. If you buy a new computer and you want to move all your existing apps, data, and settings to it from your old PC, you will need a tool such as PCmover from Laplink.

You need to upgrade first. My path was format > Windows 8 > upgrade to 10 + activate (keep hammering that activate button takes a while) > ISO clean install, windows update and eventual activation.

Because they want to keep selling the Xbox One, if they sold it on PC, there would be no additional incentive to buy an Xbox One. Fable Legends is to demonstrate cross platform capability too. DR3 came much later than the XO version if I remember correctly and same thing for Killer Instinct(I think).

If keyboard and mouse support comes for fps games it will be a sad day indeed. The controller is what makes it a console, if you want keyboard and mouse you've got pc. I have worked hard to master a controller, don't want to up against keyboard and mouse players. No no no way.

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On my 830 it's a massive bug fest, I am afraid.

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Honestly this article could be one chapter of a doctorate thesis!

Well done Dan!

NO to Surface branded phones. Keep them Lumia. The least you can do to honor Nokia that saved your mobile asses. ;)

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My ISO install wouldn't activate straight away either. Said my code was blocked and no activate button. My Win8 key wasn't accepted either (This was all after an activated upgrade). I ran Windows update and installed what was there then seemed to activate itself. Make sure you have the PC as trusted and you are signed into your MS account properly too.

Even Charles Arthur in The Guardian [UK] was rather mute on Windows 10, and had little of his normal anti Microsoft snarkiness. Not a glowing reveiw, but acceptance that Windows 10 is something new and positive from Microsoft.

I had this same issue on my desktop. After clicking it 10 times or so the activation worked, on a machine that went from OEM 7 Home Premium to 8 Pro. This was after doing solely the upgrade, no ISO. I'm wary of doing the ISO in case I'm asked to enter a code. My OEM and 8 Pro codes didn't take when I tried entering them prior to realizing the servers are probably overloaded with authentication requests and the simple, repetitive Authenticate clicking worked.

Uh...that's exactly what he said he was going to do (not upgrade).

i finally figured it out....Windows Update said I had an update that had failed and I couldnt find it in update history so I disabled my AVG and did a system restore to earlier today and once it had been completed, the update was there waiting for me. Alot of effort but im hoping it will be worth it.


hope this helps

Windows 8.1 is still live and active on our mobile phones, so I don't appreciate reading that it is dead.

Start with Updating this app thats crashing on windows 10 preview for phone.