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Unfortunately ATT doesn't offer a one yr contract, and if they did, it would be much more expensive. Plus I have a family plan, so that wouldn't work.

I really don't understand why Windows decided to flood the market with a bunch of low end really sucks for those who need a high-end phone for work and personal life.

They are still available at the "brick and mortar" Microsoft Stores.  Call the store location to verify stock before going to the store.  I bought one for testing and app development.

This is a really solid phone and well worth $40.  I may purchase more for older relatives.

Remember, this phone is for the AT&T network.  You can use the GoPhone service or you can use a non GoPhone AT&T plan. 

But with a PC you can play at least at 1080p, but the consoles don't support 1080p in most cases...4k? What a question! :|

TuneIn Radio...then I might think about switching, but not until then.

That'll be my choice for an upgrade, the only downside is that the tech is a bit old in mobile age.

I saw a rumor of a possible 1130 coming out in December which should be the next high-end flagship....but it's a rumor.

Seriously? I was a paid subscriber to XBOX Music Pass and constantly ran into walls with "features" that didn't work.

I have been having the lockup when battery gets low issue for a few weeks.

Nice to know it will be fixed soon.

T-Mobile 925 with 8.1/Cyan and DP


Got tired of upgrading my pc for $1000's of dollars just to play a new game... Game comes out for console... Runs on console... Console costs % of capable PC

Right. CloudMuzik is just an app that utilizes the Google Play Music service. As far as I know, T-Mobile measures the data usage by the servers it comes from. If that's the case, CloudMuzik should work, because while it's a third party app, it's still using the approved Google Play Music service.

I'm testing it out myself today, but I just figured I'd ask if anyone else had experience one way or the other.

This is probably a good move as O2 have next to no cash to invest in updating the network. Telefonica are struggling as a whole and this is hurting O2 big time. With Vodafone not in great financial strength either and looking for a buyer it seems the UK mobile market is not very profitable at the moment.

I just hope we never end up in a situation like in the US with AT&T and Verizon screwing people. I supppose we are lucky that OFCOM aren't as easily rolled over as the FCC! 

I have no issue with freezing on my 1020, but I have issues with the precision of touch input. Often when I pan through content on my phone the screen is suddenly jumping to a complete random position. :/

I would assume that is exactly how it is. Otherwise T-Mobile could just make a blanket announcement that any streaming service is included.

Of course they get paid for this. They only add services that agree to be included, and you bet they have to pay for it.

I really liked this game. Shame it was for only 24 hours, got to play for about 2 hours during my busy weekend

It only works for the services that T-Mobile approves. It's a way for services to compete by being included, to the detriment of other services.

man these days windowscentral is becoming too partial with windows news and microsoft...i would love to see some critisism amongst the middle of news or review...(a little bit of sarcasm always helps)

hey if this the leading best source for microsoft/windows news better provide constructive critisism or they at MS will be sitting sissies without hauling their work....

and i dont know how long will they take to confirm a news tip.....too late for some news or not at all except for the windowscentral merchandise...

This is probably why Xbox Music stopped being free for everyone on the web. Nothing's free.

I am looking forward to this, might get it on Xbox one if I can't find it for cheaper on Pc.

I couldn't locate TELECOIL under my 1020's ease of access. I can see speech for phone accessibility (use to announce caller id).....

Unless TMo has recently changed their plan requirements for tethering, you might as well keep your current plan. When I last made plan changes, it was $10 for 2.5 GB, and I needed to add an additional $10 for 2+ GB to enable tethering.

I do have an allrecipes account but my website favorites do not show up in my phone app favorites. I even contracted allrecipes about this earlier this year and they replied with the standard "we don't have plans at this time" admitting that they don't synchronize.

Yes after tetra lock screen it has started to lag and not respond quick enough. L 1020

Lets wait and see, 10 sounds good so the meantime ms has to find a way to get more players than ps4. I'd pick the system with more players.

I have settings backed up and apps backed up, I sync IE favorites, app settings and passwords, but I do NOT sync my theme color.

I average about 17-20hours of battery life under normal usage. Plummets to 8-12hour when I'm using it heavily and/or some really battery hungry apps are open. Can also drop dramatically when something goes wrong (Always fixed by a simple restart or soft reset, but usually I don't notice until I've already lost 20% of my battery... :/).

I can push 24-28 hours out of this thing when I desperately need too.

I know battery life probably isn't related to this issue, but hey: More data to work with.

I just saw them back in stock on so I went ahead and picked one up. Right now I don't have any plans for the phone, by it will make a great backup phone! :)

Best buy shows it as $70 at this time. So you mean for Friday you saw advertised as $40?

1) XBOX Music NEVER sync's my playlists created on my Surface RT or the XBOX Music website to my Android app. I would have to create playlist on my phone if I wanted to use it on my phone. That alone was enough to make me cancel my subscription.

2) XBOX Music library matching never worked either --- I have over 130GB of MP3's (organized & ID3 tagged) on my home server. XBOX Music picked up 1 album. My MP3's are stored on my Windows 2012 Server Essentials box, so I don't know if that has anything to with it failing to properly scan and add anything.

3) You can't change streaming quality in XBOX Music, I'm able to stream Rhapsody Premier at 320 Kbps.

4) XBOX Music Radio is crappy, it never exposed me to similar artists/music that I never heard before. I'm constantly discovering new artists on Rhapsody Unradio when i create an "Artist" station. Something that blows my mind away being that Microsoft has a much larger library. I rarely use the "radio' feature on a streaming servicve, but when I do it's because I'm wanting to find new "not so popular" artists similar to ones I already like.

These issues were things I experienced from August-September 2014.