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Real time active shot tracking! This feature is very impressive and amazing, it can detect practice swing to real shot, for every club in your bag.

This feature is not available on any other fitness or smartwatch device. It is so accurate and useful, I would buy another band to keep the functionality, however being the band was using the Taylormade course maps, who knows if Taylormade will continue to support.

this sucks... was hoping for a 3 like many others.... On my 2nd band 2... 1st one had a cracked strap, this one as of last week, takes 3+ hours to get to 100% from 18% (not an exaggeration, it takes that long) and used to have 30%+ battery after 24 hours and now has between 11-18%... all within the past week.

Just a heads up, if you have the warranty, Microsoft (at the store) will refund you Band 2 for the original purchase. I did this two weeks ago.

Nope, I'm on my fourth Band. No problems with replacements, after sales care has been really good with Microsoft.


The bezel is WAY too large to be a 2017 model phone. Besides that I immediately noticed the same things mentioned in the article (i.e.,

i'm annoyed about how the devs think we should be playing horde by shaping it to their own liking through implementing changes like this without consideration.

if the map only has 2 ammo crates for 5 people and the feature for purchasing ammo is not even available through the fabricator (yes i know you can buy the whole gun which costs way more), then yeah, i will sit behind the turret all i want.

hell, most of the starting weapons don't even get their ammo auto-replenished after each wave, such as the boomshot for the heavy and longshot for the sniper class.

balance the damn game out before nurfing everything.

"Even the infamous backlight toggle button no longer stays lit when backlighting is disabled. I should note that the keyboard backlight is one-stage only: on or off."

You can change this in the BIOS on the old model - I found it yesterday while digging around to see if the "show battery remaining" option that is available on the new model was listed in the BIOS on the old model that I have (couldn't find it). I'm on BIOS version F.43

I see why HP did that as I'm finding it tricky to find the key in the dark but at least it's now optional. Just wish the old model would show me how much battery is remaining.

The news before said once Windows Mobile had Gatt support, Fitbit would add notifications and they are ready to pull the trigger. The newer fast ring builds should already start having the framework.

Unfortunately as I just found out recently you can't replace it in the store anymore. You have to mail it in. My wife's took a month last time and when it came in it damaged. It took another month of phone calls and arguments with the people on the phone before it was finally replaced so didn't have hers last time for almost exactly two months. Be careful about the mail in warranty. They have no accountability.

I've never run either a SLI or Crossfire setup, but after hearing the praises of these technologies for literally more than a decade, it is mind boggling to me that there is still such a lack of support for it in games. You would think game programmers would code their software with this in mind regardless of whether it's a AAA title or not, but maybe that's just me being over-optimistic.

Week View used to be my favorite, but it's not being updated and is now sluggish and buggy in Windows 10. Built in calendar now gives me most of what I want, with the exception of a decent live tile.

On the Fitbit Blaze there are some details Windows Mobile owners need to know. Call, Text, and Calendar notifications don't work. I just found out today that also, phone-connected GPS isn't support either on the 950. For the GPS at least there is a way around it. Just start the GPS from within the Fitbit app. I sure am missing my Band 2 already.

Yet another app no one has heard of killing off their app blaming the platform. Is it possible the messenger market is over populated? There's bound to be casualties and consolidation.

Yet another app no one has heard of killing off their app blaming the platform. Is it possible the messenger market is over populated? There's bound to be casualties and consolidation.

That's another reason why I love smartphones. I don't have to read magazines that don't interest me when I'm waiting at the doctor's office. I just read an eBook of my own preference.

The bulit-in Outlook Calendar app is good enough for me except its live tile. So I use Live Tile Calendar 10 on all my devices too.

The drama with the windows app was not that big...only for the couple of dozen people who had windows phones.

hey there, pebble previously denied offers of being bought out + declining wearables sales = less than 40 million u.s. dollars.

While a single card might be the most universally compatible solution (or economical from a new buyer perspective), I would strongly recommend that new buyers consider SLI / Crossfire motherboards when purchasing a new gaming computer.

This article misrepresents average performance gains and compatibility issues. It's true that single cards are more widely supported, but among triple-A games there is very, very good support for SLI and Crossfire. In terms of performance for those titles you are talking about the difference between best settings at 30-60fps for a year or so (with 1 current gen card) or many years to come (with 2 current gen cards).

By getting an SLI/Crossfire capable motherboard with 1 card, you give yourself the option to cheaply give yourself a very big performance upgrade down the line. A top of the line 1080 today costs ~$750. If two years from now you want to see significant gains for games made in 2019, you will have to shell out another $750 for a new card. Meanwhile, the guy who had the SLI capable motherboard can pick up a "dated" 1080 for probably $200 and see the same performance increase.

hey, wow talk about a wild ride for this company. from setting kickstarter records to drama with the pebble app for windows phone to assets being bought out, all in a few years.

While I agree from a feature list point of view this is a legitimate alternative, Garmin doesn't work well with Windows 10 Mobile and I had huge fitness accuracy issues with it.

This is going to be a tough nut to crack, primarily due to lack of speed to market and proliferation of i devices. There is a lot of confusion even over the terminology. Folks are linking to this article from hardware forums, like Vera, SmartThings, etc.

They are going to have a hard time getting me to invest in this. I've been burned too many times. (I miss my home server.)

And all it will take is one very solid Hub like app to run on an iPad and/or AppleTV and poof, this will disappear (sadly).

I really want it to work as I have a wall mountable Sony all-in-one with a touchscreen that needs a purpose.

References to the "family account" sound like a revival and extention of the exiled WP8 "Family Room" feature (shared calendar, OneNote notebook, group chat, and folder of sync'd photos).  Another example of a useful feature canned by MS to A/B test another ill-advised, wing-and-prayer replacement.  Group Me? Group this.....

Garmin is the only company I know that makes watches with Golf functionality, and these are specifically made for Golf.  However, it likely won't work well as a fitness/smart watch if you're using Windows 10 Mobile.

Given your positivity on those devices, I'm assuming you don't use Win10Mobile for your phone?  Because a friend and I have Garmin devices, and they basically didn't work with at all.  Had to sync manually using USB to PC, and I won't even go into how the app works (it doesn't).  I liked the watches themselves, and the ability to load customer faces/apps.  But the main reason I returned mine was because I found the activity tracking to abysmal.  Calorie tracking was way off, and heart rate just didn't seem to be able to match my activity.  I had it for almost a month, so I tried wearing it in different positions, holding my arm in a different way, calibrating it...nothing worked to make it seem even remotely accurate.  Maybe i just got a dud, but it was enough for me to get my Band 2 swapped for a 4th time and pray that this one lasts until someone actually comes out with an ACTUAL alternative...because none of these are.  They're just other fitness/smart watches.



I picked up a blaze for 150 at best but for black Friday. Works great with my 1520 and loving it so far.

... but the temperatures do not seem to update on the watch that well.  It was in the 40s in the Dallas area this last weekend and the watch was showing in the 60s even though I updated the location on a couple of watch faces.

I suggest spending a bit more and just getting the HR2 for 125 during one of the holiday sales. This thing is overpriced for what it does imo

Hopefully Michelle can get some positive comments this time around. (now that its international)

Big Thank you for the awesome giveaway guys! 

I've never owned a Windows 10 phone, but if i was to buy one it would definitely be the HP Elite x3 :D

Outlook Calendar suits my needs perfectly... no need for a third party app. The only thing I've added is Tiles For Outlook, to show me even more on the Live Tile.

This works with Linux starting with the bios. I've seen it dual boot and run properly as a development station.

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I use most everyone of these on a regular basis....and regular I mean at least 3 times a day. We travel a lot, so I am always booking hotels, flights, cars etc...I use my apps on my phone since we are on the move most of the time......

None of these is a true alternative for me, as they do not offer golf tracking. Bummer.

It may not be a calendar app, but Realarm might provide you the functions you are looking for. :)