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It's amazing!! I have been learning Italian and French since seven days and it feels like so smooth and easy!

Would love to have Turkish. Sent a request to Duolingo for support. Here's to hoping for the best! :-)

Xbox Live status : Purchase and content usage limited. Buying downloadable items.. Platforms Xbox one ,360 and XBOX ON OTHER SERVICES. Has something to do? Error 8000ffff

It's not that bad, but you could say instead "Con esta aplicación realmente aprendo Español". But maybe the phrase it's a little bit long.

Abhishek, Photomath came out on ios and Windows first.  It is not available for android as of yet.  So there's always exceptions. 

Good thing you wrote that in English. Seems like a lot of people speak that nowadays

French and Italian here! Duolingo is fun, addictive and effective. My favorite WP app at the moment.

What's important is not that my 1020 is a laggy stuttering mess that constantly freezes, what is important is that there is a 7th low budget sefiecentric handset that is going to be released in 3.5 selected markets throughout southeast asia.  Glad to see MS is working on the post-denim software, Lumia Dumpster Fire. 


Yeah, sure. That's why Americans can speak so many foreign languages and and still understand what I'm saying. Put them hands on a f**cking book.

Amtrak should have gotten a mention here, a very well done app. It's a major way to travel on the East Coast in particular, and is even more relevant this year since it's the best option in bad weather like we're getting tomorrow.

Yes! Telegram is the best... I change phones ALOT and love never having to worry about losing any messages... I can send videos, music files, documents... I can have secret chats... I can even log in on a web browser... So much better then the other apps floating about...

The "download" section of Xbox Music might be even worse than the rest of the app. It seems unable to handle more than a few songs cued up. I know I have dozens of songs cued (and the download indicator on the WiFi meter on the phone is showing activity and battery drain is around 60%(!!) right now so I know it's downloading the songs), but it shows nothing - except on the "front screen" in Xbox Music it says "8 downloads" but when I click on it it says there's nothing downloading.

I finally managed to get the U2 "Joshua Tree" album downloaded (they seem to have fixed the problem with it not being available), but in the store there are 3 versions of it - all titled the same except they have different songs. I had to delete and and again a few times to get it working.

I really hope Microsoft has better versions of Xbox Music on the other platforms. :)

I've been using this app all week too. What is the purpose of the XP? Within the app there seems to be no total or any use except for the daily goal. ?

Here's a tip: if you are not currently, at the very moment, doing whatever you say you are, you can't use the progressive present form of words (i.e "aprendiendo" and other iendo, ando words). 

Dang, this would've been useful for an app I made for a school project a few months ago.

Nonetheless, App Studio is a great platform, really cool. And I'm glad they're continuing to develop and grow the initiative.

How about providing them my certificate of DWA( diploma in web animation) + DCA (diploma in computer application)
Week these going to work?

Why would I use this over Telegram, which is already secure, and in very active development. The devs are really responsive, and constantly adding new features.

Same, will report back when completed..
Edit: Nope, "What's new" in People hub still won't show sh*t.. =(
Edit 2: restart helped ^_^

This is interesting. I have been working on a language learning app myself the latest year. I have finished both an desktop version and a version for Windows 8.1 but haven't finished a Windows phone version yet. I'm a bit surprised, I didn't thought so many would be interested of education on Windows phone.

Learning German, this app helps me a lot to remember words. For those who are studying German, there is a free course on the Deutsche Welle website.

What a great idea. I been playing with different apps like this in the past as I wanted to learn Tagalog. But all of them has to have an online connection. Hope this one doesn't and hope that it adds Tagalog.... Only because I always wanted to marry a Thai woman since 1998 lol

Very cool. Wish it had Greek, then I could understand my grandparents for once. Ohh French, this I will use.... On the ladies!!

I finally allowed the update to my Nokia Lunia 925, and it trashed my phone. The Name ID service no longer works. My ringer volume goes to zero for no reason at least once a day; as a result, I cannot hear inbound phone calls. The visual voicemail can't connect any more unless I talk to technical support and they can get it going for a day or two then it stops connecting. There is a new slide-out feature of settings that you can access by dragging the edge of the screen, but if you are working on something on the screen, you suddenly can't work because the settings properties slide out. 

I now need a new phone.

"end to end encryption" gets is name because the keys are in the "ends" (users)

The Best Buy bundle with AC Creed + Kinect + an extra controller at $429 is the best deal.

The Assassins Creed bundle with Kinect and a free controller at Best Buy for $429 is absurd! What a superb deal.