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In the UK, you can buy the 535 in Argos for £89.99 - why would anyone get the 435?

Microsoft have got to get to grips with their pricing strategy and product line up. There are simply too many devices with too little difference between them.
I preferred Nokia's old strategy....where increases in product number equated to better products.
Get a grip MS.
Concerned WP user

In the current preview it hasn't been dropped mine keeps trying to download Win10 pro TP internal Ms build. Will check and see if my branch lists pro or blank

Microsoft clouding the market even more. The 4 and 6 series are worse than the 5 yet cost roughly the same.....? Good logic

I'm on the Windows Phone app and there is no link to the Dominos app on here, just to a Papa Murphy's one.

To be precise they mentioned that it would be launched after seehawks would win the super bowl

This is the first year in actually excited for the Super Bowl. And that is only because sometime after it Windows 10 for phones will be released. Maybe days after, maybe weeks after. But its exciting with they used the superbowl as the timeframe for it.

I mean, there's 20% tax on everything here as it is, but yeah, I can't see how it can be justified to be priced higher than the 535.

The WP link takes you to the old app? It says not to download it and search for the new one. However, when you search for it in the app store, it doesn't come up...

This is a problem with the wp app store. Many apps you search don't show up. I was having to google/bing them to get to the download page, and install it that way...

Search for that Error on the internet. Just type "error x0x0x0x0x0x [DEVICE/PROGRAM THAT GAVE SAID ERROR]" and just replace "x0x0x" with that Error code, and change [DEVICE...] to your device or program that gave the error (So pretend its a Lumia 1020, you would say that)

Its because its all the 'Same OS' but 'Different Sections'... That's the best way to explain it. There is a PC Section, Phone Section, Small Tablet Section, Xbox Section, etc. They are all in the same OS, but are different sections that only get used by their comparable devices.

Well, my group of friends is about a 50/50 split between PlayStation and Xbox. (mine is an Xbox household) Most of us can't afford to buy both systems, so this would enable us to all play together instead of being split into two separate groups. That's why I want it.

But I'm not naive enough to think that it'll ever happen.

Try turning on "show artist background when playing music" on wp8 Lock screen settings.

Note that it didn't work for me... The app is rubbish.

I Can't explore my lumia 535 data on windows 7 to explore data in wondows 7 pc.which drivers are required???

So sorry I missed it!!! I planned on being there but had to attend to the family. I promise to be there next week or during the week!

Earlier this week microsoft released free outlook for ios and Android, based on Acompli. According to the reviews I read the apps are about a zillion times better than the e mail client we have on WP. Sometimes I wonder why I stick with WP. The world has chosen Android and ios, and so has Microsoft. Why the hell are we WP users loyal to a product that the maker isn't even loyal to? No wonder banks are removing their apps from the store, if Microsoft gives preferential treatment to third party products and services it only makes sense for these companies to act accordingly.

Thanks for the post George.  I've got 'em all ready for my trip to the SuperBowl today!  I'm happy for the updates they've done to NFL Mobile so that it actually works without crashing now.  It beats the ESPN app for NFL now.


I thiink this fixed the 'recently played not working properly' problem of mine.

It is sad that it took so long to be fuxed but I am happy it is now.

I certainly won't be taking the chance again with this app. Wrecked my phone and had to do my first hard reset to rectify it.
Why take the risk, the company obviously does not test their product properly.

Well you would have to first download and install the windows insider app not the DP app and we should have more info on windows 10 features in February