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Take it one step further, there was a perfectly good app that was created for them if they would just make it the offical WP app - 6Snap worked just fine.  They purposefully don't want an app for the WP platform, which doesn't make any sense from a business standpoint but doesn't hurt them either from a userbase standpoint. I don't really get the point either, but my teenage daughter would like to have it on her WP.



That's an unfair assessment. I got it on 360, played for a week, then wanted nothing to do with it. It's incredibly boring for someone who likes structure in games.

"when I tell people why I can't get Snapchat, most of them tend to look at WP in a bad way"

What exactly are you telling them? Are you telling them the android version could be turned into a WP app with minimal effort and investment, but the snapchat guys can't be bothered? I don't see how that puts WP in a bad light.

Constant freezing with this build. No other sw installed. ASUS g73 laptop. Can log in and see desktop but then freezes. Requires hard reboot just to freeze again.

I may be wrong, but I think the partnership between Mojang and Telltale happened before Microsoft acquired the IP, so the negotiations were already done. Microsoft could incentivize them to port the game to W10 devices, but I doubt it. You never know though.

I have a question. If I upgrade to Windows 10 now, from my Windows 8.1 PC, and quit the insider preview after July 29, will I keep Windows 10 forever?

Re: Cody Patterson,
Thank you for replying, but respectfully, I don't believe you have tried Zim, with the intent of doing a fair comparison. Using Xim, it doesn't matter, if others have Xim, you can still send to them, if, if you wanted to. Certainly, the "brand" SnapChat is popular with certain groups, regardless of functionality.

This is Telltale's decision, not Microsoft's. They never supported the WP platform with anything so far.

It just seems Telltale isn't interested in WP. Maybe we'll have more luck after W10.

How freaking disappointing is it to see not coming to Windows Mobile, but IOS and Android? It's a Microsoft IP :(

Zombies......... They may not take over the world, but they did take over gaming..

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No. Pocket Edition is a different app entirely. Unless you play on PC already you'll have to buy it for Windows 10.

Your description of Mouse Without Borders does it no justice. I don't think many people know what a KVM switch is, your explanation should explain that you can control multiple PC's with the same mouse. It's really great for workflow if your PC setup is like mine, I can control my surface from my desktop, or any other PC connected to the network for that matter. It also allows file transfers and copy/paste to cross over to other pcs linked.

I nominate "Touchmousepointer" for the next article like this. It's a way to make your entire tablet screen into a virtual trackpad. It is necessary for those of us that like to use desktop software on tablets.

It would be nice too to have one like only favorites to show or something like that. Some people also want this.

Saturday, 4 July, 2015

10:08 PM

Even Android don't use circular images too much. Their Contacts/People app for example looks beatiful than the People app on Windows 10 IMO. Even Apple have new Calling screen on iOS9 that is full-screen and doesn't use circular image.


I have purchased the MC on my Windows Phone, hope don't need to pay Windows 10 Edition again. Isn't it a UWP?

Check out 6tag.... Better than the instagram app on both ios/android :)
As for dubsmash.... Never really looked for it in the store so I cant sat if it is there

1) Super excited about 1st party controller support
2) Perfect timing as I am just beginning to have my 4 year old start playing games... and again, much easier for him to start off with a controller.
3) If this is going to come from the MS Store then I really hope it does not kill off all of the amazing PC mods available. Above all else, free and open mod support is the single biggest factor as to why Minecraft took off in the first place.
4) Please tell me this edition will make the great leap off of Java so it can actually have some amount of performance.

Finally Microsofts starts getting to push the store! I expect this to be an universal app so the exact same app works on phones to.
Then I expect Halo 5 to be a store app to... :-)

People make it a hobby much like others make Legos a hobby. And we all know for how long Legos have been around.

I have the same concern about my 1520..., I love the screen and ease of use regarding typing, which I do a shit ton of at work, for work, however it's fucking big. I have a work phone, which has an android OS, but I convinced corporate to give me a Windows Blu phone and it has been ordered. Honestly, I love my 1520, but when you wear a suit to work everyday, unless you put the phone in the jacket, it us huge. When the phone is in my front pants pocket (mind you I'm wearing dress pants, so the material is thin) it is a big slab....I already have massive cock and balls, so I don't need to draw any more attention there....
Regarding win 10, I thought to hold off for for the new phone models, but corporate can be cheap, so I took what I could get for work. But, I do wonder what the next iteration of the 1520 will be, if indeed MS even makes another.