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Nope. Just purchased an i5/128Gb SP3 3 weeks ago today. Full price.... .. Full... Price... :(

But I love the device. Smoking fast! Full price.

"I'm not saying I agree with it. I'm just saying that other companies ARE "dumb enough" to do this"......
Lol.... Funny.... Nevertheless, those other companies can afford to be dumb every once in awhile... MS, on the other hand, needs to get it right the first time, everytime, for a very long time...

I've been using it for months. I can confirm, as long as you REMEMBER to leave your controller on the stand before you go to bed, you will never run out of battery. Lasts for more than a day of gaming.

I think WindowsCentral guys are enough smart to check what they are posting before clicking on "publish" button.

Once got slated here when I said that this is too expensive for an Intel atom device. Hell it costs more than my dell i5 cpu inspiron 15. I get that its way portable and touch screen than it but surely I wont sacrifice my laptop's power for those

I have a Surface RT and a Nokia 1520. Windows 10 promises an integrated cross device experience. Strangely we were promised this before where Windows 8 common Kernal was the answer to everything. I wont buy a Microsoft device now until the Spring of 2016. By then my Surface and 1520 will be spent. This point will be an ideal exit point to Apple and IOS. I need a credible reason not to jump ship. I've held my faith with Windows despite my windows mobile 7 devices being sidelined, despite my Surface RT being dumped & despite the app gap. However jumping ship now looks a great option. Whether or not I buy iPad or Surface3 I'll need a 365 subscription. My current devices are now almost worthless and I need a real reason to reinvest. *Currently I cannot see a credible reason to stay with Windows*

I've had one of these since the Xbox One came out and I couldn't go without it. The AC cable is a little short and sometimes getting the connection between the controllers and the stand to work is a little finicky but other than that it's totally worth it.

Btw, what's up with that beta? I'm part of it too, but it seems that they stopped updating...

There is not preview for most phones, and I think you are the kind of user that don't must install a technical preview. Think twice before installing that software.

I use provider in Forecast app on my phone and found it very accurate, at least in Croatia, where I am from.
If it's free, I suggest the developer to go with it!

If I'm not mistaking ,the game is already available for 512mb of ram.
If u go to the store and swipe to the details page you will find under the "what's new in this update" that the developer says its supported for the 512 Mb now!. Confusing.

This game's apparently awesome, hence the writer has written about it before the developer officially releases it.

You're not getting Windows 10 on your RT device. Microsoft promised something else but it will probably just be dust to throw in your eyes like the WP7.8 update.

Was this the one that used to have the 'Metro' option where you would swipe upwards and the screen would 'fold' up to either realistic graphics or a metro theme? I used to love that, but i think it got lost in the last (rare) update.

Or am i thinking of another Weather App? :/


No. MS is not selling Surfaces in my country (Czech Republic) so I'll buy Transformer Book t300 Chi instead.

I might, since I have to drive a friend to a five o'clock appointment near the store anyways, but I couldn't see going out of my way to see the 3.

I get a weird optical illusion if I put the image above my eyes in my periphery, the phone seems to get fatter.


I've just one question. There is only one desktop game I want to play on the Surface 3, and that is Civilization 5, toutch enabled, is this device going to work for that?! for everythingt else I'll use it as a tablet. Maybe some note taking and other stuff but no photoshop or stuff like that.

I know civ 5 did run on on the Asus t100, but I would like to know how well it did run? Do i need the Surface Pro 3 with the core i5, or will this Atom based Surface Pro 3 be enough to meet my needs?

it is not a yes under those options - should the price not go down and reach the range i am willing to spend i will not buy at all ... hence the note for the missing option. in that case i would simply buy a talbet with equal or better specs cheaper from another manufacturer in 6-9 months.

I purchased weather flow. But use msn weather. It's unfortunate this had to be pulled though.

As long as my RT has power shell I'm good. If the 10 update takes that away then ill get this.

I would... if i didnt had bought a surface 2 almost a year and a half ago... Oh and a touch cover, yes almost 600 euros expense gone obsolete. Not cool.