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Still we're going to see a lot of crappy low hardware devices.... Doesn't matter what feedbacks people provide, MS won't stop making extreme low budget phones.

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I don't understand why they don't have a gamer phone for the Xbox achievement nuts... And advertise the thing on xbox, closer links with games and a Ms phone.

Neh it normal...Latest IOS version has bug for several month. Same with latest Android version..Non is immune from bug.

Snapdragon 810 is the only processor i have seen with 55MP camera support! The Snapdragon 808 supports only 21MP camera and Snapdragon 820 supports 25MP camera.
The real problem with my Lumia 1020 was the processor, the phone lags! If it was fast, I'm sure it would give a huge market share for Windows Phone!

I would like an Xbox phone. Green back. should have a swipe left for a game hub. Double right swipe for xbox app always running. Hold horizontal and it splits with game pad under screen. Left edge of phone should have shoulder buttons. Continuum box should have a groove in it so phone can be held by it fir big screen display or just a holder, when a usb xbox pad is used.

If you wait I'm sure you'll get a deal with a docking station and charger for peanuts in a few months ^^

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Printed plenotptic (lightfield capable) sensor hexagonal grid covering the entire back, capable of minor solar charging for just over standby, and featuring IR, b&w, and of course color sensels.

The back is reprogrammable/unlockable to increase virtual resolution so that people who don't want a very high resolution shooter don't pay for it, while those that do get a SLR+ quality shooter. I am talking about a grid in the billions of sensels.

Similarly integrate sensels inside of the screen the same way MS did with the original Surface IR "pixels", but in groups behind microlenses, thereby allowing you to A) look at someone with your eyes when you are looking at the screen, and B) pefectly follow the user's eyes to determine the exact location of their gaze. The second part is important in both displaying things through the screen as if it were AR, as well as being able to record whatever a person is actually looking at, not necessarily exactly on the axis perpendicular to the back of the phone (assuming the phone is roughly pointed in the right direction).

This on top of the normal benefits of using a plenoptic system, but without the expensive Plenoptic 2.0 camera lenses that are common in these sorts of setups. The sticking point is finding printable sensel tech that is both high enough quality (although quantity has a quality all of it's own, and recent error correction techniques could take care of a lot of lower quality sensels, so long as there are a LOT of them).

There are serious issues with things like switching speed, perishability, and quality control. Don't know if it's doable anymore now than it was a few years ago when I was looking into it.

Don't forget it should come with an inbuilt microwave oven and washing machine too

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You can add the L930 to the list that now can update all apps. My movement data app was stuck for weeks!

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Basically I would like a Lumia 950xl with a Lumia 1520 body design and no camera hump. Always liked the look of the 925/1520 design..

Take the 950, it's a decent phone but 3 things I would like to see in its successor are:

1) Dedicated buttons, give users a settings option of using the dedicated buttons OR on screen button.

2) Flat back, none of this raised camera ring nonsense, id rather have a slightly thicker device with a flat back then one that wont sit flat on a table.

3) A xenon flash alongside the triple led.

Other then that Microsoft is moving in right direction with the hardware.

My phone :-

Processor : Snapdragon 620
Ram : 2GB
Graphics : Whatever comes with Snapdragon 620
Internal Memory : 16/32 GB
MicroSD slot : Yes
5/5.5" screen 720p/1080p
Front Facing Camera : 5 MP (Full HD video)
Back Camera : 16 MP with OIS and Laser Autofocus (4K video (or not))
Front Firing Speakers or on the bottom of the phone (not on back)

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Had 7 stuck on my lumia 640xl. Even had three with no name or logo that crashed the store it you touched them. All changed to have name and logo yesterday except one and today they were all able to install. 640xl is great on windows 10.

We should respect everyone opinion, including DJCBS.
His views are interesting. I enjoy reading them.

I think saturating the market like they've done in the past just adds to consumer confusion. They need OEMS to release more phones, somebody using a Samsung now might be more tempted by a phone running W10M if they've been on Samsung for a long time (maybe)

"especially in countries like India where most people don't even know Miracast is a thing"....hmmm...I dont know where this came from!! 

can we use this in India will it work 4g any difference in bands? Only for U.S. only?

They are asking what people want. It's like a poll. Where is common sense these days?

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Ignoring all the impractical ideas you listed, I like numbers 8, 9 and 16.

1 and 5. Looking back at their history, Nokia is actually more conservative in terms of design. Going with less exotic materials and overall thicker design but still somehow trying to be their own thing. I wouldn't expect Nokia, if they become a hardwae partner in a fictional world, to bring devices like you are describing. But it is the fictional world, I guess.

Plus, looking at their me-too affaris with their recent tablet, I don't trust them to come with a unique design.

11. I feel higher resolution is good for AMOLED screen escpecially considering they use pentile matrix so, a one third less number of subpixels could be countered by an overall higher pixel count. And going for RGB AMOLED might bring longevity and screen burning concerns while IPS LCD would give lackluster contrast ratio. At this point, Samsung really seems to be one of the best display tech suppliers so, it is good Microsoft went with them and the fruits of their partnership can already be seen in the supposedly excellent Surface Pro 4 display.


I got the mail too. I signed up and i got a dialog box that said wait for the next step or something.

I would really like htc to make a windows version of a9. Hardware wise I think ms wont release any phone with older gen Socs anymore. So all that remains is other features and physical appeareance of the devices. When it comes to design no one can satisfy the tastes of all. But what ms or its hardware partners can do is to make the phone with less bezels and offer a wide range of sizes for the same model like the xperia line.Moreover they should implement hey cortana voice activation in all the phones be it flagships or low ends. I think this can be achieved by adding  a  secondary co processor. Sure it wont be cheap but they can cut the costs in other regions like material used in low ends. This wont be a problem in the high end beacause they can charge like 40 - 50 dollars more. Moreover the main focus should be in the design and accessories of the phone. The new flagships look a bit ugly with the stock back cover, but with the mozo back covers they look damn sexy. What ms needs to do is to offer the same choices. They can either produce them or acquire a company like they did with n-trig. Other hardware features that are not a must are IR blaster and fingerprint scanners. Sure we have the fancy new iris scanning. But think of how it would be if windows had two stage authentication. The buissiness people will love it. And when it comes to IR blasters one doesnt need them a lot but I use it a lot on my mi 4.IF they went ahed and added water and dust resistance thet will be great too but its not a must.

Software wise all that needs to be done is a few minor changes and bug fixes which im sure the geeks at ms are doing right now. Other than that it would be perfect if ms talked to major oems like samsung, xiaomi, huawei, oneplus and get them on the win 10 mobile custom rom thingy for some of their phones. They can add a small tweak to their customised os that will allow the users to install win 10 via ota or they could atleast provide a flashing service in their service centres. This is highly unlikely but who knows what might happen.

These are my personal views and if you disagree there is no need to flame in the comments section. And yeah grammar nazis can keep away.




Nope. You need a x86 archihecture CPU and a entire OS overhaul for that to work, a lot of power (x86 CISC need a lot og power, that why arm arhihecture was invented) and a at least 20GB of storage. Why fo you think Windows 10 Mobile needs 3GB and Windows 10 20GB? Windows on PC has all those user controls, resources files... for win32 applications. Windows 10 Mobile has above mentioned files for Silverlight, Universal Apps.... That's why it only needs 3GB of space for system files. If you really want a ultra portable PC for win32 apps, get a PC on a USB stick and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Problem solved.

Wait for a few months you can get anything cheaper...the only problem is, most of us don't want to wait a few months.


remember that we are designing now, to get a phone after a year or two, i think you should reconsider.

3 years from now those specs will be a joke to remember.

thats why people do not design, because they have no idea how to do it.

I have 640 xl lte and I had to revert to 8.1. because window s10 update got stuck at some point.

There were many apps that needed update and were marked to download it but it couldn't been done.

Many of them (system ones) barely worked.

So I reverted to 8.1 which runs smoothly.

My first Windows Phone 7 device had one, it was very good for taking notes at the WP Dev Camp that year...but I agree I can't see it coming back.

Maybe a case will come out with a Bluetooth keyboard integrated, not sure how well charging would work etc

Some system settings could not be dowloaded by my Lumia 930, this prevents me from using Cortana and more.

I saw a colleague share a photo of her lunch using it the other day...i thought it was for sending naked Pictures.

yeah, noticed this last night! its a shame i deleted Lumia Camera on my 1020 as i was hoping to find it in my library and reinstall but it wouldnt let me. So now i am stuck with MS Camera! unless they allow me to download it again!


all other pending apps are ok now though :)

For hardware, all we need is a god damned battery that can hold charge for more with a lifespan of over 3 years. Like a REAL NOKIA handset. Is that too much to ask for?