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Just 'Lumia' would have been fine... Microsoft Lumia doesn't sound cool to me

Actually according to latest statistics Canada has the highest number of cord cutters, earlier this year we were listed at 30% which is pretty high. I've been part of that statistic for 3 years already. What the Xbox One needs is the ability to scrape sites for available legal content like the Boxee Box does.

Nokia was in trouble before Elop got there.  And CEOs becoming employees in acquired companies is very common. (Yes, even running divisions.)  If you want to blame Elop for Nokia's troubles, have at it.  If you want to claim Elop and Microsoft conspired together, have at it.  But him becoming the head of the Devices division is not something outrageous or uncommon so, yes, the chances are pretty good for that to happen and it doesn't prove anything. 

And we don't owe 'loyalty' or 'faithfulness' to any company.  That's why we pay them money for their products.  That's what we owed them and they got it.  In return, we got a product.  If the product is good, I'll be back.  If it's not, I won't.  

But, really, thanks for the tip on getting a girlfriend.  I can't tell you how long I have been searching for the answer to that.  Now I know!  You are a lifesaver.  Unfortunately, my wife might get pissed so I guess I'll just have to keep being unfaithful and disloyal to my tech companies so I don't accidentally get a girlfriend.   

Didn't most of the mobile patents go to Microsoft when they sold the movile phone division?  I thought I had read that somewhere. HTC phones arent the great in the build quality area. More on par with LG. Nevermind they don't support thier product form more than a few months after release.

In other parts of the world, Nokia = old-fashioned. Sad but true, so I'm okay with this MS Lumia name.

Sorry for being out of topic, but I like the "Nokia not connected" on the image. So creative. :)

Good job picking a name. Now how about getting some new phones out on the market in the US!

Full name is Microsoft Lumia Smartphone powered by Windows for ARM processors, telephony edition.

It's been well documented, under the terms of the deal to purchase the devices business, Microsoft have no choice but to transition away from the Nokia name.  Nokia has the right to re-enter with their own mobile offering again from 2016 if they so wish.

Ha! That's so weird, I started that thread in the UK, and now i'm reading about it on the site i read every day! :-D

not for much longer. windows 10 is coming. All will be simlpy Windows. As long as it all works and integrates as seemlessly as they say it will, im ok with it. 1 OS, no differeing incompatible variants.

When people ask me what phone I have, my response is always "a Lumia 920".
I don't think I've ever said "Nokia Lumia 920".

This should be added to text messages. I mean it's just a simple art studio and the messaging app (whether Skype or built in) is sending an image.