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I will say, though, that I do like one feature of the Lenovo Energy Manager panel. Conservation Mode allows you to prevent the battery from charging above 60 percent--useful to help preserve the battery if it's in continuous plugged-in service.

If you have windows for the phone you will have no choice - they are boycotting you

Good find, I'm installing Cyber Dust now. It seems to have more of a focus on privacy and security than SnapCrap.

I really don't know what Snapchat is. Not kidding, there is "chat" in the name, so I know in advance that there's no use for me.

The fact that we live in a world where a stupid app like snapchat can single handedly elevate a company to be worth billions makes me weep. It's such a stupid service. It's basically Instagram with a timer.

Ahaaa, thnx for the heads up. Was just by a McDonalds Sweden and thought I download the app and see what offering they had. It was a short story, I found no app.

Exactly how I feel. I have a website that I'm developing specifically for IE and Firefox, why, because I support web standards and because screw Chrome and Safari.

Honestly, I can't underrated why they can't just make an windows phone app...or allow third party apps like in the past? I mean how long would It take them to put a team together and build a snapchat official app? 1 week?

So instead of using the "My device isn't supported" tab we'll use the other ones even if its irrelevant, that would screw with them even more.

I have to agree. I nearly fell off the settee when I searched for the CEO, and saw his net worth. £1.5 billion, for an app that allows you to send a time limited photo. Surely Skype or Outlook could offer a sneak peek photo sharing thing. Skype would be good, and they could allow short videos (I have no idea if Snapchat do this already). Surprised Instagram or Vine don't already offer that actually.

They forced the removal of all third party apps from all stores. There's a bunch of pissed off Android users as well.

So glad I'm not a teenager and this Snapchat BS doesn't affect me.  It's so sad that we have such amazing devices with such incredible possibilities and they're wasted on pimple faced teens so desperate to send a d*** pic that users have to beg multi million dollar corporations for support.

You and me both buddy. You going there to teach English like I am? Looking forward to picking up a WP in Japan if I decide not to get the Lumia 930 (second hand £185)

From my perpective no, not really. I just need what keeps me (really) in touch with friends with full conversations and photo sharimg. There are already a lot of apps for that.

I've always seen Snapchat the same way as I do see smartwatches.

Store is facing problems since a long time. Late noticing, some apps(like phototag etc.) cannot be downloaded by me even if  got it free on myapp free. Sometimes store shows unnecessary errors on updating apps. I dont know wats wrong with MS.

Hi there this is your cousin from India who loves colourful free things with Microsoft written over it. Lol

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My iPhone and Android friends won't stop using SnapChat. They're all like "Can't access SnapChat? Boo hoo cry me a river more." No chance of them swapping.

I use Plex everywhere now, but it is good to see MB updated too. I tried it for a few weeks and it was actually pretty good in my opinion, but I had already paid my lifetime Plex Pass subscription. I'm also happy to see Plex keeps updating their Windows and Windows Phone apps quite often. They recently announced that they will no longer release new features for their Windows Phone 8 app to continue improving their 8.1 universal apps for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1. So I'm suspecting they have a decent roadmap of new features going forward for 8.1 and Windows 10. We'll see, but I'm very happy with Plex for now.

How do you boycott an app? By not using it? You already can't use it. The only thing you can do really is tell your friends they suck, and throw nasty Tweets at the company.