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Yeah, it did pass through it all and I didn't have a pin or pass in the first place. I got it to "work" when I tried to recover 8.1. It magically booted Win10. But, it had a by where I had no way to back from lock screen :/
Might try again later today :)

I have lumia 925,  currently working lumia cyan 8.1 then i have lost some options like( static ip , word sugetions) after denim update pls help me...... 

I didn't misread the situation; you did, as is evident by the false analogy you employed to defend it. Toni wasn't revealing a "sad" situation, like his father dying, that was in need of pity. He was merely stating the fact that he outgrew something he previously enjoyed and now enjoys a different form of that. You replied by calling that "really sad" (it's not) and then proclaiming that you "play games because [you] enjoy games", which is an odd thing to say unless you're insinuating something more, and then declared the thing he enjoyes most about gaming to be "in no way essential".

I'm not on a high horse. I'm on the ground, pulling egomaniacs off their high horses. I have only one ideology and that is that the only thing I don't tolerate is intolerance. Any other ideology is bound to be caught in a hypocrisy logic trap.

An opinion being a "judgment" is not the same thing as being "judgmental". Again, the fact that you were "expressing sympathy" for a situation that doesn't require sympathy is exactly why your post was judgmental.

Bloody mirros, pots, and kettles? Keep your cliches in your handbag. Calling out intolerance is the only acceptable form of intolerance.

Did it pass through all the processes including migrating data upto 100% I forgot to tell you to disable pin&security codes before the update. I hope you found a way out... try soft reset if you haven't

Probably just a scaling issue. But I hope this additonal tile column isn't scaling issue and is an optional feature in final releas.e

Thanks for your "elegant".
Now the background image became useless. And you can't see the background picture because the tighter tiles!

No, you're not alone !!
I'm with you ! And I'm agree with you !!
You can't barely see the background image on this fucking build 10070.
And background image became useless because of the tighter tiles !

By intergrating the "Transfer My Data" app to the Settings menu as "Contacts+messages backup", am seeing a future feature to schedule your backup at the day as time you prefer.

Since Microsoft has no power to build these missing apps, the next best thing they can do is build a functional, fast, and beautiful OS that draws people to it... I don't judge a phone by its UI, otherwise I'd have an iPhone, but most people do.  So put the best dang looking UI on this phone and people will pick it up. The more people that pick a Windows Phone, the more likely a developer will build an app

So yes, UI and performance are critical because it is always present, apps come and go, but the first thing you see on your phone will always be your start screen ( or home screen or whatever)

....I wouldn't buy this car even if it had the engine of a Lamborghini and the efficiency of a civic...


This phone will definitely be locked. The carriers do have sites / customer service that can unlock them for you but all the US carriers will only unlock if you meet some requirements like being a customer for more then 6 months / have had the phone actively contacting their network with a valid sim for 6 months. You can also only get so many phones unlocked per year per account with them, so if you have a friend in US with an prepaid account they can perhaps talk a rep into giving them the unlock code. 

And you can't see the background picture because of the tighter tiles !
Thanks for the tighter tiles.

Yeah and it hurt the background though.
You can't see your background when the tiles is very tight like shit.

Yeah, thanks for it. now background looks useless when the space between the tiles became tighter than before.

Yeah, I play that one daily. I play Tribez & Castlez on my work iPhone but it is MUCH worse that the original Tribez. At least I think so, I find it far more irritating and a much slower game overall. In Tribez I'm level 73 and have unlocked all the islands. I've finished Murlod island, almost finished Island of the Ancients and Ancestors Attol. Still a lot to do, but I don't find it annoying like some other city builders.

Looks so ugly and disgusting !!
Background looks useless when there is no space between the tiles !!
So sad.

It is only offensive to you because you misread it. If someone said "my father just died" and I said "that is really sad" would you say that's offensive? That's exactly how I meant it, and if you want to get your knickers in a twist over it, that's your own problem. You should really get off your bloody high horse. In case you hadn't noticed, we're on a public forum where people express their personal opinions. Those opinions don't necessarily agree with each other, but that's all part of the conversation. Somehow daring to take part in the conversation means I'm being 'judgemental'. By your own reasoning I can't express ANY opinion, either positive or negative, without it being a judgement of some kind. If you want to take someone expressing sympathy and giving their own opinion as 'condescending', well that's your own personal issue. You accuse me of being judgemental and condescending, but you might want to look in the bloody mirror. Pot. Kettle.

Not gud for smaller screen devices.. The medium tiles will be usable but the small tiles will be extremely small and difficult to use

I liked the reduced space between the tiles.. Bt i think 4 medium tiles in one line is not good for devices with smaller screen.. The small tiles will be very tiny..

The band picked up an update??? Which update ???
The one of the 23rd didn't materialised so far (on the 26th). No update on the health app nor on the band firmware... A news on this?

...meanwhile at Sony HQ a top secret format to compete with it is in the works. Why? Because who doesn't love format wars! Long live Betamax and Memory Stick Duo!