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nope, creating new account, at first won't login, then after couple of attempts, did log me in, however every modern app was broken, start, cortana, settings, notifications, nothing really opens. Back to square 1.

So, you're saying you can pair multiple devices at the same time❓ That's what I'm asking.

How come I don't receive the update? It should be pushed out for my device as well I believe.

Cortana is not just tied to Windows.  It's tied to the entire Microsoft ecosystem AND third-party apps.  I think Office Now is supposed to compliment Cortana... BUT the fact that this was never 'officially announced' means they might integrate it into Cortana (which would make sense to keep Cortana as the company's personal assistant brand).

But in all seriousness, this project is propbably research for MS to get their Face recognition algorythms right. We already saw that they want you to unlock your device with your face and recognizing a face correctly in the first place is obviously very important for this to work.

BlackBerry is still the current global leader in Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Device Management services for enterprises & businesses. BlackBerry holds a very valuable intellectual property patent portfolio that any company would love to own. Also, with BlackBerry BES 12 & the BlackBerry Experience Suite, all BlackBerry software & services will be available across all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, & Windows Mobile.

According to amd it was both GPU's and APU's, so stop saying there's an issue for GPU's only please. However, on my AMD APU it did not crash, must've been lucky

There is a fix probably. Just try creating a new account. Usually this happens because there's an error while upgrading, rendering affected apps useless. Creating a new account on that device should give proof of that since it will work there probably

I so wanna see those studies from which they concluded that the perfect spot for a "+" should be on the freaking top of the screen.

Seriously, are these people even using their own apps on a daily basis?

Oh the swivel I figured that it was on full post lol but the video I still have error. Running 1520 win 8.1 update 1

This app is sweet! I'm having an issue where if I copy something, it shows up twice in my clips. Duplicates. Anybody else have this issue?

NSA be like: We need a unreasonable huge amount of biometric data.
Microsoft: Say no more!​

The dropbox app looks interesting ... Too bad I closed my dropbox account before it launched.
I've been waiting for poki .

I use to love the idea of lights on everything. I still do. however, it doesnt make much sense to do. unless you can turn the light off as well... otherwise those times you just want it dark you have your mouse pad preventing that... 

I like Onenote and use it on my Surface Pro 3 in my doctoral program but it has some serious usability issues. They need to fix its ability to bring in word docs, PDFs without having to print to Onenote so that they are editable instead of flattening them to pictures of the doc. Make it possible to scroll through pages like notability and fix its ability to back up to Onedrive, among many other things. Onenote team, if you’re ever interested in learning how to improve for use one Surface contact me. Thanks.

Not exactly. With PC you are stick with landscape mode and with tablet you have to cover both portrait and landscape.

There backend secure element tech could be the key to getting tap to pay to work on wp. Sure we have td but we have yet to see them add support for paywave

For example, now u have those hamburger menus in apps... And if u switched on that button it would take those and change the interface a little just so its better to use one handed

Off-topic, but in W10 Mobile, you know the feature where you off your phone and it shows you your upcoming events before it powers down? Mine says 'Goodbye' but doesn't show the events anymore.. It hasn't done this since like the third update (a while ago).. Is it my phone or everyone?

my handset is NOT a dev unlocked one. the app still works fine for me.