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Yeah, I took it as a way to differentiate between AI and humans. I may be completely wrong here. Just saying what I thought it was.

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And again, fix how it handles our personally owned TV and movies. It's a mess. And the fact thus stop doesn't remember where you left off is embarrassing

I read somewhere it had to do with other, non xbox (console), players. Even if it does stand for psyonix network, what would a PSY network player do? It's not AI. Is it an employee? Someone without a gamer pic?

One work around could be your xbox, if you have one. Set it to start up without your password and they should be able to access all the stuff you have when you are not home. Just an idea. Another idea if you do not have an xbox, maybe a pc that you stopped using. Set it up to log in with pin, they can't purchase anything without your password but they should still be able to see your movies/tv. W10 has an option to login to a pc with pin.


Everything has it's own melting point and as for the Hololens, it can be brought down to $800-$1500. Hololens' success sure is revolutionary as the iPhone to Apple.

Now we just need to be able to play against PS4 players. If that happens, users of both consoles would benefit.

That's a must. I was quite surprised to know that they don't have the language with Japan being a major competitive market to the US and UK in various ways...

I thought this was already a thing. I would see people with PSY in the box. Or does PSY stand for something else?

all the haters are China fan boys who are willing to pay money for a product without additional support


Of course it will be, bing translator and google translations are very successful because of the language packs they have.

What I would like to see from Duolingo is support for Japanese. That's a language I'm interested in learning and if I can pick up enough of the language I won't have too many issues in Japan.

"Our Windows app just took over our iOS app in India" - Interesting! Hopefully, this trend will continue for other apps :)

Of course it is a threat. A serious one. The era of Microsoft and Windows is, I am afraid, over. I fear that by the end of 20s or 30s, Microsoft will make only MS Office and some other apps and games, and offer some services. 

I'm actually kind of surprised that Netflix released a trailer with a curse word in it. 

Cool. Pretty sad that uncommunicated, undiscoverable features seem to be part of Windows DNA now..

Max. 300 USD.

Just take a look Zopo Speed 8 Android phone, the first deca-core phone in the world. Its price is approx. 300 USD. Couldn't pay more of this aforementioned Windows 10 phone.

What ever happens, they will have to sell it and make something back. Maybe this is clickbait of sorts?

As for specs, who really, and I mean honestly, ever uses their phone to it's full capacity? It's ok having a 2k screen, but is it really necessary for email, text, sms etc, on a small device? Yes, my 950's look nice, as do my 950xl's, but, as mentioned above, unless you wear your device on the end of your nose, the difference is not as great as you may think.

Specs are just another way for OEM's to blind the general public and steer them away from the cold hard truth that the smart phone has stagnated. Specs convince us that our current device is old hat, redundant, obsolete because it's screen is so last year. I still enjoy using my 1320, I still enjoy my 1520, and in day to day use, the difference is negligable.

I have never been able to search for PS4 friends online in the past. Is there a way to search for Xbox friends and play against them? Rather than just a larger pool for matchmaking.

I loath these exclusive deals. They are anti market and very anti consumer. They also make zero sense in the internet age and actually drive piracy.

For a second there, I thought Netflix was removing films like The Avengers, Iron Man, etc from every store except the US. That'd be a VERY dick move!

Ahhhhh found it !!! - I would prefer to be able to swipe just the Article if possible, but this will help at the moment, I just need a thumb stretcher :)




Cant think of anything that sounds better than a couple of these SM Pro Audio RM05 plus a sub. I have both Logitech also, but sound does not compare in anyway IMO.

If that's soon is from MS, we have 3 years before that :D

But if it's really from WC, it will be fast like the WC app updates :)

We need a Nexus Mod Manager client for the Xbox, that would be cool (and we would get all, and I mean ALL, kinds of mods)
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Very interesting article. A lot of things I didn't know about Duolingo, a great app that I use every day to learn Swedish.

Still there is one question that wasn't answered: Will they add new features to the Windows app soon? For example the lingot store, that is present in the iOS and Android app.

It's HOT in a bad way!  I have the same exact issue.  Phone updated from the previous insider build.  Only updated yesterday to this build.  Immediately my phone started to get VERY HOT.  Discharges completely when idle in just a few hours.  Tried uninstalling facebook and disabling onedrive synchronisation (Main battery users according to settings).

For me, it seems that any network activity gets it toasty. :-(

Dear Microsoft, on Lumia 640LTE you have an bug with HDR option:

If the captured images isn't on internal memory, the HDR option is useless!!!

On SD card i can't take HDR pictures and i don't want to store pictures into internal memory of the phone.

Please take that for the futures version of Windows Camera app :(

It would be nice if groupme was a universal app. Any group chat app has to be able to work on my pc or tablet. Im not pulling a phone out of my pocket everytime i get a message in a groupchat, that would be insane.

Here in Minnetataronga Sexacola, we don't know GroupMe. We only know GroupUs. Can you tell Us your experience grouping video with Us?

I personally dont like the design of the moto X. To me it's worth it. 

​Dont worry. I dont decide the final price. I just answered the question what I would be willing to pay for this phone. Thast my opinion.


This is great news to read. As someone planning to develop myself it sounds like this could further validate my decision. I know I'm gonna get downvoted by people who want to say I'm wrong for using Windows mobile and developing for it no matter what I say but they can take a hike. They're not paying for my phone, I am. Also, I'm actually looking into Xamarin to make it cross platform.

Now the + comment box is not showing up, can only reply to an existing comment...
** 950xl and loving it !!

I went to a local Nokia Care, and letted them reset my phone to 8.1, and than I updated with the update advisor, and than went to the release pv ring with the insider app. It's more simple with WDRT, but it somehow never worked for me :D

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