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Total lack of effort. They purchased Nokia then dumped it. I think I saw 3 Lumia Icon ads, that was it.

Yes, right, why all OEMS didn't marketed wp phones?...

Don't make me think about they got money from someone to boycott ms..

I got an icon when my 928 broke. I don't see the 950/xl or HP being better enough for me to upgrade. I saw a928 the other day a friend had got off eBay as a spare phone. Give it a new processor, newer flash and Windows hello(iris or finger print), I'd take it in a heart beat

cool..Never been there...want to tho!  I will buy you a coffee or something when the wife and I visit!  Did not know about the hungarian keyboard afflects either good to know!

I love my Elite x3!

The 2 main reasons:

  • Screen size: I wanted a small tablet or large phone. [check]
  • Battery life: I wanted looooong battery life. [check]

Bonus is the fingerprint reader.

I'm very happy with it.

At this point...Business users use apps as well.  travel, hotel, resturant, even booking, etc all done easily via app,  not easy via moible website.  Plus the convienience features you get with apps that are not available on mobile websites for professionals is something to look at as well.

Surface Phone is supposed to target at enterprises.  The marketing would be different than the phones targeting at consumers.  If Surface Phone comes with a foldable screen, all you need to show in ad is that can be unfolded into a 8" tablet which can run W10 apps and web apps efficiently.  The enterprise users care most about the productivity, functionality, usability and efficiency.

The 1020 ads were actually quite good and I saw them frequently.  That was the peak of Microsoft's ingenuity of ads...and it died after they bought the devices division of Nokia.

Sadly, this seems to sum up MS' strategy for phones. I get the idea of dropping Windows Mobile 5/6 - it was no longer competitive once the iPhone took off and seeing what would have been WinMo7, it would have died as it was more of the same. WP7 was a decent start, but then telling all 7 users they were on a dead-end device when they announced WP8 was horrible, especially to any who had recently bought a Nokia 900.  The "partnerships" with the carriers may have been somewhat necessary, but the employees didn't care about WP devices unless you specifically asked for one.  I think if they could have built up better mindshare and not messed w/ their fan base, more apps would have followed. (Obviously not Google's apps, but others....)

Whatever they do now they need to stick to it and commit to their customers/fans. No more huge annual changes and dropping support for the current generation or they might as well just stop now.

For a huge part of the Windows Phone run Microsoft was charging a pretty penny for OEMs to license the OS on their hardware and also required they have capacitive buttons.  Android, not so much.  So, from a business aspect, Android was more attractive. For users who like to spend their lives customizing the phone instead of actually getting anything done with it, Android was also more attractive.  I used to be in that crowd in the old PocketPC days.  Then I grew out of that childishness and decided I wanted a device that was more productive.  Also, I really, really hate not having those capacity buttons.  Constantly having to swipe my screen to get my controls back is just plain stupid, period.  So, Microsoft was not nearly as attractive an OS compared to Android, except to people like me.

I've had the 950 for a year now, and from everything I have read about the x3, I'm glad.  Having that camera button is big, along with the micro sd card slot and second sim.  I've picked up secondary sim cards on two trips now (Europe and Canada) and I'm quite glad I can use the second sim and the sd card at the same time.  And the camera, you just can't complain about the cameras that Nokia (and now MS) always used.  And the X3 and its accessories just seem to be way overpriced.


That Note is one phone that I would buy that's an android phone. I wish we had something like this on Windows 10 Mobile, I would buy it ASAP and love it! 😁

Just bought X3 after price lowered. Had HTC M8 and grew tired of Verizon inertia. Love the phone. Spreadsheets display great on the large screen. Doc allows synching with thumb drives and use of keyboard/ mouse. Went with HP for build and figured support would remain active longer than 950 or Alcatel. Reading comments, seems like biggest complaint is camera. For me phone is secondary option, use my Canon T6 for pictures

In stark contrast, I watched Panay's bit back then and I was utterly disappointed. The introduction of the 950/XL convinced me even then that Microsoft had squandered any talent it got from Nokia and was vomiting on their own product.  W10M has been almost a complete disappointment to me and my wife, after having been HUGE cheerleaders of both WP7 and WP8.  Somehow, both my wife and I allowed ourselves to be convinced to throw away a total of $1200 on a pair of Lumia 950 devices. And we have regretted it daily. Despite having what was then the latest hardware, the camera was a huge disappointment compared to my 1020, and the performance of W10 on the device is quite a bit slower than WP8.1 on my 1020 (with exception of the camera app itself).  Even on the latest build, 15063, I can run things side by side and the 1020 just leaves the 950 in the dust.  So, I have really very little confidence MS knows what it's doing here.  I have a Surface Pro 3 and my wife has the SP4, and we love these devices.  But I just don't believe that MS will come out with a smartphone (or WHATEVER they are going to call it) that's as impressive.  I want a device with a camera that is so much better than the competition that there's no debate. If I'm going to have to put up with how horrible the user experience is in W10M, the device better be a LOT snappier.  And if the design and solidness of the hardware is going to be like the 950 or like every other Android device, then there's just no point.

I hope they bring it out of Beta ASAP then. I have $10 in MS rewards that are about to expire because there's no games I feel are worth their price -$10. Maybe a discount from Game pass on something will change that.

I am excited to give this a try regularly. I get worked up and stressed out too often.

In an interview, Phil Spencer said that games will rotate in and out. But he did state that he's only saying that in an act of 100% transparency since 3rd party publishers can indeed choose to withdraw their games from the service. In reality, he doesn't see games leaving the service on a monthly basis or anything like that but he does intend to see games added regularly

I just picked up a blaze to replace my band 2. So far I enjoy it. Excited for notifications, but in general I am pleased with the product.

I'm so all over this if it happens. Loved C.O.D until they started the whole jet packs and exo skeleton rubbish.

Am I really that old? Mechanical keyboards for me are traditional keyboards. Membrane keyboards came much later. Didn't they? My first keyboard was a TVSE Gold keyboard and it was mechanical.

Have you used the X3? If so, you know the screen is freaking amazing and the battery will last all day.

From what I understand, Fitbit has been testing GATT and notifications with the insider builds as they requested some beta testers a few months back

If they announce it the need to release it not long after. Ever time they've announce a new phone is taken months to come out and the buzz is gone.

Yes, the 1020 ad focused on the 41mp camera. Had people taking photos of a concert I believe. Maybe that's mentioned in the article but I didn't read it.

Will it be like EA Access where once its in its in forever or will the games rotate regularly?

"Not all drives are the same"?  Actually, in many cases, they literally are.  Home NAS-specific drives are more marketing ploy than technology.  For example, there's literally no different between the internals of a WD Red and a WD Green/Blue (the old Greens, or the new 5900RPM > 2TB Blues, which are just rebadged Greens designed to confuse).  The spindles are the same.  The motors are the same.  The heads are the same.  Look at the specs, everything's the same even down to the decibel rating.  The only difference between a Red and a Green/Blue is in the firmware.  Reds ship with TLER on (Greens/Blues can have that turned on), and ship with a higher idle timeout (Green/Blues have a 10s idle timeout for "power saving", but that low of a timeout can cause drives to fall out of raidsets and look like failures; you can adjust the idle timeout on Green/Blues just like you can turn on TLER).  You're paying a premium to avoid a little bit of firmware setup prior to sliding the drive into your NAS.  There's nothing wrong with paying for convenience, but you should at least understand what you're buying.

There are some differences that you do need to watch out for, though.  For example, anything that uses shingled magnetic recording (large Seagate Archive drives) shouldn't be used in a NAS because of a lack of speed.  The take away here is to understand what you're buying and shop based on specs, not on labels.

Tipped this earlier! Love the new sleep analysis. It's probably better than the band now!

Nokia already did the work and it was perfect with amazing results. At least here in Europe where Windows Phone had over 20% of market share in many countries and was ahead iPhones. 

And Microsoft destroyed it all with just two corporate decisions: buying out mobile department of Nokia and killing Lumia brand with releasing crappy-plastic 650, 950 etc.

Without distribution channels like Nokia had, relations with telecoms and massive advertising powers - Windows 10 won't be any near its last success :/ We're doomed :/


So they had a tv ad for the Lumia 1020? I didn't see it, but that would explain why it was so popular. Any other tv ads for other models? No...and it's reflected in how well It's sold and known in the general population. As for targeting you know how long it takes enterprise to adopt to new hardware? The company I'm working for is still using some hardware from last decade, and has only recently seen new technologies starting to be used, like servers running ssd hard drives, and even Windows 10 on a few test PCs...people passing by the PC ask, is that an IMac? Otherwise its still Windows 7 in the office, and cash registers using Windows XP POS edition in the stores (which I assume and hope is still supported by MS), again last decade stuff. We are using more of Microsoft's cloud technologies as our old servers running Outlook and Office break down (I guess it's cheaper than buying and maintaining the hardware and software updates). But phones are hardware, and half of the phones used are Samsung S4, the other half is the S7. So if Microsoft is hoping our company to adopt Windows phones, it won't happen until at least 2020 when we have to replace half of the S7s that we have. On the other hand Consumers will adopt new technology either now or next year when the price drops to 50% of what it is this year. If they have to wait longer, it's already forgotten in favor of the next cycle of technology. Unfortunately, Microsoft has chosen to "retrench" their phones just outside that window of consumer consciousness and so its been forgotten by all but the fans...which will probably only hold for another year, tops, before the rate of dropout for fans reaches almost 100%

There are phones with better cameras than the 950 and they aren't Lumias. No other Lumia phones are even in ballpark

Iris scanner is a gimmick and so is Continuum. There is a reason everyone else uses a fingerprint reader and might have an iris scanner as a secondary method. If you want Continuum, it is better implemented on Android. You aren't limited to a single app or only approved apps. You can get an actual desktop experience. It is pointless anyways and never caught on for a reason.

Anything else you mentioned is widely available on every phone down to $100. There is no reason to be using a Windows phone in 2017. Just the quality and availability of apps on W10M makes it a non-starter. Then you get into all the other issues like why your best choice is a 2 year old device.

I have to say that the WP commercials that ran two years were great! They were touting the camera abilities and I found the ads to be very good for the would be customers. Sadly, the ads only ran for about two months and I have not seen one since.

Microsoft doesn't have a clue when it comes to marketing. Band is the latest example of a great product dying because nobody knew it existed. I've done surveys where 2/50 people in a room knew what a Lumia was. Microsoft has superior tech, yet Samsung, Apple, and Fitbit dominate markets 100% due to marketing. Xbox is the only exception when it comes to TV time well spent. Even the NFL commentators don't know what a Surface is 3 years into that deal. The best Microsoft ads are only ever on YouTube and only existing fans seem to notice... Sad state of affairs

The only reason i chose the Lumia 950xl above the hp elite x3 was because i could still use my two sims without sacrificing my SDcard. I understand you either sacrifice one sim or sd card on the hp elite x3

its been 2 years, I still hate my 929 for not having glance, so much so that I keep dreaming about my 928 becoming fast enough to be usable again

Works perfectly! Already knew 15063 from virtual machine, but after applying this update on the real machine it feels very smooth and fast.

Educate your own store employees. In my experience, majority of MSFT store employees don't know anything about the products they are selling. There might be 1 or 2 guys showing off new products who actually know something, others are completely oblivious.

No offense but aren't all these articles speculation? One might ask "where's the beef?"

The x3 looks nice. I had a 950XL briefly before returning it and went with a 950. Granted there not getting anymore support doesn't mean your phone won't last forever as long as you take care of it. :) at the end of it all I'm fine with my 950 and it gets the job done.