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I'm very happy with the flat and stand version of these chargers with my BlackBerry Classic and Droid Turbo. Neat to have the notification function if you have a windows phone though.

It's sad that we now live in a world where competition is seen as a backstab. These same OEMs sell Chromebooks and Linux machines but no one calls foul. If Microsoft can meet the demand for PC hardware then I say they should. I'm tired of half-baked PCs and stifled innovation from the big players (except for Lenovo).

I've always loved your sarcastic replies :) Sorry for my blunt approach to this matter, but we WC frequents expect the WC app to work reasonably well even on a buggy preview OS we rigorously test. At the least some info on what might be causing the slowdown is appreciated. I'm a developer also and very worried about how a perfectly smooth WP8.1 app like WC can struggle on W10M. I mean it takes literally 15 seconds to open an article. And yes I've reported this issue via Insider Feedback too and hope MS is already fixing things.

I'm hoping "spotify-like" curated public playlists in the future.. why did they sell mixradio again? :(

You mean the OEMs that flocked to making Chromebooks and Android tablets in their droves?

I don't think they care much about MS, nether should MS care about them. At the end of the it's just business.

#ThumbsUp for WhatsApp developers only app that is supporting Windows phone and keeping it on par with Android and Ios.

Not really it depends on their strategy, also competitions is crazy now thus making risk huge. Nobody want to gamble I guess.

The notification LED sounds great. I didn't know the original did that. Might get one of the new ones for my 930

Once again I will say that only Molo player is the app everything else sucks even the mx player is useless.

They didn't make too many I believe. Firstly they want to check out the market, secondly they want to scare the OEMs not undermine them. Of course this is just my personal guess but doesn't it make sense? OEMs help MS for many years I hope they won't just stab them in the back though sometimes I feel they deserve it hehe

It is the only app that runs so slow for me. I do have lots of others that often crash at launch but when they have launched they are about as fast as they were on 8.1.

WTF. you are saying W10M is dead? then why the fuck are you reading a news about dead windows phone here? you guys are totally delusional. I am saying WP is alive till to-date which is true. but you half-heads saying it is dead and yet reading every windows phone news. who is deluding?.W10M will be alive as long as windows 10 is alive. MS knows mobile will be the future. They will never kill windows phone. just take your ass somewhere and crap like this.

I remember back in the days Nokia Lumia always used to "sell out". It mostly turned out to low stock rather than high volume sales.

It's not the only app that is running slow in the last few builds. The app hasn't been updated for Windows 10 support and while Microsoft has been very good at making sure Windows Phone 8 apps work good in Windows 10, there are countless situations where code optimisations that worked great before no longer work or require tweaking, since there seems to no longer be any developer working on this app those tweaks and changes will not have been made yet.

It's launching on specific devices in a month, it could be 2016 when some existing phones get the update (without using the Insider Preview)

It's still slow on lower spec phones (My 1020 is very slow on Windows 10 compared to my 930 which flies most of the time. Doesn't still have bugs if course, but on certain devices I'm getting fantastic performance, personally. I know others have had a less than optimal experience on the same hardware, but I've had this on two 930's with consistent results)

If this is really out of stock OEMs will have a hard time bcoz they wont be able to make premium version of their own laptop. Almost all windows and android OEMs will have a hard time to del their premium device.

Totally agree with you Dan, people still don't understand the purpose of the Insider builds or the "price" that comes with them. However, you have been very tight on details regarding the Universal Windows Central app! If you need developers for it, there are plenty in the community that would love to help out and get something decent into the store. (Not me unfortunately as I have very limited time on my hands but for sure there are others who have the time)

Totally with you, the absence is reason enough to stay on WP81. What I also don't get is why Microsoft acquired an existing app which is the most basic mail client ever. Can anyone explain what is so genius about this app? Any example of a client that is worse?

so they made like 10 of each one? It's silly how in 2015 these products are "out of stock" so quickly.

Why most here bitchin? Knowing if MS releases wp10m and it falls short of ios9 or Android lollipop or the new marshmallow all those ?s would turn into why did you release an unfinished/unpolished/not ready yet OS. So just wait til its ready and when it is then you have all right to critique but until then STFU and wait like the millions of WP users who didn't waste their time commenting on something as given as this!!

Wish the phone had this problem. Still excited about my preorder though

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Saw some updates come up when I got home and thought it might be the recently released fast ring build :-(

Not everyone can spend $600+ on a new unlocked phone to get the updates as they are released by Microsoft.

I'm tempted but trying to find a good picture of the clasp. Just want to get a good quality close up photo of that as it is on show a lot.

Very tempted to trade up for the better materials. I've enjoyed and made loads of use of the Band 1 since UK launch, but v2 could be the one to keep for a couple of years.