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Looking forward to trying it. Does anyone know if the developer can see any of my information, is it shared with them I mean, my home location (found in nest api), etc? Btw, Cozy works on my 950XL, BUT laggy and often doesn't register key presses.

Just wanting to give a tip to my experience with wm10tp works alot better with the Microsoft branded phones....i had it on my my 1020 and 925 since the beginning and it ran like crap (battery life unusable, creating folders wouldn't work, wired reboots, camera crash, no rich capture, etc) but now!!!!! On this 640 I got because my wife was tired of my phone being dead or needing a charge all the time or drained every 3 hrs even with no Usage...I have been in HEAVEN (all day battery life, no reboots, no resume, no camera glitches, rich capture is present, and the wonderful list goes on etc.) I've realized for Microsoft not to fail with wm10 they must make sure the old Nokia phones are going to be consistent when update...that us the reason for the technical preview, to make sure the old phone will be able to handle the update.....from my experience my other 2 Nokia Lumia struggled.... #640ftw can't wait for possible surface phone...if it does not happen #950xl is my next phone..

Ha. They'd put them on iDroid, maybe.

Good for this dev for making it happen. I'd 100% get this app if I could do all of actions from anywhere. The requirement of being on the same network, in my apartment, limits my personal use scenario.

Very good article was a good read. Getting me hyped for the future. I'd really love some type of handheld Xbox device where I can play my Xbox one games and still use my Xbox one for other things. My kids hog the tv all the time lol.

If you have a PC that can run those console exclusive games, then you're contributing to Microsoft Studios, which means even more games for Xbox owners too, all part of the same ecosystem. :)

Actually no, It's been out for a little over a month.  I still have a few planned features in the works, but it's definitely not in beta...

I wish they had of let bungie try something different instead of letting them leave.

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True, kind of like the Dell Venue 8 Pro.  8" tablet with the Atom processor.

This article is really amazing but the hardware gap will never let me buy an Xbox One as being a Windows Phone user I love Microsoft but i hate their decisions. They make unwise decisions. Xbox 360 sales were higher than PS3 if they didnt ruied their Xbox launch e3 they're should be the ones stand on the top. Their consoles should be sold like the ps. But they are online exclusive in my country. I am a Playstation 3 user after thinking a lot. I love kinect and all that stuff but i dont see any reason to buy an Xbox One as all its exclusive games are on PC. While Playstation 4 exclusive are good and are really exclusive. Another reason is I cant wait for The Last of us 2 and gow of war 4. Still i dont have hate for xbox. But sorry I like playstation. Its the better peice of hardware and an overall machine.

Presentation better doesn't mean the content is good. It can presented well but its **** in the end.

That would suck. Who doesn't like to keep a big display of games for show?

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Why would they wanna follow someone who's ahead of them in sales? :P

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I beg to respectfully disagree. The difference does make a noticeable difference. X360's Skyrim was uninspiring when I got it. It looks stunningly better on PC and I've played over 384 hours since.

On L4D2, turning on more graphically intense features like realistic blood made the game way more realistic, and made it a better game for sure.

I know the differences can be small, but the impact and environs become way more immersive and captivating in a way that (thus far) only PC has been able to do. And this is coming from GameCube/wii/xbox360/ some time with an xb1. Versus a mid range PC from 2011/2012.

I'm not sure how you can make that determination.  The thing hasn't even been announced yet.  We don't even know the full specs.

I would be very grateful to win a Windows 10 mobile device. I love phones, I have tried and owned phones of all platforms except Windows Phone. I am already Rocking Windows 10 on my PC and I think it's sweet. I just need to experience that feel of a windows phone.I love how super fast and fluid it is, I have seen a couple of videos of it on YouTube. Also I am in need of a phone with a superb camera and the Lumia 950 XL fulfils my needs. I currently have a BlackBerry and the front camera isn't really that good. I am occasionally active on on the Windows Central forums I try to help as many people who are running Windows on their PCs but most questions are regarding windows phone. If I win one, I can be more active in the forums. Learning about Windows 10 mobile then giving and getting help. And then, I'm just gonna have another reason to love Windows Central. :'D

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HP and smartphone ....hmm.  All their offer in the pass was short lived...

Yep, should go into open beta in a bit, according to themselves. Better wait a while longer and have a good product/service rather than sooner and half assed.

Well yes, you guys are right. And of course w10 out of the box. And 16gb (probably). Just wish it had a better camera though... I mean 8 mp? Really?

I've used this for a while and think it's a great app. I reported an issue to the developer a few weeks ago that was fixed the next day

I haven't had any issues with the app.. I use it on my phone, with MS Band (1) and on my W10 pc.

Working here with a few quirks; lots of features though like lockscreen integration for Nest. It's free, so just try it?

Not trying to bash you or anything, but you do know that once or twice or even many times, many users gave negative votes to Windows CE, Windows Mobile and says it was dead too, but still remained until now. :)

Another advantage of keeping the GPS data on (and auto upload photos also) is if your phone is stolen and the thieves are not so smart.