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I'm not moving (at least for now)... even for it's "problems"... I like the UX of the alternatives even less. I have around 100 third-party apps on my WP, a lot of the mainstays that are available, etc. but ultimately, I use about 5. Yeah, it's nice that I've got apps like Netflix and such... and they work fine... I just don't use them on my phone. What I like is that all of those 5 are also available on my PCs and tablets (and three of them even on my Xbox Ones) and so it doesn't matter which device I use. On my phone though, basically SMS and a browser still accounts for probably 80% of my usage. I detest talking on the phone, in general, so I don't even use my phone for that.

The last Apple product I ever purchased was the iPhone 3G which I gave up on when upgrading to iOS 4 basically made it as useful as a paperweight. I have an iPad Air 2 only because it was gifted to me by my company. The battery life is nice for ebook reading, which is basically all I use it for. And it has it's quirks, too... like how I can mute the device and still get sound from certain apps and features.

My only usage of Android is through my developer job, and troubleshooting for friends that have it, and that has been enough for me.

So far, the app gap hasn't hit me in a crippling way yet. As long as that holds true, I'll stay on this sinking ship until the last mast has sunken to its watery grave.

Mostly I'm expecting Microsoft to change the game with Windows on ARM and a pocketable Surface device. But I hold no firm allegiances. I will follow the company that innovates. Right now, that is Microsoft. In 1 year, who knows? I could be back on Google products or (shudder) Apple. It is anyone's game at this point.

Hmm, I bought my Lumia 950 DS unlocked for €260,
and I perfectly knew what apps where available and which not. 
So far I am getting around. We all knew about the situation re Microsoft and their WP approach. 

MS has lost the classical app-war, that has been clear long time ago.

Now times are changing, apps become less important. 
Bots and AI will take over much of the app space. 
Which, however will take a few years. 

For businesses Windows Phone or Windows-on-ARM is fine 
because they are mostly interested in company-internal apps. 

Companies write their own apps (if they decide to go with W10/W10M).
Writing software for W10/W10M in form of apps seems to be easier than ever before. 

A Lumia 950 is a good deal because it is a good phone which comes for a farily low price (these days).
Paying the full original retail price never made economical sense,
that being also a reason why W10M did not really had a chance to take off.

We will see how things go. 

We might see gadgets that come with dual boot W10-ARM and Android. 
Dual boot devices are already available for W10 tablets,
why not do the same for the new up-coming Microsoft-gadget.

We will see.
There is still too much fog out there, 
Microsoft has to put things straight at Build 2017.


Jason, when we talk about the less than 1% market share, how does that break down to actual users? I just wonder how many users WM has overall. Cheers.

People just don't get it Windows Phone its over it,s a non commercial phone....just deal with it..

People just don't get it Windows Phone its over it,s a non commercial phone....just deal with it..

I would say that it does, for everyone that loves the platform, that leave saying they will return once the apps are there only makes it harder to get apps on Windows mobile. By doing so they are less likely to see those apps. That does not mean it won't happens, just it will be harder.

Now if they keep their windows phone and use as a secondary device, use daily. That would be better, they can keep numbers of windows mobile up and still get the apps they need today.

All the apps I need and more, are available to me in the Windows store.  I don't feel the need to even consider dumping my 950.  Should it break or get lost, I'd probably fire up my old 640 which has excellent reception when compared to ANY phone.  The Creative update will address many of the feature issues some have, such as those with 'smartwatches'.  I believe it will fix the issues I have with my Garmin.  For now, I will wait and see what shakes out over the next few months.  I'd like to see security get way better in ios and android devices for instance.  Too much malware on the Google side for me and Apple only cares about Apple, not consumers.  Your milage may vary.

After 2 years of Nadella and nothing but bad news, it's easy to forget that when Nadella took over Windows Phone GROWING and still had a viable chance at success. 

I switched from L950 to Leeco Pro 3 in the BFriday for $249.00. No regret. Now I can keep up with my friends apps and my home automation.

I will go back to Windows Mobile when I see the apps

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 CPU
  • 4GB RAM/64GB ROM
  • 4070mAh Battery (Up to 318 hrs. of 4G stand-by time)
  • Qualcomm® QuickCharge™ 3.0
  • Intelligent Fingerprint Scanner



I pre-ordered a $3,500 model but cancelled later when I found out that the 6th generation processor wouldn't support Ntflix 4K in Edge.  But I would definitely order one when the 7th generation processor version comes out or if MS would release the Studio display as a stand alone unit.  This gorgeous machine is one of those tech toys you must own whether you need it or not.

There is little point of looking back and analyze what went wrong.
Lets focus on what is happening now and will happen in the future.

Yeah I switched to my google pixel phone and I feel much better I use all of my ms apps on it and I don't feel as much depressed that I felt when I had a Windows Phone.....

Android is still a big pile of junk. Even if I wouldn't use Windows, I'd much rather consider an iPhone, even though iOS is pretty limited, and its UI isn't as intuitive as the Windows one. I used android for three years before I finally switched to Windows in October 2015, and it was more than enough...

Most of them state what we already know. Clickbait. We knew last year that Nuttela used an iPhone. Dona Sarka carry phones from all OS's, plus some that are development devices.

Nice article Jason but to answer that question, no, his decision to switch will not affect me in the slightest. I can understand and respect his decision as the points he put across are fact but personally for me, I don't want to join the ocean of "I look the same" phones, I want something different, I want to be drawn to a unique and fresh design like I was with my 920(that gorgeous Red stole my heart), I saw a Google Pixel face up and mistook for an iPhone. I'm satisfied with the apps I currently have(actually have more than I need). So I don't see myself switch anytime soon.

I'm sure they have their reasons, but selling the display alone would probably move many more. I'd never pay that price for an underpowered system. Buying the display alone is something I would consider though.  Dell's new screen is interesting but not highend enough.

The Achilles heel(s) of them is a painful setup with Java , horrible support, and crazy expensive if you are going for Tri Band wireless AC MU-MIMO.

It doesn't, but I already left when I was replacing my phone last year. The widespread support (app and otherwise) that he wants is what it'd take to get me back as well as solid phones at low/mid/flagship available to me as someone on a Canadian AWS carrier. 

So pretty much, I'd need Astoria back (or for the entire market to change and support winmo, which just isn't going to happen) and a midrange phone/flagship supporting band 66. Band support will be a big part of my next purchase due to where Freedom (formally wind) mobile has thier LTE setup.

I'm aware of all that as I spoke with the engineers who built it and asked those questions. I point those reasons out in the review too and in the videos.

While I get all of that it still doesn't address the fact you are paying a lot of money for a moderately performing PC. Most of that cost is for the display, but it's still important to point out for those considering it. It's not the ultimate PC despite its price tag.

Given a choice between a slightly larger base, or even higher cost but better components, I think even creatives would opt for it. After all, this device is limited even for video professionals, or 3D artists.

Again, my bigger issue though is with the storage choice where size is not the limiting factor. In fact, it's the opposite as a hybrid drive system takes much more room than a single NVMe SSD.

I have a Blaze, I have the Fitbit app , which has just seen an update. All on a 950xl. Blaze connects all the time, sync happens in 2 or 3 seconds and the music control works great. With Gatt coming soon, the full functionality of the Blaze will be realised. I'm not sure what you are referring to with regards to Fitbit. They keep the app up to date.

It seems like it's targeted at graphics professionals - artists, graphic designers, even CAD engineers. Many SAN storage systems like Dell Compellent or NetApps have tiered storage. Hot data, or data accessed frequently, is stored in SSD RAID 10, and cold data, data rarely accessed, in HDD RAID 6 or 5. This is is a budget decision because of the price of SSD. As SSD prices continue to drop some companies have opted to go with all flash arrays. But don't be fooled it is STILL way more expensive to go all flash/SSD. 

I think this is what MS was thinking here. Install applications and keep hot files in the SSD, but allow designers and engineers plenty of cold storage for their large archives of data. At the same time help keep the price from getting more inflated then it already is. A 2Tb all flash option would increase the price almost by another grand. But I suppose at least giving consumers that option would have been nice.

This is how I feel about it. It feels like an amazing screen which is wasted on all the mediocre parts. If it was upgradable then sure. The screen will remain good and relevant for much longer than the parts that drive it. Which is a shame because there is no external input on the machine, so even if the machine becomes outdated you can't use it as a monitor.

I just bought the Hitachi 55R7 55" 4K with Wi-Fi and Roku. It was just less than $500. I can even use it for wireless Continuum without an adapter. One thing that I have noticed is that some TVs are being sold without a tuner.

I seriously doubt it. Let's be logical about this:

If the foldable screen is on the outside:

- then you would have no room for a big camera on the back, unless the camera is on the inside and you need to open the book every time you want to take a picture, which is super silly.

-You can't position the finger print reader and the frontal camera like you do in phones or everything will be on one half of the "tablet mode", and it would be even sillier on portrait.

- it would be the most breakable phone in history, smashing your screen no matter how it falls.

If the big screen is on the inside with a small screen on the outside for when it's closed:

- You would need to set of frontal cameras, one for closed, one for open.

- two sets of microphones

- maybe to set of speakers.

- And of course we are talking about a 5 inch screen and an 8 inch screen in the same device. So triple the screen and double the cameras+micrphones+speakers. How much would a device like this cost? like $1200??? And how much would the battery last in a device like this? 3 hours? 


Maybe technology will get there someday but we won't see a product like this for the next 3 years to say the least.

I know u stopped caring about tablets after getting a large phone.

No, you don't, I carry my Surface Pro 4 with me almost all the time - most of it without the keyboard - and always choose it instead of my phone to browse the web whenever I have it within my reach.

Bugs? Android is full of the damned things. People moan about cumulative updates on W10 every now and then. On my P9 its constant. Why a P9? It was the wifes, and after 2 days she threw it in the draw and got the 950 out again.

Well, let's see how Build 2017 goes ... 

If Microsoft does not pull anything out of it sleeves then ... 
it'll be hard to stick around. 

Anyway, my Lumia 950 is still good for another 2 years for me. 
If by then MS has not found its way ... we'll need to put this W10M thing and phones off for some 5-10 years. 

I think that Windows-on-ARM could have some good impact on the scene. 

If WoA does not become a blockbuster ... I'll jump ship to Android as well. 
In two years or so. A lot of stuff will happen till then. So who knows. 



As it is sad to hear or read these types of stories, I'm going to hold onto my Windows Phone until a very serious message shows up on the screen saying, "This is the end". I haven't heard any end of days or any signing to announce their demise, yet.

I'm a little with this person, too. My phone hasn't worked with my Bluetooth in my car since I got my car. Even with my Icon and now my 950XL. My phone causes my radio in my car to crash, while my brother's iPhone will instantly play music or answer phone calls, all by mistake. I've been waiting for more and more updates to Bluetooth, none have yet fixed the car issue.

I'm excited for what's coming to Windows 10 [mobile]. We'll see if it bears any fruit for some more developers.

This is one app I'm really sad it's abbandoned. Well, Runtastic really tried for a long time, but it is as it is.
Goodbye friends, thanks for keeping with us so long.

You can only beat a dead horse for so long before there isn't a dead horse to beat anymore...

So according to this "fan", there is no room for anything new in the realm of smartphones... Head unit in his Toyota is not pairing correctly? How about you get a Mazda? See the problem here? If anything, this is another personal preference piece with no substantial merit because the issue is precisely that, SUBJECTIVE.

It is 2017. Who deals with MP3 these days? Streaming has made all that transferring and storing of music archaic. There are so many good services that replaced that model years ago. I guess you just aren't used to getting modern services on Windows Mobile.

lets talk! OK! I owned a LUMIA 950xl (price was 650euros which is around 680USD). It was OK to play around with it, it took nice photos but then the HP x3 came and I had to switch. So I bought the HP X3 for 800euros (830/50USD) and 1. I never used Continiuum, for me its useless 2. LACK OF APP is killing me not just because SnapChat or some stupid games NO, its killing me because I cant use some new functions provided by my bank and my work place! Its UNBELIEVABLE! Every single app I use is tied to Apple or Android 3. WM10 looks and feels a bit slow/slugish/old style compared to Android 7/iOS 4. Smart devices! Is this even real? EVERYTHING from watches till light bulbs SUPPORT ONLY ANDROID/iOS and many more problems (Cortana! I hate you too!)

So.. I wasted more then 1500USD on Microsoft phones and got nothing. Its the end of the journey for me. I will wait for the new Nokia 8 or the gorgeouse looking Samsung S8 and Bye WM10. The Surface Phone wont and cant change everything, the problems are real and very deep. Regular users dont need Windows 10 on the road, all they need is a fancy, modern device with all the modern functions, apps, fantastic camera/video options etc. they dont need a device for working because they have tablets, ultrabooks with regular W10 on it. If Microsoft wants to support only businesses then they will FAIL as BlackBerry failed.... but I wont be on that ship!