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Recent comments

Anyone have an issue with the wired connection in Gadgets constantly saying connected when nothing is plugged in?
Wanting to try Dynamic lock, but the phone connects with the PC, and then disconnects.

I also have a 950xl, have your sms's been getting to you ok, had to keep rebooting mine to get a damn new text. Matters worse have you ever had your phone stuck for 72 hours pulling an update? I swear Microsoft has a strong bunch of patient enthusiasts.

Only makes sense, with MS its retrenching efforts and the number of windows mobile users dwindling. Many more will follow before MS releases its next big thing, so MS better step up their pace while we still have some apps left.

Great article, I totally agree. I don't like iPhone because everyone has it and it's a rip off, you are completely locked in as the cash cow to milk. I hate Google because of the horrible user experience, then again I am speaking of mid to low range devices, the high end flag ship are such a rip off if I could afford them I will probably buy an iPhone. Windows phone has the best compromise for a mix of great performance and affordable devices, home screen is beautiful, the others are so boring I can't stand them. Am in love with my Lumia 950 XL, it's a perfect phone for work. The most important thing for me is that I am happy to know the O's on my current phone is still supported and evolving, Android phone you buy them and you are stuck with the same version of OS foreverūüėí

I do love my Lumia 950xl. But I am thinking I will get the new Samsung when it comes out. I like many Windows Mobile fans have stuck with it for years and I wholeheartedly believed each next big upgrade would be the one. I do still believe that Windows Mobile will succeed with ARM now on board I think UWP will become a big success. I currently have 2 pc, laptop, Xbox one a 950xl. I am itching to get a new phone and I want to be able to tap to pay (I'm in uk so MS wallet is useless). I know that is only a small feature but to me it is a big deal. I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime for rumored SURFACE PHONE. I know they must have something planned I just wish they would let us know something. Even if they just said we have got something planned with a rough timescale. They need to try and show some love to us Windows mobile fans as we have done for it. If I do jump of the cliff and other to Android (never ios) I will leave a safety line to get me back as soon as they show the love.

Yes, Facebook and (FB) Messenger are slow to start. But if you are a heavy user of those apps the trick is to leave them open in the background. So if you want to use them again they will start instantly. That is the trick. They much behave like in a PC: slow to load but once on they work perfectly fine ;) Instagram is quite quick to start though, not like its siblings...

Anyone can enter to the photos app by pressing camera button on lock screen without entering pin code .go through that article you will figure it out.

Careful with this update. I haven't been able to use Microsoft Edge on mobile build since this update. It is also impacting mobile web apps too. Issue had been reported via Feedback app by others too, so might want to skip this build if you can't do without a web browser on your device.

what about Facebook messenger app for win10 mobile no audio/video call really need audio & video call for 1gb ram device not sure if we win10 mobile users can ever get audio/video call 

Since WhatsApp have all of the features why do we care for viber. Whatsapp and skype is enough for us to stay connected.


I miss my sexy red curvy 920, but after 2+ yrs of abuse, it had had enough of me. The 950 had dropped to an obscene price point ($300) and I have to admit, it looks sophisticated wrapped in tobacco brown leather. Needless to say, I love my Lumias. I love the way W10M syncs my search history and reading list from my Surface Pro 4. Live folders and live tiles allow me organize my start screen (it's a miniature desktop!) to work my way. A few things that keep me hopeful for the Surface Cellular Edition:

1) Cortana meets Outlook. Have any other Insiders noticed this? If you commit to doing something in an email, Cortana will remind you. e.g., I will send you that report by Friday.

2) Mobile apps won't always be the must haves they are now. As more and more companies strive to build responsive websites, native apps won't be necessary to put content on the small screen.

3) The ubiquity of Windows. Microsoft is now eating into Apple's workspace for creatives, but it has long been the de facto standard for productivity and compatibility. With Win10, I'm seeing a lot of apps being introduced for the Windows desktop. Those same apps require little effort to mobilize (screen tweaks) and when Surface Cellular hits the streets, they'll do it.


I don’t get why we must change pwds for every single acct we have, no way I’m doing that, I have 700-odd.

I see nowhere in the article, that clearly articulates why this is necessary, admittedly I did skim read.

Damn , I'm on .15025 and can't get past that. Did lots of things like, date change , switch slow/fast, change locale , language , reboots ... Still nothing

That's lame ... I mean they could use a couple of programmers to keep the App up to date. Besides their app kinda sucks , slow loading times , tiles that won't renew , conversations that won't display last answers unless u get out and in again ... Are those platform problems or their app just sucks ?

When i play anything in 4k and or with hdr on mytube beta my whole screen is Green. Everything else is working in 4k hdr on the console.,games all ok. Wtf

This sounds pretty identical to what Jason Ward has already said, several times.  I'm a Windows phone user, I'm sticking with it for the fact that I just enjoy using it and don't care about the latest apps.  My 950XL does exactly what I need.  But when we get articles over and over, saying the same thing, in different ways or orders of preference, it does say a lot about the dwindling platform.  Many of the articles like this show how hollow Microsoft's promises are and how opaque their plans are for mobile devices.

‚ÄčBut, we are a small but dedicated community.¬† And that works in our favour, as said.¬† But we're all falling for these hollow promises of the Surface phone and UWP and so on.¬† The stark reality is, none of this may materialise and we'll be reading articles like this for years to come with more hollow promises from Microsoft.¬† I really want to have hope, and I am loyal, so I will stick around.¬† I don't like iOS or Android either, but it would be¬†nice to read an article just telling us how it really is, and not hiding behind Microsoft's hype or promises or our own assumptions that have yet to materialise.

Love Windows 10 Mobile. The UI is gorgeous, and it's got everything I need. Have briefly tried Android, but came back to Windows so fast.

Just wait a year like i did till the price comes down 1/2 to 1/3rd for my 950XL and the software is rock solid then who cares whats next for 2+ years! I know iam good for now, and couldnt care less whats next. :-)

My camera on my 950XL  is as good or better than any other OS's phone out there now!! 

Viber is already full featured and stable uwp app on windows mobile so it doesn't need any critical update.. And they are not talking about removing it from the store dont worry about it.

Yes this is likely a release candidate, but still shows as version 1607. I imagine the next build will be 1704

I'm a windows phone fan, but unfortunately I have to leave it for android since many developers are giving up on the windows platform.

Don't think you need to establish common ground to answer whether a product is dead or not.  The most common universal interpretation is if the product sells or not, does it make money in one form or the other.  Windows phone doesn't sell, the question is whether it brings in revenue for Microsoft in another form in the near future, does it help MSFT set up for success somehow.

I used to build PCs while I was in high school.  I worked for a local PC shop.  Then, later, worked for my school district as a nework PC technician.  I built my on PCs for fun, too.  As an adult whose moved on from keeping inventory at home, I'm over it. I've been buying Alienware for several years.  X51 G1, 18 Laptop, and now Aurora.  LOVE AURORA.  I have the power to upgrade if I decide, and have case that fits nicely in my office.

As a C# developer and a 950XL owner, it is actually quite sad to see how tiny the market is and how buggy the platform is at this stage. You can say that the Windows Phone is not dead, but as a developer who sees a platform with so much potential and a user that thought it was an elegant device there was no reason why it should have failed aside from non-existent marketing and practically no focus on the platform. There are no apps because nobody uses the phones! Did they expect developers to make software for 20 possible users? Really frustrating. So, I am hoping that this was all a ruse and that buyers of the 950XL are just early beta testers of an actual Windows Mobile renaissance that is happening soon. As of the moment my 950XL is a glorified camera side by side a Nexus phone and an iPad, or as I would like to call it, real useful devices.

I returned mine. The light bleed was atrocious- you could make it wave across the entire screen just by moving your fingers on the back of the screen when holding it in tablet mode. I was bummed because I really like small netbooks and I wanted to keep that one. The speakers suck, too.

Hello. Viber puts updates to its W10 app on hold? But if they deliver any updates on Android and iPhone from this moment on, that would be no "on hold" but an upcoming shutdown, am I right?

so any more feature update?

I expect they will update the action center and have a brightness bar as shown in the promotion videos.