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Mistakes over mistakes.... Many flagship owners feel joked and are flaming Lumias all around....
Another opportunity ruined by some marketing monkey at Ms....

Yes, I think universal app is in the future plans for Aeries (recent future). He is just so focused now to make Aeries the best app possible. He have list of features requested by users that he want to implement in the app as soon as possible. He is a single developer, doesn't have team of developers working on the app. It is hard to work on your own and trying to cover all bugs, issues and suggestions and yet he manage somehow to fix and delivers most of them. :)

Everyone? Whoa, then I'm not counted as a Windows Phone enthusiast? This doesn't mean I wouldn't like to own an iPhone or Android, but generalization like this isn't good.

Guys do any one know when will do denim update gonna roll out in india...Microsoft said that by the end of Feb they gonna release denim update to all Lumia phones. But I think that they have failed to release that.. Waiting to see update on my L1320...

This too has been mentioned before

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The NOAA Hi Def radar app's live tile is a radar. It keeps up with your current location if you choose and also shows current weather and temp

of I talk about windows 10 pcs and laptops im happy that Microsoft has improved a lot now and its very much stable like an original version. dont know about wp10 how they will cope up. windows 10 technical preview as seems ready to be launch officially. hope wp10 becomes like it.

This feature should be accessible through the OS and integrated with One Note. Another useless third party app just to say, o look we have more apps! Imo #L1520

First allow people to install W10 on their devices and only then complain about low adoption numbers.

You want all windows insiders to download win 10 preview, release it for low end devices asap!

The only weak point of tweetium are icons . Should regulate urgently because they are not adapted at all to the windows system

Video works of Windows Central is good . But if we get Tripod and Monopod typical camera movements..., it would be effective for us to watch

I am in great dilemma because I want to buy tweetium $ 7 or to buy aeries

I see a lot of readers complaining about the price of the app. And this is not ok towards the dev. Every man on this planet has its value, his work too, so why would devs give apps out free? Does you pharmacist give you medicine for free?! Does your bakery give you bread for free?! Your gas station gas for free? Hahahaha come on people if you dont want the app then dont complain for the price.
But really, this pisses me lot off in the last time. Has anybody of you complaining ever wrote an "hello world" example app not to speak of such a feature rich app which needs a lot of more work, no?! So pssst, please. Do you complainers know that devs actually work day and night on their apps? They have not found it somewhere laying in the floor.
The second thing about the price is, its an twitter app, twitter has this nasty limits for users. I think 100.000 so the dev limits its own user base so every single user is happy.

And you do know that 30% of the price get Microsoft and in Europe + 20-25% for VAT so the devs becomes just 40-50% of the app price. And if you can do it better then please code an better app and set the price to .99 of free

Update, improve, skill up the features of lumia 1520 cuz it already has strong hardware design, lag of stability performance now.

After Belfiore demoing with 1520 and then 1520 being left out I wont be busy installing preview if/when it will be released. I would usually like to follow the 'beta' from the beginning to spot issues and now as its not possible better just wait RTM.

I believe what Terrence A is saying is that the diehard Windows Phone enthusiasts, who are most likely to follow through with all the bug reporting due to the fact that they actually care about the success of the platform in the long term, are most likely to be carrying flagship phones. Currently no flagship devices can get the Technical Preview. Enthusiasts like myself... I'm waiting for my old phone, the Samsung Ativ S to find its way to the list of supported devices.

Don't get butthurt... It's not slam against people with less money.

M nt one of them... Believe me that hurts right here at the bottom of my pectoral muscle :D

We're a douche because we like Kanye? Thanks for letting us know. But with that strong opinion of yours, I sincerely hope you listened to his albums at one point. I respect your opinion but you really cannot make an opinion out of sheer ignorance.

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I signed up, but I'm waiting for my old phone, the Ativ S, to be supported. I'm not putting a beta OS on my new Lumia 830.