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time for fingerprint scanner on that windows logo ms, make security transparent & seamless, not having to remember a code and have multiple log in hurdles! only then will it be adopted en mass

Uh, Nadella was in charge of Microsoft's cloud solution. Ballmer just OK'd it. Ballmer counts beans. He doesn't know jack about software or hardware engineering.

Dude, it just came out. I don't think you realize how many different markets there are and how hard it is to release for every one of them.

What? Ballmer was handed the reigns of two cash cows that can't be killed. Yes, he was there almost from the start, but don't make it sound like Microsoft was barely making it and Ballmer saved it from extinction. Microsoft has ALWAYS waited for someone else to define a market, then jump in afterwards. They used their OS monopoly to force their solutions onto users. Microsoft has never "innovated" anything. They just used their cash cows to fund long wars of attrition on their competitors.

How does this benefit me if someone steals my phone and happens to get through my lock screen pin? I mean, I always use extra security, and have had two-step verification for ages. But if someone steals my phone, don't they have access to everything anyway (unless I wipe my phone using the "can't find my phone" security thing online)?

Oh interesting. I like how the interface works and is structured better then others though they can do more

Ballmer kept the cash cows alive, and happy (Windows and Office.) But like most other bean counters, he has absolutely no vision. There's a reason Microsoft under Gates and Ballmer waited for others to make something profitable before jumping on the bandwagon. Yeah, Gates saw a future with tablets, wearables, etc. Who didn't? The difference is Microsoft has NEVER made anything happen first. And that's why they're being left in the dust in the consumer market. The have no "balls."

Microsoft is like Apple ,both now run by dull CEO"s the nerds are dead ( jobs) or somewhere else (gates ) I fall asleep with Tim cook , he's such a snob who thinks everyone is an isheep , and now dresses like jobs , but he's so dull and that voice he has is like someone sitting on a red hot BBQ. Bullmer was at least a funny guy and hyper over products.

That was back in like 2000. I never heard anyone say that one speach pushed them away from MS. In fav I've heard kinda the opposite. People seemed to enjoy the energy he displayed at that developers conference. And I think they gained developers at that time with XP, Xbox, and eventually win7 which came out.

That's pretty good. You get the phone the tracker,plus two backplates... Side note. Perhaps will hear that Fitbit and Microsoft working together on Microsoft's upcoming watch/band.

Surface Pro line seems to be targetting a niche market of people who are in the market for a tablet AND a laptop.

That's the only way I could ever justify a Surface Pro but if you have a laptop and only in the market for a tablet then Surface Pro is not it.

Nobody wants to drop $1000 for tablet but $1000 is probably what most would budget for both devices.

Great Device. Worth every penny but just in a weird market. No amount of NFL advertisement or boat commercials is going to change that.

Bring Ballmer back, and put the good old fashion naming conventions back in place!

"Microsoft Windows Telecommunications Cellular Deluxe Edition Telephone Version 10."

Now THAT'S a real cell phone name, for real alpha nerds. No fruity logos on my phone!

I hope they will include a "Free Album of the Week" like what Google Play is currently doing. I take advantage of it every time!

Lumia, Microsoft, windows, what have you done lately? If I was in the market for a phone today, I would not get a Windows phone. There has been nothing new since 1520 came out. Samsung has s5 & note 4, LG has g3, Apple 6 plus. What the hell are you doing, Microsoft?

Yeah, at that price I think I will at least pick up Burnout Revenge for when friends come over. I haven't played that some the original Xbox ...

I've been using this on my Microsoft account for some months now. I've also started using LastPass, which also supports two step authentication (Transakt works well)