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I already left Win10 Mo when the apps I use for work (MSFT apps no less), works better on iOS than on the Lumias! It's dead to me. 

Not to mention none of this is new. In fact it all sounds worse. If Microsoft keeps updating its products, I'm likely going to leave to a competitior.

Sticky notes have been able to write on with ink since Windows 7 at least. Only difference is now they will close out if you don't run Windows Ink. Cortana suggesting reminders is cool, but most of my sticky notes are things I care enough to take a note about, but not enough to just save permanently. Kind of like the SnapChat version of OneNote for me.

SketchPad is just the same app as before except now you can't save or edit previous sketches. How could it be more useless? I know, limit the number of brush styles, put the buttons in an awkward location, and eliminate keyboard assisted input (like holding CTRL to draw a straight line).

Draw on screen is taking the awesome snipping tool and repackaging it into a single Windows Ink conglomeration that doesn't make sense.

If this is the most awesome thing in the Anniversary Update, I'd like to pass except that I can't because of security updates.

I had HTC touch 3G with Windows Mobile 6
Then HTC HD7 with the new WP7
Then Nokia Lumia 820 with WP8
Then Nokia Lumia 1520 with WP8.1 Upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, and regreted the upgrade.
Now I use a Nokia Lumia 930 Gold Edition with WP8.1

I provided that history to avoid fanboys bashing...

It makes me sad to see a brilliant and diffrent Mobile-OS at the death bed... That Curry Fart Nadellat is the one to blame for its illness and death.
Microsofth sufferred big time after the founding Genius Mr. Gates left MS to the clown Balmer, and the suffring continues now with the spicy-fart Nadella, "who buys books and never read them" as per his own confession, which show how brilliant he is.

For WP to be successful, MS just needed to reach to an agreement with the Tech-arm of the NSA (AKA Google), or simply fry them with patents war until the submit and seek peace.
But unfortunatly Mr. Curry Fart and the Clown Balmer before him, are too craven to to go for the right path.
Taming google, would have ensured the needed suppot form all other smaller developers, like snapchat etc...

Instead Mr. Curry Fart uses an iPhone, and surrenders MS last weapon in its arsenal (MS Office) to the competition, and persue his geek IT engineer instenct to transform MS into a customized ICT solution provider for Businesses. that isn't bad thing, but it is not the core strength of MS.

Optimisim is good, but too much optimisim is another term for blind idiocy.

Curry Fart is the one to blame for the deterioration of WP and MS demise in the near future, kick him back to his engineering job, as he doesn't/didn't disply any leadership or visionary qualities. and spend a billion to digg up a real inspirational leader.

PS: English is a 2nd language to me, I appreciate any grammer corrections.

Agreed, the black has lost all the detail, the whole idea of this design is to be bold

Come on Mafia 2.... 3 comes out in a few months and would love to play 2 again on my xbox one..

I don't agree. Dan is the editor in chief of the most frequented Windows blog globally with a very engaged community. His opinion helps the rest of us make up ours. That's simply a part of journalism, where I believe bloggers belong anyway. So, despite you being technically correct that his opinion is one of thousands, it also carries the weight of thousands of opinions...
Not everyone is so opinionated that they never need a nudge from some one else to see, if they can identify themselves with the other person's thoughts out not.

Suddenly my L640XL stopped showing status ( Network signal, battery, wifi status ..etc ) but is showing time however...Same is happening with my brother's L640XL too....

I would rather like to know if they plan to improve Windows Hello for Lumia 950 (XL) or if its hardware limited due to using inferior hardware. Currently Windows Hello on my 950 is too slow and requires to hold the phone in a wired position in front of my face. Overall I wish MS would offer at least something close to their Surface support for their Lumia flagships...

Try asking the developer by providing feedback via the Store, or via "report a problem" under the ellipsis (...) at lower right corner of app's homescreen. I requested a little-know western American artist (Charlie Russel) and luckily the developer was able to locate the art and add it to the collection. Not all works of art or museum listings are made available to the public, so he can't fulfill every request, but he sure tries to.

I can't say enough good about this truly classy app.  To put it succinctly, as Mozo back covers are to the back of some Windows phones, City Art Search is to the front of the phone (when set to randomly paint lockscreen images). It is a quality app that really dresses up the phone.


I've been using City Art Search for about a year now, IMO it is a true "Easter egg" in and of itself, because it lends a genuinely delightful air of class to my phone, Surface Pro 3 and Dell desktop machines. I set it to randomly paint my lockscreens, and I've discovered so much cool art that I would have never seen without it. So, don't think of it just as a "travel app", think of it as an every-day learning app, and as providing the world's classiest lockscreen images.


This is not currently available on iOS or Android, so far it is a Windows exclusive, so when set to randomly cycle as your lock screen,  it is a way to show how much more depth Windows mobile has than iOS or Android ;-)


As one poster already pointed out, the author of this review got one detail wrong, because by tapping on the gallery name, then tapping on the arrow icon, it offers to bring up Maps for driving directions. Also, as the author pointed out, this is a free app, but more than that, it is completely add-free and there are no in-app purchases. It’s a labor of love by the developer, whose regular job is a programmer.


Also, I can't say enough good about how responsive the developer is and how frequently he updates the app and adds more art, including adding art upon request (if it is available for him to access).


LinkedIn is losing money. Not that easy to make billions of profit on top of that. Surely they will cut costs after deal closes. LinkedIn has own data centers for example. Then Azure revenue will get better..although not at cheap.

they could also write "6PM PDT (UTC-7)" then I could just add 4h and that's it. I've been researching US time zone acronyms just because of this, lol, there are more than a dozen.

I can't understand why Amazon, and other companies can't just say from the start that they are making a new app after pulling the old one. What the big secret about I wonder? Getting people all worked up for no particular reason.

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UTC is universal, it's waaay more likely to be understood than PDT or EST. you just have to know the difference between UTC and your current time, it's not country specific.
and one thing doesn't substitute the other, you can write "6PM PDT (01:00 UTC)" or whatever format they think is more universally understandable.
and I did google the time to convert, but I had to leave the app to do so. again, it's just a nice touch to ALSO use standardized information, I'm not saying to stop using US convention.
for exemple, US have different units and date formats from everybody else and it's fine, but this site is targeted to everybody who likes MS news, there are lots of people from outside US and most of them could benefit from this.
PS: I get lots of downvotes when I complain about MS and that's expected. but I never thought I'd get complains about a simple suggestion. I'm not demanding anything.

WinBeta says Amazon just announced a new Windows app is in development, with a look to also support Windows 10 Mobile.  So, it looks like the Amazon app is not quite dead yet.  I am not sure why WPC has not reported this as news?

I'm worried that as close as the anniversary drop is, its breaking things that has long been fixed.  My Dell XPS is locking up like it never has before, doing nothing but iTunes and a browser. Just before it locked up today I got a message asking if I had any lockups since this build.  I was able to screen shot the desktop and the message about the lock up but nothing else but to hard reset.

City Art Search is a very rich, deep app, very well executed and very well supported by the developer. Perhaps you should try it for awhile set to randomly paint your lockscreen, you might be surpised how it adds a bit of class to a W8.1 or W10 phone/tablet/desktop. And, you might learn something.

But it IS a repeated nuisance. I don't need my specific time zone mentioned but GMT would suffice

blue and red looks great more than great, the black one looks boring 

The McLaren story is so sad. While I don't get the 3D tiles thing myself (why hover when another few mm will touch the screen? Very awkward to use imo), the other features of 3D touch are very clever and useful. And the mix tiles concept is genius and should not be dropped at all, it should be exploited by MS Research as a future expansion of W10. Edge exploding to Favourites, Word to recent files, Games to levels... the list is endless and the idea is better executed than live folders.

So those that don't use UTC regularly do have to convert it? It's a US company, it's not hard to convert it. Hint: Your phone can do it for you.

Random shut downs sounds like a heat issue. Touch you Xbox and see if it feels hot. Possibly move it for testing purposes to an open area.

When Xbox One goes UWP will there be a Windows Central app

getting notifications about game downloads would be great. Especially while your on the console.

Negative Nelly here because of the past performances of MS.  On Apple here now,  and its SOOOOOO much better.  I love it.  

new things like?   I used w10,  and dropped it like a bad habit is in a stale state.  Can't even compare os updates to using phones to actually do things.   As I mentioned above,  there are a list of probably a dozen things that iphone can do that windows phones cannot.  thats just a quick sampling there are tons more.  

ha ha,  mainly windows phone users don't know whats good for them.  Whats the point of a smartphone if you cannot do anything on it.  or half ass something.  I can now control my sonos system, phillips lighting etc correctly using my iphone, ipad and Mac.  Could not do either with windows garbage.  Its funny how many people are blind here.

I would gladly pay twice as much for evernote than one MS does not get any more of my money.  See people this is how you speak volumes to MS regarding unhappy consumers.  speak with your money!  I dropped all MS services and products like a bad flu.   Instead of doing  nothing and just waiting to see...I ditched it all.  

They're only in one size so, while a Surface 3 would fit in one, they are not made to fit it. Hopefully they decide to make a smaller one as I'd love to get a red one for my Surface 3 too, to go with the four Mozo backplates (black leather, brown leather, black walnut wood and blue PU) I've got for my 950 XL.

AHHHHH someone who sees the real reason behind the buyout.  PERSONAL DATA.  The real money maker!  DING DING DING,  we have a winner!  Good call.  Nutella can make billions in profit from selling everyones personal data from linkedin!