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Some with Quadro M GPU and Xeon CPU could be good to see in any 'pro' laptop list. Recent Precision 5000 from Dell , Zbook from HP and some Lenovo Thinkpads families are good options for other not mentioned 'pro' uses. May not be so fancy or appealing, but surely robust (also considering certified machines by sofware vendors).

I'm just glad I can play 4, 5, and 6 on One... 7 does not look like my kind of game at all. I know survival horror fans are happy, buy I wonder if there are enough to offset the fans of the more action based games like myself. I feel like they should just split it in two series, since they appeal to different audiences.

Surface book is awesome, we have a few. Microsoft does a good job keeping the drivers and firmware up to date. Dell and HP usually need some help in that area. So if I need to choose a laptop without a number pad and without an actual ethernet port then I would definitely go with the Surface book. It has am amazing screen too.

I was curious about wake from sleep specifically, just wanted to confirm this works besides just normal hey Cortana commands while on.

I ran the tool probably a half-dozen times, did the ipconfig /flushdns trick, disabled F-Prot and Malwarebytes and it finally installed. Everything seems to be okay, but Malwarebytes was completely uninstalled. Curious.

People, LinkedIn is not a mobile App, stop saying that, is the World's only popular professional Social Network for hiring employees. All Fortune 500 Companies benefit from this acquisition, not just Microsoft since Microsoft has the tools and talent to integrate HR services across companies that are today not possible since LinkedIn doesn't have the know how.

You clearly don't know nothing about Human Resources in Fortune 500 companies, this is huge and will put Microsoft ahead of Google in the Enterprise.

That's right, the emulation software will do the magic for you when you connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. And BTW this is much better than a USB HDMI stick since a stick doesn't have phone functionality.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why you have a GTX 1080 when you do most of your gaming on the Xbox One, it just seems like a waste of money to me. It's like garaging a Ferrari so you can take the Toyota out on the weekend.

Maybe for consumers, but as a developer I don't want to carry a smartphone + Netbook, I rather carry just one smartphone that can replace my smartphone and my netbook in 1 device. 

Even if it emulates x86 programs is pretty good for developers that don't do 3D models or animation.

Shut up and take my money, as a power user I was waiting for this, this will replace my Android Xperia M4 Aqua phone in 2017 when my contract ends.

I expect a phone with 4GB of RAM, 64 GB storage, I'll install Java 8, Eclipse and Vuala I'm ready for the device that does it all for me.

I missed out on the Marvel vs Capcom era. I think I was a big Tekken 2 guy around that time. So I never played it. I like watching it though.

It needs: Live tile! Stability! Bug fixies ! And the ability when you read a message from someone, you have able to call him immediately without close the app and open contacts app and find him ! Then it would be the best sms app in the world !

Just finished it for the first time woth the bad ending. Great so far! Scary survival horror with pristine graphics @60fps 😮

The QC35 seems to get minus points (or seem to be a bonus point elsewhere) compared to other headphones. But, the understated, no-nonsense design is exactly what attracted me to them, in addition to, arguably, the best ANC. Personally, I don't like the PXC 550's design; it looks bulkier, flimsier and there were close-up details that looked really cheap in the video. There's none of that on QC35 (at least not on my silver ones).

Issue with Skype UM. "Phone Not connected" WP 10 connected until update.....This stinks hope they fix soon, love this feature need it back.

This fighting game is amazing. It's my favorite 2-D fighter right now and sits 3rd on my all time list. 1.Soul Caliber (Dreamcast) 2. Street fighter 2 (Arcade/SNES) 3. KI 2013 (Xbox One) 4. Virtual Fighter 2 (Sega Saturn) 5. Mortal Kombat 2

Hmmm you're right, that wording is a bit odd. I would assume they'd be playable on PC since that is indeed a part of the Definitive Edition. But the wording and Play Anywhere sort of muddle that.

I'd pay more than $150, but the I agree with the rest of your comment. It's fun but it has a long way to go still.

Check an AT&T store. They own Direct TV. I know a buddy of mine had the list and prices on the web, so it's gotta be out there. Possibly AT&Ts website?

You guys know if KI 1 & 2 are playable on PC as well? The details in the Store make it sound like they're only available on Xbox One.

I cannot wait for this. Couple days before my birthday so I hope they let me in the alpha.

Bang! Right on the money. Display will mean glasses, computer will mean phone and input devices will be voice and hands.

Do NOT change region, just make sure EN-US is installed and the chosen language for the phone in both places. It doesn't take region into consideration any longer.

Yes, like I said. English has to be the language... But it doesn't matter what region you are in any longer.

I play Sky Force Reloaded on my phone almost every day and I love it so I think I am going to pick this up!

Love that it has local co-op.

Considering the fact that most people are probably like me and have cable and subscribe to Netflix and/or other streaming services at the same time, then this would be cheaper. Also that sounds like an extremely cheap cable package you have... Is this an introductory rate or is your internet speed not in the 100+ Mbs range?

I just can't see getting into this at all until the hardware gets a LOT smaller and lighter and drops to below $150.

Is this for PC only? Not seeing an update on my 950XL. I'm on build 14977.

Skype's blog mentioned PC for the translator, but didn't really mention mobile or not for the other features (like video messaging).

"Windows 10 has started to support it better, with things like remembering in which monitor you open each app."

Really? I'm constantly rearranging mine with a SP4 and two Dell P2416Ds. In fact, most of the time after I wake the computer, it only turns on the SP4 display and the Dells remain in standby. Are there any settings to improve this behavior?

I'm sorry. I find it difficult to see that full Windows 10 on a mobile device would win back consumers. Apps are liked because they are simplified versions of programs or websites. Now we are getting the the heavy operating system on our mobiles. Can you see yourselves recommending it to your friends and family. It will be a device for those interested in it because of the tech or those who are forced to use it because of work. Left in a drawer on the weekend. But hey I get it. Microsoft (Nadella) doesn't need consumers. They are all about bringing services to companies. Not the people working there. Sorry for the rant. You can start your downvoting now. ;).