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I get that there are many android OEMs which keep the price very competitive, my question is have you ever seen revenue/profits from these companies?? They are pouring money here and there to get more ppl to buy at cheap price but what about profits?? How will this model be sustained if you don't have enough revenue to keep on doing what your doing?

I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to a 950 and all apps, text messages and settings carried over. Even uninstalled apps were available. Extremely easy!

That is definitely a red herring when you consider that the enterprise segment in particular is made up of a powerful Grou of consumers who have more choice than ever, and more influence over internal IT shops, in determining the selection of standards. Trends toward device agnosticism and bring-your-own-device means that MS will have to play to win in the consumer space in order to win the enterprise space.

In Norway, Denmark and Sweden you can get them at
In Norway I think they have free shipping. The are due to be sent out on Desember 2 in Norway, the same day the phone is shipping here.

Nope. I don't guess so. Because it's not Lumia 950. If you talking about which is working with win8.1 look carefully please.

The one thing that irks me is MSFT's lack of interest in their mobile. For example they didn't advertise the dual sim feature of 950XL. No or little advertisement of the new mobiles.

So, logic and update history will tell me that some missing features can actually come (back). My 920 didn't have Glance at release and now it's present..

Try again.

Thanks for the workaround... it's a shame that it doesn't work with the Bing image!

Great article as ever! I look forward to these well thought out reads every week. :)

​Agreed that Microsoft are positioning themselves a little further down the line, it'll be exciting to see how the app bridges work out for them. Hopefully they'll bring in enough awareness that developers get on board as even being able to run full Photoshop from your phone via Continuum this time next year simply won't be enough of a pull for the masses if they don't have Snapchat or an app for their bank or an app for whatever event or gallery they're visiting etc.

Will be fun to watch on the front line! :)

They don't download automatically, but you still have the license to use them in the case of a paid app.

Absolutely a great read. Thank you, and I'm waiting for the world where my pc is in my pocket. Although for now I would like to have accounts for my kids on my phone. Yes distinct accounts with variable rights.

My white 950XL is comming all the way from Eindhoven to Mallorca. ​Must arrive next Thuesday!!

I'm trying to order it from Telenor in Denmark but I keep getting an error and the call center can't even put the order through themselves :P

Logic and microsoft update history. It's more likely you'll lose another feature than it is they reintroduce something that was already present

Just go to the store and check for updates and it'll show up

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actually my process was this, windows 8.1 > windows 10>updates & restore, looked funky> hard reset> no app restore, but manual install of apps & updates> no hey cortana

The panel technology has nothing to do with the glance capability, the display needs a dedicated memory for it to work

It's installing just fine, reinstalled manny times, i mean it says no internet from the app itself, when i press play.

It took over a year and zero competition from flagship lumias for it to finally make an appearance. That's nothing to be proud of especially since most refurbs for 1520s or other high end windows phones are going to be the m8, it doesn't mean ppl buy them. Just means they get them as refurbs.

Glance background is here, just put a static photo on the background, not bing or some auto changing ones, and there should be an option to show lock wallpaper on glance screen, on my 920 there is.

Dorim aceste superbe noi telefoane si in Romania...este dorit de multi utilizatori windows insa-mi doresc a achizitiona noul Lumia 950 xl...sunt fascinat de acest telefon.....sper sa ajungă cat mai curând...felicitari Microsoft.

It depends, do you choose to ignore that the marketshare is heavily driven by desktops and laptops where the users are totally uninterested in playing phone games on said computers? I know of 6 PCs off the top of my head, none are used for the universal apps, except maybe a few core noes from Microsoft (like the Xbox app).

Make that 6.998% coz yesterday I reversed back to 8.1 on both my 830 and 625. Plus, the gf isn't happy with 10 on her 830. So, I'll have to reverse hers, also. So now they're at 6.997%
I just don't feel 10m is ready for prime time on some older devices and certain apps.

They didn't think it was an appreciated feature, not so much at least, so the bought an even cheaper OLED (if possible) for that top phone

I can also confirm that the unlocked 950 XL (at least) is Dual Sim in Canada, I've got mine in my hands now.  A couple weeks ago a Microsoft Store employee told me they were all going to be Dual Sim, but then a couple days ago an online rep at the Microsoft Store website told me they weren't.  Way to confuse the message, Microsoft.

We've only got one skin case available right now, but plenty of wireless chargers and wall/car chargers are in stock.

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