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yeah, just like the iphone 6 plus... order oct. 1 and will receive nov 14'th...  You might want to double check your apple availability.

Can you cite that as the specific reason from MS? I've heard that rumor too, and while it makes sense, until MS says that's why, that's not definately why.

Panmoria. Every Os have plus and minus points.
Yes windows do have app but these apps don't have higher functionality and flexibly which you will get in your iPhone.

Wow. I've not heard of that model until right now. I wish you luck on getting the upgrade.

The last two comments are actually kind of funny.. Being it so that this is actually the FIRST time Samsung is ACTUALLY later than Nokia with a specific update.. The Nokia "FunnyColorName" updates were ALWAYS later than Samsungs.. Also, they are still buggy? U have an Ativ? You have an Ativ S with the latest update..?

Not to mention the fact that with a Samsung Ativ S, you can actually DO something if you want to get the update faster. If you have a Nokia well.. Tough luck i guess.

To the folks buying a branded phone from a carrier thats holding back the update.. Don't get a carrier locked/branded phone next time. Thats the lesson to be learned here, not a lesson to avoid Samsung.

Next you'll be saying Windows 7 was just Windows Vista service pack 4. (Shh. It was.)

Actually since the question is ALL windows phone 8 devices, then the answer is no. The Nokia 810 will never be updated. At least not officially. It can run the Developer Preview. I suspect that without the firmware upgrades the DP will only get worse on the 810.

The main question is what is he gaining from switching?! Better screen, qi, sunlight readability, better camera, etc.. I can go on!

Well, as far as I'm concerned, the new Windows by any other name would still suck as badly.

Panmoria! If you are a social and gamer kind of person than don't jump to windows.
Yes windows do have great apps like iPhone and Anbriob... But all you'll miss a UI of those apps and more function an iPhone can give . you'll definitely miss on windows" phone"

Its not possible to confirm or deny this at this point. At the end of the day Windows 10 for phones doesn't exist yet. Until it exists, no one not even microsoft can say for certain.

Read the thread posted in the article from the beginning, the steps are so easy if you know what are you doing. :)

I'm not saying I care about any of those games, but the majority of people do. And that's my point. Even if the game sucks for some, it's not very cool to get the app when it's old and boring.

Its already WAY better. This is what 8 should have been all along. What I like about it is that unlike 8, you get to choose the 8 start menu or the 7ish start menu. This choice should have always been there. Its also early in the beta and they said no new consumer level features until next year. This means it will get even better.

App gap is a pain but most of my main ones are on WP. What does get to me though is spreadsheets. I have to edit very basic spreadsheets on the go. On iphone I used to use docs to go, on android google sheets works great but on windows phone the excel app is little more than a viewer, I can't insert or delete rows or columns, can't copy and paste cells and if I format a cell I can't unformat it. Excel on my pocket pc years ago was way better.

Another relatable explanation would be that MS wanted to put 'threshold' as far away as possible from the W8 fiasco they had to face and re ensure the "disappointed ones" that W10 is a total revamp compared to 8

If you do not have a I8750/Ativ S, but do have a t899m, i wouldn't indeed try to flash the firmware of a different phone. Or, you could and enjoy it as a paper weight. ;)

Its dead only in name. If someone wanted to make a 10" or 7" ARM tablet running windows 10 they can do so.

It is relevant to my original post because as you can see, there isn't any paragraph structure...and my post was about the topic at hand. Loophole detected. /s

I think internally or is Windows 9 but btt it is released to public the versions will jump beyond the 9... Build names to the tens which will bring it current to actually being Windows 10.

It makes the phone work properly with Windows Phone 8.1.

I got WP8.1 on my ATIV S through Preview for Developers and the camera quits working if I switch it from video mode to picture mode. The new firmware would fix problems like that.

As a programmer I can tell you that's BS. If you ask 95 or 98 what version they are, you'll get 4.0.blah.blah and 4.1.blah.blah respectively.

It doesn't matter what the name is as long as it works, and so far it is working well.

Yep,My first window phone was a Kin two on Verizon.The Nexus 6 is looking pretty sweet right now.Might be picking one up from the Google play Store:)

Why are we still talking about this. The name is irrelavent. They could call it Windows 2015 for all I care. I just like that its what windows 8 should have been all along. Its also (at least currently) windows 6.4. Vista was 6.0. Win7 was 6.1. Win8 was 6.2 Win8.1 was 6.3 and this is 6.4.

If your life is any different because you didn't get temple run 2, than perhaps you need to change more than just your phone. Lets face it, even temple run 1 was one of the most boring games I've ever played.

DJCBS, you need to calm down. You are working yourself into a rage over the dumbest thing. Who pissed in your Cherios this morning?