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Probably none of them.  That's why I went to the iPhone.  I'm more content with Apple dictating to me what I need than these people.  The Inmates are running Microsoft's Asylum, with this idiotic Feedback site they have up (which may just be for propaganda reasons, but I think it's a bad idea especially with the demographic buying most of their phones being completely opposite of the demographic most likely to camp that site upvoting the ideas they agree with).

The reason why this OS gained a reputation as a featureless bastard platform is because people were too worried about niche features like that instead of making sure Microsoft covered the basics.  It will take them years at this point even to catch up to iOS in feature set/capabilities, and that not assuming Apple will actually improve their platform in further releases.

Microsoft has spent more time backtracking, resetting, or rebuilding stuff than actually improving stuff.

Hmmm never had a problem with ST. I have my Icon on it and I'm pretty happy with them. Only other one I can go with is page plus for verizon lte but I like the option of just being able to walk into WalMart lol

Biometric authentication is the need of the hour and Microsoft must try to implement it in the phone. Finger print sensor in apple is good example of this.

That's a price set by importers. I guess it sums up the customs rates and the exchange, but basically they can charge whatever they like. It's the same here in Argentina, and worse yet, with the phones that don't get released domestically. For example, IIRC, Brazil has the 830 but we don't.

I agree MS has some cool things going on with windows 10, keys house they market well. Hopefully they will follow Samsung's example in this regard.

I wrote to them the other they and told them It was offensive that royal revolt has war before them..... They reply: "clan wars is on the works". Yeah, they told me that back in October :/ in any case they added a ton of new buildings and features since you left including an amazing chat system :)

Or for a PC.  I love using Win8.1 on my PC, my laptop and my Surface Pro 3.  There is no universe where I find Windows 10 anything other than an ugly, messy, poorly-designe, spiteful piece of junk as an operating system.

Just fifteen minutes with the latest build of Windows 10 and it was enough for me to be absolutely certain I will never, ever like Windows 10.  They are doubling-down on their stupidity in design.  Microsoft, I've gone from one of your biggest cheerleaders to one of your biggest haters.

That's messed up how they do yall.... Steal from the poor, and give to the rich... No offense, Just a figure of speech, but to make another market pay 2-3 times more is wrong...
I bet it's your government that taxes the $ky out of MS, so MS has no choice.

I was all about gears until i played titanfall now, its hard to play anything else. Once youve learned the movements as a pilot its awsome and then dont forget about the titans. I cant recommend this game enough. TF2 is pre order with season pass for me no doubt :).

Yeah, no.  Iphone and Android seem to have won the race by being fast and selling a ton of devices.  During that time MS has dragged and dipped and is becoming a ghettoized platform exclusively for people who can't afford iOS or Samsung and don't have enough disposable income to interest devs. 

And by the way, slow and steady wins the race is a terrible and wrong saying.  Whoever invented this (Aeosop?) never watched a race. 

Man, if they seriously advertised everything they have reveled around W10 this year, they would flood the airwaves, and that would have a huge impact on perception, and market share.. They really have some nice things happening.

That's a really great suggestion, I honestly would love to. I will look into it. For now: Bring more needed apps to the best platform ever ;). Thanks for support my friend :).

Seems like MS is trying to oneUP Apple in this area of Desing...
Wish they would also focus on music production.

It would sure be great if Microsoft led what looks like the next industrial revolution. Can't wait to see what they come out with.

Cool stuff. It would be great if people could come together and make up a universal format for general EDA design layouts too. Too bad you have to choose between Cadence and Synopsis and cant switch between each other

Now THIS IS FUTURE. This and HoloLens should work hand in hand. In fact, I think this was made keeping HoloLens in mind. This shows that MS isn't playing around with HoloLens.



I will be moving from Straight Talk to Cricket within the week. Not because of the Canada calling but due to similar features for $10 less per month. Hopefully speeds are a little better despite using the same AT&T towers as I've never found Straight Talk LTE to be overwhelmingly fast.

I'll admit... First version of win10 was nice but meh... Now it's really starting to look good. Love it. I feel this way about win10 on phones too. Hopefully it turns around just the same. Looking forward to some change.

It would be cool if Microsoft developed a light weight CAD application and included it in an office 365 subscription. I'd be down with that.

Hey buddy...i have seen your real interest in app development and also your enthu in these stuff. I suggest you should try to get into this intern program when you go to college. You can show them your creations and experience in development and they will surely take you in

You'll do great don't worry :) going from 16 to 20+ is like day and night in knowledge.

I don't know if it's a success, but I certainly enjoyed it. I actually just got to busy to play. I'd grab this for $8 just on a whim if I didn't already own it.

It's a very common name for places in the american continent due to legends of native cities made of gold during the colonization times. El Dorado means The Golden One in spanish, the language of most colonizers.

Yeh, no offence, but some aren't very efficient to be honest. Totally understandable though too, I'm 16, I make exclusive apps for WP and I know I could do better but I just learn along the way and do the best I can, same with these interns no doubt

Good, you should hire them, I said that kids are more talented nowadays. Face it. Their ideas are flawless, just needs more optimizing in the OS it self.

I think they use it on Windows 8 but not WP. All the other versions use Facebook. Ridiculous that the WP and W8 versions don't support Facebook as well. Alas.

India already has one in Phoenix market city, Bangalore. They have just rebranded the earlier Nokia store to shiny new Microsoft store 3-4 months back.

Following the example of cheaper Lumias being sold here, we may (in a longshot) have some chance to have the Surface 3 (lower price) here...

Yes we do!  You can buy surface pro 3 in "Mercado Livre" for the small price of US$ 2.000.

We even have Microsoft Band there for around US$ 500, cool, right?

Don't think thats the main issue. I mean, computers with Intl-US's been sold here for ages (Apple's for starters). While most of Microsoft products tend to adjust to ABNT (brazilian keyboard/cover), which would be great. I think importing costs are the bigger issue. They're also worrying with the other OEM partners here. If importing here makes the final price too high, they may not sell well. If they do, they may back fire to their partners. Tough issue...

I don't really like or use Android, but the lock screen that Microsoft Garage built for it is flat out beautiful. 

Good, do that to hundreds of other Nokia store in Asia Pacific and I'll be happy. The stores feel so outdated and ignored I don't know what they want to do...