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I love Windows Phone, and i agree that iOS Action center is tirrable but how Android notifications are tirrable too?

Wish they weren't that expensive, cause they seem to be awesome. And I'm curious if the audio beats my Tritton Kama, which is well worth the money. I think they beat the XO One in audio quality.

That would be awesome but to expect an app which specifically says what it does and does not claim to be accurate, to be accurate is just vague. This app would not become the "facial age meter", will it? And it would be unfair to base your conclusion of the usability of something bigger on such a small part of it, wouldn't it?

This is great because I can use it for my phone too. Unlike the Astro A50's. Was thinking about getting a high quality headphone for my phone and Xbox.This is a good deal to me.




Lucky u! I own the hd215,hd 202 ,rs 110 nd mx 365, all sennheisers! Never switching to any other headphone brand! Sennheiser=German tech at its best!

Apps! Apps! Apps! Developers! Developers! Developers! Lol! Nice, apps are coming I bunches.

Pity that there is no demo. Why do they expect people to buy on the basis of the developer's description? Same problem with some Disney games.

Wish they had an option to use one shortcut to just copy stuff to the clipboard and another to copy it and add it to OneClip. There's so much stuff I wouldn't want exposed (e.g., customer data, not just passwords), having it all copied automatically is dangerous.

Yes, only Windows Mobile veterans like ourselves know the value of a company like HTC is to the platform. I almost guarantee when Windows 10 mobile is released, HTC will release the M9 for Windows.

This is awesome, how much times I'm copying formated text that I want to put on a chat window and I use notepad to remove the formatting, I sometimes have up to 8 notepad windows open just to copy 1 or 2 lines of text.

This clipboard app is going to help me a lot on the office. I hope its available on Windows 7 since I have Windows 7 at my work office.

I dont see logical point writing new apps, by MS, for W8.1 right now. They are about to release W10. And writing app FOR 10 instead of 8 is right strategy I believe. Let MS make some money on other two platforms while its preparing (same or better) apps for w10

That's actually an incredibly dickish comment. Some people after paying things like their mortgage, utilities, and other essentials don't actually have $5 to spend on a mobile game. WHen they choose to not drop the $5, that doesn't make them poor, it makes them smart enough to not live beyond their means. Other people just don't find the enjoyment in a mobile game, that doesn't make them entitled, it means it just isn't worth it to them.

Great article Jez, and yes I am trying to get my fiancee to play with me.

We played the two rayman games and she loved them... after that, she has hated or disliked or not hyped by every other coop game (Castle Crashers, Spelunky, Diablo 3 (this one almost wins her) Sonic Transform thing racing game, BattleBlock Theatre)

If this game doesn't appeal to her, I think I will give up untill Ubisoft releases another rayman game or a soul succesor of Rayman origins/legends



And thank you very much for the animated GIFs, we have youtube blocked at the office and my phone internet is almost gone haha.

Excelent, this is why I love Windows 8.1 and why I'll love Windows 10 on the desktop, since you can play all the games for any form factor (smartphone, tablet, PC, Game console)

No other ecosystem lets you purcase your app on your phone and have it on your desktop and pay only once.

This is also why I think Chromebooks haven't been popular outside the education market, since you still can't play your Android games on your laptop.

Google needs to explain why they don't have commitment to their promises. (In Google IO 2014 they said ChromeOS would support Android, but looks like developers are not interested in Chrome OS). Time for game developers to get out of Android altogether and focus on Windows.

No offense to Android users, but they have a 90% of smartphone market and yet, iOS developers still get more income than all the Android users.

Conclusion, yes Android users are in a majority poor.

But you can see the potential business application of such technology, right? You walk in to an aisle in a store, and promotions on a dynamic display could be based on an age demographic as you walk by...  imagine it!

The people that whine about that don't know their new universal app strategy.  With all these app announcements, it's clear they will be on Windows too... most likely at the same time.