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Happy Thanksgiving to all. My favorite apps are Windows Central, mytube, facebook, messenger, fb pages manager pro, Tweetium, Transit Chicago, Xbox one smartglass, and office. Got plenty more apps just don't want to name them all as my favorites.

fb does too if kept open dor a long time in th background. Nd watsapp for 8.1 agai. needa to be optimized,it also does tujhe loading resuming screen

Updated last night. Spent 5 minutes in MM and still didn't get a match. Tried searching different modes with same results.

I've touched the 3 dots and it is true it shows 'sent folder', but the folder doesn't show any message I've sent through my laptop..have you tried to send an email from a computer and check whether our wp 'sent folder' has it?mine doesn't, it only contains messages sent from my lumia, not my laptop..

535 is just perfect for me, I'm not looking for a mid-range or high end phones right now, just something simple but able to perform most is the tasks of a high-end phone

At first I read. Microsoft might ve acquiring Android. I was very confused for a couple of seconds.

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it, but I think I would probably take the 535 as it's probably more affordable, 1GB RAM is definitely what I need and a 5MP front facing camera is just cool

No time soon. I just bought a 800. With the metro design and the hubs still intact, it is in a lot of ways a better experience than the 8.1. Plus the hardware is top notch.

Also this deal is at Best Buy right now too, just bought one for my wife like 20 minutes ago.

no kidding!  I lost out on Sniper 3 for the Xbox One.  finally got it into my shopping cart after multiple refreshes.  then tried to check out and failed countless times until it was out of stock and unavailable...  :(

Surprised Plex is not on anyone's list?

I'd love to see a list like this of great or favorite Windows 8.1/RT apps!

The technical preview is more of a "core system" preview, aimed at IT pros (as stated above) for desktop, keyboard/mouse systems, and enterprise/business evaluation and testing.

The Consumer Preview is for everyday PC enthusiasts/home users which should include more of the "bells and whistles" features like "Continuum" mode (switching from desktop, to tablet/touch modes) and more "fun" end user features like more customization tools and (hopefully) Cortana and the improved notification center. Stuff like that..

Windows central
Moli player
Here maps
Barn story
Fantasia painter

Ofcourse my list is lengthy

Haha that's funny you say that. I got my Lumia 1020 stolen and got this phone as a replacement. The camera and hardware quality SUCK compared to my Lumia, but its a good looking phone and its got a snapdragon 800 with a 5" screen, so besides the camera its been perfect for me :)

Audio loud
Beach Buggy Racing
CBS News
Hill Climbing Racing
Kobo Books
Nextgen Reader
Run The Map
Subway Surfers

Paul, can you guys please review the 535? I'm curious about performance on the qhd screen and the 5mp ffc.

Apps I'm thankful for:
1) Cortana
2) Microsoft Xim
3) VLC (to be released on WP)
4) Tubecast PRO
5) Surfy
6) Straw

I would like to see in consumer release that continuum keeps the desktop features as they are now and the tablet features just as W 8.1. W 8.1 works awesome on a tablet but W 10 is kind of clumsy on a tablet. IMO

Age of empires caste siege
Uc browser
Hike messenger
Windows central