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Don't know how some people have fixed the issue by simply uninstalling the app and a soft reset. Wish it was that easy for me. Tried for 2 hours last evening before finally giving in and did a hard reset. Lumia 920 on dev preview here. The problems I noticed were:

1. Lock/Unlock not working even though i could power off with long pressing power button

2. Double tap to wake up not working

3. PC not detecting phone when connected via USB

4. Manual backup from Settings failed multiple times at 99%

5. App downloads stuck on pending

6 Overall lagginess

I had theChive, 5 minutes workout, Navmii installed but only had opened theChive after installing. Gestures Beta, new Glance update and Extras and Info installed as well. After hard reset I have reinstalled Gestures Beta but no issues yet.

I got the updates at about 11:15pm last night. I thought they would fix my camera insta crash whenever opening an app that uses it but sadly they did not. Time to get a new phone. I will truly miss Nokia but HTC has the best phone on Verizon right now.

Nop. I said the 930 is plagued with problems as a result of Microsoft's attack on Nokia and Nokia's therefore lowering of standards on a division they were going to part with.

Why the massive disparity between USA and Europe? The difference is insane and I bet they lose a lot of potential business.

Guys don't worry, there is a new app: Whichapp. Its like whatsapp+snapchat. Noè is only for ios but they are coding really hard the wp and android version..

So basically users of this site should avoid installing apps recommended/promoted by this site - as for now at least.
Not sure where i heard from the exercise app first so I just ignore that. But I installed theChive and the family guy game as per wpcentral's (or WC nowadays) posts. The latter crashes the whole damn phone in the very beginning and apparently the former is not doing that great either. Luckily I never ran the Chive app as I've never even visited the site itself.
Instead of merely hastily copypasteing the release notes of an app, perhaps WC should quickly run the app before promoting it? Also isn't MS supposed to be checking that apps in the store actually work before showing them the green light?

Yes, it is true... I am also facing same problem with my phone after installing this app. Finally I hard reset my phone and now it is working well. Shame for such app.

Very disappointing. On 1020, installed (had Gestures Beta installed too), and the phone started acting up. Couldn't use the power button except to restart, and charging it didn't work either. Also, the action button toggles were gone, just grey boxes.

I'm now hard resetting as I haven't been able to fix the problem with soft resetting or turning the phone off and on.

Definitely had to hard reset after getting the 5 minute workout app the other day :( fortunately my backup was only two days old at the time

Just wasted my morning trying to fix this. Remembered problems first appeared after installing theChive app and just tried uninstalling app. Problems solved (power button not working, out of memory error, data sense not working, won't stay powered off). Wow, this was as close to bricking a phone I've ever come. Now I can finally Keep Calm. L920.

The best case scenario is, Snapchat works with Microsoft and Rudy, to make 6snap the official Windows Phone Snapchat client.

Yeah, me too. First I thought it was the Glance update or the Gesture Beta apps. Then, I check what app did I just install before the problem. It was "5 Minutes Home Workout". I uninstalled the app but that won't help. So, I hard reset my phone.

This is so funny. I love how everyone here seems to hate on snapchat for removing a unoffical client. All of you guys agreed to their terms and conditions so now you can't complain about account suspensions or unoffical app removals lol. 
Snapchat is legally not at all wrong if they don't wanna support WP. It's their service and their decisions. If you don't like it - fine go use something else lol

yes most likely..Cortana will probably be in beta for awhile but as you can see she works very well.

Reboot won't help. Soft reset neither. I hard reset my phone through "settings->about->reset your phone"

this solved the issue for me:

1. reboot
2.uninstall the chive
4.soft reset

try it guys and see if it works

So that's what it was? Had to hard reset after opening thechive app. The app crashed on me and then my 1020 started crashing

Update: Even without Chive and 2 soft resets, power button issue recurred. Still happening now -- power button won't wake or put phone to sleep. I haven't installed 5-minute workout, so if not that or Chive, then what's causing it?

Where I live, it hasn't really started snowing yet so people here will be happy it came before the Ski/Snowboard season started. I think it came right on time.

It's sad people resort to vulgarity. Just don't use snap chat anymore. When they notice the loss revenue, maybe they will support WP. As far as them not wanting 3rd party apps. That's their prerogative. They do own the service. Protest where it hurts them, the pocketbook.

Look at the date at the bottom of the extras + Info settings app; if the Build date at the bottom of the screen says "11/18/2014", then you have Denim firmware. If it doesn't, then you have Black firmware, no matter what the legend at the top of the screen says.

Use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool 5.0.0 from to update your DP phone to 3051.50009.1446.0000.

Stay away! Lumia1520 keeps on rebboting after uninstall. Soft reset works, I get into the system, but after normal shutdown the problem is back. Seems to me that a hard reset is unavoidable....

i have the same issue i believe.  Sounds like it anyway.  I didnt notice anything different about the phone.  Excellent question there JesseCJ.  How can you tell if you actually have Denim?

Everyone should download Mark Cuban's new app called " Cyber Dust" which is the same idea (i think?.. I dont use either of them) and boycott snapchat for their lack of support on WP

Same as you guys.  After 5 minute home workout, got the same issue.  At first I thought it was the Glance update...

After hard reset, (without this app installed), the power button works again.

How odd!! I also faced same issue...for a sec I thought power button broke but after a restart is working fine

I had charging issues when the app was installed. Lock screen was also locking up and required a phone restart to get past the lock screen.

I had disabled the DP early yesterday and then checked for updates throughout the day.  It kept saying my phone was up to date.

Early this morning, I checked my phone again and it still said my phone was up to date.  I dont remember seeing my Lumia 928 updating, but now when i go to settings -> extras+info it says I have the Denim update.  Very weird.  Wouldnt i have seen it install denim?

Now when i reenable the DP and then go to Settings -> Extras+Info it says Lumia Black.

Is anyone else seeing this too?


I have had this problem too but with other apps. Perhaps even one I have written! Not sure why MS shouldn't let am app compromise the OS like this.