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That's how businesses operate. Ask Coca Cola, IBM, 3M, etc., what the failure rate of new products are and it's quite high...

Yet there are a crap load of references in Arkham Knight back to Origins. So yeah... it's part of it regardless of the Rocksteady argument.

That was always the argument, but they reference it enough in this game, and take elements right out of it. As far as I'm concerned, it's part of this story line.

What's the point of such program? Whatever windowscentral team give answer doesn't matter. It is just another program to make money for themselves.

Many of the store apps offer scanning of loyalty cards, ordering items to pick up later, etc. Fewer cards on my keychain is always nice.

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from the start of time, everything that hasn't evolved has perished, lost to the sands of time.
I don't get it why people don't go along with new things, different things. Because obviously ~4% market share says that things are not working out for Microsoft and Windows Phone and henceforth the design language changes, people are circles and you get hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner all the same.
Deal with it, if you want to see the OS you all love so much rise higher, it has to do things in a way which appeals the world.
These are the "tough decisions" Satya had been talking about.
Nobody sees it or what?

I enjoyed the video too. I thought it was well put together, the only thing I have as feedback is probably more personal preference than anything. The answering of the questions felt a lot like your quick review videos, which are great, but this is a very different type of video; somewhat more editorial I think. It seems to me that people would be happy to watch, and enjoy more if it were all a bit more relaxed and a bit less like dan was rattleing off a list.

thats just my opinion though.

looking forward to the next installment!

Old animation was way better imo. They should focus on features rather than background animation variations. If you want it lean clean and fewer bugs keep what's working well and add what's needed. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

Not stable, Intalled it buggy as hell, did a hard reset while my 1020 was plugged into the wall, spinning gears of death loop, after days of having a $300 paperwieght was ablew to get WPRT to recongize it after many attempts! Stay FAR away!

Looks cool, bro. Question.....Does windows 10 mean it will be on steam? Hope you're doing well Paul! I always look forward to these reviews.

Steve, thank you so much! You may have not had the best time at MS, but as a long time MS and XBox fan, I must say thanks!

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Love the transparency. Wish the aero/transparency be in the latest build of desktop/laptop win 10. Guess have to wait for the final release.

Not sure why, but when I "updated" the app, it still tells me it is version and not 1.2.  So, what is the deal there?  This is after I uninstalled and reinstalled from the Winows store.   The version number in the store indicated that it is version 1.2. 

Snapchat is not the main reason a person is going to buy a smartphone, nor lack of Snapchat is going to deter a person from buying a Windows Phone. A person can always have an option of buying a second phone if Snapchat is his number one priority. Most of the people here in the UAE has more than one smartphone, and I have never seen a person having two Galaxy S6 or two iPhone 6 or any phone of the same model. But, it can be both Android phone or both iOS of older and latest iPhone models. As for me, I have two Windows Phones the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930.

Its not a scam. The bluray price new is still quite high. Its held its price. If you want to use ebay fir a physical copy that's cool. But Microsoft is ripping off noone. I use xbox video because once I own it I can stream to either of my xboxs and my phone and tablet anytime. Something I cant do with a physical copy. I've moved over to digital movies 100%. I have no physical games or films.

Yes, I know its only one button press. However, it would be an unnecessary additional step if one could _also_ pin favorite/most important tiles onto the desktop. Not much of a live tile if its really live unless you call it. :)

Again, just seems to me like a lost opportunity to make Windows 10 even better, and stand out from the competion. Instead the whole big desktop is, if I understand correctly, occupied by either nothing, or old school file and app/program static icons.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously. Did you sustain a severe head injury as a child or something?

'bout time. I've not been able to install anything via Windows Update since I joiined the program. I think this will be my last time, though, then back to W8 so I can actually use my tablet again.

Windows phone is almost history and soon we'll have Windows 10 Mobile, & at that point I'm sure there will be more Apps available for us primary Users of Windows 10 mobile , this should not even be a question or topic. WINDOWS 10 MOBILE will rule them ALL. Enough said! Everyone go pick up the new Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE.

I'm getting an upgrade soon, going android for the HTC One m9 BUT keeping my Lumia 720 so I have the best of both worlds. WP for working and college, Android for every day life and fun. No complaining or missing out then. Also, the m9 looks absolutely brilliant, great specs and the stuff you can do with it is great!

Its still a "successful" install of windows 10 it just doesn't have networking. Try the ISO and see if it fixes it

I'm with you irvin792.  Not about snapchat only being used for naughty things but about not understanding the popularity of that app.  One of the best features of chatting apps is too be able to reference old conversations even months after they have happened.  In fact to me that is a must feature of any communication based application.  I guess I'm also old.

Google services and Snapchat are two necessities for many people outside of the Windows Mobile architecture...and I'd argue that people don't switch because basic apps for social networking are missing from the platform. Once Windows 10 Mobile is on the table, Microsoft should focus its points in bringing as many social media apps to its platform as possible. To the naysayers? Think outside the box. We may not like Google or whatever, but the majority of users do. 60% of people use Android in the world, 35% iPhone, and each side has a wealth of apps we just....don't. Bring Windows 10-enabled social networking apps! That's going to tremendously help the cause.