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I've downloaded KB3035583 standalone installer from the link which was provided in the MS community's thread (link is in the article)

Tried to run and it said "the update is not applicable to your computer" 

Does it mean it's time to throw my PC from the window?

Don't rely on that KMS server too much - activation is only good for 120 days (?) before your PC has to "touch" that KMS server again. I'm betting it disappears after 8/1 when Pro/Enterprise versions are available to VL customers.

Hey folks I actually happen to use a pirated versionn of Windows 7 (ultimate). Can anybody just explain me how can I get my hands on W10?

I actually think it's good that the Home edition is updated automatically, that way my mom's PC would always be on the latest version, same as mine, and easy to support her if she needs any help.

I haven't heard anyone complain about the auto updates in Chrome/firefox (althrough I did hear people complain about IE not doing the same). While Windows udpates can be a bigger issue than a browser update, they're also more important.

What bothers me is that with the latest Windows 10 bits, update restart scheduling doesn't work. I don't get notified to scedule a restart and if I schedule a restart for a later time it still uses the suggested restart time anyway (and it's usually in the middle of the night, so you have no way of cancling out of that). That's a pretty big issue

"While Apple's latest software is still in beta and Windows 10 was not officially released when the comparison was done, performance and bugs were left out of comparison"...
I think you missed this part in the article. It's a beta software and hence supposed to be feature parity with the official release. So I think they can be compared.

I can't understand all the problems people are having... I've never had any problems on the TP or the RTM.

Might be a lack of experience causing a few issues???? Who knows....

They'll be able to hit their target in a year. They're clocking 10TB/s at the moment. They've reserved a whopping 40TB/s! I'm pretty sure they're just being cautious and they'll probably kick things up a notch soon.

Try to temporarily disable antivirus protection. I had same issues and after disabling Eset Antivirus, activation was sucessful. Maybe just a coincidence, but worth a try.

Yeah I found the higher upload my isp gives me the higher the latency is which 90 latency. Not exactly useful to use this app.

Thankfully I don't have any issues with 10 on desktop pc, laptop and surface 2 I can't believe half of the issues found on here everything works for me no lag or faults. I even tried a iso download and reinstall, strangely I can't input 8.1 pro upgrade key in, but skip key ref and auto registers due to it being installed before

On many tech "news" sites its becoming harder and harder to tell whether they are actual news sites with proper objective reporting or whether you are reading a fan site that highlight just the positives or just negatives depending or the sites focus towards particular entities.

It's good to see that some decent articles are making their way to windowscentral.



When Windows 10 is downloaded this way, does everything stay on the laptop or does it get wiped? For example, I have Steam plus games on my laptop, so if I download this will it delete everything?

Thankfully I don't have any issues with 10 on desktop pc, laptop and surface 2 I can't believe half of the issues found on here everything works for me no lag or faults. I even tried a iso download and reinstall, strangely I can't input 8.1 pro upgrade key in, but skip key ref and auto registers due to it being installed before :)

Holiday sales of PC and other Windows 10 devices (Xbox, tablets, phones...) will also help with that number.

Yup, to many issues. I will be waiting for a bit to claim my free upgrade. 8.1 pro is working wonderfully for me. The biggest concern I have is people with wifi issues. Can't go without that. Ironically I get faster speeds on my ac1900 Asus router than I do hardwired in. My plan is 50 down. 5 up. Wifi gets me pretty close to that. Hardwire drops speeds in half. And yes I've tried 4 different cables now. And various drivers.

I've heard a lot of good things about Edge, but whenever I've used it, it hasn't even been able to run YouTube properly. Anyone had the same experience?

why didnt MS fix  these edge issues, they are there since forever. Too few resources? All these users will say goodbye to edge on day 1 and never turn back. MS didnt learn from mistakes it appears.

Yes it's Kenya. Kenya is of age...Obama just left, Satya is here tonight, the Pope coming soon, who next............

^^ Thanks guys. I tried thrice. I used that command prompt thing that I read from the comments section in one of the articles here at Windows Central to manually force the update. Then while installing, it would show some error and a KB number. Then I deleted all the contents from C:/Windows/SoftwareDistribution/Downloads then tried again (again following someone's idea from the comments section). Still the same thing happened. After the 3rd time, I got so frustrated and shut it down and went to sleep :D Just woke up. Will try again tonight :D

Absolutely no wireless connections, Bluetooth or wifi, working on my Vaio Duo 13. Reverting back to 8.1 right now.

Did people upgrade or did they just use ISO, I'm sire I read somewhere you have to upgrade before you clean install to make your previous windows key legit with 10

I had problems activating, but this solved it for my (on two PCs):

1. First of all launch Command Prompt as Administrator.

2. Type slmgr /skms and then Enter. Wait for a message box to appear.

3. Type slmgr /ato and Enter. Wait for the message box, and you're done.

Exact sentiments I have. AWESOME. Was to attend Nairobi celebration but duty calls. Thought I have a chance to chat with BIG BOSS man.

i didnt do clean install. Wifi and Bluetooth work properly.booting speed was slower then win8.1 but now it is as good as win8.1 my problem is taskbar icons.their resolution is bad. İs anyone notice that ?

Edge Brower location is not working properly. It shows that I am 50 miles away. On Firefox and Chrome, it gives me the proper location. On items like Bing maps and other websites.I am loving Windows 10, but this is the only thing that is on the list.

For all those with activation issues, Paul Thurrott says sometimes it may take a while to get the activation, maybe even a couple days, so don't fret quite yet.

Cortanna says it is not available in my region, I am from the UK and all my language settings are set to UK, how do I solve this.

That's actually a little more formal than he usually looks. Wish I was back working at an engineering/software company and could dress hipster casual. 

16.3 per second X 60 second (1 min) = 978 per minute
978 per min X 60 minutes (1 hr) = 58,680 per hour
58,680 per hour X 24 hours (one day) = 1,408,320 per day.
1,408,320 X 365 days (1 yr) = 514,036,800
514,036,800 X 2 years = 1,028,073,600

So at this rate MS could conceivably hit that 1 Billion PCs mark in 2 years, surpassing than their 2018 expectation.

Yes, I know these are not "solid" numbers, so if that's our comment, just don't. I did say "conceivably."

I think MS didnt want to miss back to school sales and so they rushed things. But than again windows 8 felt unfinished until 8.1 was released.

Cortana should not search locally first. That's what file explorer search is for, and has been around for a long time. It should just search everything all the time and have tabs like it sorta does now.