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why do you care about sales may i ask? how does that affect your decision to purchase this system or any system?

fewer and fewer however....hence the reason microsoft is developing all the new stuff for IOS and Android.  

NO,  thats fine...we dont want apple to do a complete 180 and go down the ******* in no time flat!

Go into setting change to production ring hard rest your phone and you got the full stable version of windows 10 and done sign up for insider builds cuz they are basically beta builds of the os and are going to be more unstable even tho I have a 950 running the latest win 10 mobile and guess what lag free sorry for your problems but if you install a beta build on you device and then whinne about it being slow then its your own fault by the way have you tried a hard rest

IOS 10 is awesome wengweng!  I have been using it since june and I love it!  MILES AND MILES ahead of windows 10 mobile.

no build has been as bad as the intial builds i was putting on my 1020! i was resetting restarting so much!

since those days i have had no deal breakers on fast ring! sayng that its not on my mainphone anymore :)

It does that for me every time and then all of at once its done I think it downloads the update fine but don't update the status bar until it's damn near done or completely done.

I'm glad your company uses 365. At my school its all google and Apple, but that won't stop me from using good old Microsoft Office ☺

You all are crazy I have been on fast ring since it began and on different phones all me daily drivers and I never found a bug that made my phone unusable but that's just me I don't sweat the small thing in life you all are going to have a heart attack worrie about a small glitch or bug that if your patient will be gone by the next build.

They will introduce all new Joe Belfiore which will be demoed during keynote.

The photos mobile app is very weak compared to android or iOS, you can not put filters, remove red eyes, etc. all these features are available in the PC version of the app but the phone does not! I'm not even get started on that finshing touches bs...

My update stock on 0%. I put him on charger but still nothing, just bug on 0%. What I to do with that bug? Wait Microsoft to push a fix or?

I switched to slow ring last week because of the mention about language packs but I was on the fast ring until that

Microsoft motto is "Mobile first". Nadella has said openly that mobile does not mean Windows Mobile but popular viable platforms.

I see your point and it make sense. Though this kind of a chicken-and-egg problem since we don't have any news (yet) about the pen support to W10M in any form so far, which is I'm worried it. There is no hardware supporting it because the software isn't supporting it either vice-versa.

Continuum was at least being promised and demoed the concept how it will work even though there wasn't any devices supports it at that time. Pen support for W10M could've at least announced similar that way, but since there wasn't any so its either nothing that is remotely in works or just way too secretive about it, so basically who knows.

Its just shame that no Windows phone and tablet (wait how many W10M tablets are there?) devices exist that supports digitizer pens even hidden.

I don't want anything from my private computer in the cloud. not my clips, projects, ideas, thoughts or anything else. It's private, and no company shall demand to access it. Privacy is key here and there is yet to be found a company capable of delivering that.

Hello. Were you already running the previous fast ring build and then updated or did you switch to fast ring from a different ring?

Ever since the anniversary update... My glance stopped functioning properly... My screen brightness is a mess... MS don pafuka finish. My 640 xl used to be a darling on Windows phone 8.1 :(

Offline use was one of the topics discussed, Dalydose. We'll see. As far as a WP app, please see below comment. :-(

Cool, @Pon. Do you mind sharing the link. I'd like to see your HoloLens Sway. If your comfortable you can Tweet to @JLTechWord #IveBeenSwayed

Yes I did Dan. Unfortunately, there is no Windows phone app imminent. Trust me, I expressed my frustrations and thoughts about that. They did share it is not off the table, just not imminent. Thier focus now is bringing features and uses that customers are asking for that are using the product. Unfortunately, those priorities trump the demand of users like some of you here as well as myself, who really want a Sway app. I'll try to go into a little more detail in a follow up piece as to the response I received as I spoke to them about this issue.

My phone keeps getting stuck at 0%, my tablet took a ton of time as well to DL the update.

Remember the Anniversary Update? That broke almost all antivirus applications. The smart companies fixed it prior to it coming out. The others complained and left their customers hanging. It's not Microsoft's job to make sure their software is 100% backwards compatible. You do that and you get bloat.

Great. they could have told me about the "stuck" issue before I reset my phone...

If you rely on any feature or software, you don't belong on the fast ring. If you do it anyway, you're playing with fire and its your fault if you get burned. It's clearly stated in the agreement that this is not for production means, its not for primary devices. the thing isn't even a completed OS. if the OS accidentally deletes all your data, it should not be a problem for fast ring insiders. if it *is* a problem, it's *your* problem.

If your machine relies on *any* feature, third-party software, first-party software, hardware, or anything for that matter, you do *not* belong in the fast ring. Anyone on the fast ring should be completely prepared to hear Microsoft say, "Sorry, we screwed up. You need to do a complete wipe of your machine right now or it'll slowly eat your brains." If you're not capable of losing *any* feature or ability, you do *not* belong in the fast ring. You can risk it, fine. But to complain about some problem and say that's why you're skipping it? Just say you're skipping it. Don't complain. The complaining is the problem. If you complain, it means you don't understand. Anything running fast ring should be willing to lose all its data at a moment's notice. If its not, you're playing with fire and its your fault if you get burned.


They will be there with an empty box with no markings on it,  and saying that the phone is inside but not revealing it,  they need more kickstarter money!

you actually bought that phone :)))? Don't get me wrong, the device as HW is fine, but paying that much for a broken junk OS...