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Ha now is coming new dead trigger for android :p

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I think you would be able to watch about 5 minutes of a game on the Apple Watch before the battery ran out.

It has no sports apps, Barely any social network apps, apps are delisted everyday, and lastly most games don't come to Windows Phone. Its getting close to being doomed considering its been like this for 4 years or so.

Hit them up in social media for the world to see and complain. If its hundreds and hundreds of comments from every angle when win10 shows promise they will reconsider.

How is it "technically" dead? Not even BlackBerry is technically dead and they only sold 1.6 million phones the last quarter.

Man this sucks. I had an iPhone 6 for a week because there aren't currently any high end windows phones for tmobile and I hated it. Sure it had major official apps but so many things about the OS I just didn't like. So I bought me a Lumia 635 to hold me over till WP10 and hopefully a flagship phone that I can use on Tmobile. Why are so many apps losing support? How much money does it cost to keep an app on the windows store?

The creature reminds me of the Rakatan from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on the Unknown Planet

MLB sucks anyway. Microsoft had better bring it with Windows 10. Can't afford many more major app losses. Need to start footing the whole bill for app development if they want the OS to succeed.

Left the Windows Phone Store and is officially coming to the Apple Watch. That's right, the freaking Apple Watch will be getting apps that Windows Phone won't get.

It would be amazing if Microsoft could reassure its base that windows 10 ws going to fix the "ditch WP" movement that js going on right now. If they dont I can people not in the market for budget phones starting to jump ship. Its sad because the platform really is amazing.

Also, don't expect gapless playback or really, anything good about the music app. We just outsource this stuff to local Seattle elementary schools every few weeks.