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Maybe it was the Android version ported over then. I prefer to pay for a game rather than get it free and then have in-app purchases. Mostly just annoying when they combine the two (Halo Spartan Assault for example)

There are many things that I find odd for Microsoft not implementing in their phones in 2015

We want latest technology not outdated technology. I mean imagine this you're getting Quick charge after 2years. I still hate the fact that Screen rotation was introduced in black update :(

Mr Gatanui why do you have a bitter taste in your mouth if I criticize MS?? Is Satya Nadella your father????

I saw something on YouTube regarding the one plus two saying that it doesn't support quick charge due to USB-C.
Now I am not really sure if USB-C supports quick charge but maybe that's not the case. And this is why this would be news because the new smartphone have USB-C but also support quick charge.

I dont think so. They wont have to win against 4 losing record teams, one with a third string QB just to make it to the playoffs, then face a losing record playoff team, followed by a miracle comeback against a team with an injured, hobbled QB to get there again...

I guess in most cases I really don't care of or not there is a new quick charge function. Phablets have big batteries and can usually just recharge over night. Of course, every feature is a bonus :)

I do care....  Phones do not look shit at all.. only our expectations are high. and why people think that MS is going to launch exact same phones as final product????????

They look great! Only a few minor layout mishaps, nothing big. Might not even be mishaps when I get used to them.
If you want aluminum and apple-white just take your buisiness elsewhere...

As long as Seattle loses their first playoff game, it will be a great season! =) The best season if the seahawks dont make it to the playoffs at all!

What's the point of making flagship devices? If Microsoft can add Quick charge feature in windowsphone.... I hope they don't another year or two to implemnt this

Can't wait to download this tomorrow. I had GZ on Xbox One but I've got this pre-ordered for PC. Just hoping it's a nice smooth port, I'm sure it will be decent if what I've heard about the PC version of GZ is right. I could really do with finishing The Witcher 3 before starting this, but it feels like we've been waiting so long I don't know if I can hold off

I moved my installation to my internal drive to see whether it was my external disk causing the problem, sadly not. My game just lagged out as I was sneaking up on someone, causing an alert status, not good.

No, I'm truly hoping for a great replacement for 1020 in terms of phone shape as well. Forgive me but I prefer more square phones.. I don't think question of taste or personal preferences are debatable. And FYI your insult was quite weak.

I feel like Ground Zeroe / TPP still have tons of moves without the crazy controls. I'm sure iron sights aiming was a pain in MGS4 for some reason, didn't it require you to hold down 3 buttons? Memory is fuzzy!

Maybe the secret sauce will be pricing. Perhaps they will announce the 940 at $250 and 940XL at $300. Would go a long way to repairing that "affordable flagship" debacle.

NPU (not worth much, I know, but anyway) claims "their sources" indicate AT&T likely to carry both, and T-Mo just 940.

Well, I guess you would have been much better, it's a shame you don't have a leading position at Microsoft, isn't it.

I use my Synology NAS to sync OneDrive and mapped that folder as a network drive. It's not perfect, but it works for me... miss the placeholders though

Why is it that every Windows phone"Flagship" is always behind the curve? "In a few months, our phone will do what Androids did a year ago! Isn't it great?!"

I remember reading windowscentral articles on the 930/1520/ICON having quickcharge support but it's always been vague...

Cant wait to see the latest and greatest Chinese spyware these new Le-No-Go models will have!

Daniel,  what happened to Ask Dan? Just wondering unless I missed something. Also, do you think the "leaked" (though unofficial) 940 & 940XL pictures would be better as the same design with only size, name, and specs being its only differentiator or do you prefer the two designs for the same phone?



I prefer function over form. The specs are great! And why is everyone being picky over the design? I see nothing horrible about these phones. Camera bump? Large bezels? Give me a break. All I care about is if it can take great photos, stream 4k video, and play awesome new mobile games. Also Continuum will be great and invoke jealosy during PowerPoint training sessions.

I still hope MS got some up their sleeve. Those phones are dead ugly and they do look cheap. No way I'm going to pay like 500€ for a phone that looks like my sons 640.

I presume english is your native and only language, am I right? If so show some more respect to people that know more than just one. I guess being polite or at least tolerant won't make your dick smaller. Thank you.

I'm counting on this to be released on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest this week!