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I REALLY want them to expand the Insights feature in Sticky Notes outside the US. They talk about it at every single event and are very proud of it but they never mention it's a US specific feature. Yes, they are a US company but it doesn't even work in the UK where the language is so closely linked to US English. I don't mind them showing a product off that they are proud of but they should communicate better that its US only when they are presenting to international audiences

You have to start somewhere and he is literally starting from the ground up. Why are you treating him like he is some big company like HP.

The icon isn't shown by default on the Linx tablet since it doesn't support pen input. But like you say it can be enabled on any PC using your steps

I use it to annotate something that isn't a web page (for a web page I use the edge tools - maybe they will start using the ink toolbar in the future too)

The specs say so but I am not sure if it is optional or included. The date is Oct 17th for all the pre orders acc to the website

Love the 4 wide tiles next to each other on the larger handsets. Tempted to get a 950 XL and sell my 950 if I have some cash lying around near the end of the year and can find one with glass in good condition

Honestly, I think I should have speak about this earlier, but with such a high competition on Android marketplace, OEMs like Microsoft and Sony had same opportunities to grow 2 years ago, but looks like Sony won. 

Sony Xperia phones have matured, they've got some of the best camera in the market, they have the best Hi-Res sound on mobile device with support for SACD sound, they also have some of the most wide # of accessories that support NFC, Ant+ and other protocols that build a huge ecosystem of hardware components that make the Xperia platform, I can even say more than Samsung and Apple together. 

Microsoft purchased Nokia, Nokia 2,3 years ago sold headphones, wireless chargers, speakers, etc, but Satya Nadella didn't took advantage of Nokia hardware and made bad business decisions and today Lumia is dead, Sony despite having everything against them (high competition with Android phones) has made a loyal fan base of users (I'm included) and is one of the few OEMs that make money through selling hardware. 

The history will prove Satya Nadella made terrible decisions and terrible management to avoid cloning Android and having a good customer experience with green numbers on hardware sales as Sony Mobile does today. 

Good for Sony and Bad for Microsoft. 

This is just my opinion.

Just curious.... but wouldn't it be cheaqper and faster to use a torrent client on your phone, PC, NAS, etc? For me, I initiate a torrent from my phone (lumia 950) to my Synology DS716+ (NAS) and once done, it's moved to a folder that has UPNP setup on it, so the Xbox one, or anything really, sees it with no problem.

Main reason is probably because they are opening themselves up to having to support it. In this day and age you wouldn't be surprised if they got in trouble some how for releasing it themselves and not offering support

true, BUT, they just released the Updated Ondrive App for Android , IT Now has the Sharepoint link built in.. Works great, dont even need the Sharepoint App now... is free. The store has free mobile versions of all the office apps (for desktop pc too). For a home user there is little else you need

Everyone can use US gift cards to buy in the Xbox US store, even if u r not in US.... Sometimes i buy US currency because the price of the games in the US store r better than in my region.. I think the contest is US only coz of the sponsor

No not at all. "by your reckoning" means absolutely nothing. There is nothing on that graph that can prove that. The single thing that it shows, is that there are less queries over the span of a few hours. You can't even assume a percentage because you don't know the scale of the y-axis. You also only see a short trend on the x-axis so you have nothing to compare it to in relation to any other day. 

But whales do not lay eggs like a fish.


Also, not all fish have dorsal fins, either.

With the Halo Keyboard, can you rest your palms and fingers on it without having it register as a keystroke?

EA might not make plenty of games for Windows Phone anymore, but they are good at supporting their existing apps/games. Sim Freeplay for example, a 2014, WP8 game still getting frequent updates. And they will release FIFA Mobile game for W10M too, alongside Android and iOS this fall.

I would have to agree. Who's going to make better decisions, a massive company like Samsung, or some bloke making phones in his shed? I think since all the big companies have stayed away, that tells you more.

You don't need exact numbers to recognise the impact third party users were having.

By my reckoning, Niantic's servers had 70% fewer requests per second after the third party apps were removed.

Enough said, wouldn't you say?!!

yes, translucent LCD's are available (as are bendable).  Any device using this would have a metal bottom that would keep all the inernal parts (cameras, processor, battery etc. but the screen itself would be a piece of glass coming out from the base.  You can youtube translucent LCD to see more.

A) your graph shows nothing without any actual reference on it

B) where on that graph does it show that PoGo was costing the devs money in their servers in reference to the other apps that were stopped

yes, translucent LCD's are available (as are bendable).  Any device using this would have a metal bottom that would keep all the inernal parts (cameras, processor, battery etc. but the screen itself would be a piece of glass coming out from the base.  You can youtube translucent LCD to see more.

so how will this work say u download a album or movie is there a built in file manager with this as well?

I am so on board with the WhartonBrooks philosophy and truly geeked to see what they can do. I want to be in the vanguard of cheerleaders.

I'm equally geeked to see Jason Ward start an expose on this new initiative. I agree 100% with the tempered optimism you present in Part 1. Fans owe it to themselves and the platform they love to look for new players to support and help build up. If they stumble it will be at least in part due to the fans...

Don't forget we have a Forum Section dedicated to Cerulean:  I hope I see more users drop in and help spread the excitement of discovery.

Another example of a company that rather goes thro the hassle of modifying their api to not work with third party apps, rather then develop their app for that platform, especially considering how many tools they have available to do that job. I mean, the game is made with Unity (Don't quote me on that), which makes that job even easier.

Transparent battery, motherboard, chips, cards?
The only part you would be replacing is the case.

* Halo keyboard... is it a physical keyboard layout (the back-lighting), or is the back-lighting set up by software? In other words, suppose I want a Spanish or German layout -- do I need a different hardware then, or is it just to change the settings?

* Pen ink.. is it a proprietary pen refill, or a "standard" such as Parker refill, etc.?