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If these fail, sales wise, as they're now likely looking to do due to the limited availability, I doubt very highly that there *will* be another phone release, a Surface phone.

I'm not sure why folks think that Satya Nadella is going to pour Billions of Dollars into yet another phone after this debacle.

AFAIK ATT is getting the 950 and 950XL. Personally I'm going with the 950 because the XL is just too damn big.

Part of me wonders if this was part of the strategy to let other OEM have a chance to make their phones stand out. Only Microsoft has made a statement about their devices. We already know Acer said they will have one. If only we could know what truly happened/ happens behind closed doors. Even during the unveiling, Panos didn't seem interested in hyping up the phones. I wonder if it is because he didn't have faith, has his own project in the works, or is trying to downplay to allow others to step in without the excuse that Lumais are hogging the market share. I suppose the simplest answer is that they are still working to transition from the Nokia acquisition and aren't fully ready and this is all just to try to satisfy Windows Phones fans at least a little and show they are still around.

I'd like it more if it didn't have the #windows10devices on the back :| If it wasn't there I'd totally buy it!

No one in the USA owns anything, if its not a never ending lease on a home, a student loan, credit card that they will never pay off, a car lease to now a phone on a payment plan.
Debt is the American way, not too many seem to save anymore.

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There may be a Surface phone, and there may not be (personally, I doubt it, given the now-all bad blood between Microsoft and the wireless carriers).

But I do agree that this release is looking more and more as:

1.  a wait and see approach, to gauge consumer take up or interest in Continuum

2. the beginning of the end for the 'Lumia' brand of devices in particular.  

And if OEMs pick up the slack fine, and if they don't Satya Nadella will aim to try find the next big thing after smartphones.  I wouldn't honestly be shocked if these are some of the last group of Lumia Windows phones we see.

(Shrug) My take anyway.

No mate, I think this is ridiculous too. Unless you're a MS employee, you've got no reason to be wearing that. Also, wearing such t shirts is basically inviting people around you to mock your fanboyism.


I don't get this. Why not just make a different version of the phones so people can buy it. This wont get more market share

I was thinking about going for Surface Book till now but XPS 15 refresh has completely changed my decision, First of all i get a big 15.6 display in an awesome 14inch laptop chassis, less than 2KG weight and much more powerful components compared to Surface book's Ultrabook parts:


1. CPU Differences: The Intel i7 H 45 Watt part used in Dell XPS is a much more powerful than the Surface book's intel i7 U 15 watt part.

2. GPU Difference: XPS 15 gets a powerful Nvidia GTX 960M with 2GB VRAM compared to cut-down, neutred Surface Book custom GPU which is most probably a cut-down Nvidia 950M with 1GB VRAM.

Then the most important thing is price, XPS 15 ($1000-2150) costs much less than Surface Book ($1500-2700) and at the same time uses much more expensive Intel and Nvidia parts. People have option of getting a XPS15 with 1080P matte display or 4K Glossy touch, 1TB basic HD or 1TB SSD, 32GB ram and bigger battery.

Why is there such focus for India? Why not special deals for the UK, Australia, or Canada?

I'd much rather buy the shirt for AU$10 (+ Delivery) from the Indian store, instead of from the US where it's AU$28.24 + AU$ 17.32 S/H = $45 for a shirt, which is a bit much I think

Well, might as well start making plans for the funeral........
MS just killed WM10..... I always knew that was their ultimate goal.....
It's all over, people... Pack your bags, and go home.

Buy phone outright is cheaper than 2 years contract to me on AT&T GoPlan. Saved me couple hundreds dollars after 2 years and I already included the full price of the phone in there.

Financing isn't the only tether, @techfreak. You've been sermonizing about savings this entire thread. We get it already! I'm not even saying I disagree with you necessarily, but your view of the situation is woefully inadequate if you're sharing the sum of it.

For many of us, the bigger issue is reception. Most of the truly huge cities have good signal on any carrier, sure. But elsewhere, it's not always so. Actually it's usually NOT SO. And it's not only the middle of nowhere or the small towns. I live in Des Moines, which by all accounts is a mid-sized city, and it's a city that's very, VERY much in boom right now! We're exploding! And yet, even here reception is an issue on many carriers.

When my wife and I were on Sprint recently, I'd have all sorts of issues with streaming audio and video even just driving about the city. Going into buildings made it so much worse. My battery got sucked dry trying to fight for signal (now, it was a Galaxy Note 3, so the battery wasn't exactly stellar anyway), and I could just never rely on the Internet when I needed it. My parents, who live across town from me have AT&T, and their lot really isn't all that much better.

The best coverage here BY A LONG SHOT is Verizon. Nobody is even close! Since switching back, I have had NO connectivity issues - PERIOD!  Furthermore, the building I work in bolsters Verizon signals since all company phones are Verizon, while non-Verizon signals get impeded. So for personal web derping and video watching during breaks or downtime, Verizon is the only act in town, or at least in the office. :-)

Lastly, while I don't leave the glistening lights and tall buildings of Des Moines for the rolling agrarian plainslands of greater Iowa all the time, when I do, the difference in carriers is SOOOOOOO pronounced! Look at the carriers maps for Iowa. Sprint is the worst, with yellow (signal) only over i35 and i80 (at the junction of which sits Des Moines). AT&T's map is not much better. But Verizon? The ENTIRE STATE is COMPLETELY red with absolutely no white spots whatsoever! I can go anywhere in the hawkeye state.....and know that I can stream the Hawkeye game! Only on Verizon! :-)

Furthermore, my wife is VERY happy with her iPhone6+ on Verizon, finally feels like she's "home" and would NEVER agree to leaving Big Red just so I can have a Windows Phone, ESPECIALLY when I'm gunning for multi-platform / multi-device user status, and the Windows Phone would simply join an iPhone6+ of my own, as well as he Nexus 6p I would intend to get around tax return time as just one of three phones I'd have. It'd never happen! I'd have to make my bed on the corner of the roof for the next several years!

So my being stuck with Big Red has nothing to do with financing a phone. We did finance the iPhones, as it turns out, but we can pay them off at any time and be done. We're not actually bound to anything with V, other, of course, than simply paying off the phones. And I have no problems with buying phones outright as once again, I was planning on making tax time goodies out of the Nexus6p and the Lumia 950XL - outright purchases, mind you!

Only now, it'll likely be a Nexus6p and a Google Pixel Android tablet....or maybe a Nexus6p and an Acer Jade Primo - if that one even comes to Verizon ---- and also if this whole 950XL tease has not so soured and jaded me that I just completely abandon all my aspirations for being multiplatform and make my bed with Apple.

Anyway, my big point is simply that there's a lot more to a lot of people's "can't switch" stories than simply the credit shackles of prior instant gratification binges. Please try to be more sensitive, and....shall we say....make less of an ass out of you and me (if you get my insinuation.) :-)

Cheers, @techfreak!

I got that mail from them. But I don't really use Skype for PSTN calls so.. Thanks.

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This maybe off topic, what are the VNC clients that are available for Windows 10? If there are some good options I can leave my laptop at home, carry the display dock and the 950 to work

Can anyone fuck themselves better than Microsoft? I get it that I can go to the MS store and buy my phone unlocked so I can use it on tmobile, thats great. That is what I have done in the past, but why have this grand announcement showing off the phones, and then keep everyone in the dark. Why wouldn't they come out and say its going to be sold unlocked in our stores and on ATT,, verizon and sprint won't be supported? Instead they don't say shit and rumors start flying all over the place and now they look like the effing idiots that they are.This just reminds me of the Xbox One announcement cluster.


Apple has a buy back scheme for old devices backed up by an international logistics network which will pick up the devices from your doorstep and in return u get discounts for buying new ios devices. 

Perhaps this is something microsft should consider emulating

I would seriously look into the SP3 now that SB and SP4 are out! My SP3 feels just as awesome today as it felt last year! And it just keeps turning heads wherever I go (with people totally confounded at how there's a Core i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD inside something nearly as small as an iPad).

Why do you guys expect anything else from Microsoft? They clearly don't care about windows mobile. If they really wanted to make it grow then they would of 1. Made nicer designs 2. Made available to all carriers 3. Done away with carrier timed OS upgrades (like apple) 4. Offered financing through Microsoft store and 5. Made a surprise announcement that major apps were going to be constantly supported on the new OS like snap chat and instagram. Don't tell me thats impossible cause Microsoft is filthy rich and could afford to pay snapchat and other apps to come to the platform. But as usual they do the bare minimum, launch at really high prices without cheaper options, and windows phone market share stays embarrassingly low...

With earlier articles WC used to give us the near full tables and the numbers of units behind the tables. Chromebooks aren't counted either

At first I was also like, that's a weird gap, but I think it makes for an interesting design that also actually looks like a book. My only concern would be, what happens in a bag if you put some pressure on the hinge part?

Those are properly what have always had the biggest sales. Most people aren't gamers or hardware enthusiasts

Custom PCs are for people who never move or go anywhere. No matter how much I would like one, I could never own one (at least not for the past 20 years and the foreseeable future). So I might as well put that same money into something premium that I can take with me and that serves my purposes without breaking my back.

You are forgetting one important thing, the i7 used on both these devices are completely different. Surface Book uses an ultrabook suitable intel i7 U part whereas XPS 15 uses full fat intel i7 H 45 Watt part.

For the time being, I'm sticking with my 928 and will wait and see what other manufacturers come up with. So far, the Acer Jade Primo looks interesting. As for the Lumias, they can call me if/when they get their act together.

Well, $2700 is not much for Enterprise purchases, they are ready to spend even $4k-5k on Laptop Workstations.

Negative votes because you're comparing a laptop to a hybrid. Did you really expect to be able to open 7.7mm casing easily with assemblies sandwiched like 4 times? It has nothing to do with fanboyism or hate, just your lack of engineering understanding.