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I was wondering, why isn't services like VPN prohibited

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Great phone with 13 mp camera as opossed to the 8 mp on my 640. I love the L640 phone and camera is good for me. 

the browser should have never been released without extension support. the average consumer will not wait for these things to be "fixed", they will simply move on. which they do.

If IE crashes, you will often lose all the tabs you had. Firefox is good (I use it for Firebug mainly), but it simply can't handle as many tabs. I don't know how Chrome does it, but it doesn't bring my system to it's knees anywhere near as much as Firefox. I am always disappointed by Opera - I tried it again a couple of years ago, and boy did it love to crash... I had to manually recover my tabs (a simple renaming of files) far too many times, and I doubt I'll ever use it again. I use Edge on my 950, and I've just setup a new W10 tablet for my wife which might be the first PC in my life that I haven't installed a different browser on immediately (I'll let her use Edge for a while, as it does seem good). For my own PC's, I use Chrome as my daily driver, and ALL of the other browsers in my profession as a developer (software & web).

Here we go again.

BTW this decision came from a judge, not a politician. And it's the same judge who ordered the detention of Facebook's VP for Latin America earlier this year, so it's probably related to the same case.

I hope it wont last for long.

Ban Tim Sweeney form Internet......because someone Trying to Keep Franchise Up and Running....because of this Person/comment some people just afraid to buy it.....

Also not mentioned by Sweeny is the exodus of talent after Tencen bought Epic Games. Many of them, like CliffyB, cashed out and left.

Ok, you peeked my interest, what is the name of your company. If they are that good, ms needs to call them for ideas but I do hope you can see as a dev the complexity of what ms is doing. Sure your company released two product updates on the same day to reflect how each enhances the other but working on applications only and working on apps and a totally news os and trying to get legacy apps to work with this new os' distribution framework is a totally different field. But what do I know, you sound for me experienced than I could dream to be.

I hope they redo Calculator with Centennial. The new calculator app is awful. It works, but app focus and input focus is a big problem.

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App is the stylish word for "application" which is what all programs are. You can thank Apple's marketing for the confusion.

Most are still waiting in Windows 10 Drivers for their hardware.

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I'm just gonna wait until they convert Visual Studio to UWP. THEN I'll be impressed ;)

Wordpad? Who even cares lol

I just got an update for the newest Redstone build, i think it's a little bug fixing update since it only added .1001 at the end of the build number.

I'm using Firefox and Edge. I'm not convinced by the sudden Chrome hype. Also it is said to be a battery-killer

Well, hopefully the eyes of the world will help shake some sense into your politicians! A beautiful country and people, being ruined by corruption and greed. Sad.

@Cleavitt76 - exactly right. I'm a software & web developer so my browser is the #1 tool I use each day. I might have 6 windows, with 10-15 tabs open in each one covering a wide variety of topics. i.e. a current problem I'm working on, a problem I was working on yesterday but a higher priority issue came through, daily news, general research (holidays, things to buy), different email accounts, azure portals etc etc. 

I was actually being conservative when I said 50 tabs... quite often I'll have so many open that I can't even see an icon for the tab - multiplied by 6 or 7 individual windows (each with as many tabs). It'll easily chew through 10-16 GB of RAM until I start going through them all and closing them off. 

It's just the nature of having a lot of interests and a lot of different things to work on... with fluctuating interest and/or time to commit to them.

The bigger story to me is why Gears 4 would cost 10 times what it cost Gears 1...  I get it, that production costs are going to increase as time goes by, but 10x+ seems excessive.  But what do I know, I am not a game developer.

Hahaha, if they continue like this, Brazilian people will turn into hackers in no time, just to get into the social media

Wait, are we still able to apply? I'm not sure if I did or not. Can't find a form or anything.

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Haven't played GeOW for a number of years but the open beta for 4 brought back some good memories oh that chainsaw bayonet.

Same way i did and got the update yesterday evening.

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The cell companies are being ordered to block traffic. Time to get a VPN and bypass the block.

Oh really, then how is she gonna WhatsApp her husband, this must be terrible and tragic for the people in Brazil

And relinquish control of installing updates when I want to instead of when Microsoft wants to? And I'm not taking about delaying installing updates, I mean having Windows say, "Hey! You have new updates available! Do you want to download them?"

Although Windows 10 is pretty nice.

Hey it's more brands for Microsoft. They're developing quite a portfolio.

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Settings aren't magically appearing in the registry. The developer has to create the settings in the first place, and then maybe an UI for them as well. The same goes for UWP, but they are not stored in the registry. The registry isn't magically solving this issue. Not sure where most devs store their settings nowadays, problably the cloud, local file and environment variables.

Article will come. But first Windows Central will be rebranded as Microsoft Central.

Honestly, edge sucks. Too slow, ours of pages won't load properly. Lack of extensions (except the mostly useless betas available). They need to do with edge what they have been doing with mobile. Can it and start over again.

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Viber said that there's a problem with Store that can't push update to PC/Tablet (for now). They are contacting to Microsoft to fix that.