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Very nice update. Scrolling has improved and so is the performance. Also like the black preview background introduced in this update

Wow, big necro, this thread's a few days away from being a mth old... >.>

You do realise it's too late to update for free from Win8, right? That date came & went long ago... 

Unless you already claimed your free upgrade a while back, & are now just reverting back to W10.

I can confirm the update is real. I needed to uninstall, reboot, and reinstall for it to not crash at boot though. Good to go now. I like the status bar though so I can monitor my battery and the time as I browse through peoples posts. Thanks for finally adding that Facebook.

I want the status bar to removed(like MSN News) when using Instagram. It looks ugly now.

Don't think it's Microsoft that you are waiting on but rather Fitbit. Garmin has notifications working between their app and devices - text messages, email, missed calls, weather and music controls.

I had a Fitbit Charge, which of course fell apart (two of them in a year). Bought a Garmin Vivosmart HR and would never go back to Fitbit.

How about they make something that is in fact actually faster than a 5 year old chip, rather than being faster 'per watt' or faster per some obscure metric of web browsing that simply cant be true because 99% of web performance is choked at getting the page to the PC in the first place.
The ONLY reason these chips are faster in any real-world sense is because they are finally using SSDs instead of HDDs, and because onboard GPUs are finally to a point where they don't need a dGPU for anything more strenuous than video playback. Outside of that everything has been towards making PCs smaller, lighter, and last longer in the mobile space... which is all well and good... except that the only reason to shout out to 5 years ago is to try and gain some of that Sandy Bridge desktop business back.

Here's a clue Intel: We don't care about faster web performance, battery life, iGPU performance etc. All we are waiting for is a 6-8 core "CPU only" processor that can run on a 'normal' motherboard, that costs $300 or less while offering ~30-50% more per-core compute power across the board. Something that offers truly more performance than our 5 year old desktops that won't break the bank to upgrade to. As it stands now, the only things I am looking forward to upgrade for is m.2, PCIe4, and 10Gb Ethernet... and 2 of those things are still a few years away, and with how my 5 year old desktop performs I think I can wait.

Have you ever connected it to the internet :p

On a serious note check whether you have set your wi-fi connection as metered. Windows 10 does not download any update if it is on a metered connection, but it should still show the available updates under settings>updates.

How do I stop Automatic updates?  I want to see the updates and approve their downloads on my computer.

Wait, so the new Elite doesn't have Thargoids in it already?? I've only played the original Elite on C128, and Frontier on Amiga. I am interested in this new game, but already have hundreds to play in my Steam pile of shame :/

So, I thought Windows 8.0 users couldn't upgrade to Windows 10, they needed Windows 8.1. Yet I downloaded the Windows 10 anniversary edition iso (build 1607) 64-bit and after it checked out my system, it was ready to install..... so that rule no longer exists?

Would love to support Fitbit but Microsoft are shooting themselves in the feet with them. Any word Dan or John on when Microsoft will enable Fitbits notifications on windows 10? Thought it would have happened by now for sure!

It kind of reminds me of the excellent Korean zombie movie Train to Busan.
This game is available on Steam too. 

Aaaaand... this just made my list of must have games.

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Im still waiting for them to fix my external hdd issue. I cannot open it with the anniversary update but when I roll back, its perfectly fine. And this is using Surface Pro 4!

Just jumping in.. Band 2 FTW! Yes... I wish it were waterproof but Fitbit never got the Windows Phone Messaging to work... Plus now the killed the Microsoft Heath-vault link... remind me why I give two hoots about Fitbit?

I have no problem running flawed builds as I have been on the fast ring for a very long time, but we usually don't wait this long for a new release. When the announcement came from MS that we will be getting 2 major releases next year and that the previews will be coming often, I believed them. My bad.

It does not. I only see 17-inch laptops and gaming ones with those these days; XPS 15 is Ultrabook-ish so it ditches number pad.

Ok just got the update. Crashes a lot.  Can't take pic for stories, does not register.  And only able to take video, when trying to post, crashes.  Although it's great to be able to see others stories.  Hopefully more updates to fix issues soon.


You need too use the recovery tool and factory reset. If you weren't planning on running flawed builds, why are you on fast ring?

Is there a way to uninstall the last Mobile fast ring build? I wasn't planning on 2 weeks on this flawed build. I apologize for going off topic, but I would appreciate feedback.

The one I use daily and the account I use with my Windows Phone also isn't migrated. Funny or just coincidence maybe?

Does it matter what version we buy then?

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I'm surprised by how other people had theirs fall apart. I had my HR for a year and a half before it started lasting only a few hours, but the band looks new still.

The Charge 2's band is replaceable though.

I'm not getting Firmware updates. I've literally NEVER had a firmware update on my SP4. Any ideas?