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I have played the Game of the Year edition of Fallout 3 on my Xbox One without issues. The DLC runs like a champ. I imagine DLC functions properly for any backwards compatible 360 game.

I can not understand, I have a radeon r9 270x 4GB.
With older drivers the game works well enough, when I try to update new drivers Crimson Edition 16.5.3 the game does not work anymore, crashes on boot
Someone else encountered this problem?

This Facebook app is not terrible at all. I don't know if you've used it on android or IOS but it isn't much better.

Please don't bring half life 3 up now. I'm so craving to play it now. May start from Half Life 2 again and the episodes'

Not quite. Any of your followers who also follow @you will see it without the leading period.

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Tell us, then - how much content is $60 worth? How many tracks, how many cars, how many gameplay hours? Because right now you just sound like you're entitled to everything the developers make, regardless of whether the original package is worth the asking price.

Oh, and look at Gran Turismo Sport - sorry, but longer development cycles aren't making their games special at all. They've become complacent in their reputation.

Same here. I have a Lumia 830 and it's horrible. Goes from 100% to 29% in less than 6 hours

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Golly gee. I wish I could be as smart as you and already know everything. You are quite an impressive person.

We support shared Google Calendars, go into settings->accounts and look for the Google shared calendar link near the top

Exactly what I though, and you might as well wait for the end of the year, FH3 should be coming out

TMNT looks pretty cool, but I can't see myself paying 50 bucks for it.  It's been done too many times, although each have been fun, it's just not worth $50 for me; $25 perhaps.  Also, I hope it has 4 player coop play and some type of story mode.

These games release too quickly. If Forza took a slower route like Gran Turismo, I would buy in more easily. Instead, I feel myself better off waiting for the next game to be announced at E3. Yes, Horizon and Motorsport are different, but as someone who just wants a quality racer, I am fine with either version of the franchise.

$100+ to get all of the content of a 2-year game is more than I care to spend.

Download du meter.... It shows real time network speed & data usage for all process .it is the best app for monitoring data usage and speed

Going to love exploiting the glitches on this Incursion like I did the last. And the rope cutting, lol, oh man. My crew of 240+ gear score are going to be cutting all ya ropes.#brokengame

Satya has made it clear he doesn't give two ***** about mobile. Ever since he took over, it's been a downward spiral of death for Windows Phone/Mobile, both in market share and in terms of operating system quality.

He's doing great with desktop and the cloud, but his mobile efforts are pathetic.

You serious ?! Then people will start sharing purchased movies across friends too....

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Guys you know what? I followed WindowsCentral for some time, then I quit for like half a year and when I started to follow it again, second day I saw review of Opera here and I actually transfered to it from Chrome+Edge. And now this? Amazing lol

Exactly!!! Why make an already challenging enough situation even more difficult, just for the hell of it! We shouldn't have to be bothered with waiting for the damn chopper to take off before we try to make our escape. BS indeed.

This app needs "shake to refresh", don't you think?

RoJo Arlington, TX Waiting for 6.2" Surface Phone Pro

That's a good idea. Being rogue should be the only way to cut the rope. At least give us some warning.

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In my opinion the expansion is only really worthwhile for the multiplayer, where the high-speed intensity and unpredictability of oval racing is at it's best. Racing online on the road circuits is also good but let's face it, the ovals are where it's special.

The single player is okay, but really just more of the same stuff already in the game. It reminds me a lot of Forza 5's career where you pick a discipline and it feeds you through every track in the game and you just go through them. Nothing particularly memorable.

Worx Home is supported on Windows 10 Mobile. I've built and I manage XenMobile for my company, and we have both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Moble devices enrolled and working.

I've been using Opera since they came out with the Ad blocker built in. And I really want a Surface Pro 4..

Wow! It takes almost 8x longer to open (this specific article) with ads than without! Crazy! Thanks Opera! ;)

excellent news about pac-man 256, although it was free before.


maybe they'll add more features to it.


leaderboards would be nice, along with achievements.

I started using opera sinds your video revieuw. The integrated adblock, vpn & AWESOME video popup just made me use it.

Use it now on all devices ;)