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Well done, Microsoft. Of course I suppose MS thought this through: at least one appearance on the main news program on the biggest two local tv stations, some articles on leading local tech websites etc.

Very exciting. The ability to have just the audio play is absolutely incredible. So being able to download just the audio.... my life will be filled with so many lectures about things that are not my degree... and that is fantastic.

+1. As much as I liked MetroTube - it was riddled with bugs.

Since myTube exists - I use only it and I never encountered any hiccups or strange behavior from this app. It's the best, hands down.

I have the black one and am hoping after all these bundle designs they let us buy replacement plates to update the exterior design of the box. That would be very nice for us early adopters!

Yay..... A game that came out years ago and that I've already beat...... Good thing im an early adopter....

It's by far the best Youtube app out there! I just hope that design will be more Windowish than now (like it was before latest big update). Otherwise, thumbs up for developer! :)

i was able to replace all of my cable boxes with an htpc and cable card and centrally record all content and access it from any room i have a 360 in. i have a synology nas hooked to the htpc with a lot of storage to hold content. this includes drm channels like hbo, showtime, starz, etc. i dont torrent my content. the idea of piggybacking off of a cablebox is assinine imo. i dont want to pay box rental fees. and yes, i do still watch live tv from time to time as well.

ProShot has about the same level of control, but I also like Lumia Camera more, because the UI is just so much better

That was a good point I had its kind of a joke they messed up that bad. 343 off to a bang up job I think. cant wait to not play halo 5. being a hard core halo fan who's buys everything halo feels a little burnt. only thing good out of it was nightfall.

I love xbox but I'm very upset with how halo and destiny have turned out for xbox. halos been out a few weeks and online play still does not work like it should and destiny is just crap for xbox we are not getting any of the extras or anything at all. Kinect games and apps are nowhere to be found for the people who gor them. smart glass is great but only pvz really uses it somewhat right. been a xbox fan for many years I just understand. also lets talk about the party system...... why fix something if it was not broken. so many steps to get a party or send out friend invites to games