comScore report: Microsoft market share down again in April

Another month, another comScore report.

Like the previous reports that have come out, this one seems to back up the notion that Microsoft has yet to stop their losses in U.S. marketshare for their mobile OSs (comScore seems to lump Windows Mobile and Windows Phone). Gathered from more than 30,000 mobile subscribers via an online survey, the data seems to be at least consistent.

Looking at April, Microsoft's U.S. marketshare is down to 6.7%. To put that in perspective, we've accumulated the last few months of data from comScore and we can see that just over a year ago, MS had 13.2% of the market and it had steadily declined to 10.2% in August and 8.4% in December. In short, Microsoft's marketshare has dropped 25% since Windows Phone 7's launch in October.

Of course with the aging Windows Mobile, we expect many to abandon the platform for alternatives like Android or...well Android (and looking closely, RIM gained as well over 2010-2011). But the problem Microsoft seems to have is converting old Windows Mobile users to Windows Phone. Then again, some of those high-end users may be attracted to Android's more "open" standards and OS manipulation, which resembles Windows Mobile in many ways. The decline though seems to be slowing a bit, but until that number becomes positive growth, Microsoft still has much area to recover.

Luckily that Nokia, Skype and Mango strategy should pay off by late 2011.

Source: comScore; via WinRumors


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comScore report: Microsoft market share down again in April


What's more interesting is that Apple is down 1.1%. That's 0.4% bigger loss than Windows Mobile/Phone.And checkout RIM: +0.2%.

i don't understand does stats , bunch of stats stating that RIM is losing money , yet they go up 5% in share every month?? and i dunno why OLD WM user are going to other platform instead of Wp7 , kinda dumbYAY lets take a saturated OPEN SOURCE OS(android)( btw Open source is 100% useless unless your a DEV ) so i dunno why it attracts so many people, its not Evan user friendly compare to Ios or Wp7. sorta like the Iphone and people wanting the iPhone cause it has the WIFI. LOL!!! i just wish we had more intelligent people on the planet it would prevent good company from going under.

Android and Windows Mobile are almost exactly the same: both require "hacking", come on a ton of different hardware, have OEM customization, are powerful and can do more than Windows Phone.Windows Phone is more elegant, but don't forget if in Dec you needed a phone that could copy/paste, Windows Phone was not it. People don't think long-term with phones they thing "what's the hottest thing now" and they buy.From personal experience, a lot of Windows Mobile power-users went to Android.

Couldn't agree more, switch c for java, windows ce for linux, and it is pretty much the same.except oem and carrier customization is even more extreme since it is "open"

All current WP7 users surely can't be former WM users, right? I don't see how it is imperative that Microsoft 'convert' WM users, especially given that there are only 30% of cell phone users that are smartphone users (all platforms). There are nearly 70% of cellphone users that are feature phone/paygo users, some of which are ready to make the leap to a smartphone - these are the folks that Microsoft should target as the pool is larger. The bigger issues that Microsoft face such as advertising, carrier sales personnel pushing Android, etc., are the true hurdles that they need to overcome.

To survive this time around, Microsoft needs to SERIOUSLY understand the meaning of "do or die."They have one shot; after that, it's game over.So whatever features they implement in WP7 better be perfect and timely from now on.WP7 is not and upgrade path from WM6; Android is. They chose this route, so they will lose their old fanbase (about 10-15% of the market, if my numbers are correct).

I don't think "nokia,skype, mango" is a strategy.I highly doubt people are making descisons about what phone to get based on if it has skype integration.

here is a fuller list of the comScore data:Jun-10, Jul-10, Aug-10, Sep-10, Oct-10, Nov-10, Dec-10, Jan-11, Feb-11, Mar-11, Apr-11:12.8, 11.8, 10.8, 9.9, (WP7 lauch) 9.7, 9, 8.4, 8.0, 7.7, 7.5, 6.7Here is change:-1.0, -1.0, -0.9, (WP7 launch) -0.2, -0.8, -0.6, -0.4, -0.2, -0.8Obviously, April drop is irrregular, unless there are some reason behind, which I don't know. Other than that, it looks stablizing, means WP7 is making up WinMo6's loss. Remember comScore data is not market share, it is subscriber share (winmo + wp7). The drop only means WinMo drop faster than WP7 increase.

It also means that WM users are abandoning the platform in favor of competitors. Not a great scenario, considering the people who do a lot of the recommending to novices are power users, and they are the leaving.

it's unrealistic to think all winmo user's are to use WP7. What is important is (baring apr) since WP7 is gradually making up the WinMo's loss. It would have been dropping at 1.0 rate or even more. To has WP7 grow faster than WinMo drop, that's almost impossible at the moment until WinMo diminshing.I think it is a great number, except the latest month.

This is to be expected. WP7 cannot grow as fast as WM shrinks. Here soon it will level out and begin to climb again.Not surprising to see people leaving WM for other platforms, if you are a WM fanatic android is the obvious option and WP7 is likely the least attractive.

They're kind of stuck. They would either have to create one superior model phone that everyone clamors phone, or pump out a ton of different phones across all the carriers. Neither of those situations has taken place. Verizon is just now getting one Windows Phone to the market. Sprint has one model. ATT and T-Mobile have a few more. I think more options on all the carriers would help to dramatically raise their sales and get people actually interested and aware of the new OS. If I were in the market for a new phone now (on Verizon currently), I'd have multiple high quality Android options, the iPhone, and the Trophy. Android will sell on selection and the iPhone will sell on name alone. Unless the Trophy were to wow me in both form and function, I'd have no other WP option and my money would go elsewhere.

Without separate numbers for WP7 this is useless. Of course Windows Mobile's share will continue to fall - it had 9% of users at the time of Windows Phone launch.

ive had 6 Wm phones , took android , pitched it in the trash and got wp7. ether way , i have an Xbox so wp7 is a MUST ,i still don't see why you guys think going from WM to android is a obvious choice. i could hack WBEOS does that make it a obvious choice to switch to as well?and 95% of WM NEVER *hacked* there phones or evan use it properly for that matter( and that95% stats i build my self from selling Wm phones for the last 3years.) MOST people dont Evan relies they need to CLOSE their apps or its gona slow your device down a **** LOADS. man i had people come into the store and say`i dunno why my phone is running so slow ) i would open up task manage and see 20+ apps opened LMAO! . ok so WM to android is maybe a Obvious choice for 5% of the WM users and the rest of them just got suckered into getting an Android by a crappy sells-men or a friend and dint do research. but then again 50% of the people with SMARTPHONES dont evan need Smartphones LOL . ill guess il keep doing my jopb and keep pushing Wp7 at work :P

95% of android users dont hack their phones either.Why is WP7 a must because you own an xbox?WM to android is the obvious choice because even besides hacking its the most similar platform. WP7 is at the opposite end of the spectrum as far as thats concerned.

eventual frustration with the false "open-ness" of android. while manuf seem to be letting up on the locked hardware, seeing is believing.the core OS remains open, but google's new stance on who's allowed their branded products, their market, and also the amount of tinkering needed to get 85% of the phones to run semi decently.those will bring people (like me) to wp7 from the terrible user experience that represents android.

Sorry, if it was such a terrible experience I do not believe that Android would be blowing away Apple(Tinker free) as they clearly are, and continue to thus far.

Xbox live + wp7 = do i need to explain? and im sure its only gonna be getting better in next updates ( after MANGO )well i guess WM is more compatible with Android ( i had android on my WM lol ), but that can easy be said in the sens that Ios is VERY similar to Wp7. no? ah well . hopefully people relies how good this wp7 is and WILL be in the near future. all they need to do is launch the FIRST 3D phone and they in business :P

I want to see a couple of months of Verizon users coming online since Verizon represents roughtly half the cell subscribers in the states. Nobody in their right mind was buy win 6.5 product, but there has been decent demand for wp7. Something in the fall is going to be more interesting than any numbers that come out before then....

Verizon being on board is not going to impact the numbers in any great way. The same situation on other carriers is present on Verizon, multitudes of android devices to 1 solitary WP7 with biased reps pushing potential WP7 customers to other platforms, and the fact they got the Trophy which is in no way a standout device. The numbers are going to be just the same as for Sprint or T-Mobile.

All I can say is fear not my fellow wp7 fan friends as there are large a mounts of android users just waiting on mango and ready to drop android there only concern is the dev community once it grows more I think you got a winner

so far some of the wp7 devs lack the balls to not listen to Microsoft.You won't find that on the android,Iphone, or Webos platform. You won't have a thriving dev community when the devs don't do whats "right".

I am closing my eyes to all these silly and useless numbers (except for creating lively discussions) until December 2011. The stats only represent the first six months of data, which includes barely any Sprint, and no Verizon input. Even Walmart and Home Depot don't report sales on stores that have been open less than a year. Give it a break already and go outside to see if the sky is falling.

So i am the only few windows mobile users who use Wp7 now? As much as i loved hacking and trying out different ROM for my Xperia x1, i always felt like it's BETA feeling ish. I couldn't be happier with WP7.

Agreed. Many years of Pocket PC to Windows Mobile behind me. Used to spend two or three hours a night on XDA-Developers looking for tweaks for the tweaks. Now I spend that time playing with my smooth as silk Windows Phone. What a difference a well designed OS makes.

I think there are several factors to consider when examining the numbers. Since sales stats are not provided it's hard to tell exactly what's going on. Windows Phone could have had increased numbers while WinMobile declined in larger numbers showing an overall decline since Windows Phone mumbers are not broken out.The other issue is that Windows Phone after 7 months only has one new phone under Verizon (which does nothing asthetically different, or feature wise to differentiate itself from exiting phones) to be able to compete with almost weekly announcements of new phones on Android.Worse yet, even though Microsofts requirements are minimum standards, every phone manufacturer seems to look at that and say, ok we will give it the minimum and nothing more. Instead of the minimum standard being a useful thing, it seems to be having the opposite effect.However, ironically even more than the Nokia announcement, I think the Windows Phone 8 announcement will have a far great positive impact on Windows Phone. When people get used to have live tiles and a Metro UI on everything they use, they are going to want those benefits on the cell as well. I think in the long run Windows Phone will be very successful, outpacing Apple and Android but it could take all the way until 2015 to do it.

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel ...Do you even go back and look at the original comScore report?Look at the title of the chart you manufactured: "3 Month Avg. Ending Apr. 2011 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Jan. 2011". Does that match what is actually being presented? What does the extra data you added mean? Is it in the same context of the data presented in the original comScore report? (Those interested can follow the link to view the original charts that match the title.)As always with statistical results presented without the underlying supporting data, we must rely on the reputation of the presenter to properly form conclusions and that they have carefully presented their results not to misrepresent the data. Modifying the presentation invalidates all that.But Daniel, you had to go one step beyond: "Luckily that Nokia, Skype and Mango strategy should pay off by late 2011." What in the comScore report supports that conclusion or is it something you're gonna say regardless of content or context?