Concept animation for Windows Phone 8.1 hints at possible future OS design

Windows Phone Blue

Windows Phone 8.1 is right around the corner. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen screenshots and shared information about the upcoming update to Windows Phone. One places where screenshots have been leaking are in the Windows Phone Central Forums, the place you frequently visit. Curious how Windows Phone 8.1 will work in action? Here’s a probable example.

Screen caps from the animation

Forum member qXerro has been sharing screenshots in the forums the past few weeks. Whether the screenshots are coming from the Windows Phone team or cleverly created by him with knowledge of the upcoming OS are to be seen. However, we’ve been able to verify everything he’s shared so far as authentic with our sources. He (or she) recently put together a little example of what Windows Phone 8.1 will be like when it’s on your device.

Follow the source below to click play and watch the concept animations. You’ll notice it shows off actionable notifications. It also shows how swiping to the left will show the ‘me’, quick share, settings, and personalize section.

Rumometer 5

What do you guys think so far of Windows Phone 8.1? Sound off below. Remember, the animations appear to be a concept of what to expect in Windows Phone 8.1 from inside sources that qXerro has.

Source: Dropbox


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Concept animation for Windows Phone 8.1 hints at possible future OS design


Hey Sam, I had this comment but a lot of people may not see it...
From the swipe left page, that last icon there, isn't that the notification icon? It's probably highlighted cause there are some notifications

Its sad i have to use my android tablet to see this..why there isn't a flash browser yet?

There never will be. Chrome doesn't support it either. Flash mobile is dead. I'm grateful that flash works on FireFox for my N7 but it's really buggy.

Yet? It's not 2007 my man. Flash will never be seen on WP or iOS. Flash mobile will die on or with Android.

What other program could be used to create an animated presentation like that. The "coders" killed the designer's, arttist's & "Jo Shmo's" creative tool.

did you guys notice that the clock reads 8:10 and the battery is 81%
as in 8.1....  ooooh subliminal :P

And not to be negative but seriously.  We are looking at "concept animations" from a forum user to get us excited when most of us haven't even gotten the update before the update that came out before this update is officially unveiled yet.

That comment was better than Inception, thats not saying much though as that movie sucks.

You have to acess it through a web browser on your PC because it requires flash. Click the Dropbox link Sam Sabri has at the bottom of the article. If this holds true, it's what many of you have been asking for. Swipe from top to check notifications or tap notifications tile.

So basically the Me tile is moved to the left side panel with feeds and notifications along with radio toggles and such.  Not bad.  Will be interested to see more detail on this as it comes.

Nooooooo! I hope that we would be able to disable a swipe to right notification-esque screen. This is exactly the kind of page/view that I absolutely hate about Android and iOS. Especially with the quick-access buttons on the bottom, ugh.

As long as it's only accessible from the Home Screen, I'm game. Or a toggle at the very least. Windows Phone is designed around the idea of a panorama, so you're swipping constantly. It would be very iritating to be naviagating an app and have the Notification Center, or whatever it's called, open up all the time.

same here, the leak ages ago that showed it as a swipe from the top that pushed the tiles off screen was beautiful and should be kept! as it is the only way to make it accessible inside every app as well

I feel that an access-from-anywhere notifications center is not needed at all. The asterisk with a counter (notifications logo, as seen in these "leaks") in the system tray should be enough.
Then, to access the notifications center or overlay (since Microsoft could just make it so that it pops in instantly, as in always open and is true-instant switching) only a long Windows Key press is needed.
And really, move the voice commands to long-press search.

Putting the "Me" tile on the left instead of a notifications centre seems like a stupid option to me. And I don't even need a notifications centre.

Imma tell all my iOS & Android friends that Windows is becoming like their OS, come on over. And, imma tell all my Windows friends that now you can go to iOS & Android because their almost all the same. Like the difference between a BMW 3 series, 5 series and 7 series. You can guess which OS is the 3. P.S. I love my 1020 good day.

Yeah, for the US.
I've never seen a diesel BMW here, and the commercial made it sound new.
Diesel for passenger cars isn't big here like it is in Europe.

We need a concept app to put all these unban myths in. We'll never see any of these until at least 8.1 blue. Until then, a concept app for our Windows 7.8 and 8 phones would be interesting.

Ooh, that would be nice. Sort of like how there was an app to test out the live tile resizing before 7.8 and 8 were released.

I guess that's subjective. But early 2014 feels like right around the corner. Seems like just yesterday I was caressing my Lumia 920... but it was forever ago. Time flies. 

"Early 2014" can mean June 30th to Microsoft. :P

I prefer to not hold my breath for this, since the majority of users still didnt recieve the GDR2 update and I think we will only start to recieve the GDR3 after the Nokia Lumia 1520 launch, what means, at least in the middle of november. If WP8.1 are ready to the carriers and the OEMs in February 2014 will take about 2 months to be tested (or even more, since is a major update). So Blue can be launched in April 2014 or more... My guess. :)

You cry babies need to get your pacifiers out already. Stop blaming MS for your carriers for not pushing the update or passing on GDR2

You're an idiot. Don't you think if people could get the carriers to push out the update they would try to? MS works with the carriers and if the carriers don't push out the update then the fault is with both of them. You're pathetic.

It's just around the corner...just like death is just around the corner ;)

(and now I'll sit and wait to see if someone got this pretty non-mainstream reference)

From your lips to God ears Sam. 
I'm not giving up on Windows phone but I do expect an announcement any time now from ZDNet and or one of Paul Thurrott's insiders that WP8 users on AT&T will skip GDR2 and devices 925 and above will make it to 8.1. Same thing they did to us with WP7 when they dropped expectations and moved onto WP8.

What they really need is a unified notificaion center. Live tiles with little numbers on them are fine, but we need more detail. Some kind of summary screen. The current pop-up notifications disappear quickly and there is no way to retrieve them. Android and iOS have a pull down window shade. BlackBerry has the hub. WP needs something like this in case you're not staring directly at your phone when a notification comes in. 

No, as the creator of the concept demo said, "notification area" has "still not been seen in current builds"... but yeah, we've seen the tile & icon. So...

I'm beginning to think WP8.1 is never going to happen and Microsoft is going to scrap Windows Phone after the new CEO arrives.

Naw. Elop will be the next CEO. 

Surface RT will get scrapped and everyone will have a jolly good time.


-anyway, your comment sounds a little like sarcasm.  so take everything I said with a grain of salt if it is. :D

No, this is good. I remember people asking why can't we swipe to the left, and this is a good example of how and how to use that "space". Even if the left page is just a "me" page, at least it is a step in the right direction.

Its interesting how they split up the current Me hub into different parts. Currently "Me" has three pivots - Share, Notifications, and What's New. So if the animation was true, then that means Share got moved to left of Start screen (with extra settings buttons on bottom), and Notifications got moved to top (to slide down). I wonder where What's New (your own updates) went.

Appears to me, in this mock demo, that notifications wasn't necessarily pulled down from the top but that toasts were pulled down.
"What's New" may be there on the left in "Me", but he doesn't have any social accounts setup for the demo.
Who knows.

Well what ever os is going to be used it should at least use all the screen real estate cause the little black stripes on side and bottom get annoying

Always wondered about that. Do we know why it is presented this way with the black borders down the sides? Also, I never liked that when you go "home" it is about a half inch from the top of the screen. I always adjust mine and slide it up some. But I've been thinking maybe it is like that because the notification bar they said was planned was going to be at the top.

Maybe, this just a mock up. Also, if you notice, there was a notification icon in the "Me" section.
The guy also said "notification area" has "still not seen in current builds".

From the swipe left page, that last icon there, isn't that the notification icon? It's probably highlighted cause there are some notifications

Or it could be a toggle for the notification pop up. As in you can turn off notification when you don't want to be bothered by a noisy chat group while using the phone.

If I could add one additional feature to this, it would be swiping up the notification icon on the start screen to open the app and see the notification/post, it would really show how everything about WP is live and dynamic...including the lock screen.

Wouldn't that break the phone? If you swipe up you will end up hitting "start" key. And if so, you will get mad and might throw the phone in nearest wall = broken phone.

I wish I could swipe a toast notification left to dismiss it and mark it as read (as in short text messages that are shown entirely in the notification).

I mean "Lock Screen" not start screen
Barleyman: yeah I agree, specially for group chats on Facebook WITH +20 people :/

No noooo notification tile.
When swiping to the left I want a sum up of all notifications, quick settings, and the me tile. 
A notification tile feels like opening an app to open an app.
It doesn't matter what iOS and Android use, it matters what's best!

WOW this is sooooo fake.
How come that this guy has Notifications on Glance? As you guys reported this is an stone old Build of Blue... as far as I can remeber BSS has not even existed at that time... I call BS! wpcentral is being trolled here... He should make a video! And by this I mean: a video of him using the actual "BLUE" device!

Looks awesome, but what about essentials like delivery notes integrated in sms, vibration toggle from volume menu, I could go on. Could someone remind mr. Belfiore of these? :) thanks

Speaking of Windows Phone Blue, I have a Nokia Lumia 920, and can't seem to be able to update to Amber. It gave me two updates. One not doing a noticable change, and the second one adding DataSense and Radio, but no Glance Screen or Double tap to wake (the things I'm sure of to be included in the Amber update), oh, and no "Lumia Amber" in the "Aditional+Info" tab. 

I live in Ukraine, an the list on the Nokia web site says that Amber is available for my country. Didn't the update download correctly or something?

(Sorry for the off-topic comment, I just don't know where to ask such questions)