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2 years ago

7 Minute Workout for Windows Phone 8, high impact training in no time at all


Earlier this week we shared the Windows Phone 8 fitness app 7-Minute Workout with you. Another version was released to the Windows Phone Store yesterday that follows the same concept but with a few more bells and whistles.

7 Minute Workout (no hyphen) adheres to the same philosophy that everyone can find seven minutes in a day to exercise. The app puts together a collection of twelve high impact exercises that offers many of the benefits of prolonged endurance training.  With 7 Minute Workout it's easy to find time in the day to get a fitness routine started.

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2 years ago

New WPCentral app update brings bug fixes, speed enhancements and Pocket support


We have another update to our official app to announce today, in the never ending quest to tune up the experience we’re bringing a lot of bug fixes this time around. For Windows Phone 7 users you’ll see an update to your v4.2 of the app, whereas Windows Phone 8 users will see part one of v4.3 (part 2 will be finished next week).

So, read on for a breakdown of everything that’s changed in this update, as well as a bit of information on the second part of 4.3 coming next week to both WP7 and WP8. Or if you'd prefer you can download it right now from this link.

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2 years ago

Talk Mobile Apps Week Recap: The best things you said


While the first week of Talk Mobile 2013 was all about mobile gaming, in the second topic we tackled broader issues with apps, developers, and app stores. As with last week, we're working to move past the debates over features and specs and spark a discussion on what really matters: how these advanced devices have actually impacted our lives.

We're going to continue to tweak the Talk Mobile formula as we go, and your feedback is always welcome as we work to make Talk Mobile the best that it can possibly be. So feel free to sound off in the comments about what you think of Talk Mobile so far.

As with our first week's recap, we want to focus on the discussion that was generated, because that's really what we're after here. We've seen a lot of great comments spurring even better conversations about what's great and not so great about apps today, and we'd like to take a few minutes to highlight the best.

2 years ago

Microsoft's innovative Project Spark to let users create, share games on Xbox One, 360, and Windows 8


Here we go folks, our last E3 2013 game preview. And you’d better believe I saved the best for last. Xbox One launch games will let players do lots of exciting things: shoot soldiers in Battlefield 4 and Wolfenstein: The New Order, bust zombies in Dead Rising 3, collect millions of LEGO blocks in LEGO Marvel Superheroes, and even beat down fighters in Killer Instinct.

Those are all great games, but they’re also established franchises and genres. Microsoft did announce a game during their E3 Media Briefing that is completely new in every way, though: Project Spark. On the surface, one might confuse Project Spark as being similar to LittleBigPlanet or even the indie title Kodu Game Lab for Xbox 360.

After seeing and hearing more about the game firsthand during E3, we discovered that Project Spark is simultaneously far grander in scale and more approachable than any game creation game that has come before. It’s due out on Xbox One, Windows 8, and Xbox 360 AND supports SmartGlass, so practically all Microsoft fans can get in on the fun.  We’ve got an exclusive hands-on video with Claude Jerome, Game Designer at Microsoft and open beta details after the break!

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2 years ago

Does the Lumia 925 have a notification LED? No, but...


We've seen some questions appear on the Internet surrounding the little red light that's barely visible on the Lumia 925. We've attempted to capture the light on camera, but it's too dim to really show up. Hopefully the above image will give you an idea where this mysterious element resides on the Nokia flagship. Could this be a notification LED? Or has Nokia implemented some magical technology that no one can yet comprehend?

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2 years ago

Eyez for Windows Phone: Solve puzzles by controlling space itself


Outside of playing the phone version of Halo: Spartan Assault and grabbing an exclusive first look at N.O.V.A. 3, we had a tough time finding Windows Phone games and news at E3 this year. Blame Microsoft’s focus on the Xbox One and the console folks’ general disinterest in promoting Windows Phone or Windows 8 for that. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t turn over every stone in our search for more phone goodness…

As it happens, just after the Microsoft Media Briefing, Sam and I met up with an indie Windows Phone developer from China named Hua “Rex” Chen. Rex showed off his new puzzle platformer for Windows Phone 7 and 8 called Eyez. We snagged some hands-on footage and an interview over lunch, and then headed off to the EA Press Conference minutes later. Eyez has just launched - more details and our exclusive video after the break!

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2 years ago

Zombie HQ invades Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, let the zombie hunting begin!


The undead have invaded our Windows Phones again, this time in Zombie HQ. Zombie HQ is the third action packed Windows Phone game from Rebellion, who also brings up Judge Dredd vs. Zombies and Guns 4 Hire.

In Zombie HQ you play the role of a survivor of a zombie apocalypse determined to regain control of your city. As you take out the zombie hordes, rescue other survivors and scavenge for weapons you can earn cash to upgrade your headquarters.  Zombie HQ follows the same challenging game play and fantastic graphics as the earlier releases from Rebellion.  It is definitely a game that'll keep you on your toes.

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2 years ago

Is this video of Windows Phone 8.1 'Blue' on a Nokia Lumia 920? [Update: fake]


Update 5:30PM ET: Our source(s) tells us that indeed, this is fake. We won't go into details but our source(s) is very confident that this is not real. Sorry folks!

A new video has been posted on YouTube reportedly showing a white Nokia Lumia 920 running the far-from released Windows Phone 8.1 aka ‘Blue’ update.

In the video, we can see the notifications center being demonstrated via a swipe-down gesture from the top of the display. Tapping one of the Tiles also reveals a pop-up menu of some sort, though the smaller icons purpose cannot be discerned.

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2 years ago

Nokia’s Board of Directors reportedly summoned to Finland; discussing the company’s future?


Things are really starting to pick up regarding rumors of Nokia’s future. It all started with Huawei making what at the time seemed like an absurd offer-of-interest to buy Nokia, followed by a Wall Street Journal article detailing a failed Microsoft purchase and peaked with one of Finland’s largest papers detailing how the company could be broken up.

Now, Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, is reporting that Nokia’s Board of Directors have been summoned to Finland for a meeting on Wednesday and some were even on standby for a carryover meeting on Thursday.  YLE notes that they were “…preparing key decisions on the future of the company”, which are expected to be finalized by the July 18th interim report from the company.

From the tone of the article, this does not sound like a normally-scheduled meeting, but rather impromptu, signaling something perhaps more dramatic ocurring behind the scenes.

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2 years ago

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated; contains unknown improvements

2 years ago

PlaceCam for Windows Phone, a simple way to tag your photos


PlaceCam is a photo editing app for your Windows Phone that lets you add a location and hashtag to your images. You have four templates to choose from to overlay your location and hashtag and a handful of font color and font options to help customize your tags.

While PlaceCam lacks any traditional editing tools (brightness, contrast, effects filters, etc.) it is a "no sweat" way to label and tag your images.  I can see it being a handy photography app to have on your Windows Phone.

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2 years ago

HTC working on a new Windows Phone, rumoured to be a One variant


HTC is believed to be working on a new Windows Phone, according to reports. It's said the upcoming device will not be a complete re-hash of the HTC One, a popular Android handset, but it will take some cues from the metal flagship smartphone.

We're supposedly looking at a screen size between 4 and 5 inches and will be constructed with a body made from metal. Beats Audio and Windows Phone GDR3 are said to also be included. If this is the case then this rumour could be a while off, if true.

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2 years ago

A quick look at what's new in the Lumia 925 and the upcoming "Amber" firmware update [Updated]


The Nokia Lumia 925 has only just been released in China (as well as other markets) and while we've been able to get some hands-on action,  technology website WPDang has taken the new Windows Phone for a test run, probing for new functions of features in the Nokia "Amber" firmware that comes pre-loaded with it. Amber is Nokia's codename for the next minor Windows Phone 8 system refreshment which is known as "GDR2".

Aside from the standard update from Microsoft, Nokia has also packed in some of its own additions intended for Lumia phones only.

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2 years ago

Rich Dev, Poor Dev: Why some succeed where others fail - Talk Mobile


Both iOS and Android are rapidly approaching the million app mark. It's an absurd number of apps, and making a living in that vast sea is a tough prospect. Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 are both over 100,000 apps, which on its own is also an absurd number. How is a developer supposed to get noticed when there are thousands upon thousands of other apps in the same store?

A developer can rely on search and word-of-mouth, but that's only going to get them so far. How is a developer supposed to get their app featured on the platform storefront? How are they supposed to tell users and publications about their app? And just how can they convince users to actually download the app? Is it better to be flashy or funny, informative or intriguing? Does it matter what audience you're targeting?

Just bobbing up and down in the waves of a million other apps is counting on an impossible stroke of luck to get noticed. Developers can be their own best advocates - but how does somebody who specializes in code and interface design come to understand what it takes to market their wares?

Let's get the conversation started!

2 years ago

Nokia updates HERE Maps for Windows Phone and the web with broader coverage


Nokia has updated both the Windows Phone app and web version of HERE Maps. The company has published a new article on the official blog that details multiple challenges when it comes to cartography. That said, we're more interested in what the team has added in this maps update. Today's update for both Windows Phone 8 and is painted as a significant milestone.

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